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This is an outline of the story of the Hundredth Monkey.
It states that unidentified scientists were conducting a study of macaques monkeys on the Japanese island of Koshima in 1952.[2] These scientists purportedly observed that some of these monkeys learned to wash sweet potatoes, and gradually this new behavior spread through the younger generation of monkeys—in the usual fashion, through observation and repetition. Watson then claimed that the researchers observed that once a critical number of monkeys was reached—the so-called hundredth monkey—this previously learned behavior instantly spread across the water to monkeys on nearby islands.

Rather than all monkeys mysteriously learning the skill it was noted that it was predominantly younger monkeys that learned the skill from the older monkeys through the usual means of imitation; older monkeys who did not know how to wash tended not to learn. As the older monkeys died and younger monkeys were born the proportion of washers naturally increased. The time span between observations was in the order of years.

Claims that the practice spread suddenly to other isolated populations of monkeys ignore the fact that at least one washing monkey swam to another population and spent about four years there. It is also to be noted that the sweet potato was not available to the monkeys prior to human intervention: it is not at all surprising that isolated populations of monkeys started to wash potatoes in a similar time frame once they were made available.

Now this is an interesting story that has been mutated and passed on for some years now, especially by “New Age” enthusiasts postulating that when any behavior reaches a certain “critical mass” in the mass consciousness of any population, it is then spread to all facets of society, distance seeming to be no factor whatsoever. This was pretty much accepted until the real facts began to emerge in the Hundredth Monkey story. Although there are some misunderstandings concerning this particular story, there are some deeper truths that can be learned from the newer version.

One thing this story tells us is something that most of our readers already know or at least suspect, and that is: the newer “Inner Knowledge” that we talk about here will be accepted and understood by the younger people more readily than by the more mature adults already set in their ways. These older adults are so indoctrinated in their accepted dogmas, that it is extremely difficult for them to break free of these learned ideas about reality and many of them will retain the beliefs given to them as infants by their parents, as adolescents by their teachers and clergy, without question throughout this life. The above Hundredth Monkey Legend is not so cut and dried as the article may make it seem, and here is why.

There is some truth that mass knowledge and acceptance of new ideas are “broadcasted” telepathically, below the conscious awareness of societies, countries, and in some cases, throughout entire civilizations. Now, these new ideas, new behavior patterns and new experiences will be easier assimilated in people or populations already primed and prone to those new ideas. In other words, to them, these new ideas have already become known in dreams and intuitive insights and have been implanted in their probable field of possibilities for future materialization. To those who are far enough advanced, these truths become known in the dream state, almost by a process akin to psychic osmosis, remembered and retained as intuitive knowledge, and can be accessed when needed in the future. To some others less developed psychically or too deeply involved in current dogma, the new knowledge will never be noticed. It will totally escape their attention, since they are not prepared to receive it.

Anyone of you who has read our articles here are aware that you literally create your own individual reality through thoughts and expectations that manifest through atomic structure, the thoughts being the initial patterns around which physical material solidifies. As you dwell on, think about and expect something you want or have interest in, it will gradually emerge into the physical stuff of your reality system. The same holds true in the materialization of “mass reality” of societies and the human species in a more generalized basis. When more and more people begin to believe in something, the new idea slowly builds up inertia, deepens psychic intensity, collecting more and more energy, finally materializing into a new paradigm of commonly held beliefs which become a part of your daily accepted experience for some time until a new paradigm once again emerges.

If enough people believe that a high protein diet will aid you in losing weight, it will do so. If enough people should change those beliefs to believing that a high carbohydrate diet helps you to lose weight, it would become true to the population until the mass belief system changed again. If you wanted to do some research, you will find that many, some opposing idea weight loss regimens all have their day, some more effective than others, but one rule always holds true. “Reality always follows beliefs, not the other way around. Of course there are other factors to consider, but here I am strictly trying to make a point that mass beliefs and expectations DO BECOME REAL when new ideas reach a critical mass and are accepted by large segments of the population.

One thing that is not mentioned in the Hundredth Monkey Story, is that common behaviors can sprout up in countries on different sides of your world, not entirely because of critical mass, but because of the simple fact that certain segments of populations in many areas of your world have reached a similar level of development and understanding at about the same time in history, and the emergence of similar new ideas and behavior patterns is a natural evolution of consciousness and knowledge. Another factor and possibly the most important is a constant dissemination or perhaps murmurs of telepathic knowledge that are a natural emission of all living consciousness, including the plants and animals. In this method, knowledge is spread throughout the natural world beneath conscious awareness by a constant and pervasive stream of telepathic communications going on underground, so to speak..

