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 This question is so old that I almost hate to talk about it, but still it is one of the most asked questions by those curious individuals who also want to know answers to some more serious questions, so I guess it won't hurt to take a detour once and awhile. I must warn you up front, this can get quite complicated in the explaining.
We have talked on here about creating reality and I won't go into it in any great detail here other than to say, that you can read previous articles on this site that explains it in some detail. I will however go over one of my favorite examples using a car as the created object.
Imagine that you have just purchased a new car, you call a friend and ask them if they would like to take a ride in your new wheels. Your friend agrees and you pick him up at his house. Your friend likes your new car and comments on how great the stereo sounds, how sleek the lines are and how lovely the color, and of course you agree. He mentions how soft the leather seats are and you both love the new car smell.
Now, what we have here is two people creating their own composite perception of the car. In essence, two people are each creating according to their own perceptions, a car using their outer senses of sight, touch, smell and sound. The only sense apparatus that is not being used in the example is that of taste.
Nevertheless enough data is garnered by the four senses being utilized, sent to the two individual brains that provides enough information to give a pretty nice approximation of the car that each separate person is creating in their own reality space continuum. What differences exist between the two separate personal perceptions are ironed out by one of the most used, but least acknowledged senses, the inner telepathic sense. In other words, the rough edges are smoothed out so that both individuals can agree on ONE car, when actually there truly are two cars being created simultaneously by two sets of perceptive apparatus and two separate brains of two persons.
Just for the sake of those persistent knit pickers who will ask, does each person each create everything that they perceive, and I must tell you, even though it may sound preposterous, each person creates his/her own environment, their world and their very own universe. My universe is not your universe, my world is not your world, and my house is not yours, although you would be welcome any time for a cup of tea.
Each object, each person, each flower and each tree has it's own energy form of its own creation, but it is theirs, not yours, so when you bump into an object, you must instantaneously create your version of the object/person/form. There is an available field of energy that is projected and built up around psychic patterns that to some degree defines what it is. The very act of perception is a psychic agreement between the perceived and the perceiver. Both contribute to the composite form that pretty much becomes the accepted standard. Even scientists, enclosed in their own physical knowledge prison, have discovered that even the electron behaves differently when it is being perceived by an observer. If the lowly electron knows, how much more do you unconsciously know. Hypothetical question of course.
In a strange way it may seem that each perceives each other. In the case of a flower, what is going on is this; the flower is saying “hello, I am a flower, see how pretty my color is?” and the perceiver is saying “You are indeed pretty, but I am a person, see how tall and tan I am?” You could almost say that both psychically exude their own characteristics in a form of introduction that is within the perception frequency of each other. Once an object or person assumes a physical form, that form is retained for a long time and is recreated each time another perceiver comes within range.

Now, in relation to the question, “If a tree falls in a forest and no person is there, does it make any noise?”

Since your senses, en masse, create your system of reality and since every living thing on your plane co-operates in creating your world and your universe, then everything within your range of perception is included in your reality. But as they say in your infomercials, “There is more”. But I promise, no shipping and handling charge.
Anything that falls within the range of any device that you should invent to aid your perception is also part of your reality system. I am thinking here of microscopes to view virus and bacteria that could not be seen with the naked eye. I am also thinking of telescopes such as “Hubble” used to view distant galaxies and also recording devices to record sound when no one is present, which can be reviewed at some later date. All of these are helpful in aiding you perceptive abilities, extending them beyond their normal range, helping you increase your field of perception.
So, if you find yourself in a forest, it goes without saying that if a tree falls, it makes a noise that is perceived by your ears, and if you are close enough to the falling tree, the sound waves from the impact with the ground may also be felt by your body.
But what if no one is present in the forest? Let us assume that if it is truly a forest, then there are other trees present and so we must also extend our conception of noise to the other living creatures, both flora and fauna. All living species interpret perceptive data differently as you would probably assume since trees and flowers do not have ears, but they feel sound. Of course, the animal species, having ears would hear the sound of a falling tree.
The other living flora, not having ears, would still perceive the event of the falling tree utilizing other inner senses unfamiliar to you. The plants, trees, flowers would in a sense, feel the anguish of the felled tree, they would sense the impact on the earth as the tree crashed to the ground. So you see, if a tree falls in a forest and no human is present, the “falling tree event” is still perceived by every other living thing in the forest, and to some extent, everything in the forest is alive on its own terms, conscious in a more generalized nature, even though that nature may be unfamiliar to you.
Carrying this a bit further, let us say that a human placed a recording device on a stump in the forest and left it there for a week, and during that week, a tree fell right on cue. Of course, the recorder would record the sound and when the recorder was retrieved, the person who listened to the playback of the recording would hear the sound of the tree falling, the recorder thereby extending the reality of the listener, even though he was not there himself.
The answer you see is quite simple, in order for there to be no sound or other perceivable action, the tree would have to live in it's own isolated universe with nothing else present, since even a rock has an elementary, generalized consciousness. I guess it boils down to how “knit picking” you want to get, so even if you hypothesize that the tree exists in air alone, remember even simple molecules posses this simple rather disorganized consciousness, and if you guessed that air has a very rarified type of consciousness, you would be correct.
You could equate your moving through air as a fish moving through water, both carrying an elementary consciousness and there is nowhere that you or the fish can be that you are not swimming through consciousness to some degree. If would not be too off the mark to say that you exist in an ocean of consciousness that is alive and always in motion, as the waves of the sea is in motion.

So, if you ask the question thusly; If a tree falls in a forest and no human, animal or living thing with ears is present, does it make a noise, the answer is, if nothing is present that perceives sound with ears, even remotely, then technically, it DOES NOT make a noise.
If you ask the question thusly; If a tree falls in a forest and no human or animal or recording device is present, does it make a sound, then the answer is also NO.
If you ask the question thusly; If a tree falls in a forest, does it go unknown, then the answer is also a resounding NO, since everything is connected, even telepathically, and no act goes unnoticed. And not to get too metaphysical here, but if tree falls in a forest, it truly changes everything in the physical universe, so it really is known everywhere.
In truth, the unique perceptive apparatus that you as humans each have takes part in the creative process of your reality system and everything in it, and only perceives its own type of creations. You could say in a somewhat silly way, that ears and sound were made for each other and in a way that is too deep to discuss here, inner sound is utilized in the creation of the physical body, ears included. (smiling). It is a well known proven fact that many individuals can hear color and some can attach visual images to sound. If there was no such thing as sound, ears would not exist.
And beyond here I will not go any further since I would be trying to explain things about which I know very little at this time.

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