Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I hope you will forgive me for interrupting the flow of our articles, but sometimes things change on the world front that present a great opportunity for me to talk about and reinforce a topic that we have already discussed to some extent. The recent claim that scientists have “Created Life”, is indeed a juicy topic and has many implications that I am not able to comment on at this time, since we have not discussed other preparatory material that would be need to have a better understanding of the creative process. But we can discuss some of the aspects of whether or not this is actually “Creating Life” as we think of it is a moot point, because if this recent discovery is not actually creating life as you think of it, that reality will come some time in the future, and we should look ahead at what would happen if it becomes possible within your framework of relevance of “What life really Is” and what is actually alive and what is non-alive inert matter.

“A well known scientist, famous for his work in mapping the human genome, Dr Venter, who has been working on synthetic life for a decade, claims “It is our final triumph. This is the first synthetic cell. It’s the first time we have started with information in a computer, used four bottles of chemicals to write up a million letters of DNA software, and actually got it to boot up in a living organism. “Though this is a baby step, it enables a change in philosophy, a change in thinking, a change in the tools we have. This cell we’ve made is not a miracle cell that’s useful for anything, it is a proof of concept.”

We have learned, hopefully, that consciousness resides in and is an absolute underlying factor inherent in all matter. Matter is another form of energy and all energy is conscious of itself, yes, maybe not possessing the kind of consciousness of more organized conscious gestalts such as found in higher forms of“living matter”, such as plants, animals and humans, but a more generalized, non-self aware flavor of consciousness. Remember good old Albert Eienstein? E=Mc2, or Energy equals matter x velocity squared or put another way, matter is simply another face of energy in motion. All energy is to some extent conscious, so the inference from that statement is that all matter possesses energy consciousness. Please understand that I am not inferring that a unit of energy is somehow a “little person”, but that it is aware that it IS, that is all.

We have also discussed and hopefully learned in our continuing journey, that consciousness always comes first and using its unique abilities, using its inherent capabilities, projects its energy into matter that you call objects and events, then name and catagorize them as your own. Not even the smallest speck of matter will ever beget consciousness, but the smallest unit of consciousness will gather about itself other like units, to form matter, and this is how the first atom appeared in the physical universe.

Now, here is the important stuff that you need to know, and somehow, many of you already sense but need reminding. You create your own matter with your beliefs, thoughts, imaginings, ideas and expectations. Those attributes are the propellants that consciousness uses to form and fill in psychic patterns for matter that will then be recognized as objects and events in your world.

So, your scientists, in their investigations and experiments, using more and more sophisticated instruments, will continue to find smaller and smaller particles under their microscopes and will find more distant planets, almost ad infinitum, until they finally stumble on one simple fact, that in their intensive searches, they are actually creating the particles and planets that they are so feverishly trying to find. You now create such realties but don’t realize that you are doing it subconsciously, just as you create your dream images and impart a small portion of your own consciousness into the dream bodies that you then experience. You were created in much the same way by your soul/entity, but with one important difference.

The entity creates its personalities (You), and other such personalities, carrying ALL OF THE ATTRIBUTES of the entity/soul. You create images, dreams, imaginings, thought forms, you might call them psychic children, quite as real but with this one important difference, your creations are similar to giving physical birth to an infant, the infant and your creations DO NOT carry all of your creative characteristic abilities as your children do not carry all of your inherent abilities. These psychic children, so to speak, are actual and real, they do exist in their own level of reality and once created, they cannot be recalled or negated. They will find their sympathetic level of reality and evolve as you evolve in the physical system.

If scientists seem to be creating something that could spin out of control, it is not so, since they have been creating particles all along in their pursuits. The big difference here is that they have observed the physical creation and you do not consciously observe the creation of your particles, objects and events, but that does not negate the fact that you indeed are still their creator, albeit unconsciously at this stage of your evolution. Science will NEVER create what you refer to as“Self Aware” identities/personalities, since this ability lies only within the scope of the entity and the entity is not of this world, nor this universe. A self aware personality is a “fragment” of the soul/entity and this ability can never be accomplished from within the physical system. Period.

Just to make it perfectly clear, it is not unusual for mankind to create particles, molecules and cells, since they are simply the physical buildup of a camouflage nature, an overlay of the inner reality that lies within the outer psychic pattern. There is an outer pattern for all objects and although this is hard to imagine, but there are also inner psychic patterns projected outward for all events, that the actual physical version of the event will eventually materialize around.

