Friday, February 26, 2010


Since we are always trying to explain things that are in many ways unexplainable, I often, as you know, try to approach a subject from different angles. In this case, understanding the true nature of “God” is of course beyond any comprehension available to the physical brain, so I have found it advantageous at times to use analogies to explain some things that would otherwise remain a mystery, and this time I think I have come up with a doozey of an analogy.

I realize that some of these analogies may seem stupid to some, but if they are not given this way, they may never be presented or understood, so please bear with me on this. I get many inquiries asking how I know what I know and how I can be so certain that the information given here is valid. Others, not understanding the real meaning behind the title to this site, ask if I think that God speaks directly with me, so I take this time to explain. Bear with me if you will, back to a time before time existed and “All That Is” was just awakening to its own conscious murmurings, looking about, wondering and pondering the unlimited possibilities available to Himself within His arousing need for self expression and creativity.

God, you must understand, was not always what He is today, and is today not the same as He will be tomorrow. God has evolved from a state of non-being beyond anything you or I can even begin to imagine and in very real terms, God is just beginning. God straddles not one small world in one small universe, but countless worlds in countless universes and still increases Itself exponentially every nanosecond. In that respect, God is a multi dimensional, unlimited, continuing action occurring in all dimensions, planes, fields and systems simultaneously, and yes, is still aware of every bird that falls in your world and in every other world. God, you could say is more of a Divine Process than He is a personality or a being as you would understand that terminology,.

So it would be sheer folly and conceit to suppose that God speaks directly to me, for the simple reason that I would not understand, since God speaks not in words used by the human race and does not even think in words, so direct communication would be impossible and an analogy would be for man to expect that he could speak directly to an ant. I do not mean to compare man to an ant, but to illustrate the vast distances that develop through billions of years of evolution for the One Prime Consciousness.

Of course back then, in the beginning, nothing existed except for “All That Is”. There was no universe, no worlds, no galaxies, no comets, no space and nowhere to put space if it became available. I will not discuss at this time how “All That Is”, the One who “ALWAYS WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE” could have a beginning when He always has existed, but that philosophical discussion is for another time. (See article on The God Concept). On the most simplistic of terms, space was created to contain and accommodate the coming of the physical universe. Before space there was nothing and nowhere and Everything That Is existing now, was created out of nothing, All That Is Became everything, including “every bird that falls”..

I now need to explain my statement that God actually learned something from the McDonald’s concept of management. God, in Her early stages of evolving, considered the vast, unlimited potentials of creativity and how to best implement this creativity. Excuse my fickle use of pronouns here, but I assume most of my readers by this time understand that the Prime Energy Source that we call God, is not gender specific, so it is quite as correct to refer to God as “It” and any other designation. I simply use “He” as a convenience since “It” would seem rather impersonal.

I have written in past articles about the existence of the Pyramid Gestalt Consciousness, so I return again to the same term and apply it to McDonald’s. In 1954 Ray Crock partnered with the McDonald brothers to open a small chain of hamburger restaurants. Crock was not satisfied with the McDonald brothers lack of enthusiasm in expanding the small chain, so Crock bought them out and began a process of expansion that has resulted in the largest hamburger restaurant chain in the world. Crock realized up front that he alone could not expand his small chain as he envisioned utilizing known concepts, so he decided on the “franchising” method, selling individual store ownership operating under a gestalt kind of management structure, allowing certain freedoms, yet operating under a given set of pre-determined and agreed upon rules. I am inferring that God, in a sense, created, compartmentalized, and franchised Himself into countless consciousnesses into countless worlds and universes, maximizing the potentials for exponential expansion.

You all are familiar with that concept and that resulting management structure is quite similar to the Pyramid God Gestalt of which I speak. Crock did not directly tell the person who cooks the burgers how many pickles to put on the burgers, but told his top national manager, who told the regional managers, who told the store managers, who told the hamburger cooks. Now, crock did not speak directly to the hamburger cooks, but not only did he relay his wishes through this corporate structure, but also received feedback from those cooks up through levels of management on glitches and successes in the processes. In other words, in this type of system, there is a constant give and take of ideas and suggestions between the loftiest and the lowliest through this pyramid configuration. In a way, you could say that All That Is mimics the pyramid corporate structure that is so common today.