So, the reason the monkeys on the other islands learned to wash their potatoes cannot be so simply explained, but the explanation will do for some less demanding minds. Imagine if you will, and I know you will say “Here he goes again with that imagining thing”, but imagine a sky filled with clouds, clouds of different kinds, different colors and hues, different heights, different transparency, all being moved by tumultuous winds, causing them to intermix, reform, gain in thickness, change appearances and intensity, forming new images against the blue sky. In a very general way, I have just explained how the Soul Entity, the personality, the inner self, the dream self and all probable selves, combine knowledge, energies electrical fields and create enormous psychic gestalts of knowledge that to some extent is available to all. In this example, all of the clouds would exist within the larger overall cloud (conscious Entity) . All exist within the Entity, and what is available to the Entity is somewhat available to all of its segments, at least to the personalities that are part of its greater reality, and that are able to access and understand it.

Information learned by one probable self in one particular reality system, such as your Earth, will be sensed by your other probable selves in other probable Earths. And that, my friends, is how some of the information that your get, not knowing its source, comes to you in an intuitive illumination by the same osmosis type of reality sharing with your other selves in other systems. In other words, on an unconscious basis, probable selves are able to help one another in other probable systems in various ways. It is entirely possible that you have met one or more of your probable selves in your dreams or dream projections, since contact is facilitated in the dream state. You also pick up on available knowledge from your dream self, experimenting with new concepts while dreaming, trying on new ideas and new behaviors where no harm can be done if something goes wrong. In a very real way, the dream state is a fail safe system, where the future is tried on for size.

Finally, you are not alone, even if you live in a remote location, although it may seem that way. Knowledge, new technologies, new concepts and new behavioral patterns are shared to some extent between all aspects of the self through the support of the inner self. The information is then, made available to all selves, but not all aspects or your personality are at the same level of development, so not all will be psychically sensitive enough to notice the subtle signs of intuitive information that seems to come from nowhere, and does not seem to fit into your daily reality perceptions. This kind of knowledge becomes available to those who LISTEN and those who PAY ATTENTION. It is constantly being disseminated through the Entity and all of its personalities, but will be perceived and acted upon by those who are AWARE.

The Hundredth Monkey Story, while not being entirely true as told, is accurate inasmuch as there ARE many ways in which civilizations share knowledge and technologies even across continents and oceans without so much as a telephone, I-pad or computer. And as for speed, there is no word, phrase or byte of information that travels as fast as a thought.

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Monday, August 23, 2010


It has recently come to light that quiet possibly some 6600 graves are mislabeled in Arlington National Cemetery and this has caused some great uproar among the living relatives of the deceased and also among the officials investigating the “lost bodies”. It seems there has been a problem of one kind or another for years and the government has been trying to replace government employees with independent contractors. Apparently this hasn’t worked out too well either and bodies have been misplaced or lost.

The reason I wanted to comment on this subject is not only because of this particular story, but also because of the great importance in your society of revering dead bodies, and make no mistake, that is what we are talking about here. After death, the person who inhabited the body has long departed and left the decaying flesh to its own end. Of course as you know, the physical body is made up of millions of independent and to some extent self aware small consciousness such as those of the electrons, atoms, molecules, organs, etc. As I have said before, these are not to be perceived as little people, but they do have some limited sense of their existence and of their small but important part in the overall supporting gestalt that we call the body consciousness.

This body consciousness is not the directing “Identity Consciousness” that you are, and although when it is part of an operating personality, it to some extent participates in the overall body reality. It must remain independent and “out of touch” with the physical personality, yet always under its domain and reflecting its inner emotional and psychological state through the bodies overall health. This body consciousness operates in an almost automatic way carrying out literally millions of actions, functioning in supporting the unconscious manipulations that would overwhelm the conscious personality if it was tasked with even such a simple act as scratching your nose. This simple act requires countless instantaneous manipulations that are automatic to the physical personality, never suspecting the underlying inner reality that makes that simple act possible. The body consciousness, is constantly in touch with the inner self, but its functions must be independent of the consciousness of the operating personality to a great extent or the bodily awareness would drag its own functions down to an unsustainable level of awareness. This body consciousness, under the auspices and direction of the inner self, is the gestalt that handles the automatic responses to the ego’s conscious beliefs and unconscious directions.

When the ego decides to take a step, the bodily conscious gestalt directed by the inner self, goes to work, initiating thousands, millions of directives to the nerve centers of the physical organism, then to the brain to make the leg move to carry out the act of”walking”. Without this precise, but unconscious work done by the body conscious gestalt in cooperation with the inner self, you would be functionally immobile. This is what is left of you when you take leave of your physical form in a transformation of that form that you call death. As I have said many times, death in your terms, does not exist, continuity of life does.

