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It has recently come to light that quiet possibly some 6600 graves are mislabeled in Arlington National Cemetery and this has caused some great uproar among the living relatives of the deceased and also among the officials investigating the “lost bodies”. It seems there has been a problem of one kind or another for years and the government has been trying to replace government employees with independent contractors. Apparently this hasn’t worked out too well either and bodies have been misplaced or lost.

The reason I wanted to comment on this subject is not only because of this particular story, but also because of the great importance in your society of revering dead bodies, and make no mistake, that is what we are talking about here. After death, the person who inhabited the body has long departed and left the decaying flesh to its own end. Of course as you know, the physical body is made up of millions of independent and to some extent self aware small consciousness such as those of the electrons, atoms, molecules, organs, etc. As I have said before, these are not to be perceived as little people, but they do have some limited sense of their existence and of their small but important part in the overall supporting gestalt that we call the body consciousness.

This body consciousness is not the directing “Identity Consciousness” that you are, and although when it is part of an operating personality, it to some extent participates in the overall body reality. It must remain independent and “out of touch” with the physical personality, yet always under its domain and reflecting its inner emotional and psychological state through the bodies overall health. This body consciousness operates in an almost automatic way carrying out literally millions of actions, functioning in supporting the unconscious manipulations that would overwhelm the conscious personality if it was tasked with even such a simple act as scratching your nose. This simple act requires countless instantaneous manipulations that are automatic to the physical personality, never suspecting the underlying inner reality that makes that simple act possible. The body consciousness, is constantly in touch with the inner self, but its functions must be independent of the consciousness of the operating personality to a great extent or the bodily awareness would drag its own functions down to an unsustainable level of awareness. This body consciousness, under the auspices and direction of the inner self, is the gestalt that handles the automatic responses to the ego’s conscious beliefs and unconscious directions.

When the ego decides to take a step, the bodily conscious gestalt directed by the inner self, goes to work, initiating thousands, millions of directives to the nerve centers of the physical organism, then to the brain to make the leg move to carry out the act of”walking”. Without this precise, but unconscious work done by the body conscious gestalt in cooperation with the inner self, you would be functionally immobile. This is what is left of you when you take leave of your physical form in a transformation of that form that you call death. As I have said many times, death in your terms, does not exist, continuity of life does.

You, upon death, literally step out of your body, maybe with some trepidation, since you have been led to believe in termination and annihilation or the self, which is in reality, indestructible and eternal. I know the word eternal has implications that might strike fear in some who long for a rest after shutting down a life, but life goes on, advancements made and new realizations made known. This “after death period” is actually a joyful period for most, since you will be reunited with departed family members not only from your immediate past life, but with family members and friends from previous lives too. Of course, not all will be available to greet you, since some will have already moved on to start a new life in other reality systems, some where communication is difficult and in some cases impossible while they are immersed in that particular system.

Death as you know it is unique to your physical system (Earth) although there are new lives formed even while a present life is still winding down. In these systems, the true reality of death is fully known and used as a launching pad for new lives in new systems. I have also said before, the death of your body is not brought on by some defect in the ability of physical matter to hold form over time, but in the dwindling intensity of the life focus of the personality and the diminishing interest of the Entity. The Entity, being well aware of this, begins to withhold its life giving energy and center its attention elsewhere, knowing that all life dramas must end (at least in the physical dimension), and a new one begun. In the non physical systems, since there is no physically materialized body to deal with, death is unknown in your familiar terms.

Upon physical death, the curtain is closed, the life drama brought to a conclusion, even though the main goals and challenges within the life drama may not have been satisfactorily met. The Entity well knows that a new life will soon emerge and a new “energized” life drama begun. Old challenges not met will be revisited and new ones begun. I don’t want to leave the impression that life is all about challenges, but through self created challenges, the personality grows and advances in its awareness and perceptions. Life is also about pleasures, delights, successes, enjoyment and gratification and these are also factored in before any first breath is taken.

As a rough rule of thumb, as you progress through a series of physical lives, you learn, you become more aware and your scope of perceptive abilities increase beyond anything you can now imagine. As your perceptions become more inclusive, more of reality is available to you and again, as a rough rule of thumb, life gets better and better with each lifetime. You do not remain ignorant forever. What escapes your perception now, becomes more readily available to a more advanced personality, more probabilities become available for actualization. That means more good stuff happens.

Now back to misplaced bodies. I understand the symbolism of paying respects to the deceased, but I ask, were the respects paid before the relatives and family were informed of the missing corpses seem less signifigant? I think not. The real identity is never the body. The body is simply a convenient way for the entity to show itself and experience the physical system. The self aware ego aspect of the personality does occupy the body, entwining itself through every fabric of physical tissue, but the true identity always remains aloof. The ego and the personality aspects “bail” upon physical death, but there is an indelible “memory after image” that remains in the Earth environment, never completely losing its electromagnetic connection with the physical system and this connection can never be severed.. This “after image” is independent of the remains of the physical body.

In a nutshell, when the body perishes, the ego, the personality and the true inner identity vacate the premises, so to speak, and begin contemplating and organizing a new residence, in a manner of speaking, so there is nothing lost if a body is lost .Over the centuries and eons for that matter, millions of bodies have been lost and no one suffered one iota of actual loss, but only the perception of loss. So to those who are grieving over the loss of corpses of loved ones, it’s time to realize that the person you loved NEVER WAS the body that you think they were. Identity is eternal and physical form is not. The real truth, the real image, the real enduring, eternal identity lies beneath the temporarily materialized form and it cannot be assailed, diminished or annihilated.

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