Sunday, November 29, 2009


Are you sick? Not feeling too well lately? Do you have reoccurring illness? Have you been told you have an incurable illness? First let me say what I have said before here, that except for certain special circumstances that we will discuss later, there is no illness that cannot be cured, and I will here again attempt to explain in some detail. Let me also point out that I am not a doctor, I do not have a white coat but I do not need a physicians garb and a stethoscope to check your heart, and I do know how to identify someone who ”Has a good heart”. I also understand that there is innate truth in the statement that someone has died of a broken heart. One who does not have the :”heart” to live, will soon die. It is also important to note here that if you believe in doctors, you will need doctors until you begin to supplant the accepted mass reality of the exterior cause of illness and slowly begin to integrate a new belief system in the miraculous healing power of the body. In that respect, the animals already know what you have forgotten.

What would you say if I told you I was going to introduce you to the most competent, most skilled, most successful, most knowledgeable physician alive on the planet today, who would work with you on a most intimate basis to help you recover from your present malady? That is just what I am going to do, and I am well aware that many will disregard what is said here, but there are those who recognize that there is more to life than what meets the eye. The ultimate physician is of course, your human body. The physical body is endowed with the innate knowledge to heal any affliction or illness that you may have, unless you chose it before birth. Again, there is NO illness that the body cannot cure, given the allowance of free unimpeded flow of positive energy, not restricted by negative, distorted beliefs.

Every man and woman, has in their heart, a sense of the abiding spiritual knowing that lies within each and every person, animal, flower and insect, a deep feeling of oneness with their nature, their environment, their inner self, and those will sense the truth in what is said here. Some will not, trusting instead in what others tell them about themselves, rather than listen to the inner voices. You know more about “you” than all of the doctors, teachers, scientists and clergy alive today, so you must learn to trust your own intuitions.

If you are a person of religious persuasions and you find the previous statement somewhat dubious, you would then have to believe that God designed and created a body prone toward defects, helpless in a world of invading virus, bacteria and other pervasive illness.

There is a knowingness within the genes, the chromosomes and the cells that understands the true nature of illness and that knowingness indicates the need to always lean toward maintaining a healthy stance for the physical body. In its materialization, the cell will always follow the ego’s exterior belief system, and that can sometimes bring about imbalances that are not beneficial to the overall health of the personality.. You can rest assured that at ALL TIMES, the inner knowledge of the cells that compose every organ and function in your body, want to follow the inner blueprint for health that is your legacy from birth. A cell possesses a built in plan for its ideal actualization as it fulfills its propensity to materialize itself into any one of the multitude of bodily organs that will make up the physical body. Unhindered, the cell will assume its most ideal form, combining with other cells to create an ideal organ that will fulfill the bodies needs, and in perfect health.

Your present state of health, is the result of a delicate balance maintained by the cells innate knowledge of their past and future states. In other words, your cells pre-cognate and perceive their state of being in the probable future as well as their past, and from those realizations they assume their current balanced position of health or illness in the present. These cells, of course, are not little thinking people, but do possess a generalized kind of consciousness, not as self aware as yours, but in some ways more aware, understanding their own capabilities and potentials for grouping and forming the various parts of the corporal structure, human and including the plants and animals.

In your case they do not make judgmental decisions as to your health or un-health, but do follow inner directives from information they receive from your ego oriented consciousness. If the information transmitted to your cellular structure through your thoughts and emotions, as it is sifted through your belief system is unhealthy, corrupted or detrimental in nature, then the cells will be reflect that state of being. In short, remember the saying, garbage in, garbage out. Unhealthy, sick cells tainted by unhealthy thoughts, beliefs and emotions, create unhealthy organs, which create unhealthy bodies, its that simple and that complicated.

Your cellular structure is the basis upon which your physical body is structured, the cells selecting certain significance, adopting forms within their abilities and propensities, forming around pre existing patterns. The patterns, you see, are perfect, but the cells ability to faithfully adopt and form physical structures filling in those patters is then compromised. From this background, I hope you can see that it is important that you operate under the auspices of a healthy belief structure, a belief structure that is in a comfortable state of equilibrium with your world, your fellow beings and the universe. A faulty, corrupted belief structure will usually manifest itself in a faulty body. But that is not primarily what this article is about, so instead, lets look at what you can do when you are not at your best state of health.