You, upon death, literally step out of your body, maybe with some trepidation, since you have been led to believe in termination and annihilation or the self, which is in reality, indestructible and eternal. I know the word eternal has implications that might strike fear in some who long for a rest after shutting down a life, but life goes on, advancements made and new realizations made known. This “after death period” is actually a joyful period for most, since you will be reunited with departed family members not only from your immediate past life, but with family members and friends from previous lives too. Of course, not all will be available to greet you, since some will have already moved on to start a new life in other reality systems, some where communication is difficult and in some cases impossible while they are immersed in that particular system.

Death as you know it is unique to your physical system (Earth) although there are new lives formed even while a present life is still winding down. In these systems, the true reality of death is fully known and used as a launching pad for new lives in new systems. I have also said before, the death of your body is not brought on by some defect in the ability of physical matter to hold form over time, but in the dwindling intensity of the life focus of the personality and the diminishing interest of the Entity. The Entity, being well aware of this, begins to withhold its life giving energy and center its attention elsewhere, knowing that all life dramas must end (at least in the physical dimension), and a new one begun. In the non physical systems, since there is no physically materialized body to deal with, death is unknown in your familiar terms.

Upon physical death, the curtain is closed, the life drama brought to a conclusion, even though the main goals and challenges within the life drama may not have been satisfactorily met. The Entity well knows that a new life will soon emerge and a new “energized” life drama begun. Old challenges not met will be revisited and new ones begun. I don’t want to leave the impression that life is all about challenges, but through self created challenges, the personality grows and advances in its awareness and perceptions. Life is also about pleasures, delights, successes, enjoyment and gratification and these are also factored in before any first breath is taken.

As a rough rule of thumb, as you progress through a series of physical lives, you learn, you become more aware and your scope of perceptive abilities increase beyond anything you can now imagine. As your perceptions become more inclusive, more of reality is available to you and again, as a rough rule of thumb, life gets better and better with each lifetime. You do not remain ignorant forever. What escapes your perception now, becomes more readily available to a more advanced personality, more probabilities become available for actualization. That means more good stuff happens.

Now back to misplaced bodies. I understand the symbolism of paying respects to the deceased, but I ask, were the respects paid before the relatives and family were informed of the missing corpses seem less signifigant? I think not. The real identity is never the body. The body is simply a convenient way for the entity to show itself and experience the physical system. The self aware ego aspect of the personality does occupy the body, entwining itself through every fabric of physical tissue, but the true identity always remains aloof. The ego and the personality aspects “bail” upon physical death, but there is an indelible “memory after image” that remains in the Earth environment, never completely losing its electromagnetic connection with the physical system and this connection can never be severed.. This “after image” is independent of the remains of the physical body.

In a nutshell, when the body perishes, the ego, the personality and the true inner identity vacate the premises, so to speak, and begin contemplating and organizing a new residence, in a manner of speaking, so there is nothing lost if a body is lost .Over the centuries and eons for that matter, millions of bodies have been lost and no one suffered one iota of actual loss, but only the perception of loss. So to those who are grieving over the loss of corpses of loved ones, it’s time to realize that the person you loved NEVER WAS the body that you think they were. Identity is eternal and physical form is not. The real truth, the real image, the real enduring, eternal identity lies beneath the temporarily materialized form and it cannot be assailed, diminished or annihilated.

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Most of you are familiar to some extent with your own homey little universe, its planets, galaxies, comets, that are within your limited ability to see them with your eyes, or you eyes aided by instruments.. You can’t hear them, you can’t reach out and touch them, and you certainly cannot taste them, so your assumptions about the universe is limited to what you can see and you cannot see much with your eyes alone. Through the use of more sophisticated scientific instruments, you can extend your visual perceptions to extraordinary distances, bringing into view, exciting new objects and cosmic events.

Everything you see and everything you now perceive and everything that exists even in what is now unperceivable distant space is part of your “System of Reality”. In that respect, your own system, the Earth system of reality consists of the discovered and the as yet, undiscovered. Physically speaking, as your universe seems to expand, your system of reality seems to grow, ever becoming more. It is becoming more, but not in terms of expansion in space, it simply isn’t happening that way. Just as time is an illusion, space is also illusion. It is expanding in psychological intensity and depth, and you mistakenly interpret that as physical distance.

Many of you think that if you could just peer into the furthermost reaches of your universe, that you would be perceiving the beginning of everything. You look out and see stars seeming to recede into the distant galaxies at unbelievable speed and you think you are looking back in time, but you are only looking back into the appearances of time. Time is an illusion created by your species “specifically tuned perceptive mechanisms”, so it works for you now, but it gives you a distorted picture of what the universe really is. We have talked of this before, but must do so again. Your system of reality is the only one, and there are many, that deludes itself into believing in the reality of minutes, hours, days and years and you project this distortion upon space, so it looks like time is passing as the universe speeds into nothingness.

