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Life has a purpose. You will already know this if you understand that the universe is not some accidental creation at the hands of chance. The creation of an accidental universe has been likened to a tornado blowing through a junkyard and assembling a Boeing 747. The physical universe arose out of an inner psychological universe, which is greater than its physical counterpart. You could liken the observable physical universe to the perceivable, expansive, all encompassing mind of All That Is. (God)

The universe as you know it, is but a small visible portion of a far greater whole universe, most of which remains hidden from your particular perceptive abilities. I do not mean hidden in terms of distance, as in the farthest stars fading from view as they move into the outer fringes of space.

I mean being hidden in terms of not actualizing within the limitations of your physical perceptions. In other words, it's all there, and even that description is lacking, as it would be more correct to say it (the universe) is all somewhere, but you can only visually perceive what lies within your dimension, so you can't see its true nature. The stars and planets that you see, measure and analyze are portions of larger events that remain beyond your scope of understanding.

Every consciousness that has ever existed and will ever exist in the future exists now. Consciousness, it is true, is being created in every moment of your days, years and seasons, yet none of what you call new consciousness is really new. Every new person being born in your time possesses a portion of the original bank of consciousness that existed from the beginning.

Every particle of self-aware consciousness existed at the beginning, and that beginning is only relevant in serial time terms that make sense to you while you are entranced within the physical reality system. In truth, on deeper levels, there was no beginning, and the really good news is, there can be no ending.
As far as the physical universe is concerned, I am saying that you existed then in a much different form and you are unconsciously aware of your eternal presence in the beginning in the mind of All That IS. In the beginning you existed in a general way, but not as a self-aware identity.

Conscious Entities, those very evolved ancient Souls, have a particular propensity to fragment portions of their selves into new consciousness entities, identities, new personalities, projecting them into countless reality systems with total freedom of action, thereby expanding their own reality and in doing so, expanding the reality of All That Is. You are one of those conscious entities of which we speak. In that sense, you are more than you know.

You unknowingly create your personal and mass reality of world consciousness. You do it unconsciously, but another purpose in life on Earth is to finally grasp the one "not-so-obvious" truth, that you have your hand in not only the creation of your own personal reality but also in the creation of Earth mass realty.

One purpose behind this continuing expansion of consciousness is to pursue fulfillment and satisfaction experience and enhance the same for everyone and every other living thing. Of course, you are not consciously aware of this directive, but it still exists despite your awareness of lack thereof. You are to go as far as you can possibly go in expanding and evolving you own consciousness in intellectual, psychic and intuitive understanding using your inherent abilities and capacities that you possess to increase the fulfillment of all other earth creatures.

You create your reality through your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and expectations automatically actualized, sparking themselves from an inner dimension into physical matter and events In this continual unconscious creative process, Earth is evolving as you evolve, the plants and the animals evolve and each evolves enhancing their own experience along with the experience of all others.

Without the plants and animals that are part of your world, you would be much different, since each supports and adds to the filling in of the tapestry of life that was inherent in the original creation of the Earthly world as you know it in the beginning. I say, as you know it, since there are other Earths that exist in the same psychological neighborhood as yours, and in these worlds, the tapestries of life are put together quite differently.

It goes without saying that nothing exists in isolation. The existence of your Earth presupposes the existence of other Earths, just as your existence presupposes the existence of other "yous". In this vast grid of perception, every consciousness has its place and were any of the other plant and animal species not present in the beginning, the grid would not have been complete and would have faltered from the beginning.

In a very real sense, as you extinct, or think you extinct other species, you create gaps in this grip of perception. When this perceptive grid or tapestry begins to unravel do to the disappearance of other species that you may not feel important, you are ripping apart the original pattern of the world and its environment that you know and flirting with unknown consequences.

 True, there is room for some variances as some species tend to predominate for a period before the rise of another, but there is a tipping point beyond which recovery will become impossible.

What I am saying is that; the world won't work with only the human species on board.

We have discussed this before, so I will not go into it any further here, other than to say that consciousness, your consciousness in particular, and all consciousness, embarks on Earthly life to experience all that it is possible to experience within the field of endeavor available to it. Those available fields of endeavor are far different in the animals and in humans due to characteristics of each species that in a way defines and limits certain particular areas of interaction.

