Monday, September 8, 2008


The answer is YES and NO.

And as Lowell Thomas would say, “Here is the rest of the story”.

Since much of what I have been writing about concerns “Reality”, this seems to be a good time to try and clear up exactly what I am talking about and will be talking about in the future. There are many others who have written about reality in countless books and given in lectures, yet these attempts to tell you about what is usually fall short because they usually get lost in lofty rhetoric about a “walk softly and speak quietly with an eternal smile on your face” kind of religious connotation that everyone inherently knows deep within themselves is just some “idealistic” non-realistic way of living an unfulfilling life.

Some authors attempt to equate reality with spirituality, leaving the impression that following some exterior source, they will finally be qualified to live a happy life and ascend into a mindless and purposeless Heaven or Nirvana upon physical death.

Most people sense on other levels of their being that achieving spiritual understanding has very little to do with the way you present yourself to the world. It has a lot to do with how you think about that world. Religion has played a necessary role in at least acquainting us with the possibility that something exists after death. Religion has always been the constant reminder to humanity that there is another world existing behind, under or invisibly in a dimension we don’t fully understand, but it just makes sense to us, and that is why religion has always been present in some form in all civilizations. Hidden within religions faults, distortions and misconceptions, there is always hope, hope that we can and will live again. We don’t know where, but somewhere?

The problem is that for centuries, the qualifications for achieving that peaceful and harmonious afterlife are so stringent that almost no one qualifies, and how could you expect to convince yourself that you were good enough to go to Heaven when you have been convinced that you were born a sinner with only a dim hope of salvation, and you know where sinners go. (smile)

Realities exist! Meaning there is more than one system of reality. Actually they are countless.

There are then, many systems of reality, some occupying planets or stars, some not). There are even realities that intersect with and move through our own world and not a tremor is felt. Physical, rock solid, seemingly permanent worlds actually occupy no real space and can pass through one another without notice. The properties of solidity only seems that way to our exterior tuned senses. A reality is many isolated, interconnected chemical, electromagnetic and psychic fields of specifically oriented consciousness coming together at a precise location in time and space to explore and understand certain specific challenges that could be encountered in no other way.

A world is a system of reality. Systems of reality exist within different dimensions as do other worlds, but they do not necessarily have to. A system of reality is a plane existing in a dimension. Different planes of reality can exist within one system of reality as in the leprechauns and fairies who shared our world in mythological history. There was a factual basis for the stories of such little people lost in the mists of time. Of course they still exist but are rarely noticed because we have trained and limited our fields of perception so much that we are only perceiving a smidgen of what is available of these other planes existing within our own.

Consciousness always seeks form and on achieving form it seeks to manifest itself further by combining with other consciousness to achieve more complex objects, events and identities. Identity, once formed cannot be negated, diffused, diminished or extinguished. You are an IDENTITY. Consciousness (identity) seeks to be known! Identity is restless and never still, it is always striving. There is an ever driving ache within identity to combine and become more.

A world is purposeful, it has meaning and there is a meaning that is unique to our world, as it is to others. We are not alone.

Our system of reality is planet oriented, (we call it Earth) organized around a sensual experience of seeming solidity manifested through atomic structure and presented to our senses for interpretation as solid, hard, concrete, full with no spaces.

By inference, I am saying that solidity is the result of a sensual perception, a hypnotic kind of experience agreed upon by every living thing that lives on planet earth. What that means is that if we ALL agree in advance to the rules of the game, agreeing on a set of parameters for the game we play, the game achieves validity and meaning for all players.

Other parameters we have accepted and agreed on are gravity, time, spatial dimensions and many others. Keeping in the same train of thought, once the parameters or rules of the game are agreed upon for any particular system of reality, these unique rules are set and become intractable. The thing that is important to understand, is that these rules pertinent to our game, could and would be different in other systems or dimensions. No system of reality is duplicated anywhere in the universe.

The parameters define the world view and experience and if they had been set differently, then the exact kind of solidity that we perceive now would have been far different, and is far different in other similar systems of reality. (other worlds). To say that our world is an illusion, would be to say that it is not real, that it is a lie, an untruth. So there is a contradiction here, or is there? There are countless worlds that are less solid than ours and some far denser and their experience is not less in quality than ours.

To be continued

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