Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The question as it is posed; you often talk of other universes such as the dream universe, but I am not clear since our universe seems to stretch into infinity, where are the other universes located in relation to ours?

I have wanted to touch on this for some time, but wanted to ease into the explanation after you had become more familiar with some of the other subjects that we discuss here. I have said this before, but it is true that you can get along quite well without knowing where your universe is located or even what it is, but there are some of you who are more evolved and demand more than simple children’s tales, and through these articles I attempt to satisfy those demands. This material is not easy, and that is precisely why more people are not acquainted with it. A universe and all that it contains is not easy stuff to digest, but the endeavor is worthwhile and this knowledge in the long run will help you to enhance your physical lives and expand your psychic growth.

Before we can discuss the location of universes, we must come to some agreement on what actually is a universe, at least from the viewpoint of our discussions.
Dictionary definition; The totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space; the cosmos; macrocosm. A world or sphere in which something exists or prevails.

The above definitions are not quite adequate, so I will add something to them and hopefully make things a bit more relevant. A universe is a platform for experience of consciousness, taking on the appearances dictated by the perceptive mechanisms of the consciousness inhabiting that universe. A universe is available energy which is utilized by self aware consciousness to construct a meaningful field of endeavor used for growth, expansion and value fulfillment. A universe can be physically materialized or from your perspective invisible, it can be transparent, but either way, to the inhabitants of that field, its constructions have substance even though they may not be materialized in the same way as yours. All inhabited universes utilize forms since consciousness always seeks to be known, and all forms are as “real” as your own, even though they may not be solid, rigid and possess mass, and to you they may be transparent. In other words, they exist even though you may not be aware of their existence.

A universe is a field of endeavor for consciousness, it is also a dimension, a field and a plane, but not all fields, dimensions and planes are universes unto themselves, but some may be. A plane of reality can exist where there is no planet or it can co-exist with other systems connected with a planet.. A system of reality is a plane, a dimension and a field, and there is no limit of fields, planes and dimensions that can exist in one universe or even in one world. Some universes existing outside of other universes, nevertheless manage to overlap into and affect other universes, as in the way the dream universe affects your physical universe and your universe affects the dream universe. They are in important ways dependent on each other. There are other planes and fields that co-exist in what you would consider the same space as your earth, each having its own historical culture, arts, sciences, medical disciplines and most important, its own image constructions, none of which will ever interfere with yours even though they may utilize the exact same physical space.

A universe is in a very real way, the creation of consciousness, and other intelligent, viable living creatures inhabiting that universe, looking out into space will see something entirely different than you. Your world is yours only, and since generally any system of realty only perceives its OWN kind, your worlds constructions will not look like others constructions and will probably not be perceived by others either. Of course, the determining factor of what you will perceive and see of your universe depends on your physical perceptions and only those with the same physical preceptors ( eyes, ears, mouth, nose, fingers and other) as yours will see things the same as you do. Any particular world or universe can only be perceived by the conscious creatures that create and inhabit it.

I know that sounds like an outlandish statement, but in the same way as you manipulate atoms into something that you can perceive to form a chair, your physical body, your intimate environment, so do you form and create your world and universe from existing patterns of available energy. There are beings within your universe who have evolved through your system and progressed on to other systems, who could theoretically communicate with you and even visit with you if the occasion should arise in the future.

As most of you suspect, your world has been visited by extra terrestrials many times in the past, but you must not confuse the sighting of UFO’s as legitimate planned ET visits. These sightings may take place as others far more advanced than you, unknowingly blunder into your space not even sensing the existence of your planet and its inhabitants. You see, to them, your world would not exist and the only evidence that would give them a hint of your presence would be the flicker of consciousness which in the long run is the only true reality, and they would not see your camouflage physical constructions because to others they don’t exist.

Let me try this from another tack. Because of your physical materialization, you exist at a precise intersection of time and space and you only exist because of the confluence of many different fields of actuality. These fields, chemical, electromagnetic and psychic, converging at this exact point, create the complete YOU that you know and love so much. To alien species in their space vehicle, approaching your space filled with your physical constructions, the only thing they are able to perceive is the one true reality and that is consciousness. They could and have flown through your earth without even bumping into it. Were it not for the creation of these various platforms for experience, both physical and non-physical, to which all consciousness adapts itself, you would drift hopelessly into nothingness. And even though, to other alien civilizations, attached to their own systems that they have also created, your system does not exist, to you, it is the only one you have for the time being, so it behooves you to make the best of it.

Now, as to the location of these countless fields and dimensions, you must keep in mind that even though space has some utility for your physical orientation while you inhabit your corporal body, it is an illusion, valuable only to those who are materialized within it. Space is an illusion, partly inflicted on yourself by your conception of time, and while you are here, you cannot escape it unless you experience it or choose not to experience it in a dream or when you die. In other words, time and space are meaningful to you now, but they are only a necessary parameter of your system, an illusion, yes, albeit a handy illusion for you now. But if we are to consider locations of fields, dimensions, worlds, planes and universes, we must temporarily divest ourselves of the excess psychic baggage of distance and space..

