Thursday, July 28, 2011


As most of you know by now, the articles that I write in here, mostly come from unknown sources that I refer to as teachers, entering into this realm through my subconscious, usually during the dream or sleeping state, simply because on a conscious level I do not have access to this kind of knowledge. I pass it on to you. Occasionally I break this pattern and offer up some information that comes to me on a strictly conscious level. This is one of those times.
I want to take this opportunity to tell others of the reality of death as I perceive it, from my personal experience of death as pertaining to my son Jeff. I am quite aware that many others do not see things as I do. I hope some good can come of this tale of troubles, trials and triumph, although, triumph is not really a good word since there is really nothing to triumph over.
Life is life, you agreed to live it for better or worse and you agreed to leave it before you were ever born. In a very real sense, you signed on for your tour of duty in the physical world, in the world you call Earth. You borrowed the minerals and elements that make up your body from the body of the Earth with full understanding that when your consciousness sought leave of this world, you would return them to the earth from whence they came, to be used again and again, to provide the raw materials for new life. So, when you die, you are simply fulfilling your pre-life agreement. Death happens, get over it, but remember so does new life.

Jeff is my son.

On Friday I received a telephone call from my daughter in another city, the kind of call that no one wants to receive, informing me of the death of my son Jeff. The actual details of his death are not really important here other than to say briefly that he had a long time battle with drugs and alcohol, and this time around, from all outward appearances, it seems the alcohol won, but maybe not. Apparently there was an alcohol induced accident of a severe nature.
By chronological standards, Jeff was still a healthy, sometimes vibrant young man, some 40 years of age. I emphasize sometimes simply because there were other times, which became more and more prevalent over the years, where he was less than vibrant and sometimes downright incoherent in his ramblings, although to him, in his somewhat altered state, I guess to him it seemed that he was speaking words of inspired wisdom. Alcohol has a funny effect on people. In this article I will stick to talking about his “alcohol” addiction, although I am well aware that other drugs entered into the picture, I'm just not sure when and to what extent, and it isn't really relevant to this story.
Jeff was probably, and I know everyone reading this would say the same thing, Jeff was probably one of the most likeable persons on the planet (when he was not drinking or imbibing in other substances). When he was drinking, he could become combative, mean and and downright disagreeable, though never violent.
He had a demeanor that you could't help but like and his friends stuck by him until the end, knowing of his problem, but still accepting him into their circle of friendship. In his quest for the bottomless bottle of vodka, he sometimes took advantage of others, but that was not important, what was important, even though he had several stints in a rehab facility lasting up to a year, upon release, he would within days return to his old habits. He seemed that he could not live without alcohol. In terms of his personal and business life, he just couldn't seem to get any traction.
Jeff was a nice looking young man with a magnetic personality, the kind of guy you couldn’t stay mad at, college educated with a degree in marketing, which he never was able to use due to his preoccupation with drinking himself into a mindless stupor. He was born with a perfectly healthy mind and body, although over the years, the alcohol began to take its toll. Every time life started to take off for Jeff, he managed to celebrate the only way he knew how, with alcohol, and subsequently sabotage any successes he had achieved. At the time, I thought that it, at least to me, seemed that he did it purposely because he was actually afraid of success. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet, but it's no longer important either, what Jeff IS is important.
Jeff is gone from my life and from others involved with him, but not forgotten, and in a greater sense, Jeff is more alive today than he had been in the last thirty or more years of his life, since much of that time was spent in a state of an alcohol induced semi-cognizant state. I really hate to say this, but Jeff was doing what he loved to do, drink until he reached a state of blissful, mindless consciousness, where problems faded away and everything took on a rosy cast, until he drank too much and went past the limit, then things became more ominous.
Now, I won't go on about this, but maybe some of you have loved ones in the same boat, so to speak, and will be able to draw upon this story of Jeff, to inspire some understanding of what appears to be the final chapter. But of course it is nothing of the kind. THERE IS NO FINAL CHAPTER. To use a colloquialism attributed to many different people; The Opera ain't over till the fat lady sings, and in the case of true death, the fat lady never sings.
I refer to Jeff as My Son who IS, although I usually refer to him in the past tense in this article in order for this story to make sense in terms of continuity to those who consider death as the liquidation of a conscious personality from further existence in this or any other world. WRONG! In the least, death is a detour, a time of rest, and a needed one for every personality as it traverses worlds in many different forms, in many guises with many goals and challenges.
