Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I think everyone of every religion and even those with no religion have prayed to God for something at one time or another in their lives. We just trust that God is there somewhere listening to our prayers and will decide whether or not to answer them. We are not sure what kind of discernment He uses to decide if we are worthy of having our prayers answered, but we all hold out hope that we have been good enough to warrant His favor.

I say His, using the male gender in referring to “All That Is” but I will assume that anyone reading this article is mature enough to realize that God is all genders, all races, all species, so He is also She and It. We all have a picture of God in our minds eye, and if I’m not being too assuming here, I would guess that many picture God as an elderly fellow with white flowing hair looking suspiciously like Charleton Heston, carrying a scale in one hand to judge us and a staff in the other to smite us if when we are being bad. I think it is quite possible that a few of our readers have even bought a picture of God painted on black velvet, being sold in county fairs along with those of Elvis. Oh, and usually He is pictured standing in the clouds of Heaven.

Ok, I’m just kidding, but I did need to make a point here, and to understand the point I am trying to make, you will have to take a leap of faith and believe me when I say that we are babes in the woods as far as our Earth civilization is concerned. We are very un-evolved in terms of evolution of consciousness is concerned. If we were to try to rate where we stand in the heap of universal consciousness development, on a scale of 1 to 100, our earth civilization would be about 5.

We have so far to journey, it is impossible to explain. I will not go into discussing reasons to prove to you that we are a beginning consciousness other than to ask, can you imagine any halfway developed civilization believing that you can achieve peace by constructing more and more nuclear weapons? Can you imagine any developed civilization bringing other species to the brink of extinction, saying that to not do so would cost us jobs? Can you imagine an evolved civilization continuing to create more and more babies adding to the misery of an overpopulated world when millions are starving? Enough, you know where I am going with this train of thought, suffice it to say, our beloved Earth is a beginning kindergarten world, as worlds go, a training ground for beginning consciousness that is here to learn through this earthly experience and become more.

Having said that, it should become obvious that we are still to some extent believing in old worn out, simplistic, primitive, children’s stories about myths and legends of a humanized God who created all human beings in His image and left the rest of the species to fend for themselves.

Who could believe for an instant that this omnipotent God could create the universe in six days and then get so tired that He had to sit down and rest on the seventh? It is for these reasons that I usually prefer the term “All That Is” for it conveys less of the false connotations that the name God (as we use it) infers. For these articles, I will continue to use both for some time with hopes to wean some from those misleading connotations. And how about this: If God looks Caucasian, then what does He look like to Orientals, Arabs or African Americans? Of course the answer is, we create God in our own image, not the other way around.

It is time we must take a step beyond the children’s tales and begin to understand true reality. If we can get beyond those simplistic stories and truly understand what All That Is, really is, then we can at least begin to understand the true nature of prayer and why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

Sometimes it is easier to tell you what All That Is, is not. All That Is, is not a person. All That Is, is not a human being. All That Is, is not apart from what you are.

You are a part of what All That Is, is. God is the most potent energy essence consciousness imaginable. God is what all of the initial “conscious” energy that created the universe is, and more. All energy is conscious of self to some extent. God is everything that is and more. God is more than the sum of all of its manifestations. If you want to see God, look around you at the flowers, the birds, the sunrises and sunsets, the morning mists and the rhythm of the seasons. Look at the healthy and the sickly, the gifted and the idiot. Look at the animals, the birds, the waves of insects that sweep across the continents. Look at the devastation of the elements and the flourishing of nature in its entire splendor. All That Is, is all of this and regardless of how you think about it, it’s all good. This is the closest you will ever come to God.

God was and is the original Creator and recognizing the vast multidimensional, exponential possibilities for His creations to also create, He endowed them with their own creative abilities. All consciousness from the smallest to the grandest therefore possesses the natural, latent, inner creative abilities inherent in God Itself. Plants, animals and humans contribute to this creation of our own reality, environment and personal life. This is NOT a symbolic statement. This creative process follows laws of the inner universe and it is not arbitrary. I have said this so many times that anyone reading my articles will probably tire of hearing it again, but here is the one Universal law of the universe.

