Sunday, November 28, 2010


I started writing this article a few months ago, and like I do with many articles, set it aside until I felt the inspiration to go ahead, and now I do, so you’re in for big trouble. I write this column joyfully because I know that maybe in some small way I can help others to understand those elusive hidden realities that they always knew existed, but never knew how to find. In a way. It’s like unconsciously knowing there is a Supreme Being, knowing that a God exists, but not being able to understand who or what He, She, It is, how and where does He exist, and many other aspects of this Divine Energy Source. If you are like most people, you probably never expected to find answers to many of the secrets of God, the universe and beyond.

In these articles, you will finally find some answers and some of the answers you find will not be easy to understand since they will be unfamiliar concepts for the human brain to grasp, but even though you may not totally understand what is said here, you will find some affirmation of its truth in your heart. I cannot prove what I say here in terms you are used to, with scientific facts backed up by hard physical data that you can empirically dissect, measure, weigh and analyze, but I have an advantage over scientific facts, and that is, I pass on knowledge that has existed since time was originally formed, when matter was more fluid and plastic, when gravity was not quite so pervasive and when living consciousness was still in the sorting out process, and I will try to explain why this knowledge is not new to you.

In reading what is written here, bear in mind that I do not claim originality with this material and never did. It was given to me, and as I begin to understand it, I give it to you, and as it has changed me by my possessing it, so you will change it by reading and becoming part of and making that knowledge yours. As you will find, this material is difficult, sometimes almost to the precipice of the ability of the physical brain to understand, but understand you will in time, and in so doing, will expand the reach of your consciousness, opening new doorways to worlds you never knew existed before.

As many of you know, I don’t speak symbolically, so you won’t find those willy-nilly, so called spiritual exclamations here that leave you wondering what the hell did he just say. You will not be asked to tithe as I direct heavenly ushers to pass the collection basket. I promise not to attempt to sell you holy water, prayer cloths or indulgences and I certainly won’t pray over thousands of letters you write before I toss them into the dumpster and promise cures that never seem to manifest or wealth that never seems to appear.

I will never ask you to touch your television screen while I pray to Deities in your behalf as I invoke their name and demand a cure, even for the little lady in Omaha who is now developing arthritis in her third vertebrate. Now, there is a cure for that little old lady, and as most of you suspect, it lies within her own being and she must learn to access her own inner healer and utilize the Helper within, and I hope to be able to show you how working through your own God given life, you can learn more about the workings of your inner world.

You will read and begin to understand the grand design of nature as it co-operates with itself to bring about the best possible outcomes to all problems, given the leeway to operate unimpeded by distorted and faulty beliefs, within the current probabilities available to you at any time. You will begin to sense your integral part in nature itself. You will begin to understand the natural aspects of your life, and know that YOU are at the very center of the universe, as is every other living identity, and so being, that universe is at your disposal when you know how to navigate within its parameters.

There are universal rules that are inviolate within your world, and operating within those rules, everything that is possible is probable to some extent. You have a responsibility to live your life in Knowledge, to search for it and to learn to speak for nature itself as all of nature dreams for the entire world. You may seem to stand apart from nature, but you cannot stand apart from that which you are. Knowledge is not given to those who do not look for it.

You were not given the awesome gift of life to squander it, but if you choose to do that, you lose nothing more than time, oh, and one life. (smiling). You were made “consciousness living in matter” by your Soul/Entity and there was no instruction booklet given, lest it compromise or color your life experience. You are bound to learn that operating confidently within the natural world, you will find that life flows easy and to your satisfaction and to the satisfaction of mankind. I have said this before, and I am sure some cringe when I say it, but I can assure you what follows is true and not some Pollyanna statement, and it is not one of those “Symbolic” statements that are just too good to be true.

