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There are a few important additions that I wanted to make to my last two articles concerning illness. I had told you that a specific illness will tend to give hints as to the nature of the defective beliefs that could cause that illness and that the illness would tend to symbolically mimic the inner source condition that is causing the problem. I also told you that it was not as easy as it may sound rooting out the causes of illness, but it is easier if the illness is well defined. You simply cannot ignore a cancer, tumor or major affliction and I made some suggestions as to what to look for. But there other subtle kinds of less conspicuous illness which are minor in comparison, but which can be a real pain, if you will forgive the pun.

For instance, you could have reoccurring pains, sniffles, colds, attacks of the flue and such, none of which would warrant an all out assault on the belief system, but which could over time, settle in and make themselves at home, and there is a real danger there. These subtle conditions are some of the most difficult to identify since they do not achieve a prominent place in the forefront of your attention like more serious illness would, but they can bring about a general degradation of the body and the psyche as it is beaten down by just tolerating the continuing illness. If you have ever had to deal with a permanent subtle but penetrating pain, you will know what I mean.

What you need to do in cases such as the above is not to search for some glaring inconstancy in beliefs, but for overall trends, a general decrease in the quality of your entire belief structure will usually result in diminished overall health of the individual, so don’t be afraid to look at everything.

The ego is superbly equipped to ascertain the condition of your outer environment and to call out the troops, so to speak when something goes awry, so it decides what the problem is and begins the creative process needed to remedy the situation. The ego looks outward on the physical world (Earth Reality), but the inner ego (subconscious), looks inward toward the inner universe of probabilities and specializes in the manipulation of inner energy, taking its cues from the ego.

In other words, the outer ego is like the actor in the play and the inner ego is like the managing director. Inner ego cannot look outward into the physical world itself, so it trusts the judgement of the outer ego to call up what it needs at any given time. You do indeed create your reality, but you do it unconsciously and seamlessly through the full co-operation of the outer ego and the inner ego working together. The outer ego through thought, desire and expectation channeled through a healthy belief system, decides what is needed and the inner ego brings it about through the creative process that we have discussed many times before, which of course involves the projecting of inner energy through an unseen barrier into physical materializations.

The inner ego does not judge or discriminate, it simply creates what the outer ego needs. In a way the inner ego is like a dynamo, handling the energy part of physical creation. It does not make judgements about what it creates, and although it knows far more than the outer ego, it follows directions well in the creation of physical matter. Thoughts follow beliefs, so if your belief structure is flawed your thoughts will be flawed and the creations will be flawed. The outer ego is usually too busy with daily business to give much serious thought to locating problem areas within its own belief structure, but the inner ego sees through that and knows discordant beliefs when it sees them. (I don’t mean “sees” by using physical eyes.)

It tries to faithfully replicate inner reality into the physical system, but is prevented from doing this because its abilities are compromised, it cannot faithfully create the reality of the inner state and project it outward into the physical system, so it alerts the outer ego using what I would call a coded system of alerts through the symbolic creations of illness. Under ideal conditions, the outer ego, notices these inconsistencies, makes the necessary adjustments to the belief system, health is restored and everyone lives happily ever after. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way, and very few individuals even have a clue about the symbolic nature of illness and sickness.

There is one last thing I want to mention here and that is this. I hear people with serious illness saying that they are going to “fight” the illness, they are going to battle against the illness and that they intend to win the battle. He or she’s a fighter and will fight and survive. Unfortunately, that approach is not always very successful.. Waging a war assumes that you are in a battle with someone or something who intends to do you harm. Illness, sickness and other afflictions are “neutral” and have no “ill intent” toward you or anyone else. You can’t fight a war against someone or something that is not at war with you.

I realize this is going to be very difficult for some to accept, and I hesitate to say it, but I decided in the beginning, not to water down or sanitize the information given here, so I must tell you that in most cases, illness is not accidental. You do not get sick because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or because you were attacked by a vicious virus or bacteria lurking within your body, waiting for cold weather to attack your system. You get illness because YOU have attracted it by degrading the quality of your belief system. You have caused it, and once you can accept responsibility for this, begin to look inward for clues to the blockages of the free and unimpeded flow of energy, you will begin the cure. The cure actually begins with your first thought about finding the cure, and the fact that you are reading this article, causes small but important changes.

There is NO ILLNESS that cannot be cured, no matter what anyone says. Spontaneous remissions happen all of the time, and the occurrence of only ONE spontaneous remission means that ALL illness can be cured. There is no such thing is an INCURABLE condition. All probabilities exist and are possible and all options are available to you, there is no such thing as pre-destination and there is no certainty that an illness will progress in any pre-supposed way.

Do not wage a war against illness, learn and understand, you gain nothing by going to war, the illness is not at war with you but is neutral, it is just another aspect of the human subconscious trying to do its job, but being prevented from doing so.

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Anonymous said...

there is no such thing as illness, sickness or disease unless you tnink their is. every pain,discomfort, etc. is simply the body changing. most of the "doing nothing" is the best "remedy". stop ignoring or resisting anything, see everything as beneficial and trust the innate wisdom of every cell and molecule to create it's own harmony. i know, this is easier said than done. the time has come, NOW, to stop believing in the outdated myth of sickness,old age, decay and death. it is entirely possible to rejuvinate, regenerate and transmute every cell of the body from human pattern to the Divine Pattern - transmutation, inner alchemy, does not involve the death of the body. the belief in "two powers" is killing us! the outdated game of "virtue and vice" and the "pride and shame" that accompanies them is no longer serving us. the higher vibrational frequency that is now resonating on the earth cannot support any dual/polarity way of seeing-being. think about it - are you ready, willing and able to entertain an entirely new way of living, loving and BEING!? IT'S ALL UP YO YOU!! yOU ARE EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS YOU!

Karel said...

I agree that our subconscious may be responsible for illness, but what about illness in animals both domestic and wild? Animals get colds, cancers etc even wild animals do, but I do not think it is their subconscious.Why do animals get sick, do they have a mind-body connection?

W. Allan said...

There is a difference between domestic animals, which tend to mimic the frailties of their owners, sometimes adopting similar type of illnesses just as they adopt other characteristics. Animals in the wild too, have their reasons for illness, and of course, they live in a world of predator and prey, and this they understand, knowing inherently that todays predator will be prey in another life. The continuity of life goes on, whether man or animal.