If you believe in death as a finality, then you will not understand what is said here, but if you somehow sense the inner continuation of the life force of every living thing after death and the eventual rebirth of that force on the physical scene again and again, then this article will offer some consolation.
If someone dear to you has died, for sure that they can no longer interact at this time, participate and be viable on the “Earth” plane, but what you are not able to perceive, is that they have upon leaving this plane, entered another, just as viable, just as actual, just not of physical substance. What happens is not a death in the normally accepted sense, but more of a metamorphosis where one body changes into another.
The consciousness that survives death creates the next body. There is NO time during the death process that the personality is without a body or a home, so to speak, whether it is on the Earth plane or the “In Between Plane” where all consciousness migrates to immediately after death. This is sometimes referred to a transition, and that is appropriate since this also a fading of one form or body into another.
In the case of sudden accidental death this transition is especially abrupt and can be very disorienting to the personality. In the case of long term terminal illness, the transition process begins long before the actual physical death of the body. In many cases the consciousness has almost fully settled into its new plane of existence, straddling two realities before the last breath is taken. Obviously, this type of transition is easier on the personality.
In Jeff's case, immediately after the spirit vacated the body, the soul began a process of disentangling itself from the physical tissues and the mind reverted back to it's natural home, in the astral form. Notice, I did not say brain. The brain contains the mind while in the physical body, but when the body disintegrates, the mind frees itself up and continues on the journey. It will eventually participate in forming a new personality. The mind then, forms the brain and not the other way around.
JEFF IS ALIVE NOW, make no mistake about it. For personalities who have died recently, they will be somewhat pre-occupied immediately after death, being a bit confused and disoriented. They will be getting accustomed to the new surroundings, experimenting with their new body, being greeted by those who have passed before, and some that have, in your terms, died centuries before, but find themselves in the same “after death environment”. I hate that term, I should feel better referring to this new temporary plane of existence as a “before new life plane”. Ahhh. That makes me feel better.
A personality, after death does not end up in some kind of nothingness, floating in a state of meaningless nirvana. On the contrary, it can be a time of some confusion, but waiting friends, and Jeff has many of those to help, can facilitate the process. In Jeff's case and in all other cases, immediately after death, they will “see and experience” what they expect to see and experience. This experience will be temporary and thoroughly explained to the personality as soon as possible. Some will be so caught up in the dogma that they will refuse to believe others explanations for some time.
This is no different than in the physical system, at least in content, but what is different is the time context. You get what you concentrate on, the difference being, since physical materialization is not required, the materialization is instant where in the physical plane it takes time. Jeff, being somewhat steeped in religious dogma, could immediately be enveloped in an after death scenario involving saints or devils, a tunnel of bright light and Jesus standing at the end of the tunnel beckoning him on or even a time of judgement. Others might envision the harrowing trip across the River Styx or perhaps St. Peter standing at the Golden Gate checking credentials. Of course, these are all thought forms created by the recently passed personality in accordance with his beliefs and do not last for any extended period.
The truly ironic thing here is that people deeply involved with traditional religious beliefs are the ones who will be most surprised to learn that everything they spent their whole life believing was totally wrong. They are the ones who will encounter devils, lakes of fire and those other lovely creations of the religions fanatics, since they so wholeheartedly believe in them. In any reality, beliefs become real, dead or alive, it's all the same.
Satan only exists for those who believe he exists, and still he has no power of his own, only the power you attribute to him, since he too is only a thought form achieving temporary reality through your energy. Withdraw the energy and he must disappear. Man creates Satan and man sends him back to where he came from, the human psyche.
Jeff is a good person and even though my relationship with him was rather distant in more than miles, I will miss him immeasurably. We had our misunderstandings, and I was anything but a good father, but it is not too late to make amends for past errors. Jeff, once he has settled in to his “before next life” plane, will be able see and hear me and others he cares about and view the physical world, through something similar to a distorted lens or viewing the reflection of a tree on the water. The sad thing is, this ability is not reciprocal.
Jeff will also be learning new tricks, like telepathic communication. At first his telepathic communication to our world will be in entire word concepts and not in strung out word sentences. Unfortunately this ability to see into another dimension is not a two way street, and is temporary.