You can say that your present state of health was inherent from birth, that it was a genetic defect present in your biological lineage and if that is the case, there is a strong possibility that it will be with your for life.

Your genes change all of the time, mutate, adapting to changing beliefs and physical conditions. You accept certain challenges at birth, and the way you do that is to select a set of parents (You do select your future parents before birth), that are likely to pass on certain biological deficiencies that you have selected in advance as a challenge to further your growth in this lifetime. That doesn’t mean that your life intent cannot change midstream, so to speak, previous sought challenges worked out, and the cells and molecules change accordingly. The genetic makeup can also change to reflect the new held beliefs and a cure may then occur.

There is in the present in your species, a sense of abandonment, a feeling of hopelessness that there only exists what you can see or touch, hard concrete reality, here today, gone tomorrow. And after you are gone you wonder how this can be that your world will go on without you and never skip a beat without you present. You have been made to feel that you are alone, born into an exterior world for a set length of time bounded by birth on the front end and death at the other, and in many cases, with no real answers to your most inner and intimate questions about your mortality, your spiritual being and your God. There are real answers available and I hope to make some of them understood in these articles.

There is meaning behind your life and your pursuits and you came into this life with a purpose that you chose in accordance with your entity/soul. The good news is that you cannot fail in your life’s goals, it’s just that some challenges take more time to deal with than you originally planned. You can only fail if you believe that your “living experience” ends with physical death. IT DOES NOT. You have all the time you need, if not in this lifetime, in others to come.

Some choose illness in advance of your physical birth, some choose health, and to help understand this, try to understand that there are other entities involved in your life that you are not aware of and they are by far more knowledgeable about your evolution, growth and progress than you can imagine at this time. There is much you can learn from illness, and one of them is that you are not “powerless and helpless” in the state of your health.

At the early stages of development of current mankind (and womenkind too), there was a need for the separation from the exterior ego oriented consciousness to put the unconscious, intuitions aside in favor of a more technological, oneness with the machine instead of nature. This separation is now being reexamined by the unconscious and a movement of your civilization is begun, once again linking the knowing ego self aware consciousness with the inner ego self and the knowing soul.

There are many who will scoff at what I tell you here today, there are university educated doctors who will tell you that only operations removing some of your most cherished organs will affect a cure. There are others who will insist that pills and potions are the answer, but as you well know by now that the fashionable pills of today are the recalled drug failures of tomorrow. No pill or potion ever cured one illness in someone who does not want to be cured and some have caused more harm than good.

I am quite aware of the social aspects of illness, the comradery involved in sharing the same “trendy” doctor or the “illness of choice” of the time. The attention one gets from non lethal sickness, the sympathy and comradery gained from a hospital stay and the attention a person may not get otherwise. Of course, there are too many reasons behind illness, sickness or disease to mention here, but most are psychological in origin, not physical. There is no bug, no orgasm and no virus lurking around every corner, waiting to attack your susceptible, flawed, imperfect human body, in fact, most of these critters live in perfect harmony within the body itself and under normal conditions, provide a necessary service to the bodies day to day functions.

You all know someone who has never been sick, and the reason is simple, almost too simple to believe, but in truth, they just never believed in the necessity of illness. If you do not believe in illness, you will be immune to illness.

If you could separate yourself from the current beliefs of your civilization about health and healing and begin again with an entirely new belief system about health instead of illness, you could, in fact, rid yourselves of almost every malady known to modern man. Early, pre-historic man had far less illness since he had not yet adopted so many distorted beliefs. It is true, early man did not have so much information to deal with and that lack of data, provided a more simple life where survival in his own locality was his only consideration. You now worry for not only your own personal reality but for the reality of societies half a world away, so its not surprising that you carry the psychological burden of more experience to deal with on a day to day basis. This new responsibility can cause much mental distress and discord, which when retained, can be the cause of reoccurring problems when not resolved

We will discuss this again and again, simply because it is such a problem within your society, and in light of the current focus because of the government health care debates now going on, you could not be criticized for believing that your health is under siege from every conceivable source. Your government tells you that if you don’t get vaccinated against the H1N1 virus, you will most certainly succumb to the illness. They have no idea that taking the vaccine itself reinforces your belief that the threat is not only real, but imminent.