Now, I know this is a kind of silly reach, but just as the hamburger cook in Mexico City cannot communicate directly with the CEO of McDonald’s in Oak Brook Illinois, neither can you or I communicate directly with God, but methods are available for a stepped down kind of communication through evolved entities who have Earth connections and Earth interests. I have said before that there are teachers available for those who are curious and are relentless in their search for knowledge. As there is no shortage of students, there is no shortage of teachers available when the students are ready. There are countless teachers of different abilities, waiting in the wings for students, and there is purpose and determination to disseminate knowledge to those who desire to know. Your desire to know and understand attracts knowledge and your desire for knowledge will attract your teacher.

I have been rather relentless in my pursuit of knowledge, and so when I desire to know about something, answers are usually given to me in an intuitive way, either in dreams or in moments of reverie. As long as I can remember, I have been curious and always wanted to know. I knew something was out there, I just didn’t know what. I do not sit on a park bench and talk with God using lips, tongue and words, yet in a way, I do commune with others, God’s mid level managers so to speak, regional managers or local managers, all Entities, of course, but I KNOW the validity of the answers since I have long ago learned to trust in my inner feelings, emotions and intuitive nudges. When you know you are right, you will KNOW, and that is the main point here. As simply as I can put it, I have a teacher, and I am progressing as you are progressing, and what I learn, I pass on to you. You too receive these intuitive nudges, the difference is that “I pay attention”.

There are systems of “Teachers” whose work is to relay the Knowledge of the existence of All That Is to others in less developed systems. The word is passed on and handed down, just as your knowledge is handed down in your schools and universities from teachers to students. The main difference here is that the messages and Knowledge transcend systems, dimensions and planes and is given to you according to your progress and your ability to understand, and that Knowledge is attracted to your consciousness because of the intensity and duration of your intent and desire. What you want bad enough will come to you.
The name of this column should be interpreted as;
By God! (As in swearing, or meaning “finally”)
and should not in any way be interpreted as “God speaking directly through or by me” but information that is sifted down through Entities far more knowing than I, that I then give to you.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


If you have read these columns for a while, you probably suspect that I chose the title for this article to get your attention. Since weight loss is so important to Oprah and many of you and since it is such a challenging task for many, I thought it might be helpful to discuss why most people have such a difficult time with permanent weight loss.

You have all heard the saying; I’LL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT.
Actually it is the reverse of that statement.

Consciousness, has a peculiar propensity to seek to materialize itself into physical form. It is not content just to Be, but exteriorizes itself from an inner reality into as many perceivable physical forms as it can. The consciousness of human beings exudes invisible consciousness particles, smaller than any known or unknown physical particle. The smallest of these particles is what your scientists arbitrarily call the “God Particle”. These consciousness units attract other like units, still beneath the level of physical perception, each unit sensing its potential to swarm and group into more complex groupings, until they reach a certain pitch and level of intensity and are propelled through the psychic barrier separating physical and non-physical reality systems as simple electromagnetic units that represent the first entrance into the physical system of these incipient atomic structures and finally into objects and events in your world of matter. These electromagnetic particles jump the imaginary fence from invisible, non physical energy particles and in so doing, become the first manifestation of physical matter.

This miraculous “breaking through” would never have happened were it not for the unimaginable striving and determination of “All That Is” to BE and to create.

These electromagnetic units know their potentials and will collect and form either simple or more complex physical constructions by eventually expressing themselves through atomic structure. I am not going any deeper into this than to say that as there are “physical rules” that govern your exterior, three dimensional world, so there are definite rules that govern the inner actions that eventually enter the physical system and coagulate into objects and events. Matter is not formed by some accidental process inherent in an already created physical universe, and indeed, the universe itself is the result of idea, thought and belief that at one time was not itself physical. Physical phenomenon is the result of mental actions.

You may call your universe physical if you like, but remember this, there are other physical universes that exist within the same space as yours, and the inhabitants of those universes consider their universe the only possible physical universe, and none will infringe on your utilization of that same space. Two ideas can occupy the same psychic space, but at this stage of human consciousness development, only one idea can be held at a time. You must relinquish one idea in order to ponder another, but when you do this, the previous idea does not die, but continues to exist outside of your field of perception. Nevertheless, they both occupy the same space, just as two or more radio or television stations can occupy the same space, but you will tune in on only one that is your selected station. Earth, for the time being, is your selected station, but that does not in any way negate the existence of other similar valid stations on other frequencies.