You are given the gift of the Gods, but why shouldn’t you, since you are a distant descendent of All That Is (God). When I said that you were privy to this Knowledge, I meant it. Your consciousness, the same consciousness that is intertwined throughout your being today existed before your “Earth” was in place, maybe not in the same form, certainly not self aware consciousness, but still eternal, ever changing, every growing and expanding into new worlds. There was only a given amount of consciousness that was available in the beginning, before universes, worlds and time itself, and that consciousness is still fragmenting, dividing and expanding, yet we are still dealing here with the same identical consciousness that saw the beginning of the universe. In a very real way, you are “Soul Stuff” in physical garb, operating in time and space for a given length of time. What you do with it is purely up to you.

So, that is why occasionally you will catch yourself saying “I KNEW THAT” as you read these articles, because indeed you did, but you have just forgotten your Divine heritage. This division of consciousness has of course, expanded to create countless universes, dimensions, worlds and planes of existence, yet not one speck is watered down or less than it was originally. I am then, more of a “reminder” than a teacher, since I am hopefully bringing to the surface, information that you have long ago forgotten and helping you remember who you really are.

As in so many computer operations today, there is a back-up system, a protection, so no data is lost, and do you think for a moment anything you have known in the past is lost. I think not. All data of all reality systems, all worlds and all universes since the first speck of matter was formed is still flawlessly, electrically recorded in an inner electrical field so precisely configured that should the physical universe that you know today be destroyed, it could be reconstructed with this existing electrical data. That data is also a part of the inner psychic genetic structure of each and every minute speck of consciousness that is part of every electron, that is part of every atom, that is part of every cell, chromosome and by inference, every insect, bird, mammal and human today. (A Human being a specialized mammal for our discussions).

So, you are not some accidental physical creature in a universe formed by chance, but a purposeful creature in a purposeful universe that sought physical life to venture out into a strange new world like no other, encounter challenges, gain experience, grow in knowledge and wisdom and evolve into more that you ever thought possible. This could not have been accomplished if you had retained full knowledge of your heritage and protections. In order to learn the “Earth” lessons, you, in a way, had to be set adrift in an unknown world and learn to fend for yourself. If you were consciously aware that you were protected, that your identity was eternal, then no lessons could be learned in precisely the same way.

In a way, “All That Is” had to figure out how to bring about a sense of separation from His creations, or knowing their heritage, the created identities would have never ventured out into the true First Frontier of a newly formed universe, alone, but unknowingly, not alone.

Knowing this, you can get a better perspective on living your life in a much more relaxed way, knowing that you simply “Can’t do it wrong”. You’re only requirement here is TO BE. There are no other rules to follow, and the BEING itself is the reward. The real secret is to learn enough that you can begin to trust your own inner feelings and emotions and live with the knowledge that there is nothing to fear you are always protected. The intellect is a wonderful adaptation for the human species, but it alone cannot navigate the inner passageways of the mind, and all realities are mental.

You must learn to trust your inner feelings and emotions and not what others tell you. Do not listen to teachers, clergy or scientists that tell you things that just don’t feel right in your heart. Words can lie, and often do, but your inner self, simply put, is not capable of leading you in the wrong direction. I have recommended before; Do not believe what I write here unless it has a ring of truth from your inner self, the inner self doesn’t make mistakes. As you learn, this trust will increase as you become more aware of your abilities. It is also likely, that as you learn to trust your “inner nature”, you will find your “extra sensory” experiences increasing.

When you finally learn to trust that “Inner Voice”, you will begin to steer your life in the right direction and resistance will cease. Sure, there will still be challenges, but their significance will be minimal and best of all, answers will be forthcoming, and you will be able to live your life without fear. Life really is easy, when you know how to do it, and when you are done doing it, you get to do it again.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Have you ever been in the position where everything that touches your life turns to junk or at least it seems that way? Are you like the little man who always carried an umbrella and had a cloud overhead that follow him everywhere? If so, you are like many others who seem to attract negativity and misfortune but in many ways it's not your fault, in other ways it is precisely your fault since it is quite possible that you are attracting negative events into you life.

