Saturday, January 31, 2009


The question as it is posed: Why did Caylee Anthony die so young and how do you explain other deaths of such young children that seem to die before their time? For what reason would God take them so soon?
For readers who are not familiar with Caylee Anthony, she is the little three year old Florida girl who it appears was murdered, possibly by her mother. The fact that such a young, seemingly innocent little girl had to die before she even had a chance to experience the life that lay before her, is indeed a tragedy and has caused many to ask the question, why God would let this happen. This is something that is not easy to understand, but I will try to explain.

I have mentioned before that the knowledge that I pass on to you is not exclusive with me and is given to me as it has been given to countless others before, but my present focus in the in earthly reality gives me a unique perspective to be able to elaborate on current events that allow me the freedom to apply some of this knowledge relating it to your everyday concerns and by so doing, relate some of these difficult concepts to your everyday world events. Maybe what is explained here will help others to make some sense of what seems to be senseless deaths of young children.

This is another of the things that is hard to understand about reality until you finally begin to realize the forethought, planning and reasoning behind the personality before ever emerging through birth on the physical plane (earth). Many of you tend to think that this one intense line of existence is all that there is to a physical life, and few have any idea about the complex inner-workings of the underlying subjective reality and the vast intelligences behind a physical birth.

No human being is born without a purpose and plan for the upcoming life at hand, otherwise it would be meaningless without some kind of directive. You plan your life in advance, not down to the minutest detail, but in the overall cast of your upcoming earthly experience. You plan not only the general direction that your life will take, but you choose the characters that will interact with you in your new venture. You therefore write the play of your life, originating complex scenarios that will begin to unfold during your life when the appropriate pre-described time draws near. Then, of course, you forget that you wrote the play.

You are the main actor in the play of your life and other associates who could benefit from their individual roles in this production, will participate in supporting roles. Of course, on their own level, they participate only because they achieve certain goals in their own development that they could not achieve otherwise. In other words, groups of individual personalities come together in an agreed upon time and place on earth, to interact in an objective physical representation of an inner story, planned in advance then brought into physical focus. Your drama, played out by the Christ entity was one of these inner dramas projected outward onto the physical landscape and its intensity spread around the world affecting millions of people. Your life story and the events surrounding it are no different in construction, but of course few stories will shed such a brilliant light over history.

Since this story of your upcoming life is planned in inner subjective reality, physical concerns are simply not as important as they would be to the physical personality. Length of a life is not as important to the soul as the lessons learned, and if a short life is more advantageous to learning these lessons, then that will be carried out in physical reality and may be expressed in a short but intense inner experience.

Much of this won’t make much sense to you if you do not believe in reincarnation and if you do believe, you will also have to begin to realize that death does not represent the end of consciousness as you think of it. Although the physical body may perish, the actual personality remains intact and merrily skips away from the corpse with full intellect, memories and future purpose. You do not fade into some unearthly clump of nothingness and you are not absorbed into some super being. After death, there may be some initial confusion or disorientation and it may take a while for you to realize your death, since you will still have a body, not physical but just as real to you, and some will be so fond of the now inactivated physical body that they linger, refusing to admit the death, viewing the dead physical body in wonder and disbelief.

After death you will begin a period of introspection, followed by training and learning about your new reality. You will no longer communicate with others with spoken words, but will instantly communicate your ideas, thoughts and meanings telepathically. After communications have been stabilized and you have had time to contemplate your last life, you can make assessments as to where your successes lie and where you would like to make future refinements.

This new drama then begins to take shape as you plan a new life. It cannot be emphasized too much that to the inner self and the survival personality, the length of the life and the time of physical death does not hold the same level of importance as it does to the physically oriented consciousness. In this in-between realm, time as you know it does not exist and consecutive moments lose their hold on your perceptions. This connection with time and space does not fully desert you because you are still connected with earthly reality through the reincarnational system, and will be returning, so times influence will not be completely broken.

Of course, underlying all of this is purpose, and if you think that physical existence is accidental and your birth and subsequent death is simply a blip on the radar screen of eternity in a vast universe that will continue on without you when you are gone, you are greatly mistaken. Your consciousness is indestructible, and although bodies die, consciousness lives forever. You never were your body and your identity has nothing to do with physical form, except that while you are alive, your mind and soul are intertwined within the physical cells. So innocuous is this connection that neither the soul nor the mind can be found within the physical form even though you dismantle it cell by cell. In other words, while you occupy your physical body, you are your soul breathing, walking and talking.

When you reincarnate and re-enter the physical plane through a new birth, you must forget the planning and the inner reality from which it sprung, otherwise no lessons could be learned. As I mentioned in our discussion on reincarnation, the earth bound personality knows, but doesn’t know it knows. The whole identity knows but it knows it knows. And here is where you must understand, that a person with a very high intellect in one life could choose to be reborn as a mentally challenged personality if it would aid in rounding out the personality, perhaps teaching it emotional values rather than intellectual acclaim. A very intense short lifetime can sometimes represent more advancement and fulfillment than a long lifetime of timid and boring experience. John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Steve Fossett and many others that you are aware of lived shortened lives of great intensity, but lives of much satisfaction and accomplishment.