Having said that, you can assume that I had a reason for bringing up the creation of matter and events since weight loss is a bit of both. The attempt to lose weight is of course an action oriented “event” and the weight itself is “matter” and some people would like to divorce themselves of their excess matter. (Smile). Of course, as I have said again and again in my disclaimers, that some of these subjects could not be explained in an entire book, so all I can do here is scratch the surface, but I believe I can give you some insight into the mental aspects of weight gain and permanent loss.

I hope to at least cover some important points about weight loss, enough for you to apply some of these principles to your advantage and that is why I wanted to make clear that matter is always the result of belief and directed thought. Belief comes first, thought comes next following beliefs and given enough desire behind the thought and enough duration in thinking the thoughts, the physical results will follow. This is not some pie in the sky hypotheses, but actual inner laws that are irrefutable within certain limitations which I will not bother to get into here. It is unlikely that these few exceptions will be a hindrance in the process of weight loss.
You have all heard the saying; “I’ll believe it when I see it.”
This is a totally false assumption and should be jettisoned.
The true statement should say; “I’ll see it when I believe it”

You are able to see only what you believe you will see, as evidenced by many realities that swirl around and through your physical system unnoticed. If you only noticed all of what you do believe, you would be astounded. The human brain is equipped to perceive much more reality than you presently admit into your field of attention, but here again, if you don’t believe you can perceive these unseen, invisible realities, you will never notice any evidence of their existence within the same space that your world occupies. The ego, under normal circumstances, will fight to focus your attention to what it considers you need to know for physical survival, but the ego is also flexible, and will begin to loosen its hold when it feels new information does not threaten its tight hold over your thoughts and actions.

There can be no other truth when it comes to weight loss or gain, than the following!
People who are overweight, for reasons known only to them, come to believe they are overweight, they then unconsciously adopt the suitable behavior to unknowingly fulfill that belief. The belief came first, the weight follows. Of course the same holds true for those underweight attempting to gain weight. It bears mention here, as most of you will suspect, that the same principle holds for all physical manifestation and can be no exceptions. You can apply the same principles given in this article to all areas of your life except those regarding life choices accepted at birth such as those referred to as birth defects.

The adopting of false beliefs can be innocuous, so in most cases is almost impossible to notice, but here is an example. Suppose you have just eaten to much at your evening meal. You then are getting dressed to go out and notice that your pants seem unusually tight. You don’t attribute that to the meal just eaten but think it might be because you are gaining weight. It matters not whether this belief is true of false, but what results is an automatic process of self hypnosis and reinforcement of the belief. You vow to lose the weight by watching what you are eating and get more exercise and this is the first reinforcement of the erroneous belief.

What really happens is that your belief that you are gaining weight, causes you to be hungry more often and you tend to eat more food. You then, eat more food and think that food is the cause of your perceived weight gain, and in certain respects it is, but in truth you are gaining weight because you believe you are overweight and that causes you to want to eat more food. “The belief always comes first”, the pounds follow. The remedy for fat is a belief that one is not fat at all or is in the process of losing weight. The true permanent solution comes from within, not from pills, potions and gurus and weight loss accomplished from exterior methods only will be temporary at best.

Oprah, in a strange way is hindered by her wealth and influence in ways that you are not. Oprah, when faced with a weight challenge, collects around her gurus, doctors, educators, fitness experts and millions of viewers alike, all ready to spring to her rescue with the grandest of solutions to her problem, knowing that if she succeeds using their methods, they will become famous and thousands of books will be sold outlining the given procedures. Only problem is, all of these esoteric proceeders will fail in the long run and will never succeed unless you understand the psychological truth previously mentioned that the belief came first, and the weight is simply a symptom of inner beliefs.

What Oprah thinks happened did not really happen as she supposes, she did not wake up one fine morning and realize that she has been eating too much and gaining weight and then began to believe in her physical appearance as represented to her in the mirror. She, unknowingly, began to perceive herself as gaining weight, and this one simple first belief “I think I am putting on a few extra pounds” began to stabilize, take root and cause an increased appetite and overeating, actualizing into flesh and as her belief strengthened, the flesh became more and more a permanent condition to be reckoned with. The inner self creates what the outer self (ego) believes to be true and the inner self does not judge, taking at face value the information it gets from the ego oriented personality. What the ego believes, the inner self will produce, with a few exceptions that are not pertinent here.