As you look out into “your” space, you see planets, nebula, comets, solar systems, stars and other wonderful things to look at, but they are not really what they seem, since you are only viewing a small portion of their reality as it intrudes into you field of perception. Their greater reality exists outside of the physical system. Do not for a minute assume that other universes cannot exist in this same space or through the same space as your universe. There are supportive universes such as the electrical universe that contain the “electromagnetic data information” of every physical construction, event, history and memories of your entire species and your world. This electrical universe is independent but its reality is intertwined with everything that is in your universe and from this coded data, should your universe disappear, it could be perfectly rebuilt.

To you, your planet, your earth is solid and you can’t imagine anything else existing in the same space as your world, but remember, your world is only solid to you. In a very real way, life is a trance state in which you all participate while you are in the physical system. Your consciousness is precisely tuned to certain specific bands of electrical intensities that represent your world and everything it contains. There is no real difference between one of your physical objects, say a table that everyone sees, than an hallucination of a table that only you can see. They are the same and they are created in exactly the same way, the only difference being that you alone can perceive your hallucinated table and others can perceive your object table. There really is no basic solidity that can be found in your universe or any other. Solidity is a matter of discriminating perception, unique to those who use certain perceptive abilities. In short, if you don’t create it, you can’t perceive it, and if you don’t have the right preceptors, you can’t create it in accordance with your adopted system.

Expansion and distance in space is the physical perception of the psychic properties of expansion of the conscious mind. Distance and space are not required for an idea to expand. A dream expands giving a wonderful illusion of time and space that you can enjoy immensely, but in your dreams you see time and space for what they really are, an illusion. Space is the appearance of physical expansion of psychic or emotional properties. Emotions grow and expand, love grows and expands, ideas grow and expand and none of these requires any space, neither does a universe since it comes from the same source.

Everything in your universe is in its proper place according to the way you are obliged to perceive it, but you are not bound to those limitations and as you allow your consciousness to expand, you are able to see beyond those limitations. Complete universes, fields, planes and dimensions, as or more complicated than your own exist in and expanded present of timelessness and spacelessness, (I made that up), and they will never interfere with each other. Many of you have caught fleeting glimpses of “out of this world” phenomena that you did not recognize and wondered if you really saw what you think you saw. These aberrations happen occasionally during physical storms or moments of spontaneous illumination and amount to psychic breakthroughs into others systems constructions.

This leads me to another question that you may ask, if space is an illusion, how can we travel to other planets and what do we land on if nothing is really solid. This answer is short and concise, but I will discuss this in more detail at another time.

Space travel by physically constructed space vehicles can be accomplished because your illusion is a REAL illusion and while you are in your physical body, all aspects of it will hold. In other words, planets, stars, etc will all be what you think the are and you will be able to use them in according to your beliefs, but your conception of space travel as it is now envisioned will prove to be futile because of the distances involved between inhabited planets, and you will never find the countless non-physical, transparent systems that exist closer to your planet. Future space travel will involve one of the inherent properties of the inner self, dissolution and reassembly of the atomic structure of the human body. You will be able to divest yourself of your familiar body pattern structure at your departure location, project your consciousness to the desired destination, and then reassemble your body, filling it its psychic pattern using the atoms available at the new location.

You will be able to utilize physical space travel in limited ways, but it simply will never become practical for most purposes for you at this time. There are shortcuts through the physical universe that could be used that will be eventually theorized, and we will discuss that at another time.

I almost hesitate to say this because I have alluded to it so many times in other articles, but in the true inner reality which is the source of all worlds and universes, all universes exist comfortably in the same space even though now you must perceive them in a somewhat linear fashion, stretched out one beyond the other into ever expanding space. This is the illusion which you must pay homage to while you dwell within its confines, but you can escape the illusion to some degree by enlarging your scope of perception through knowledge.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


There are a few important additions that I wanted to make to my last two articles concerning illness. I had told you that a specific illness will tend to give hints as to the nature of the defective beliefs that could cause that illness and that the illness would tend to symbolically mimic the inner source condition that is causing the problem. I also told you that it was not as easy as it may sound rooting out the causes of illness, but it is easier if the illness is well defined. You simply cannot ignore a cancer, tumor or major affliction and I made some suggestions as to what to look for. But there other subtle kinds of less conspicuous illness which are minor in comparison, but which can be a real pain, if you will forgive the pun.

For instance, you could have reoccurring pains, sniffles, colds, attacks of the flue and such, none of which would warrant an all out assault on the belief system, but which could over time, settle in and make themselves at home, and there is a real danger there. These subtle conditions are some of the most difficult to identify since they do not achieve a prominent place in the forefront of your attention like more serious illness would, but they can bring about a general degradation of the body and the psyche as it is beaten down by just tolerating the continuing illness. If you have ever had to deal with a permanent subtle but penetrating pain, you will know what I mean.

What you need to do in cases such as the above is not to search for some glaring inconstancy in beliefs, but for overall trends, a general decrease in the quality of your entire belief structure will usually result in diminished overall health of the individual, so don’t be afraid to look at everything.

The ego is superbly equipped to ascertain the condition of your outer environment and to call out the troops, so to speak when something goes awry, so it decides what the problem is and begins the creative process needed to remedy the situation. The ego looks outward on the physical world (Earth Reality), but the inner ego (subconscious), looks inward toward the inner universe of probabilities and specializes in the manipulation of inner energy, taking its cues from the ego.

