Monday, August 29, 2011


My question to you is, one hears of ancient Gods, say in Indian mythology like Krishna, who were supposed to have super natural powers, did they really exist? And if they did, why not now?
Dear Anonymous, as you know I decided to address your comments or questions in an article since the question has arisen many times before and sometimes it takes a comment such as yours to refresh my memory. The question is so interesting because every society, culture and civilization since the beginning of time as you know it has had its own gods which they paid homage to in some way. I want to make a distinction here, I use the term gods (not in capitals) to refer to gods in general. In the case of the true one God, I will always use a Capital “G” or as I prefer All That Is with capitals (ATI).
Now, all of the gods of ancient and more recent history including Krishna existed in one way or another. Some existed in the inner universe only and were never materialized in a physical body. Some were so relevant to their times that the myth created around their existence emerged into and was blended with the current needs and beliefs of the times. They could not have materialized onto the realm of the physical Earth, but the populations belief in them affected entire civilizations through a psychic blending of their beliefs that the gods would manifest and change their societies.
We can speak here of all gods, including the Greek gods Zeus, Hermes, Neptune, Pluto, Mars and others too numerous to mention. The many civilizations worshiped a seemingly unending list of deities and gods including, Allah, Jesus, Krishna, Shiva, Mohamed, Buddha, Thor, Venus, Jehovah and hundreds of others impossible to list here, but you know what I mean. I will begin with a broad statement that the truth of which can be found in your own buried unconscious understanding. All gods who are worshiped or held in high esteem by certain populations exist in one way or another although most did not exist in physical bodies but existed in psychological fact only, but still carrying enough weight to affect the direction of entire civilizations of their times.
If you are to really understand what is meant here, you must divest yourself of the belief that something must possess a physical body to be “real” in your context, and I must remind you that the most powerful, evolved and mature god-like entities and the one Prime Source Itself does not possess a physical body, although they may have at one time in the distant past.
Physical materialization is a stage that your type of human culture goes through on its journey to greater knowledge, it is not the norm in your universe by any means. You could say that possession of a physical body is transitional, temporary at best, and not at all a pre-requisite for identity or personality. True identity exists before the physical body and will exist long after the body is discarded and left behind to return to the earth.
Consciousness exists before and after the physical body, period! Consciousness creates the physical body.
There are all kinds of variations of gods, and I hesitate to say this, but some of you hold many living beings in the “god status” for no good reason other than to say that they are in some respects more accomplished than yourself. How many in your society idolize movie actors and actresses, televangelists, singers, popes, performers, writers, directors and so on. Don't answer that, its a rhetorical question, of course.
Gods in some very real way are partially created by the intensity of the beliefs and needs of the societies that they are associated with, societies lacking in many respects the qualities that they imagine their gods to posses. In some ancient times, especially in biblical times, as in the book of Genesis when their god parted the waters to create the firmament, and when the Israelites needed a strict, warrior god to swoop down and rout the invading hoards or to save the masses as in Moses parting of the waters to help the Israelites escape Egypt.
Of course in following times this angry god mellowed into Jesus and came on the scene portraying a more kind and benevolent god on earth. In a very true way, people create their gods in their image instead of the other way around. That is why the gods seem to change with the evolution of civilizations. If god created man in his image, which mans image I may ask did he use as the model? The Arabs, the Israelites, the Africans, the Chinese, The Berbers, the Croats, Hispanics, and so on. Can you see how ridiculous this line of thinking is?
The truth is that man creates his gods as much as gods create man. Much of what is written about gods is pure fiction, myth and superstition embellished by tales of heroism, miracles, creation and possessing supernatural powers and eternal life. Now, I don't want to be too glib about this, but YOU create everything around you, your environment, your world, your universe and your objects that you love so much, and most importantly, you own physical body, so you are unknowingly a creator of everything that you perceive. You live forever although you may discard a few bodies along the way, your consciousness is eternal, so could it not be said in the case of the human species, that you are all mini-gods. I want to make clear here that I am not assigning divinity to you, but implying that there is a spark of All That Is in everything that exists on your plane.