Now, there is no harm really done operating under these assumptions, since you are now bowing to those pervasive divisions of time that you always seem to be running out of. Most advanced systems of reality are NOT physical, or at least they do not view objects to have a reality of their own as you do. Your kind of physical reality is not the norm by any means. These other non physical systems are not as you may suspect, lacking in any way, in fact, they offer more freedoms and opportunities for advancement than you can now imagine, and they manipulate images, knowing full well that they are their own creation.

The problem is, you have deceived yourself into believing that if something is not materialized by atomic structure, you do not consider it real. These non physical systems abound in and out of your universe, and even broad classifications cannot contain them within any particular classification. Time exists for you for one simple reason and it is as follows. In your physical system, one bound by physical materializations, especially your physical body, you require time, and you wouldn’t be caught dead without it. Actually, you could not perceive anything without time since in your system it takes time for things to materialize.

Time and space require one-another, without time, space could not exist and without physical space, time could not exist. Time was created by the very nature of your physical body and its requirements utilizing its sensual apparatus to perceive, then sending those perceptions along the nerves, jumping the synapses, and continuing on to the brain, where the perceived information then builds up a mental picture of reality based on what you believe is possible.

This traveling through the nervous system obviously takes time. So, since this telling of information itself takes time, it is hard for me to convey the concept of “non time”. Events in your dreams seem to happen instantaneously, and they do indeed, since the perception is not dependent on a nervous structure and a physical brain. You do, out of habit in your dreams, continue to drag along some semblances of objects and time. We are dealing then in the dream state, with a more direct method of perception not so dependent on time, since there is no physical body and you do not need to be bothered with perceptions traveling at a snails pace along nervous pathways.

Even the physical senses are tuned to pick up much more data than you now suspect. The brain has been conditioned to only accept and interpret data that it receives that has been sifted through your belief system, and your belief system will censor what you percieve and will pass nothing along to the conscious ego, that the ego does not consider relevant to manipulation in the physical system in which it is lord of everything it surveys. There are other systems swirling around and through you and your system, yet you necessarily ignore them.

What you see of your universe is only a PART of your universe that intrudes into your realm of perception, and a very small portion to be sure. Your own little universe is only so cozy because your senses are unable to follow its reality beyond the physical part of its materialization. The same stuff of your universe also protrudes into other systems in totally different form that would not be recognizable by you.

This is only one of many universes. If you are to get any real conception of what universes are and what they mean, you must divest yourself of thinking of the physical characteristics of distance, dimensions and mass. Your universe looks immense to you who are so small in comparison, but your universe is also a part of something else much grander, and in comparison, based on your perception of size, would also be small in comparison to that which contains it. As an example, you think a universe must exist in space, but you give no consideration to the space itself, which must be created to contain the physical universe. It cannot exist in space until the space is created to contain it, and that space must be able to expand to hold an expanding physical universe, so I ask you to consider, in what medium does the space occupy that contains the universe?

We reach here concepts which go beyond the ability of the human brain to understand, so we will move on to the “Multiverse” which contains all universes. This Multiverse is actually one of the main causes for the birth of universes, dimensions, planes and countless other platforms for consciousness to find the necessary favorable conditions for development and fulfillment.

Timothy Leary envisioned something like the multiverse in some of his “out of this world” psychic journeys. I will try to give an analogy here, which is not perfect by any means, but it will lead you closer to understanding why and where universes exist and how they are formed.

Imagine if you will a two dimensional grid of squares where the connecting lines are thin wires defining the individual squares. Now imagine adding a third dimension by adding depth so now the thin wires define square like boxes all connected by the thin wires, stretching out into infinity. Now imagine what would happen if someone would try to spray paint the wires, imagine how the paint would build up, thicken, collect and solidify where the wires intersected each other. Now imagine that the wires do not really exist, but the imagined grid structure does exist, just without the wires. Imagine that the wires are of mental construction and not physical. By the way, if the wires were physical, the true underlying reality behind them would be psychic.

Now imagine that instead of paint collecting at the intersection point of these wires, instead you have unimaginable buildup of energy at these intersection points where the psychic wire grid structures intersect. These grid intersection points represent fantastic energy collection points that are latent harbingers of probable universes to come. Each intersection point on this cosmic energy grid is an incipient universe in the making and these energy rich locations are used by entities to form the countless universes according to their visions and needs for development.. You can see from this hypothetical structure, how some universes would be closer to yours than others, and here we would find the probable Earths psychically close to your universe. Overlapping and permeating these probable Earth cousins in ways hard to explain you would find the dream universe. Somewhere on the other side of this imaginary grid structure, you would find the universe of negative matter. The distances involved in this structure are immense, yet no space is really needed to contain them.