You are told you need “Health Insurance” in case you get sick, but the truth is that when you take out a health insurance policy, you are just betting the insurance company that you WILL GET SICK. In a very real sense, you are betting against yourself and psychologically negating the wonderful affects of the healing power of the body. Of course, this healing ability is not exclusive to the human species. The animals once again have an advantage over you, since they have not lost the latent knowledge of the bodies natural abilities to heal itself, given the opportunity. The problem is that with the first sneeze, you rush out to take little Jimmy or Sarah to see a doctor to get inoculations, pills or potions, since you have lost sight of the natural healing power of the physical body, left alone, given time to do what it knows how to do. Get well!

The natural body does not lean toward sickness and you know it deep in your subconscious, but you live in such fear because of your presently accepted knowledge, your erroneous beliefs have rendering you paralyzed and reluctant to trust in the “God Given” gift of healing and health that is embedded within the cells themselves.. And while I am on the subject of God “All That Is”, if you really do believe in a “God”, do you really believe that a god of any worth would create a flawed body, susceptible to every imaginable disease or affliction?

Every human body ever born, except for those personalities who have pre-chosen a life time illness for personal challenges and growth, is born with a propensity for good health, and left alone without the accumulation of distorted beliefs, would pursue a course of perfect health which lies within the scope of its sought after potentials.

I am not suggesting that you can now have perfect health by reading this material and foregoing your previous health regimen, but I am suggesting there is a better way. It is a way of moderation, but, as long as you believe in your present medical system, you have to stay engaged within that system until you can replace your flawed belief system with one that takes in consideration the psychological aspects of illness and health. If you believe in doctors, doctors will be able to offer legitimate cures, but the cures themselves do not address the underlying psychological reasons behind or underlying illness and will only treat the symptoms, but not the cause.

What you can do is to learn to trust the miraculous healing ability of the body, delaying the obligatory trip to the family doctor for simple seasonal illnesses, giving the body the time it needs to heal itself. In this way, you do not jeopardize your health, but give your body some latitude to work its miracles without interference. In other words, institute the healing from within rather from without. It really works, and the sooner you integrate a program of inner healing, the more you will learn to trust in your bodies natural abilities. I have said this before, but it bears repeating, you are a part of nature as natural as any tree, flower or animal, but they have not lost sight of the inner connectivity of all living things, you have.

You have been given the gift of natural health.
This knowledge evades you, but it is not concealed from you.
It has always been available within your inner self,
There are many among you who understood this from birth.
They know that illness is simply an exterior effect
of an inner state of being, thrust outward for all to see,
in the physical matter of the body.
There is no illness that cannot be cured.
If you want to learn how to be well, do not study those who are sick,
but associate with those who know how to be well.

You will only learn how to be sick from people who are sick.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


The question as it was posed: I have been reading about many of the predictions of the world coming to an end in the year 2012, most siting as evidence, the resetting of the Maya calendar on December 21st. 2012. Will it really happen as predicted and if so, how?

As usual, the answer to this question is not as simple as it could be, and without some background, it would be impossible to make any sense of the answer that I will give. The world has ended before and it will end again at some point in the distant future. Worlds are not indestructible, and the inhabitants of any world, do have within their power, the ability to destroy their world through their own ignorance and destructive behavior. There have also been cataclysmic natural disasters in the past and they can and will occur again in the future.

Worlds are not destroyed because of some dire consequences of a retaliatory act of an angry god for disobedience. Worlds are not destroyed by some built in deficiency in the actual construction, born, only to self destruct after the energy runs down at some date in the future. The available energy behind any world or system is self generating, continuous and unlimited, so there is no danger of an Earth, depleted of energy, diminished in relevance, fading and disappearing. Entropy is an illusion held within the physical system based on limited data. There is also no chance of the universe as you know it, enfolding in, retracting and finally exploding and destroying itself. In order for these scenarios to occur, the universe would have to be what you think it is, and what you think it is, is not what it really is. But that’s for another discussion.

From your viewpoint, planets and universes do seem to come and go, some disappearing and reappearing but it usually has nothing to do with destruction, but with movement into other dimensions of actuality. Planetary destruction in those terms is simply your inability to follow the movement of these bodies into other probable systems, in much the same way as you are not able to follow the disappearance of what you would call extinct species into other probable earths. No dinosaur, saber tooth tiger or carrier pigeon ever ceased to exist, even though from your perspective they may have disappeared from your familiar landscape. When they leave your system at some point in your time, they will eventually reappear in another just as valid probable world system, or maybe reappear on your earth when conditions are more favorable for their development at some future time.

