Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The question as it was posed; Now wait a minute, though! Why then, do you think, we have longer lifespans now than we did before we developed the technology and medicine that we have available to us? If the soul entity just loses interest, so to speak, why do things like medicine and technology make such a big difference? I know- I think I just asked the same question twice.

The above question was asked in response to a previous article entitled; WILL WE EVER LIVE TO BE 200 YEARS OLD?
It's a fair question and deserves a more detailed explanation. The entity/soul creates personalities through what I call a “splintering process” of itself into separate and totally independent identities that then go on to gain experience on behalf of the soul. The soul itself cannot enter the earth system of reality for various reasons so it projects its personality aspects into various systems of reality (worlds), and I don't particularly like using the term worlds, since the connotation is that these “worlds” are all of a physical nature, which is not the case. It is true that some personalities exist in physical worlds such as earth, but others will exist in other just as viable, just as vivid and actual systems that are in no way associated with what you might call a planet of solid matter.
Most of these systems would be alien to you since they are not of the material nature, they might have a dream like reality, but not necessarily. There are so many different perceptual systems, that they are truly numberless and existing throughout your universe and other universes, planes, dimensions and fields of activity. All of these could be considered not as locations, but as mental platforms that provide the necessary ingredients for personalities to gain experience.
Depending on the development and psychic abilities of the entity/soul, he may create one or more personalities, sending them into varied systems of reality for the purpose of development of the total identity. Each personality is an integral part of the whole self which will eventually unite to form from its individual, separated and totally free consciousnesses, a complete personality of a more developed stature who will then migrate to other more advanced reality systems.
It is important to mention here that the entity, after projecting personalities into the chosen and desired system of reality, gives up all control and influence over the actions of the personality. The entity cannot affect the life of the completely independent personality one iota. The soul/ entity, gives psychic birth to the personality and then through a process that I have likened to psychic osmosis, experiences everything that the personality experiences, but cannot interfere in the choices made or the outcome. Even though the entity may not like the choices that the personality makes, he cannot change the decisions made. In other words, it's every man for himself once a decision is made for any action to be taken in the physical world.
You yourself are one projection of your soul/entity, an aspect that gained entrance into the physical system through physical birth. Your entity does not monitor your day to day experiences by any means, like some nosy neighbor watching your activities, peeking through their front window. The entity has bigger fish to fry, so to speak, since he is dealing with a multitude of personalities simultaneously and at some great expense when it comes to the expenditure of its energy.
This “sending out” of individual personalities is what could be called energy intensive, the energy required to materialize and support a personality in any system could be likened to the energy utilized in the recent launching of the Delta 4 Heavy Rocket from Vandenberg's Space Complex. The entity does not create personalities willy-nilly and it is done only when the entity desires a certain type of experience that cannot be gained anywhere else. You could say that the entity is your psychic parent and your physical parents will then facilitate your entrance into the world of physical matter, in this case earth. Your entity/soul is then, a more enduring parent.
Without the supporting energy supplied by the entity, your image would dissipate, to use a familiar term, in a New York second. So this supporting role, this continuous transference of energy from one system to another is not something that the entity takes lightly and the entity creates only those new personalities which it can comfortably support with its energy projections.
In early childhood, the personality is not yet fully focused in the physical world and the supportive energy is increasing in strength. There comes a time from adolescence to early adulthood when this supportive energy reaches its maximum intensity and the personality is in its prime. From that point on the available energy begins to diminish and will eventually be withdrawn by the soul/entity. There are various reasons for this withholding of energy by the entity from the personality in his later years, having something to do with the waning interest and diminishing abilities of the personality and entity to maintain focus and interest and complete certain challenges within its lifetime.
It's no secret that medical advances and new technologies have increased the life span and increased the quality of life of modern mankind, and womankind too and will continue to do so in coming years. But to fully understand the entire scope of this phenomenon, you must realize that all realities and personalities within those realities are mental in origin and even though the physical body could theoretically be kept alive indefinitely, the desire to continue in any particular life's pursuit diminishes over time. It is not that the body that ages, but it is the mental support from the personality itself and the entity that brings about the eventual disintegration of the physical image.