The point I am getting at here, in the traditional sense that you all understand, there is no god that you would recognize that falls into your usual idea of what a god is supposed to be. You insist in imagining your gods in a physical body or physical form, in Western societies, looking like the typical heroic, courtly, Caucasian gentlemen with white flowing hair and beard, usually carrying his traditional scale to weigh your sins and the lightning bolt to smite you into smithereens for so much as looking at an attractive person in admiration.
Fortunately, most of you reading this article have progressed beyond those over simplistic children's tales that are still predominant in your society today. That can be somewhat understood since earth civilization is in its early stages of development. Earth is a training ground for new emerging personalities, learning the creation and manipulation of physical matter and you are just beginning your journey, so your primitive beliefs can be forgiven, but the time is here where you must begin a true understanding of the truth about the reality of your world, your origin as a species, the universe, God and beyond. In other words you must begin to put your toe in the water and set yourself free from this self imposed limiting, false religious dogma.
There are inner truths and these truths are known, but you will never find them in a typical church unless you eradicate the centuries of decaying dogma and false teachings. There are answers to the question above that we are discussing here, and I will try to give some semblance of sanity to the distortions and remove your blinders that imprison your given intellect and use of logic. To continue to believe what you have been taught to believe, one has to ignore logic and intuition to some great extent. You have the innate ability, built in, embedded in your genes, to see much more than you now see, to understand much more than you now understand and to gain access to inner wisdom that is part of your heritage.
To an ant living in your closet, you are the god who daily opens up the closet door and lets in the light, then closes it bringing on the dark. When you walk by, the floor rumbles and his world shakes, and so to the ant, you are a god that can be depended on to bring on the dawn every day to his limited world. Everything in your world and beyond is related, and everything that your world consists of is in accordance with your perceptive abilities. There is much more available to your perception that your own ego filters out, in fear of its own dominance in the physical world.
Those who have achieved god status in your times, those who you worship to one extent or another are in simple terms, those who are far more advanced than yourselves, and by that I mean that they have lived and lived again, and again and again, and have grown and matured in their knowledge and have returned to teach, lead by example and to show the attributes that all should aspire to. Their presence is not an accident in your world, and in truth, those of who you consider your gods were sent to show the way.
What you consider to be god-like miracles attributed to Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mohamed and others, some are truths, others are myths, superstitions, children's tales, fantasies and delusions handed down over the centuries from family to family, tribe to tribe, society to society, and over the centuries, these tales evolved into elaborate combinations of all of the above, most of which are not valid today, but yet, you cling to them, even suspecting their distortions because you have nothing to replace them with.
There are hierarchies of consciousness identities from the smallest to the grandest, the smallest beginning with the first smallest physical particle that ever knew the material world to the most grand who you would call the ultimate Prime Source, the God of all. So, I will, as I always do, refer to Him/Her/It as “All That Is” from this point on. I have told you before that I usually reference my limited knowledge about organized religion through biblical references, due to my familiarity with Christianity rather than other religions, but what is said here applies to all religions.
I will refer to the one God, All That Is as He, only because it is more commonly used, but please understand the All That Is, is no more male than He is female or even something in-between. As simply as I can put it without getting sidetracked here, All That Is is not a person at all, nor is He in any way motivated by what you consider human traits, desires or emotions. God, All That Is, is an energy essence identity and all energy possesses a generalized consciousness, so you could say the your one God is the top of the pyramid of consciousness gestalt that composes all of creation, you, the world, galaxies, quasars, solar systems, countless universes and every species that has ever lived and will ever live in any or all alien worlds. And that is just the beginning! There is much more to come.
There are countless levels of identities that make up this Prime God presence at the top of the pyramid of consciousness and they are from the top down, the most advanced of the advanced, first entities to be created, who now could be considered gods in their own right. Nearing the bottom of this pyramid of continuing evolving conscious identities, you can be found, only differing from the more advanced entities in the amount of time you have spent on your journey, which incidentally, is eternal. In a way, you too are an incipient god, with a long way to go, but someday you will stand in the position of many advanced entities of today.