A dog cannot decide to drive a car, a bird cannot decide to read a book, but man can, so man became the reading and thinking part of nature, as birds became the flying part of nature, each in its own way enhancing the total experience of the whole. Through the life of plants, animals and humans, the earth walks, flies, swims and conceptualizes, and in return, all creatures return their physical bodies to the earth upon death to be utilized again.

Everyone and everything experiences life differently and so does your Soul/Entity. Trying to judge between bad and good, between hot and cold or beginning or ending does not sidetrack the soul. To the Soul, all experience is good experience. The original Adam and Eve story was humanities attempt to translate into myth the sensations of pleasure and pain, one pleasing and the other not so pleasing. These were eventually interpreted as bad and good.

You have a popular saying, What would Jesus Do, inferring that Jesus would look on certain events with a different slant that would you, given the same opportunity. In that sense, the soul, your soul, also looks on events differently than you do, so it is important that you understand, that in the overall "soul experience" there is simply no bad or good experience in ways that you would classify events. Bad or good, pleasurable or painful are subjective qualities, and differ in a wide spectrum of sensations available to man and animal alike.

So, wondering why God would visit bad things on you is a waste of your precious time. God never visited one bad thing on one person, animal or plant since the beginning of your universe, nor has He levied such a tax on any living thing.

Most of our readers understand by now that God is not human, nor does He have human characteristics, so you must come to understand that He who you call God is also beyond human motivations, so it is beneficial for you personally take responsibility for everything that happens to you. I cannot cause something to happen to you that you do not willingly accept, nor would I, nor would God. I know this is hard to understand, but you create your bad and good for reasons known only to you and your inner self.

Article continues in Part 2


Part 2

God is All That Is, a Divine Eternal Process that results in It's slightest thoughts erupting into worlds and all of their contents, that then evolve new consciousness inhabiting and adapting to those new worlds, and new possibilities arising at every nano-second, that without those new worlds and new consciousness, would have been forever lost. You are part of one of those worlds, and as your consciousness expands, so your possibilities for fulfillment do also.

You are born into a world of time and space, in a particular year on a particular date, in a specific town, city or country, but you are also born into a world of pre-existing beliefs. You are born into the beliefs of your time, right or wrong, and believe me, many are wrong.

As a child your parents, your teachers, clergy, scientists, and philosophers and your contemporaries teach you. You learn and you adapt to the current beliefs of the times, right or wrong, some helpful and some harmful to your development. As you grow and learn, you are supposed to begin examining the beliefs that form the structure to your life, and in so doing begin to winnow out the chaff, or jettison the false, distorted beliefs that can cause many of life's disruptions.

A discordant, wrong belief can make as much sense as a correct, true belief, since even a wrong belief will be proven out by "facts". Behind every fact is a thought. Facts build up their reality from thoughts and thoughts follow beliefs. What you believe will become real somewhere, no matter whether it is psychologically right or wrong.

It is true that any facts that you know, depending on their sources, can be as convincing as "the world is flat" fact, and for many years so called intelligent men sailed the seas terrified of falling off the end of the earth. For many years man, so-called intelligent men believed that the sun revolved around the earth, it was an accepted fact. For many years men believed when the Catholic Church taught that illness was punishment directly from God for you sins or sins of the father. I could go on and on, and so could you.

So much for facts
Facts are the result of beliefs in which enough of civilizations participate, and as you well know, today's facts are tomorrow's fiction. How may times have you been told that coffee is detrimental to your health, then good for your health, then bad, and now, it is believed that regular consumption of coffee attributes to longer life. 

How many times have you been told that protein is good for weight loss, that carbohydrates are good for weight loss, that some of this and some of that is good, some bad? It's enough to make you want a good old-fashioned chocolate milk shake. (Smiling)

In fact, in a world of information glut that you now inhabit, it is hard indeed to separate fact from fiction, especially on the Internet where truth is a commodity not practiced by all. Early man did not have such difficulties sorting out the true from the false, since all that was true lay within a few miles of his home. He was lucky if he knew what his closest neighbor was doing in the next village ten miles away.

Early man may have died at a younger age in those days, but he was not besieged by illness, infirmity and senility as you now are today. Early man saw the goodness in all that he surveyed, even though all he surveyed was far less than is available to you today. He knew that it was a dangerous world, but he did not spend all day worrying about it, afraid to leave his cave for fear of being eaten by a saber toothed tiger or spend time dwelling on other fears, inflicting unneeded deficiencies and obstructions on himself through negative thinking as you do today.

