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OK, this is not a trick question and I'm sure that many of you could use your deductive skills to come up with answer, but I'll try and nudge you along in any case. For the most part, much of this article is part of universal knowledge readily available, but maybe not packaged in quite this way before.

If you are a regular reader of these articles you will recall that I have said many times that there are some things that you know and don't know you know, and there are some things that you know and know you know, those including the intuitive knowledge where you will find yourself saying "I knew that", not knowing how or why you know, but still knowing. This is inner knowledge latent within your very being.

I have been reluctant in the past to discuss this kind of material for fear it would offend some of my readers. I do believe most of you are mature enough in your understanding of spiritual matters to comprehend what is said here, and frankly, I am looking forward to going where we have not gone before.

I apologize to all of our readers throughout the world since the subject matter of the following survey focuses on the U.S. and Christianity but can be applied to your own country, city or area and local religions.

I took much of the data from a recent article discussing a survey asking questions of respondents by the American Bible Society. The study defines “Bible-Mindedness” as a combination of how often respondents read the Bible and how accurate they think the Bible is. “Respondents who report reading the bible within the past seven days and who agree strongly in the accuracy of the Bible are classified as ‘Bible-Minded,’” says the study’s methodology.

It probably won't surprise you then to learn that in the United States, a Southern state, Tennessee was found to be the most Bible minded state with Chattanooga being the most Bible minded city in the nation. "Not surprisingly, many cities in the Northeast area were found to rank as the least Bible-minded in 2013, says a press release.

So, here are the five least "Bible-Minded" areas of the country, as follows;
Ranked on a scale from the least Bible-Minded at top of list.
Least Bible-Minded or Least Religious
1 Providence, Rhode Island/New Bedford, Massachusetts
 2 Albany, New York/Troy, New York
 3 Boston, Massachusetts/Manchester, New Hampshire
 4 San Francisco, California/Oakland, California
 5 Cedar Rapids, Iowa/Waterloo, Iowa

Below is the list of most "Bible Minded" areas of the country ranked in descending order of most "Bible-Mindedness" at top of list.
Most Bible-Minded or Most Religious
1 Chattanooga, Tennessee
2 Birmingham, Alabama/Tuscaloosa, Alabama
3 Roanoke, Virginia/Lynchburg, Virginia
4 Springfield, Missouri
5 Shreveport, Louisiana

What does this survey prove? Nothing really, but it does provide material for an interesting conversation about evolution of the physical world, the plants, the animals and the human species that have been mulling around on the planet for a few billion years more or less, that is if you believe in evolution.

If you don't and you are a Creationist, you will not understand this anyway, so its OK if you get back to "Bringing in the Sheaves", and you can catch up with us down the road in a few millennium. Oh, I forgot, you probably don't believe in reincarnation either. Oh well!

If you are familiar with the United States, you will recognize that the people in this survey are heavily grouped in certain geographical areas of the country. Furthermore, if you are at all familiar with Christian religious beliefs, you will recognize that the grouping of "Most-Bible-Minded would be composed of what is loosely referred to as "Religious Fundamentalists", or those who do not believe in science, global warming, evolution, provable facts or anything else that resembles common sense to rational people.

They believe in an "Absolute" interpretation of Biblical dogma and that can be problematic. I speak here of Christianity only because I have some rudimentary knowledge of its tenants, but the ideas put forth here apply to all religions worldwide. Don't misunderstand me; there are some valid truths in the Bible and other religious texts but they cannot be taken literally or they can lead you down dead-end roads.

Unfortunately, the Bible is made up of a collection of over-simplified children's tales, myth, superstition, magical rituals and historical dramas written about Christ by people who never met him and had heard only rumors of his life. Hence the gross distortions misinterpretations and untruths passed down through the centuries.

There are many worthwhile truths buried under the debris of distorted religious dogma that originated with man and not some esoteric, capricious god sitting on his golden throne somewhere in some hypothetical Heaven monitoring sinners in order to mete our proper punishment.

I want to expand the discussion to include all of the worlds religions, and having said that I would like to remind you that there are over 6000 registered religions worldwide, some more well known than others, but all with their own specialized dogma and each claiming to be the "one true religion" worshiping the "one true god".

Although it may seem that this discussion is about the Christian religion, it is not in the least, it is pointed toward those who are deeply mired in any dogmatic doctrine to the point that they ignore common sense and factual evidence of anything that contradicts their beliefs about gods and demons, heaven and hell alike. Worse than that, they ignore obvious inner intuitive truths that are the only trustworthy source of true Knowing and require no formal knowledge. In short, they ignore common logic.

Truth Alert! Religions are not necessarily bad for those involved in them, but they can be very disadvantageous and disabling to those who take them too seriously. Religions have been imbedded more or less in all universal reality systems since the beginning, but they are supposed to lead you toward an inner realization of your personal connection with "All That Is".

They are supposed to be evolved through not mired in forever. Most religions will not do you any real harm except lighten your bank account, but they sure will keep you from progressing through life's experiences, learning, growing and expanding your consciousness.

You may not know it now, but you have places to go and things to do, and this necessitates a mental and spiritual flexibility that religions stifle. Anything that limits the expansion of consciousness is harmful to the Self-Personality; that would be you.

In the past I have suggested that you not automatically believe everything people tell you if it does not feel right to you, but in order to exercise this intuitive ability, you must learn to trust your own feelings and emotions.

Do not believe what I say either unless it feels right to you. Words can lie, but your inner feelings and emotions will always lead you in the right direction. You possess a built in truth detector and if you learn to trust yourself, you will never go astray.

