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Soul Mates, Counterparts & Time Contemporaries

I have mentioned counterparts before in my article titled “Soul Mates” but we only touched on a small area of interest, and I had always intended to expand on what was said, so this is as good a time as any. I should mention that I do not re-read previous articles for fear of repeating something or maybe unconsciously influencing what I intend to say in the new article, so there is a risk here that some material may seem familiar to some of our readers. I would prefer to have each article that I write stand on its own and to be from a fresh perspective.
I was recently thinking about what is now an ancient past of mine in what seems to be another life entirely, but in remembering, a really good analogy popped into my mind, if I must say so myself, so I will try it out and see if it holds water. There was a time when creek fishing was one of my favorite things to do on those hot summer days in the midwest. Usually a friend and myself would try and find a small stream or shallow river that we could wade in. We would wear a minimum of clothing such as T-shirt, shorts and sneakers and carry a small lightweight spinning rod and fish with an artificial lure.
The idea was to wade either up or downstream and fish the quiet pools of water while walking over or around the small sandy banks or islands that formed in the middle of the streams. It occurs to me here that while wading, and from the viewpoint of the wader (me), these small islands seem to be independent, separate one from the other and from the bank of the stream. When viewed from above there is no doubt that they are separate entities, somewhat similar but always different in many respects. Some of the smaller islands are mostly all sand with only some scrub growth with a few water creatures crawling up on their banks while some of the larger islands are much more expansive, with much lush vegetation, trees, bushes and wading birds.
From a horizontal perspective of the wading fisherman, it would seem that they are indeed separate islands and different in their own unique ways. Of course, if one were to put on a swimming mask and view the stream from under water, it would be obvious that the islands were connected by the bottom of the river or stream and in a greater perspective, one could extrapolate that the bottom of the stream was connected to the river banks, to the continent and the seemingly separate continents were connected by the bottoms of the worlds oceans.
The obvious inference here is that what originally appears as islands to the casual observer, when observing from a different perspective, would see that everything is connected to everything else. This does in no way affect the fact that both of the islands here in discussion were independent in their own ways, developing their own unique size, environment, flora and fauna and distinct character, while still being connected in unseen ways to the other islands in the river or stream.
In one way, there are indeed “Islands in The Stream” and for practical purposes they are independent, with full freedom and ability to develop in their own ways. In that respect, in the whole physical world, there is no island that is identical to another, all being unique and standing alone, but still connected to all others in ways that might not be obvious to the casual observer.
What has this to do with the human race or other races or even other species? If one were to liken the stream or oceans in this analogy to the streams and oceans of consciousness and the islands to the personalities and identities of all living things that grow, fly, walk, craw or swim through those streams, one could see that there is a connection, even though that connection may be invisible or transparent to the casual observer.
In my article on “Soul Mates”, I discussed the projections of consciousness into the Earth system, the subsequent fracturing of the original “package of identity” as it enters the Earth system, scattering what could only be called related living personality fragments across the surface of the Earth in one same time period. This characteristic method of introduction of related, potential human personalities into different cultural, social, artistic, scientific and religious backgrounds from different countries, races and belief structures, insures the Soul/Entity of vast ranges of experience that it could not realize otherwise.
There is then a deep and abiding psychic relationship between these counterparts of consciousness even though they may be on the other side of the world. Because of these psychological ties, there is an underlying attraction between them that can bring them together across oceans if necessary, sometimes because of similar areas of interest, even though their main vocations or avocations may be diametrically opposed on the surface of things.
Therefore it would not be unusual for these counterpart personalities to end up in the same city, state, country or geographical area in groups, clubs, political parties, churches or other groupings together. Obviously, because of the same psychic lineage, close physical relationships formed between these brothers and sisters of consciousness can make for very close “Soulmate” life partners, or not. Because there is also the factor of complete individuality and freedom of choice, these underlying psychic ties do not insure compatibility on the physical level, but they do insure that if a relationship is struck, it has the potential of a long lasting companionship and devotion. I want to emphasize that it is not a bit unusual to find one or more of your Soul Counterparts among your circle of closest friends. They will be the special ones with which you form close bonds.
There are also Earth Challenges and everyone, and I do mean everyone, on the Earth in this particular century or time period has shown interest in and accepted before their physical birth. The Earth in any given era, is a platform for experience that is chosen by the Soul/Entity and by the potential new earth personalities before physical birth. There is not one individual alive at this time that was not aware of what he or she was getting into. You might say that you were primed for facing and learning from the particular kind of world events that you are seeing today.