These ultimate advanced entities because of their overwhelming, god-like maturity, power and abilities, cannot materialize in any physical world, since the reality of their total presence would overwhelm one physical consciousness in a one physical body. The entity then, creates a fragment or splinter personality, and actual portion of itself from its own being and projects it into a reality system of its choosing, and thereby vicariously experiences everything the personality experiences without being there in full presence. It's kind of like osmosis of experience transferred to the entity unknowingly from and through the earth bound personality.
Jesus was born into the world of matter as a fragment projection of one of these highest, most evolved entities and his life was not an accident. He was in a way a very evolved fragment psychic personality representing the full Entity of which he is a part. This Christ Entity appears again and again in Earth history through the ages. His latest mission on earth was well planned, and prophesies were given to mark his arrival. He was the fulfillment of a grand intricate drama that originated in another dimension, then emerged and played out on the physical landscape affecting civilizations for centuries to come.
Jesus was a very advanced mystic with unimaginable psychic abilities. There were others that existed in somewhat the same position, with varying abilities and degrees of development throughout the centuries, they had varying success and their works are well archived, as is your Krishna. There are many more, and their miracles are the result of nature unimpeded by your lack of understanding. What Jesus and others of his import to some extent accomplished in the realm of miracles is nothing that is out of future possibilities of every person alive today.
In other words, Jesus has evolved to Godlike status and you have not. There are no limitations. Gods evolve, but the one true God always was and always will be and that my friends is one thing attributed to the Bible that is not a distortion. It is only from your perspective, trapped within the continuum of time and space that such a statement seems illogical and impossible. In that respect, there truly was no beginning and there can be no ending.
You create reality and you are not aware of your own complicity in this creative process since it is automatic and happens over time. If you think of a fish, it immediately exists in another dimension and begins a journey which may or may not result in a physical presence in a physical ocean, depending on a multitude of other factors.
The miracles of Jesus were different in that his abilities were so much more advanced, and if Jesus thought of five thousand fish, the creative process happened immediately. The creative principle applies equally in both instances, the only difference being in the level of sophistication and development of the originating consciousness.
Jesus will return, new prophesies will be once again given and a new drama will be played out for all to see.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I know many of you are concerned with the quality of your life and many could say that your life sucks and you continue to experience what seems to be a continuous stream of bad things happening to you.
As a matter of fact, our article on “Why do bad things keep happening to me?” is by far the most read article worldwide on this site. So you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to come to the conclusion that a great part of the world's populations are flat out unhappy with their lives.
I have written an article that appears on this site about “EXPECTATIONS” and how expectations are one of the most important ingredients required in the creation of your personal reality. In this article, I emphasize how you use idea, thoughts, beliefs, desire and expectations to create what you want in your life. Of course, you have been doing this all of your life without even knowing that you are doing it.
For instance, you get an idea that you want a new couch in your home. You go to several stores and look at couches. You may also search the internet for information on couches, styles, colors, prices, etc. You think about it when you lie down to rest. You talk to your friends or spouse about it.
You finally have enough money put aside to purchase the couch, so your beliefs and expectations that you are going to get a new couch begin to firm up into beliefs that you will soon purchase your new couch. In the meantime, you are telepathically, below conscious recognition, communicating with those around you about your idea and getting their input on your prospective purchase. This kind of back and forth inner communication between connected people goes on constantly without your awareness.
Finally you you buy your couch and to you it may seem like this act of purchasing the couch was a purely physical act, but the fact remains, whether you realize it or not, most of the preliminary work done on this purchase was done in inner psychic reality, then, forcing itself outward into the physical realm you call solid world objects and events.
If you had read my other articles on reality creation, expectations and such, you would by now understand much of this so I won't go into any more details here other than to say, go back and read the previous material on this subject or you won't understand what is to follow here.
What I have been talking about so far is the attribute of consciousness to assume physical form. Consciousness wants to be known in one form or another and a way must be made for it to assert itself into the physical world. I should say here that I have purposely delayed speaking of these things until I had a chance to give you some necessary background, and now I do believe that enough of our readers will understand what we are talking about.