The recently dead are at first very interested, in some cases, almost obsessed with establishing contact with those left behind, to reassure them that they are just fine in their new home, so contact will usually be attempted within the first year after death. If I know Jeff, he will bust his butt to communicate any way he can, and I for one will be waiting and watching for those subtle nuances, the unexplained urges, the rustling of leaves when there is no wind, the fleeting shadows at dusk, out of context thoughts of him, intrusions “out of the blue”.
I will remember him, not as a lifeless body, but as the vibrant person he was before and is today. In a sense, that maybe only I and many of you will understand, Jeff has triumphed over the haze of the alcohol and drugs and is once again collecting himself, gathering together his conscious abilities and finally for the first time in the last 30 years of his life, luxuriating in peace and well deserved tranquility, knowing that it's All Right.
Jeff lived a troubled life, but the trend is to reward oneself with a following life in a kind of “cruise control”, with minimal problems and challenges following a difficult life. Most people will consider Jeff as dead, but fortunately, I know better, he is just fine and dandy and we will meet again. Jeff is not passive where he is, he is learning what he needs to learn and believe me, he has much to learn, as do I. If I know Jeff, he is probably thinking, boy, this is great, now I don't ever have to do anything significant, no work, no strife, no problems. Yeah Right!
Personalities who are ignorant at death do not automatically become wise and knowledgable. At first there is needed rest, then there is much work to do, much schooling, then planning a new life. Our roles and challenges may change in our next life drama, but the meaning behind our future association will not. Jeff and I have unfinished business and no unfinished business is ever left unfinished. The finishing may span thousands of Earth years, but all wrongs will be righted and all debts will be paid, and even then, the fat lady never sings.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


 I have been threatening to discuss time and space for a few years now, but I wanted to wait until we had talked about many other aspects of reality, which will make it easier for me to explain something that cannot really be explained adequately with words and understood with the human brain. Some of this can be somewhat understood by those of you who have become more familiar with your inner senses, especially the intuitional sense. There are some things that can be emotionally felt that can never be dealt with by the human intellect.
Everyone is quite familiar with the outer senses which you use with some facility, but the inner senses are a horse of another color. There are inner senses that somewhat parallel the outer senses or I should say the outer senses arise out of the inner senses. The outer senses are temporary and quite handy for creating and perceiving physical reality, but physical reality is a camouflage appearance that is only apparent for a limited amount of time and is useless in helping you negotiate the inner universe that is the only true reality and is the prime source of all worlds, universes and you.
Time and space are illusions, real illusions that are necessary as long as you are in a physical body in a physical world, but as you know from your dreams, time and space hold little sway in the dream universe where time and space are basically nullified and a weeks events can be fully experienced in a matter of dream minutes and that weeks full of dream events will not cost you a weeks amount of physical time and so you do not age during that week of time that the dream encompasses.
Since you do not age a corresponding time that you seem to spend as your dreaming self, then it follows that if you could spend your whole life in your dream body in your dream world, you would exist eternally in that form, and that is the case for the dream self, although that for would necessarily change. There would be changes of form as there are changes of form now, the difference being that NOW you cannot follow those changes of form even though they occur quite naturally. Death is one example.
The space or distance that you travel in a dream, the locations that you visit, do not exist in the physical world, and if you searched for a specific dream location the world over, you could not find it though you traveled extensively. If the dream location that you experience in your dream exists somewhere, where is that location if not in your world?
You lie in bed at night and when you drop off in sleep your dream self awakens and goes on about his business, and when you awaken, your dream self sleeps and the dream universe disappears, but it only disappears from your attention. It does not end, though in your waking state you are not aware of your dreaming self's continued existence. Your dream self and the dream world or universe is not some willy nilly idle sleeping thoughts that somehow evaporate when you wake up. The dream world is as real as yours, and in some very important ways, more freedoms exist in the dream world than are available to your in your Earth reality.
I use dream analogy simply because it is the closest thing I can find that gives some approximation to the prime, basic inner universe out of which everything emerged a very long time ago. You can see how difficult this is to explain since I have to use “time oriented” words to explain that time does not really exist in the expanded present of the inner universe. From that you can also deduce that if time doesn't exist as you think it does, then past, present and future have no validity in the inner universe, and that is so. There, past, present and future exist together in what I can only describe as a “really big collection of everything that has ever existed, does now exist and ever will exist in an expanded present.