I would like to explore this a bit deeper here, but I don't want you to be misled into thinking there is nothing you can do about it. It has nothing to do with what you call bad luck, it has nothing to do with being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it has nothing to do with or lack of having some deeply held religious beliefs and you'll have to trust me on this, but no God punishes you for your misdeeds. But rather than dwell on what is wrong, lets discuss why these unfortunate things may seem to be hounding you, sometimes permeating every aspect of your life and in many cases, making your life miserable and making life unpleasant for those around you.

At a point some time ago now, I gave advice to someone that I knew personally, and would like to use this example as a launching pad to get into the meat of the subject. This person of whom I speak, seemed to have everything going for him in early life. He was blessed with good looks, a quick wit and an above average brain. He went to college, got a degree in marketing, and graduated with not only the degree but unfortunately with an addiction to drugs that he just couldn't seem to break. He is from a good family who cared about him and tried to help, but he went from one negative life experience to the another, ending up in jail/rehab situations again and again, from which he is yet to emerge.

This person of whom I speak, perceived himself as a victim of his parents, the system and any other scapegoat he could think of, except for years and still to this day he could never bring himself to acknowledge that he alone was responsible for his continuing problems. It doesn't take a trained psychologist to see who was causing the problems, but a person's beliefs can create a psychological blind spot in their belief system, a transparent fence around your personal reality and blind you to truths that are apparent to everyone but yourselves.

Negative beliefs are like a psychic albatross around your neck, constantly with you and the unfortunate thing is that these beliefs, even though they are not really truths, but beliefs about truth will always seem to be indisputable evidence in your experience. Your thoughts, emotions, desire, imagination and your expectations will be flawlessly manifested in your life experience irregardless whether they are true or false, good for you or destructive and that is why it is so hard to convince someone that they are causing their own problems. Your subjective state whether right or wrong will become real and it will, from your personal viewpoint usually appear to be good.

So considering yourself or someone else that is having a tough time of it, you must keep in mind that to them, they are not inflicting these negative wounds on themselves and they will be horrified that you would even suggest such a thing. They will suspect that the source of their problems originates elsewhere, to be found on the outside, never suspecting that the problem is one of internal origin. They have become transfixed on the negativity and can see no way to change the momentum that they have built up so at times their situation will appear hopeless. It would be like trying to stop a freight train set in motion, building up momentum and requiring extreme force to offset the inertia.

One of the main reasons this happens is that most people, when presented with the idea that they create their own reality, believe this to be a “symbolic” statement and not one based on an actual process of subjectivity coalescing into objectivity in the form of physically perceived objects and events. One problem with this kind of thinking is that until now, no one, to my knowledge, has presented this concept in the light that objects are actually “object events” and whether they are aspects of the natural environment or manufactured objects, still, they are their own unique type of events made physical.

A car then is the result of a chain of events that eventually ends up with something you can touch, hold and drive, that you have purposely created and a flower is the result of naturally created environment that you are unaware of your part in the creative process, but both are created following a process that works whether you are consciously thinking about it or not and so it is with the events, both positive and negative in your life.

A table is an event as much as a graduation party, a wedding or a funeral is an event.

When one becomes aware of this, and when it finally begins to sink in that reality is simply the result of an immaculate tangible and intangible confluence of electromagnetic, psychic and chemical processes resulting in sensual perception to form a psychological platform that you can use to express your creativity and also allows for fulfillment of your satisfactions and desires and pleasures not only inherent to you but to all life forms. These are your natural heritage as a member of the race of man and all other species share in this striving for fulfillment. They are not yours alone and all consciousness leans toward satisfaction, fulfillment and pleasure.

There is something else here that is very important to know about your reality and to hypothesize the answer to the question, which came first, the chicken or the egg. The answer is always elusive since you don't understand the source of either, so it seems only natural that the question will remain an enigma unless you ask the right question. Obviously, the question as it was posed cannot be answered because you don't have enough information, but here is the answer.