They would not be the type of personalities that would have thrived or benefited from experience in the early cave man periods, nor would they have been very adept in the time of the Renaissance of the great artistic masters or the Industrial Revolution. You, and all of your “Time Contemporaries” all six billion or so, alive at this time have a world-wide psychic connection that underlies your common existence and challenges that you were consciously aware of before the first atom joined with others to form the first cell of your body that you utilize in this life.
When the challenges of this age are dealt with, problems, solved, challenges dispensed with and learning opportunities diminished, your mass earth experiment and all of those associated with it will be drawn down, diminished in number and minimized as a new era and new challenges are phased in, a new paradigm begun. The new coming earth cycle will deal with the expansion of consciousness as earth personalities begin to realize the potentials of understanding the realty of “probabilities”, “psychic powers” and the reality of their “eternal identity and brotherhood with all living creatures” now latent in every identity.
The message here is that from the purely physical viewpoint, you may seem to be an island in the stream, but you are connected with not only other living humans, but with all living things. If you are looking for the most evolved among you, look not to those who proclaim their holiness, their spirituality, their ability to recite passages from the holy books or so called ascended masters or gurus isolated in caves, but to those who show kindness to the other living things that share the earth with you and pass it on to the next cycle of personalities waiting in the wings.
Some of you are actual psychic counterparts, living portions of the same Soul/Entity, and in some cases, maybe even potential soul mates, others are psychological contemporaries of your era drawn together, sharing the challenges of the age, in that respect, you are solution related and you are all alive at this time for basically the same reasons.
You are all connected in more ways than you know, and will share each others company in other ages and face other challenges in other more advanced systems. No matter what the Earth age, you are in a learning system and what you consider as destruction is a deceptive illusion since destruction is impossible, it only appears that way to you, so give it a good go. And remember; the universe is deceptive too.
There are no real islands in the stream ! It may seem so, but that too is illusion.

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The question as it was posedI have read about how I could get a reading that would explain my characteristics and predict my future, how is that possible since the future doesn't exist yet? I just can't seem to get it through my head how the planets can affect my life, Is my future pre-planned by God?

Astrology is one of the least understood psychic phenomena that is believed to explain your personality and how you relate to your present world, affecting individual lives and world events alike. On the other hand, if you really knew the true nature of reality and perception, you would see the flaws in astrological predictions. The basis for much of the misconception is that the assumption that the universe and planets are relatively stationary, enduring and predictable in their characteristics, and this is far from the truth. The question must then arise, if the reality of the planets, stars and heavens is not really known, how can reliable predictions be made based on calculations that must someway be flawed. 
An explanation of astrology and the accuracy of horoscopes may make sense to you if you do not understand the true nature of creation and perception, and we have discussed those subjects before in these articles under the classifications here mentioned. If you believe, for instance, that upon your birth, you emerged into a world of “absolutes, you are greatly mistaken. You, in an over simplistic explanation, emerged into a world into which you were somewhat pre-conditioned to see things a certain way. Coming alive as never before in a new set of unique conditions somewhat predisposed to provide the suitable background for the challenges that you have selected for your new life.
Of course, this infers that you were alive before your birth and that is so. The opening of eyes of the fetus in a new world for the first time does not equate with aliveness in any way. It simply is the awakening to new avenue of focus in a physical world from a fresh viewpoint. You also emerge into a world of unlimited probable futures from which you could choose to actualize as a relevant format for your life that fits in with your before-life pre-conditioning.
In addition to that, you enter the physical “Earth System” of reality emerging from the womb with what seems to be an ever enduring concrete reality, set in stone objects and historical events from which you accept, draw from and then add to your life experience. So, there are many variables that are not as exact as they may seem.
The personality that you will develop in this world after birth is somewhat influenced by and the result of previous lives that you have lived before. The fetus does not enter this world as a blank slate to be written on by present experience only as some may think, but this newly developed personality is partially built on past lives experience that serves as reference points in developing the new identity.
I will not go into any great detail here about how perception actually creates the reality that you then experience and then react to, other than to say, that objects and events, in a very real way, are what you make of them. What I mean is that objects and events are basically an available field of energy that has been projected, creating a focal point in a time/space continuum in accordance with someones idea of what they wanted to create.
Your type of consciousness then, uses its unique senses to interpret that block of energy into your own version of the intended materialization. In that regard, materialization is simply a process of sensual perception, comparing what is perceived to other known patterns and then smoothing out the perceived differences through a kind of underground mental communication, to create the mass accepted versions of objects and events that are accepted by your world.