In other words, the outer ego is like the actor in the play and the inner ego is like the managing director. Inner ego cannot look outward into the physical world itself, so it trusts the judgement of the outer ego to call up what it needs at any given time. You do indeed create your reality, but you do it unconsciously and seamlessly through the full co-operation of the outer ego and the inner ego working together. The outer ego through thought, desire and expectation channeled through a healthy belief system, decides what is needed and the inner ego brings it about through the creative process that we have discussed many times before, which of course involves the projecting of inner energy through an unseen barrier into physical materializations.

The inner ego does not judge or discriminate, it simply creates what the outer ego needs. In a way the inner ego is like a dynamo, handling the energy part of physical creation. It does not make judgements about what it creates, and although it knows far more than the outer ego, it follows directions well in the creation of physical matter. Thoughts follow beliefs, so if your belief structure is flawed your thoughts will be flawed and the creations will be flawed. The outer ego is usually too busy with daily business to give much serious thought to locating problem areas within its own belief structure, but the inner ego sees through that and knows discordant beliefs when it sees them. (I don’t mean “sees” by using physical eyes.)

It tries to faithfully replicate inner reality into the physical system, but is prevented from doing this because its abilities are compromised, it cannot faithfully create the reality of the inner state and project it outward into the physical system, so it alerts the outer ego using what I would call a coded system of alerts through the symbolic creations of illness. Under ideal conditions, the outer ego, notices these inconsistencies, makes the necessary adjustments to the belief system, health is restored and everyone lives happily ever after. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way, and very few individuals even have a clue about the symbolic nature of illness and sickness.

There is one last thing I want to mention here and that is this. I hear people with serious illness saying that they are going to “fight” the illness, they are going to battle against the illness and that they intend to win the battle. He or she’s a fighter and will fight and survive. Unfortunately, that approach is not always very successful.. Waging a war assumes that you are in a battle with someone or something who intends to do you harm. Illness, sickness and other afflictions are “neutral” and have no “ill intent” toward you or anyone else. You can’t fight a war against someone or something that is not at war with you.

I realize this is going to be very difficult for some to accept, and I hesitate to say it, but I decided in the beginning, not to water down or sanitize the information given here, so I must tell you that in most cases, illness is not accidental. You do not get sick because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or because you were attacked by a vicious virus or bacteria lurking within your body, waiting for cold weather to attack your system. You get illness because YOU have attracted it by degrading the quality of your belief system. You have caused it, and once you can accept responsibility for this, begin to look inward for clues to the blockages of the free and unimpeded flow of energy, you will begin the cure. The cure actually begins with your first thought about finding the cure, and the fact that you are reading this article, causes small but important changes.

There is NO ILLNESS that cannot be cured, no matter what anyone says. Spontaneous remissions happen all of the time, and the occurrence of only ONE spontaneous remission means that ALL illness can be cured. There is no such thing is an INCURABLE condition. All probabilities exist and are possible and all options are available to you, there is no such thing as pre-destination and there is no certainty that an illness will progress in any pre-supposed way.

Do not wage a war against illness, learn and understand, you gain nothing by going to war, the illness is not at war with you but is neutral, it is just another aspect of the human subconscious trying to do its job, but being prevented from doing so.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009


In our last article, I tried to explain the origin of illness in some varied cases. Of course, in articles such as this we can only hope to scratch the surface of such understandings. I hope to bring to your awareness and somewhat open up an inner reality that is the true bedrock of all physical actualities. I tried to explain, sometimes in a most inadequate way I suppose, the psychological source or most illness. I say most, because there are other sources of illness voluntarily adopted by the human personality for various reasons, but still, even in these cases, the source is still psychological, a need by the personality to confront a challenge in the form of an affliction. I have briefly explained a couple of those instances, and since we are not dealing with them here, you could go back to the last article if you would like to be brought up to speed on this subject.

In this article, I want to try to the best of my ability, to explain in words, that which is truly unexplainable through the use of language alone, so I ask you to call upon your inner intuitions to try and get a feel for what I will be saying here. The difficulty for me in explaining these concepts is that the concepts themselves do not originate in your familiar world or your universe and so it is not unusual that words were never necessary to explain that which was not physically observable in your context of time and space. This is not unusual since you cannot hold a concept, an idea or a thought in your hands, dissect it and examine it with your physical instruments. Actually, this knowledge regarding the true nature of illness comes from others far more advanced than I, who understand things far better than I do., but I am led to explain it the best I can.

It has occurred to me that I have not fully explained what I mean when I say that illness is the result of discordant beliefs, so I want to clear up what I mean when I say that. Illness is the result of the inner self responding to an unnatural accumulation and acceptance of negative, limiting and in some cases destructive beliefs. Illness is the result expressed in the human body in response to an accumulation or “excess” of negative beliefs. The important word here is obviously “excess”, since occasional hate, anger, dishonesty, etc. are natural feelings and emotions and can be in fact a healthy response to certain stimuli. It is just when these destructive beliefs and traits become for all intents and purposes, a way of life, and are carried to extremes over long periods of time that it becomes detrimental to the personal life of the identity.

These problems recognized as destructive by the inner self, must then be brought to the attention of the ego, so the inner self, inner you, (subconscious self), sends a message to the physical organism in the form of illness. The illness is neutral and is in no way negative in intent, although its effects may indeed be perceived as negative to the one who is sick. It is important to mention here that a long lasting illness, achieving a certain acquiescence on the part of the afflicted, takes on a life of its own, almost becoming a secondary personality, accepted and tolerated almost as an integral part of the self. For this reason if no other, a plan of action should be initiated to rid yourself of the problem before you begin to accept it as a permanent condition.