It is only your limited scope of understanding that at this time limits how much psychic data your brain can handle, and that is not very much. Your particular type of consciousness, temporarily materialized in a physical body is limited as to how much data, or what expanse of reality it can objectify at once, so it zeroes in one tiny aspect of reality, materializes it into the physical world as an object or event, then through extreme, vivid concentration, explores, dissects and experiences it to its satisfaction. It's like thinking that one slice of the pie is actually the whole pie.
It can somewhat be compared with exploring the pie and confusing one small slice with the whole pie. When it is done experiencing that tiny bit of physical reality that you call the present, it discards it and materializes another slice of the pie. You call this discarded slice of the pie, the past. You call the new slice, the present.
This process involves ignoring the rest of the pie in lieu of concentration in one precise, explicit slice of the pie or area of reality at a time. This process of one thing happening before another is what gives you the illusion of continuity in the physical world. In the inner universe, which is the only real universe, continuity, past, present, future and cause and effect have no real meaning. In the inner universe, everything happens simultaneously, the cause occurs at the same time as the effect and crime and punishment are meaningless since the punishment exists simultaneously with the crime.
You may wonder, as I am sure you will, if everything already exists, then surely everything must be done, already experienced, with nothing left to create., a world mired in stagnation, but that is not the case.
All That Is is never done and new experience is always happening, but in a way that is hard to grasp while you are in a physical body and mired deeply in the ideas of cause and effect and continuity of experience stretched out before you from the present into the future. In the physical world the idea of growth and expansion requires the taking up of more and more time and space. The inner reality of this is that in the inner universe, physical growth is experienced as value fulfillment, a psychological value of increasing satisfactions of becoming more psychically. An idea grows but does not take up more space in doing so.
The physical universe also grows, but it does not expand in the way that science now thinks it does. What is viewed as physical expansion into unknown distant space is actually a distortion of the universe expanding as a divine idea and in truth, there is no real space to expand into. But that is not our focus in this article, so I will get back to my original train of thought.
You should know about these things because as many of you have discovered, following your traditional religious and scientific doctrines, worn out myths and superstitions, you will eventually come up against a brick wall of comprehension where you KNOW that more exists, but you will be unable to put your finger on it. You will know, but you will not know exactly what you don't know, and worse, you will not know where to look for what you do not know.
That is why many of our readers are here, because they sense that the information, the knowledge given here does not originate in this dimension and answers questions that they demand answers for. The others will travel the road to arrive here too, will not understand anything they read here, but for now they are exactly where they should be at this time.
And I must say that time and space are quite handy concepts in the physical system, but what you learn now will be of great benefit to you on your journey through this life, the transition time and other lives as well. That is why understanding what we discuss here will save you much disorientation and apprehension when the transition time comes. Death, by the way, is one of your most misunderstood concepts.
Many of you want to know why you haven't experienced telepathy, clairvoyance or levitation. Many of you want to visit other planets and meet aliens face to face. You want to fly into space on a space vehicle to other galaxies, not really knowing what other galaxies really are and where they are. You want the unexplained, explained, and that is what I am attempting to do here, but there is much I can't explain until you are able to understand. As many know, words are very limiting, and I sometimes struggle with concepts that defy human logic. (Like the non-existence of time and space).
Telepathy is the natural, universal method of communication, not words, so if you expect to meet a Romulan or a Cardasian, don't expect them shake your hand and say “Take Me To Your Leader”, or to speak in perfect English, in fact, don't expect them to speak at all. Their communications will be unmistakable, and you will understand them, since you use telepathy constantly below your awareness and unconsciously you are quite accomplished unbeknownst to you.
If you did not constantly use telepathy, there would be no common denominator holding your objects together in some recognizable form. In other words One Single Table viewed by many people would be viewed as many different tables, which they actually are, but through the use of telepathy, the differences are conveniently smoothed out so all can agree and use the mutually agreed upon table.
You cannot understand things that you don't believe in and conversely speaking, those who do not believe in paranormal events, ESP or other unexplained phenomenon will usually never experience them. These now unusual occurrences will become more usual as you evolve and progress in your knowledge and understanding. The trend is to greater development of the consciousness and the only limits are “self imposed” limits. The unknown gradually becomes known.
I cannot fully explain this statement at this time, but some of you will emotionally grasp the concept nevertheless. You were around, in one form or another, at the beginning of the world that you know. Your self awareness was not yet stated, but you existed in no uncertain terms. That is why I say that you were not born yesterday and that is why, sometimes in reading this material, you will feel a big YES when you read something that rings your bell, meaning that embedded deep in your mental genes ancient knowledge is rising to the surface. Every consciousness, and that means every living consciousness alive now, and any that has ever lived in the past and will live in the future, existed in the beginning. There is no new consciousness.