Of course there are some qualifying and determining factors that affect this law and the actual materialization of thought into matter. A first thought, no matter how unnoticed to you, begins its journey into some kind of materialization. If it is not propelled by enough desire and intensity it will not form itself into our particular kind of matter. A thought must have duration and repetition over time. For a thought, desire or idea to physically manifest, (become real, hard, solid) it must be propelled by expectation. You will not get what you do not expect to get. Any physical object or event is a precise psychic focal point, where intense thought, desire and expectations drive atoms to coalesce into what we perceive as solid matter or movement.

All That Is, does not decide what prayers to answer or not answer and cannot and will not interfere in any way in the life of any conscious personality. So, now that we to some extent agree that God is not in any stretch of the imagination a human personality with human motivations, you will understand that to interfere by arbitrarily answering individual prayers would be nonsensical. You have been given life here on earth to create challenges and problems unique only to yourself, created with your full intent and to learn from them and to rise above them. Were they to be solved for you by any higher Entity or God, then you learn nothing. Every minute experience and detail in your life is experienced in the attention of All That Is. God therefore achieves exponential growth, multiplying Itself in nano seconds.

The answer is, prayers sometimes seem to be answered by God, because prayer is the most intensive thought process known to the human race and it works. Intense and continuing prayer itself contains all of the elements and requirements for the creation of reality that we unknowingly and unconsciously use every day, including the expectation of positive results. Prayer works because you believe it works. There is one other reason why prayer works, because the Universe leans toward creating good, meaning that events are more easily brought into physical focus and materialized, when they are of good intent.

Prayers are then answered not because some capricious, fickle God decided to grant his graciousness on someone in particular because they prayed and begged for help, but because of the inherent creative characteristics of prayer itself. Why do you think so many prayers seem to go unanswered? Because they don’t follow the rules of creating what you desire to happen. God is neutral. God does indeed know every sparrow that falls, but will never lift a hand to catch the falling sparrow, else how would the sparrow learn how to fly and not fall?

In fact, if we believe that when our prayers are not answered, that we are in some way not good enough or not spiritually qualified for His help, we set ourselves up for more disappointments in the future, in that sense prayer itself can carry within its scope some negative consequences.

We can then perpetuate a feeling of inadequacy and impotence. You are indeed vitally connected with All That Is, but She will not interfere. You are then, by praying, creating the answer you request in your prayer. The process is the same. If you need to feel better about this, consider that God, in a distant, removed way, created you and you create the answer to your prayer, so I guess, you could say that God answered your prayer.

You are here to learn that you are a co-creator of your own reality and how else would you learn than recognizing the similarity between prayer seemingly answered and other events that may seem to happen to you, when instead you are creating them, then perceiving and reacting to them?
Nothing ever happens to you that you have not created, permitted or acquiesced to.

When this lesson is finally learned it will be seen as the greatest irony in the Universe, perpetuated upon us by ourselves, that we have been creating our reality for hundreds of thousands of years, and you didn’t even notice.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


When we die or transition, we move on to another temporary dimension. This other dimension is an in-between plane of reality, a place where we rest before beginning another life, a place of contemplation, reflection and discovery about your recent past life and its challenges. It is from this plane that plans are formulated for the next future life.

Animals, because of the nature of their unique kind of consciousness which is not ego oriented as ours is, move in and out of lives more quickly in terms of time comparatively speaking. They do not need that time for re-focusing for the next life to come, so they are psychically ready to move on almost immediately after death. Animals reincarnate just as do humans.

When pets die, they do the same, their after death experience is somewhat different, lacking the ego consciousness they are not concerned with the same type of considerations for future development as we are. The thing that we must remember is that animals do not experience reality as we do. Their life experience is so different from ours that one could almost say that they experience an entirely different dimension, but not quite.

