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Of course I ask this question to peak your curiosity and interest. I am sure at one time or another you or someone you know has commented that life seems like a dream and I have been asked about this many times. As many of my readers know, I have a habit of falling back on the use of “analogy” to help explain some concepts that escape explanation with mere words laid out in conventional linear sentences. Some concepts, at least for me, can only be effectively expressed through the use of analogies, since I can relate them to something familiar to our readers.
So, this analogy I would be the first to admit is certainly not perfect, but it's better than nothing, so lets move on. Every living consciousness, including the animals I may add, unknowingly creates other fragments of themselves through their thoughts and dreams. You may be more comfortable calling these fragments living psychic images that will seek their own level on their own planes and there are countless planes within the same psychic neighborhood as Earth. I hope by now most of your realize that you create your reality in your world through your thoughts through physical actualization, but what happens to the thoughts that do not gain enough impetus to break through into physical materializations in the world you know?
These un-materialized thoughts then would be one example of the most basic fragmentations emanating from self aware consciousness, and I must remind you that animals are to varying degrees also self aware. Where do thoughts that just “don't make it” go? They are energy created and once created they are basically eternal. They do not die, they do not fade into some hinterland of lost images somewhere in your mind. In a way hard to explain, thoughts, once thunk, achieve a somewhat kind of independence and fall into their own plane of existence, following the rules for development on that plane. They are from that point on, on their own and will evolve into more than mere thoughts given sufficient time.
When you think emotionally about someone close to you, you unknowingly send out a fragment thought image of yourself to the person or place you have strong feelings about. This image is usually transparent, but can sometimes be perceived by the person in your thoughts if the emotional connection is strong. This image does not have a consciousness of its own, but it cannot be recalled once created. It too will achieve a certain independence and seek its own level of non physical actualization in its own plane of existence. You can see from where we are going here, that there are countless planes affiliated with your reality system.
Now that we have started down this path, we can dive into the real meat and potatoes of this analogy and we will try and utilize your familiarity with the dream world and your dreaming self. I have from time to time called this a dream world, a dream universe, a dream dimension and so on, so I would like to clear that up. A planet that has the necessary elements can support one or more planes of existence (worlds), even if they are physical in nature and occupy the same space in your universe. They will NOT interfere with each other and each will be transparent to the other and can move through each other effortlessly. Some worlds only have one operating plane and some have none. A plane is a dimension. There are other planes on Earth, but you will never bump into them, unless there is some kind of psychic bleed through as you might find in radio or TV transmissions on a stormy night.
If you catch some movement out of the corner of your eye, something whizzes by your conscious attention and is gone in an instant, some seeming apparition appears by your bedside when you are half awake and drowsy, this could be a bleed through from an alien plane, or from other beings living or dead in your terms. So, two planes or more can share a planet, but two planets cannot share a plane. An entire universe can be in its own plane or dimension. A plane could best be described as a field of endeavor, a psychic platform for experience for living consciousness. A dimension is a plane and a plane is a dimension. A system of reality is a world, not always physically expressed, but containing consciousness. We could carry this further, but for now that is sufficient.
The dream world is a plane/dimension of its own, separate and distinct from your earthly plane. In a somewhat similar manner as thoughts fall into their own plane, so do your dreams also fall into their own plane of existence, becoming independent from you once they have been created in your dreams. From your perspective, it may seem like your dreams no longer exist, but once dreamt, they continue to exist in their own plane. Unlike your physical reality, they do not have duration in physical time, but the do have duration in psychological time. When you sleep, they become vital and awake, and when you are awake, your dream world is asleep. Your dreaming self is more of a semi-self inasmuch as it is not as developed as you and obviously does not have physical form, but it has purpose, continuity and organization.
You unconsciously give birth to your dream self. Your dream self is a fragment of you, a splinter materialization of you, alive in its own right, and is to some extent self aware, just not at your same level of awareness. Your dream self and dream objects do have their own form and those forms are achieved through somewhat the same process as you materialize yours, through the gathering together of atoms to form a living structure, except in the dream world the structures are not as, shall we say, thick as yours, nor as permanent, yet they are still formed through the use of atoms. The dream world is no more or no less illusion than is yours. It is just different in nature.
