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At the gym last week I met a lady trainer who mentioned to me that she was also a life coach. I may have been surprised by that claim, but I wasn't, since from the time I signed up for a Twitter account, people offering me their services as a life coach for hire have inundated me with reasons why I should pay them money for them to teach me how to live.

I was so overwhelmed by life coaches liking me, thumbs upping me, loving me and befriending me that I pretty much discontinued my use of my social media accounts including my Linked In account and my Facebook account.

I am amazed at the number of friends I have accumulated, almost overnight, friends who I will never meet, friends who I have absolutely nothing in common with and friends who seem to be coming out of the woodwork trying to sell me something, including the knowledge of how to live but fortunately for me, I seem to be doing that quite nicely without any help from life coaches, thank you very much.
Which brings me to this short article that I was inspired to write without the assistance of a "life coach".

Now, I am not really sure what the qualifications are for someone who aspires to be a life coach. Maybe if you live a life, you are qualified? Are there college courses that teach you how to teach others how to live correctly? There were certainly no such courses when I attended college back in the stone age, and so, I presume this is a rather new phenomenon brought on by needs of countless people now being born that don't know how to live.

Darn, seemed so simple to me from the get-go, that kind of information was inherent in my every little developing cell from the moment I became a fetus in my mother's womb. I couldn't wait to be born and get out in the world and enjoy the exploration of all that life has to offer. If there was a "Life Manual" available, I surely didn't have one, and guess what, here I am today, and I think I am a pretty well adjusted, happy, healthy and if not particularly wealthy, I lack nothing that I do not already have or cannot have if I so desire, and I did it all without a book of instructions on "How To Live".

Of course, I have discovered a few rather important things along the way during my journey, some of which I gladly share with you here on the ABG site as I have done before and as I have done for quite a few years.

I will be the first to admit that many people do have to struggle to get by and that is understandable considering the state of turmoil in the world at this time in history. It isn't like anyone was sentenced to be born into and live their lives in current times at various geographic locations, which was all a result of the slippery hands of chance in a chaotic universe. You were not fated to live, and you certainly weren't fated to live a life in misery and misfortune. You consciously made the choices that got you to the place you are today, and if you are not happy with that, it's up to you to make different choices.

I realize that it is quite easy to assume that you were born a new infant with no backup system to fall back on, a blank slate waiting to be imprinted upon with societies current beliefs, mores and structural organizations of your times, but you were far from a blank slate at birth, and that's what this article is about.

You and all of your contemporaries and all past personalities that have ever lived, were born with more information than you are now aware of, and that information intimately connects you with other aspects of your personality, your soul, your entity and ultimately with All That Is or God, if you prefer that connotation.

You are physically a new personality, but you are also a psychic storehouse of vast banks of data that would put the most modern computers to shame, a composite of knowledge recorded in your cellular biological system and psychically in your non-physical mind that in a very real sense, is your backup system from which you can draw when needed.

I once wrote and will once again say that there is knowledge that you know and don't know you know, and there is knowledge that your subconscious and inner self knows, the difference being that it knows it knows where you don't. I intend to tell you about the many sources of that unknown knowledge in this article.

So let me briefly discuss those sources of information and knowledge that are not exactly at your fingertips, but are available to those who first believe that they exist and are available. This inner knowledge is available to those who open themselves to intuitional knowledge that is part of your biological, psychological and spiritual self, the self that you call YOU.

When you are born, you are in a sense, a specified package in a biological wrapping of a physical body, a body that is truly a magical wonder since it automatically knows how to grow from infant into adulthood, without even reading one such book or manual on how to grow or how to live.

As a matter of fact, if you had such a book, it probably wouldn't help you, but may be a hindrance since you would begin to doubt yourself and wonder if you were doing it right. But that is not the thrust of this article, so let me move on here and tell you why you are so much more than you know.

First, you are born with much of the genetic data encoded within your genes and chromosomes inherited from your biological parents. In some cases this may seem to be detrimental because you inherit much of the good stuff and likewise the bad stuff. This is your physical biological heritage, but it is not rigid and inflexible as most people think.

Genes can be altered through beliefs, and often are without your conscious knowledge. Genes are predictors of general lines of future development of traits, features, bodily appearances and other such physical structures, but they can be influenced and changed, and if this were not the case, none of the earth species would have survived this long. Genes are not etched in stone.