In other words, no two objects are the same for any two people. You create your objects from patterns of energy, and what that means on a strictly utilitarian level, is that an object or event is what you perceive it to be, but what I perceive it to be may be somewhat different. A visitor to this planet from an alien world with different sensual mechanisms, would perceive the same energy field focal point as a totally different object or not at all. He may sense something is there, but would not be able to bring it into focus. To him, it may be interpreted as static or a hazy semi-construction.
I needed to say at least what has been said before trying answering the question at hand. Having said what I need to say, let me say that the stars, planets and heavens, so important in astrology predictions are not exact and enduring in your universe by any means. They are intrusions into your universe by other types of consciousness not known to you, and they are only partial intrusions. In other words, you are not perceiving the whole pie, but just slices.
To your astronomers, stars seem to explode, die and disappear, but in truth, they simply change their focus, migrating into another dimension and may reappear in your universe again in some other time. As an aside, stars and planets are consciousnesses of a different scale entirely and to you they may appear to twinkle but on other scales that you cannot perceive, you twinkle to the identities within those systems.
Based on that, you see, if predictions were made based on the medium, or astrologers understanding of what they were observing and calculating, it would only truly be relevant to them, since they would be drawing inferences from the universe that they create, and you would be seeing the universe that you create, and if those differences could be adequately compared between what you see and the astrologer sees, you would wonder how so many people could base their lives on such predictions. In other words, there is no absolute universe that you can rely on to base your calculations and predictions.
Some astrologers base their calculations on your birth date, assuming there is a connection with the “coming alive” of the fetus as it enters the physical world, but even the assumption of “aliveness” at birth is flawed since, in one form or another, you have always been alive. Granted, you were not always alive in a self aware type of consciousness, but remember, there is NO NEW consciousness being created. All consciousness that ever existed in the past, the present and will ever exist in the future; Exists Now.
Consciousness comes alive in many worlds over many eons and even though the body may die, the personality lives on. The Soul grows a completely new personality for each new life, utilizing earth elements to build up the physical structure, inserting consciousness at the appropriate time before birth, and that time varies depending on the motivations of the new identity.
If the consciousness is not overly enthusiastic about being born again in a physical body, it may linger until the last minute before birth occurs before entering the fetus. On the other hand, if the consciousness is anxious to join with the body and begin the new life, it may enter the fetus within only a few weeks of conception.
So, then, if predictions are made based on the beginning of life, what would you consider the timing of the beginning of life, the entrance of consciousness into the fetus or the entrance of an already conscious and alive fetus into the physical world?
The variances of the timing of the coming alive of a new identity are diverse, almost so diverse to make predictions of future events and identity characteristics based on the moment of birth almost impossible if you equate the awakening of consciousness as birth. Consciousness is always present before physical birth. Just as the exact point of the beginning of life cannot be accurately predicted for astrology purposes, neither can the exact point of death be predicted.
To understand the difficulty in making predictions, either based on hunches, clairvoyance or the movements of the stars and planets, it is necessary to understand that the future does already exist, but so do all possible futures exist, rubbing elbows, so to speak in the vast psychological field of future probabilities. One future is not any more real than another until the last minute before actualization, but relatively accurate predictions can be made by some few individuals whose psychic abilities are quite advanced. They are able to probe the most likely probabilities and make educated guesses based on those probable leanings, but even then, the future  cannot be predicted with any certainty.
Before birth a new personality makes many personal decisions about their upcoming birth into the arena of physical reality, to be born here or there, to a particular set of parents. Choices are made as to the best environment for the development of latent talents and abilities. The personality, taking the advance knowledge available to it, may choose a particular season or month to be born and they choose certain conditions and if after birth, looking back, those talents and abilities seem to correlate with physical facts, then astrological accuracy is claimed, but the accuracy is strictly by chance.
You have been born with free will and even the consciousness of an ant or an alive cell in your body, has free will and will follow their own inclinations. The choices they make on their own level of awareness indicate their preferences, but either can change directions of their lives and nothing is pre-destined to happen to ants or men.
So choices before, during and after birth can be changed including the time of birth. The placement and movement of the stars and planets do exert a certain influence on you at birth, but so do you exert an influence on them. This is a very true statement; the birth of an alive baby into your world changes everything in the known universe, so it should not be such a stretch to imagine that the movement of planets and stars would also affect you.
You live in an ocean of interactivity, where the slightest movement of a grain of sand on a beach on one side of the world, affects other grains of sand on other beaches on other sides of your world. Everything is interconnected and everything to one extent or another, affects each other.
In that sense, there are no islands in the stream.
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The question as it was posed;
Your write up is like a journey in itself...
