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Does life really begin at conception as North Dakota Politicians claim?

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Once again your eminently brilliant politicians have exercised their intent to impose their prejudiced, outdated, archaic beliefs on their equally brilliant constituents who elected them, this time passing legislation based on ancient religious myth, superstitions and misconceptions about the nature of life itself by proclaiming that life begins at conception and effectually eliminating any possibility of abortion.

Recently other states have also grappled with this thorny issue that few understand and so, I would like to offer this article to help them get a grip. I am in no way inferring the legitimacy of one belief system over another when it comes to abortion, but if no one ever explains the facts to them, they could conceivably remain forever clueless, and that's not the way reality is supposed to work.

The Creator of All Reality never took in account the existence of politicians and may I also add clergy since they are even worse at perpetuating misleading myth and superstition.

Please understand that I am not saying that these people are totally deprived of all intellectual abilities in the normal sense of the word, but that they are simply ignorant of common spiritual truths that they must eventually become aware of if they are going to experience any meaningful spiritual, emotional and evolutional growth.

I must tell you that this material will be rather difficult for some to understand, but some will grasp it immediately. You do have access to this knowledge, but it lies buried, waiting to be drawn out and utilized. Knowledge is not some dead thing; it migrates to and seeks the inquiring mind that desires to know it.

The case for the skewed argument about abortion stems from the idea that life begins at conception and that simply is not the case. I guess we had better decide on what life is before we continue this discussion. In order to save valuable space, I will just go ahead and tell you what most of you already know, that life begins when consciousness enters the fetus and that time is not at the moment of conception and in fact cannot be pinpointed with any degree of accuracy any more than you can pinpoint the moment of death.

You assign your own arbitrary idea of what is a live human being and what is not, but that does not make it so
In order to get some basic understanding of what life really is, you must understand the difference in what you call living matter and dead matter. Actually there is no dead matter since consciousness exists in even the smallest of the small physical particles that you call atoms, molecules and cells.

Consciousness is an attribute of cellular life (not the phone type) but on the other hand, since consciousness creates cellular life, cellular life is also an attribute of consciousness. Now, I am not inferring that these elementary particles are anything like little people scurrying about within your body or other material, but they do possess a limited generalized kind of consciousness and rudimentary self-awareness. They know of their existence and their abilities and limitations in forming matter.

Cells contain a general overall consciousness, but they also contain limited self-consciousness, or self-awareness. The cooperation of cells as they build and form structures of the physical body, combining their abilities to form ever larger and larger gestalt organizations culminating with what is sometimes referred to as the human subconscious. This is the cumulative generalized consciousness of the atoms, molecules and cells, forming the part of the personality that handles the daily ins and outs of the bodily functions that to you seem automatic, and they are.

The subconscious is necessary for you could not consciously handle the innumerable tasks of the body consciousness such as breathing, the pulsing of the blood through the veins, the functioning of the immune system or even the multitudinous movements of the muscles and ligaments in performing even the simplest of bodily tasks. So the subconscious takes care of all of this without even one conscious thought from you.

There is also an overall directing identity consciousness and this is the consciousness that you are concerned with when it comes to answering the question of when life begins. This is the consciousness that you refer to as the ego consciousness, the consciousness that differentiates between persons and makes Mary Mary and John John. This is the Identity Consciousness that gives identity what you call "Life".

The self directing identity consciousness or as we will call it the "ego consciousness" or the "personality" does not as you think, enter the fetus at conception, since at conception the fetus does not yet exist. After conception, which is an act, not a fate accompli or a done deal at any particular time, but a process in progress, a fetus is formed. All of this is based on a premise that when the first cell of the fetus is formed, you have for all intents and purposes, a live human being, albeit a very small one. The fetus is alive as a result of cellular activity at this point, but it does not necessarily possess identity consciousness.

There is a basic truth here that I will ask you to take for granted, that there is an inner universe where most of this work is done before conception takes place. You or the "soon to be fetus personality" exists as a portion of your Soul/Entity in this inner universe before physical birth. Now, here is another truth that I must ask you to take on faith, there is a part of you that knows things that you don't consciously know.

Your Soul/Entity forms from itself a fragment personality and gives it life! Period! That would be you.
You are then an independent portion of your Soul, given birth into the physical reality system (Earth) for a given time for a given purpose, which we can go into at another time.

It is essential though, for you to understand that you exist as a valid identity long before conception and long before any emergence into the womb of the future mother through the father's sperm. Sperm is the mode of transportation then of the generalized consciousness that will form the bodily structure about it, and then become the subconscious of the personality.