You have a Soul/Entity, and I have explained my reasons for preferring the term Entity over Soul because of misleading religious connotations regarding Soul. Your Soul/Entity desires to enter into your world and other worlds that exist in just as real terms as the Earth, but because of its sheer power and development, cannot itself enter into any system of reality that requires the assumption of the prevailing type of physical body endemic to that system of reality, simply because it would overpower the physical identity and the entry could not be made in this manner.
The Entity/Soul then, does the next best thing, it partitions a portion of its own “psychic identity” creating a fragment or splinter personality of itself and sends it into the chosen physical system based on its needs and desires at the time. That is precisely why the Father sent the Son.
I think it is understood that this entry point is the “male sperm” that impregnates the female egg and sparks the creation of the new personality on the Earth Plane. From there on, due to physical growth and expansion the new personality bringing with it some pre-birth challenges and directions direct from the Soul, also telepathically and genetically adopts the beliefs and expectations of its physical parents. And this is why expectations exist upon the first breath of the fetus.
And now we can finally get into the meat and potatoes of this article. I have explained many times that you as a fetus don't enter this life with a blank slate, and in truth, you have existed in previous lives and in these previous lives you encountered challenges, some of which you worked through and some you didn't.
The ones you didn't don't just fade away into the ether and float somewhere into outer space. They are held in abeyance, coded in electrical connections in the non-physical mind until the personality reincarnates the next time, then reintroduced into the new genetic structure and imparted to the new physical brain for another go around, so to speak.
I call this reincarnational drag, meaning that you will drag both desirable and undesirable baggage from a past life into your new personality/life and work at the same or similar challenges once again until they are solved.
On the surface the personality would be hard pressed to discover the reasons that these problems kept popping up seemingly endlessly and for no apparent reason, and without age regression therapy, the reasons for these continuing unfortunate occurrences would be transparent and may never come to light.
The hardest thing for some people to believe is that you choose your parents before birth. Even though on the physical plane, it may seem to the new parents that their meeting and subsequent sexual encounter that resulted in conception was purely accidental, that is not the case, and every meeting and every outcome of this nature is known well beforehand.
Here is the most important thing about secret or hidden expectations. You would think that an expectation would require a specific, conscious thought, intent or desire made by the personality when seeking some specific outcome.
I have told you many times that you choose your parents before birth, sometimes even before they are born themselves. The arrangements are made in advance for specific reasons, put as simply as I can at this time, the reasons being for everyones convenience and growth through the physical plane.
No life is ever planned without a plan, without a challenge and a goal, and to this end sometimes parents and future children select each other in advance, constructing a future family drama that will be able to provide the necessary background or environment where the new personality and parents alike will most likely encounter the kind of challenges that they both desire to experience.
Most would say that is silly to think that someone would choose a life of hardships when he could just as well choose a life of leisure and convenience, but that is not the case, at least not all of the time. I may remind you of the saying, “what would Jesus do?” and if you looked at it only on the side of physical pleasures, then you could say that Jesus sure made some bad choices.
Depth and overall quality of experience can never be fully achieved through lifetimes of simple pleasures, enjoyments and satisfactions and require a well rounded collection of experience on the physical plane both bad and good. Don't get me wrong, many do choose a lifetime of wealth, beauty and leisure and valuable lessons can be learned from that type of life too, but remember, the Entity/Soul sets the tone for its new personalities life, and in the final analysis, when push comes to shove, the Soul wins.
So, you may wonder why, through seemingly no fault of your own, you were born with and grew up with poor parents, divorced, perhaps with severe difficulties with alcohol or drugs. You may have been born to a welfare family where your parents didn't work at steady jobs, couldn't pay their bills and your mother was on the streets. You may have lived an early childhood where food was always in short supply and moves were frequent and forced to live in neighborhoods where crime was rampant.
The important thing here is the day you are born, you unknowingly bring into your young life expectations (bad or good) from previous lives. The day you are born, you also bring into this life expectations from your parents that you may have arranged before your birth, not forced upon you, but created by you before physical birth. I prefer to call this Parental Drag.
Your parents during your childhood may have been what would be considered less than ideal, but if they were, you were aware of their shortcomings and in fact decided to utilize and build upon those shortcomings to provide you with a playing field upon which you could live out your life’s drama utilizing all of your abilities and talents to overcome these hardships and grow in psychic stature.
