Saturday, January 31, 2009


The question as it is posed: Why did Caylee Anthony die so young and how do you explain other deaths of such young children that seem to die before their time? For what reason would God take them so soon?
For readers who are not familiar with Caylee Anthony, she is the little three year old Florida girl who it appears was murdered, possibly by her mother. The fact that such a young, seemingly innocent little girl had to die before she even had a chance to experience the life that lay before her, is indeed a tragedy and has caused many to ask the question, why God would let this happen. This is something that is not easy to understand, but I will try to explain.

I have mentioned before that the knowledge that I pass on to you is not exclusive with me and is given to me as it has been given to countless others before, but my present focus in the in earthly reality gives me a unique perspective to be able to elaborate on current events that allow me the freedom to apply some of this knowledge relating it to your everyday concerns and by so doing, relate some of these difficult concepts to your everyday world events. Maybe what is explained here will help others to make some sense of what seems to be senseless deaths of young children.

This is another of the things that is hard to understand about reality until you finally begin to realize the forethought, planning and reasoning behind the personality before ever emerging through birth on the physical plane (earth). Many of you tend to think that this one intense line of existence is all that there is to a physical life, and few have any idea about the complex inner-workings of the underlying subjective reality and the vast intelligences behind a physical birth.

No human being is born without a purpose and plan for the upcoming life at hand, otherwise it would be meaningless without some kind of directive. You plan your life in advance, not down to the minutest detail, but in the overall cast of your upcoming earthly experience. You plan not only the general direction that your life will take, but you choose the characters that will interact with you in your new venture. You therefore write the play of your life, originating complex scenarios that will begin to unfold during your life when the appropriate pre-described time draws near. Then, of course, you forget that you wrote the play.

You are the main actor in the play of your life and other associates who could benefit from their individual roles in this production, will participate in supporting roles. Of course, on their own level, they participate only because they achieve certain goals in their own development that they could not achieve otherwise. In other words, groups of individual personalities come together in an agreed upon time and place on earth, to interact in an objective physical representation of an inner story, planned in advance then brought into physical focus. Your drama, played out by the Christ entity was one of these inner dramas projected outward onto the physical landscape and its intensity spread around the world affecting millions of people. Your life story and the events surrounding it are no different in construction, but of course few stories will shed such a brilliant light over history.

Since this story of your upcoming life is planned in inner subjective reality, physical concerns are simply not as important as they would be to the physical personality. Length of a life is not as important to the soul as the lessons learned, and if a short life is more advantageous to learning these lessons, then that will be carried out in physical reality and may be expressed in a short but intense inner experience.

Much of this won’t make much sense to you if you do not believe in reincarnation and if you do believe, you will also have to begin to realize that death does not represent the end of consciousness as you think of it. Although the physical body may perish, the actual personality remains intact and merrily skips away from the corpse with full intellect, memories and future purpose. You do not fade into some unearthly clump of nothingness and you are not absorbed into some super being. After death, there may be some initial confusion or disorientation and it may take a while for you to realize your death, since you will still have a body, not physical but just as real to you, and some will be so fond of the now inactivated physical body that they linger, refusing to admit the death, viewing the dead physical body in wonder and disbelief.

After death you will begin a period of introspection, followed by training and learning about your new reality. You will no longer communicate with others with spoken words, but will instantly communicate your ideas, thoughts and meanings telepathically. After communications have been stabilized and you have had time to contemplate your last life, you can make assessments as to where your successes lie and where you would like to make future refinements.

This new drama then begins to take shape as you plan a new life. It cannot be emphasized too much that to the inner self and the survival personality, the length of the life and the time of physical death does not hold the same level of importance as it does to the physically oriented consciousness. In this in-between realm, time as you know it does not exist and consecutive moments lose their hold on your perceptions. This connection with time and space does not fully desert you because you are still connected with earthly reality through the reincarnational system, and will be returning, so times influence will not be completely broken.

Of course, underlying all of this is purpose, and if you think that physical existence is accidental and your birth and subsequent death is simply a blip on the radar screen of eternity in a vast universe that will continue on without you when you are gone, you are greatly mistaken. Your consciousness is indestructible, and although bodies die, consciousness lives forever. You never were your body and your identity has nothing to do with physical form, except that while you are alive, your mind and soul are intertwined within the physical cells. So innocuous is this connection that neither the soul nor the mind can be found within the physical form even though you dismantle it cell by cell. In other words, while you occupy your physical body, you are your soul breathing, walking and talking.

When you reincarnate and re-enter the physical plane through a new birth, you must forget the planning and the inner reality from which it sprung, otherwise no lessons could be learned. As I mentioned in our discussion on reincarnation, the earth bound personality knows, but doesn’t know it knows. The whole identity knows but it knows it knows. And here is where you must understand, that a person with a very high intellect in one life could choose to be reborn as a mentally challenged personality if it would aid in rounding out the personality, perhaps teaching it emotional values rather than intellectual acclaim. A very intense short lifetime can sometimes represent more advancement and fulfillment than a long lifetime of timid and boring experience. John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Steve Fossett and many others that you are aware of lived shortened lives of great intensity, but lives of much satisfaction and accomplishment.

These future life plans and arrangements are made beforehand and include the other actors who will be interacting with you on the physical plane to participate in the overall production. Some, you will have known before and will join in with you to right previous wrongs, to apply new found knowledge to old lingering problems, and some will participate in your play simply because it will help in their overall psychic growth and progress. Some of the actors in the play of your life will have been associated with you in past lives, and to them, it will be seen as the story of their lives, interconnected and intertwined with yours through the centuries, come together again to solve mutual lingering challenges.

Some participants will join you in the play of your life, almost grudgingly, on a limited time basis, having already achieved most of their reincarnational goals and not really interested in living a full term life but agree to the arrangement because of a fondness for you and knowing that this experience would be best fulfilled with their participation. They will factor in from the beginning before the first cell is formed, a plan for an early exit from the physical plane, hoping to complete what needed to be accomplished, and move on. They realize the insignificance of death in the overall development of the identity.

Past family members may play a reoccurring part in your next life drama, but not necessarily. The intensity of relationships is far more important than past genetic connections, and if you were not close to past relatives and had no intense interactions, it is likely that they would fall by the wayside in succeeding lives. Those that you were lovingly close to will follow you and the love will continue. Those you hate will likewise follow you until the hate is dissipated and the causes addressed and dealt with.