In our last article, I tried to explain how illness is a psychic phenomenon first, utilized by your inner self as a communication medium to alert the physical personality that there exists some psychological discord in the belief system of the personality, resulting in blockages in the flow of creative energy of the inner self as it projects itself outward to create the human form. When these energies are blocked, diverted or deflected from their original path by faulty, destructive or downright wrong beliefs on the part of the identity, then illness of some kind is sure to result. The nature and severity of the illness will have inner relevance to the personality and through introspection, and honest self appraisal, one can sometimes determine the cause of the illness and institute necessary changes which will result in the eventual cure you are seeking.

I am not saying that you should not go to a doctor for your illness, because in fact, they can help you identify the problem and treat it on the surface level and for some that is enough. The real problem is that treating the current illness, if done in any one of many traditional ways, will work to some extent if you truly believe you can be healed by the treatment administered. Long ago, witch doctors, medicine men, shamans and sorcerers did a pretty good job of healing as long as the patients believed in the treatment they offered. In many cases, they simply scared the sickness out of you. Just why you believe so intently in the doctor’s ability to heal you is another story and is not pertinent to this discussion other than to say that because doctors are held in such high esteem, their cures are usually very effective in most cases.

It is also important to mention here that the physical body has all of the tools built in to heal itself if you do not erect barriers in the way, blocking the natural flow of healing energy that is rightfully yours. Under normal conditions, assuming the belief system of the personality is healthy and not degraded, it is quite able to heal itself of even the most difficult to treat illness, but here again, this ability only functions well when it is unimpeded. Bottom line is that if you truly believe that you are immune from illness, you will be immune from illness and no nasty little bug will be able to assail a natural healthy human form.

I want to make a rather important point here and it is that when I say, when your body is its natural state of equilibrium, a healthy balance of beneficial beliefs, it is generally immune from illness. This state has absolutely nothing to do with what you have been taught about sanctimonious, religious living, walking softly, speaking quietly, attending church regularly, tithing and so forth. It does have something to do with healthy exuberant, spontaneous, rambunctious living, experiencing everything there is to experience without harming others. Having respect for the environment and nature of which you are an integral part and understanding your undeniable state of grace and your unique and rightful place in the universe.

There are some illnesses that seem to resist treatment in some patients and affect cures in others, the reasons behind this are simply the differences in the belief systems of the patients. If you truly believe that a doctor can heal you, then the chances are that you will be healed by any treatment the doctor prescribes. On the other hand, if you do not believe you can be cured by the treatment offered, no doctor will be able to cure you of your affliction and no physical cure alone will address the original reason for the illness in the first place, since that reason is subjective and no objective cure alone will result in a complete long term cure. You must get at the inner source of the illness in the first place if you are to affect a permanent cure,

So, here is what I suggest you do. Read all the information available to you on your illness and the possible and most successful cures. Go to your doctor and pursue a regimen recommended to bring about that cure. In the cases of some of the more common, less significant seasonal illness such as common colds, flu, etc., trust the body to know what to do to heal itself, give it some time. The human body is the best healer when you get out of the way of the healing process. Begin a “self examination” program, sit quietly with pen and paper at hand, trying to remember, thinking back in your past, even into your childhood, looking for the first signs of these distorted beliefs, yes, even if they came from good old mommy and daddy. There was a time that mommy and daddy were the sole providers for your well being and safety, but those days are over and remember, they could be wrong too, and you are the only one responsible for your health now, so you need to discover the roots of your health problems and those roots could reach back into your childhood.

A simple belief such as the old axiom that “Money is the root of all evil” inserted into your belief system, collecting other like beliefs, (remember, like attracts like), could for instance, cause you to have disdain for money and have financial problems all of your life. A simple belief that people catch colds in the winter because it is “cold” outside, following beliefs given by your parents at a very young age, to wear you ear muffs or you will catch a cold are not only misleading but can cause your immune system to lower its defenses to the very germs you want to protect yourself against.
This is the most difficult part of this process to understand. It really makes no difference whether the beliefs fall under the category of good or bad, true or false in relation to current societal standards since what you believe will become your reality and your reality will shift and adjust to accommodate and follow your beliefs whether or not they are valid beliefs. What is good or bad, true or false is simply what your civilization accepts as the norm for this particular era, and the standards are arbitrary. Today’s truth is tomorrow’s fiction.

Rather than look at it as; is this belief good or bad, true or false, it is better to look on it as; “Is this belief beneficial to my well being or not? Of course you must always seek truth, but you must be willing to honestly examine and appraise any suspect beliefs lurking around in the recesses of your mind and be willing to make necessary changes where deemed necessary. Over a lifetime, one can accumulate a corrupted belief system, not realizing that the beliefs can cause negative effect that ripple into all areas of your life.

I did this at one point in my life many years ago, more than I like to remember, and frankly, I was appalled at what I came up with, having never taken the time to really analyze my beliefs, I came to the conclusion that my entire belief system was so discombobulated that I decided that I needed to pretty much change everything and start from scratch. I didn’t really like the “me” that I found inside, the “me” that I had long ignored.. For some people, it is difficult to root out and discard unhealthy beliefs, and in many cases, that is the very reason that you keep coming down with the same illness again and again.