I will limit this discussion as it applies to illness, but you can rest assured that the same concepts apply to any and all areas of your life where you are experiencing difficulties.

Because of early man's limited information, he was not subjected to realms of misinformation that would cloud and obstruct his belief structure, initiating energy blockages that inevitably result in illness and other misfortunes. When early man died, he was as alert and agile as he was in his youth. He did not burden his mind with thoughts of disaster, hates, wars, religious conflicts and other discordant beliefs that give birth to earthly problems that you encounter today.

Obviously, as early men thought more about what the future held, he began to lose his inborn trust that nature operated in his behalf when he didn't get in the way. Nature operates in a spontaneous and beneficial way and it is only you trying to impose your beliefs that are sometimes totally wrong, that cause disruptions to the natural processes. When you try to superimpose your beliefs on natural conditions that you run into trouble.

It is true that "a miracle is simply nature operating unimpeded."

Early man did not know of Alzheimer's, Dementia, Aids, Diabetes, Cancer and Autism, and as such, did not experiences those particular infirmities. As a rule of thumb, you will not get that which you or your society does not know exists. Every illness can be traced back to its inception point as a thought, feeling or emotional state. All illness, in a way has a mental beginning and the reasons for this are too diverse to try and explain in this short article, other than to say that an illness can last a lifetime, but can also disappear in the blink of an eye. 

A thought leaves the mind instantly, but a belief lingers until it is changed. Change the belief and you change the reality. The belief comes first the confirming reality is secondary. For that reason, in most cases, illness is the personalities unconscious adoption of an illness that best suits its needs and purposes at that time. 

In a way, and I realize many of my readers may disagree with this statement, but in a way, you select a particular illness as a way to achievement of certain results. The belief in these aforementioned dis-eases made the adoption of the symptoms possible, not the other way around. Of course you have to know about the symptoms of any particular illness or disease, so you are inundated with information about symptoms of certain illnesses of the times by drug companies, doctors, Insurance companies, hospitals, public service announcements of TV and so on.

You are advised to look for cancers, searching your body for any warning signs of an illness that you do not have at that time. You are given descriptions of what to look for, and so in the looking, you are inadvertently adding to the possibility that you will get that which you are looking for.

When you are advised to purchase insurance to take care of you if you get cancer for instance, you are doing two things. You are betting the insurance company that you will get cancer, and the insurance company is betting that you won't. You are then, betting against yourself.

You are also concentrating your attention on that which you do not presently have, thereby reinforcing the exact kind of negative thought that could bring about the illness you are trying to prevent.

In all reality systems, not just earth, there is one irrefutable law that holds true across the universe, in physical reality systems and in non-physical reality systems, and that is "You get what your concentrate your attention on." You truly do create your reality and your life is today what it is, simply because you have concentrated on the very conditions of life that you are now experiencing.

That is precisely why you sometimes dream about matters that have concerned you and demanded your attention during the day; you have created them once again in your dream and they are quite as real as the reality that you also create during your waking state. You always get what you think about with great intensity and duration.

In wrapping this up, you would be better off knowing nothing about illness, but that kind of innocent naivety has long since past, so now you must deal with it as it presents itself in your world, and you are constantly bombarded with potentially harmful disinformation.

Now, on TV you have "so called" ordinary people claiming that such and such a doctor is "their doctor", even to the extent that people are now saying that a certain hospital is "their hospital"
It used to be fashionable to "have a doctor", and now it is fashionable to "have a hospital". If this doesn't give you some indication of why illness and disease is so pervasive and why the medical profession is increasing exponentially. The more people learn about Alzheimer's disease, the more people will be afflicted.

The more people that "have a hospital" will find need for a hospital.

I am not advising you to ignore current common sense information about illness because it has become an integral part of your belief system, therefore, as long as you believe in the power of doctors and hospitals, they will be of some comfort to you. No doctor or hospital ever cured any illness unless you believed in his or her power to help you.

Cures brought about by medical procedures today, work for exactly the same reasons that they worked for ancient medicine men or witch doctors, the power of beliefs.

If you have any questions concerning this or any other subject, please submit them using the "comments link" at the bottom of the page and I will try to respond, within the limits of my understanding.


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Out of Body or Near Death  - REAL OR HALLUCINATED?

When tales of "Near Death Experiences" are discussed, they are sometimes mixed in with or juxtaposed with Out of Body and what happens or seems to have happened at the time of death, and that is another story entirely.