The knowledge of the true nature of time and space is also invaluable in helping you understand such things as remote viewing, out of body travel, dream travel, astral projections and much more. I know this may leave you hanging, but I will elaborate as we go along. There is a similarity between space travel in a space vehicle and out of body projections of various kinds.
There really is no where to go, since space is an illusion and all places are one place. There is an old saying that I am sure you have heard, that the entire universe could fit on the head of a pin, and depending on your perspective, that is accurate. Remember that everything has its mental roots and the universe is no different.
That means that when you dream a location, it exists though it seems continents away, it actually exists in the same space as your bedroom where you sleep, yet from another perspective, its expanse is infinite. In the same way alien beings are flying in their space vehicles through the center of your earth, and they don't even perceive it, since true space is in inner dimensions of psychological depth, not miles across the distortion of space occurring in the illusion of time and rock solid impenetrable planets.

Next Article; Travel through time and space in vehicles and in spirit.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


The Probable Future For Casey Anthony 
For those of you who are getting Casey Anthony weary, let me assure you that this will be my last article on good old Casey, but it is not often where there are current events that allow me to practically explain how universal concepts apply to everyday events where they will make more sense to you.
First I want to point out something that most of you already know, that whatever or whoever you have strong feelings about will be attracted to you and follow you from one lifetime to another. What that means is that you will always be with those you love though many lives may pass. It also means that you will  renew and revisit relationships with those who you hate and have unresolved problems with until the problems are solved.
In this case, it is obvious Casey and Caylee will meet again and their paths will cross in another life since Caylee is no longer in a viable physical body during this lifetime. That does not mean that Casey, assuming she is guilty of her daughters death as was charged, will not experience the Karmic results of her actions in this life, but it does mean that she will pay her debt at some time before her interactions with Caylee dissolve and both can go their own way. As I have mentioned before, the Soul/Entity will see that all wrongs are righted and all debts will be paid, but there is another aspect that I want to touch on here and that is how probabilities affect personalities and their actions.
Probabilities not only affect the future but also the past and every action creates a multitude of both future and past probabilities, and we have discussed how this knowledge can help you to change your present life by changing the past and following a still existing past probability. In this case we are concerned with future probabilities and the Casey Anthony drama presents a perfect opportunity to explain the ramifications of these events on Casey Anthony's future life.
It is easy to be disillusioned when any bad event is viewed through the lens of time, since in the physical Earth system, time seems to be so limited and sometimes it appears that wrongs will never be righted. So, many relay on the over-simplistic Biblical beliefs the God will somehow get His retribution after the death of the bad guy, inflicting unimaginable punishments for eternity and maybe longer. He may even send the perpetrator to good old Oral Robert's favorite place, the lake of fire. But alas, this is just not the case as most of you well know.
In the universe that you know, there are two rules that apply to all physical systems of reality and those are the law of reincarnation and the law of probabilities. Not to get too deep into the intellectual aspects of probabilities, since we have already discussed them to some great extent, let us consider how probabilities will be a factor in the Casey Anthony case.
One of the things that is hard to understand about the law of probabilities is that ALL POSSIBLE ACTIONS/EVENTS will be experienced somewhere, sometime. No event goes un-actualized whether in the physical Earth system or in a probable world system.
Every action, every event that is materialized in your world, meaning every action or event that you actually experience is one that you unconsciously selected from a vast field of probabilities, not yet made physical, that was waiting in the wings, so to speak. Not all probable events then will be brought to the forefront of your daily experience but they will emerge somewhere. It is important to understand that even though the vast majority of probable events will not be materialized on Earth, they will materialize in other fields or dimensions.
It stands to reason that some of these potential probable events, (still psychological realities from your viewpoint, but just as real as your world), for one reason or another, just won't cut the mustard and will never be materialized in your world and will never affect you, but once created, they will materialize in another level or dimension.
It also stands to reason that one or more of these probable future events will be more probable than others and will make it. For instance, if you once thought of being an astronaut and never followed thorough with the necessary education and training to accomplish that imagined goal, there is a probable reality where you became that astronaut in a probable reality, but not in your world. You would have selected some other probability to follow.