The chicken did not originate within the physical world of electrons, atoms and molecules, nor did eggs. It gained it's physicalness from the inside out, so to speak. From an inner source, generalized energy beyond anything you now know, projected and thrust outward, gradually gaining form and self awareness in the world of matter, atoms building on atoms, assuming specific forms according to certain proclivities and areas of significance peculiar to each individual consciousness. In really simplistic terms, a certain type of consciousness finding value and significance in “chicken oriented reality” first mentally formed a physical idea of what you now have named “chicken” and developed its “chickeness” around that image over eons of adaptation.

The Chicken did not come from an outside source as the question would lead you to assume, but from the world of subjectivity into the objective world of appearance and solid matter. You would not be far off the mark if you said the the chicken dreamed itself into being through the adaptation of atoms to its dream body, then infused its conscious chicken identity as that dream body solidified over time. I did not want to get into “chinckeness” here but it is an interesting subject. The point I wanted to make is that you create your own reality, and when you try to assign blame for your circumstances on someone else, you lead yourself astray.

The problem lies of course, that nobody wants to admit that they unconsciously brought on their difficulties, whether it is physical, financial or other personal problems. Your challenges are assimilated from the inner world of beliefs, then made physical. If you believe yourself to be a victim, then you will attract around yourself all of the necessary components to produce the type of “victimness” that best exemplifies and demonstrates to yourself and the world your belief and to you it will all seem perfectly natural. All of the pieces will seem to fit together perfectly to prove the inevitable rightness of your beliefs of innocence in the whole affair, and you will perceive everyone else at fault except yourself.

This is why it is so hard for someone to “turn the ship around” and steer a new life course out of the storm of uncertainty, doubt and misfortune. The fact is that “you can't change it till you own it”. When the fog begins to lift and you begin to see through the veil of denial, you can then begin to make the changes necessary to alter the course in your life and life's challenges.

You must also get over guilt. If you believe yourself as sinful by nature or by your actions, then you will feel that you deserve what you have been getting and there will be no escape.There is no sin that you are guilty of, and there are no despicable acts that make you less than those around you, unless you think there is. There are some of mans actions that are heinous in nature of course, but no matter how you cut it, man is not at heart a sinful creature, he does make some pretty awful choices at times, but if God does not punish you, why should you punish yourself.

Finally, when you want to bring about a change in your life, you must; recognize that change is the way of the universe, of mice and men and you are one of these. The ONLY way to change anything is to change your beliefs and how you think about it. As long as you think about your problem, it will and must continue to gain strength since unknowingly you are, through your thought, contributing and exacerbating the severity of the problem.

A problem starved of the creative energy of your thoughts and beliefs, will lose its strength, lose its hold over you, dissipate and disappear, given enough time.

This is not metaphysical, spiritual psycho babble that you can't understand, so I take care in saying it clearly and concisely. Problems and challenges arise from a variety of sources and conditions, but even when a problem arises in this life from a past life, it can be changed, and should be. No matter where or when you created your present difficulty, you did not create it to frame and memorialize it forever. I don't have to know you to say with confidence, in this life or in other lives, challenges are instigators of positive growth of the personality, and growth requires change and all changes are mental in origin.

For those with seeming insurmountable personal challenges, I offer a bit of my own psycho babble; challenges are just solutions turned inside out. There IS an answer. Don't think about the problem, think about the future solution and Expect it. You create every aspect of your own personal reality and you in consort with every other living consciousness on your earth creates Earth reality in masse.

If your life experiences seem to be spiraling downward at every turn and you seem to be digging yourself into a hole, remember this, there is NO BOTTOM to the hole as long as you keep focused on the bottom. You can and need to establish a bottom by turning your attention in a more positive direction. (Quit focusing on the problem) The minute that you quit looking at the problem, the bottom is established and from then on, its all upward. You will not recover overnight, since you have built up a momentum of negativity, but you will turn the corner and begin your recovery, whatever its nature.

Monday, November 8, 2010


This question fits in quite nicely with our material on reincarnation, and in those articles I stated that not only do animals reincarnate, but all living physical consciousness is indestructible, meaning that within the scope of consecutive moments (time) they are eternal. I use the word indestructible rather than reincarnate, simply because it would be hard for you to grasp the idea of a grasshopper reincarnating into a future more evolved grasshopper.