Oprah is overweight because she believes that she is overweight, and this is the dilemma that is prevalent in all areas of your life, and all aspects of life that are unsatisfactory, must be dealt with accordingly. The rules don’t change and are not in the least arbitrary when it comes to the outward materialization in flesh of inner beliefs. The real trick of course, is first coming to the realization that you are responsible for your condition. Oprah has said that she is a food addict, and that is a good start, but only addresses the outward part of the problem, the love of the taste of food and the after-feeling of satisfaction an addict gets from satiation of any uncontrollable desire. She eats too much because she believes she is overweight, and she may be, but the condition was not the cause of exaggerated hunger, the belief in her fatness caused the hunger.

You must first understand that your physical body is your most intimate creation and it represents your most intimately held beliefs about yourself made real in the physical system. Your body then is meant as a physical, perceivable proof in the molecular and cellular world of your inner state of being at any selected time in your life. Your cells die and are replaced automatically and in this unconscious process, your organs and constantly renewed. Everything about and within your body is in a constant state of change, and this automatic changing follows your beliefs about yourself.

In order to affect permanent weight loss you must believe you that “you are NOT overweight”, but this would seem like an impossible task at first glance, since your overweight condition is obvious. This remedy involves to some extent, tricking your ego consciousness to thinking it is something it isn’t. Consciousness can be quite easily manipulated, as evidenced by hypnosis. What you must do is to make your consciousness believe it is in the process of losing weight, and you do this not by lying, but by omission.

Here is the problem you face; In order to really obtain a permanent weight loss stability, first you must believe that you are “Not Overweight”, and here is the real dilemma, you must at least believe that you are actually in the process of losing weight. Remember, if you don’t really believe it, it won’t happen. It is reassuring to know that “Everything changes, including your body, whether or not you are consciously aware of those changes”. So the secret would seem quite simple, but we all know it isn’t. You must make sure that the automatic changes that are inherent in all living physical matter, change the way you desire.

As they used to say in the “Mission Impossible Series”; your job, Mr, Phelps, should you accept it, is to learn to believe in small increments. You cannot affirm to yourself that you are thin, when your overweight condition is obvious to you and to everyone around you, and even if you could begin to convince yourself, the reactions of your compatriots would make clear your continuing battle with the bulge. You must affirm to yourself then, small successes while implanting the belief that you are “progressing” in the right direction, not final success indeed, but progress nevertheless.

You would think that you cannot fool your ego, but that is precisely what you must do in the beginning to reach a permanent, healthy and sustainable weight. You must begin by creating a simple affirmation that is not a lie, but also one that portrays your intended direction and expected positive results: The overall most important rule is;


I might suggest that you print these instructions if you are trying to lose weight.

1. Create a simple affirmation similar to the following:
Repeat it for five minutes in the morning and evening while imagining yourself as the thin self you will become. Do not go overboard, simplicity is the key here, but do not overstate.
“I am beginning my journey to a slim, trim and healthy body.”

2. Avoid circumstances that will reinforce your present overweight condition.
Do not look in mirrors until you feel sure you have lost some weight, as might be evidenced to you by looser fitting clothes. When you are just beginning, mirrors will just reinforce your present unacceptable condition.

3. Do not weigh yourself until you are absolutely sure that you have begun to lose weight. What we are looking for here is positive results, and we don’t want to take a chance on reinforcing the present unsatisfactory condition with negative results. Better not to know your weight than to know that you have not lost weight.

4. Do not brag to friends about your weight loss program until you have provable results.
You do not want to take the chance of a friend, unwittingly telling you that you don’t look like you are losing weight, thereby reinforcing failure.

5. Use a comfortable combination of weight loss techniques that you enjoy.
There are many good techniques available, but the ones that will work best are ones that are fun. Diet a little, work out a little, eat a little less.

6. It’s not so much in the inherent properties of the food itself, but in how the body assimilates and processes the food, so here is a handy affirmation to repeat before every meal.
“The foods that I eat provide nourishment without the ability to add weight.”