You can also, by considering the grid structure I have described, somewhat understand, although I’m afraid not too well, that some universes would be easier to contact than others as they would be in your same psychological neighborhood. Speaking of contact, you will never travel to these other universes in space vehicles, because of the separation is not by physical distance but by psychological distance. There are ways to travel between universes mentally, and in truth, all universal travel of the future will be mental and in most cases instantaneous. It is possible in mental universal travel, to slice through universes, worlds, planes and dimensions to arrive at a more distant universes but this can be accomplished by personalities much more developed than yours or mine.

You do stumble into some of these universes, purely by accident in some of your dreams, and that is why some dreams seem truly “out of this world”, because they are. The dream universe is shared and used by the probable universes and probable worlds that are home to some of your probable selves. Other versions of YOU, other probable selves exist NOW in other probable worlds, and someday you will meet them.

Now, I know all of this challenges the boundaries of conceptual thought patterns, as it challenges mine, but if you don’t learn this now, you will languish in ignorance, still believing in child's nursery rhymes and simple myths perpetuated by the ignorant who don’t know any better. This knowledge, all inclusive, at least what I can convey to you, will, if nothing else, bring you to the understanding that you and you alone create your reality, and you will benefit from this information given here as it eventually dawns on you that what YOU create YOU can change, and that is why you are here. You are truly in control of your life and you can change what you control.
Now isn’t that a refreshing thought?

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Every life has a theme, sometimes more than one. Don’t believe me? Actually it’s not too hard to discover what your life theme is. Everybody has one that they chose before physical birth. Now, from that statement you should gather that you were alive and quite vital even before you were born into a physical body. As you should know by now, consciousness exists when it is ensconced within physical form or out of physical form. It does not require a physical body to manipulate in its environment. Before you are born into a new life, you would already have abandoned your physical body and entered a new dimension, actually this new environment would be much more familiar to you than your earth environment since you had been there before. In a very real sense, it would be your real home, a resting place, a respite from the rigors and challenges of the physical earth. Of course, we are not speaking of a physical environment here, but a psychic one.

This new environment is an “In Between” dimension that is not a permanent new destination, but a temporary, pleasant and worry free place to collect yourself, examine your immediate past lifetime, make certain determinations about your performance and try and access areas where you might want to focus your attention in the next reincarnated life. I am aware that some of you may not believe in reincarnation, but luckily for you, it is a reality for you whether you believe in it or not. Life is eternal, so if you are of the lazy persuasion, better get over it because there is no end to it all.

There is rest and there is peace and tranquility in this “In Between” dimension, but it is also a time for consultation with others on similar journeys. It is a reunion with your inner self and other portions of your identity that you may not have even realized existed. There will be advice from other more advanced teachers, education and instructions about your newly anticipated life. There my be discussions with some of the other supporting participants your past life, who have gone on before you. This is where you will consider the general theme of your new life. Notice I said “general” for no life is set in stone and no future is pre-determined, but an outline is developed that will, in time, be actualized in the physical landscape of Earth.

You will make selections of Time, Place, Friends, Parents, Future Challenges, Etc. These decisions are all made in advance and events are not accidental and certainly NOT pot luck as you may think. This does not mean that they are etched in stone either, for they are meant as guidelines which to follow, but changes and adjustments can be made, while still staying within the overall script.

I have used this analogy before and it is pretty accurate with a few exceptions. Imagine writing a play, a period piece, taking place at a certain time in a certain town, in a certain country. This is to be a drama, containing specific challenges to be faced and dealt with by the participants in the play. You choose certain other actors to participate with you in the general outline of this drama, your parents, your friends and potential adversaries, and they either accept their roles on not based on their own needs and inclinations. After the ground rules are accepted by the participants, the play in set in motion by your birth into a physical body that you have chosen and will occupy within the play. There is one last thing however, you must forget that you wrote the play otherwise the seriousness of the life endeavor would not be taken seriously.

You must become so enraptured and captivated within your life drama, that you cannot see beyond the props, and everything is/are props. The physical environment would be the props for this life drama, and the environment is as much illusion as your physical body is illusion.

This acceptance of a new life, a new ego, sometimes has a profound effect on the reincarnating consciousness since the ego, after enduring a past life of successes and failures, challenges met and some postponed, knowledge gained through a lifetime of experience, must now step aside, retire and accept a new beginning as a helpless child, seemingly devoid of this hard fought for knowledge and experience. This is not the time to discuss in any detail the role the ego plays in a succession of reincarnated lives, but suffice it to say, the ego is not recycled over and over, but after aiding in the plans for a new personality to enter the Earth plane, then takes a place in the inner psychic environment alongside and within the knowledgeable inner self, eventually to pursue other journeys. The new born personality is not the old ego, but a newly formed personality, reincarnated with all knowledge and experience retained and latent within its genetic structure and electrically coded within the mind of the personality.