As humans, we tend to equate other creatures experience in the light of our own reality. Animals, for instance, do not experience time as we do. They do not count the hours and minutes, but rather their experience is more concentrated in an expanded but intense present. Animals do not exercise memory as we do, nor do they fear or concentrate on what may have happened in the past. Their experience of memory could be likened to a natural biological intensity and strong emotion and they experience in the moment is also more intense and all inclusive. Animals do develop love and attachments as we do, but it is more of a biological memory based on emotions and feelings than mental recall.

Humans, because of their thinking, reasoning, egocentric type of consciousness usually will choose to spend a longer time in this in-between plane before moving on to a new life. This varies with the individual consciousness involved and the choice is strictly theirs to make. One who is impatient and who found physical life enchanting might for instance, anxious to live again, decide to reincarnate almost immediately, desiring to get back into the game quickly. Others might make a wiser choice to take the necessary time to reexamine and reorient their consciousness, look back on their past life, learning from its experience and then begin making definite plans for a future incarnation.

We develop strong attachments to our pets as they do to us and in some cases our attachments to pets is stronger than any we had with others of our own species. For that reason alone, it only seems natural that we would want to see out pets again after death and we do. Remember that in your next life, your favorite pet will not look the same and neither will you. If you were a woman, you could just as likely reincarnate as a man, so don’t expect good old “Fluffy” to look the same either.
If an animal passed before you did, there is a very good possibility that it would reincarnate almost immediately and could pop up in your life again within months as a puppy or kitten found at a shelter, showing you great fondness. The immediate strong feeling of closeness, fondness and affection will be your clue to the former connection.

A pet can reincarnate as another species within its overall classification. In other words, a cat could reincarnate as a dog or any other mammal of similar development. An animal cannot reincarnate within the human species any more than a dog could be reborn as a fish. There is no transmutation of species in reincarnation as we think of it. A human will always be a human and an animal will always be an animal. There are some caveats to this that I will explain in another article.

But, the pet, or animal would reincarnate soon after the previous death and you most likely would not. So you would probably not meet again that soon, but if you were really close with that pet, the pet might prolong its reincarnation to coincide with yours so you would be together again. Remember, there is purpose behind everything and that purpose is deeply rooted in love, even if it is love of a animal or a person.

Just as people who are very close will see each other again in lifetime after lifetime, so will animals and humans who are close do the same. Like attracts like and love attracts love and that principle holds between species.

So it would be likely that you would see an animal again that you were close to in this life if you both passed around the same time period. If not, there is a chance that you will pass in the night, so to speak. Since the animal can be born again within a matter of our earth weeks or months, there is a good possibility that you could meet again in this lifetime before you passed.

There is one factor that holds true both with humans and animals; you will see those you have strong feelings about which holds true whether those feelings are love or hate. Hate is lack of love, a withholding of expected love and you will have unfinished business with those you hate that must be addressed in this lifetime or another.

Conversely speaking, those who you have no strong feelings about, neither love or hate will move on to other endeavors and any future interactions will probably be unlikely. The saying that “Love is eternal” is very true, and who you love will be with you forever, including fluffy. Remember if you have a very close relationship with a pet now, it is very possible that you have been together before.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


In the strictest interpretation of word meaning, we hallucinate reality, in that we create it through a miraculous cooperation between inner and outer consciousness, between the inner ego and the exterior ego utilizing a process whereby Nothing becomes Something. The something that becomes real is a psychic creation that does not exist to anyone else that would not have the exact same sensory organs that we do
In other words, intelligent beings from another planet approaching our small world in a space vehicle would most likely perceive nothing except perhaps the light of the presence of self aware consciousness. If our planet was perceivable to them, it might be able to land, to them our planet could seem desolate and uninhabited or it might fly completely through our world unknowingly. The only beings that could perceive our reality, as in the famous flying saucers are other civilizations that are on the same parallel plane as ourselves, meaning coming from planets that we can actually see or perceive with instruments. Remember, it is only our senses that make our planet, and our civilizations with their pasts, presents and futures valid

These kinds of world to world excursions are fraught with difficulty and could only be achieved by identities far more evolved that we are at this time. The technology involved in such space travel will not exist in any practical way for us for centuries, but it will come eventually. Space travel for us now is simply too slow and too far to go.