7. Do not review the past looking for reasons for your weight gain.
When you do this you are actually compiling a mental record of perceived past failures, dredging up anything and everything that you think could be associated with your weight gain. If is like creating a book of failures, totally ignoring all of the things you did right. When you think something is wrong, do not scour the past looking for excuses for the present lacks, because what you are really doing is reinforcing your present perceived negative state in the flesh.

8. The cure cannot come solely from the outside but must come the inner realization that you, through your beliefs, became overweight and must now remedy that situation through changing those beliefs. A physical cure ignoring the mental aspect will never be permanent.

There is an old song by Bing Crosby that I like very much, and it goes something like this;
“Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and don’t mess with Mr. In-between”.

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Friday, February 5, 2010


Your personal thoughts, feelings and emotions create the sometimes good and sometimes adverse physical effects that surround your personal life, be it your successes or a lack of creature comforts, a poisoned, unhealthy atmosphere, illness, poverty, absence of personal relationships and sometimes other detrimental defects inflicted upon your own body and your experience. You cannot separate your thoughts, feelings and emotions from the physical proofs inherent in your personal life. All realities emerge from mental origins. Were this not true the world, the universe and what lies beyond could never have emerged from that “First” mental state of “All That Is”.

At one time, in what you would consider the indescribable past, there was what you could call a “FIRST THOUGHT”, the first psychic acknowledgment of Being, and from that first mental murmuring sprung an evolution of consciousness that resulted in “Everything That Is” including you. It is important at this stage of the species development, to begin to understand that you live in many dimensions simultaneous, but for now it will suffice if you just understand that only a portion of your total identity is expressed in the objective world of matter and events. The Soul simply cannot fully express itself in the physical system in one personality but that one physical personality depends a great deal upon the unexpressed inner portion of itself for much of its information. So while you are busily involved with manipulation of your three dimensional, objective, physical body in time and space, your inner self is involved in supportive activities that make your physical life possible. You are not separated or cut off from your inner self unless you think you are.

It is also important to begin to understand that there is and never was any “bedrock” solid, concrete world in the universe from which everything sprung. In those terms, everything emerged from thought and inspiration into something that you call physical matter, and that physical matter is only relevant to your type of perception. In a very real way, you condition your senses to create and then to perceive a certain kind of reality and you then name and classify it “physical”, assigning certain specific properties to it such as size, solidity, density, duration etc. Physical, three dimensional reality is only real within its specific prescribed frequency range, exhibiting the conditions that you attach to it, and it will materialize again and again when those conditions are met. What I am suggesting here is that, to someone outside of your system, your world and universe would not exist. In that respect, you only see your own constructions.

Many books have been written discussing whether or not reality is an illusion, and within certain parameters, it is an illusion to which each living consciousness contributes. You actually hallucinate reality based on what you believe reality is, but the story does not stop there and there is a big difference between an illusion and a REAL ILLUSION. No one in their right mind could deny that the Sphinx, the Pyramids, the Empire State Building and the Rocky Mountains are REAL and there is no contradiction when you understand that one of the inherent rules of “Life on Earth” is that you will all accept your unique atomic structure as REAL and honor the attributes that it manifests in a certain way.

The atoms themselves spring from invisible, non physical, condensed, self aware conscious energy thrust outward through an invisible barrier into a new kind of SOLIDITY that exists in the context of time and space. A dream table does not take up any space, but a similar table of the same size does take up space in the physical system. The fact that the illusion becomes real under certain conditions, simply acknowledges the process of thought coalescing into objects and events and you agreeing to accept them as such while still understanding that you are in a very real sense hallucinating them into something that will trick your senses into believing in their solidity and permanence. Once the “Earth” illusion provision is accepted, it cannot be penetrated except sometimes in the dream state or unless you choose to die out of it.

I wanted to make those points before moving on to the subject at hand, the mass effects of thoughts, feelings and emotions into events rather than objects, whether events, wars, pestilence and plagues. If you are to understand what I am saying here it might be of benefit for you to first “Google ” NATURAL DISASTERS” and read about those destructive events that cause great loss of human life. You will find that almost ALL natural disasters where there is great loss of life, take place in what you would call underdeveloped or third world countries where a variety of difficulties make life within those countries almost unbearable..