I will not be able to answer the question above within the scope of the questioner, since the question itself is formed around a belief structure that is as simply as I can put it, flat out distorted and wrong. I will attempt to answer it within the scope of universal truths, but due to the difficulty of this subject, I may fall short in my explanation. In order to understand the answer to “do animals have souls” there must be some agreement as to what Souls really are if you really want to know if you have one. What they are and are not, and it could truly take an entire book to adequately explain that in light of your lack of understanding of “Soul”.

For a moment, I want to mention something that I have talked about before, and that is the fact that everything is part of something else. All consciousness has the innate ability to join with other consciousness and never lose sight of its originality, its independence and its intents and goals. Two consciousnesses can join together in a psychic gestalt, pooling their combined psychic abilities, knowledge, resources and goals to form and be able to manipulate a more complex physical structure thereby increasing value fulfillments and satisfactions. In a rather oversimplified manner this means that the consciousness of a beaver and a fox could meld their consciousness and be reborn as a dog, and not lose sight of their individuality but increasing their awareness and fulfillments.

The human being is a division of its Entity/Soul and the human species stands alone in being a prime division, inasmuch as it carries latent within it, the full capabilities and knowledge of the Soul, even though it cannot yet fully access this knowledge or utilize it at will. On occasion, during moments of illumination some of these abilities may become apparent, if only briefly. The Soul or Entity is, and I will repeat myself here once again, the most potent, concentrated, purposeful action oriented energy source in the universe and you are part of your Soul. You exist because your Soul/Entity sought experience in the Earth system, so it fragmented a portion of itself, projected it into the Earth system, where you found yourself at birth. At that same moment, other splinter aspects of your total identity, were projected into other probable systems. They live and exist in other probable earths as you exist in this one, and they too are you exploring different systems.

You then, are privileged as a unique and independent “prime Soul personality” of your Entity to carry within your scope of latent abilities, the powers of the gods. You have been given the gift of everlasting life. You have been given the gift of creativity. You are in every sense of the word, an incipient Entity developing along those lines even now as you sometimes struggle to handle even the simple challenges in your life. The Soul or Entity is aware of your every action, but it does not monitor every event in your life and in fact, it is kept aware of your development by a process similar to a psychological osmosis, hardly even noticing you. On the other hand, Soul is not the proverbial absent minded professor, misplacing and losing sight of it's personalities. It can experience in totality any event in your life, or your entire life in a fraction of a second if it so chooses, but this is not an invasion of your privacy as you might think.

The Entity is your Soul and you are a personality portion of your Soul, but you knew that. A Soul is not something that you have, but something that you ARE, and while you inhabit a physical body, you cannot separate yourself from your soul. Your soul/entity is interwoven through every fibre of your being and if your body were dissected on an operating table, your soul could never be found. You cannot hold it in your hand to return to God upon your death, for it is not a “thing” by any stretch of the imagination. You cannot lose your soul, and no evil Satanic spirit can take your soul. It is what you are, in a somewhat diffused form “awareness wise” at this time, but still soul stuff, and by inference, since all Soul energy originates with All That Is, you too share that touch of divinity and it's all good.

Since as a prime personality portion (fragment) of your soul, you share in its abilities, although some of those abilities of yours are limited in their use at this stage of your development. The soul then, splits off portions of itself, breathes consciousness and life into its fragmented portions and bestows its abilities on those living portions. Now here's where it gets to be a bit of a sticky wicket, but I have told you that this material is not easy.

You, as an original personality portion of your soul and a creator yourself, also create image fragments, but they are not quite the same as the Soul personality fragments. You create other objects, events and images yourself as spontaneously and unknowingly, just as your breath collects on a frosty window pane in the winter. Your fragments do not carry the full abilities of the Soul nor of yourself, and that is the main difference, so these “less than physical images” are called secondary portions or fragments created by you.