I want you to understand that lifetimes are in one sense spontaneous, but also planned out in some detail before they begin, but always leaving room for improvisation and change and pre-destination is not a reality in any dimension. Lives do not emerge from a mindless state, but rather only after some feeling of purpose is initiated from within. That is why, from the outside looking in, it may seem to some that when children die young, it is because someone took advantage of them or they just met with unfortunate circumstances beyond their control, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they wonder why God would do such a thing or even allow such a thing to happen.

In terms of dramatic events and death, there is no wrong time to die. In that respect, the time of death is always perfect, because it was anticipated and agreed upon in advance. There is no wrong time to die, even if it is at a very young age from your perspective. Everyone knows now, the hour and place of their death, unless probabilities are altered and events changed.

No one on planet earth or any other reality has ever died who was not ready to die. Death is not forced on you by any outside agency. The full identity KNOWS and this is one of the things it knows it knows.

Remember, there are no accidents and even though the reasons behind children’s deaths are sometimes obscure and hard to understand, such as in mass famines or other disasters, which we will discuss, the reasons for the deaths are always psychically known to the participants and no one ever dies until they are ready to die. So, even though advance planning has taken place before a life ever begins, adjustments can be made from the objective side, a change of heart, altering the probabilities, and the anticipated death averted at the last minute.

I don’t expect anyone to totally understand or believe at this time what I am going to say here, and you must rid yourself of any connotation of guilt, but Caylee Anthony, for reasons known only to her and the others intimately associated with her death, whoever they may be. Caylee participated in her death to one extent or another and even her mother and the immediate family would not be aware of these psychic realities underlying this beautiful little girl. Chronologically, Caylee was a very young little girl, but in true reality, subjectively Caylee is a very old consciousness.

No event that includes more than one person can happen unless all participants are in agreement to take part in that event, and incidentally, that also includes wars, migrations, floods, earthquakes and mass suicides such as Jonestown. Those not interested in participating will sense the need to withdraw early on for their own reasons before the event is ever materialized, and as you have only now begun to notice in the instinctive behavior of animals before the onset of a natural disaster. They simply leave the area.
Physical age only tells part of the tale, and Caylee’s true age would be counted in earth centuries, not a few mere physical years. No one would accept this kind of victim role unless they were almost ready to leave the physical system and had no taste for further earth experience. Caylee is alive and well.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It matters not whether you do or don’t believe in reincarnation, it happens anyway. Obviously the process of living more than one life has not found wide acceptance in your western civilization. Since most of you don’t believe in reincarnation, the proofs of its existence will always elude you and remain transparent. When the masses begin to accept its reality, the proofs will become more opaque. There are other cultures however where reincarnation is pretty well universally accepted in one form or another.

In talking about probabilities in other articles, I have tried to explain the idea of multi dimensional personalities (that’s you), by elaborating on the idea of probabilities. In the realm of probabilities, you exist simultaneously in other dimensions, other worlds if you will. The reality of reincarnation helps fill in the blanks in the scenario, being that “reincarnation” is simply “probabilities’ in a time frame concept. Probable lives experience over the years and centuries.

If you are like many others, you are going to say, well, if all these other parts of me are living other lives in other dimensions, why don’t I know about it. The answer is simple in the telling, but not so simple in the understanding. The individual personality, (that’s you), KNOWS but doesn’t know that it knows. The overall identity, the whole self (that’s you too, but more) KNOWS and knows it knows. Your whole self exists now, you are simply not privy to its knowledge, and if you were, you wouldn’t understand it at this stage of your development. In other words, FULL KNOWING is in your future but not available to you now. Please notice that I said full knowing, not full knowledge.

As you grow in your overall understanding through the experience of probable selves and reincarnated selves, your knowing slowly deepens and understanding of what was at one time unknown, becomes known. I hope it has dawned on you that reincarnated selves are simply probable selves experienced through the window of time, and they also exist now. You exist in other worlds and other time periods relative to your accepted concept of time. Actually, in the one true basic reality of the basic expanded present, all lives are lived simultaneously.

Understanding the deeper aspects of probabilities, probable selves and reincarnated selves is just the beginning. Of course even in your system, everyone is not at the same level of development. Some are experiencing their first lifetimes and it is easy, if you spend a little time, to identify those individuals and cultures, and even within certain more primitive cultures, there are individuals who are more advanced than others. By the way, “advanced” has nothing to do with technology, prosperity or wealth, but more with values, intensity of emotional experience and spiritual understanding, spiritual having nothing to do with religions connotation.

I know you have all known or read about certain individuals that seem to have lived a life of tragedy and sorrow. They seem to have been born to suffer, may have had abusive parents, were not comely in appearance, and were always lacking the trappings of the good life. They were often sick or suffering health setbacks or even born with deformities. They were unpleasant of character and had few to no close friends. They may have never married and may not have had children so they had no close family and were always lonely. Then they die.

Now, looking at this person, you could not help but think, “that poor person, what a wasted life, how he suffered, such sadness”. But was it really wasted?

Would you now consider that the person with all of these seeming handicaps was making up for a previous life of extreme wealth, sustenance, privilege that were flaunted over his cotemporaries. A life lived where abuse of friends and foes alike was common. Consider a person who did not learn humility, caring, love or respect for his fellow man. Maybe he was getting all of his trials out of the way in this life in order to enjoy a life of relative ease in the next. Of course, by now you know that you choose the life you will live, even though it doesn’t sometimes make sense to the ego self. Who in their right mind would choose a lifetime of suffering? You would, if it was needed to provide a deeper understanding of your conscious being.

Would it make any sense to you, if a very difficult life of continuous hardships, trials and tribulations followed by death, was the last life? I think not. And that my friends is one reason why reincarnation exists, to give you ample time to correct the wrongs, to even out your experience over many lifetimes, to grow and to learn the necessary knowledge that will stand you in good stead as you advance through and beyond the physical reincarnational system. There is much to learn and you are just beginning. As I have alluded to many times, if you are sincerely interested in what is behind your life, your world and your universe, you are not in your first lifetime.

Here is where “karma” fits in very well with reincarnation, so karma is not only a method of evening out experience in one lifetime but carries over between many lives. As I have said before, it is a mistake to consider karma as any type of punishment, as it is not, but I can see how you might think that. With Karma, you get what you deserve, in a good way or bad. If you steal from others, you will have to know how it feels to be stolen from and all debts will b e paid whether in this lifetime or in another. If you love others, then you will experience love in return. There are no time limitations, and you could experience the affects of karma in this life as a carry over from several lives in the past skipping a few in between. You are here to learn, grow and develop and you need to experience both sides of the coin, so to speak. Karma provides that opportunity and reincarnation provides many new venues for action. No one, no god or deity inflicts karma on you; it is of your making and worked out through your inner self to help prepare you for what lies ahead.