So, then, much of what you are comes to your from your parents, but please keep in mind that your physical body, your observable self, is not your true identity, and if this were not the case, your identity would never survive physical death. (And it does!) Your physical body is a vehicle allowing your greater self or entity to explore various reality systems, which in your case is the Earth System. There are countless other systems that are also being explored simultaneously.

Second, you also were born with much knowledge that is passed on to you psychically through your soul or entity regarding information that the physical species simply could not hold or manage consciously at this stage of your evolution without being overwhelmed. It would in simple terms; cause an overload of information that could not be physical translated or assimilated. This inner information can be grasped by the inner self, translated and passed on to the personality by means of illumination, hunches, impulses, flashes of inspiration and other such physiological processes.

This kind of knowledge is contained within the various layers of your subconscious, and is sometimes accessible through hypnosis or more commonly in the dream state, and can be quite beneficial when known and put to practical use.

At those various levels, you have at this time, buried within and accessible with diligent inquiry, information about your various previous lives, in other words, you have latent knowledge of other lives you have lived.

You can indeed get to know much about your historic selves, and as ridiculous as it may seem to you at this time, those past reincarnated selves, probable selves and true soul-mate selves are still alive although to you some must appear dead, especially when you see the graves and bodies contained within. You do make contact with these other aspects of your personality quite frequently in your dreams, but you of course, do not recognize them as such.

At other levels of your subconscious you carry information of the evolutionary history of the human species at it seems to have evolved since man first emerged on the planet. Inwardly, if you were able, you could track the evolution of plants through the introduction of animals and finally the onset of human civilization.

At the deepest layers of your subconscious, you contain information on the beginning of the physical universe, and this would not seem so unlikely if you understood that your consciousness existed in those times, although not quite in the same way it exists now.

The consciousness of every personality, soul or entity existed from the beginning and no consciousness has been created since. Translated, you were present at the beginning, but your portion of the whole was not yet awareized, personified, specified or actualized. You were a portion of the whole, and you still are, which should give you some signs of encouragement when it seems that the whole world is against you. You carry within you the spark of Divinity, and on a much grander level, everything that exists is still connected with that ancient original Source.

All of this knowledge is yours by heritage, although I must admit, some of it is not easily retrievable, but you have to begin somewhere, sometime. Now should be that time.

Finally, within your cells, genes, nervous system structure and physical brain, all information you need to solve your problems and lead a fulfilling and productive life is electrically and chemically coded and imprinted in your genetic structure and is contained as electrical data within the non-physical mind, always there to be activated when needed.

Theoretically, if the entire universe were to be destroyed and disappear, the whole universe could be reconstituted with only data contained within one human cell or one human mind. The knowledge of All is within each one or put another way, the knowledge of the Whole is within each minute portion.

With so much knowledge intimately available, why would anyone need a life coach? What one does need is to learn to trust in yourself, access and put to practical use what you already have.

The point of power lies within the present personality and all the knowledge you will ever need is waiting to be activated and put to use.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


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A reader expressed the following comments after reading my recent article entitled "DO YOU REALLY EXIST IN ANOTHER PARALLEL UNIVERSE".

Since valid points were made, I think it warrants a follow-up article to explain in more detail some of the points that were touched on and to make sure that I have clarified to the best of my ability some of these difficult concepts. I would suggest reading the aforementioned article first. These are the comments as follows:

If all possibilities are realized somewhere in another universe/dimension with their own set of physics then anything that seems impossible in this universe can be possible in another. This is where fictional characters come in because if everything that can happen does happen, then anything that is unlikely like fictional beings can be real. Our parallel selves are us but not quite like us, if that makes sense? In infinite amount of universes we won't live in all because in some universes you weren't even born or just dead from a car accident, etc. There can be one where there are no humans at all, instead there are weird alien beings. If god doesn't exist in this universe, perhaps he can in another...if he does in this one then he doesn't in another. In fact, all gods exist if this is the case. I'm not the biggest person to explain these things because I really don't know. We all don't know. Maybe there are different realities that are stranger than we can imagine?

I will address the points made in the order they were mentioned.

If all possibilities are realized somewhere in another universe/dimension with their own set of physics then anything that seems impossible in this universe can be possible in another. This is where fictional characters come in because if everything that can happen does happen, then anything that is unlikely like fictional beings can be real.