Every time you have intense emotional feelings thinking of someone close to you, you send out “image thought forms” of yourself in varying intensities to remote locations. Usually these forms cannot be seen or perceived in any way, but they do exist, even though it may be below the range of physical perception and they have no consciousness of their own, still they make room for themselves in the world of atomic structure. Sometimes they can be seen, but only as a shadow or a ghostly image. You also create your dream self image, but in these self dream images, you do impart a small portion of your own consciousness. When you awake in the morning, your dream self goes on about its own business and does not fade away as your memory of the dream does. These various images created by you exist just as you exist, but in different appearances of physical manifestation.

I did not get lost here, but wanted to give some small idea that all consciousness of varying degrees of development and sophistication, also create other images and living things at other levels of reality unseen by you, and of course, without your active participation. In that respect it is as automatic as breathing for you, you do it and you can't help it, so in a way too complicated to explain here, all consciousness to one degree or another, contributes to the expansion and value fulfillments of all other living things, and this is evident in the natural creation of your environment.

All consciousnesses are to some extent self aware energy that is the source of all reality, all universes and all identities, from mice to God/All That Is. This unseen, unfelt energy powers all systems and comes from All That Is. In a very real way God or All That Is, is that energy infused into all systems in various guises, various camouflage overlays of inner reality.

This universal energy flows through the Entity and is unlimited. This Prime Energy also is endless and self generating, so it cannot be depleted because when it is used, it automatically renews itself and creates more of itself. For that reason, reality systems, universes and worlds are in this very instant, continuing to be formed, and on a more personal level, this means that the universe will never run out of energy and implode on itself.

New species are being created by Entities now in your present times and introduced to all worlds and systems today, so when your scientists find what they consider to be undiscovered species in remote locations, they believe these were just some random species that were overlooked before, when in truth, some of these are just now being introduced to your world. Some species being developed in the expanded present, will be held in abeyance until Earth conditions are more favorable for their introduction.

Now, with that background, maybe I can make this almost unbelievable “Animal Soul” thing somewhat understood, if only partially but I won't get upset if you have trouble with this concept if you don't get a firm grasp immediately. You will eventually! I am fully aware of my limitations and inability to adequately explain some of these things, but we will revisit them again and maybe I will do better next time. Anyway, lets continue what we have started here.

This universal God Energy of All That Is, is passed through and forms Souls/Entities that in turn form you. The Entities create you so they can experience physical reality through you in a way that they could not without such a relationship. Entities could never express themselves within a physical reality system so they materialize a “portion” of themselves into that system and experience through them. The Entities utilize this universal energy, accelerate it, project it into various systems to create personalities such as yourselves. You then utilize this energy in two main different ways.

The human species are co-creators. I have said this many times before; you have been given the gifts of the gods, and unknowingly, you are of course also an energy gestalt creation yourself that utilizes the energy passed through by the Entity to create objects and events through the use of your thoughts, beliefs, imagination and expectation. You create, although at this time, you don't know you are doing it, but you are creating through your thoughts and beliefs, which then manifest physically one way or another in your world or some other.

You also have another distinct ability that you are unaware of at this time, but I do think you sense what I am going to say here. You unknowingly also create the environment around you, from the trees outside of your window in your home to the flowers in your garden and the birds that eat the seeds in that garden. On a mass scale, all living consciousness (earth residents of all persuasions), and here, so there is no confusion about what I am saying, I will name a few; grass, trees, flowers, mountains, oceans, skies and everything else perceivable creates and joins in the mass cooperative creativity of living things in one magnificent work that is superlative and unique in all of the physical universe.

You might say that you unconsciously utilize the excess energy infused in you from the Entity and ultimately from All That Is, throwing it outward from you in all directions, creating humanity, your civilization and your societies. In that respect you are truly artists of the environment. All humanity creates, adds to and psychically maintains the world's environment. This excess wandering energy that emanates with the Entity, is amplified and directed outward unconsciously by and through you from the day of our birth, and is projected into animal forms and is utilized by the animals as they form their own self image just as you form yours.

