Monday, August 3, 2009


Thoughts about my methods and our future agenda.

I thought it might be a good idea at this time to explain why I write this column, what I have to gain and the challenges we encounter together. It has probably occurred to many that what is given here will be of interest to only those who have progressed to a point in their emotional, spiritual and intellectual development that old worn out concepts of creation, birth, death, sin and punishment no longer hold any true meaning. In most of the myths, legends and children’s tales that you have been taught for centuries, you were given life and multitudinous opportunities for development, experiences and pleasures, then told to live and develop along only certain pre-described ways and in a counter-intuitive way, not to use what you have been given. God’s rules were set by man, so as to limit experience to the point that pleasure and satisfaction were severely limited, pleasure was held suspect and various other constraints were placed on humanity while in earthly existence.

Fortunately, some of you have broken through those limitations and are now ready to learn more about the inner reality that you have always sensed, but up to now, has remained elusive. Many of you have realized that billions of years of evolution of the universe and millions of years of evolution of humanity along with all other forms of living consciousness could not have formed a reality so simple as; God created the world in six days, rested and then laid down rules that essentially said, don’t use what I have given you or I will send you to eternal damnation.

When you come to realize that literally millions, if not billions of people still believe that, you will certainly understand that your civilization is just at its beginning. Who, in his or her right mind could actually egotistically believe that yours is the only world that contains viable living conscious beings and how can you ask such a silly question; “Is there anyone out there?” There are other worlds, dimensions, planes and universes as close as your bedroom furniture and you refuse to recognize their existence.

I speak to those of you who are ready to know more, and I cannot promise you that it is or will be easy, reality is not simple; it is complex to the point that even the most developed entities are not aware of all aspects of all realities, neither am I, but I am willing to share what I do know, and I know more every day. That’s the way knowledge migrates to those who seek it with strong desire and fervor. From my standpoint, as I anticipate new material to write about and attempt to explain it to you, these new ideas, concepts and truths continue to be given to me. In a way, the intense desire to know creates a psychic whirlpool, attracting knowledge and sometimes even answers to your most intimate questions. Like attracts like and you will be attracted to what you want to know. In a manner of speaking, you bring your own contribution to these discussions as your interest in these articles helps me to attract and focus on these enigmatic concepts and questions that you present and that also help in my spiritual growth. As you know by now, my concept of spiritual has nothing to do with religion as it is normally understood.

I am sometimes torn between my desire to attempt to explain everything that you want to know right now, and unfortunately, if I did that, there would be a quick exodus of our readers because the material would not be understandable, so I try to layer some of these more difficult concepts that we discuss, giving them to you in small doses, so to speak. It goes down easier that way. I try to do this in an orderly way, without detracting from the quality of the information I give, but simply withholding much that can be discussed as you become more familiar and comfortable with the material. Some of you may have noticed that I sometimes discuss the same subject from different perspectives so hopefully you can view these difficult ideas in a new and unique way each time. I will tell you that I am well aware of the difficulty in understanding some of these concepts that are at the very precipice of the ability for the human brain to comprehend.

After all, given the limitations of the human brain, who can be expected to understand that in the inner reality from which all outer reality springs, time and space do not exist and past, present and future rub elbows. The YOU that you will become, in greater terms, already exists now but you haven’t reached that point yet, in time terms, you haven’t caught up with your future self, but you will.

I knew in the beginning the difficult but rewarding task ahead and knowing the labyrinthine and mystical nature of intertwined identities, worlds, universes and God Himself that we will need to discuss and decided, that I would not water down these concepts in order to make them more comprehensible at the risk of diminishing the quality of the information. You will know when you are going in the right direction when you begin to have a deep hunger for knowledge. The knowledge exists; it is not locked behind some golden door waiting to be discovered by an archeologist in some future time. The knowledge that you seek is available NOW, it’s just not “readily” available and you will have to be persistent and diligent in your search. I don’t want to get too spiritual here, but I do love the inherent truth in the adage; “Seek and you shall find”, “Knock and the door will be opened”, so if you truly seek knowledge, you will find it, nothing is purposely withheld from you.

As I have said before, this information, not precisely in the same words, has been given before throughout the centuries, usually by entities no longer focused in your world, but of your world. Even though they have evolved far beyond anything you or I can understand at this time, they are still interested in Earth reality and some are teachers, driven to help you learn of your true heritage. For this reason, I have somewhat of an advantage, being intimately connected to the system myself; I can hopefully receiving information, relate to and pass on some of this ancient knowledge as it affects your society and civilization and even as it pertains to everyday events in your current news.

I hope I will be able to lead you into some of these ideas in a logical order so you can keep one foot grounded in your current belief system until you are ready to move on. In the past you have been misled by those who were uninformed and just plain ignorant, threatened by those who seek to instill fear in you and all with an agenda. I have said this before; that I have no agenda, I have nothing to sell, my only motivation is to help you take those first baby steps and learn about the origins of the universe, your world and your SELF. I hope to help you grow in your knowledge and evolve by acquainting you with the true nature of reality and all that it contains, and that is everything.