There is no set pattern that must be followed regarding the potential life span of any given individual as you know, but there are some guidelines that are flexible enough to bend to the existing norms of the times. It is common knowledge that some well known biblical characters lived to ripe old ages into multiple hundreds of years, but there was an underlaying mental exception during those times, since those elders were the carriers of knowledge of the ages and were entrusted to remember and pass on the wisdom of the tribes.
They were a revered and needed vital part of the tribal society, not like your elders today that are tucked away out of sight in retirement homes and relegated to spending their days playing checkers and busying themselves with meaningless arts and crafts. When there is an outer need the inner psychic chords will be triggered, the genetic structure modified and adapted to a new reality and the potential life span will increase within any society, both human and animal, species by species.
I have said many times, perhaps too many, that no person dies that is not in agreement with dying at that time. Of course, he will not be consciously aware of his acquiescence to his impending death for obvious reasons, but no man dies who is not ready to die. The final decision is always with the entity, and exceptions can be made, probabilities changed and any life can be extended at the last minute if there is sufficient underlying purpose. A new awakening, a new illumination, and the personality will gain new impetus and life will continue, at least for a while.
I will try to wrap this up by saying, there comes a time when both the soul/entity and the personality are in agreement that nothing more of any consequence will be achieved by prolonging any particular life and of course, this knowledge is already known by the inner self. The outer self, the ego, the personality, will sometimes fight tooth and nail to live, even though his life may have deteriorated to the point where he is on permanent life support. Friends and family play a big part in trying to convince someone to live, who is OK with his coming departure, and this makes matters more difficult.
As you evolve, through many lives, it would seem that with increasing knowledge, life would become problem free, but that is not the case, and even if you make great advances medically and technologically, you will still need to die, and in a reasonable length of time. Extending life becomes rather meaningless when you understand and trust the the doorway to a new life must be entered through the doorway of death. It has always been that way, and will continue to be so in the future, in the earth system of reality, even though you may live a longer or shorter life.
I feel quite certain, that many of you, given the absolute assurance that you could begin a new life's journey once again, in a new body, retaining all of your past memories, hopefully much wiser than in your last lifetime and most probably interwoven again in relationships with previous family and friends, would jump at the opportunity even knowing that it would require your physical death as a precursor to the next life.
So, you are one aspect of your soul/entity, your consciousness is eternal and you will drag your memories along with you from lifetime to lifetime. You will forever interact with friends and family through many reincarnations. Some that you are not close to will drop by the wayside and those with whom you have close abiding relationships will be with you forever. In later years as the body weakens and mental acuity diminishes, the focus of the entity and personality begins to wane and both realize that there is little to gain by prolonging the inevitable end that must be faced by all mankind and animals alike.
The number of years that any particular consciousness lives on the earth is dependent on the inner psychic needs of both personality and Soul and not on the disintegration of physical matter although it may seem that way.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


 The real interest in those darn elusive aliens began many decades ago with the adventures of Buck Rogers originally created in comics, film and later a TV series adapted from the original creation in 1928. I have previously written an article entitled “Do Aliens Really Exist”? And to this day, it is the most read article of almost 200 other articles on this site. Everyone wants to know, including I may add, every last scientist on the face of the earth; Are we alone? and they should know better since it is a really dumb and conceited question.
In fact, it is almost such a ludicrous question that I should probably dismiss it with a loud and emphatic DUH!, but on the other hand it is not surprising that it is asked so often, since to this day, no alien has, at least to my knowledge, landed his space vehicle in the Washington Monument Mall and asked to be taken to Earth's leader. There are some things that we have not gone into in any great detail before, that I would like to explore with you.