These future life plans and arrangements are made beforehand and include the other actors who will be interacting with you on the physical plane to participate in the overall production. Some, you will have known before and will join in with you to right previous wrongs, to apply new found knowledge to old lingering problems, and some will participate in your play simply because it will help in their overall psychic growth and progress. Some of the actors in the play of your life will have been associated with you in past lives, and to them, it will be seen as the story of their lives, interconnected and intertwined with yours through the centuries, come together again to solve mutual lingering challenges.

Some participants will join you in the play of your life, almost grudgingly, on a limited time basis, having already achieved most of their reincarnational goals and not really interested in living a full term life but agree to the arrangement because of a fondness for you and knowing that this experience would be best fulfilled with their participation. They will factor in from the beginning before the first cell is formed, a plan for an early exit from the physical plane, hoping to complete what needed to be accomplished, and move on. They realize the insignificance of death in the overall development of the identity.

Past family members may play a reoccurring part in your next life drama, but not necessarily. The intensity of relationships is far more important than past genetic connections, and if you were not close to past relatives and had no intense interactions, it is likely that they would fall by the wayside in succeeding lives. Those that you were lovingly close to will follow you and the love will continue. Those you hate will likewise follow you until the hate is dissipated and the causes addressed and dealt with.

I want you to understand that lifetimes are in one sense spontaneous, but also planned out in some detail before they begin, but always leaving room for improvisation and change and pre-destination is not a reality in any dimension. Lives do not emerge from a mindless state, but rather only after some feeling of purpose is initiated from within. That is why, from the outside looking in, it may seem to some that when children die young, it is because someone took advantage of them or they just met with unfortunate circumstances beyond their control, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they wonder why God would do such a thing or even allow such a thing to happen.

In terms of dramatic events and death, there is no wrong time to die. In that respect, the time of death is always perfect, because it was anticipated and agreed upon in advance. There is no wrong time to die, even if it is at a very young age from your perspective. Everyone knows now, the hour and place of their death, unless probabilities are altered and events changed.

No one on planet earth or any other reality has ever died who was not ready to die. Death is not forced on you by any outside agency. The full identity KNOWS and this is one of the things it knows it knows.

Remember, there are no accidents and even though the reasons behind children’s deaths are sometimes obscure and hard to understand, such as in mass famines or other disasters, which we will discuss, the reasons for the deaths are always psychically known to the participants and no one ever dies until they are ready to die. So, even though advance planning has taken place before a life ever begins, adjustments can be made from the objective side, a change of heart, altering the probabilities, and the anticipated death averted at the last minute.

I don’t expect anyone to totally understand or believe at this time what I am going to say here, and you must rid yourself of any connotation of guilt, but Caylee Anthony, for reasons known only to her and the others intimately associated with her death, whoever they may be. Caylee participated in her death to one extent or another and even her mother and the immediate family would not be aware of these psychic realities underlying this beautiful little girl. Chronologically, Caylee was a very young little girl, but in true reality, subjectively Caylee is a very old consciousness.

No event that includes more than one person can happen unless all participants are in agreement to take part in that event, and incidentally, that also includes wars, migrations, floods, earthquakes and mass suicides such as Jonestown. Those not interested in participating will sense the need to withdraw early on for their own reasons before the event is ever materialized, and as you have only now begun to notice in the instinctive behavior of animals before the onset of a natural disaster. They simply leave the area.
Physical age only tells part of the tale, and Caylee’s true age would be counted in earth centuries, not a few mere physical years. No one would accept this kind of victim role unless they were almost ready to leave the physical system and had no taste for further earth experience. Caylee is alive and well.


Anonymous said...

God doesn't kill people...... People kill people. God gives people free will and the will to choose right from wrong. So do NOT blame God!

ryesmom said...

I agree with anonymous.
These children were more than likely not meant to die so soon-although I'm sure it was known.
God doesn't play a board game with us-he doesn't pick us up and remove us from hurt and pain and death in life.
Like anonymous said, we were given free will. WE as human beings chose the wrong paths, although I think anyone who has the ability to kill another living being, especially a child, is not at all mentally stable.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you are saying, sometimes I feel it so deeply but I can't stop crying and grieving for Caylee. I remember her and cry for her every night after I put my baby to sleep and watch the news. I feel a strange bond, connection between me and her, I feel like she was my baby, she was mine and I lost her. I deeply feel her horror when she was fighting for her life. Please, tell me how can I comfort myself, is this normal?

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
Your feelings are not unusual, since most people are moved by emotions and empathy for Caylee, after all, she is a beautiful girl. I say is a beautiful girl, since Caylee is just fine now and was not surprised by her demise. She did not want to spend another full lifetime on Earth, and will now evolve into more advanced systems. She unconsciously but willingly participated in this tragic event, but to her, it was not so tragic and in a way that I am sure most won't agree, her very young death fulfilled her wishes. It is not unusual for a very evolved personality to be born into a family of rather un-evolved parents just as it is not unusual for a genius child to be born into a family of rather intellectually ordinary parents. This is the case with Caylee. Remember, bodies begin and end, but the real personality is the inhabiting consciousness, not the flesh. It is OK to feel the way you do, but remember, Caylee is happy and carried out her role, and now she will move on.