On the other hand, there are some probabilities, some possible events that are very probable to materialize in your world because of their familiar leanings. In other words, some probabilities are very strong and some are weak, barely exerting their influence on your life at all.
The strong probabilities are then more likely to be adopted by your inner self for insertion into your life's flow as a present event. By paying attention to events in what you might call your recent past, you can trace the progress into your present life's events and somewhat predict which events will rise to your level of perception and become part of your life. Successful mediums achieve their surprising results not because they see the concrete future as it is, but they see the future probabilities and are very good at interpreting which will materialize in your future, They select among many.
In such a way, you can follow the known facts of the last few years of Casey Anthony's life regarding the murder of her daughter Caylee, and based on much information that was presented as evidence at her trial, get some idea of what her future will be like.
It certainly does seem that at times good things do happen to bad people, and they do, and I am sure at this time, since Casey Anthony does not seem to be one inclined to intellectual moral contemplation, she will assume that she got away with murder scott free. That is not the case with Casey and it is not the case with anyone else who has committed a reprehensible deed hoping to get away with it. You can fool the law, you can fool the jury and you can fool the entire justice system but you cannot fool your Soul/Entity.
The Earth system of reality is based on learning the responsible manipulation of energy into objects and events that are beneficial to all living things and this lesson must be learned one way or another. The Entity gives its personalities freedom to act in the physical world and the only real way to learn is to personally experience what you have inflicted on others. What that means is that the only true way to learn how “Not to Murder” is to be murdered. Karma always asserts itself.
In the final analysis, you can't get away with anything

Thursday, July 7, 2011


 The Casey Anthony case is finally over with an innocent verdict and in some strange way, the case of the enigmatic mother of the child Caylee is still getting the attention of the press and people around the world. There is a sense of frustration for those who thought she was Guilty as Sin and got away with murder.
Casey Anthony will be released from jail soon and there is now much speculation as to where she will go, where she will live and how she will earn a living, even perhaps by writing a book and making millions for her experience. There is nothing that riles people up more than the thought of Casey Anthony profiting from the sale of a book. There have been others before such as good old OJ and his book IF I DID IT, so it would not be an unusual thing for someone who seems to be ill equipped to actually work for money.
As many of you know, quite some time ago I wrote an article about Caylee Anthony and if you are at all interested, you can find it here on this blog by searching under the tags. There is of course another aspect that most people have not thought about and that is the reincarnational aspect and the effects of “Karma” and how it could affect Casey in future lives. I am well aware that many of you are not totally sold on the reincarnation idea, but it exists whether or not you believe in it.
For those new to the idea, all you have to know is that you live a series of lives on earth with the purpose of perfecting yourself through these future lives, ironing out old defects, righting old wrongs, learning, growing and becoming a more knowledgeable self with the purpose of advancing to more advanced reality system when the reincarnational cycle is finished. I have also written a few articles on reincarnation for those interested.
I wanted to write this short article today to address the Casey Anthony trial outcome, which most people agree was a travesty of justice. In the interest of staying neutral on the matter I will simply address this article material to hopefully placate some of those who sense a great injustice being done in the court system.
In the three dimensional earth system of reality, your attention is so fixated on holding you own in the “present” that it is hard to imagine how present events could affect the future, let alone imagine how they would affect a future life hundreds of years from now. As you probably know, I did not invent the concept of “Karma”, it has existed in the past in the Hindu and Buddhist religions and whole books have been written about Karma so I need not go into details here since they would not serve my purpose in this article, but in a nutshell, the Karmic belief is this'

God does not make one suffer for no reason nor does He make one happy for no reason. God is very fair and gives you exactly what you deserve.

Most of you by now understand that this conventional concept of a male dominant “God” figure who created the world, judges and punishes is a delightful fantasy that has no bearing on the true nature of God or as I prefer All That Is, so the above description makes little sense were you to take it literally. Everyone wants to see the perpetrator of reprehensible acts get their comeuppance, but you can justifiably turn that around and say the perpetrator of goodness will get their comeuppance too. So, my dear friends, here is a simple but highly accurate description of Karma as it really is, and by the way, Karma is applied by your entity or soul, as this;

Every debt must be paid and none will be overlooked and a thousand years is like a day.