There is a possibility that the earth will end in 2012, but there is also a probability that the earth will end this year or 3000 years in the future, but those probabilities do not yet exist or are remote at this time. I have explained in some detail the probable system of which you, your world and your universe is an integral part, and in that probable system, all possibilities are probable. (Some are more probable than others.)

The current official version, the vogue belief of some people of your time, that the Maya, in their mystical wisdom, foresaw the end of the world and did not reset their calendar, is simply a way for opportunists to take advantage of mass stupidity, just as they took advantage of your foolish belief that the world would end in the year 2000. Charlatan evangelists, hucksters and con men took advantage of that situation too and millions of hard earned dollars went into the coffers of those who proselytize fear, predicting death and destruction and then offer salvation in order to exploit the gullible and fuel there lavish lifestyles at your expense.. Funny how salvation always has a price tag attached to it.

There is no real secret to understanding the possibility of the eventual destruction of the earth if you understand its existence in the probable system. Some say that you can discover dishonesty by following the money. In somewhat the same way, you can discover the future by following the prevailing lines of probabilities. The future is not set in stone and there is no such thing as pre-destination. No act today triggers a future act tomorrow, although it may seem that way on the surface. Each act stands on its own and the “cause and effect” theory only seems plausible from your viewpoint, since in the prime reality from which time arises, cause and effect occur simultaneously and the crime and punishment would then occur at the same time.

You can, by examining past and present acts, make predictions about probable future actions, but only predictions, since there is NO absolute progression from what happens today into what happens tomorrow. Today, the future consists of innumerable probable actions, yet to be chosen for actualization by individuals and by civilizations. There is no one act that leads with any certainty to any future act. For instance, you might say that someone who had signed a contract to perform a service for another party at a future date, is only “likely” to perform the service, but one could only predict a strong propensity for that to happen by following the prevalent line of probabilities and there is no absolute guarantee that it will happen. One act then, does not inevitably lead to the next possible act, but can “lean” toward the actualization of certain favorable future probabilities. If the person who signed the contract to perform had a history of non-performance on past contracts, you would say that the probability (leanings) toward any favorable outcome would be in question, and the probability of completion would be weak.

A change of heart, a negotiation, an illumination could take place at the last minute any act or a catastrophe could be averted before it happened. You could say, that from previous facts, one could ascertain that the service would be performed, but not with any certainty. As there are individual probabilities affecting the self, there are also mass probabilities affecting entire civilizations, nations and worlds such as Earth. If you want to know what will happen on earth in the future, examine the existing progressions of probabilities. If the earth is at peace, societies living in harmony, freedom and emotional contentment, the lines of probabilities would not be leaning toward self inflicted destruction. Destruction from a natural source is another thing entirely, but still linked in ways hard to explain to the overall mass consciousness of your civilization. Have you ever considered the similarities between volcanic eruptions and human emotional eruptions such as war?

The Earth that you know is but one of many probable earths including what you would call parallel Earths and anti matter Earths, so there is no lack of platforms for similar type of experience. If the Earth is ever destroyed, you will not be destroyed in the process, you may die, yes, but the body you know is not the REAL YOU. In its destruction, the earth would not disappear, but could be rendered unliveable to the beings now inhabiting it. (You). Though your physical bodies may perish, your identity is indestructible and you would go on. Your species would mutate and adapt to the new Earth conditions if the cause was worthwhile and if the surviving elements and raw materials still available were sufficient to support and provide the necessary opportunity for satisfactory fulfillment of the future inhabitants. If not, you would be born again into another similar system and would be able to apply your intimate knowledge of the destruction from your previous experience to your new endeavor.

Earths have ceased to exist before and have been reconstituted, elements returned to their previous state, conscious identities reintroduced and the process begins again, but with one advantage, to those with previous experience, the growth and development comes much quicker and easier the second time around. A personality, though they may not consciously remember surviving a destroyed earth, would then have the inner knowledge of “How not to destroy a planet” encoded in their future genes and the inner genetic knowledge of the civilization that would provide valuable guidance to others just entering the system.