Now, I know many of you will say that these countries are just not as prepared to react and deal with natural disasters as countries in the Western world. Furthermore, I know you will say that these countries lie on fault zones, or in the same areas as calderas or volcanoes and we should not think it unusual that they are subject to natural disasters. You may say that they live on low lying land masses and therefore are subject to floods and tsunamis, and of course all of this is true to some extent, but when you read the statistics, you will be amazed just how many of these disasters, both natural and man made, result in great loss of life. Six of the top ten natural disasters took place in China, the next four were in Pakistan, India and Indonesia and Bangladesh. Some of these countries, even though they are flirting with democracy, experience abject poverty and a disenfranchisement of their populations.

The Western world has had its share of disasters, but rarely is there any great loss of life connected with them, as evidenced by Hurricane Andrew in 1992, which to date was the most expensive natural disaster to hit the United States, devastating much of the Bahamas, and South Florida, but resulting in only somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 lives lost. The point I want to make here without going into statistics, is this, there will be world wide disasters, but great loss of life will usually occur where there is most discontent, hardship, poverty and political repression. In Western countries where freedom predominates and people are allowed to express themselves without fear, are able to choose their leaders, have jobs and sufficient food, rarely will there be any great loss of life from natural disasters or wars.

The point being that as I have alluded to before, that “weather” affects your moods, temperament and your feelings, emotions and thoughts affect the moods and temperaments of nature. Collectively self aware conscious energy affects the great sweeps of nature across the continents, bringing not only the quenching effects of well needed rain and localized storms, but also the angry torrents that can swell a river out of its banks and kill thousands in so doing. The combined energy of a starving, angry and disenchanted population can affect, attract and trigger a destructive event that will sweep clean the landscape and make way for a new beginning as evidenced in Ache Indonesia in a recent tsunami where somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred thousand lost their lives. Sometimes the needs of an entire country, mired in poverty and suffering will arouse feelings of hopelessness, that will in turn coalesce into a weather event that will devastate the countryside, but bring financial help and aid that otherwise would not be forthcoming, as is not happening in Haiti.

We are talking about mass feelings and mass emotions here. The feelings and emotions of a population of a region or country collect, attract other like feelings until they reach an emotional state of critical mass and begin to coalesce into and/or attract a weather event that can, in some cases trigger an event that can demolish a city that quite possibly should have been demolished anyway. A population that has been repressed, basic freedoms contained to the point where life is meaningless, will rise up in revolt and overthrow the government in a popular uprising causing great loss of life. In the greater scope of things, it matters not that great loss of life is the result, because those participating unconsciously understand the continuity of life and do not fear annihilation of the personality.

You may ask why should you care about these matters, but if you are going to understand your own reality, you must to some extent understand the realty of humanity. You are embarked on a gigantic co-operative adventure of consciousness as it seeks out experience within three dimensional physical reality. You were meant to finally learn that you are indeed creating your reality and the mass reality of your contemporaries. Actually, you do not have to learn anything, but then you will keep repeating one lifetime after lifetime ignoring the true scope of your total identity, repeating the same mistakes again and again and getting the same results.

On the other hand, you can begin to grapple with difficult concepts that to some small extent, explain your “Being” and where you are going. You are on a journey whether you realize it or not. Your eternal Being has no end and your physical body certainly does not end with your skin since you are also an intimate part of your environment which is a natural extension of yourself. So, your feelings, emotions, desires and expectations are natural emanations of all consciousness, creating a tapestry of life that affects all other living aspects of the physical system. A flower grown in a room by a window that is given loving attention, with all things being equal, will grow stronger, bigger and healthier than a similar flower grown in isolation. In some ways a flower senses more about its Being than you do.

In the same way that a gloomy day makes you sad, a gloomy mass consciousness of thousands spreads darkness and despair over an entire population and the results can be terrifying.. A psychic explosion of the consciousness of one person can create a fight or confrontation between two individuals, and an explosive psychic atmosphere spread over an entire country, can trigger an explosion on the landscape of the physical land affecting whole societies. This is generally what happened in Haiti and in other respects, it garnered the attention of the world and brought the help that Haiti so desperately needed. There are disasters, but there are no accidents!

The rule involved here is this; “Thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions form mass weather patterns that affect masses of people in great expanses of the planet”, just as the weather affects your most intimate feelings and emotions and the feelings and emotions of the inhabitants of entire countries and villages alike. It works both ways.

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