Finally, I do not mean to infer that it takes a distorted belief about health, sickness or illness to manifest illness in your life. Remember, I said that the inner self (subconscious) speaks to the outer self (ego) through the use of symbols and not words. Hypothetically then, a reoccurring leg or back pain that impairs your movement could be symbolic of distorted beliefs about unhappiness in your place of residence, projected outward on the physical body in some fashion to symbolize the lack of willingness to move your home to another physical location or to move forward in your life, brought to the surface by the manifestation of an illness restricting physical movement of the human body. It could also represent the reluctance to move ahead in your job or profession. A problem with your vision could represent “lack of vision”, in a variety of areas of your life and it could symbolize “lack of foresight”, refusing to “see” or face problems that lie ahead..

You can then see that discovering the true linkage between your beliefs and your illness is not an easy task. This is exacerbated by the fact that usually there is not only one clearly identifiable faulty belief, but a collection of many minor beliefs that in total add up to an unhealthy belief structure.

Consciousness is one of the basic properties of energy and one cannot be separated from the other since all energy is conscious and all consciousness is energy that is aware of itself. Consciousness creates the human body from the inside out, inserting itself physically through the introduction of the male sperm into the physical organism, then participating in the forming of the fetus. We have discussed this creation process in the past, but you should know that the human identify is the result of the impinging of varied component fields coalescing at precise time/space co-ordinates forming the body through the utilization of electrons, atoms, cells and molecules following directives of the still non physical driving consciousness

The real miracle is that these various invisible field components, psychic fields, electrical fields and mental chemical fields can intersect at some precise point and form a viable human body. At some point before physical birth, the previous non-physical consciousness impresses itself into the growing fetus. Once formed, the ego, the new self or outer conscious self takes over the job of the continued creation and maintenance of the physical structure and is from then on influenced by a wide variety of exterior stimuli. From birth you literally absorb information from a variety of sources, some beneficial and some not so beneficial, and when the non-beneficial information begins to predominate, the inner self begins to create in line with your conscious beliefs and expresses itself through illness. Illness then, is usually the cause of either one predominating faulty belief or an accumulation of many small faulty beliefs, expressed physically through the body in the form of illness.

Your job is to identify the suspect beliefs, change them, or eradicate them entirely if they no longer serve your purposes. Another real problem is that when you concentrate on the “illness”, you do exactly what you don’t want to do, that is, you lend strength to the illness itself and increase its power. So, you can see that this is not an easy task, but it can be done with patience, honesty and the willingness to admit that some of your most cherished beliefs need to be discarded and new healthy ones inserted.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Illness is one of the subjects that I get asked questions about most often and for that reason, I feel it is necessary to delve into occasionally. Unfortunately, illness is most difficult to explain in all of its ramifications, and to really understand it you would have to be somewhat more advanced in your understanding of the inner workings of the human consciousness, but I trust you can get some glimmerings of the true nature of illness from this material. Fortunately, I can touch on certain aspects of some of the reasons behind illness and make some suggestions on what you can do to alleviate some if the problems inherent in the reality behind the physical symptoms.

We have discussed in some detail the creation of physical matter and since illness affects the physical body, it must then have been created, but by who you may ask. There are some guilt obsessed people who attribute illness to some sort of punishment from God delivered to his subjects for various infractions or disobedience to his commandments or laws, and your clergy are only too eager to reinforce those flawed beliefs. There are others who attribute some reoccurring sickness to the latent defective genetic codes passed down to them from their parents or other family members. There is a common belief held by many that your world is a VERY hazardous world, inhabited by countless dangerous, vicious, predatory virus and bacteria, just waiting for the right season or condition to launch their offensive on mankind. But thankfully, your illustrious doctors now have the ability to create vaccines to confront such approaching armies of bugs and lay them low. Of course, these vaccines are effective only because you implicitly believe and expect them to be effective.

Well, of course, I say all of this with a smile on my face and cannot help but wonder why no one has stumbled on the real reasons behind illness, sickness and other afflictions of the temporary nature. I do want to once again just mention that permanent afflictions that were yours at birth, were ones that for one reason or another you invited into your life for the value of the lessons that could be learned from living a life with a handicap or health challenge. In this case you created a life with latent potentiality for the development of a permanent disability and for all intents and purposes, you will not be able to institute any beneficial changes as to healing or curing that which you yourself selected. Before you ask, why would someone intentionally create and accept a lifetime of illness or infirmity if he had a choice, but there is much that can be gained from triumphing over a permanent handicap or disability as evidenced by Steven Hawkins, one of the most celebrated scientists of your time, who by the way is a quadriplegic. Enough said about permanent disabilities adopted at birth, they fall into a different category entirely and shall be discussed at another time.

There is another aspect of illness that must be mentioned here and that is the natural inclination of the body’s immune system to periodically lower its natural defenses to stimulate and check it’s efficiency from time to time by inviting in a temporary, harmless illness, to activate defensive mechanisms within the human body that will in turn reject the attacking virus, thereby stimulating the somewhat inactive immune system. For this reason, even the most healthy among you will from time to time experience minor illnesses. This is also not what we are discussing here.