The Maya had made advancements in many areas but they were not proficient in predictions any more than you are, otherwise they would have foreseen the disappearance of their own culture and initiated corrective measures. In many ways they were advanced beyond their time, but they had no intent to predict the end of the world, so based on that, there is NO validity to YOUR interpretation of THEIR intent.

Finally, your world is a new experiment as worlds go, a proving ground, a kindergarten for newer consciousness to learn the manipulation of physical matter. You create your own reality, and all living consciousness of the earth create the mass realty, including the animals and plants. You all had something to start with in this endeavor, available fields of energy, seeded to provide the basis of the raw materials for you to work with, elements of the earth for you to maintain and manipulate, to form new constructions from your beliefs, thoughts and expectations, and then to evaluate your own successes and failures. It is true to say that your physical Objects and Events, though some may be flawed, are concrete proof of your proficiency along these lines.

The Earth is volatile, unstable and nature is in some ways violent, but in spite of all the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, meteor strikes, floods and other natural disasters, there is no real destruction, there is only change. The earth must constantly change to survive, and were it not for these seeming catastrophic events, the world landscape would be monotonous and boring, devoid of deep seas, snow covered peaks and vast deserts and would provide no meaningful challenges for consciousness such as yours. A flood that kills thousands has no ill intent.

It is because of the seeming severity of nature itself that your world is so naturally superlative and incomparable in its natural beauty, in comparison to other more coddled and protected systems where such freedoms are not available, and nature is held in check. You have been given the full use of the unlimited energy of the universe and for that reason, the consequences for action by you or nature can be severe, sometimes lethal, but in truth, you are also nature in its most self aware package. All consciousness is natural and all of nature works together toward value fulfillment and mutual satisfactions in your system, although in many ways it doesn’t seem so, but you are learning, and that is what your reality system is intended to do.

Your universe survives so well only because it is based on un-predictability, which you sometimes confuse with chaos. Chaos is an illusion, but un-predictability is a necessity in your universe and in your smaller, more familiar focused universe which is the “You” that you know so well. “God”, “All That” Is, would suffocate in a system where every act would be known in advance and every decision already made. This does not mean that your universe is unstable, directionless, erratic or frivolous, but achieves its extraordinary stability because of its existence within the probable system where all options are open and possible, but not one of them is inevitable, proclaimed by some Divine Decree by a capricious God..
Will the world end in 2012 ?
I do not make predictions, simply because predictions can be wrong, and just the prediction itself can influence the trend of probable future events in negative ways.
The probabilities do not at this time seem to be pointing to the end of your Earth in 2012, so I would suggest that there is no risk in making long range future plans.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Communication is a universal concept and is not exclusive to people with your particular types of sensual equipment. Even in your own world, there are innumerable methods whereby different species communicate with one another and with you. Outside of your system there are other worlds with other species, with other sense mechanisms besides the mouth, tongue and lips that predominate in your world for verbal communication. Even among the human species, there are communications going on below the level of words, gestures, looks and physical manipulations.

In some, what you would call alien civilizations, there are meaningful communications that predominate through the use of precise manipulations of thermal qualities or sound frequencies that have nothing to do with words or phrases. There are some societies that rely on precise manipulations of color, gradations beyond the limited spectrum of color available to you at this time. Strong intensity of color then would be translated as strong, vivid emotions or feelings.

There are other considerations here that should give you a hint of the existence of communication carried on by even yourselves that are usually overlooked, that even you use as a means of conveying information and feelings other than words that your are not consciously aware. A look, a stare, a shrug, a grunt, a sigh, a variety of other physical gestures backed up by intense emotion, can say more than a hundred words strung out in linear fashion. Words and phrases require time are a clumsy affair to begin with, and one intense thought backed up by strong feelings and emotions, about lets say a past war, a wedding or a death can transmit more information instantaneously than an entire book.

This type of conceptual communication is of course called telepathic communication and this my friends is the universal means of communications of more advanced civilizations and it could be said that when one dies, he/she steps out of the physical system into a more advanced system, even though it would not be considered a comprehensive, historical context realty system. Now, dead is dead, but since only the body is dead in your terms, the personality carries on, moving on to a temporary system in another dimension entirely, which serves as an in-between system for those recently transitioned.