Reincarnation exists, has and always existed and will exist whether you believe in it or not. Reincarnation was part of the Christian Bible until Pope Justinian and some of his cohorts decided that a belief in reincarnation was dangerous because it freed the populace of the time from implied guilt and the fear of death, and from the control that the Catholic Church exercised over the population in those days, so in around 545 AD, they simply deleted all mention of it from all Christian Literature. Reincarnation is not held in popular beliefs to this day, especially in the western world, but when enough people begin to believe in it again, and they will, then ample proofs of its existence will become evident. Many proofs exist today; you just have to search harder for them.

Here’s another tidbit of good news; reincarnation is only a reality in the physical system, so when you have finished your reincarnation cycle of lives, in other words, when you have learned your lessons well, you will evolve out of it, and you will move into other more advanced systems where death as you know it does not exist.

And sometimes I wonder why the concept of eternal life is such a hard sell. It’s yours whether you like it or not, so deal with it. You are an eternal being, and you can’t UN-BE.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Understanding probabilities is not some useless, esoteric, spiritual mumbo jumbo, but a very useful concept that can be applied to your everyday life and much benefit. In fact, one of the main reasons you should try to learn some of the things we talk about here is because they offer very practical methods that anyone can use to improve their lives. You are, at this very minute, living what was once a probable future brought into the present in the form of a physical event or groups of probable events. The present was once as nebulous as future probabilities may seem to you now. I hope it is obvious to you by this time that probabilities exist as psychic events and objects and will remain so until they are accepted for activation into one of many probable physical systems (worlds) where they are deemed significant enough to be accepted by a probable self.

What makes this difficult in the telling and even more so in the understanding, is that you normally consider thoughts and emotions as less than real. You think that a rock is real, but a thought is not. You think that a pyramid is more real than an imaginative idea, but the fact is that an idea gave birth to the pyramids. Let me try another analogy; your physical constructions are indeed magnificent, but the underlying creative bed of inner reality is much more magnificent. It’s like an iceberg, the visible tip of it, which amounts to only about ten percent of its total mass, being here equated with your physical system and the portion that lies below the surface is like the vast, inner field of probabilities, and other realities which you do not sense, which then would represent about ninety percent of the icebergs total mass. There is more not seen than there is seen and inner reality would dwarf the physical system.

This inner field of probabilities cannot be less than what it gave birth to. You focus only on a small portion of what is available to your perceptions. So intent is your focus that other fields, planes and systems that co-exist with yours are not sensed. This field of probabilities contains in an expanded present, all probable events that have been experienced, are still being experienced and will be experienced. In other words, past, present and future events rub shoulders here. Your particular species of experienced time will not allow you conscious access to future events as it does past events, but that doesn’t mean that they do not exist. Right now, in the present, you have a future history just as assuredly as you have a past history. It is not set in stone, but neither is your past, as we have recently discussed. The past, present and future exist as electromagnetic connections within the human brain and mind and they are malleable, still plastic to some extent and can be manipulated and changed. The year 1940 exists today just as real as it did then and it is not finished.

Some of the greatest works of mankind are accomplished in the dream state before they ever begin to show themselves in the guise of physical constructions. I have talked somewhat about the dream universe, and said that it exists just as real and actual as your physical universe. The dream universe only seems temporary, chaotic and disoriented to you when awakening and trying to remember, but when you are fully focused in the dream world, you are as lucid and purposeful as you are carrying out your daily awake activities. The dream world is continuous and meaningful; it does not just begin when you fall asleep.

I mention this to so I can easier explain that much of the work done in the dream state is the auditioning of future probable events. In the dream state, you have access to the field of probability and it is here that you try out possible future ideas, testing certain events against others to see which works better for you. The dream universe gives not only you, but humanity in general the opportunity to “sample the future”, both personal and mass events such as wars, climatic events and world migrations.

Many of the things that happen in your life today, you first experimented with in the dream state, then because of your present desires, beliefs and ideas, you drew closer and closer to that line of probability that best suited your needs and development. You then made the final selection to actualize it from its prior subjective reality into physical expression as an object or event as conscious energy makes itself known in the world of matter. At the moment that you made the final selection of a future probable event, other selves were doing the same so that all versions of the event would be experienced somewhere. There is no rule that says that one of your probable selves could not choose to actualize the same event as you chose.

Now, here is where the feeling of Déjà vu comes in. Systems of reality, independent worlds, including your “earth” and other physical and non-physical systems seem to be closed, but in actuality, they are not, otherwise no communications between systems could be accomplished and we know this is not the case. There are certain sympathies and similarities between you and your probable selves that provide for what could be called leakages or short circuits between systems that do not amount to direct conversation, but can be known though your intuition, hunches, unlikely and untimely deep unexplained feelings that you KNOW SOMETHING and not sure why you know it.

Here’s how it works. Say for instance, when you were young, you always wanted to be an artist, but because of other circumstances, you never followed through on your desire. In another probable reality then, a probable self DID become an artist, and if one day while day dreaming, you had a overwhelming feeling that you wanted to buy some paints and canvas and take up painting, it could very well be a psychic bleed through from another probable self in another probable world.

I am well aware that all this can be extremely unnerving and give you a feeling of insignificance, but you need to understand you place in this grand abundance of reality. You have to expand your beliefs of one universe, one world and one identity to encompass a richness that you never knew existed. Everything is part of something else, while holding its own complete independent and unique identity and nothing is sacrificed in these consciousness gestalts. Your soul/entity will always try to express itself fully in the physical system, so it creates independent identities to explore many different dimensions of reality, and to do this, it breaks up one main identity (whole self) into independent personalities and sends them in all directions. When you leave the physical system upon death, you will be reacquainted with the other versions of your whole self.

I know this is a difficult concept to understand, but you are your whole self and the soul/entity has other whole selves. For those insecure and weak of heart, I tell you that you do have a soul of your own, but your soul has other selves which are truly one whole self.

