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The question as it was posed: I have been reading about many of the predictions of the world coming to an end in the year 2012, most siting as evidence, the resetting of the Maya calendar on December 21st. 2012. Will it really happen as predicted and if so, how?

As usual, the answer to this question is not as simple as it could be, and without some background, it would be impossible to make any sense of the answer that I will give. The world has ended before and it will end again at some point in the distant future. Worlds are not indestructible, and the inhabitants of any world, do have within their power, the ability to destroy their world through their own ignorance and destructive behavior. There have also been cataclysmic natural disasters in the past and they can and will occur again in the future.

Worlds are not destroyed because of some dire consequences of a retaliatory act of an angry god for disobedience. Worlds are not destroyed by some built in deficiency in the actual construction, born, only to self destruct after the energy runs down at some date in the future. The available energy behind any world or system is self generating, continuous and unlimited, so there is no danger of an Earth, depleted of energy, diminished in relevance, fading and disappearing. Entropy is an illusion held within the physical system based on limited data. There is also no chance of the universe as you know it, enfolding in, retracting and finally exploding and destroying itself. In order for these scenarios to occur, the universe would have to be what you think it is, and what you think it is, is not what it really is. But that’s for another discussion.

From your viewpoint, planets and universes do seem to come and go, some disappearing and reappearing but it usually has nothing to do with destruction, but with movement into other dimensions of actuality. Planetary destruction in those terms is simply your inability to follow the movement of these bodies into other probable systems, in much the same way as you are not able to follow the disappearance of what you would call extinct species into other probable earths. No dinosaur, saber tooth tiger or carrier pigeon ever ceased to exist, even though from your perspective they may have disappeared from your familiar landscape. When they leave your system at some point in your time, they will eventually reappear in another just as valid probable world system, or maybe reappear on your earth when conditions are more favorable for their development at some future time.

There is a possibility that the earth will end in 2012, but there is also a probability that the earth will end this year or 3000 years in the future, but those probabilities do not yet exist or are remote at this time. I have explained in some detail the probable system of which you, your world and your universe is an integral part, and in that probable system, all possibilities are probable. (Some are more probable than others.)

The current official version, the vogue belief of some people of your time, that the Maya, in their mystical wisdom, foresaw the end of the world and did not reset their calendar, is simply a way for opportunists to take advantage of mass stupidity, just as they took advantage of your foolish belief that the world would end in the year 2000. Charlatan evangelists, hucksters and con men took advantage of that situation too and millions of hard earned dollars went into the coffers of those who proselytize fear, predicting death and destruction and then offer salvation in order to exploit the gullible and fuel there lavish lifestyles at your expense.. Funny how salvation always has a price tag attached to it.

There is no real secret to understanding the possibility of the eventual destruction of the earth if you understand its existence in the probable system. Some say that you can discover dishonesty by following the money. In somewhat the same way, you can discover the future by following the prevailing lines of probabilities. The future is not set in stone and there is no such thing as pre-destination. No act today triggers a future act tomorrow, although it may seem that way on the surface. Each act stands on its own and the “cause and effect” theory only seems plausible from your viewpoint, since in the prime reality from which time arises, cause and effect occur simultaneously and the crime and punishment would then occur at the same time.

You can, by examining past and present acts, make predictions about probable future actions, but only predictions, since there is NO absolute progression from what happens today into what happens tomorrow. Today, the future consists of innumerable probable actions, yet to be chosen for actualization by individuals and by civilizations. There is no one act that leads with any certainty to any future act. For instance, you might say that someone who had signed a contract to perform a service for another party at a future date, is only “likely” to perform the service, but one could only predict a strong propensity for that to happen by following the prevalent line of probabilities and there is no absolute guarantee that it will happen. One act then, does not inevitably lead to the next possible act, but can “lean” toward the actualization of certain favorable future probabilities. If the person who signed the contract to perform had a history of non-performance on past contracts, you would say that the probability (leanings) toward any favorable outcome would be in question, and the probability of completion would be weak.

A change of heart, a negotiation, an illumination could take place at the last minute any act or a catastrophe could be averted before it happened. You could say, that from previous facts, one could ascertain that the service would be performed, but not with any certainty. As there are individual probabilities affecting the self, there are also mass probabilities affecting entire civilizations, nations and worlds such as Earth. If you want to know what will happen on earth in the future, examine the existing progressions of probabilities. If the earth is at peace, societies living in harmony, freedom and emotional contentment, the lines of probabilities would not be leaning toward self inflicted destruction. Destruction from a natural source is another thing entirely, but still linked in ways hard to explain to the overall mass consciousness of your civilization. Have you ever considered the similarities between volcanic eruptions and human emotional eruptions such as war?

The Earth that you know is but one of many probable earths including what you would call parallel Earths and anti matter Earths, so there is no lack of platforms for similar type of experience. If the Earth is ever destroyed, you will not be destroyed in the process, you may die, yes, but the body you know is not the REAL YOU. In its destruction, the earth would not disappear, but could be rendered unliveable to the beings now inhabiting it. (You). Though your physical bodies may perish, your identity is indestructible and you would go on. Your species would mutate and adapt to the new Earth conditions if the cause was worthwhile and if the surviving elements and raw materials still available were sufficient to support and provide the necessary opportunity for satisfactory fulfillment of the future inhabitants. If not, you would be born again into another similar system and would be able to apply your intimate knowledge of the destruction from your previous experience to your new endeavor.