From this you can infer that the “ego” is not the personality, but the alive physical focus the personality uses to manipulate on the physical plane. You have other egos operating in other planes in other probable worlds, and even though we have not discussed this, you have other reincarnated selves operating in the “now” as you know it, and even in what you consider the same time and space. New egos are formed around the new personality and when the new personality finally releases the physical form again, it also retires and becomes a part of the inner self. This is not stagnation by any means, and the retiring ego has many future options available to it that we will not discuss here.

Your probable selves and reincarnated selves live now, but due to your time and space assumptions, you are practically kept from meeting any of them. This “Keeping From” is a result of your own self placed limitations inflicted on you, by you, because of your present beliefs. There is actually no imposed isolation of these different probable and reincarnational ASPECTS of your personality, but your present beliefs in successive time and spacial distance makes these meetings unlikely, at least to your waking ego. It has something to do with, you cannot see what you do not believe exists. You do meet them on occasion in your dreams, or at least, made aware of their existence, and although their worlds are totally different than your own, pathways are always kept open for communication. Worlds, planes, dimensions and universes seem to be closed systems, but that is not the case and the illusion of separation is only a lack of perceptive abilities on your part.

Now may be good time to answer one of the most frequent questions I get asked; If these inner dimensions and other worlds and universes exist and if other portions of my personality exist in some of them, why don’t I know it?
And here is the answer; Here in this “In Between” dimension, you will possibly meet your other reincarnational and probable selves but you must remember, these personalities are simply other aspects of YOU focused in other worlds. I know that is hard to swallow for some of you, but you exist in other worlds, planes and dimensions simultaneously, just as you exist in the Earth System.

When the time of planning is over in the “In Between” system, when plans have been made, when the future life drama has been decided upon and it is ready for actualization, you will set out on your next journey into the physical world. You, in your spirit form (astral body) will once again enter the Earth system, beginning to hover around and close to your future chosen parents in the agreed place (city, country, etc), awaiting the time of your pending physical birth as you enter a new fetus. As the time of birth draws near, you will remain closer and closer to the area of your future parents.

It should be known that you will have already come to a psychic agreement with your future parents on these inner arrangements, and they are willing and knowing participants in the future birth. They too, of course, will not be conscious of these inner plans. Your entrance as a spirit into the physical fetus will be of your choosing, depending a lot on your fondness and anticipation of the new emergence once again on the physical plane. If you were not too well adapted for physical life in your last incarnation, you may wait until the last moment to enter the fetus. If your past life experience was a good and positive one, you may enter the fetus well before physical birth.

For those interested, it is unlikely the new consciousness, new personality, will enter the fetus and become well seated unitl a month or two before birth and sometimes not until the moment of birth.

Once you are born into the physical world as a new personality, there is total freedom of expression, freedom of action and your entity/soul does not interfere. Life’s challenges can sometimes be serious, and this must be so, for you to meet them knowing that you can in some cases, live or die depending on your decisions. In that respect, there is always psychic support, but you are on your own to live your life as you choose, making your own choices, for better or worse. Your life theme always remains latent in the background of your inner knowledge, but as I said in the beginning, it is not too difficult to spot the general trends in your life and come to some understanding. If you have reoccurring financial problems, or successes along certain lines, that could be your life theme and there may be lessons to learn on the possession or lack thereof. If you have chronic health issues, your life theme could be along the lines of learning the inner origin of those health problems and correcting them.

I think you get the idea here, but there is one more thing that is not quite so apparent. If after examination, you cannot recognize or pinpoint a “Life Theme”, do not suppose that there is none, because that would be a wrong assumption. No one begins a new life without a plan and no plan is beyond change. There may be another explanation.

Sometimes, when no apparent Life Theme makes itself known, there is another aspect which must be considered and I call that “Reincarnational Drag”, meaning that unfinished business from a previous life is reinstated and once again encountered in the present life, and must be dealt with. I have said before, as you tackle life’s challenges in your present life, there is no urgency to finish what you started in this life. In essence, you have all the time you need since there are no limitations on the number of Earth lives you are allotted. But, the business you don’t finish in this life, you will still have to face in a succeeding life. A physical death, you see, is not really a death at all, but a transformation of spirit to a new form, so there is no real tragedy for lethal mistakes that may be made in pursuing your life’s work.

There is one other consideration that I should mention. Some personalities, simply are not as developed and not as well suited for physical life in the physical system, some flourish in Earthly life, some do not. Those that repeatedly do not acclimate well to earth existence, will opt to be reborn in another less challenging system, going back to the bush leagues, so to speak. Although the Earth system is a beginning system, there are others less developed and requiring less of their inhabitants. This is a decision made by the personality, the inner self and the whole self. If the situation should change in the future, then another Earth existence is always a possibility.

