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As many of our regular readers may know, I have pussy-footed around this subject many times, but I don't think I have ever approached it from quite this angle before. Sometimes I wish I could pick you up and shake you and make you believe these concepts are valid. I want to get you to apply these principles to your life and reap the benefits, but that might be too much to expect at this time.

If I was selling some sort of "snake oil" prescription for cold, hard cash, running an internet scam that started out "Dear Beloved One", or threatening you with eternal damnation for your sins, I could understand some reluctance to believe what is said here, but the knowledge that I offer is free, and in fact, has been freely available for thousands of years, and at no cost, other than the time involved in the understanding.

There are many charlatans, pretenders and televangelists who will repackage portions of these truths, wrap them in religious dogma, convince you that God wants you to be healthy, wealthy and wise, and solicit your tithes and offerings for information that has been freely available as a part of your human heritage since the moment the physical world was formed.

And yet over those thousands of years, very few people have discovered the miraculous secret that is so obvious that it escapes notice of the senses. It is difficult convincing someone that they have been doing something for their whole life that they didn't know they were doing.

Problem is; it just seems too simple to be true, so many disregard and dismiss the "power of creation in belief" that is unconsciously used by every human being that has ever set foot on the planet, even though they see, utilize and reap the results of that power on a daily basis. Still, it pretty much remains invisible.

The Earth system of reality is a learning system for new consciousness and for more seasoned personalities who will be leaving the system, and for better or worse, you have accepted a system of learning that relies almost totally on information given, or collected from other humans. These people call themselves parents, doctors, scientists, ministers, priests, psychologists, physicists and others and they all profess to possess knowledge of facts that are accepted and revered beyond question or reproach because they come from "so-called" experts, and therein lies the problem.

Today's fictions are tomorrow's facts. Facts are simply fictions that have gathered enough believers to bring them into wide national and worldwide acceptance.

Much information is available from other sources that you have mostly forgotten, and so there is very little attention paid to the other source of your self-knowledge that lies dormant, unused and in a state of drowsiness from lack of development and practical use in your everyday life. There is another side of life that draws from a psychic background of inner knowledge that only occasionally shows itself and is usually disregarded as background static and of no practical use.

You get hints of this other knowledge source in what you call hunches, premonitions, feelings, urges, telepathy, and even more rare, clairvoyant illuminations and intuitions. You most of the time dismiss them because you have been taught that these types of things are impossible, and of little practical value, and unfortunately, what you believe is impossible will be shunted aside, and remain out-of-focus to your conscious mind.

Much of this inner knowledge is some of the most valuable since it comes from sources that at one time in your history, was more available to the ego self. This inner source of knowledge has gone underground, but is still latent within the species and can be reactivated when you begin to believe that it does indeed exist and can be of great benefit when intellectual knowledge fails you. There is then, much knowledge that you know but don't remember that you know.

So I will resort to intellectual persuasion and try to circumvent thousands of years of distorted teachings slavishly adopted by countless civilizations, societies, nations and lastly, and most importantly, most of all by much of humanity.

I realize this is something that will be almost impossible for you to believe; most of humanities beliefs about the true nature of the universe, the world, civilization and even yourself are just flat out wrong, or so distorted that they are useless in helping you develop a fulfilled and satisfied life utilizing all of your given potentials and abilities.

There are some people who are exceptions!
You see those people around you every day. You will recognize them by the smiles on their faces, the nice clothes they wear, the cars they drive, the homes they live in, and the vigor in their step, including their apparent health and the health of their families. These people are much like you, except for one small thing, they either consciously or sub-consciously noticed something that you did not, that their thoughts seemed to become real in their world, so they just kept on doing what they were doing, since it seemed to work so well.

For reasons too complicated to go into in any depth here, some people are born into the Earth reality system with this knowledge built in, others have to discover it on their own.

To you, these people may remind you of the Ward and June Cleaver family made famous by the precocious seven-year-old "Beaver Cleaver" on TV in the 1950's and 60's. The Cleaver family had their challenges, but they seemed to always get through them within the allotted 30-minute time frame for the show. Life was good back then, and somehow it seems much more complicated now and there is a logical reason for that.

For now, as people evolve and their ability to assimilate, comprehend and manipulate more and more data, the world becomes increasingly more expansive and complex and the scope of information and knowledge increases exponentially. The more your mind expands, the more of life's challenges present themselves.

Because of this expansion of consciousness the potential for varied experience also increases and now instead of just having to deal with problems in your own small village, town or city, you have to deal with problems on the other side of the world. Some people deal quite handily with an expanding consciousness and an expanding world but it is hard to worry about world problems when your life is falling apart at the seams.

You create YOUR PERSONAL REALITY and together with all other species, including all living flora and fauna, YOU CREATE YOUR MASS EXPERIENCED REALITY. 