So when you feel a strong hunch or urge for no apparent reason, pay attention, your feeling of Déjà vu may be a psychic short circuit, opening up a temporary channel between you and a probable self and you may learn from the experience. The main difference between someone who is learning and growing and others who never think about these things is that those who are growing and consciously evolving have learned how to “PAY ATTENTION”, others don’t or they just dismiss hunches, intuitional urges as Déjà vu or coincidences. You have heard this before, but I will say it again; there are NO coincidences and as you learn to recognize these barely noticeable illuminations, you will find more will come to you as you open yourself to your inner feelings and emotions. You can learn to steer your daily life’s choices in the direction of the possible future that you want to objectify. Remember, all possible events are probable and awaiting their day, and in time terms, their day is eternal. They will be exteriorized somewhere.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


There has been much written over the centuries about the predictions of Nostradamus, especially those concerning the end of the world. He claimed that his predictions would extend out, covering future events for several thousand years. Nostradamus had one of the same problems with his predictions that most mediums and psychics have and that is that most of them are wrong and never come to pass. Now, if you make enough predictions, some are bound to happen simply by analyzing and assessing present conditions and based on the current information projecting the likelihood of possible results into the future.. Before commenting further let me assure you that worlds don’t end, at least not in your time frame of reference, but civilizations do.

This subject matter presents a perfect opportunity to dive into “probabilities”, a subject that I have wanted to speak about for some time. You live in a particular type of world/reality with its own built in characteristics and parameters for existence unlike any other. Some of the things that you consider the laws of the universe are only applicable when you consider the universe from your own world perspective. This means that those so called universal laws do not hold for other worlds and systems and are not even exclusive in your own world. The laws of your universe extend out to the outer reach of your perceptions only.

Consecutive moments of time are not even experienced as such by most of the animal kingdom on your own planet, yet you want to project your version of time on them and the entire universe. Gravity is another that seems irrefutable in your universe, but it is another camouflage appearance that cannot be applied to other systems. In other words, gravity will hold you in its grip as you travel around the universe, but other beings will not be bound by the same limitations. It works well for you and while in you physical body, you must abide by its reality. In other systems, time, space and gravity may exist in entirely different ways. There are two characteristics that do apply to your system and all other physical systems, and they are “Probabilities and Reincarnation”, they are real and they must be followed while within your system. They cannot be applied to other planes where physical materialization is different or non existent.

Your system and others emerged out of an infinite inner reality, the richness of which you cannot yet conceive. Your “Earth System” is but one of many probable physical systems and there is no lack of space to contain them. You will not find them with telescopes because they exist in another dimension, you will not measure their light waves as they do not exist within your present frame of reference. In my messages to you I have tried to give some hint of the pervasiveness of consciousness and its need to show itself. Consciousness wants to be known, and it will not be denied any possibility to materialize itself in all possible manifestations. This need causes consciousness to form all possible platforms for experience and within your earth system; all possible worlds will become probable. In other words, in rather simplistic terms, all worlds that can possibly be, will be, and all possible experience within those probable worlds will be experienced. I will try to explain and believe me trying to explain how something which is not, really is, is not easy.

I think the hardest thing to understand from your standpoint is that “There simply is no lack of space for worlds, dimensions, planes and universes to exist. The physical properties of any world is only an appearance, and appearances do not take up space. Period!

Physical systems only take up space within your own frame of reference, but other systems share the same space as your world and you will never bump into them in your journeys. They are just as real, just as physical and concrete within their own dimension as is your own world within your dimension. Many dimensions can co-exist within what you call your own space, moving through each other, oblivious of each others existence. Probable worlds exist in these multi-dimensional aspects, and in another gross oversimplification, I am afraid, probable worlds exist in what might be considered, sympathetic clusters around your world, in the same cosmic neighborhood so to speak, but in another dimension entirely.

From your standpoint, you will always rationally consider your world, the “Real World” and the others as probable worlds. Of course, you can assume that identities that exist in the other probable worlds consider their worlds the “Real Worlds” and you’re world, to them, would then be considered the probable world. In other words, distance wise, keeping in mind that distance does not apply to other dimensions, they are close, but in psychic terms they are very distant indeed. In the same way, the universe of anti-matter exists as real as your own, but in another dimension entirely, and you will never visit it in your space vehicles.

I realize this is incredibly difficult material to fathom, and that’s OK, you have to start somewhere and get off of dead center if you truly want to understand the true spiritual nature of your universe. Of course, there are no words that will ever be able to adequately explain the emergence of your universe into physical materialization, but intuitively the truths will be known and I intend to push you along into a deeper understanding of those truths.

Now, here is the basic concept of probabilities in a nutshell. They exist and they cannot be denied. Every event in your life triggers a myriad of other possible variations that could materialize out of the one event. All of these possible future follow-up events then become probable events, meaning that they exist just as real as any physical event, but they have not yet been manifested into physical constructions. As an aside here, and getting back to good old Nostradamus, a good seer or mystic can delve into future probable events, but bear in mind that no probable event is set in stone, so Nostradamus had a knack in picking up on probabilities, but no living or survival consciousness can accurately select which among many probable events will become energized enough to erupt into physical reality. Using one of the eloquent phrases of one of your recent presidential candidates, predicting the future is like trying to nail jelly to a wall. Remember, the future is not decided until it is the present.

As probable future events come closer to the present, there will be a natural elimination of many of the future possible events, simply because some become less likely due to the course of present events as they materialize in your life. So, in that respect, the closer the available probable future events comes to you, the easier it will be to predict which ones are more practical as they begin to affect your life. In short, some of the future probable events will fall by the wayside; not fitting in the current trend of events in your life. Other future probable events will begin to point in the same direction, until one or more coalesce into one acceptable event which you will then concentrate your attention on and force into a perceivable physical event.

Since we have begun this task, let us continue, and it doesn’t get easier. Let us discuss where exactly does all of this probable stuff happen? Where does it occur and who does it occur to? We are talking here not only about personal (your) probable events of your life, but also mass probable events that affect entire countries and world events.

I now have to tell you that every event in your life that you do not choose to activate (make physical) into your present reality will be experienced by another probable self that is also a splinter part of you. OK, now I’ve said it and you are still here? What I am saying is that there are other versions of you, individual self’s that are part of your “Whole Self”, which you are not acquainted with at this time who exist in just as valid probable worlds as you do and those other “self’s” are not any less real any more than you are. They are you just as much as you are you and one of your probable self’s will experience the other aspects of events in your life that you do not choose to experience. In other words, they will be experienced somewhere. As I said, if you were to ask them about their position in this probable system, they would insist that their world was the real world, and yours was the probable world, maybe inferring that one was better than the other, which is certainly not the case.