This in-between system is other dimensional, but is still in what you could call the “Earth Neighborhood” and actually shares the same space as the physical Earth. This system has far more freedoms than yours, and most importantly, far less challenges even though it does hold some serious surprises for those recently departed. By no means is this system a sterile “Heaven” like place for the lazy, but it can be a place of sublime contentment for those recently exiting from an exacting physical life. It is from this system that another transition will finally take place as the personality learns, grows, studies and makes decisions as to it’s next physically materialized adventure, and will eventually choose another more advanced, permanent reality system to inhabit.

The telepathic thought transference method of communications is the method that will be used by the “recently dead” survival personalities when attempting to talk with those left behind. The recently departed do not become proficient in telepathic communication magically upon death, but communication skills are developed as they learn more about their new condition and adapt to their new surroundings. One does not become instantly wise from a state of ignorance upon physical death. The clueless will step into their new system as clueless as they were when they died, until the learn and progress. Wisdom is not a characteristic freely given upon death, but must be acquired though study and diligence to learning and there is no magic transference of knowledge to an ignorant personality upon death.

Having gotten that out of the way, let me say that there is a vast difference between the “spoken word” and the ”thought word”. The survival personality does not communicate directly using lips, tongue or mouth but with telepathic messages bridging two systems, but still uses “thought words”, in other words, he thinks concepts in words and these thought words are sent out to those who have been and are still emotionally connected with them. These survival personalities (dead in your terms) are more alive than you are, but from your viewpoint, you will have trouble understanding this. For those of you who like simple explanations, you could say that the act of dying releases you from the physical body, settling you into your familiar dream body, the dream body retaining all of its previous attributes, but its experience now is fully conscious. This new body will be so much like your past physical body that you may not realize the difference until you try to use it as you would your past physical body in the physical system. It will have form, but it will not have mass.

Don’t take this analogy too seriously, because of your dreaming past dreaming experiences, it would leave you with some big misconceptions which we will discuss at another time. It will suffice for now to say that what seems like uncontrolled chaos in the dreaming state, becomes quite orderly after death, not in the actual dream universe, but with a dream -ike body in the after-death system.

But it is from this dimension that the survival personalities communications will take place with those still ensconced within the physical Earth system. Remember the survival personality has one big advantage that you don’t have, being that he/she/it knows that he is alive and well, and you can only hope that is true. (Please excuse the pronoun usage, it is strictly for convenience sake).

On the death of a loved one, there is usually great sorrow at their absence by those still within the physical system. At the time of transition there is usually an initial period of confusion, especially for those whose beliefs were deeply influenced by dogmatic religious beliefs. Those who have not been indoctrinated in such dogma, would then find the transition easier to understand. There are those literally, who refuse to believe that they are dead, but eventually their true condition will become evident, as the consul with others.. For this initial period soon after transition, communication will be sparse while the new personality reacquaints itself with old friends who have passed before him, and some who have gone before him in other lives. Old friends will reacquaint with each other and particular lives lived in different centuries will be no barrier to emotional connections. It is important to note that the recently dead “survival personality” wants desperately to assure those left behind that they are OK, so rest assured that to the limits of their abilities, they will attempt to make contact with those whom there are strong emotional ties.

If you were most recently male, you might meet again a favorite wife from many centuries ago in the past who carries more favor with you than your most recent wife left behind. You may then decide to spend another lifetime together in another system, another dimension and perhaps work on old challenges not solved in the first relationship. There is no end to things, and some friendships last eternally, renewed and refreshed again and again, while even some family members who with you have no particular bond will go their own way. You might say it is deja vu over and over again. (Thanks to Yogi Berra).

Now, back to communication with those who have died, transitioned, adapted and gotten their sea legs in this new system, this would then be the opportune time for communication to take place, before in your terms, they have time to get too involved in plans for a new life. You must remember, that the system temporarily inhabited by the recently dead, exists outside of your concept of time, so my following statements are relative to you only, and not so much to them. Communications from your standpoint time wise, would be from approximately one week after death for the next year. Survival personalities can reincarnate immediately, but it is not likely and not recommended for healthy growth and expansion of consciousness. From this temporary system, communications will be made with some facility. After they once again transition to another more permanent, advanced system, communications will be difficult if not impossible, so pay attention during the first year.