Near Death Experiences;

Every death is unique and it would not be far off the mark to say that no two people have died the same death since the beginning of time, as you know it. There are as many different kinds of death as there are kinds of life and even though we can't pinpoint the time, place or experience of an individual death, we can however talk in generalities and hope to clarify many of the misconceptions concerning the apparent return from physical death, sometimes referred to as Near Death Experience.

I have written an entire book on the death experience, which covers in depth some of the things to expect when you die, but even there, much is left unexplained.  I am sometimes frustrated in trying to explain some things that are at the edge of the ability of the brain to understand.

That does not mean that some cannot understand these difficult concepts, it simply means that if you are not ready, and you have not prepared yourself, you will not understand. A seed will flourish in a field that has been prepared, and a mind that has been prepared, will flourish in wisdom.

Having said that, let me continue by saying that some of the concepts discussed here are very difficult, but I am also aware that there are many who are ready, who are ready to take a giant step beyond the customary children's tales and will understand what I struggle to explain.

I won't go into what happens after death since we are more interested in what actually happens when you reach the point of death and then for some reason, decide to return to life.

There are of course, as many different kinds of near death experiences as there are real death experiences. All of the fantastic stories you hear about near death experiences are true, and at the same time they are false, and yet there is no real contradiction, although it may be quite convincing that there is.

You either die or you don't die, you are either dead or you are not and no matter how deep into the experience of death you go, you aren't dead if you return to life. You can't be just a little bit dead, if you get what I mean. You were near dead. There is a vast difference between being dead and being near dead, as you might assume,

When you are actually dead, you don't return to life, at least not to the life you have just left behind, period. You will eventually return to a new life, but that is another subject entirely and is not really relevant to this discussion.

The near death experience can be a combination of an out of body experience that transitions into a hallucinatory experience within that state that can transition into an actual Near Death Experience.
It has been well documented that in the out of body, the personality consciousness actually rises up from the physical body lying on hospital bed, hovers above it, and can from its out of body vantage point; sometimes see everything that is going on around the hospital bed where his physical body lies in a somewhat comatose state.

At this point the experience can either be considered an out of body, or could return and be considered a near death experience. In both cases, consciousness actually leaves the physical body and rises out of it. The same kind of experience could happen if the personality has just encountered an earth-shattering trauma, but is nowhere near death. In the other case, the personality will for reasons known only to the inner self, decide, "not to die" and return to continue life, sometimes with a renewed vigor, vitality and new purpose for being.

The one similarity in this type of experience is that in both cases, the spirit, or consciousness will return to the physical body. If the experience is remembered, it may be called a Near Death Experience even though the same thing happens in the OOB projection when death is not imminent.
It is not unusual for the out of body personality to be able to travel for short distances within a reasonable range of the hospital bed where his body lies, assuming that he is in a hospital setting, and we will stick with that assumption for this explanation.

He is then, in his astral body, free to float freely inside or outside of the hospital room or building, and accurately describe things that the persons or others present would have no way of knowing. Still the personality is alive, experiencing an out of body experience and his essential perceptions operating with heightened intensity as he surveys the external conditions from vantage points not otherwise available to others in the room.

This is where the out of body and the near death experience part ways.
At this point the dying personality has a choice to return to the body immediately or to continue on, hallucinate a near death drama in line with the belief system that he embraces, depending on what he has been taught about death.

In line with his belief system, he will hallucinate a scenario that coincides with his belief system. It may be a very real appearing illusion for sure, but rest assured it will not be an actual death experience and it will be short lived.

This will be the near death experience that is so often related to loved ones, the personality insisting they have visited heaven or met God, Jesus, Zoroaster, Mohammed or other ecclesial figures that they expect to meet.

In truth, upon death or near death as in life, you will see what you expect to see, you will experience exactly what you expect to experience and all will be based on your habitually adopted belief system. You will get what you concentrate on in your life and in death, albeit for a limited time, thankfully, it will not be a permanent condition, since it will be an intricate and vivid illusion, gaining reality for a limited time for the dying personality. In that sense, it is a private illusion, held by the dying personality only.

As an aside here, this is not so unusual, since you actually do the same thing in hallucinating your physical reality system now, except in your case, since you are embedded in a time/space continuum world, it takes time for your hallucinated objects to gain a physical actuality in the world of atoms, molecules and cells.