At this point the fetus is conscious, but does not yet possess SELF IDENTITY, so if an abortion were to happen at this point, you would be terminating only "the intent to live".

For there to be a full identity conscious fetus, there must first be the insertion of the Fragmented Entity Directive Consciousness (the Soul Stuff) into the fetus. There is great variance in that precise moment of entry with this "soul stuff" into the newly created fetus that does already posses generalized consciousness from the time of conception. This is a psychic process where the entry of cellular generalized consciousness is a physical process.

That generalized consciousness exists as inherent properties of the cellular construction of the fetus. Remember, atoms, molecules and cells all possess generalized consciousness and so the fetus consciousness is at this point, the aggregate consciousness of the conscious particles that constitute its growing physical body.

There is of course, a great difference in the quality and focus of generalized consciousness and self aware, directing kind of entity consciousness that is the real carrier of identity.

 Generalized consciousness is not to any great degree self-aware. That does not mean that it cannot expand in awareness over time, but for our discussion, at the time of conception it is not "self-aware" consciousness. It is conscious, or should I say it is subconscious.

The generalized consciousness that is present at the time of conception could be best described as "cellular consciousness". Cellular consciousness is present in all physical matter and actually is seen in the similar generalized consciousness of atoms and molecules, and incidentally also present in the smaller particles that make up the atom.

Consciousness is then present in all physical matter, and for those of you who will surely ask the question, yes, all matter has consciousness and so we can extrapolate that a rock is also conscious on quite another level than human consciousness. You can then rightly say that anything that you can see is conscious to a degree. What you call the unconscious is conscious and in your terms, nothing is truly unconscious.

And so it goes with generalized cellular consciousness. The world possesses consciousness and so does the universe also possess consciousness. As an aside, if you truly understood the implications of that statement, you wouldn't flinch when I told that the stars that you observe in the heavens are another kind of massive conscious action gestalt on quite another scale than your own.

What you see of the universe is only what your type of consciousness can make of these larger intellectual organizations of identity as they impinge into your physical reality system. You only see the portion of the total universe that your limited perceptive faculties allow you to see.

The self-aware ego consciousness that will enter the fetus is a portion of the soul/entity given its own individuality and identity and will at some point enter the newly forming fetus. At the point this soul/entity-derived conscious identity then, takes its place along with the generalized cellular body consciousness that is already present and begins to direct the activities of the fetus and oversees the accretion and growth of the new physical body. Now we have a true whole human personality.

In a small diversion here I want to point out that in a very true sense of the word parents, you actually have two sets of parents, one physical and one psychic, and both are required for you to end up with a viable little person emerging on the physical scene through the birth process. The psychic portion comes directly from the Soul/Entity and without this portion; you will never have a viable human baby.

As you should realize by now, the entity gains entrance to the physical world the only way it can, by impressing itself through the introduction of the sperm and this results in the biological portion of the fetus. This serves as the entry point for the generalized consciousness, the more specific, self-aware consciousness enters later at a time of it's choosing and it is important to know that time is arbitrary, depending on the inclinations of the entity and the new personality.

The psychic portion of the entity, carrying the true identity, gains entrance by what could be called a very specifically directed psychic osmosis and this occurs at varying times within the nine-month gestation period. This is the portion of your consciousness that you will call the "EGO" and this is the portion of your identity that will reincarnate, and live many lives as many Johns, Marys, Marks and Carols.

No two personalities enter the waiting fetus at the same time, so it is as impossible to indicate a time of arrival, as it is to indicate the time of departure, or what you call death. The identity consciousness can enter the fetus shortly after conception or can linger until the actual physical birth, its all a matter of preference, but it must be present at birth.

The biological portions of consciousness inherent in the physical body will eventually be returned to the earth in one way or another upon dissolution of the physical body and will provide the building blocks for other future materializations again and again. During life your cells cooperate to create your physical image (your body). Upon death, the cooperation ends and the cells no longer create the physical image and it returns to the earth. They will live again, but so will you. It is ironic that the cells are more secure about their indestructibility than you are.

You should understand that the fetus does not become a real person until the real identity is seated in the small physical body. Until that time it is simply conscious material awaiting the arrival of its true identity. This is in no way meant to degrade the quality of the fetus still devoid of the directing soul consciousness, but to point out that what appears through ultrasonic diagnosis of what seems to be a viable fetus does not tell the entire tale of the "Life Quality" that must be present to indicate what you call human LIFE is present.