You may choose to skip a life challenge for several lives, but eventually, when you are more prepared, you must revisit and once again face the same problems until they are solved. It’s called Karma, and although the real meaning of Karma is grossly misunderstood, it simply means that what you don’t do now, you must do later. Karma is not punishment. In greater terms it means what you do to others, you will have to experience yourself. It means that life’s challenges, once selected, will have to be faced, sometime, somewhere. The piper must be paid, but there is no punishment in usual religious terms.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010


The question as it was posed; I read your article on Caylee Anthony, how everybody chooses when to die. Wanted to ask what you thnk of a situation where a by passer sees someone in trouble, possibly about to die...Shouldn’t we help that person and not assume that they choose to die this way?

Nothing is pre-ordained! There is no reality to the term “death” except from your personal frame of reference from inside of the physical system of reality. For others that have gone beyond your system, viewing it from the outside, so to speak, death does not make any sense at all. Time is only a necessity in a beginning physical system because of a variety of reasons inherent with a limited ability to deal with and effectively encounter the full impact of challenges with full intensity of fucus. Since you cannot stand the impact of even a small portion of reality that exists even in one small area of your perception, you divide it up into smaller segments and experience them in a series of consecutive smaller events in a time context. To the Entity and to those on other more advanced systems, the beginning and the ending happen simultaneous, so you could rightly say that the birth and the death exist side by side at the same time.

Death of the physical body usually comes as a surprise to the ego since it tries to remain aloof from the more knowledgeable inner self, but this inner self fully recognizes the true inevitable nature of death, the time and the means, even from your first entrance as a fetus in the physical world. The inner self is the deepest layer of your consciousness that lies beyond the subconscious, the subconscious being the intermediary between the ego and inner self. The ego is occupied with manipulation in the physical world and is usually not concerned with inner perceptions, including knowledge of its future dissolution, which it would consider a needless intrusion and quite unbearable
Your world is founded on two most basic principles, reincarnation and probabilities, and those insure that within your world and beyond, there will be an eternal continuity of consciousness and that every possible action will be explored. That means that your consciousness will be reborn again and again in physical bodies until you evolve out of the physical system and into other more developed systems where death is unknown. It also means that every possible ramification of each individual act will be experienced, if not in your world, in another, by a probable self, which is just another aspect of your overall identity. As an example, if you got married to your high school sweetheart and later divorced, then another probable self, existing in another probable world, stayed married. There is no possibility that is not probable, and all probabilities will be probed and experienced somewhere and all probabilities that are experienced are known to the overall whole self. The true nature of consciousness is that no possible act will be unused or not experienced somewhere.

No death is not known in advance by the inner self, but no death is predestined to happen to you either, because what doesn’t happen here, will happen somewhere. Let me make this clear, one event spawns other probable events, so no probability exists that is not, at least in your system, a future possibility of another preceding event. The act of a marriage, then automatically creates, among others, the probable reality of a divorce sometime in the future. Now I know this sounds incredible if you are thinking in terms of a concrete reality, solid, static and unyielding, but remember, these probabilities are of psychic origin and psychic reality is the only true reality. These probabilities are then, just as real or as unreal as the physical universe, and their existence is eternal. Some of them will be actualized by you in your world, the others will be actualized in various other systems that are not dependent on physical reality at all. They all exist as probabilities until you choose one of them to actualize into physical form expressed in atoms and molecule.

As your consciousness expands and grows, you will be able to grasp this concept better than you can at this time. Now, I will say this and since we have not yet discussed in any detail the true nature of time, all probable events exist NOW, but in your system, you must experience them in the context of consecutive minutes and hours, slowing down the flow of reality in psychological terms. You are then choosing the probable event that best suits your interests, materializing it, experiencing it, and because of your choice, adding to the probable field of possible future events. In a very real way, you play “catch up” with what already exists, until your seemingly logical choice seems to “fit into” your idea of rational continuity extending outward from your present, then you materialize it and experience it as a physical event. Because you chose it, does not make it the best choice you could have made, but you always have the option for change, even in the choice of “DEATH”.

No death is preordained and no probable death is beyond change. Your soul/entity will reach a point where it chooses to focus its interests in other directions, His inner knowing sensing that your involvement in life’s pressing problems is beginning to wane. Your inner self also senses the time for closure is drawing near, and begins to bring about the circumstances where your departure from the physical system is facilitated by less vigorous materialized events and mental realization on the part of the personality. In that respect, the personality begins, to some varying extent, to sense a need for rest and a new beginning. At some point its need for the necessity of completion of present endeavors may diminish with for no apparent reason, since the ego is still unaware of any real urgency. Of course, this knowledge is mostly kept from the ego’s awareness, otherwise the ego would panic, not understanding that its existence is not threatened, but is eternal, as it changes and adapts to new circumstances after it vacates the physical form at death..