The Soul or Entity, as I prefer, exists outside of the world physical system and creates personalities, like you and your contemporaries, much in the same way that you create your dream personalities. The Entity has its reasons for doing this, meaning that the Entity creates living, breathing and worldly personalities on purpose with intent, whereas you do it unconsciously and unknowingly. It is the purpose of the entity to gain experience in as many unique ways possible in as many worlds or reality systems as possible.

(I will sometimes alternate the terms Soul and Entity since for all intents and purposes, they are the same. I will also sometimes capitalize Soul or Entity, in order to convey their extraordinary spiritual development.)

The entity has many avenues open to it for this distribution of selves. It can and does actualize some of these self-aspect selves in the physical world that you know, sometimes even in your present time scheme, as independent soulmates or simultaneous selves. It also creates these self-aspects of itself in other time periods. You sometimes refer to them as reaincarnational selves if they seem to come before you, chronologically speaking.

Another avenue that the Entity has available to it is to project its self-aspects into parallel worlds and universes, some that exist within the universe as you know it, and some into other parallel or probable worlds existing in other universes, all of which are quite as physical and valid as your own.

In the probable systems, they do indeed operate with their own physics and although I have never put it quite that way, I do like how the reader expressed it. I would generally say that each parallel world or universe operates under its own specific set of parameters for existence, some similar to your universe, some quite different indeed, so as to seem alien to your perceptions.

Some you could never detect since they are not materialized in the same way along the same frequencies of existence. In other words, they are tuned into a different station than you are. Finally, other self-aspects are projected into the universe of Anti Matter, and will forever remain undetectable, since they exist in the intervals when your universe does not, and visa versa.

There is more that exists in valid systems, systems that if they were to be judged on the relative degree of bulk in materialization, would be far more solid, thicker in mass and consequently more difficult for those type of alien beings to manipulate their reality, just as the dream universe is less solid and easier to manipulate in, therefore offering more freedoms, but just as valid and utilitarian as earth. They are far more advanced than the earth system and indeed, you would certainly consider these probable beings alien, although there would be more similarities than differences.

The parallel worlds and systems exist for one main reason and that is to provide platforms for varied experience, for actualization of alternate experience for the entity. Remember, all probable selves are other aspects of your overall identity, equal portions of the Soul/Entity and although for a period of time their experience would be considered separate, distinct and individualized, these separate appearing personalities, while still being individual identities are also a part of a larger whole identity, the Soul and the whole self of which you are also a part.

As the reader says, things that seem impossible in this universe can happen in another universe and of course, that is true, to a certain extent, but you must also keep in mind that the achievements and goals attained must be within the context of the Entity's own purposes, so the parallel systems must be closely related one to the other or relative alternate experience would be impossible. The probable worlds/systems are similar, but not identical by any means, and viewing things from your perspective, you would not look alike, while still having similar physical characteristics.

You could of course, say that anything other than yourself would be a fictional being, one that did not exist in your world but did in another, could then seem to be fictional relatively speaking.

Probable worlds do have their own rules of existence, but remember, these worlds compromise only a small portion of the totality of all worlds, fields, planes and dimensions of existence. You would find some of their conditions of existence, in some cases, totally unfathomable, and in many cases complete universes with all of their contents are invisible to your physically tuned senses. That doesn't mean that they don't exist, they just don't exist from your human perspective.

There would be nothing to keep these entire universes, strange from your perspective, from moving through your world unnoticed, and it happens all of the time. Universe that are not materialized as yours is and some that are quite similar, share the same space as your world, your universe, but not your dimension of materialization. They are just different and so different to you that in many cases they don't exist.

. Our parallel selves are us but not quite like us, if that makes sense? In infinite amount of universes we won't live in all because in some universes you weren't even born or just dead from a car accident, etc. There can be one where there are no humans at all, instead there are weird alien beings.

It is also important to remember that the term "humans" is arbitrary, depending on your definitions of humanity. I am sure that you have heard it said that some people that perform heinous acts are not human.

 Generally speaking for this article, I will assume that you mean that the term human will include those beings that look similar, operate with similar senses and possess qualities of the intellect, intuition and imagination, operating with the faculties of emotion, feelings, empathy and a curiosity concerning spirituality and utilizing the same kinds of perception.