A fetus can exist in a perfectly appearing physical body without the supporting quality you call self-conscious life. That does not make it any less precious, but it cannot live without this soul directive consciousness for any length of time. A fetus that the soul/entity consciousness has not entered for one reason or another will be stillborn or die shortly after birth.

In times of overpopulation this is what happens with conscious intent by the entity. The soul/entity, or should I say souls/entities, plural, since there are many, will simply refuse to introduce the identity consciousness and fetuses will abort or be stillborn.

In other words, that which is ALIVE cannot exist for long without the supporting psychic portion of the identity. The identity that may be aborted for one reason or another is the durable portion of the living being and once created, it is eternally indelible and its mark is forever imprinted on the universe. It knows that it will live again.

I realize this material is very difficult and hard to understand and for that I apologize, but I never said that the true nature of reality was simple, and that is precisely why so many people have been mired for centuries in the distorted mass held and accepted beliefs that still prevails today.

Is abortion really murder? You now have some information to help you make that decision but I would not want to be in the position myself to have to make that kind of judgment. An aborted fetus will make another attempt at life until it succeeds, it will not be denied. In the case of any kind of killing, it is not the "one killed" who suffers most but the one responsible for the killing. Anyone who kills another kills part of himself or herself in the process.

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The True Mental Causes Of Illness - Eliminate Them And Recover

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As you know, Valerie Harper has appeared on TV recently talking about terminal brain cancer. I do not like the word terminal since in a larger sense it is meaningless, since nothing really terminates, but everything changes. You must learn to orchestrate the changes so they are beneficial to your wellbeing.
 I saw Valerie the other day on TV and she made in interesting comment, saying that "everyone is terminal" and that surely is true from your viewpoint but your viewpoint is somewhat limited. What seems to have died and disappeared to you, has simply adopted another form on another plane of existence.

Nothing in the universe is actually terminal and that includes life on any scale. There is not one life form existing on Earth or on any other planetary system that has ever ceased to exist, they have changed. What you perceive as death is really a change of form, the abandonment of the physical body for one of another type. You cannot perceive the consciousness and imbedded comprehension that exists prior to and then enters into the fetus before birth and you cannot perceive the consciousness that continues to exist as it gently leaves the human form behind upon physical death.

There is what could be called a metamorphosis of the identity image upon entering the physical earth plane and a similar affect upon dissolution of the physical body as it leaves the earth plane. Your life consists of the "in-between period" between physical birth and death, but it is by no means all that there is of you.

The identity portion of the Soul/Entity, already existing in an inner dimension not perceivable by you, diffuses itself and enters the fetus at conception before and in much the same way, disentangles itself from the physically perceived form and migrates back into the inner dimension from where it originated. The stuff of the physical body returns to the earth to be used over and over in other manifestations. That which is of the earth, returns to the earth to be used again and again. In this way there is a beautiful sharing of the physical stuff of the earth. The actual full consciousness of the new personality enters the fetus at various times before physical birth.

There are many considerations here and I surely don't want this to be taken lightly, but sometimes the use of words like terminal, inevitable, incurable, fatal, hopeless, etc. can be more disadvantageous than the dreaded illness cause itself.

Doctors would be well advised to educate themselves as much in understanding the true nature of life as they do in dwelling on the nature of death. Most doctors are just operating with limited knowledge of the origin of the material bodily form in the first place. If they knew the origin of the identity occupying the physical form and the consciousness involved in supporting that form, they would be less inclined to use those inappropriate words to describe any illness. No self-respecting doctor should ever use the words terminal or incurable, since there is no such state that exists.

Identity is mobile and does not confine itself to one particular image in one particular world and so the personality that seems to be annihilated at death, is not dead in any sense of the word. The physical body has used up its usefulness in this lifetime, but the minute consciousness involved in the atoms, molecules and cells that make up that form, know full well that they live on in other forms.

The physical body is a living object and in the terms normally used, as table or chair is an inert or non-living object, at least in terms normally used. They both have the same source, consciousness and as conscious creations they have no permanent duration in time.

All physical creations will fade and disintegrate and disappear over time, but they do not cease to exist, the disappearance simply being a fading or metamorphosis from one perceived appearance into another that cannot be consciously perceived. This lack of physical form in no way should be taken as non-existence, but simply a change of form. In your world, this is generally observed as death.