In the near death state that you will find yourself, your beliefs, thoughts and expectations gain presence immediately, exactly as the do in the dream state, even though in the dream state they seem to disappear just as quickly. All objects and events are created in the same way in whatever reality system you find yourself. In the physical world they take time to materialize, in the dream world they take no time, since time does not exist or is irrelevant in the dream universe.

These will be the quite convincing stories that will be related to all that will listen when the personalities consciousness returns to the physical body and unfortunately they will be taken as true tales of After Death Reality when they are nothing of the kind.

This is where it gets to be a sticky wicket.
These dramas are real, but they are not true reality. What I am saying is that the near death experience is real to the person approaching death, even though it is illusion. For those skeptics that will cite the example of the little boy that swears he traveled to heaven and saw God, he was hallucinating what he had been taught to believe what happens at death.

These deathbed hallucinations are as real as your physical system, except that they are not materialized. They are intricate illusions, dramas created from beliefs given some form, craftily prepared by the inner self, to satisfy the beliefs of the dying, whether right or wrong. These hallucinations are short lived and are bound to dissipate and disappear.

When you die, you will see what you expect to see during the process.
In an out of body experience, you do not hallucinate these kinds of fantasies; you actually travel to real places, in your world and others. Out of body travels are not necessarily limited to your world, and it is theoretically possible to travel to other galaxies. These kinds of journeys are usually relegated to the more experienced "out of body" travelers.

Now, I don't like to throw cold water on a commonly held belief, but you really do know that there is no hell, and thank God, there is no heaven either. You wouldn't want to live there, although at this point you probably are not ready to admit it.

There is a God, but there is not a God like you imagine him. God does not look like Charleton Heston, carrying his scale to judge the sinners and his bolt of lightening to smite them and punish the wicked, but many will in fact see this stereotypical vision of God from their deathbed in a near death experience. God is an energy essence personality, an intelligence gestalt of everything that is, everything that was and everything that will be. God is more of a Divine Process than He is a Humanoid-like personality.

Years ago, it was customary to expect to cross the River Styx with the Grim Reaper upon death, and many who died imagined they did just that. Now, it is in vogue to experience a long tunnel with a brilliant white light at the other end and Jesus standing there to greet you. Of course, Jesus is not there in person, but you will create your own tunnel, your own white light and your very own personal version of Jesus in accordance with your belief system.

I should also clear up something that to my knowledge has never been discussed in any detail before, but in regards to the bright light seen by many at the time or just preceding the time of death.

The universe that you know so well arose out of an even greater inner universe. That inner universe is composed of energy and all energy possesses consciousness. This conscious energy pervades all reality systems, fills every bit of space in your universe, as you now understand it with the light of universal energy. This light, of course, is not perceivable in the physical system.

The space between your kitchen table and chairs is filled with this unperceivable conscious energy and the space between stars, planets and galaxies is also filled with this conscious energy. In short, there is no hypothetical point in space that is not occupied by consciousness, and this energy exudes pure white light that all colors are derived from.

This energy emits an unbelievably pure brilliant light, which is not perceivable by your physically tuned senses while you are alive, but when you are approaching the point of death, when the ego loses its grasp on the physical senses, some can see this all-encompassing light. So in some cases these stated observations of brilliant light are well founded.

I can assure you that no Muslim will see Jesus upon death, but may indeed see Mohammed. No Buddhist sees Allah at death, but might see Buddha waiting to greet him.

The little boy, who thinks he visited heaven, did indeed visit heaven, but he viewed a heaven of his own creation, just as many who believe in saints and prophets will see saints or prophets before returning to the physical body or completing the transition.

The near death experience can be very rewarding and countless lives have been altered dramatically from these types of near death experiences. (Meaning they returned to life)

After any number of possible near death scenarios have run their course, the time comes when a choice must be made to return to the physical body or to continue on with the death transition, which is covered in depth in my "Death" book.

I should note that at this point of final choosing, the personality doing the dying can still choose to change his mind, No person dies that is not fully ready to die, and no person is born who does not choose to be born.

The really delicious irony here is that those who most fervently believe in the existence of a Satan and Hell will experience their own hallucinated creations of Satan and Hell. And who are the most fervent believers in Satan and hell, the dogmatic clergy, still carrying the burden of ancient superstitions, delusions and myth.