You have all heard this and it is true, there truly are no surprises. The Soul always knows what is going to happen before it happens, but to the Soul/Entity there is no judgement between bad or good, there is just experience and it's all good.
The point of this article is this; It may be impossible to understand purely from the physical standpoint why you are faced with what seems to be a unrelenting stream of bad stuff happening to you. There are many reasons that are discoverable and I have touched on that in my article (Why do bad things keep happening to me?) so I don' t need to go there now.
There are also reasons for bad things that are introduced before or at birth that you had an intimate hand in creating, but you don't have access to that information at this time, and in truth may never understand. What is important to know is that all challenges, all problems usually originate with you with a purpose in mind. Nothing is thrust upon you that you are not already aware of, at least psychologically.
The secret that you must bring out in the open is not to blame yourself since you may have unknowingly created the problems to aid in your development and growth, in your wisdom and understanding and your acquisition of knowledge. Problems that seem to have plagued you from birth, may in truth, have been well thought out and arranged with your parents before birth and truth be known, they may have been in (cahoots) with you all along.
Deal with challenges one at a time, work through them and triumph over them. You probably created the challenges, but you didn't create them to defeat you, but to aid you on your journey. In some future time, on other planes, in other dimensions or maybe indeed in another life, you will all sit down and have a big laugh over the whole thing.
Remember, the trend is toward increasing awareness and knowing. What you do no know now, what seems to be irretrievable now will be known to you as you progress. The progress is unending and your identity is eternal, so don't fret over unsolved difficulties, you have all the time you need, and I mean that literally.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


 This question is so old that I almost hate to talk about it, but still it is one of the most asked questions by those curious individuals who also want to know answers to some more serious questions, so I guess it won't hurt to take a detour once and awhile. I must warn you up front, this can get quite complicated in the explaining.
We have talked on here about creating reality and I won't go into it in any great detail here other than to say, that you can read previous articles on this site that explains it in some detail. I will however go over one of my favorite examples using a car as the created object.
Imagine that you have just purchased a new car, you call a friend and ask them if they would like to take a ride in your new wheels. Your friend agrees and you pick him up at his house. Your friend likes your new car and comments on how great the stereo sounds, how sleek the lines are and how lovely the color, and of course you agree. He mentions how soft the leather seats are and you both love the new car smell.
Now, what we have here is two people creating their own composite perception of the car. In essence, two people are each creating according to their own perceptions, a car using their outer senses of sight, touch, smell and sound. The only sense apparatus that is not being used in the example is that of taste.
Nevertheless enough data is garnered by the four senses being utilized, sent to the two individual brains that provides enough information to give a pretty nice approximation of the car that each separate person is creating in their own reality space continuum. What differences exist between the two separate personal perceptions are ironed out by one of the most used, but least acknowledged senses, the inner telepathic sense. In other words, the rough edges are smoothed out so that both individuals can agree on ONE car, when actually there truly are two cars being created simultaneously by two sets of perceptive apparatus and two separate brains of two persons.
Just for the sake of those persistent knit pickers who will ask, does each person each create everything that they perceive, and I must tell you, even though it may sound preposterous, each person creates his/her own environment, their world and their very own universe. My universe is not your universe, my world is not your world, and my house is not yours, although you would be welcome any time for a cup of tea.
Each object, each person, each flower and each tree has it's own energy form of its own creation, but it is theirs, not yours, so when you bump into an object, you must instantaneously create your version of the object/person/form. There is an available field of energy that is projected and built up around psychic patterns that to some degree defines what it is. The very act of perception is a psychic agreement between the perceived and the perceiver. Both contribute to the composite form that pretty much becomes the accepted standard. Even scientists, enclosed in their own physical knowledge prison, have discovered that even the electron behaves differently when it is being perceived by an observer. If the lowly electron knows, how much more do you unconsciously know. Hypothetical question of course.