You cannot escape the law of Karmic reciprocity by assuming time will fly, lifetimes will be lived and vile deeds will be forgotten or forgiven. In more simple terms, if you kill somebody close to you, you will learn not to kill by being yourself killed by someone close to you, or perhaps having someone close to you being killed where the grief experience would be more painful than had you been killed yourself.
Karma is not punishment. No god in heaven sits in judgement and administers punishment since there is no god in conventional terms that you usually consider godly and there certainly is no heaven, but there is a requirement for equality of experience and the only way a killer knows how it is to be killed is to be killed themselves.
In the ways of Karma through succeeding lifetimes, the killer may experience several lifetimes before the debt is called in, but rest assured, it will be called in. If Caylee's murder was committed as speculation would have it, the payback may not be in this life, but there is no escape because of the lessening of the impact of the murder over time.
The statement below about Karma is true in one very important aspect and that is;

You will get what you deserve, you will receive what you have given, and there will be no reprieve.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Of course I ask this question to peak your curiosity and interest. I am sure at one time or another you or someone you know has commented that life seems like a dream and I have been asked about this many times. As many of my readers know, I have a habit of falling back on the use of “analogy” to help explain some concepts that escape explanation with mere words laid out in conventional linear sentences. Some concepts, at least for me, can only be effectively expressed through the use of analogies, since I can relate them to something familiar to our readers.
So, this analogy I would be the first to admit is certainly not perfect, but it's better than nothing, so lets move on. Every living consciousness, including the animals I may add, unknowingly creates other fragments of themselves through their thoughts and dreams. You may be more comfortable calling these fragments living psychic images that will seek their own level on their own planes and there are countless planes within the same psychic neighborhood as Earth. I hope by now most of your realize that you create your reality in your world through your thoughts through physical actualization, but what happens to the thoughts that do not gain enough impetus to break through into physical materializations in the world you know?
These un-materialized thoughts then would be one example of the most basic fragmentations emanating from self aware consciousness, and I must remind you that animals are to varying degrees also self aware. Where do thoughts that just “don't make it” go? They are energy created and once created they are basically eternal. They do not die, they do not fade into some hinterland of lost images somewhere in your mind. In a way hard to explain, thoughts, once thunk, achieve a somewhat kind of independence and fall into their own plane of existence, following the rules for development on that plane. They are from that point on, on their own and will evolve into more than mere thoughts given sufficient time.
When you think emotionally about someone close to you, you unknowingly send out a fragment thought image of yourself to the person or place you have strong feelings about. This image is usually transparent, but can sometimes be perceived by the person in your thoughts if the emotional connection is strong. This image does not have a consciousness of its own, but it cannot be recalled once created. It too will achieve a certain independence and seek its own level of non physical actualization in its own plane of existence. You can see from where we are going here, that there are countless planes affiliated with your reality system.
Now that we have started down this path, we can dive into the real meat and potatoes of this analogy and we will try and utilize your familiarity with the dream world and your dreaming self. I have from time to time called this a dream world, a dream universe, a dream dimension and so on, so I would like to clear that up. A planet that has the necessary elements can support one or more planes of existence (worlds), even if they are physical in nature and occupy the same space in your universe. They will NOT interfere with each other and each will be transparent to the other and can move through each other effortlessly. Some worlds only have one operating plane and some have none. A plane is a dimension. There are other planes on Earth, but you will never bump into them, unless there is some kind of psychic bleed through as you might find in radio or TV transmissions on a stormy night.
If you catch some movement out of the corner of your eye, something whizzes by your conscious attention and is gone in an instant, some seeming apparition appears by your bedside when you are half awake and drowsy, this could be a bleed through from an alien plane, or from other beings living or dead in your terms. So, two planes or more can share a planet, but two planets cannot share a plane. An entire universe can be in its own plane or dimension. A plane could best be described as a field of endeavor, a psychic platform for experience for living consciousness. A dimension is a plane and a plane is a dimension. A system of reality is a world, not always physically expressed, but containing consciousness. We could carry this further, but for now that is sufficient.
The dream world is a plane/dimension of its own, separate and distinct from your earthly plane. In a somewhat similar manner as thoughts fall into their own plane, so do your dreams also fall into their own plane of existence, becoming independent from you once they have been created in your dreams. From your perspective, it may seem like your dreams no longer exist, but once dreamt, they continue to exist in their own plane. Unlike your physical reality, they do not have duration in physical time, but the do have duration in psychological time. When you sleep, they become vital and awake, and when you are awake, your dream world is asleep. Your dreaming self is more of a semi-self inasmuch as it is not as developed as you and obviously does not have physical form, but it has purpose, continuity and organization.