So let’s try an analogy here. Imagine the time you initially met your future wife as an event. The instant you met, many probable future events were spun off. Imagine that you found her attractive, intriguing and interesting and asked her if you could see her again. That was just one of the probable futures that instantly came into existence at that time, and there were many others. There was a probable event created where you did not like each other and chose not to see each other again. There was another probable event created where you dated for a while, split up and parted ways. There was also another probable event created where you liked each other, dated, got engaged and married. That marriage as an experienced event spun off many new probable events. From this you can imagine all of the probable future events that were created from those future probable events, would be activated in some other probable reality and spin off their own probabilities.

Imagine this as an analogy; picture in your mind a wagon-wheel with its spokes radiating outward from the inner hub. The hub would represent the current event and the spokes would represent the probable paths to new and different probable events that would be created. Each spoke would lead to new hubs that would be new selected events and each hub would have spokes radiating outward creating new probable events. You can see how the multiplication of possible, probable events is endless,

The creation of probable events by probable “selves” is endless, multi-dimensional and exponential, expanding countless real probable events into probable worlds, projecting reality into infinite variations so that no potential avenue of experience is ever “Not experienced”. Your identity is so much more than you know, and in time it will be known to you. There are many “self’s” that you do not know, they are all you, or other variations of you. They are as real as you are and their experience is not less valid than yours.

I know the hardest thing is to realize that other probable worlds can exist and can be solid, concrete as yours seems to be, but let me continually remind you that outside of your own frame of reference, standing on a different platform viewing your world, it is no more solid than the solidity that you assign to other systems that you do not perceive. Solidity is a divine hallucination, in that you create it, then experience it and think it has been there all the time.

I hope now to at least to bring “probabilities” into our future material from a variety of different perspectives in future articles. Don’t expect to fully understand these concepts on the first read, maybe not even in the first lifetime, but as I have said, if you find our somewhat one-sided conversations interesting, this is not your first lifetime.

In closing, if for some reason you did not marry dear old Charlotte in this lifetime, in some probable realty you did get married and may still be living happily ever after.

I did warn you up front that my intention if nothing else, was to make you think.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I do not usually like to digress from a general progression on our subject matter, but one of the things I can offer to you now and then is a perspective on actual current events in your society that are relevant to some of the material that we have been covering in our discussions. I am aware that some of our material overlaps, but I do like to avail myself of a new perspective when the opportunity presents itself. So, I would like to talk about weight loss as it relates to true reality.

I recently mentioned Oprah Winfrey in one of my most recent messages concerning the treatment of animals. So let me say now that I am not on a crusade to denigrate or pick on Oprah, but because of her high public profile and bigger that life persona in many aspects of your society, she does make a good example of someone facing the problems that many of you face. This information uses Oprah for an example only and granted she has done much good work helping to acquaint many with the more spiritual aspects of life, but it is meant for the average person struggling with overweight problems. Fortunately you all do not have the financial resources that Oprah has at her disposal, and it’s a good thing that you don’t. Oprah has a tendency to make her own problems, the problems of everyone in her audience and the problems of the nation.

She gathers around her some of the most prominent experts in their fields, marshalling her platoon of ardent disciples to pool their vast collective knowledge to confront the defeat her demons of fat. Her comrades in arms gather together ready to confront the bad guys, calories, fat, sugar and carbohydrates, designing a plan of action utilizing their joint resources to launch an all out psychic and physical assault and help our heroine lose the excess weight. Oprah then goes before the general public and declares an all out war on weight, the problem then becomes the concern of the whole country. Everyone watches as the fat posse rides in on white horses to save the victim. What Oprah needs to know is that when you parade yourself and your demons before the public, declaring the battle has begun, you automatically set yourself up for failure. The “Guru”, the “Doctor”, the “Fitness Expert”, do possess some aspects of worthwhile objective knowledge but all of the knowledge in your world will only bring about temporary results without the innate understanding that beliefs create reality, not in a symbolic way, but in a real, concrete physical way.

The “all knowing guru” can suggest hours of contemplation of your navel, but that alone will not help achieve permanent weight loss. The “medical doctor” preaches to all who will listen about how to cure the physical problems and maintain a healthy body, but overweight people are generally pretty healthy, they are not sick, unless they are grossly overweight. The “fitness expert” can teach Oprah certain new and exotic exercises, walking up stairways instead of taking the elevator, using a chair in your home to do triceps dips, but exercise alone will not solve her problem or yours either. It may have become evident to you by now that what we are talking about here are all outside fixes for inside problems and in most cases the problem of PERMANENT weight loss is not an outside objective problem, but an INSIDE, subjective problem. It is a problem rooted in subjective beliefs manifested outwardly in cells and molecules for all to see.

Ancient man and animal alike sustained themselves very well on a mostly carbohydrate diet. Meat and fish were eaten on occasion when the opportunity arose, but primarily they depended on mostly plants, nuts and berries and guess what? They were not obese. What this infers is that if you eat a well rounded diet and are not influenced by prejudiced beliefs about certain food groups, you will maintain a healthy body weight. It is not so much what you eat but what you think about what you eat. Unless! And therein lays the story behind one of the most common problems encountered in your society today.

You plan your future body before you are born into this life. There are two entirely different aspects in play here and we will only address one that is of any great importance to you at this time, the other we will consider at another time. Some personalities choose an inherent bodily defect or disability that is inherent at birth and will remain throughout this life as a challenge to overcome, an overall life limitation that helps them to rise above their seeming restrictions. In some cases, they may choose obesity, usually by selecting parents who would be most inclined to pass along the genetic triggers that would cause a predilection to the overweight condition at birth. These people are usually very adventurous and impatient to confront life’s difficulties in their most extreme versions, dealing with the difficulties in one intense lifetime experience and getting beyond that and on to new roads to explore. Of course, one of the rules is that you forget that you planned these hardships to begin with; otherwise no real lessons would be learned. If you fall into this first category, your overweight condition was one that you accepted at birth and you will probably be haunted by its affects most of your life.

Assuming that you are not one that falls into that first category and that you were born with what would be considered a normal body weight for a newborn and accumulated your excess weight over many years, you can lose the weight.