A hallucination is something that does not exist outside of the mind; it is a creation of the mind of an object or event. We have all agreed in advance to play the same game and the game has consequences and meaning. In that respect, it has value and it is real. When we peer through our most advanced telescopes, we perceive only what falls within our sensual abilities. The universe if filled with other phenomenon that we can not perceive, both physical and non-physical.

What we perceive, what seems real to us is only what we can extract by using our senses from available fields of energy driven into objective patterns and forms. Our physical brain then interprets what we perceive, that which falls within our belief structures and organizes it into recognizable objects and events. You could say that we encounter only what is meaningful to us and discard about 99% of everything else that actually exists.

The universe could be described as the ultimate psychological event, and in that respect, everything emerges from psychological fact and what emerges is real so it can not be an illusion, and it is not a hallucination because it does have a physical counterpart and it does exist outside of the mind. Which brings us to the question, if it exists, is it real?

Look at it this way, in a very true sense we are all in an immaculate trance, pre-programming our consciousness to perceive things a certain way, precisely tuning our perceptions before birth, to interpret what results from our beliefs and thoughts into what is real to us. But here is the really cool thing, thoughts and beliefs are just as real as the Sphinx or the Empire State Building.

What we are really talking about here is the transformation of a pure psychological event into different kinds of physically materialized constructions that we call three dimensional physical objects or events.

This building of objective reality from subjective thought is a natural process of self aware consciousness and is carried out by natural emanations of that consciousness, invisible subjective particles gathering, swarming, collecting and attracting other such emanations until the inner vibrational patterns reach a critical level of intensity, igniting inner processes that literally jump the barrier between a subjective inner state (thought) into objective physical matter.

These first particles are, of course, pure energy changing form to manifest itself into the smallest imaginable particles, much smaller even than electrons, mesons, quarks, etc. This was indeed the triumphant psychological breakthrough that allowed our universe to emerge from its inner subjective bed, creating time and space in its wake.

The process is in a way magical, but if “All That Is” had not devised this incomprehensible process to create Everything from Nothing, there would still be nothing but an eternal subjective dream state of drowsiness and no physical universe would have ever emerged from it’s deep eternal psychological state. In a strange way, the universe has always existed, always wanted to be, before it knew its first atom, cell or molecule. This intense desire to be is still prevalent today in all consciousness. In greater terms, the universe had no beginning; it did have an emergence from its timeless subjective dream into the realm of actuality.

The real difficulty here is that we try to discuss subjects like these using words which are only symbols of something else. The words are NOT the reality. We use words as best we can to qualify and quantify and categorize objective things, but the true bed of Prime Reality out of which all physical phenomena rises is not physical at all. The reality comes first and the symbols or words follow. So when there is no physically perceivable reality to label with words or symbols, we find ourselves woefully lacking for adequate words to explain some of the very things we need to know to enhance our lives.

So where does this leave us?

Here is one truth. When you begin to understand the connection with your thoughts and what you experience, you will begin to also feel the power of knowing that no matter what you have created in the past, you are not at the mercy of a chance life in a chance world in a meaningless universe. You are the center of the universe from your perspective and from that lofty viewpoint; you can indeed create a better life.