Part 2 Follows


Now there, I've said it, and now I'm going to explain it in ways that I hope can be understood. Once again I must say, that I am not inferring that your ability to understand this material is somehow flawed, but that my ability to explain it is sometimes sorely lacking.

Especially when I am asking you to believe in something that you have been doing all of your life that seemingly nothing good has really ever come of it before. You have been creating your reality, but unless you GET WHAT YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE, you will never learn why it is happening and how to channel and direct this creativity in beneficial directions. In a very real sense, you are utilizing all of the proper tools, but directing their use haphazardly in all directions.

 You may say, that if I really have been creating my reality, then why don't I have all or, or at least, some of the things that I have wanted and strived for my whole life. You may point out that nobody who could actually create his or her reality would have a life filled with one catastrophe after another. You may ask, why don't I have enough money to at pay my bills without worry every month? You may question, why your relationships always seem to fail when you are really a good person? You may wonder why you are always coming down with illness?

I could continue of course, but you get the point. Bad things happen from your perspective, for no discernable reason, and you may be tempted to blame it on fate, bad luck, a curse, an uncaring or judgmental god or even a past life difficulty dragged over into this present life. You may even attribute your problems to bad Karma.

There is one important reason that bad things are necessary to the learning process, which you are going through at this stage of your evolution. If everything was good all of the time, you would never get the hint that you are creating your reality through your beliefs and thoughts. It is that contrast of bad versus good that is supposed to alert you to an understanding that what seems to happen to you, actually happens by you.

When you finally learn that important lesson, and learn to create your reality responsibly, two things happen. The quality of your immediate life will improve substantially, your series of Earthly lives will draw to a close with the current life you are living and you will be ready to move on to more advanced systems.

It may be asking a lot to ask you to believe something that may fly in the face of everything you have been taught since you were a child, but I'll give it a go anyway, but I ask that you set your ingrained religious beliefs aside for the time it takes for you to read this, for they will put you at great disadvantage in understanding the true nature of reality and your part in it.

God (All That Is) created everything that Is.
You have been given the gifts of the gods, the "Gift Of Creation", and so you are also a creator at your own level of awareness.
God Lives forever.
You live forever.

You live many lives while you are in the physical system of reality. Later, with the expansion of your consciousness, the word "lives" becomes meaningless. Then, there is only "Being". Consciousness, once created, is eternal. There are no exceptions.

It is very important that you understand that I am not speaking symbolically. All That Is, or if you prefer "God", has imparted in all of His creations ( including you) the very gift that so lovingly created the world and all of its living features, and that includes everything that you perceive.

You might say that He created you, then embedded a portion of His own self in you, bestowed upon you the same gift of creation, and yet, still remained aloof and separate outside of the physical world on one hand, but intimately remaining within His earthly creations on the other. You cannot separate yourself from All That Is, no matter what you do or how hard you try. You entered this world in a state of divine grace and you will leave it in a state of grace, no matter what you do in between.

This gift of creation that you were given was then "A giving up of a portion of Himself " but in a way, this was not a totally altruistic act, since He knew that the only way for Him to expand His consciousness and increase everything that was exponentially was to lose a portion of Himself and endow all creatures with the gift of creation.

In their own way, all creatures create their own reality in their own level of awareness. You are the only species that decides and chooses his life reality utilizing "Creative Imagination", meaning that you can imagine the future, then pick and choose what you create and not always be hoping for pot luck. In the animals, this specialization is experienced as an automatic intuitive creative process and choices are not consciously available.

Your creative gift is somewhat more advanced, but the real problem is, you forgot you are using this gift, so now, you use it unconsciously and doing so in an unconscious manner as you do, you create reality with energy distortions, divergences, deviations and faulty constructions. This means BAD STUFF can result.

These bad things are destined to materialize into hard, solid, three-dimensional objects and events that result in your personal reality sometimes holding no resemblance to what you really want in your life. In a sense, you are throwing energy up against a wall and hoping something beneficial sticks.

The creative process is neutral and does not favor good events or what you would call bad events. To the Soul, All Events are good, regardless of how you choose to interpret them from your perspective.

You are bound to create reality, it's what you do as a species, and I do not intend to go into the actual processes here, other than to say, atoms slavishly follow the strength of your beliefs, desires, thoughts, emotions and expectations, they swarm, gather and solidify into what you call your reality, and all that it includes. You then, are a slave driver of atomic structure and you don't even realize it.

What I am saying here is that beliefs, thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings and expectations will coalesce over a given length of time, into your life's events. A thought instantly becomes real and creates its own reality, but because you have chosen to experience serial time in consecutive moments, the object or event created instantly, takes a certain amount of time to appear in your three dimensional system.