Evolution is not what you think it is. Darwin got it wrong, but he was partially right and didn't know it, so what he passed on were the distortions.

The earth is much older than anyone suspects, even the evolutionists who postulate the birth of the universe some 14 billion years ago and birth of the earth around 4 billion years ago are far off the mark. There have been other earths that preceded your present version of earth that you perceive and inhabit and there will be other earths occupy approximately the same space when the present earth disappears. That's something you don't have to be concerned with for a while.

If you were to believe the Christian fundamentalists, you would have to postulate an earth created a mere 2000 years ago. The fundamentalists would then have to be comfortable with the thought of men, women and ancient animals sharing the planet together, Christ feeding the dinosaurs and Noah loading T-Rex on the Ark. I think not likely.

The logic behind that assumption must be completely ignored, but they do that because they follow the literal interpretation of their holy book and this necessitates a kind of intellectual denial, mental gymnastics and spiritual slight of hand. That is why many societies would include the religious fundamentalists in a grouping of the " the un-evolved" and so they are.

Here's why. Not everyone is born into the world with the same evolutional history, and the absolute fundamentalists, having lived fewer lives have a lot of catching-up to do. Obviously there are fundamentalists in all religions that harbor strict, rigid religious beliefs, they cannot be told of their condition, but must evolve through their stunted beliefs. and finally emerge into the light, so to speak. The question is; why did so many un-evolved people manage to congregate in one general area of the country or world, (the Southern United States and other countries of the Southern Hemisphere?

They are there collectively because quite frankly, they just haven't been around as long as the non-religious, more evolved societies that have evolved through organized religion and migrated to and settled in countries of the Northern Hemisphere worldwide. People tend to migrate to areas where their beliefs are affirmed and they find like company. Like attracts like.

That is why, generally speaking, countries of the Northern Hemisphere enjoy the highest standards of living and experience far fewer natural disasters, because disabling religious dogmas do not hold them back and distort their reality.

I trust that you understand that I am referring here to "Organized Religions", not to personally held spiritual and religious beliefs that can be quite enabling.

I have suggested before that you were alive before you were born and you will be alive after your death. Personality survives physical death, in fact, survives many physical deaths and in fact is eternal. I am of course inferring here that you live many consecutive lives. Before you are born in the physical world, you make your future plans to live a physical life. You do not do this "willy-nilly" and there is much pre-planning in advance of any physical birth.

It helps to remember that your soul is not some nebulous, ethereal, godlike spirit, but a highly motivated non-physical, multi-dimensional, psychological, spiritual being with abilities and potentialities that would far surpass any you may have attributed even to your God.

Before you are born, you will first decide on an overall theme for your future life, and this will help determine what, when and where you will choose to be born. You will choose your future parents and they will choose you as their future offspring. Your future earth lifetime will be chosen in line with your present abilities and mental development.

As a reincarnating personality your future place of birth will usually be settled upon depending on those abilities, in line with others who have developed along the same lines with those of your contemporaries who you would be most comfortable in developing your latent talents and abilities.

Your soul/entity will see to it that you do not end up in an impossibly difficult environment beyond your capabilities, at least that's the way it is supposed to work. Sometimes the personality is anxious to return to earthly life and ignores the advice of the soul/entity, chooses to be reborn prematurely, and ends up in an unfortunate lifetime situation, one in which he is not prepared to handle either mentally or spiritually. They will tough it out and make compensating adjustments in future lives.

Because of this, pre-planning and selection of a future living environment depending on past development and abilities, you will find certain areas of the physical landscape more to your liking and more in line with your abilities, inhabited by people holding similar convictions and beliefs.

This is why you can identify certain areas of the world, a country, a city, town or geographical area that seem to be inhabited by people who would appear, at least based on surface characteristics, to be quite developed or underdeveloped in comparison to their brethren in other areas of the world.

There are also, those who are in their third, fourth or more lifetime reincarnations and they are obviously more advanced than those who are entering the system for the first or second time. These people would be living in the more evolved countries of the Northern Hemisphere with the highest standards of living.

Of course, this is a great over-simplification since there are a variety of other factors that enter in when and where a personality chooses to be born. Of course, the reincarnating personality is always free to move to other areas and there are no absolutes. It must be understood that much of this has to do with the future plans of the parents and so we are speaking in generalities.

Not everyone in New England could be considered as an evolved personality and everyone who lives in Louisiana cannot be considered as an un-evolved, dim-witted hillbilly, but this does to some extent explain why in the US most people in the Southern states do not accept the theory of reincarnation, evolution, global warming or widely held scientific concepts usually accepted by most of the world's scientists. Given a choice, religious fundamentalists will usually favor magical Biblical Stories over provable scientific truths. They are blind to these truths until they open their eyes, and that may be some time.

There are some exceptions to this general pattern of development, where a quite advanced personality chooses to be reborn in an underdeveloped area to work with the less evolved people to act as a teacher and spiritual guide and will seem to be out of place.

It is no accident that most of the highly developed countries are located in the Northern Hemisphere, but does not mean that there could not be some specific areas of Northern countries that are still quite undeveloped mentally and psychically.

Generally speaking, the more involved you are in organized religion, the less evolved you are and the more likely you will live in the proximity of others of similar mental, spiritual and psychic accomplishment, or lack thereof. Organized religion tends to stunt your spiritual beliefs and intuitive Knowledge of the true nature of reality, the nature of the universe and your personal world.

If you have questions, please post them using the link under this article and I will try to find time to respond.