So the answer is that we truly do hallucinate reality, creating an illusion that becomes physical structure. Physical, three dimensional objects and events are wonderful liars, overlaying inner patterns projected from the mind into the exterior world of fact. In other terms, while we are in a physical body living in a physical world that exists in a physical universe, we have to play by the rules of the game. Again we are limited by the meaning of words in trying to explain inner spiritual concepts that are truly out of this world. The illusion of solidity cannot be pierced except when consciousness is stilled in the sleep state, in dreams, in states of reverie or occasionally in rare cases of spontaneous illumination.

There is NO rock bed reality anywhere in any world or any universe and there is not one scintilla of solid, hard stuff out there anywhere in space, but if it seems real and solid and we can sit on it, that’s all that counts. There is no contradiction. It's all good !

Monday, September 8, 2008


The answer is YES and NO.

And as Lowell Thomas would say, “Here is the rest of the story”.

Since much of what I have been writing about concerns “Reality”, this seems to be a good time to try and clear up exactly what I am talking about and will be talking about in the future. There are many others who have written about reality in countless books and given in lectures, yet these attempts to tell you about what is usually fall short because they usually get lost in lofty rhetoric about a “walk softly and speak quietly with an eternal smile on your face” kind of religious connotation that everyone inherently knows deep within themselves is just some “idealistic” non-realistic way of living an unfulfilling life.

Some authors attempt to equate reality with spirituality, leaving the impression that following some exterior source, they will finally be qualified to live a happy life and ascend into a mindless and purposeless Heaven or Nirvana upon physical death.

Most people sense on other levels of their being that achieving spiritual understanding has very little to do with the way you present yourself to the world. It has a lot to do with how you think about that world. Religion has played a necessary role in at least acquainting us with the possibility that something exists after death. Religion has always been the constant reminder to humanity that there is another world existing behind, under or invisibly in a dimension we don’t fully understand, but it just makes sense to us, and that is why religion has always been present in some form in all civilizations. Hidden within religions faults, distortions and misconceptions, there is always hope, hope that we can and will live again. We don’t know where, but somewhere?

The problem is that for centuries, the qualifications for achieving that peaceful and harmonious afterlife are so stringent that almost no one qualifies, and how could you expect to convince yourself that you were good enough to go to Heaven when you have been convinced that you were born a sinner with only a dim hope of salvation, and you know where sinners go. (smile)

Realities exist! Meaning there is more than one system of reality. Actually they are countless.

There are then, many systems of reality, some occupying planets or stars, some not). There are even realities that intersect with and move through our own world and not a tremor is felt. Physical, rock solid, seemingly permanent worlds actually occupy no real space and can pass through one another without notice. The properties of solidity only seems that way to our exterior tuned senses. A reality is many isolated, interconnected chemical, electromagnetic and psychic fields of specifically oriented consciousness coming together at a precise location in time and space to explore and understand certain specific challenges that could be encountered in no other way.

A world is a system of reality. Systems of reality exist within different dimensions as do other worlds, but they do not necessarily have to. A system of reality is a plane existing in a dimension. Different planes of reality can exist within one system of reality as in the leprechauns and fairies who shared our world in mythological history. There was a factual basis for the stories of such little people lost in the mists of time. Of course they still exist but are rarely noticed because we have trained and limited our fields of perception so much that we are only perceiving a smidgen of what is available of these other planes existing within our own.

Consciousness always seeks form and on achieving form it seeks to manifest itself further by combining with other consciousness to achieve more complex objects, events and identities. Identity, once formed cannot be negated, diffused, diminished or extinguished. You are an IDENTITY. Consciousness (identity) seeks to be known! Identity is restless and never still, it is always striving. There is an ever driving ache within identity to combine and become more.

A world is purposeful, it has meaning and there is a meaning that is unique to our world, as it is to others. We are not alone.

Our system of reality is planet oriented, (we call it Earth) organized around a sensual experience of seeming solidity manifested through atomic structure and presented to our senses for interpretation as solid, hard, concrete, full with no spaces.