I once heard a religious man say that "Dreams are not to be taken seriously. If they were, they would be reality and not a dream..."
Often, I'm baffled by the weird dreams I have. Thus the question - Why do we dream??

Organized religions are usually the last source of credible information that you should trust, since they are usually blinded by the dogma of their particular faith. At last count that I know of, there were over 6000 religions worldwide, all, may I add, claiming theirs to be the only way to God and truth. Real truths will never be found kneeling in any church listening to someone explain why you are a sinner. Real truths do exist and they can be found by searching for that which exists within the psyche of each and every person. Organized religion, usually will not harm you but it most certainly will delay and impede your understanding of the true nature of the Universe, the God, and the Divine Processes that make up all realities.

Answer; You Dream Because You Must.........and here is the rest of the story.

Before we begin this discussion, it is imperative that you know that ALL CONSCIOUNESS dreams to some extent. Humans dream, animals dream, flowers and trees dream, insects and fish dream, and down to the microscopic level and beyond to the invisible particles that make up all psychical structures, they also dream. So there is no confusion, atoms, molecules and cells dream their dreams according to their levels of self awareness, certainly not of the same complexity as human dreams, but meaningful to them. It would not be wrong to say that all consciousness, to some extent, dream themselves into existence.
Dreams are wonderful things when understood for what they really are, and can be used to add a new dimension to your life or at least expand and enhance the quality of your life immeasurably. You obviously create your dreams, but as there are different levels of your “subconscious”, there are different levels of sources of your dreams within that subconscious.
Obviously, dreams reflecting activities of your daily life experience originate closest to the surface area of the awake ego and can be used to help solve problems occurring in your life at any given time. Dream reality was never meant to replace your awake physical experience, but to augment it and bring to your attention that inner reality that is so necessary to enjoying a full and fruitful life. A healthy, fruitful, fulfilled life = awake experience + dream experience.
Dreams that are more mysterious, sometimes chaotic in nature, coming from other levels of your subconscious, are to one extent or another, originated in the “inner ego” or by the “inner self”, the portion of your identity that deals more directly with the inner reality of your Soul/Entity. The inner ego is privy to information that you do not have easy access to. It does not relay information in “word oriented language”, so it doesn't structure dreams in English, French, German or any other physically spoken language, but a universal, symbolic language understood by all races of man.
The inner ego, transcends physical time and space, creates your dreams using symbols and events in all languages and in that respect, dream messages are universal to all races and societies, and that is one of the reasons they seem so disjointed or chaotic when you try to interpret them when you wake up in the morning. Your unconscious tries to reinterpret, sanitize and reorganize your dreams so their symbolic meanings can be somewhat understood by the waking ego in your native language.
Dreams are often dismissed as hallucinatory fantasy, junk left over from waking reality, but in fact dreams make your kind of reality possible. Were it not for dreams, you could not live. Dreams are in fact a very difficult thing to discuss and understand because you must necessarily try to examine your dream landscape from your exterior physical “awake” reality and so the results of your introspection are often so prejudiced in favor of the “waking reality” that little can be learned. I do believe that most of you have some lingering inner knowledge that dreams are more important than they are given credit, and here is why.
Your dream self always exists whether you are aware of dreaming of it or not. Now, imagine being fully awake in your dream image as your dream self is, and looking up into the physical universe and seeing you going about your daily duties. To this dreaming self, YOU are the hazy, transparent, image living a very chaotic physical existence. In other words, to the dreaming you, you are the dream personality and he/she is the awake, vital and vibrant version of you and you are the dream image.
Your physical image is your understanding of what you are materialized in time and space, but you also exist as a dream personality that exists just as real as your physical image, has structure and form and permanence, but it does not have mass, weight or bulk.
You are used to thinking that when you go to sleep at night, you drop off into a “temporary dream” where you participate for a given length of time in one or more events, until the dream ends and you wake up. You then assume that the dream ceases to exist, goes away, drifting off, lost somewhere in the mists of time or space. A dream is actually more of a vehicle that allows you to enter an ongoing dream universe, that exists independently, yet intimately with your own physical universe on other levels.
The truth is that there is an actual, real, dream universe that exists just as assuredly as your physical universe, and is quite as active and enduring. If the dream universe was physical, which it is not, at least in terms that I need not explain at this time, it would be located adjacent to and on the other side of the physical universe, and on the other side of the dream universe, you would find the universe of Anti Matter.