After death there are helpers available for those who are so transfixed and deluded by their religious dogma, and they will assist them to realize the error of past beliefs. Sometimes that is difficult even after death and some will have to literally be dragged kicking and screaming by their heels from their beloved" lake of fire", "damnation" or even the dreaded "bottomless pit".
(Of course, I am really smiling.)

This may be hard to understand, but some of you will be able to grasp this; some people after death will demand their lake of fire, their fire and brimstone, their torment, anguish, and gnashing of teeth, believing for some strange reason that it is purifying, it is their birthright and part of their heritage of sin and punishment and as sinners, they wouldn't be caught dead without it.

Some long held beliefs are hard to let go of, but as I have said, the good news is that there really is no bad news, unless you believe there is and nobody remains ignorant forever.

I apologize for splitting this subject into two parts, but these matters are not simple to cover in one article. And of course, they cannot be.

If you have questions about any subject, please submit them using the comment form at the bottom of the page and I will answer within the limitations of my understanding.


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Because of the unintended length of this article, I am splitting it into two sections, the first dealing mainly with the reality of the "Out of Body" projections and the second part dealing with what is commonly referred to as the near death experience.

I recently read a well-circulated article about what is commonly referred to as "Near Death Experiences". These investigations are not new and there are countless other references to what is essentially the study or what happens to a person at the moment or slightly after the moment of physical death. This article and many of the other articles also mention the other phenomenon that is sometimes associated with the near death experience and that is the "Out of Body Experience".

Since there is so much interest in this subject, and so much misunderstanding that I thought this might be a good time to try and clear up some of the distortions in the commonly held beliefs about death and what happens when consciousness leaves the physical body before or at the time of death.

I have explained in so many past articles that I fear it will become annoying to our regular readers, but I must once again say to all reading, "consciousness is eternal and cannot be diminished or extinguished". You live forever in one form or another and a good rule of thumb is this; generally, it always gets better.

Once consciousness becomes self-aware, it cannot fade or be diminished in any way; it can only change form. In this change-of-form, it never becomes less than it was in the previous form, unless you mistakenly believe that anything other than a physical body must be less.

In that sense, I would say that one commonly used term "transition" to explain the death experience is quite appropriate, as one exchanges an objective physical form for a subjective non-physical form, which incidentally, is quite as real as the previous objective version. After death, there is a period of rest and reflection, and then there is another life waiting in the wings

To begin our discussion, I want to start by considering what is commonly referred to as out of body projections of consciousness. There is much that is not understood about the dreaming state and its relationship to "Out of Body" travels, usually initiated from the dreaming state while you are sleeping.
There are several basic ways that your consciousness can separate completely from the physical body. It can leave the sleeping body during the dreaming state unbeknownst to the dreamer, in which case it returns after a short excursion and the dream continues.

Consciousness can leave the body at the time of a tragic, emotional shock where perhaps a serious injury is incurred, and later return unbeknownst to the personality. It can leave the body with the conscious participation and encouragement from a well-trained personality and it can leave the body at the time of death.

In all but the last case, the consciousness returns to the body after a short separation. Even during the death process, consciousness can have a change of heart at the last minute and return to the physical body. (Consciousness includes all important aspects of the ego personality that you know yourself to be,)

OOB's discussed;
From this point forward in this article, I will mostly use the term OOB to describe out-of-body experience and NDE to describe Near Death Experience

 There are other ways to initiate OOB travels, but they are of little concern in our discussion, since the most common way is through the convenient gateway provided in the dreaming condition.

The reason not much is known about out of body excursions, is that they are so innocuous and in some ways so similar to the normal dreaming state, that you don't even notice them, or for that matter, you usually don't remember them when you awake in the morning.

If you have a remembrance of a particularly vivid, acute, lucid dreaming experience, it could be because you are catching fragments of an OOB experience. Usually out-of-body experiences involve extremely lucid locomotion, going somewhere, observing something that you would not normally experience in your everyday life. You may see something that you would have no way of noticing while in your physical body in its normal everyday experience, such as; you may view some aspect of the physical world on the other side of the earth.

Of course, we are talking here of your consciousness actually leaving the sleeping body, projecting out of and away from the physical body, sometimes actually observing its own sleeping body as it lies in bed asleep before it leaves and returns.

Consciousness always uses a form to travel in, and in all cases on OOB projections; it utilizes its traveling astral body. You can consider the astral body the same as your dream body for purposes of this discussion.