In that case, the beings in the parallel worlds and universes are similar to you, enough that you would recognize their human-like characteristics and include them in your general framework of humanity. In other words, they all have two arms, one head, two legs, one nose, two eyes and a sense of touch through the skin. Some have minor differences such as skin tone and color and general placement of the aforementioned perceptual mechanisms and their sensitivity.

Of course there are many worlds, planets, suns, stars and other objects appearing in space that are devoid of what you would call human consciousness or human beings, but none are devoid of consciousness, and there are countless varieties of consciousness, and I do mean countless. Everything that you can imaginatively perceive possesses consciousness. The slightest speck of dust spiraling through the endless universe possesses a limited consciousness. As a rule of thumb, anything perceivable, and much of what exists that you cannot perceive also has consciousness, though of a more limited nature.

In summation of that thought, there is nothing that exists, whether it is animal, vegetable or mineral, in other words "Everything" possesses consciousness, though the awareness of each varies greatly. Now, if you had a penchant to consider everything that posses consciousness also possessing the quality of aliveness, then you would have to say that everything that exists is alive and that places you smack dab in the middle of the vast grid of consciousness out of which the universe originates.

Your probable selves then do exist in some probable worlds and some in probable universes, but not in all. Remember, the probable worlds only exist as probable to those who choose to materialize in them as self-aware portions of the whole self.

Your entity/soul makes that choice, and along those lines, there are certain worlds that are more advanced than others, so it is usually the desire of the Entity to follow certain protocols, materializing its personalities into a progression of lives according the relative abilities of the personalities who will exist there.

Hence, more evolved personalities exist in the more advanced reality systems. Once you are involved in the earth reincarnational system, you are committed to a series of lives therein and your entity will see to that.

Just so I make this perfectly clear, there is no planet, asteroid, comet, star or galaxy that is unconscious, since all are composed of molecules which possess consciousness, and the molecules are composed of atoms that possess consciousness, the atoms are composed of electrons, protons and almost limitless even smaller particles that all possess their own flavor of consciousness, so even these seemingly remote, isolated cosmic entities have their own unique kind of consciousness although you would perceive them isolated in their aloneness in space. The Earth possesses its own mass consciousness.

 If god doesn't exist in this universe, perhaps he can in another...if he does in this one then he doesn't in another. In fact, all gods exist if this is the case. I'm not the biggest person to explain these things because I really don't know. We all don't know. Maybe there are different realities that are stranger than we can imagine?

Outside of the probable systems, there are totally independent worlds, fields, dimensions of existence that are so alien, that if you could or were to observe them, you would be hard pressed to identify them as living consciousness at all. You certainly would never consider them living beings, as you tend to use the term. There are reality systems based solely on thermal qualities, also systems based solely on sound qualities, frequencies, oscillations and art creations formed from sound values.

God does not discriminate, and does not exist in one universe and not in another, since God, or as I prefer, All That Is, exists in all universes, since He, She, It, IS ALL UNIVERSES. Please understand that God or All That Is, is not a being in the usual sense of the term God, which is why I prefer the term "All That Is".

I know many of my readers would prefer their God to be a distinguished, angry older appearing gentlemen with a white flowing beard carrying his usual lightening bolt to smite the sinners and evildoers, but it just isn't that way, and you have to get over it or you will remain mired in outdated myths, legends and supersitions and limit your spiritual understanding.

All That Is is just that, an Energy Essence Massive Psychological Identity that is composed of all identities, but while having no human characteristics, is still represented by portions of Itself intertwined within each and every human form. In that sense, God has no face, but is within all faces.

All That Is compartmentalizes Himself and distributes Herself through, between and a part of endless universes and endless consciousnesses. It is Everything, and yet becomes so much a part of its creations, that He cannot be found. That should give you some hint of your divine connections and of course, that implied divinity extends to all creations.

In those terms, All That Is creates from without and then becomes part of His creations, while still remaining apart. Of course this apartness is illusion and the connections were never severed, although it had to seem that way. It is not an overstatement to say that God, All That Is, in aggregate is more than the summation of all of Her creations while still being an integral part of even the smallest consciousness, and no consciousness is ever lost or misplaced
All That Is does indeed sense every sparrow that falls, since He IS every sparrow that falls.

I hope my readers will forgive my interchanging of pronouns He, She and It, since they apply equally to All That Is.