For now we are talking about serious illness and sickness but of a more temporary kind, which can be inconvenient, uncomfortable even quite debilitating, sometimes even resulting in death. Not all illness is significant enough to be considered here as a purposeful illness, but rest assured that all illness has a mental origin. The actual illness itself is but an outwardly observable symptom of a malfunction in the free flow of inner energy, a blockage caused by psychic barriers set up by conflicting beliefs presently held by the personality. Illness is the inner self’s attempt to deliver a message to the outer ego self that something is wrong and the illness itself, symbolic in nature, is meant to alert the outer self that adjustments need to be made to bring the body back into its natural state of equilibrium.

In the most simple terms, and this is a gross oversimplification for sure, but a healthy body is the sign of a personality who maintains a comfortable balance between himself/herself, family, friends, acquaintances and the environment. A healthy body is an outward sign of someone who does not harbor hates or bad feelings toward anyone or anything. That does not mean that they don’t get angry, but that they have learned how to let express and release their anger outward and allow it to dissipate rather than to hold it inside where it can grow and fester. In other words, they have learned how to get over it.

A healthy body is the outward sign of someone who has enough. Who does not need bigger houses, faster cars, larger diamond rings, but who finds comfort, satisfaction and enjoyment in simple pleasures, enjoying what they have, not envying what they don’t have, and who is not always striving to have more. They understand that physical “things” are only the props in the play and that real values are found in the intangibles of love, caring, natural grace, emotions, knowledge and wisdom. They find comfort in religion, or they find comfort in no religion, but they both sense their unspoken connection with the prime divinity that has no physical face. Please understand, I am not saying that there is anything inherently wrong with wealth, in fact, the possession of wealth can be wonderful, especially when used to benefit your less fortunate contemporaries.

A person with a healthy body may have been born under the pall of unfinished previous life challenges or indiscretions, but knows inherently that they have created their current difficulties whether in this life or another and they accept their responsibility in solving the problems and do not try to blame their problems on someone else. They may have been born with inherent pre-disposition to certain genetic deficiencies prevalent in their family history, but they trust an inner knowing that as cells can change, so can genes change, mutate and adapt to new beliefs and expectations and no presumed genetic affliction is pre-ordained and written in stone. They trust in the integrity of the human bodies ability to maintain and heal itself.

My intent in this article is not to cure the world, because that is hardly possible, but sickness in the future will be better understood and dealt with more even handedly and efficiently by your physicians and medical professionals, treating both the physical symptoms while addressing the inner mental aspects of the origins of illness. I hesitate to write this, but as your favorite evangelical preachers, Richard and Oral Roberts and friends would say, “the devil made me do it” (with a big evil smile),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and of course, this is an over simplification, but ”screwed up inside, screwed up outside”. That is the general rule. The outer condition will always try to mimic or reproduce the inner state and illness is simply an outer reflection of inner problems working their way to the surface so they can be physically observed and dealt with. The human body is an accurate barometer reflecting the inner state of being.

Now, if what I say here sounds plausible to you, I don’t want you to think for an instant that cures are easily come by, simply because finding the mental instigators to these blockages and diversions of the free, unimpeded flow or inner energy into outward manifestation is not an easy task, but it can be done with persistence and diligence. Here is why it is so difficult and here we go with another of my infamous analogies. Think of this flow of this inner energy as the flow of a stream channeled to turn a wheel in a grist mill used to grind grain into flower or to turn a turbine in a power plant. If a diversion is placed in the path of the flow of the water, shunting the water into other channels, the amount and force of the water that is available to drive the paddle wheel or turbine is reduced, thereby minimizing the efficiency of the wheel to perform its intended task. Look at your defective and impaired beliefs as diversions of the psychic energy stream from the inner self on its journey into the materialization of exterior physical objects and events, in this case your body.

Lets take a simple premise here, say that most of your life you have been taught that it is a sin to commit adultery. Many of your religions tell you that if you commit adultery, you will spend eternity in hell. One of your presidents went so far as to claim that he had sinned since he looked at a lady that was not his wife with lust. I have attempted to explain before that some of your most cherished “sins” are not sins at all in the context that you use the word, but you knew that and that is a discussion for another time. Your society in a great part believes that you are a naturally flawed species at birth, born in a state of sin and that you must constantly be attempting to rise above this blemished state. You are taught in a counter-intuitive way, not to look at, gaze upon or admire another member of the opposite sex within your own species, if they are married.

Now, this “gazing upon” may be risky business if the other spouse is around, but it is not sinful. On the other hand, the “belief” that it is sinful can set up mental conflicts within your thought patterns, that of course, will follow your beliefs, be they right or wrong beliefs. What is important is not whether your beliefs are valid, but that when your actions impede this natural flow of constructive energy, you will get flawed constructions, whether they be objects or events in your life. (An event is simply an object in motion as it is observed through the perspective of time.)

So, to your inner self (subconscious), there is an impediment (a defective, harmful belief), which is an obstruction placed in the stream of consciousness ability to create a somewhat perfect physical representation of an inner idea event, the physical body, resulting in a less than perfect or flawed physical construction. The inner self then needs to alert the ego self, (the I) identity that something is wrong and it uses one way that it can effectively communicate with the physical personality, by creating an observable defect in the reproduction, in this case the flaw being the illness observable though visible physical symptoms of the body itself. The symptoms are meant to give you a hint of of inner turmoil or discord, disrupting the energy flow.