In a strange way it may seem that each perceives each other. In the case of a flower, what is going on is this; the flower is saying “hello, I am a flower, see how pretty my color is?” and the perceiver is saying “You are indeed pretty, but I am a person, see how tall and tan I am?” You could almost say that both psychically exude their own characteristics in a form of introduction that is within the perception frequency of each other. Once an object or person assumes a physical form, that form is retained for a long time and is recreated each time another perceiver comes within range.

Now, in relation to the question, “If a tree falls in a forest and no person is there, does it make any noise?”

Since your senses, en masse, create your system of reality and since every living thing on your plane co-operates in creating your world and your universe, then everything within your range of perception is included in your reality. But as they say in your infomercials, “There is more”. But I promise, no shipping and handling charge.
Anything that falls within the range of any device that you should invent to aid your perception is also part of your reality system. I am thinking here of microscopes to view virus and bacteria that could not be seen with the naked eye. I am also thinking of telescopes such as “Hubble” used to view distant galaxies and also recording devices to record sound when no one is present, which can be reviewed at some later date. All of these are helpful in aiding you perceptive abilities, extending them beyond their normal range, helping you increase your field of perception.
So, if you find yourself in a forest, it goes without saying that if a tree falls, it makes a noise that is perceived by your ears, and if you are close enough to the falling tree, the sound waves from the impact with the ground may also be felt by your body.
But what if no one is present in the forest? Let us assume that if it is truly a forest, then there are other trees present and so we must also extend our conception of noise to the other living creatures, both flora and fauna. All living species interpret perceptive data differently as you would probably assume since trees and flowers do not have ears, but they feel sound. Of course, the animal species, having ears would hear the sound of a falling tree.
The other living flora, not having ears, would still perceive the event of the falling tree utilizing other inner senses unfamiliar to you. The plants, trees, flowers would in a sense, feel the anguish of the felled tree, they would sense the impact on the earth as the tree crashed to the ground. So you see, if a tree falls in a forest and no human is present, the “falling tree event” is still perceived by every other living thing in the forest, and to some extent, everything in the forest is alive on its own terms, conscious in a more generalized nature, even though that nature may be unfamiliar to you.
Carrying this a bit further, let us say that a human placed a recording device on a stump in the forest and left it there for a week, and during that week, a tree fell right on cue. Of course, the recorder would record the sound and when the recorder was retrieved, the person who listened to the playback of the recording would hear the sound of the tree falling, the recorder thereby extending the reality of the listener, even though he was not there himself.
The answer you see is quite simple, in order for there to be no sound or other perceivable action, the tree would have to live in it's own isolated universe with nothing else present, since even a rock has an elementary, generalized consciousness. I guess it boils down to how “knit picking” you want to get, so even if you hypothesize that the tree exists in air alone, remember even simple molecules posses this simple rather disorganized consciousness, and if you guessed that air has a very rarified type of consciousness, you would be correct.
You could equate your moving through air as a fish moving through water, both carrying an elementary consciousness and there is nowhere that you or the fish can be that you are not swimming through consciousness to some degree. If would not be too off the mark to say that you exist in an ocean of consciousness that is alive and always in motion, as the waves of the sea is in motion.

So, if you ask the question thusly; If a tree falls in a forest and no human, animal or living thing with ears is present, does it make a noise, the answer is, if nothing is present that perceives sound with ears, even remotely, then technically, it DOES NOT make a noise.
If you ask the question thusly; If a tree falls in a forest and no human or animal or recording device is present, does it make a sound, then the answer is also NO.
If you ask the question thusly; If a tree falls in a forest, does it go unknown, then the answer is also a resounding NO, since everything is connected, even telepathically, and no act goes unnoticed. And not to get too metaphysical here, but if tree falls in a forest, it truly changes everything in the physical universe, so it really is known everywhere.
In truth, the unique perceptive apparatus that you as humans each have takes part in the creative process of your reality system and everything in it, and only perceives its own type of creations. You could say in a somewhat silly way, that ears and sound were made for each other and in a way that is too deep to discuss here, inner sound is utilized in the creation of the physical body, ears included. (smiling). It is a well known proven fact that many individuals can hear color and some can attach visual images to sound. If there was no such thing as sound, ears would not exist.
And beyond here I will not go any further since I would be trying to explain things about which I know very little at this time.