Earths have ceased to exist before and have been reconstituted, elements returned to their previous state, conscious identities reintroduced and the process begins again, but with one advantage, to those with previous experience, the growth and development comes much quicker and easier the second time around. A personality, though they may not consciously remember surviving a destroyed earth, would then have the inner knowledge of “How not to destroy a planet” encoded in their future genes and the inner genetic knowledge of the civilization that would provide valuable guidance to others just entering the system.

The Maya had made advancements in many areas but they were not proficient in predictions any more than you are, otherwise they would have foreseen the disappearance of their own culture and initiated corrective measures. In many ways they were advanced beyond their time, but they had no intent to predict the end of the world, so based on that, there is NO validity to YOUR interpretation of THEIR intent.

Finally, your world is a new experiment as worlds go, a proving ground, a kindergarten for newer consciousness to learn the manipulation of physical matter. You create your own reality, and all living consciousness of the earth create the mass realty, including the animals and plants. You all had something to start with in this endeavor, available fields of energy, seeded to provide the basis of the raw materials for you to work with, elements of the earth for you to maintain and manipulate, to form new constructions from your beliefs, thoughts and expectations, and then to evaluate your own successes and failures. It is true to say that your physical Objects and Events, though some may be flawed, are concrete proof of your proficiency along these lines.

The Earth is volatile, unstable and nature is in some ways violent, but in spite of all the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, meteor strikes, floods and other natural disasters, there is no real destruction, there is only change. The earth must constantly change to survive, and were it not for these seeming catastrophic events, the world landscape would be monotonous and boring, devoid of deep seas, snow covered peaks and vast deserts and would provide no meaningful challenges for consciousness such as yours. A flood that kills thousands has no ill intent.

It is because of the seeming severity of nature itself that your world is so naturally superlative and incomparable in its natural beauty, in comparison to other more coddled and protected systems where such freedoms are not available, and nature is held in check. You have been given the full use of the unlimited energy of the universe and for that reason, the consequences for action by you or nature can be severe, sometimes lethal, but in truth, you are also nature in its most self aware package. All consciousness is natural and all of nature works together toward value fulfillment and mutual satisfactions in your system, although in many ways it doesn’t seem so, but you are learning, and that is what your reality system is intended to do.

Your universe survives so well only because it is based on un-predictability, which you sometimes confuse with chaos. Chaos is an illusion, but un-predictability is a necessity in your universe and in your smaller, more familiar focused universe which is the “You” that you know so well. “God”, “All That” Is, would suffocate in a system where every act would be known in advance and every decision already made. This does not mean that your universe is unstable, directionless, erratic or frivolous, but achieves its extraordinary stability because of its existence within the probable system where all options are open and possible, but not one of them is inevitable, proclaimed by some Divine Decree by a capricious God..
Will the world end in 2012 ?
I do not make predictions, simply because predictions can be wrong, and just the prediction itself can influence the trend of probable future events in negative ways.
The probabilities do not at this time seem to be pointing to the end of your Earth in 2012, so I would suggest that there is no risk in making long range future plans.

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Unparallel Love said...

What can you tell me about the theory of our Earth transitioning from "The Age of Pisces", to "The Age of Aquarius". I know some people say that when our system enters a "new age", it starts new. Such as the Great Flood and the disappearance of Atlantis maybe. According to some, that is where the 2012 world ending spiel is coming from, because apparently at that time Earth will be entering this so called new age.

W. Allan said...

Dear Unparallel Love,
The Earth does go through cycles and just as there are subtle interactions between you and the planets, there are also subtle interactions between the Earth and everything else in the universe. Everyone on the earth at this time is part of the last cycle that began with your stone age. When most of the important lessons that can be learned in this most recent cycle, it will be ended, a refreshing of earth's resources will be accomplished and a new crop of identities will begin again in another stone age, but, and this is important, in each succeeding cycle, progress is quickened since what has been learned is passed down through the memories of the newer personalities. In other words, even though they are New Personalities, they have an ancient history upon which they can draw.

Unparallel Love said...

Off the topic. But what can you tell me about out of body experiences? What is the difference between that and astral projection? Is it beneficial at all for us to do this? From what I understand it is your sub-conscience mind traveling to another plane of existence. Which is another thing I'm unsure of, these planes of existence. Astral plane? Etheric Plane?

W. Allan said...

Dear Unparrallel,
Everyone projects out of body from time to time in the dream state, whether they remember it or not. It is difficult to tell when you awake if you have had a very realistic dream or actually been in an "out of body" projection. In the "Out of Body", you are actually in your astral form and you could indeed project to another plane of existence. It is all good since it is an expansion of consciousness and that is what we are all here for. There are countless planes of existence, some occupying the same space as Earth.