It is important to realize that physical objects, bodies, structures composed of atoms and molecules are the result of inner energy projected outward, so in this case the scientists are in their investigations, focusing their inner energy outward and creating physical forms, something that has been going on since the beginning of your universe, just usually unknown to the creating personality. Science will eventually come to the realizations that creating outer reality is an inherent characteristic of all living consciousness, and that includes the plants and animals to lesser extent.

Have scientists created life? No, but again, don’t forget that creating generalized matter is not the same as creating “self aware life” forms and these scientists must realize that they are simply, using their inherent creative abilities are doing consciously what they have been unconsciously doing for eons. They have in a way caught the creative process in its growth, and that is an accomplishment, but not anything new or shocking. You do the same thing every day, but the process escapes your attention. Also you must remember, it is YOU who draws the line between Living and Non-Living categories.

Finally, whether something is “Alive” is for another article, since it would not be incorrect to say that you make arbitrary decisions as to what you want to classify as alive or not-alive. Since all matter is created from conscious energy, then to some extent you could say that all matter is alive to varying degrees, and a ROCK IS ALIVE, since even the consciousness of a rock, generalized, dull and in a trance-like state in comparison to your self aware, vivid and acute consciousness, it still knows that it is a rock and not a chicken. We will discuss this further soon.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


You have all heard about the use of will power to get something you want. I hope the information contained in this article will help you to fine tune this use of “will power” to steer your life in the direction you want. Will power comes from the ego centered portion of the self as it consciously exerts itself to achieve a pre determined goal, and so it tends to be, by its very nature “assertive” when projected outward. It is a commonly held belief that will power can be effective when the ego is determined to attain a specific result in the physical world.

Unfortunately, the use of will power does not always work as it is supposed to and as is the case in other conscious attempts to “get what you want”, the personality often falls short of its goals. The use of will power simply means that the personality really wants something badly enough to concentrate on it intently for an extended period of time, and that often is the precise reason it doesn’t always work as hoped. The anticipated positive results of the use of concentrated will power will only be achieved through the intricate balanced co-operation of the exterior ego self and the inner ego through the auspices of the sub-conscious. In other words, getting what you want cannot be forced, and when too much mental force is applied, it sets up barriers to the natural flow of the creative processes originating with the inner self.

If you have read previous columns on “creating your reality” you will remember that I have stressed when concentrating on what you want, it is important not to overdo it because of the negative connotations of doubt that will surely set in as it becomes apparent to you that “what you want” is not immediately popping up in front of you. I have also said that creating what you want is achieved because you believe that it is possible and through the intensity of thought, idea and imagination over a necessary period of time that we will call duration and above all through expectation. By inference that means that in the most simple terms, you will only get what you think you can have. If you want something but don’t believe it is within your reach, you will probably not get it. Period!

Here is the logic behind these statements; you only get what you concentrate on and you can only concentrate on what you believe is possible within the spectrum of your life. You do not concentrate on or expect that which does not seem possible to you and what does not seem possible, you will not EXPECT.

It is true that WILL POWER enters into the creative process and if fact, is an important part of the process, but only to the extent that it is used as “catalyst” to jump start the process, but once used, it must be set aside because after this initial “oomph” of assertive will power, it will act as a blockage and hinder, if not actually abort the creative process of consciousness.

You should know by now that physical matter is a natural by-product of consciousness residing in the physical systems, of which Earth is one. There are other physical “world systems” besides yours where matter is expressed much differently than yours, just as valid, just as vivid, but experienced in different ways by different perceptive mechanisms of the civilizations involved. As you know, there are spectrums of color and spectrums of sound, but there are also spectrums of matter that you are not yet aware of in other physical systems that exist where matter is thicker, more dense, more concentrated than yours and the inhabitants of those systems are learning to manipulate what you would consider “heavier objects’ and more “intense and thicker”events .