Bad events in your life then, are the result of lazy believing. Careless believing and thinking without knowing that you are indeed creating your life through your beliefs and thoughts is all too common. Your personal collective beliefs will over time collect and form a psychological bed of beliefs from which new creations will emerge. In a sense, you must create a fertile belief field for beneficial new reality to spout and grow.

If your growth medium (your mind) is tainted by an unhealthy belief system, then you cannot expect to see what you want materialize in your life. You can actually create what you want and deserve if you first realize that you have total control over what appears in your life.

What you think of, you create. Again, that is not a symbolic statement.

If you relinquish your beliefs to someone else, there are countless people out there who will be only too happy to structure your beliefs for you, in line with theirs. Don't believe anyone that tells you something that goes against what your inner intuitive self tells you is wrong. Your sub-conscious and inner self will always steer you in the right direction when you learn to harness the creative power inherent in your being.

You are not at the mercy of some capricious god who seeks to punish or confound you at every juncture in life, but a God who was gracious enough to endow you with the same creativity that It Itself enjoys. Your beliefs structure your thoughts and emotions, create your reality, and so you must believe constructively. Your thoughts create the personal events and objects that fall within your belief's limitations, and you set those, so you have no excuse not to create responsibly.

Your life's reality is somewhat like an eighteen-wheeler truck careening down a road out of control. The road seems to be permanent and has a well worn rut that you have made, and so the truck always follows the same road, and it has a lot of momentum. When you change your belief system, your alter the road and it may take some time to adjust to the new road, and it will surely take some time to slow the momentum before your newly inserted beliefs take effect and you begin to see a substantial differences in your life.

Look around you. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell?

All of this is the result of your personal and mass past beliefs and thoughts.
If you are not happy with what you see, remember, tomorrow's reality will be the result of today's beliefs and thoughts.
It must happen, it is not debatable, it is a law of the universe and it cannot fail.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


My dad died last year & I made horrible hospital decisions for him causing him pain, discomfort & death while thinking I was doing my best to save him. After that, my mother moved in with me. She is very unhappy & aided in ruining my 15 yr marriage.
My beloved pets got mauled by wild animals, hit by cars. I saw & had to handle & cope with one thing after the next. I almost fell in love again & it just ended yesterday. I give & give but no one is there when I need them.
I understand my life can be manipulated by how I perceive it, how I act upon how I think about it. But my memories of the losses & pain my loved ones endured is haunting me. I can avoid negative thoughts but it suppresses my pain that overwhelms me in tears. I'm not sure I can take many more awful things happening. I'm trying to be strong but I can't hold up much longer.

I wanted to respond to this readers comments because there seemed to be some urgency in the need to understand things that were happening in his/her life.
Everyone has bad things happen in their lives from time to time, and I hate to say it but "That's Life". There is no reality system anywhere in any universe, no matter how advanced, where the inhabitants do not experience challenges. Challenges and the creativity that results in rising above those challenges are the real impetus underlying life itself.

The real challenge is in learning how to understand and react to bad events, learning why they happen and what you have the power to change. You have the power over your life. In the same way, on levels that are sometimes difficult to understand, so do others have control or lack of control over their own lives. You create all aspects of your life, and although your life experience interconnects with everyone else's life experience on your planet, you have no obligation to participate in events that do not fit your purposes. No one is at the mercy of another person's beliefs and actions unless they consciously acquiesce to the others person's will.

You cannot project your beliefs on another person and inflict harm unless the other person is a willing participant, since the other person has freedom of choice and can withdraw from any event at any time if it does not suit their needs and purposes.

I am well aware that it may seem that the other person is physically helpless. Some persons may appear helpless to resist a detrimental action thrust upon them, but that is an exterior perception only, and all events are born first in an interior reality where everyone is on an equal psyhological footing.

Your father would not have died had he not been ready and prepared to die. People choose when to be born, they also choose their parents, their children, their environment, and to some extent, their future living conditions and overall context of their lives, and more importantly, no one dies who is not ready to die.

When a person sees nothing to be gained by continuing their life, they will unconsciously select a time, place and nature of their death. What I mean by that is, some may choose a passive death, undergoing a lingering, debilitating illness and gently leave their corporal physical body in their sleep. Others of a more adventurous spirit may choose to leave this life in a sudden burst of energy as in a plane crash, a flood or tornado. 

Your father had plenty of time to consider and alter or cancel the circumstances of his death, even though to you, feeling guilt may not be able to grasp the inner motivations of a dying person. I am not saying that people consciously know the time, place and nature of their death, but that they UNCONSCIOULY know and have the power to change even their own death circumstances.
Everyone is responsible for his or her own actions. Sorrow and guilt are natural expressions of feelings unique to the human species, but guilt allowed to linger and become ingrained and fester is un-natural and can be destructive.