The emergence of your universe and your world into physical fact are truly mystifying, they are not beyond your ability to gain some understanding, but you will never understand if you rely solely on the intellect. Hard facts will only help you to discover hard objects and what you want to know doesn’t come wrapped in electrons, atoms and molecules, it comes through psychic awareness and psychological maturity. You were given a sublime inner intelligence, a knowing, you call it intuition and the birth of your universe and other universes can only be glimpsed through the use of both the intuition and the intellect. ANSWERS to your questions are not hidden forever and do exist and your civilization is just beginning to scratch the surface of the vast reservoir of inner knowledge that is there for the taking and understanding for those who persist.

You may ask, why should I care? what benefit is it to me to know these things? If you ask those questions, you are not ready to learn and I would refer you to Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, Kenneth Copeland or Jerry Falwell and others of their ilk, where you can readily find prayer cloths and holy water dipped in the River Jordan for sale.

On the other hand, you can benefit immeasurably by knowing why you are here, who you really are and about your spiritual heritage. As I have said before, you weren’t born yesterday although you may think you were. Can you imagine how liberating it can be when you finally learn that your identity is eternal and you will continue to live regardless of what you do in this life? Can you imagine the limitless possibilities available to you when you finally learn that you do indeed create YOUR reality and in concert with your fellows, create the reality of YOUR world?

From here on, I will be enlarging on some of the concepts we have already discussed, in small doses of course. Up to now I have pretty much confined our discussions to the one you, the one world and the one universe. I now hope to expand on those truths and acquaint you with other aspects of your identity, your soul and your entity, your universe and your God. You are far more than you suspect at this time but hopefully we can begin to ease into these concepts in a way that will make a transition of beliefs comfortable. The fact is that I have to be careful in discussing the immense complexities of even your own identity so as not to give you a feeling of insignificance in light of the enormity of such concepts. Rest assured that your identity/personality is secure and unique in this, the center of universe and others.

Here is the good news; there truly is no bad news, although it may be difficult to understand at this time. So, if I execute my self appointed task right, you will never leave this site feeling bad, discouraged or insignificant. Remember, life really is good, the universe is neutral in intent, but also leans toward positive manifestation. In other words, from your perspective, it is easier to create good rather than bad. No matter which life, which you or which world, there truly are no evil people, but there are misguided, ignorant and insane people who believe their evil acts are virtuous. There are some of you out there who live your lives in the shadow of presumed guilt, and that is not unusual since you have been taught that you were a sinner from birth, damned, tainted and cursed, so you expect and demand the worst in everything, and until you learn that you indeed attract the worst to you with this kind of thinking, you will continue to do so.

There is a better way to live your life and there is no reason as you learn that you really do create what we shall call “Your Reality”, that you cannot create a better life purposely and not drift aimlessly through life accepting the negative aspects of your life as if you had no part in their creation. You will learn that “bad things” in your life are at least partially inflicted upon yourself because of your current belief system. You truly are blessed and cherished and you can learn to create and expect good things in your life, and I will endeavor to make you aware of the greater reality behind your existence. Portions of your entire identity exist now in other systems, they are all you, but in total, you are much more than you know you are.

If you are confused about some subject that we are attempting to discuss or anything else, please post a question or comment in the comments box on this site, and I will answer to the best of my ability.

William Allan


Anonymous said...

I posted a comment and question in another entry and I think that this article/personal note may be in response to my question, for which I thank you.

I would love to know more about how we, ourselves bring negative events upon ourselves so that I can begin to do work to try to stave off as much as is possible and create more positive into my life in general.

I have long since pshawed the "fairy tale" of typical religious belief systems. It just didn't sit well within me. I know that there's more to everything than what is and has been taught through traditional religious institutions. Quantum Physics is one area that has opened my mind quite a bit but, I am far from knowing everything and agree that none of us do know all. Questioning is one way of opening our minds. The more we know, the more we learn that we don't know. It can become mind-boggling to say the least.

So, having read books like "The Secret" and many by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (although hard to wade through with the constant references to a god, sitting on a throne in heaven, judging us all *smile*), I know that there's something that I'm not catching onto fully.

I look forward to hearing more of what you have to say.

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for your "informed" comment. You are indeed on the right course and there is much to learn once you learn the trick or weeding out the chaff from the good stuff. There are many evolving, intelligent writers who just can't pry themselves away from Billy Graham and his cherished eternal damnation. But you can understand why they are so petrified of religions promised punishments, after centuries of threats of unspeakable retribution by a (loving God?).
When they finally learn that God does not look like Charleston Heston and does not walk around on a cloud in human form carrying a lightening bolt to smite all "sinner mortals", for an admiring "sinful glance" at the opposite sex, the better off all of humanity will be.
Fortunately there are evolving personalities such as yourself who see through the veil of implied guilt and punishment.
Keep on your path.
William Allan