Remember to the survival personality, time does not exist any more, so as they begin to adapt to their new temporary home, they must learn new methods of communication just as you must learn and practice still makes perfect. (Ha). They have another advantage in communicating with you in that they can still SEE YOU, and you cannot see them. So they will know if their attempts are successful in sending telepathic messages to you or not. You will have to learn to trust your feelings and emotions because they are the real carriers of information between those still in the corporal body and those in the dream body. Do not expect to receive messages from those who you have NO real emotional connection.

You will have to learn a new way to alert you of these non-verbal word-concept messages by looking where there is nothing, paying attention to nuances and learning to listen to the inner noise of your feelings and emotions. Survival personalities CAN influence matter and move physical objects, but usually only with the assistance of an experienced person with mediumistic abilities, so don’t expect your bed to rise and float across the room. Messages will usually come when you are not concentrating on receiving messages. The conscious ego gets in the way of extra sensory perception and telepathic communications, so messages will bleed though when you are least thinking about it, when you are otherwise distracted.

These inter-dimensional messages will sometimes blast you with a flash of intuition, a meaningful symbol of something that was important between you, a feeling about something that you closely shared with the survival personality. It goes without saying here that “trust” is an important factor here, trust and a belief that these communication are not only possible, but likely to occur. Sometimes these inter-dimensional messages will be given to you in the dream state, so it is vital that you try to remember your dreams. Give yourself the suggestion before going to bed, that you will be able to wake up and remember dreams received with messages from your loved ones.

Believe me, the survival personality seeks communication as much as you do, and it is your job to recognize them when they do happen. It also goes without saying that intuition is more important here than the intellect and intellectual knowledge should not be relied on in seeking contact with survival personalities. Contact is something that cannot be forced and in fact is less likely to happen when you want it to happen.

Sorry, but that’s just the way it is for you now, but here’s the good news, even though you are now not egotistically aware of these other realities in any personal ways, and you are separated from your departed loved ones by great psychological distance, they are closer than you think. You are evolving toward full awareness of your total identity and awareness of the existence of these other personalities that seem dead and gone now, and even now and in the distant future, you will follow those you love across the vast reaches of the universe.

There are many inward journeys to take
Some will take you far afield on seldom traveled roads
Each journey must be taken alone.
There are many times and they all exist Now.
You are not separated by centuries from your loved ones dead or alive,
but by psychological depth and spiritual awareness.

Love, feelings and emotions are the connective
that transcend the illusion of time and space.
A message received between a survival personality
and those left behind, has traveled farther
than the most distant star in the known universe.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I could have just as easily named this article “How to Create your Happiness Garden”, but I know I am competing here with the “prosperity evangelicals” so I will state my disclaimer here; I have no agenda other than to help you understand the true nature of reality and live a healthy, prosperous life. You can be prosperous in health, in happiness, in love, in wealth, in spiritual fulfillment, and the list goes on, but the process remains the same. From the perspective of your soul/entity there is no difference and valuable lessons are learned from both prosperity and misfortune. It shouldn’t be too hard to see that failure simply shows you how not to do something well, so failure is just materialized proof of the misuse and distortions of energy in the creative process.

Prosperity, abundance, affluence are ways financial success is materialized in the world of three dimensional physical matter. They are indicators of the correct utilization of energy, but even though you may have success in one area of your life, there is no guarantee that they will always bring success in other directions. In other words, you could have a good understanding for creating wealth, but experience repeated illness, have a foul temperament and be totally dysfunctional in your emotional development and personal relationships. We will discuss here, the prosperity end of the spectrum of experience and try to explain through analogies, methods to use that will work, followed, create prosperity and wealth in many areas of your life. When I talk of prosperity then, please understand that I am referring to ALL AREAS of your life, which is what you are really striving for anyway.

I have discussed similar creative experience before as I am sure you know, but here I want to tell you through the “Prosperity Garden” analogy, how you should think about this, and please remember, all reality is MENTAL first. then made PHYSICAL. The mental aspect always comes first, and NO physical object, event or person could exist for you to experience, if the PHYSICAL was not given actuality through idea, thought, suggestion and expectation. The thought always comes first, the experiencing of the concrete results of that thought is a secondary result, a proof in atoms and molecules of the success or failure or your ability to utilize the unlimited energy of the universe, channeling it into physical matter and then perceiving and experiencing it.