This of course, infers that there are also systems that are not as materially concentrated as yours, their objects and events, less intense and vivid in physical terms with less mass, but still falling into the physical category. Your dream universe is one of the less physical universes. Matter in your dream world is still created in the same manner as matter is created in your physical world. This Dream Matter is still of the cellular and molecular kind, but not expressed in the same density as yours, resulting in experience with many freedoms that you do not enjoy in your world, and though to you, it appears transitory in duration with no rigidity of its constructions, this is not the case and only appear that way to the waking self. I only mention this in passing to point out that these dream objects and events in other physical systems are still created in the same way as yours, except that the atomic structure differs in some important ways.

It may also surprise you to learn that these other physical systems utilize the SAME electrons and atoms that you use in your constructions. In some ways, thoughts that you have that seem to fade away and disappear, emerge and materialize in other systems as components of their physical landscape quite observable to them, but unknowing to them as to their origin. A thought that you consider gone, could emerge and be admired in another system as a beautiful cloud formation and they would have no idea of the source of these formations. In reality, all things are connected and nothing goes to waste. What is not materialized here is materialized somewhere.

Now, back to understanding the judicial use of Will Power in the creative process. In a nutshell, here is how you create your reality, and so there is no mistake, let us consider an analogy, you wanting to go on a long anticipated trip to the Caribbean . First you consciously get the idea, you then imagine yourself sitting on a white sand beach drinking a tropical drink and getting a tan. The idea becomes more real as you imagine yourself there. You make the conscious decision to try to go on the trip and you begin to concentrate on how you are going to get the money together and time off of work. You now begin to exert the use of Will Power by consciously thinking intently about it every day. (It is important to know that your first thought or idea actually begins the creation of the object or event.) It exists in actuality the instant the thought enters your mind.

Here is where the problem occurs and it occurs because you do not consciously know how long it would ideally take for this event to actualize in your life, and the time between your first thought and visible actualization differs widely depending on a variety of circumstances. So, if it doesn’t happen right away, you then begin to doubt its validity and doubt is your enemy in creating your reality. Doubt, in a very real way short circuits the creative process and hinders the free and unobstructed flow of energy causing a psychic detour, thereby sending the once possible idea into other levels of reality, actualized, but not in any way that would be useable by you in your system. It is important to understand that ALL ideas and imaginings will appear somewhere since no energy once actualized can ever be negated, and a thought is just as real as your physical objects, although it may not seem that way to you at this time since you are prejucded toward physical constructions.

There is a point in all creative endeavors, where non-physical units of consciousness approach the barrier between non-physical (psychic) particles and the physical threshold forcing their way through that barrier, gathering about themselves the smallest imaginable electro-magnetic units that will attract like units, each knowing its own potentiality for grouping into physical objects and events. Obviously this process goes on smoothly below your conscious attention level and in fact, only works smoothly in the creations of objects and events when it is left unobstructed by the conscious ego. Once the ego tries to influence this process by forcing it, it stops working.

Have you ever wondered why (psychics or mediums) have such difficulty proving their paranormal skills in the arena of public scrutiny when challenged to prove their ability? Because psychic phenomenon by its very nature works best when it is spontaneous and you least expect it and cannot be forced to perform demonstrations at the will of the outer ego. For this same reason, the more you try to force something to happen through use of the ego and will power alone, the less likely it is to happen. There is a way around this obstacle, and I have discussed it before. You must pluck the event out of the “Inner World” of thought and idea, consider it with great intent utilizing the outer ego, then drop it back into the inner world, where it will find fertile ground for growth and will eventually bloom, emerging into the world of physical objectivity.

In a sense, you must originate the idea in the world of objectivity, then toss it back into the world of subjectivity, give it time to germinate, and it will then grow into the world of concrete fact. The duration required refers not to the length of time you spend at thinking the thought, but that you persist “over time” repeating the thought in your mind for a short time every day. The duration then, means daily continuity of the same thought.

You cannot, by WILL POWER alone make anything happen. Use Will Power sparingly, perhaps for a few minutes in the mornings before your day begins, but no more. Toss it back into the inner world of psychological underpinnings and it will come back to you in due time in the form of your original idea made solid in the world of physical fact. Don’t be worried that it has been forgotten, lost in some intricate maze of dream like chaos, because there is order where you do not perceive order and remember, no thought or idea goes unrealized. The real trick is to make it realized in your life so you can enjoy the fruits of your mind made physical.

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Friday, May 7, 2010


In recent articles and interviews, Stepthen Hawking has stated that the Earth could be invaded by aliens at some time in the future.