Scientists know that energy is matter and matter is energy solidified in another form. If the physical body and all of its parts were really solid, I would not be writing this article. The physical body is constantly being created, and even the most ill informed doctor or scientist knows that the cellular structure of the body completely replaces itself every seven years, so in a very real sense, you are a completely different person today than you were seven years ago. You could say that you have reincarnated and exist in a totally different form than you did seven years ago, different, but similar in appearance and still respecting continuity of self in time.

The molecules and cells that combine to form your body possess small consciousness's themselves, all striving and combining under the direction of the sub consciousness to form a body representing as perfect an image of your inner world image that forms the pattern for your materialized body. Your physical body is then created as a mirror image of the inner psychic self-image and is reflected outwardly, perfectly displaying all of the inner joys, emotions, failures, flaws and defects held in the inner mind of the personality.

In a way, this is the method that the inner subjective self uses to communicate with the ego physically oriented personality.

What I am saying is that the physical body is as much a psychic creation as it is a physical biological creation, and in truth, the inner concept, the psychic, emotional and psychological state brings about the biological state that materializes as an independent personality in earth reality. This is not some arbitrary process dictated by some capricious god sitting somewhere on a golden throne on a cloud in the sky.

You are what you are, who you are and where you are because you made the choices along with your Soul/Entity, either consciously or unconsciously that placed you in that position. It has nothing al all to do with religious concepts and if you have challenges in your life, they were a result of your own psychological reality and reflect your own creative skills or lack thereof.

Your inner self is the source of all material creations, including your body and all of its parts, projected from an inner psychic source out on the physical scene to be observed and contemplated. It, this inner self, is the projector of mind over matter if you put it that way. But the inner self follows the direction of the operating self-aware consciousness of the physical personality. Based on physical circumstances, the inner self replicates in atoms, the underlying psychological reality of the earthly personality.

By the way, I am well aware that I do you a disservice by trying to pack a lifetime of learning into a few short paragraphs, but I do want to get on with my main idea here. Much of what I am going to say can be better understood by reviewing my last article on how intensity of thought brings about manifestation of physical matter.

Your inner psychological state then has much to do with how your body materializes and relates to the world. If your inner psychological, mental, spiritual and psychic state is in a state of disarray, mental discordance, turmoil or imbalance or if harboring inner unresolved conflicts, then the material image of your outer bodily health will be affected accordingly.

All instances of ill health, sickness or bodily disabilities are first and foremost the result of mental processes, inner mental distortions projected outward into the physical world through bodily malfunctions or deformities as signs that something is not right inwardly. As my dear father would have said, you will know that something is rotten in Denmark.

You could rightly say that the body acts as a barometer, alerting the ego physical personality that something is not as it should be mentally. This is the method used by the inner self, projected through the subconscious to speak to the outer self. You should understand that your "all knowing" inner self is not perfect and is learning and growing as you are and sometimes mistakes are made. There is NO state of perfection.

Beliefs, ideas, thoughts, imaginings are projected outward into physical matter. What you concentrate on will become real in atomic structure, especially in the human body. Your body is the result of inner mental processes and accurately reflects your thoughts and beliefs about yourself. The intensity and duration of thought, desires, beliefs and idea that originate in the brain causes the strength and duration of the outer manifestation of the body.

There is one other, and the most important of the mental aspects that will affect whether or not your thoughts and beliefs will ever materialize. So I make myself clear, if you want something, anything, you will not get it unless you expect to get it. Expectations then, are the most important aspect of creating reality. You must first think about it, then believe it, and then expect it. This is not as obvious as it seems. When you do not believe in this universal process, you will not expect. Doubts of the validity of success will cause failure.

In short, you are physically what you think you are; your body's health will reflect how you think about your state of health. It is relatively impossible to be healthy if you perceive yourself as being sickly. You get what you think about and what you concentrate on will gain strength and as long as you concentrate your attention on the illness, it will become relatively incurable until the belief changes.


In most cases, in the case of illness, the illness will in some way be not only a notification of a discordant mental processes but will give a clue to the nature of the mental origin of the illness. As examples, difficulty with locomotion, or affecting the legs, back or other problems with walking or movement could be indications of reluctance to move ahead in life challenges, a fear of progress of any kind. It could be the root problem of failure to take on new responsibility in your job or personal life. In other words, a fear of forward progress.

In the case of some tumors, ulcers, cancers or other inner growths that are hidden and cannot be seen outwardly, is symbolic of the outer representation of the growth process run amok, out of control, sometimes signaling the inability to foster and perpetuate inner or psychic spiritual growth. Cancers then can signal failure to utilize energy correctly as applied to inner psychic, spiritual, or mental growth. Cancers are obviously growths out of control. In many cases you may have cancerous growths that are eliminated by the immune system without your consciousness awareness.