Of course, in the creation of lets say, a squirrel, the creation of the physical body of the critter follows a well known process of physical initiation and multiplication, a process in most cases requiring a male and female of the species, but this alone does not create a living, viable animal and as with humans, until the consciousness has entered into the physical body, and that's where you come into the picture. This Soul/Entity energy that splays out from you is utilized by all of nature, including the animals to create themselves in their own self held image in accordance with their potentials of development. What that means is that each species of animal knows what it should look like on the physical stage at any particular time in its evolutional history.

I hope by now you get the picture that, because of the way the original question was posed, an answer cannot be given in the context that you were expecting. So let me summarize as much as possible. Animals, flowers trees and all aspects of nature could not exist if the Entity/Soul did not provide the creative energy, filled with potential for development of all natural things. In that context; Yes, animals have souls, flowers have souls and by use of somewhat extravagant extrapolation, rocks have souls too, but not in the way you have thought until now. That discussion is for another time.

Next Article Preview; Turning your life around when everything seems to go wrong.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Part 2

As you will recall from our last article, I became a bit loquacious and got carried away with the telling of the story of reincarnation, and it is some story to tell. Of course, no short article, even in hundreds of pages can relate the intricacies and complexities of the true reality of multiple lives, but we will try to give what could best be called a synopsis of a process that spans centuries, has been operating quite well for eons and most of you haven't even noticed.

I can tell you this, the material that we discuss here may be elusive now, but will in time begin to fit together like pieces in a puzzle, and even though it may not register with you now, one day the psychological door will open, the light will shine in and much of what we talk about here will begin to make perfect sense, and you will say “I always knew that!”.

This is not knowledge that you can learn as you can learn mathematics, language or logic, for as you have already learned, true multi dimensional reality in many cases falls flat on its face when considered in the light of human reasoned logic. You can never use the intellect alone to reason yourself to understand the beginning of the universe or whatever else we discuss here, but intuitively it will begin to make sense over time. The human brain is simply not equipped to handle multi dimensional conceptual thinking at this point in human evolution. But it can learn.

Reincarnation only seems so strange because you have indoctrinated yourselves into believing that time is a series of moments strung out with one event leading to another until an end is reached and you, especially in Western society have been taught that the end is one lifetime. As I began to explain in our last article, time only seems to exist in that manner because of your limited ability to follow events beyond their entrance and departure of energy from your system. You only perceive bits and pieces of events that manage to rise to the perceivable range of your physically oriented consciousness. Data that does not reach your species range or pitch, is out of your reach of perception and falls into other systems where it becomes part of their reality and not yours.

This is working out pretty well, if I may say so myself, because I wanted to begin our discussions on the true nature of “ Time” as you know it and this is a perfect launching pad for our time discussions. As a teaser, let me reiterate a short analogy that I have borrowed from the Seth Entity, then I'll get back to our present train of thought..

Imagine if you will a string of Christmas lights, strung out in a straight line and you are small enough to walk along that string of lights, from one light to the next light. We are here comparing the series of lights to a series of lifetimes, each light on the string representing the brilliance of one lifetime. Now, as you walk along the string and approach a light, you are approaching your birth. While in your present lifetime, the brilliance, the complete and utter focus of that light which is your present life, blinds you to the presence of the light behind you and the light shining before you.

When you die, you leave the brilliance of your present light, entering an area of neutrality as you begin walking along the string again, and as you do so, glancing back you can barely see the past light fading and looking forward you can begin to see the light ahead. As you enter the light ahead, you are born again in a new physical body and the brilliance of a new present life becomes overwhelming and you once again lose sight of the light now behind you as you enter into the light of life renewed. You are transfixed, mesmerized by your total concentration on your present life, to the point that you cannot remember even the most recent past life. The past life personality still exists as does the future life personality, it is not dead and gone, but from your point of view, your total concentration must be on the present life and that concentration is riveting.

