Thursday, July 28, 2011


As most of you know by now, the articles that I write in here, mostly come from unknown sources that I refer to as teachers, entering into this realm through my subconscious, usually during the dream or sleeping state, simply because on a conscious level I do not have access to this kind of knowledge. I pass it on to you. Occasionally I break this pattern and offer up some information that comes to me on a strictly conscious level. This is one of those times.
I want to take this opportunity to tell others of the reality of death as I perceive it, from my personal experience of death as pertaining to my son Jeff. I am quite aware that many others do not see things as I do. I hope some good can come of this tale of troubles, trials and triumph, although, triumph is not really a good word since there is really nothing to triumph over.
Life is life, you agreed to live it for better or worse and you agreed to leave it before you were ever born. In a very real sense, you signed on for your tour of duty in the physical world, in the world you call Earth. You borrowed the minerals and elements that make up your body from the body of the Earth with full understanding that when your consciousness sought leave of this world, you would return them to the earth from whence they came, to be used again and again, to provide the raw materials for new life. So, when you die, you are simply fulfilling your pre-life agreement. Death happens, get over it, but remember so does new life.

Jeff is my son.

On Friday I received a telephone call from my daughter in another city, the kind of call that no one wants to receive, informing me of the death of my son Jeff. The actual details of his death are not really important here other than to say briefly that he had a long time battle with drugs and alcohol, and this time around, from all outward appearances, it seems the alcohol won, but maybe not. Apparently there was an alcohol induced accident of a severe nature.
By chronological standards, Jeff was still a healthy, sometimes vibrant young man, some 40 years of age. I emphasize sometimes simply because there were other times, which became more and more prevalent over the years, where he was less than vibrant and sometimes downright incoherent in his ramblings, although to him, in his somewhat altered state, I guess to him it seemed that he was speaking words of inspired wisdom. Alcohol has a funny effect on people. In this article I will stick to talking about his “alcohol” addiction, although I am well aware that other drugs entered into the picture, I'm just not sure when and to what extent, and it isn't really relevant to this story.
Jeff was probably, and I know everyone reading this would say the same thing, Jeff was probably one of the most likeable persons on the planet (when he was not drinking or imbibing in other substances). When he was drinking, he could become combative, mean and and downright disagreeable, though never violent.
He had a demeanor that you could't help but like and his friends stuck by him until the end, knowing of his problem, but still accepting him into their circle of friendship. In his quest for the bottomless bottle of vodka, he sometimes took advantage of others, but that was not important, what was important, even though he had several stints in a rehab facility lasting up to a year, upon release, he would within days return to his old habits. He seemed that he could not live without alcohol. In terms of his personal and business life, he just couldn't seem to get any traction.
Jeff was a nice looking young man with a magnetic personality, the kind of guy you couldn’t stay mad at, college educated with a degree in marketing, which he never was able to use due to his preoccupation with drinking himself into a mindless stupor. He was born with a perfectly healthy mind and body, although over the years, the alcohol began to take its toll. Every time life started to take off for Jeff, he managed to celebrate the only way he knew how, with alcohol, and subsequently sabotage any successes he had achieved. At the time, I thought that it, at least to me, seemed that he did it purposely because he was actually afraid of success. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet, but it's no longer important either, what Jeff IS is important.
Jeff is gone from my life and from others involved with him, but not forgotten, and in a greater sense, Jeff is more alive today than he had been in the last thirty or more years of his life, since much of that time was spent in a state of an alcohol induced semi-cognizant state. I really hate to say this, but Jeff was doing what he loved to do, drink until he reached a state of blissful, mindless consciousness, where problems faded away and everything took on a rosy cast, until he drank too much and went past the limit, then things became more ominous.
Now, I won't go on about this, but maybe some of you have loved ones in the same boat, so to speak, and will be able to draw upon this story of Jeff, to inspire some understanding of what appears to be the final chapter. But of course it is nothing of the kind. THERE IS NO FINAL CHAPTER. To use a colloquialism attributed to many different people; The Opera ain't over till the fat lady sings, and in the case of true death, the fat lady never sings.
I refer to Jeff as My Son who IS, although I usually refer to him in the past tense in this article in order for this story to make sense in terms of continuity to those who consider death as the liquidation of a conscious personality from further existence in this or any other world. WRONG! In the least, death is a detour, a time of rest, and a needed one for every personality as it traverses worlds in many different forms, in many guises with many goals and challenges.
If you believe in death as a finality, then you will not understand what is said here, but if you somehow sense the inner continuation of the life force of every living thing after death and the eventual rebirth of that force on the physical scene again and again, then this article will offer some consolation.
If someone dear to you has died, for sure that they can no longer interact at this time, participate and be viable on the “Earth” plane, but what you are not able to perceive, is that they have upon leaving this plane, entered another, just as viable, just as actual, just not of physical substance. What happens is not a death in the normally accepted sense, but more of a metamorphosis where one body changes into another.
The consciousness that survives death creates the next body. There is NO time during the death process that the personality is without a body or a home, so to speak, whether it is on the Earth plane or the “In Between Plane” where all consciousness migrates to immediately after death. This is sometimes referred to a transition, and that is appropriate since this also a fading of one form or body into another.