Look for areas where you have thwarted or obstructed inner movement toward any kind of spiritual, mental or psychological growth. When you dam up inner growth it must surface in some other symbolic way.

A continuing pain in the stomach area may be a symbol of an ulcer, but an ulcer is also a symbol of deeper inner psychological conflict. An ulcer, cancer or other growth that remains hidden is a symbol of a problem or challenge not faced in daily life. When a growth of any kind becomes outwardly visible, it is symbolically emerging into the light and can be more easily identified and dealt with.

In a recent article, I wrote about how intensity of concentration reinforces the creation and durability of physical matter. This and other of my articles should be read regarding this subject, since this can only be a short summary here, but in a nutshell here is what should be learning from this article.

What you concentrate your attention on will gain strength in your life and what you can forget will dissipate energy and cannot long endure. I am quite aware that it can be almost impossible not to think about a pervasive and painful illness. A variation of this is applicable in personal and mass reality, a great example of this principle is the strength and durability of hatred in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, you absorb negative suggestion from other people, in what is like a mental osmosis through repeated television drug commercials, doctors advertising their services in specialized areas and medical advertisements for every imaginable medical device from glasses, hearing aids to artificial joint replacement.

Some of the most pervasive and well-meaning media advertisements are those classified as "public service" announcements. If you hear enough suggestions to check your breasts for tumors, your body will eventually give you the tumor you are looking for. These negative suggestions often become an unnoticed part of the background noise in your daily life.

The process works for negative suggestions as well as positive and the process works equally as effectively to prolong good things as well as bad. When something is going wrong in your life, as in the case of illness, the only real effective way of changing it permanently is to change how you think about it and eliminate the negative thought stimulus.

A flower cannot grow in a field depleted of nutrients and an illness cannot grow in the physical field without sustaining energy. Take away its energy and it will dissipate and die.

An illness or any malady can disappear in the blink of an eye as sometimes a sudden illumination can change a persons entire life. There is no illness or sickness that cannot be cured, or rather, cannot cure itself following inner direction from the inner self and removal of disruptive blockages of the free flow of the creative energy of the universe. Blocked energy causes distortions like a boulder in a stream causes riffles and the riffles or distortions are often represented by health problems that surface in the physical world.

Recovery requires that you follow not only your intellect, but also your intuitive senses. You know more than you know you know, and what you don't know you know, is known by the greater portion of your identity that actually does the healing, the inner self. You are not cut off from your inner self. From your perspective, it is Soul Stuff and you are a portion of It.

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A Letter to Valerie

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Dear Valerie,

You don't know me, and I don't really know you, but I probably know more about you than you know about me. I am writing to you to offer some information and my wishes for a speedy recovery.

I am almost embarrassed to admit that I seem to be the only person on the planet that has never seen you on television until recently, but my TV experience is somewhat limited and from what I have read about you, you are not only well known, but also well loved by many people.

I have seen you on TV recently in interviews concerning your challenging times with brain cancer and I must admit, I am thoroughly impressed with your outlook and how you are handling yourself during these challenging times both mentally and physically.

I hope I am not sticking my nose into your business, but these matters do concern me and I am hoping that what I say will provide not only you, but others who are going through similar kinds of health experiences, or should I say "lack of health experiences", with knowledge that will bring some greater understanding of the true nature of health in the human body. If I can help only one person through these humble writings, then it is all-worthwhile.

I want to make it clear that I am not a doctor. I have no degrees hanging on my walls and I have no stethoscope hanging around my neck. My medical experience is of a more practical kind, none! In a way my lack of medical credentials allows me the freedom to view reality from a fresh viewpoint not influenced and limited by formal medical education.

Let me emphatically make this statement that I know to be true in all health problems other than ones that you are born with; "THERE IS NO ILLNESS, NO AFFLICTION, NO DISABLILITY that is incurable", or to be more accurate, cannot cure itself, even instantaneously in the blink of an eye under favorable circumstances.

Actually, this process is commonly called spontaneous remission and as you know it happens all of the time. Scientists and doctors cannot explain it since it happens without a pill, potion or removal of an organ. They have yet to understand it happens from within and not from without, but the question then arises; if spontaneous remission is real and if it happens from within, then how can we learn to gain some measure of control over it and rid ourselves of unexplainable and despicable illness?