By inference, I am saying that solidity is the result of a sensual perception, a hypnotic kind of experience agreed upon by every living thing that lives on planet earth. What that means is that if we ALL agree in advance to the rules of the game, agreeing on a set of parameters for the game we play, the game achieves validity and meaning for all players.

Other parameters we have accepted and agreed on are gravity, time, spatial dimensions and many others. Keeping in the same train of thought, once the parameters or rules of the game are agreed upon for any particular system of reality, these unique rules are set and become intractable. The thing that is important to understand, is that these rules pertinent to our game, could and would be different in other systems or dimensions. No system of reality is duplicated anywhere in the universe.

The parameters define the world view and experience and if they had been set differently, then the exact kind of solidity that we perceive now would have been far different, and is far different in other similar systems of reality. (other worlds). To say that our world is an illusion, would be to say that it is not real, that it is a lie, an untruth. So there is a contradiction here, or is there? There are countless worlds that are less solid than ours and some far denser and their experience is not less in quality than ours.

To be continued

Saturday, September 6, 2008


We live in a world of beliefs. As we look around us, what we see is a result of the beliefs of all of humanity expressed through the thoughts, emotions and feelings of everyone living on this earth at this time, everyone who has lived on this earth and in a way difficult to explain, everyone who will live on this earth in the future. Thoughts, feelings and emotions have an electromagnetic reality in their own dimension just as a rock has in ours and they are just as real.

Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are not the result of reality, but they cause reality, they are reality originators. The physical body is first created by the inner self utilizing the properties of the earth into a functioning sensual entity with a physical brain interwoven with the non-physical aspects of the mind and linking it inexorably with the inner spiritual aspects of your being.

You first create the tool, your temporal body, to then look out on the exterior physical world in amazement at what seems to have come into existence apart from and independent of your self. From a non-time inner dimension, the inner self projects certain aspects of that inner world out into the exterior world of time and space, forming an ego consciousness that then experiences the sensory objectified objects and events of your life.

You chose this life to dive in full tilt, so to speak. You chose to leave a familiar, safe comfortable state of inner being, to render yourself through physical birth, totally vulnerable in a lifetime of creating sensual experience and learning from the results of those creations. Of course, you could have learned nothing if you had not placed it all on the line and your very life hangs in the balance of how you encounter what you have created and how you react. In other words, if there were not serious consequences, you could not learn serious lessons. There is great purpose behind this excursion into physical reality and that purpose is known to every entity on this earth, including the plants and animals.

I hesitate to say this because I can hear those of you who find comfort in complexity and have so closely identified with and accepted myths and legends built on guilt, sin and the need for the pursuit of perfection here on earth that you will consider this statement a blasphemy. But here goes:

You chose to live this life simply to BE. There is no other requirement.

And that is enough. You are here to experience everything you can experience and you will never be judged on how well or badly you did it. If there were a law pertaining to your lifetime here on earth and God spoke it in an earsplitting voice resounding throughout the Heavens, He would say:

“I don’t care what you do, just do something !”

You were the original author of the story of this, your life. You wrote the rough script, the story of your life, before your physical birth, including not only your choice of your physical body, your race, your gender, but also, your parents, your general environment and country of birth. More important, you wrote the script about the general nature of your life’s experience, including the main challenges that you would then encounter after birth and throughout the ensuing life. You did not choose certain life challenges to be defeated by them, but to learn to triumph over them.

It may not seem plausible that you would chose failure among your successes, but that is indeed a necessary part of your education to become more. You create your reality!
That means that you not only create your greatest and proudest moments, but also your unbearable disappointments as well, and guess what? You learn from both equally. Were it not for both success and failure, you would never learn that one simple truth that you get what you think about and expect. Great expectations produce great results.