In the case of sudden accidental death this transition is especially abrupt and can be very disorienting to the personality. In the case of long term terminal illness, the transition process begins long before the actual physical death of the body. In many cases the consciousness has almost fully settled into its new plane of existence, straddling two realities before the last breath is taken. Obviously, this type of transition is easier on the personality.
In Jeff's case, immediately after the spirit vacated the body, the soul began a process of disentangling itself from the physical tissues and the mind reverted back to it's natural home, in the astral form. Notice, I did not say brain. The brain contains the mind while in the physical body, but when the body disintegrates, the mind frees itself up and continues on the journey. It will eventually participate in forming a new personality. The mind then, forms the brain and not the other way around.
JEFF IS ALIVE NOW, make no mistake about it. For personalities who have died recently, they will be somewhat pre-occupied immediately after death, being a bit confused and disoriented. They will be getting accustomed to the new surroundings, experimenting with their new body, being greeted by those who have passed before, and some that have, in your terms, died centuries before, but find themselves in the same “after death environment”. I hate that term, I should feel better referring to this new temporary plane of existence as a “before new life plane”. Ahhh. That makes me feel better.
A personality, after death does not end up in some kind of nothingness, floating in a state of meaningless nirvana. On the contrary, it can be a time of some confusion, but waiting friends, and Jeff has many of those to help, can facilitate the process. In Jeff's case and in all other cases, immediately after death, they will “see and experience” what they expect to see and experience. This experience will be temporary and thoroughly explained to the personality as soon as possible. Some will be so caught up in the dogma that they will refuse to believe others explanations for some time.
This is no different than in the physical system, at least in content, but what is different is the time context. You get what you concentrate on, the difference being, since physical materialization is not required, the materialization is instant where in the physical plane it takes time. Jeff, being somewhat steeped in religious dogma, could immediately be enveloped in an after death scenario involving saints or devils, a tunnel of bright light and Jesus standing at the end of the tunnel beckoning him on or even a time of judgement. Others might envision the harrowing trip across the River Styx or perhaps St. Peter standing at the Golden Gate checking credentials. Of course, these are all thought forms created by the recently passed personality in accordance with his beliefs and do not last for any extended period.
The truly ironic thing here is that people deeply involved with traditional religious beliefs are the ones who will be most surprised to learn that everything they spent their whole life believing was totally wrong. They are the ones who will encounter devils, lakes of fire and those other lovely creations of the religions fanatics, since they so wholeheartedly believe in them. In any reality, beliefs become real, dead or alive, it's all the same.
Satan only exists for those who believe he exists, and still he has no power of his own, only the power you attribute to him, since he too is only a thought form achieving temporary reality through your energy. Withdraw the energy and he must disappear. Man creates Satan and man sends him back to where he came from, the human psyche.
Jeff is a good person and even though my relationship with him was rather distant in more than miles, I will miss him immeasurably. We had our misunderstandings, and I was anything but a good father, but it is not too late to make amends for past errors. Jeff, once he has settled in to his “before next life” plane, will be able see and hear me and others he cares about and view the physical world, through something similar to a distorted lens or viewing the reflection of a tree on the water. The sad thing is, this ability is not reciprocal.
Jeff will also be learning new tricks, like telepathic communication. At first his telepathic communication to our world will be in entire word concepts and not in strung out word sentences. Unfortunately this ability to see into another dimension is not a two way street, and is temporary.
The recently dead are at first very interested, in some cases, almost obsessed with establishing contact with those left behind, to reassure them that they are just fine in their new home, so contact will usually be attempted within the first year after death. If I know Jeff, he will bust his butt to communicate any way he can, and I for one will be waiting and watching for those subtle nuances, the unexplained urges, the rustling of leaves when there is no wind, the fleeting shadows at dusk, out of context thoughts of him, intrusions “out of the blue”.
I will remember him, not as a lifeless body, but as the vibrant person he was before and is today. In a sense, that maybe only I and many of you will understand, Jeff has triumphed over the haze of the alcohol and drugs and is once again collecting himself, gathering together his conscious abilities and finally for the first time in the last 30 years of his life, luxuriating in peace and well deserved tranquility, knowing that it's All Right.
Jeff lived a troubled life, but the trend is to reward oneself with a following life in a kind of “cruise control”, with minimal problems and challenges following a difficult life. Most people will consider Jeff as dead, but fortunately, I know better, he is just fine and dandy and we will meet again. Jeff is not passive where he is, he is learning what he needs to learn and believe me, he has much to learn, as do I. If I know Jeff, he is probably thinking, boy, this is great, now I don't ever have to do anything significant, no work, no strife, no problems. Yeah Right!
Personalities who are ignorant at death do not automatically become wise and knowledgable. At first there is needed rest, then there is much work to do, much schooling, then planning a new life. Our roles and challenges may change in our next life drama, but the meaning behind our future association will not. Jeff and I have unfinished business and no unfinished business is ever left unfinished. The finishing may span thousands of Earth years, but all wrongs will be righted and all debts will be paid, and even then, the fat lady never sings.


Anonymous said...

very sorry to know about this... my father passed away in similar circumstances, and i've still not found closure... but your post provides some sort of consolation... May we all find peace when it's the hardest to cope with our inner turmoils...

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
It is very important to know that the deceased person is just fine and in fact, the most satisfying thing for them is to know that YOU understand that they are OK. It is best then, to not grieve too long, but know that love survives and you will see them again, then they can get on with their own interests and not worry about you.