Now here is the important point; the Entity/Soul views this picture as if from above, although you know by now that reference to “above or below” is meaningless. The Soul sees all of the lights on the string existing at that same time, it sees the whole picture and there is no confusion, but your Soul/Entity knows that all such lives, all of the personalities involved are living simultaneous lives and views all of its personalities in what can best be described as an expanded present.

I realize that this concept defies the intellect, but my friends, the intellect is ill equipped to rationalize the existence of multi dimensional reality. At this point, it does not matter whether or not you understand the illusion of consecutive time that you pay homage to, in order to understand reincarnation. One reason for reincarnation, is that the world that you know is a beginning system for emerging personalities into the three dimensional world of physical matter. You are on Earth to learn the creation, direction and manipulation or thought and emotional energy into matter, and from your time oriented system, there just isn't enough time in one life to learn the lessons that you must learn to continue your journey.

For a personality to evolve through various systems, multitudinous worlds, both physical and non-physical, many lives are needed to acquire the necessary knowledge to manipulate in those more advanced, complicated and complex realities.

Yours is a beginning system, and before someone yells at me that you have sent men to the moon as proof of your technological abilities to navigate the universe, let me remind you that you still kill each other because they worship in a different way than yourselves. You desecrate nature, slaughter and extinct the living portions of your own environment while you so self righteously claim the God given right to “go forth and conqueror the earth”. You torture and kill the animals to test perfumes and prove other scientific data in the mistaken belief that this is justified if it saves just one human life. This is a false assumption, since any life you save by experimentation on animals carries with it unforeseen psychic repercussions that can never be justified.

You are blindly multiplying yourselves out of a place to live by overpopulating and taxing your planet's ability to provide for its own and ruining your own lands and the lands of others. God never gave any society, any race or any country any rights that supersede those of the animals, since humans and animals alike share the same source, and most of you realize this, yet you shudder at the thought of giving up the products that are derived at the expense of animal testing. Did it ever occur to you that your body is made of the same elements as dirt, rocks, iron, water and air? You are the living, breathing and thinking earth and no one can deny the connection. This most intimate connection between all things must be realized before you will be allowed to move into more developed reality systems.

I do not mean this to be a lecture on ethics, but only to point out that there is much to learn before you are ready to progress on to other more advanced systems, systems where killing does not exist and death as you know it is unknown. Before you can leave the Earth system, you must learn what it means to be a male, a female, a father, a mother with living children. You must learn the lessons of illness and splendid health and understand the complications and comforts of both. You must learn the hardships of poverty and wealth, of beauty and homeliness and be comfortable with each. You must learn that to help your fellow man, and woman is to help yourself and to harm another will in the end harm you.

You must also learn the most evasive secret of the centuries, that your thoughts coagulate into objects and events and understand their potency in improving life's conditions for yourself and your compatriots. You must at least begin to understand the you not only create your own image, but the environment that en mass, you call your world. You exude your own personal environment as easily as you breathe, but in this case you breathe the breath of atoms and molecules and the grass and flowers seem as though they have been there forever.

This cannot be done is one paltry lifetime, but through the accumulated experience and knowledge of many lives. Some will be more adept at physical life than others, quick studies, they will manipulate well in your world and move to other challenges in only a mere three of four physical lives, others will not do so well, and for those, many lifetimes are ahead, perhaps in the dozens. There are some people who are stubborn who will refuse to make an effort to learn, to accept the challenges given, will be uninterested in progress along these lines, and for them, it will be a long road ahead, but not a dead end. No one remains ignorant forever.

Some people will, as I have suggested, want to force the issue, by what I call forced self evolution. They are relentless in their pursuit of knowledge and for those a way will be shown. There is unlimited knowledge that exists, most of it beyond yours or my reach at this time, but what can be known and understood, will always be given when you are ready. It is not that any knowledge is held back, and knowledge is available to all who are peeking around the psychological corners and trying to understand. What you cannot understand today, you will be able to tomorrow, and in the unseen reality of non-time, that tomorrow could be centuries from the present day. The responsibility is with you to pursue what you know exists but have not yet captured, and if you pursue with honest desire, you will be rewarded with the Knowledge you seek.

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