In new Discovery series Hawking's uber-brain postulates intelligent life forms may pose a threat to the Earth which would be devastating for all mankind. Aliens might simply raid Earth for its resources and then move on: "We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn't want to meet. "I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. "Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can reach."

I had another article planned for this week, but in light of this recent claim, I thought it might be interesting to consider aliens and space travel in another more realistic light. First of all, it helps to have some common agreement on exactly what we mean by aliens. For this article, I will assume your take on the term “aliens” is of the “Dr. Spock” kind with long pointy ears and curious ways about them. It is interesting how you tend to speculate and evaluate other species, either local or alien, based on the characteristics and peculiarities of your own species, as if you expect your aliens to have two eyes, two ears, two arms, legs and identical digits and speak words through the use of lips, tongue and mouth. In your own reality you tend to place yourselves at the top of the evolutionary pyramid, with other species on your own planet beneath you and some of you because of this misguided conclusion, feel you have the right to exploit other species for your own benefit.

Stephen Hawking is of course well known for his impressive intellect which is helpful when investigating and evaluating physical facts, but when you talk “aliens”, you must sometimes go beyond physical facts, since the existence of some what you would call alien civilizations do not even exist on your same plane. Some alien civilizations do exist in your dimension or universe but these alien realities are invisible to your physical senses since they exist in their own reality systems. Every system of reality, such as Earth, creates is own reality system with its own physical constructions just as you do, so even though these alien systems do exist on the same plane as yours, unless you share common physical constructions, you will not perceive them. These alien civilizations do have access to your planet, but in order to interact, they would have to be able change their material structure to be compatible with yours, or you with theirs. Only very advanced identities have reached this level of accomplishment.

There is of course, the small matter of distance involved as long as you are talking of the physical universe, and there are no other intelligent beings in your solar system to make contact with or to be invaded by. As long as you contemplate travel by space vehicles, you must always deal with the distance problem, and you at your stage of development, simply don’t possess the necessary technology and you don’t have enough time to get to where you want to go to sit down and have a beer with a “Klingon”. This is not impossible in your future, and your planet has been visited before and will be again by more advanced beings, but probably not for some time. The inference here is that you are more likely to be visited than you are to do the visiting since the technology involved is quite beyond anything you can envision at this time.

The theory that Stephen Hawking speculates about, that aliens are apt to invade your planet for its resources is so far off base to be almost laughable. First, you would have to assume that your resources would be usable by them, and as I have said, all reality systems construct and interact with their own unique constructions and they do not have the ability to utilize YOUR constructions for their own purposes. Secondly, you would have to assume that alien beings with such advanced technology would still be so emotionally and psychologically deficient as to be influenced by the same motivations as your own world, with its proclivities toward solving its problems by killing others that disagree with you, exploiting the other species that share you planet and spoiling your own environment.

I have said many times that the Earth system is a learning system, a system where you make the mistakes that you are making and learn from them, and in the pursuit of perfection, you will make mistakes, some minor and some grave, but you will learn, no matter how grave your errors, and in the learning process, you can destroy nothing, even tough it may not seem that way from your present perspective. What you seem to destroy on Earth lives on, is not really destroyed, but returns or remains dormant until circumstances change that will be more supportive and provide the necessary fulfillment that all living consciousness strives for.

To accept the theory that you could be possibly be invaded by alien civilizations is ludicrous, but since many do not understand the basics of reality, yours and others, space, planets, planes and dimensions, I will give the reasons that this will NEVER happen.

1. Travel from other planets to yours is such a difficult endeavor, that it could only be accomplished by very advanced civilizations, and to travel such distances would be done only for curiosity and not for attacking another civilization. The earth system is a “beginners reality system” and yours is the only civilization that kills. Period! There is no other civilization that kills, and there are countless alien systems with what you would call alien beings throughout your universe and others.

2. Since all civilizations, yours and others, and yes, even the Romulans and Klingons, create their own reality, including their own constructions utilizing their own elements, there is no need to go flitting about the universe to find other sources for anything they need. After you have graduated out of the earth system, you will hopefully have attained some realization, understanding and proficiency in the creation of whatever type of material or non-material constructions that are endemic to your system and nothing needs to be given. When you reach this point, nothing need be given to you since you simply construct what you desire in your own personal environment, experience it, learn from it and create again. Creation never ends.