In the case of Caylee Anthony, which was the impetus for your question, the real identity, the inner Caylee self, realized the moment of death was imminent, but she had consciously chosen before being born into the physical system, to only experience a short life, not being interested in the involvement of adolescence and all of its trials and challenges. Caylee Anthony was far older than her few earth years would indicate. She lived because of the needs of others around her and died to help others as was her original plan for this life. In doing so, others will learn more than Caylee from her short life and death. Her death was not premature, but brief and successful in light of psychological concerns and her mission in her short life.. No one could have changed her wishes, because if her death as it was, had been averted, she would have chosen another method to leave the world under her terms at a still young age.

I know this sounds preposterous, but NO ONE dies who has not chosen and ready to die, and conversely, NO ONE lives who has not chosen to be born. It is because of your short sighted beliefs of an accidental world created by accidental encounters of stray chemicals and electrical charges, populated by accidental births, resulting from bumbling, rambunctious, hook ups in the back seat of cars, that you assume that some births are accidental. In truth, there are no accidents. Unconsciously, if no children were wanted as a result of these one-night-stands, then no offspring would result from these amorous flings.

Since the beginning of your time, no one has ever died that was not informed and ready to die, and no death is an accident. Some deaths are accidental it is true, but the accidental nature of the death was known in advance and accepted. This does not mean that a pre-known death cannot be averted or changed, either by the desire of the personality or the entity. This happens often when the personality is enlightened by an illumination of a sort that changes life circumstances to such a degree that the personality is infused with new impetus to live. In these cases, the Entity usually acquiesces and provides the additional energy for a renewal of the spirit to continue. There will come a time when the Entity begins to once again withdraw the necessary energy to continue a fruitful life and there be no further reprieves given. Then you will know who is running the show.

If you see someone in their death throes, it always behooves you to lend all assistance at your command to save them. If the dying person is intent on death, you or a platoon of doctors with a plethora of diplomas, white coats and stethoscopes, will not be able to save them, but an attempt should always be made. Of course, the attempt is sometimes more for your benefit than it is for the person doing the dying. I am sure some of you will understand that statement.

Those who have made the choice to die, will die despite valiant efforts to avert the inevitable. Those who decide to prolong this life, will recover, almost miraculously to the slightest help. It is not the quality of the assistance offered to these dying people, you see, but their inner intent and needs of the expiring person and the Soul/Entity. Keeping and maintaining a dying person on life support with tubes and sedation is only prolonging and extending the inevitable. Those persons are already laying the groundwork in another dimension, being very involved in their future departure, rekindling old friendships with those who have gone before, even in physical terms, what you would call a state of coma. Even though the body is unresponsive, the spirit is busily active.

Remember, every ending is a beginning, and I ask you this; If you really knew, if you were really sure, if you really believed that after your last breath in this life, that you would awaken in a new and beautiful landscape, meet those who have gone before and reconnect with parents and lovers who you may have stronger feelings than those recently left behind. If you realized that you will still have a body, but a body more flexible, more adaptable, with no aches and pains, with no afflictions, with more freedoms than you do now, my guess is that you would not be so reluctant to face death.

If you realized that your new environment is not the traditional sterile heaven that you might suspect, but another pre-existence where you will learn, be instructed, and make future choices from a multitude of new life choices. Life is eternal, the only thing that changes is action itself and you are action personified. Nothing remains static, and all lives continue, and in that continuous continuing, there is always growth and evolving, new associations and new satisfactions and fulfillments. Don’t get scared at this, but time does not really exist, as you think it does, so I can confidently say that life will continue as it always has, but with increasing knowledge and awareness, and there will never be a sense of having done that before and each new life is a new exciting adventure that is a bridge leading to growth and expansion of your consciousness.

Now here is the interesting thing about all of this. You all want to know about ESP, Paranormal Happenings, Ghosts, Extra Sensory Perception, Mental Telepathy, other worlds, alien civilizations, Atlantis, life after death and so much more. These understandings are not available to you now except on occasion as little blasts of intuitive awareness. This kind of awareness is a natural attribute of all consciousness to varying degrees. All of the above things do exist, and they are not purposely withheld from you. It’s just that you have not yet developed your latent natural abilities to make use of these traits that are inherent in the human race. You are evolving toward increasing awareness and utilization of these now unused paranormal abilities. I should mention that these aforementioned abilities are not just latent in the human race, but in varying degrees in all living consciousness.

In some respects, a tree understands more about the true nature of time and death than you do.