This astral or dream form and can see without eyes, hear without ears, and perceive as you perceive using all of your senses, only the astral form has more perception equipment at its disposal, so the quality of its perception far exceeds yours. It does utilize the same five senses that you are accustomed to using, but even these five senses are more acute within the non-physical astral body, which is utilized for these out-of-body expeditions.

Your astral body is not something that you acquire at death or exclusively for use in out-of-body travels, it is your natural underlying form that is so cleverly interwoven within your physical structure of the body that you don't even know that it exists.

It is the latent form that is always with you and is inseparable from the physical form except when your consciousness leaves the body for its own purposes. It is your natural form you will use when you die and it will be intertwined with any new body you assume when you are born into a new reality system. You will never be without your astral form; it will be utilized by you for eternity, in your terms, whether you are dead or alive.

Consciousness must utilize some kind of form for purposes of travel in the physical system or out of it, and reverts to the astral form for out-of-body and after-death experiences. Consciousness, even belonging to some of the most advanced entities, still utilize some appropriate form, although that form my not be recognizable from your viewpoint.

Let me make it clear that when in your astral form during your OOB experiences, you will not be dreaming the experience, but actually experiencing it, with freedom of movement and free, to some extent to observe real time people, places and events happening in real physical locations.

In a dream, if you find yourself standing on a street in Paris viewing the Eifel Tower, you are actually creating your own image of the Eifel Tower in your own space of your bedroom, but you are not actually there. It is a psychic image construction, not physical.

In an OOB, if you find yourself viewing the Eifel Tower, you will actually be in Paris viewing the Eifel Tower. In the OOB, you will be able to observe real people doing real things in real time, and if the experience carries deep meaning for you, it is actually possible that someone else viewing the same scene could actually catch a fleeting quasi-vision of you, but this would be at best be a rather nebulous, amorphous image.

I'm not going into this in any depth, but this OOB image might be visibly seen if the emotional impetus was intense enough. If an image of a human OOB is perceivable to any extent, even if it is barely visible, as you may on occasion catch a glimpse of this kind of image and then dismiss it as imagination, it may have been an "out of body" image.

Any kind of image including the one you build up in the physical system or even in the dream world, must be built up of some form of atomic structure.

In this kind of perceivable OOB image, consciousness leaves the physical body asleep in bed, utilizes the astral form to travel to the desired location, then using atoms available at that location, puts together a new form, but this form will always be a pseudo-image, with less mass and bulk than your everyday physical body image.

As an aside, if your OOB image has been somewhat constructed into a pseudo-image, it is entirely possible, if you were standing on a beach that had some intense meaning to you, that you could actually smell the sea air and feel the sensation of the ocean mist. In other words, it would be very, very real to you, in more ways than just sight.

Usually, even though you may have full conscious awareness of your traveling form in a new location viewing strange scenes and strange people, meaningful interaction with them is pretty much impossible.

Consciousness cannot go flitting around the universe without a body for reasons that are not too difficult to imagine. In short, consciousness has always had its astral form since birth, and even a newborn baby has its corresponding small astral form adopted at conception, which will adjust and modify as needed as the physical infant grows into adulthood
If consciousness were not ensconced safely within its astral form when traveling away from its physical home, it would have a tendency to disperse and be subject to electromagnetic impulses prevalent throughout the universe that could cause disorientation and could cause the personality to become lost or at least confused about gathering its parts, reassembling them and returning to its home base.

Also, these OOB excursions, must be of relatively short duration, usually somewhere in the neighborhood of a few to maybe ten minutes in length, otherwise the psychic connection with the sleeping physical body could weaken.

There are cases where this separation has resulted in a complete disentanglement from the physical body, and of course, this presents a most serious complication, which we will not go into here. Enough to say, this only happens in the most extreme cases.

This is somewhat related to the mysteries of amnesia victims, people showing up in strange places, not knowing who they are, where they have been and with no remembrance of past experience.
The only reason that we are mentioning OOB's is that they are common, so common in fact that they tend to go unnoticed and when they are noticed, they are simply believed to have been part of an extremely vivid dream.

So I am understood here, I can confidently state that you yourself have had many such out-of-body experiences that are eternally recorded in electrical data and will always remain a part of your unconscious knowledge even though you may never consciously remember them.

When tales of "Near Death Experiences (NDE's)" are discussed, they are sometimes mixed in with or juxtaposed with OOB's and what happens or seems to have happened at the time of death, and that is another story entirely.

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