I want to use a “Garden” analogy here to try and make some important points regarding the creation of what you will consider a successful life. You can create a prosperity garden by preparing the soil, planting the proper seeds, thought seeds, nourishing them, tending them and reaping the fruits of your labors. If you have done your job well, you will reap the benefits in rock solid, concrete, irrefutable results of success in many or all areas of your life.

First, in creating your “Prosperity Garden” you will need to plant your “Thought Seeds” in fertile ground, and in our little analogy, the fertile ground is your bedrock belief system, your overall mental and emotional health. You cannot grow abundant crops if you plant seeds in a desolate landscape, and if you are an emotional basket case and have an unhealthy mental state, the seeds will bear less than satisfactory fruits. Of course, recognizing the discord in the mental state is not that easy, since most people consider themselves perfectly normal even though to others, they may seem “out of synch” or mentally unbalanced.

Now, this is important. You will create reality to one extent or another, but if your life is in turmoil, and if life is a constant struggle, then you are doing something wrong, or shall we say, you are doing things that are not beneficial to your well being. Creation of your reality will happen in your life whether or not you are aware of your intimate part in that creative process, but if you do not begin to purposely consider that what you are reaping today is the result of what you planted yesterday, then you are at a distinct disadvantage in your pursuit of happiness. Of course, the seeds that you planted yesterday were your thoughts, that finally come to fruition “Now Today”.

You tend to think that when you succeed or fail at something today, that it was an immediate response to present conditions and present actions, and that is not the case by any means. What happens to you today has been a long time in the making by your inner self, even though it may have totally escaped your egotistical awareness, it is the immediate emergence of past thoughts and beliefs gathering themselves, coagulating, firming up and emerging into your present at an opportune time. If that opportune time does not occur in physical terms, then that particular present event has not achieved enough impetus and will remain probable and never materialize. In other words, you can to a great extent, change what seems to be inevitable present events even up to the last minute by altering your prevailing thought patterns.

In creating a prosperity garden, you will need to prepare the ground by examining your thought patterns, your beliefs, and plucking out the weeds, metaphorically speaking, the unhealthy mental edifices that have hindered your progress in the past. Remember, your present is simply the result of past thoughts, beliefs and imagination, so what you think today, you will experience tomorrow.

You can do this “weeding out” by visualizing yourself in a field, actually bending over, pulling out and destroying the weeds, the old distortions, unhealthy beliefs that have brought you nothing in the past but the reality that you are trying to change today. You are then, preparing the way for the insertion of new, healthy seeds. (thoughts). Now, to be sure, the universe does not discriminate based on your human evaluations of what is good or bad since your moral judgements are arbitrary, but it does lean toward the creation of events in your life that are beneficial to your spiritual growth and development.

You will plant (insert) your new seeds (thoughts about what you want) into the prepared field of your belief system by thinking of what you want in your life in the future, visualizing it realistically, and most importantly, “Expecting it to happen”. Remember, physical actualisation takes some time, it does not happen immediately, but it is important that you do not overdue the visualization thing. You will be visualizing actually planting seeds in a real field, but the seeds that you are planting will be seeds of thoughts, and a thought is just as real as any seed.

Visualization works best when it is done for only about fifteen minutes a day, then forgetting about it. An intense thought, backed by strong desire and expectation can enter your field of perception, (become real in your life), in a short time. The concrete effects of your prosperity gardening begin happening immediately with your first thought, one single thought immediately propelling itself outward, beginning the process of becoming physical and usable in your reality system. In this case, the seed begins to sprout immediately. It will not break through (emerge from the ground) into physical matter for some time, maybe as long as several weeks, maybe more depending on the intensity behind the initial thought.

If your thought does not carry enough weight, not enough desire, and you really do not expect it to happen, it will still materialize in some form, somewhere. It must emerge somewhere since it has been created and cannot be withdrawn. Thoughts that are too weak to emerge in your system will emerge in another, perhaps not requiring as much energy for some other kind of materialization. So it is very important to understand that it is up to you, nobody else, to “expect” what you think about to come to pass, and it shall.

Your point of power is now.
The future is a fertile field waiting to be planted
with the seeds of your thoughts today.
What you plant today, you will reap tomorrow.
Plant wisely and you can live in abundance.