You unconsciously give birth to your dream self. Your dream self is a fragment of you, a splinter materialization of you, alive in its own right, and is to some extent self aware, just not at your same level of awareness. Your dream self and dream objects do have their own form and those forms are achieved through somewhat the same process as you materialize yours, through the gathering together of atoms to form a living structure, except in the dream world the structures are not as, shall we say, thick as yours, nor as permanent, yet they are still formed through the use of atoms. The dream world is no more or no less illusion than is yours. It is just different in nature.
From your viewpoint, assuming you are following this narrative, your dreaming self exerts its influences on you even after you wake in the morning and you, of course, exert your influences on the dream world. Many people are aware that a process as simple as asking for certain kinds of dreams before going to sleep at night, can produce surprising results. You all have had dreams that you will hold in your mind for days if not weeks or longer. So, even though you don't go about your daily life mulling over certain lucid dreams, still, unconsciously they are there in the recesses of your mind, and can still greatly exert their inferences on your daily lives.
In much the same way your life influences the nature of your dreams although you don't give it a second thought. As you change, the nature of your dreams change. Unconsciously, as you live your daily lives, your dreams to some extent will follow suit. I don't want to get into dream interpretation here, other than to say, if you paid attention to your stream of dreams, you would find some correlation to your daily life. If you would practice remembering and trying to interpret your dreams, you could learn much from their content.
Normally, you do not give your dream self a second thought, yet you still greatly influence and organize its experience through your own life. There is a correlation then between your life goals, your loves, your hates, your desires and the content of your dreams. Your dreams will fall in line with your experience. So, your dream self is another aspect of you, created by you, projected into the dream world and is far from illusion, unless you consider yourself an illusion.
In much the same way, the Entity creates its personalities, aspects of itself, each individual, each living its own independent life in its own world or plane or dimension. In that respect, you are a splinter personality of your entity. Before I go further, I want to once again mention that I use the term Entity for Soul, since the soul term is too closely attached to religious dogma and pre-conceptions. Entity is much more than Soul, furthermore, I sometimes, but not always, capitalize the word Entity so you will understand the vast sweeping power and activity of the entity compared to the relative passiveness often attributed to the soul.
Before you begin to feel insignificant, let me also say that in the unbelievable massive building blocks of ancient intelligence gestalts, your Entity is created and exists within the sphere of influence of even more advanced entities and in truth, there is no end to it all. It is helpful to remember that everything, everyone is part of something else. Nothing exists in isolation, although from the purely physical view, it may seem that way. It may also be reassuring to know that you are not alone in this and others more advanced are watching to see your progress or lack thereof.
You exist in the attention of the Entity much the same as your dreaming self exists in your attention, and in both cases that is “not too much”. You might say, life goes on for both dream self, personality and entity, much as if there were no connection at all, but what is experienced by the dream self is experienced unconsciously by the physical ego, YOU, and what is experienced by YOU, is experienced by the Entity. All benefit and are enriched by this arrangement and the process goes on whether you are consciously aware of it or not.
There is one big difference here that I want to point out. You create your dream self, an actual fragment of yourself, even though you don't know it consciously. Your entity creates its personalities such as YOU, and IT DOES IT CONSCOUSLY. IT KNOWS. What I wanted to get across in this article was that as your dream self is a part of you, and indirectly part of the entity, so you are part of the entity and indirectly a part of what your entity is part of. You could rightly extrapolate here that you are also a part of All That Is. (God)
There is an ancient trace of divinity within all living things, and everything is alive. If you could start with the consciousness of one cell plucked from the eye of an ant and follow it backward to its source, you would end up with All That Is. In a very real sense, you are effortlessly held in the attention of your Entity or Soul, just as your dream self is effortlessly held in your attention and in a very real manner, you appear to the entity much the same as your dream self appears to you, obscure but vital. The connections exist, but they are subtle and below your ability to notice them. You are not alone.
As a final observation, a case could be made that you dream your dream self into existence and likewise it could be said that your life is a dream of the entity, just as the case could and has been made that life is in illusion. But the illusion is real since it is a creation, so it cannot be discounted or trivialized. Life has been created and is real any way you look at it and you must treat it with reverence or suffer the consequences. All life is sacred.