You tend to accumulate the excess pounds over the years of poor eating habits, not enough exercise and especially psychological difficulties, such as guilt, worry and disappointments. You acquire your body fat along the way, usually in such an innocuous manner over time that at first you don’t realize that it is happening until one day you wake up and realize what has happened. Do to many factors that you have heard about over and over you have gained unwanted weight, so I won’t belabor the point other than to say that the one real reason that diets usually fail is because you do not understand that you do actually create your reality, and nothing can become real on your plane unless you believe it first. So there is no mistake, what I am saying is that you build your physical cells and molecules from scratch through your thoughts which always follow beliefs. The belief must always come first; otherwise the physical reality will never materialize. I know this will sound too simple, and I must admit is something of an over simplification, but if you had never began thinking and believing that you were getting fat, your body would have utilized the food you ate in a more efficient way, maintaining a more normal weight.

Here is the most important thing you must know if you really want to lose weight, and that is this; you are not fat because you eat too much, you eat too much because you think you are fat. Period! ‘’’

What this infers, and I hope it does, is that if for some reason you happen to look in the mirror, lets say wearing a dress or suit that makes you appear a little heavy, and you think to yourself that you had better start doing something about that, you have sparked the chain of belief that you are becoming overweight, even though that may not be the case at all. Unconsciously, and I must stress “UNCONSCIOUSLY”, you then being to react as though you were indeed overweight, you start buying clothing with elastic waist bands instead of belts, you wear black clothing to better hide the weight and these things just add to the belief that you are fat, your eating habits will begin to change and you will find that you need more food to quench the hunger pangs that will surely arise from these distorted belief patterns.

If you could lie to your consciousness and convince it that you were indeed not overweight, then the processes would begin to reverse itself, not overnight, but the direction would change, so in a sense, that is what you must do, convince yourself that you are on the road to “skinnydom”. This is not as hard as it may seem, and I will now offer some suggestion on how to accomplish this, and it is well within your abilities, but you must always remember, you will become what you think you are.

It should be evident to you that over time all diets have worked to some extent and will work if enough of your society believes they will work You cannot deny that certain foods have properties that will that will cause weight loss or weight gain, depending on a variety of factors including body weight, exercise and state of mind, but one thing is certain, you should choose foods that are most likely to accomplish the weight loss that you desire. Remember this, weight loss is not a war against those pesky pounds, and it is not against food, they are innocent of ill intent, they simply gain physical appearance because you created them. Now you must learn how to un-create them and make them go away.

Whatever diet you choose that would be best for your body type, food intake and exercise; you need to evolve into your diet not plunge into it. You must realize that your civilization progresses through a process called evolution, and evolution usually happens in small increments over time, so you need to begin your new diet, taking small incremental steps, one at a time. When you do that, even the first “itty bitty” step will give you a feeling of accomplishment and spur you on to the next step. Once you feel that you have succeeded in the first small attempts to lose weight, your beliefs will begin to change accordingly. As you feel comfortable with your small successes, add other aspects to your regimen, all the while remembering that evolution is a slow process, so don’t attack, but evolve into your full weight loss program.

It is very important not to bite off more than you can chew at first. Take it one step at a time, one small step that you KNOW that you can accomplish. You need to be able to convince your consciousness that you are “progressing” and there is nothing that will set you back more than an initial failure, so bite off only what you can digest for your first step.

You should then supplement your small success with a short little affirmation that you repeat once a day. Here is where you can begin to fudge a little bit, in a sense trick your consciousness. Even though your first small successes are negligible, you can create an affirmation (short saying) that embellishes them. Also remember that your body knows what is going on even if you don’t visually see or feel any change.

Try something like this, and repeat it just once or twice a day;
“My weight loss program is working and the pounds are beginning to fall off. My body is responding positively and I am making good progress toward the ideal body weight that I want.”

Create a saying that is comfortable to you and be careful to structure your saying so that it is not yet inferring an accomplished fact, but is a work in progress. Here is a side note, mantras are great for positive reinforcement, but it is extremely important that you do not repeat it too often, because then you will begin to doubt that it is working and you do not want to instill any doubt. Use it no more than once or twice a day and no more, keep it short, say it and forget it.

Losing weight is in a sense, un-creating, getting rid of excess cells, but since the jettisoning of fat cells is actually creating a new body, the creation or un-creation process works the same.
1. Concentrate on what your want. (In this case, desire a skinny body).
2. Imagine your new body as realistically as possible.
3. Take SMALL steps to bring about the changes you want.
4. Duration is important, it takes time to build up reality, so be persistant..
5. At the first notice of success, the first pound lost, congratulate yourself.
6. Incorporate your knowledge of your small success into your affirmation.
7. Lastly and most important of all “EXPECT SUCCESS”.
Desire is important for sure, but you will get what you expect, so if you don’t believe and expect to lose weight, it will be totally impossible for you to lose weight. The creation of your life follows certain irrefutable universal processes and if you follow them, failure is not an option.

It is also advisable that you do not broadcast your new endeavor over the radio, TV and newspapers or even to your friends as Oprah has a habit of doing. It is best you keep your personal business personal until you know your program is working and you have visible proof of your success. Here is why; the underlying fear of failure for all to see would be more exaggerated when your intent is made public, thereby reinforcing a negative feeling of possible embarrassment if you were not successful right away. As I said before, you would be setting yourself up for failure even before getting started.

If is inferred here that these same procedures and techniques can apply to dealing with other habitual problems like quitting smoking.
Great expectations create the world that you know.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


You all have your favorite memories of past events. Have you ever noticed that when you discuss some of those past events with others connected with you and those particular occurrences, you sometimes have differing views of exactly what really happened in those past times? You then, sometimes rationalize away those different memories of the past by saying that your memories of those events is simply flawed or faded, assuming the concrete nature of those events is completed and done, then categorized and securely tucked away in your memories.

Some of those events that you are most fond of can still be recalled and reacted to in your present and sometimes that reaction will be as strong as your reaction to any present event and maybe even stronger. This should be a clue to you that the past still exists in more than a memory or symbolic nature. The past is indeed as alive and vibrant today as is the present, you just don’t have the ability to collect, retain and perceive such a large amount of stimuli in one present, so your perceptions make an arbitrary division, separating the present from the past. Other more advanced personalities in other systems, have that ability, and can for all intents and purposes, perceive and react to a much larger amount of data, experiencing the past and present and even future as one far more expansive present. What really separates the past from the present is your limited perception, your lack of ability to perceive larger amounts of data,

Even some plants and animals in your world experience the present in much different time terms than you. They are not hampered by the necessary intent focus of an ego oriented consciousness, so in the experience of trees for example, the present moment is experienced as what would be considered as one hundred years, past, present and future all inclusive. In that sense, a tree can see more of reality than you, viewing not only backwards but also forwards beyond the event horizon into the future, and in that respect a tree can actually see beyond its future demise at the wrong end of a chain saw. It does not fear for its life as you might do because it understands life continues, even for trees.