You call it an illness, sickness or infirmity, usually not a disability in these cases, although in some instances the illness can be quite disabling until the problem is isolated and dealt with. The inner you speaks to the outer ego you, not with words, but in a symbolic way, so it’s messages to the outer personality will usually be in what you may call a coded form from the inner self, projected as an illness upon it’s own physical body, in as close a representation to the faulty beliefs as possible. In other words, the nature of the illness will usually have some relevance to the belief or the illness itself will serve to help identify the origin of the problem.

I am aware that this will be hard for some to accept, but look at it this way; what do you have to lose by considering what I am going to suggest. Here are some hints as to how the inner self uses symbolic messages represented by illness; for instance a mental over obsession with sex or sexual deviance, may be exteriorized by the inner self as temporary impotence or through some affliction occurring in the sexual reproductive area of the body. An overly pompous, inflated, conceited type of person may find themselves with an ulcer or tumor as an outward representation of the false idea of the “inflation of the ego” or “adding to or becoming more” the destructive tendency of the belief showing itself by growing as mass or weight of the personality, represented by becoming greater by adding a physical growth.

Now, doctors and medical men may indeed institute a cure for any given illness if the patient is agreeable to the cure, which incidentally, is not always the case. The problem with curing only the outwardly observable illness is that if the inner conflict is not addressed, the patient will just soon be sick again, adopting another illness since the real cause has not been found. Doctors do their best with the limited information they have available, but this will change as your civilization begins to realize the existence of the vast inner universe from which your physical universe and all of it’s manifestations emerge. Medical care will include not only pills and the removal of organs but also delving into the inner reality to discover the real cause behind illness.

I am aware that these concepts may be hard to comprehend at this time, but I can assure you that no illness ever randomly attacked anyone if the mental permission were not given. I have said this before many times, but this is not a meaningless world in a meaningless universe and life itself is not a haphazard, accidental state of existence. There is a reason for everything, and it is especially important to understand that all states of illness have a mental origin and can only be “permanently” cured by first addressing the inner psychological source. Finding and identifying that source is the real challenge and can only be done through introspection. There is more to be said on this subject.

Next Article Preview; What you can do to help cure illness.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Thoughts about my methods and our future agenda.

I thought it might be a good idea at this time to explain why I write this column, what I have to gain and the challenges we encounter together. It has probably occurred to many that what is given here will be of interest to only those who have progressed to a point in their emotional, spiritual and intellectual development that old worn out concepts of creation, birth, death, sin and punishment no longer hold any true meaning. In most of the myths, legends and children’s tales that you have been taught for centuries, you were given life and multitudinous opportunities for development, experiences and pleasures, then told to live and develop along only certain pre-described ways and in a counter-intuitive way, not to use what you have been given. God’s rules were set by man, so as to limit experience to the point that pleasure and satisfaction were severely limited, pleasure was held suspect and various other constraints were placed on humanity while in earthly existence.

Fortunately, some of you have broken through those limitations and are now ready to learn more about the inner reality that you have always sensed, but up to now, has remained elusive. Many of you have realized that billions of years of evolution of the universe and millions of years of evolution of humanity along with all other forms of living consciousness could not have formed a reality so simple as; God created the world in six days, rested and then laid down rules that essentially said, don’t use what I have given you or I will send you to eternal damnation.

When you come to realize that literally millions, if not billions of people still believe that, you will certainly understand that your civilization is just at its beginning. Who, in his or her right mind could actually egotistically believe that yours is the only world that contains viable living conscious beings and how can you ask such a silly question; “Is there anyone out there?” There are other worlds, dimensions, planes and universes as close as your bedroom furniture and you refuse to recognize their existence.

I speak to those of you who are ready to know more, and I cannot promise you that it is or will be easy, reality is not simple; it is complex to the point that even the most developed entities are not aware of all aspects of all realities, neither am I, but I am willing to share what I do know, and I know more every day. That’s the way knowledge migrates to those who seek it with strong desire and fervor. From my standpoint, as I anticipate new material to write about and attempt to explain it to you, these new ideas, concepts and truths continue to be given to me. In a way, the intense desire to know creates a psychic whirlpool, attracting knowledge and sometimes even answers to your most intimate questions. Like attracts like and you will be attracted to what you want to know. In a manner of speaking, you bring your own contribution to these discussions as your interest in these articles helps me to attract and focus on these enigmatic concepts and questions that you present and that also help in my spiritual growth. As you know by now, my concept of spiritual has nothing to do with religion as it is normally understood.

I am sometimes torn between my desire to attempt to explain everything that you want to know right now, and unfortunately, if I did that, there would be a quick exodus of our readers because the material would not be understandable, so I try to layer some of these more difficult concepts that we discuss, giving them to you in small doses, so to speak. It goes down easier that way. I try to do this in an orderly way, without detracting from the quality of the information I give, but simply withholding much that can be discussed as you become more familiar and comfortable with the material. Some of you may have noticed that I sometimes discuss the same subject from different perspectives so hopefully you can view these difficult ideas in a new and unique way each time. I will tell you that I am well aware of the difficulty in understanding some of these concepts that are at the very precipice of the ability for the human brain to comprehend.