From your viewpoint, assuming you are following this narrative, your dreaming self exerts its influences on you even after you wake in the morning and you, of course, exert your influences on the dream world. Many people are aware that a process as simple as asking for certain kinds of dreams before going to sleep at night, can produce surprising results. You all have had dreams that you will hold in your mind for days if not weeks or longer. So, even though you don't go about your daily life mulling over certain lucid dreams, still, unconsciously they are there in the recesses of your mind, and can still greatly exert their inferences on your daily lives.
In much the same way your life influences the nature of your dreams although you don't give it a second thought. As you change, the nature of your dreams change. Unconsciously, as you live your daily lives, your dreams to some extent will follow suit. I don't want to get into dream interpretation here, other than to say, if you paid attention to your stream of dreams, you would find some correlation to your daily life. If you would practice remembering and trying to interpret your dreams, you could learn much from their content.
Normally, you do not give your dream self a second thought, yet you still greatly influence and organize its experience through your own life. There is a correlation then between your life goals, your loves, your hates, your desires and the content of your dreams. Your dreams will fall in line with your experience. So, your dream self is another aspect of you, created by you, projected into the dream world and is far from illusion, unless you consider yourself an illusion.
In much the same way, the Entity creates its personalities, aspects of itself, each individual, each living its own independent life in its own world or plane or dimension. In that respect, you are a splinter personality of your entity. Before I go further, I want to once again mention that I use the term Entity for Soul, since the soul term is too closely attached to religious dogma and pre-conceptions. Entity is much more than Soul, furthermore, I sometimes, but not always, capitalize the word Entity so you will understand the vast sweeping power and activity of the entity compared to the relative passiveness often attributed to the soul.
Before you begin to feel insignificant, let me also say that in the unbelievable massive building blocks of ancient intelligence gestalts, your Entity is created and exists within the sphere of influence of even more advanced entities and in truth, there is no end to it all. It is helpful to remember that everything, everyone is part of something else. Nothing exists in isolation, although from the purely physical view, it may seem that way. It may also be reassuring to know that you are not alone in this and others more advanced are watching to see your progress or lack thereof.
You exist in the attention of the Entity much the same as your dreaming self exists in your attention, and in both cases that is “not too much”. You might say, life goes on for both dream self, personality and entity, much as if there were no connection at all, but what is experienced by the dream self is experienced unconsciously by the physical ego, YOU, and what is experienced by YOU, is experienced by the Entity. All benefit and are enriched by this arrangement and the process goes on whether you are consciously aware of it or not.
There is one big difference here that I want to point out. You create your dream self, an actual fragment of yourself, even though you don't know it consciously. Your entity creates its personalities such as YOU, and IT DOES IT CONSCOUSLY. IT KNOWS. What I wanted to get across in this article was that as your dream self is a part of you, and indirectly part of the entity, so you are part of the entity and indirectly a part of what your entity is part of. You could rightly extrapolate here that you are also a part of All That Is. (God)
There is an ancient trace of divinity within all living things, and everything is alive. If you could start with the consciousness of one cell plucked from the eye of an ant and follow it backward to its source, you would end up with All That Is. In a very real sense, you are effortlessly held in the attention of your Entity or Soul, just as your dream self is effortlessly held in your attention and in a very real manner, you appear to the entity much the same as your dream self appears to you, obscure but vital. The connections exist, but they are subtle and below your ability to notice them. You are not alone.
As a final observation, a case could be made that you dream your dream self into existence and likewise it could be said that your life is a dream of the entity, just as the case could and has been made that life is in illusion. But the illusion is real since it is a creation, so it cannot be discounted or trivialized. Life has been created and is real any way you look at it and you must treat it with reverence or suffer the consequences. All life is sacred.

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