The dream universe is a bi-product of the physical universe and the universe of Anti Matter is a bi-product of the dream universe, and with that thought in mind, you could say that the physical universe came into existence first. That does not infer that one is qualitatively less than the other, for all three exist in a mutual supportive way. You could assume that your familiar Positive Universe and the Universe of Anti Matter, both utilize the same Dream Universe in the furthering of their reality goals and mass psychic intents. Neither physical universe could exist without the dream universe.
The dream universe is permanent and there is a permanent dreaming version of yourself that is quite “at home” existing within that seemingly semi-transparent perspective. When you go to sleep at night, you do not just create a dream scenario and then jump into it, but you simply become aware of the dreaming side of your identity that is already there and insert a new scenario that your identity feels is relevant and wants to explore and learn from.
A dream then, does not just begin and end, but you become aware of the already existing dream universe as you drift off to sleep at night, and lose that awareness when you wake up. The dream universe goes on quite well whether you are aware of it or not. The Seth Entity explained it quite well with this analogy; When you enter a movie theatre while the movie is already running, you do not assume that the movie just began when you entered and took your seat. And when you decide to leave the movie theatre before the movie is finished, you do not assume that the movie ends when you walk out of the door. In much the same way, when you fall asleep at night and enter the dreaming perspective, you simply enter an ongoing universe of non-physical events and experience and insert your own relevant subject matter.
Because of dreams, you are not locked in an eternal present, since in your dreaming state, you are in a very real sense, taking excursions into the field of future probabilities, trying out possible future events for actualizations, without which, no potential future could be ascertained and no choices made. In the dream universe you have access to future and past events just as you have access to explore other (probable) versions of your present. There time is malleable, plastic and pretty much non-existent, so you can explore and relive past events as easily as an archaeologist explores ancient bones except in the dream universe, you are exploring the archaeology of the mind.
In dreams, your physical body jettisons accumulations of toxic chemicals that build up during daytime activities and must be released in order for the physical system to function properly and that requires a body that has, at least temporarily, lulled the ego consciousness to unknowingly release its pervasive hold on the physical body for these reactions to take place.
In your dreams, you as an individual personality, often recall and assess the results of your past actions and use that knowledge to help you create new ideas for constructive future creative life events. You, as a participating personality in mass world events do much the same. You contribute to your own private dream reality, but you also contribute to the mass world dream experience. World consciousness is connected in the dream state just as it is connected in the waking state, and all mass events of a local, state, country and world order are dreamed of before they are materialized in the physical world for all to see and experience.
In that respect, the recent events now taking place in Egypt and much of the Middle East and Arabian peninsula were visualized in dreams around the world long before the first mass demonstration took place in Tahrir Square.
The official Egyptian government believed that shutting down the mass media, the internet and telephone system would close off communications to the extent that dissent would be stifled or eliminated. What they didn't consider or even if the did, they would not understand the pervasive inner psychic connections of world populations through mass shared dreams. An idea longing for expression, can flash across the world faster than the fastest computer's data transmission of a Facebook page.
No war was ever fought, no government ever overthrown, no space vehicle ever landed on the moon whose reality was not first known by all, explored and knowledge disseminated in the dream state first. No idea and no great invention was ever created that was not first thought of in a dream. Some of the greatest inventors, statesmen, artists and scientists were accomplished dreamers.
You literally dream your personal/private world into consideration before you create it and en masse, your civilizations create your worldwide successes and disasters in the dream state before you actualize them and then see them miraculously materialize before your eyes, and then act surprised. In somewhat the same way, mass natural disasters are created as repressed dreams and aspirations of the citizens of cities, counties, states and countries begin to surface and affect world weather systems in unpredictable and sometimes catastrophic ways.
The energy behind despair locked up in an unhappy or frustrated population, communicated through dreams, not able to flow naturally, pent up, must be released and may express itself in a mass demonstration in a city square or in the devastation of an entire region, caused by a flood or tornado.
The flood or tornado could in that respect also affect areas hundreds of miles away, favors no one and does not discriminate, but the released energy must be vented somewhere sometime. So, you could very likely see demonstrations in other countries, not only in physical demonstrations of populations, but in natural disasters affecting the surrounding areas, as a fractured earth crust in one area of the ocean can affect a country by a tsunami hundreds or even thousands of miles away.
None of this is easy to understand, and my explanations are by necessity, short and abbreviated because of the format limitations of these articles. There are indeed countless physical and psychological components, intermixing, melding, adjusting, attracting other like components before the first atom attracts others of like propensities in its journey into physical objects and events.
Like any other skill, you can learn to dream more constructively by giving yourself the suggestion before sleeping of the information you seek, expect it to come, and remember, practice makes perfect.