There are many dimensions, planes and fields of reality inhabited by intelligent beings somewhat like yourselves, some that exist in your universe adjacent to and in the neighborhood of planet Earth and some much farther away. Many of these other dimensional alien civilizations will to some extent remain invisible and undetected by your scientific community and will remain relatively inaccessible by you.
It is important for you to wonder about such things, but to other more advanced beings, and most are more advanced, having a better understanding of these things, is no big deal. They understand that all systems appear largely independent and closed off to intrusions from other beings from other alien systems. This is not literally true, for there is an interchange of energy through all reality systems, but for all appearances sake and for practicality, one can not intrude on another, and so, the vast majority of the countless universal civilizations are kept separate one from the other by the very nature of their type of reality system.
As we discussed in our last article, there are more ways than one to travel the universe and beyond and if you are planning to hop aboard a space vehicle and journey to the nearest star, you will never make it within your lifetime. There is life, within your broad classification of life, within your solar system, but there is no intelligent life, and that is what you are interested in, not finding a microbe buried in the martian dust, but living, breathing beings somewhat similar to yourselves. Nothing exists in isolation, so you can assume that if there is one of anything, anywhere, there must be more, and such is the case with planetary civilizations such as yours.
So this will make any sense, you must at least have some basic understanding of how “reality systems” such as yours are formed in the first place. Your concept of an early earth, seething, roiling, oceans filling, mountains rising, rivers cutting channels through the surface, clouds of gasses and mists rising out of the surface is correct to this assumption. Of course, it is much more complicated than that, but the big mistake comes from your concept of the emergence of life on the planet, and this holds for other planets, planes and dimensions.
Most scientists believe that at some distant, ancient time, the right mixture of chemicals and elements came together in some primordial pool, was hit by a random bolt of lightening and coalesced into something that had life properties, that then evolved over time into mankind as you know it. We have discussed the validity of the current held Darwin's theory of evolution so I won't bother going into it again, and for purposes of this discussion it is not really important, but what is needed is an understanding that consciousness could never develop from dead, inert earth elements and chemicals, no matter the length of time or what you would consider favorable conditions.
Consciousness did NOT develop on a relatively completed earth, but the relatively completed earth developed from living consciousness and not the other way around. Self aware consciousness (all consciousness) created and continues to create the universe and all of its components, including the most distant star, to the quasars, planets, black holes, comets, solar systems and galaxies. There is something here that is worth mentioning, and that is the fact that the universe that you perceive is not the same universe that other beings in other planetary systems perceive, it is not even the same universe that your contemporaries see, it is simply your interpretation of a vast field of interacting energy that you wrap in your own camouflage creation that is complimentary to your unique set of physical senses.
The use of telepathy, individual and mass, allows everyone to come to some close agreement on what the structure, color, distances and vast disturbances mean in the perceived universe that you know. Without the constant use of telepathy there could be no cohesive nor continuity effects and there would exist a chaotic field of disconnected psychic data. It is only through telepathy that humanity decides in a giant cooperative and creative event, which data will be used to couple together meaningful symbols and data and name it a “Universe”.
This infers that the universe that you believe in so staunchly, is your universe but not necessarily that of other civilizations. Most reality systems are non-physical, and many of these exist in your universe, not associated with any particular planet or in your terms, no specific location. Beings from some of these systems can be contacted by mental means, and there are often bleed-throughs
There is one area where space vehicles can travel, visit and communicate with you and that is on what I would call a parallel existence level, sharing your plane but not necessarily your camouflage structure, and herein lies the big problem with any planetary being on your plane visiting another planet or civilization.
There are no other beings exactly like yourselves in the entire universe, although there are other beings that were once like yourselves, former earth inhabitants, that have evolved through the earth system and moved on to more advanced reality systems and these are your “distant ancestors” who dealt with the same earth challenges that you now face today, dealt with them successfully and evolved on to more advanced realities in other galaxies.