After all, given the limitations of the human brain, who can be expected to understand that in the inner reality from which all outer reality springs, time and space do not exist and past, present and future rub elbows. The YOU that you will become, in greater terms, already exists now but you haven’t reached that point yet, in time terms, you haven’t caught up with your future self, but you will.

I knew in the beginning the difficult but rewarding task ahead and knowing the labyrinthine and mystical nature of intertwined identities, worlds, universes and God Himself that we will need to discuss and decided, that I would not water down these concepts in order to make them more comprehensible at the risk of diminishing the quality of the information. You will know when you are going in the right direction when you begin to have a deep hunger for knowledge. The knowledge exists; it is not locked behind some golden door waiting to be discovered by an archeologist in some future time. The knowledge that you seek is available NOW, it’s just not “readily” available and you will have to be persistent and diligent in your search. I don’t want to get too spiritual here, but I do love the inherent truth in the adage; “Seek and you shall find”, “Knock and the door will be opened”, so if you truly seek knowledge, you will find it, nothing is purposely withheld from you.

As I have said before, this information, not precisely in the same words, has been given before throughout the centuries, usually by entities no longer focused in your world, but of your world. Even though they have evolved far beyond anything you or I can understand at this time, they are still interested in Earth reality and some are teachers, driven to help you learn of your true heritage. For this reason, I have somewhat of an advantage, being intimately connected to the system myself; I can hopefully receiving information, relate to and pass on some of this ancient knowledge as it affects your society and civilization and even as it pertains to everyday events in your current news.

I hope I will be able to lead you into some of these ideas in a logical order so you can keep one foot grounded in your current belief system until you are ready to move on. In the past you have been misled by those who were uninformed and just plain ignorant, threatened by those who seek to instill fear in you and all with an agenda. I have said this before; that I have no agenda, I have nothing to sell, my only motivation is to help you take those first baby steps and learn about the origins of the universe, your world and your SELF. I hope to help you grow in your knowledge and evolve by acquainting you with the true nature of reality and all that it contains, and that is everything.

The emergence of your universe and your world into physical fact are truly mystifying, they are not beyond your ability to gain some understanding, but you will never understand if you rely solely on the intellect. Hard facts will only help you to discover hard objects and what you want to know doesn’t come wrapped in electrons, atoms and molecules, it comes through psychic awareness and psychological maturity. You were given a sublime inner intelligence, a knowing, you call it intuition and the birth of your universe and other universes can only be glimpsed through the use of both the intuition and the intellect. ANSWERS to your questions are not hidden forever and do exist and your civilization is just beginning to scratch the surface of the vast reservoir of inner knowledge that is there for the taking and understanding for those who persist.

You may ask, why should I care? what benefit is it to me to know these things? If you ask those questions, you are not ready to learn and I would refer you to Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, Kenneth Copeland or Jerry Falwell and others of their ilk, where you can readily find prayer cloths and holy water dipped in the River Jordan for sale.

On the other hand, you can benefit immeasurably by knowing why you are here, who you really are and about your spiritual heritage. As I have said before, you weren’t born yesterday although you may think you were. Can you imagine how liberating it can be when you finally learn that your identity is eternal and you will continue to live regardless of what you do in this life? Can you imagine the limitless possibilities available to you when you finally learn that you do indeed create YOUR reality and in concert with your fellows, create the reality of YOUR world?

From here on, I will be enlarging on some of the concepts we have already discussed, in small doses of course. Up to now I have pretty much confined our discussions to the one you, the one world and the one universe. I now hope to expand on those truths and acquaint you with other aspects of your identity, your soul and your entity, your universe and your God. You are far more than you suspect at this time but hopefully we can begin to ease into these concepts in a way that will make a transition of beliefs comfortable. The fact is that I have to be careful in discussing the immense complexities of even your own identity so as not to give you a feeling of insignificance in light of the enormity of such concepts. Rest assured that your identity/personality is secure and unique in this, the center of universe and others.

Here is the good news; there truly is no bad news, although it may be difficult to understand at this time. So, if I execute my self appointed task right, you will never leave this site feeling bad, discouraged or insignificant. Remember, life really is good, the universe is neutral in intent, but also leans toward positive manifestation. In other words, from your perspective, it is easier to create good rather than bad. No matter which life, which you or which world, there truly are no evil people, but there are misguided, ignorant and insane people who believe their evil acts are virtuous. There are some of you out there who live your lives in the shadow of presumed guilt, and that is not unusual since you have been taught that you were a sinner from birth, damned, tainted and cursed, so you expect and demand the worst in everything, and until you learn that you indeed attract the worst to you with this kind of thinking, you will continue to do so.

There is a better way to live your life and there is no reason as you learn that you really do create what we shall call “Your Reality”, that you cannot create a better life purposely and not drift aimlessly through life accepting the negative aspects of your life as if you had no part in their creation. You will learn that “bad things” in your life are at least partially inflicted upon yourself because of your current belief system. You truly are blessed and cherished and you can learn to create and expect good things in your life, and I will endeavor to make you aware of the greater reality behind your existence. Portions of your entire identity exist now in other systems, they are all you, but in total, you are much more than you know you are.

If you are confused about some subject that we are attempting to discuss or anything else, please post a question or comment in the comments box on this site, and I will answer to the best of my ability.

William Allan