The processes involved in spontaneous remission are spontaneous and automatic and the more we try to consciously exert influence over them, generally speaking, the further we get away from a satisfactory result. The answer is obviously, you can't control inner processes since they are spontaneous and beyond the reach of the conscious mind, but you can create the conditions where spontaneity can occur naturally.

From what little I have seen of your interviews on television recently, your mental state is exemplary and you are on the right track, other than a few things and they are big ones indeed.

I should mention that the regular use of words like incurable, terminal and fatal, are not only counterproductive, but, are reinforcing whatever condition you may have. This is not some Pollyanna, wishful thinking, mumbo-jumbo new age process of which I speak, but a process that governs the creation of all matter and events in the universe. The slightest thought reinforces that which it thinks about! From this you can gather that what you don't think about, you rob of creative energy and without energy the problem will fade and dissipate.

Scientists already understand that matter is energy and energy is matter, in other words energy creates physical matter. This is a scientifically accepted fact. You are physical matter, energy solidified; hence you are energy in its material form. When there are blockages of the natural flow of creative energy that goes to the creation of the normal, healthy physical body, you end up with distortions and misapplied energy resulting in health problems.

I have no intention here of lecturing or haranguing on concepts that you may or may not agree with, but would simply like to point out a few important points that you may want to consider in your recovery.

There are some people who have learned this secret unconsciously and simply put, they never get sick. If you want to know how balanced a person is psychologically, look for someone who does not experience illness. Any personality, who has a healthy body, has a balanced inner psychological stance and will not need to project an inner psychic imbalance outwardly for recognition. He/She will be naturally healthy.

Under normal circumstances, countless deadly virus live side by side with other harmful organisms within the physical body, living in perfect harmony, and are indeed necessary for the normal bodily functions in the physical world. The source of illness does not lie in lethal little viruses lurking around your body just waiting for the chance to attack and maim or disrupt its functions. They live in harmony and provide you with protections that you are not consciously aware of, unless of course, they run amok.

Your God, whoever that may be, did not apportion out healthy bodies to some and defective bodies to others. In fact, whatever God you believe in, or none, "being judgmental, arbitrary and capricious" are not His, Her or Its characteristics. You are what you are because of you and no other will bear responsibility for your condition, and so you must look for causes in the inner universe of the mind before a cure can be affected on the body. God does not cause, approve of, or use illness as some kind of beacon or punishment for indiscretions.

 When you don't believe in sickness and you don't carry detrimental mental baggage you are essentially immune to illness. Your body, believe it or not, is provided with a foolproof immune system at birth and it is only because of the mental degrading of the natural processes that it lowers its defenses and allows the entrance of these pesky little virus-like bugs or the occurrence of unexplainable accidents.
Of course it is not all that simple, there are many other considerations that cannot be explained in this one article.

I have read that you have had to deal with cancer before, and this indicates that there are hidden inner difficulties that have not been dealt with in the past, that have resurfaced so that they can be discovered and eliminated. All illness is in some way the result of inner conflicts that must be resolved both psychologically and biologically if healing is to occur. There is something in the past that has not been resolved and in this case, that something must lie in the past before the initial signs of the first indication of caner.

Yes, doctors can in many cases help to affect a cure, but if the inner sources of the illness are not discovered and dealt with successfully, then the personality will simply adopt another illness as a replacement.

I want to emphasize that when I speak of mental blockages, I am in no way referring to religious beliefs, moral judgments or anything to do with your ideas of good or bad when I refer to inner imbalance, distortions and discordance.

I refer instead to misconceptions and misunderstandings that have become mentally ingrown to such a state that they spill over from a subjective state into objectivity, that objectivity making itself known as physical illness, and must be first discovered and eliminated internally if any meaningful cure is to be achieved.

You can sacrifice one organ after another, subject yourself to one debilitating chemical or drug-induced treatment after another, but no permanent cure will be achieved if the source problem is not discovered and eliminated.

I will leave you with this thought; there is nothing that cannot be cured, no matter what anyone tells you and there are countless cases where this has proven true throughout history.
What you believe and expect will become real. Your reality rises up out of a bed of your beliefs and expectations.
YOU GET WHAT YOU CONCENTRATE ON,,,,,,,,PERIOD! (And it works equally well for good or bad).
There is no other rule that permeates all reality systems and universes since it is the rule that results in their creation.  
I do wish you a speedy recovery.


For those desiring additional information on this subject, please read the following article.