3. There are many technologies that will be attained by other more advanced alien civilizations that will permit them to enter your atmosphere and perhaps pay you a visit, but even though they may be from your own plane or dimension, you must understand the difficulty involved in visiting other civilizations, no matter how advanced. When the aliens leave their home planet in their home system, they must do so, inherently carrying along with them their own unique constructions. In other words, even their space vehicle, constructed using their own energy patterns, must be taken along with them on the journey, which you will understand.

What you may not understand is that upon reaching your world, earth, they must utilize massive amounts of energy to transform their vehicle, and their very identities (bodies) to conform to the system that they are visiting. Translation, just as you must transform your behavior, characteristics and equipment to dive into the ocean, so the aliens must adopt the forms common to the planet, or system they are visiting. This “transmutation of form” is only for the most advanced entities, and the transformation, because of the difficulties involved cannot be maintained for any length of time in a foreign system or on a foreign planet. What this means is that an alien civilization will not be able to remain in “your earth system” for any appreciable length of time, but must revert back to their inherent form, constructed in their own system.

Your astronauts visit the moon and get by quite well using artificial methods for breathing and pressure. The pressures involved in maintaining even their space vehicle in an alien environment are not sustainable for any length of time and were two alien civilizations to contemplate a merging, it would have to be done through being born into that system, not through physical transplanting from one world to another.

4. You have seen other vehicles in your skies and assumed they were from another planet in your universe, and you have wondered at their strange behavior. These aliens were not from your plane at all, but wandered into your field of perception by accident. As their vehicle struggled to maintain some kind of presence in your world, it is necessarily distorted from your viewpoint. What you see is not the real essence of their vehicle, but a mid-way materialization consisting of partially their actual construction and what you construct from what you construct and then perceive. Actually, then, what you seem to see is a hybrid, not able to sustain its presence for more than a short time in your system. You will not be invaded by flying saucers. Ever.

5. Finally, a point that should be considered, and the most difficult to comprehend. Time and space are illusions, although granted, when you want to travel in your present universe, you must deal with vast distances that at least at this time in your development, present almost insurmountable difficulties because it will take you too long to arrive at your destination. By the time that new power sources, like traveling a beam of light, are possible, it will be common knowledge that there really is no where to go. Sure, distance is relative in a physically constructed universe, but your physical universe is just the physical version that you are using now. It is a camouflage, cloaking the underlying basic universe that is the seat of all worlds, dimensions and universes and that underlying inner universe occupies No SPACE. This is a truth underlying everything that is: EVERYWHERE IS HERE AND NOW. You divide it up with time, spread it out with distance, but the underlying prime reality exists with or without material constructions, distance and time.

This is difficult to verbalize, but all that exists, in every universe, plane, dimension, all planets, comets, nebula, stars and quasars exist in a medium that has nothing to do with space or distance or time for that matter. What seems to be quantitative, is in fact qualitative and time and distance exists only in an interpretation of an inner value of quality depth. What this means is that the universe that you know, is not vast in distance, but in psychological depth. In relation to our discussion, there really is NO WHERE TO GO, since all occurs in different psychological depths, vibrational patterns and mental constructions and the mobility of consciousness will take you wherever you want to go, in your terms instantaneously. You are some way off from using these abilities of transportation of consciousness that are now latent in your mental genes, but they will gradually come to the surface in your species.

What I am saying here is that long distance travel in the physical universe will never be practical other than from the physical perspective. If you want to see what it’s like on Alpha Centauri, imagine yourself there. If you are not successful this time around, don’t despair, you will be some day.

Finally, I know this is difficult and in some respects, unbelievable, but my intent is not to lie to you, deceive you or dilute the material as for children, but to present reality as it really is and hope that at least it makes you wonder. Wonderers, or those who wonder will become knowledgeable. If you wonder, you are discovering the journey that you have always been on, in that respect, I have succeeded. It may help to think about dreaming and the dream world. In a dream you can experience a trip from coast to coast, from city to city, across your whole country without missing anything on the way in a fraction of physical time that it would take in your car. Three people sleeping in the same room can dream their own landscapes in this common space with no crowding, and taking that into consideration, your life, your environment, your world is like a superlative dream by your entity/soul.

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