I realize this is hard to fathom, but if the death event were not meant to happen as it did, or your father consciously made a different choice, it would not have happened. Energy attractions would have turned into repulsions and the possible eventuality of your father's death would have fallen apart and been settled into another probable reality.

Animals sense the feelings and emotions of their owners and a positive or negative atmosphere that permeates the home environment will be picked up by the animals, and especially in sensing negativity, they will sometimes purposely place their lives in jeopardy in order to withdraw from the emotional negativity, sometimes resulting in their death. Animals' sense when they have become a burden to their owners and will take measures to exit and alleviate the situation.

Animals have a deeper appreciation of the continuity of life and death to an animal is different than it is to a human. Animals can quite easily follow the transition from life to death, and death to a new life, something humans have trouble doing.

You sound like a loving, caring person. You cannot rely on another to solve your problems. If you expect others to be there for you, the solution is simple, "Be there for others" and the situation will take care of itself.

Regarding lost love; if you do not find qualities within yourself to love, why would you expect others to find you loveable? Love yourself, as you would expect others to love you and get out of the way!

It does you no good to purposely eliminate negative thoughts if you have not yet dismissed the guilt and sorrow. Emotions are there to be expressed. When you suppress your emotions and feelings, holding them inside, you create blockages that will have to be released in un-natural ways at some time in the future, perhaps in an emotional explosion that will be much more devastating than getting the hurt and sorrow out now.

Shout, yell, scream if you must or beat up a pillow, but it is imperative that you release your emotions before they cause larger problems, do not attempt to hide them and hold them inside.

You could say that you must choose a controlled explosion rather than an uncontrolled explosion that may get out of hand in the future. Never deny your emotions, and never be ashamed of your feelings since they are a natural aspect of being.

DO NOT INADVERTANTLY PUNISH YOURSELF through your beliefs, since punishment is only a reality that you believe in. "All That Is" punishes no one, so why would you punish yourself? The pain and losses that your loved ones endured cannot be minimized as if they didn't exist, but you should understand, once again, that no one participates in an event that does not choose to participate, so I can assure you that the people that you cared about still care for you, and were, on an unconscious level, quite aware of their ability to bow out of any event that you may think that you alone caused. Death is a voluntary thing, but so is life.

You do not have that kind of power over others. Period!

Along the same train of thought, it's like the old saying "It Takes Two To Tango". Nothing happens that is not supposed to happen, meaning, on deeper levels, nothing happens to anyone that they are not in some way unconsciously aware of in advance of the coming event. It takes the co-operation of two people to create any event including two people.

In much the same way, no one is present and experiences a hurricane that does not on an unconscious level, know about the pending natural event in advance. Those who choose not to participate will find reasons to leave the area and others who are ready for a great energy rich battle with the immense power of nature found inherent in a hurricane will stay and battle for survival, and surviving, will emerge with a sense of renewal and surge of new found energy and new purpose for living.
Does that make sense on a conscious level? Probably not.

The animals sense in advance when an earthquake is going to occur and leave the area. Their psychic connection with the environment and future disasters is closer to the surface of their consciousness than humans. Humans have the same abilities that have gone underground, but are still latent within the human species as much as within the animals.

Finally, you must take responsibility for your life, its failures and its successes and where you fall short, you cannot shirk your responsibility and blame others. Look to the areas of your life where you are successful, even if it is only in one small area. Examine your beliefs in that area and try and reproduce that kind of belief in other areas where you have not been so successful. If you cannot find worth in yourself, then others will be hard pressed to see worth in you.

What you believe, you will become; thoughts follow beliefs and not the other way around.
You must let the negative thoughts come to the surface and get them out in daylight and they will eventually diminish and disappear. The physical reality system is a beginning world for learning personalities, so there will be mistakes, there will be problems and disasters, but that is all factored in and you will learn from the experience. Mankind has frailties and deficiencies, but they were never supposed to be permanent, and you were meant to learn from your experiences, grow and move on.
Remember the one great law that permeates the universe:


Translated, what lingers in your thoughts will become real in your three dimensional world and be experienced as future objects and events, for better or worse. There is no judgment of bad or good thrust upon you by any outside agency, so why would you continue to punish yourself over the past. Your point of power is in the PRESENT, and any changes in your life must originate in the NOW. It is your responsibility to take ownership of the past and change it. Consciousness knows no limitations, so why should you?

No one is unlucky, jinxed or cursed, although it may seem that way at times. Your world, your personal environment, your problems, your triumphs and your life are "results" of your mental disposition, your thoughts, emotions and expectations solidified into hard, solid three dimensional experience.

 There is NO such thing as pre-destination and no future event is bound to happen, or written in any so-called book of life. The only book of life rests within your mind and it is open to change. All reality emerges from the personal psyche, and what emerges from your psyche is yours to change. There is only one way to change your life, and that is to change how you think about it.
The universe began with a First Thought.

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