These are the most likely beings that would visit your planet, and in fact have in past eons. Contrary to some popular theories, they did not actually interact with your planet in any way, but came as observers out of curiosity mostly, since they still retain an interest in Earth progress and consider it their ancient home. Other beings from other alien reality systems have penetrated your Earth space, and I mean penetrated the same space that your Earth occupies, but have not even known that they intruded into your space. To them, your world is transparent.
Many of your Sci-Fi movies are based on the premise that an alien civilization has exhausted their own planet's resources and come to Earth to kill all of those bad old Earth inhabitants and take over their planet and make it their new home. The only way this becomes believable is if you believe that earth is a solid, enduring mass in a somewhat solid universe there for the using and taking by alien beings. This is not the case by a long shot.
Earth is only solid to yourselves because you believe it is and this belief is reinforced by your unique sensual apparatus that could be said to actually create the perceptive qualities that you choose to call “solid”. To you, the earth is certainly solid and possesses those qualities of solidity that you consider valid in your world.
Other planets in your solar system also appear solid to you, and as your ability to peer deeper into the universe, those new worlds that will be discovered will also appear solid to you and you eventually will be able to travel to them, and walk on them with no difficulty, even though you know and your scientists know that they are no more solid than the chair that you sit upon.
It's amazing how solid a bunch of swirling atoms can seem with their swift motion seemingly frozen in time. Your senses are tuned to exactly the same frequency as the atoms motion, so in a very real sense, you are immersed in a self induced trance allowing you to not only believe in their solidity, but to use it in a functional way as in your world. You create the appearances that your senses interpret as solid objects and meaningful events.
Now, finally, there are countless, what you call alien beings and reality systems scattered throughout the universe, both physical non-physical, some associated with planets and some existing without any planetary affiliation at all. An alien reality system, a field of existence, a dimension or plane need not be “on a planet”. There are solid systems that you cannot see and where communication is for practical purposes, impossible. One such system is the anti-matter universe.
The dream universe exists adjacent to your physical universe, but you can only enter it when you are asleep. It is impossible for you to interact in the dream universe from the waking state. At this stage of your psychic development, it is impossible for you to be involved in two systems simultaneously. This will not always be the case.
There are alien beings that you would find grotesque, reptile beings, intelligent beyond anything that you can now know, and other intelligent life forms far more developed than yourselves. Some of these can find you, but you must understand that they can learn nothing from you, since your system is one of the most basic, used by entities as a training ground for new consciousness. No alien species will ever try to invade earth, since all realities construct their own reality systems and perceive only their own constructions.
Passing near or through your earth in a space vehicle, they would perceive nothing, or if they were from your own plane, they might sense your presence by the light of your consciousness, but they would not perceive the earth as you know it. Some beings, more advanced than yourselves, could land on your planet in their present and perceive a barren landscape, not realizing that they had landed on your planet in what would be your past, before the emergence of life as you know it. Most other alien worlds do not respond to your kind of time perspective and would be dismayed by the way you react to events one following the other in a linear fashion.
Alien civilizations and alien beings abound in and beyond your universe, but you may have to wait a good while before you meet one. Advanced beings are able to change and adapt their structures to what to them would be foreign planetary environments. They cannot enter your reality while in their own self created space vehicle, they must adapt the atomic structure of their vehicle and of their physical body to conform to your system in order to be perceived and interact in a meaningful way. Even then, their stay would be brief at best, since this kind of change of form requires a great expenditure of energy.
In short, the nature of things pretty much keeps alien worlds apart because of almost insurmountable difficulty in adapting to other strange systems and distances involved in space travel. Aliens, then, are everywhere, but the luxury of space travel is only accomplished by the most intelligent and advanced universal beings and even then, mental space travel is the preferred option. It is far easier for them to diffuse their physical form, project their consciousness to the desired location, then reassemble their physical form using atoms available at the visited location. This idea is very similar to travel depicted in early star trek episodes, but without assistance from equipment.