Everyone in your world today experiences the present in different doses, so to speak, recognizing larger or lesser amounts of experience as the present moment. This has to do with the need of the ego to admit only what it can objectify and understand of physical reality and the relative spiritual and mental abilities of the individual personality. Now, here is the thing that is hard for many to understand, the ego does not like to recognize data that it considers subjective, originating from other than physical sources, so it shunts much of such data aside, jealous for its own ability to steer the identity safely through physical stimuli of earthly reality.

The ego usually deals only with the present, what it doesn’t understand is that the past still exists just as solid and concrete as the present, but since you experience events in a linear time sequence, one following another, you have to let the past go in order to concentrate your attention on the present. The past doesn’t go anywhere, you do. In your time sequenced reality, one event must knock the other aside in order to perceive the next event. The structure and validity of the past is in no way negated because of these requirements. It still exists just as real as the present and it is possible to react to past events just as you now react to present events.

The past exists as electromagnetic connections within the human brain; it also exists as electromagnetic connections within the non-physical mind in precisely the same way. The present is also embedded as electromagnetic connections within the brain and mind. Basically, they both exist in exactly the same way with exactly the same characteristics. There is no inherent difference between past and present. Your lack of perception is the only thing separating what you label as the past from what you label as the present and the division is arbitrary at best and differs among personalities. These electromagnetic connections are the only true reality that can be assigned to either past, present and future. Your perceptions create the reality which is then experienced and recorded as electromagnetic data within both brain and mind. Solid is solid whether exists in past, present or future, and as you know, solidity is tenuous at best.

When you die, the mind takes over as the sole repository for all of this data once carried by the physical brain, and therefore memories are never lost whether you are in a physical body or not in a physical body. In other words, you and all of your past experience is indelibly recorded and imprinted in this electromagnetic data carried by the non physical mind. It is indelible, but it can be altered and manipulated. In terms of time experienced through many lives, some of the more insignificant data will be left by the wayside, but your memories of the more important events and the most important people in all lives will be retained, in your time perspective, forever.

Now, I realize that these concepts are very rich and will be difficult for many to grasp but as I said in the beginning, I will not water them down or dilute them beyond recognition for the sake of simplicity. Many of you have been coddled most of your lives, content with simple children’s tales of beginnings and endings, so I need not go there. Here IS what is important about this material, you need not believe in what I say from here on in order for the following suggestions to work for you. You just have to apply them, give them a little time and you will begin to notice positive results. The past is always changing whether you notice it or not.

You have all at one time or another sensed that the past you remember today is not exactly the same as the past that you remembered even a few years ago. You assume this is because of faulty or lapse of memory, when it really that the past has actually changed. Every time you meet someone new, any new experience, a new event, the electromagnetic data that represents your past, leaks back into the past, deletes, alters and changes some of those past connections. You do it automatically, whether you know it or not. To you, the event is forgotten, in the electromagnetic language of the mind, the event has been deleted and no longer exists in either past of present. Just as one event can be deleted from the actual past, so can existing past events be manipulated, and changed to serve your purposes.

Accepting for the moment that what I say here is true, that the past still exists, and not just symbolically, but is still malleable, you can then easily see how by changing and rearranging a past event in your mind, you can bring about changes in your present, thereby affecting your future. Here is how it is done from the perspective of your present moment. Consider what you would like to change in your life realizing that all possible versions of the past event that brought about the condition that you want to change, still exists in electromagnetic coded reality today. It has not dissipated or disappeared. You chose from a limitless selection of versions of one past event, one version to actualize into your present life, and the version that you chose didn’t work out like you wanted, or it brought about less than satisfactory results.

This can be a fun experience if you play the game right. Remember that although you may say that the past is not solid, may I remind you that your present is not solid either, it just appears that way to you. A visitor from another system of reality would see nothing but a barren planet.

Think about how many times you have said, “I wish I hadn’t done that” or “I wish I had not gone there”, see what I mean? Mentally locate the past event that triggered all that followed that brought you to the point in the present that you want to change. Then select another different alternate past version of that event, insert it into your memory of the original past event, and imagine that at that this time, you made a different choice, imagine that new choice as realistically as you can, replacing the old version of the event in your mind and follow that choice through to the present and this time imagine that you created a new and different outcome with a more favorable result.

You only need to imagine this newly changed reality for a brief period (No more than 5 minutes) every day. It is important that you do not overdue it, lest you begin thinking that it’s not working.

At every juncture in your life, you are faced with making decisions about what course of action you will take. Every potential event in your life has many probable avenues or roads that you can take. You choose which of those paths to follow, which event to actualize in your present life. The other events that you do not choose to actualize, still exist just as real as the one you chose, they simply exist psychologically as valid as the one you chose to experience in a concrete, physical experience. That past event that you did not choose still retains its reality in electromagnetic data and still exerts a certain psychic pressure pushing you along to the most likely future event.

If you mentally reach back into the past and select one of the probable events that you did not originally choose, this new past event thereby will begin to exert its own pressures on your NOW, your present, thereby making changes in the electromagnetic reality from which your present is actualized. You cannot obviously totally change your present using this method, but the fact that you choose a new past probability to concentrate your attention on, will change the overtones, the shades of your present reality and that of course will then begin to affect your future choices. Those future events that you choose will then lean toward aspects of your new choice of a different probable past. One affects each other.

I am well aware that these concepts are difficult, but they are the way reality is formed and by addressing them now and trying to understand, you will being to take positive conscious action in forming a new and fruitful life more like you want. I told you before that the true nature of reality was not simple, and it isn’t, but it is part of what you are. I understand that “probabilities” are hard to grasp, but I will be talking in depth about them more and more as we go along. The ramifications of probabilities are truly astounding and since your world is only solid in appearances, it is malleable and changeable to a certain extent. Understanding this gives you a real opportunity to begin to take control of your life. Now, you create it unconsciously, but by utilizing some of the techniques we speak about here, you can begin to create more effectively what you want.