In a very basic way, you are an immaculate RESULT. You are a living compilation of your beliefs and their following thoughts, desires, needs, emotions and expectations. You are the corporeal result, a composite of inner currents and fields of psychological activity that would overwhelm even the most sophisticated computers. You are living consciousness resulting from a precise intersection of the spirit and flesh, a precise coordinate in the vastness of space, creating a world of the most delicate yet rambunctious continuous creation among countless other worlds. The complex inner electromagnetic, chemical, and biological fields of attractions and interactions that produce the result of You are beyond calculation and in a greater sense, beyond understanding of all but the most mature entities.
You live your beliefs. In a most real way, your physical body is the inner you spoken in the world of matter. All of your beliefs combine to flesh you out and to create a You that could, under intense scrutiny, speak your true inner nature and condition at any particular time. In short, healthy inside, healthy outside, turmoil inside, problems outside.

Reality has been made too simple for a long time now, which leads most people to disappointments when attempting to apply esoteric disciplines in self help doctrines. The true nature of our reality is not simple by any means. It is complex and difficult to understand and a thousand times more difficult to apply to your life, which is the reason most of us are interested in understanding it in the first place. Understanding our true reality necessitates considering, pondering and struggling to comprehend concepts that do not originate in our dimension, but in another inner dimension of :”Prime Reality”. This Prime Reality is the birthing ground, the incubator for all systems of reality (universes and worlds). It is the rock-bed reality from which all realities gain a foothold using physical matter manifested into a time and space context.

Needless to say, trying to understanding other-world, non physical, non-time, non-space concepts with a physical brain is a struggle at best and almost impossible at the worst. But it can be done, and is not impossible, relying on the adjunct of the mind to bridge the gap between Prime and Physical reality, we can condition the brain to begin to understand concepts that have no physical roots. The physical brain grows, not in size but in quality when asked to understand seemingly impossible, esoteric concepts.

Knowing this, it is imperative that at some point in your life, that you begin the journey. It is not easy and if it can be said that one’s brain can hurt, it may happen at first when you present these challenging concepts that we will be talking about here for consideration.

There are many of you buying so called “Spiritual Self Help Books” to improve your life. You may read book after book, try recommended protocols and procedures and notice no confirming progress in improving your physical, mental or financial situation. You may attend religious gatherings and listen to Spiritual Gurus that tell you that God wants you to be rich and prosperous, but you never seem to realize positive results from what they promise. If God really wants success for you, why isn’t it happening? Because to achieve any satisfactory results by following these practitioners of “money extraction” from your bank accounts, you must first understand the basic nature of the creative processes that bring about meaningful reality.

The truth is, it is very difficult to apply even the most basic principles of creating the reality you want and deserve. In a greater context, it could be said that you always get what you deserve. I know that someone reading will find reason to question this statement, but on a larger scale of life, what you have NOW is what you have created from past beliefs and thoughts. Not one iota of matter, not one object or event exists in your life now or has existed in you life in the past that you did not create or co-create. Thoughts follow beliefs, not the other way around, so what you believe you will think about, and what you think about you will become and what you become will color the nature of all of your life’s experience.

In the final analysis, you are responsible for yourself, your health, your wealth or lack thereof, and your immediate environment. You must realize this and take full responsibility for what you are now and what you have now if you are to begin to change your immediate circumstances for the better. You cannot blame someone else for your failures and you are not indebted to someone else for your good fortunes either. Compliment yourself for your good fortunes but do not berate yourself for your seeming failures, they are learning tools for the future.

God, (All That Is) might say:
“I will never dictate what you have or what you will have or experience in the future. You exist through Me, but I will never interfere in your life for any reason. I give you complete freedom to create both the good and the bad, but I will not judge your success or failure. If I were to interfere when asked, or give what you requested, then your life experience would have a safety net and you would not learn knowing there was always relief at hand. To have real meaning, the consequences of life must be profound. The comfort and assurance comes from knowing that no life ever lived is really over. In that sense, your consciousness exists forever and your life essence in indestructible and can never be diminished or extinguished.”