Finally, I told you that your past choices exert a psychic pressure on your present choices of which events you want to activate in your life by pushing you forward, urging you along certain pathways into which choices you make for your present reality, but here is something I have not told you; your probable choices of future events exert just as much pressure reaching backward into your present, pulling you forward along certain paths, thereby influencing what choices you make in selecting future events in your life. You can assume I am talking about simultaneous past, present and future and indeed, all exist in an expanded present in the inner prime reality of which I have mentioned before.

You can in many ways, practically avail yourself of these inner quirks of time by manipulating your past to create a better and more beneficial present and future. But first you must understand the potential that lies within.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Recently on her program, Oprah Winfrey was discussing abuse of animals when a caller asked her about the morality of how we keep, raise and kill domestic farm animals like chickens, cows, sheep and others. Oprah answered that the bible says that we have dominion over the animals, inferring that in that it is OK to continue to do what we are doing because the Bible clearly states that it is our God given right. The word “dominion” as defined is to hold dominion over, to exercise supreme authority, to hold power and control over and to dominate another. This is a subject that I am sure many have wondered about, and it is not an easy subject to explain because we must explain it in light of the evolution of your civilization from the beginning, but we will try to make it make some sense of it.

First of all let me explain that killing of another species and killing of one of your own can never be justified in the overall scheme of things. One species was never given the right to dominate another, and if you consider that all species including the human species, came from the same source, then it will become evident to you that one is not better than another, and all have the same rights to exist. But, it is the way your civilization developed and in light of that, all life forms were in agreement with that arrangement or it would not have evolved that way.

There is no such thing as pre-destination and no set way that a civilization must develop from its beginning. No two worlds are alike and your world is unique, unlike any other. Probabilities exist for both individual personalities and for civilizations, meaning that there are a multitude of possible or probable avenues for civilizations to follow as they evolve and develop and there is no right or wrong way. I have said before that the inhabitants of any particular system/world create the reality of their system by the choices that they make along the way. There are other probable civilizations similar to yours that evolved along different lines and were never meat eaters.

Within the scope of developing as your system did, with both animals and humans living side by side in the natural environment, unconsciously, out of need, they developed the predator and prey method of providing a source for food. This did not happen immediately in the beginning because the first living matter introduced on your planet was of course plants, which in terms of time, were given millions of years to fully develop before animals were introduced. Animals were introduced when the plants had diversified enough to provide a substantial and sustainable food source for the coming of the myriad of species of insects, fish, birds and other animals.

As animals were introduced on your planet, they evolved not only eating plants, but also killing and eating other more vulnerable species. Your world was not always like it is today. The first animals existed in a more flexible type of natural environment since the atmosphere was more buoyant, even ebullient in those early times, the images, having recently emerged from a previous subjective state, vacillated back and forth between an ethereal like subjective reality and an ever increasing more solid appearing objective reality.

As centuries passed, the animals became more comfortable with their physical bodies, learning to manipulate their recently acquired physical forms, and spent less and less time reverting back to the relative safety of their dream like subjective roots. In other words, the first inhabitants of your planet, plants first, then animals and finally man, began their earthly existence having subjective forms learning how, over the centuries, to accumulate physical mass and finally become physical, to acclimate to day and night, feeling for the first time the ponderous, drag effects of gravity on their new physical forms.

At first their state of being was more like the reverse of what it is now. The predator and prey alike operated in a dream like state, their images were in a way at times almost transparent as they began to acclimate and learn to manipulate their new more solid physical bodies. The predator killed and devoured his prey, but they could clearly see that the physical death that was inflicted upon the prey, did not in any way end the life force as a killed dear’s astral image could quite easily be seen as it pranced away from the death scene, to be reborn another day. There was also an inner sense of morality between predator and prey and both sensed that in another day and time, the roles would be reversed and today’s prey would become tomorrow’s predator.

There was and there still is nothing inherently wrong with killing another species in your reality if you must do so to eat and survive, but it works both ways and mankind has no exclusive right to the killing of animals; an animal killing and eating a human being is just as morally correct as a human killing and eating an animal. We are talking here about killing out of need, not out of spite or for sport. The animals knew and still know that there is an exchange of life force involved here and it is entirely true that when you kill something or someone, you are killing a bit of yourself and you become less because of the killing. Needless to say, hunting as a sport, teaching children to hunt and kill as a sport is a primary violation and permeates all species in all realities.

The other aspect here is the raising of farm animals for consumption. As I have alluded to before, no event, not even the accepted practice of raising and killing of domestic animals for consumption, is a practice that has at least a tacit agreement between farmer and his animals. There is here too, an exchange, where the animals are raised, fed and cared for during a certain period of their lives, unconsciously understanding that their flesh will be used for the continuation of another species. This is not the best way your system could have evolved, but everything changes, and the probability exists that you will learn that all life is precious and the race of man will learn to synthesize foods in the future and you will no longer need to kill to eat meat to survive.

So if you run into Oprah at the supermarket, tell her that regardless of what she has read or been taught, the human species was never given any right to hold dominion over or dominate or abuse another species, but to the contrary, you were given the responsibility to care for them. Mankind is the thinking part of nature and with that awesome ability, you also carry the burden of thinking not only for yourselves, but for all aspects of living creatures, to preserve them in any way you can and honor their right to live their own lives without being killed and eaten.

Remember, you cannot kill consciousness, so although you may kill off a physical body of human or animal, you simply have brought about a change of form, and your conscious perceptions cannot yet follow the continuation of life that results.

As an aside, new species are still being introduced to your system today, but you think they are simply newly discovered but long existing species, not recognizing the significance of the emergence of new life forms.. Your world is constantly being added to, and you, through the relentless expansion of your civilizations, are removing many species through pollution and destruction of their habitat. The good news is that it is utterly impossible for you to actually extinct anything, let alone any species. A species that becomes extinct within your system will emerge in another suitable “probable system” where the conditions prevail that will offer the necessary platform for a full and fruitful existence. I am aware that we have not yet discussed probable actions and probable worlds, but for now I will ask you to assume that they do indeed exist. In a very true way, reality is so rich and pervasive that all possible actions and events that are not actualized in your system will be actualized in other probable systems.

Species that do not make it in your world in your time, for any reason, will still exist in codified electromagnetic energy patterns and held in abeyance until the circumstances are right for their re-appearance in another system. It is entirely possible that they could reappear within your own world when the possibilities for their value fulfillment are more secure. Yours is not the only species that requires satisfactions and enjoyment.