Thursday, July 7, 2011


 The Casey Anthony case is finally over with an innocent verdict and in some strange way, the case of the enigmatic mother of the child Caylee is still getting the attention of the press and people around the world. There is a sense of frustration for those who thought she was Guilty as Sin and got away with murder.
Casey Anthony will be released from jail soon and there is now much speculation as to where she will go, where she will live and how she will earn a living, even perhaps by writing a book and making millions for her experience. There is nothing that riles people up more than the thought of Casey Anthony profiting from the sale of a book. There have been others before such as good old OJ and his book IF I DID IT, so it would not be an unusual thing for someone who seems to be ill equipped to actually work for money.
As many of you know, quite some time ago I wrote an article about Caylee Anthony and if you are at all interested, you can find it here on this blog by searching under the tags. There is of course another aspect that most people have not thought about and that is the reincarnational aspect and the effects of “Karma” and how it could affect Casey in future lives. I am well aware that many of you are not totally sold on the reincarnation idea, but it exists whether or not you believe in it.
For those new to the idea, all you have to know is that you live a series of lives on earth with the purpose of perfecting yourself through these future lives, ironing out old defects, righting old wrongs, learning, growing and becoming a more knowledgeable self with the purpose of advancing to more advanced reality system when the reincarnational cycle is finished. I have also written a few articles on reincarnation for those interested.
I wanted to write this short article today to address the Casey Anthony trial outcome, which most people agree was a travesty of justice. In the interest of staying neutral on the matter I will simply address this article material to hopefully placate some of those who sense a great injustice being done in the court system.
In the three dimensional earth system of reality, your attention is so fixated on holding you own in the “present” that it is hard to imagine how present events could affect the future, let alone imagine how they would affect a future life hundreds of years from now. As you probably know, I did not invent the concept of “Karma”, it has existed in the past in the Hindu and Buddhist religions and whole books have been written about Karma so I need not go into details here since they would not serve my purpose in this article, but in a nutshell, the Karmic belief is this'

God does not make one suffer for no reason nor does He make one happy for no reason. God is very fair and gives you exactly what you deserve.

Most of you by now understand that this conventional concept of a male dominant “God” figure who created the world, judges and punishes is a delightful fantasy that has no bearing on the true nature of God or as I prefer All That Is, so the above description makes little sense were you to take it literally. Everyone wants to see the perpetrator of reprehensible acts get their comeuppance, but you can justifiably turn that around and say the perpetrator of goodness will get their comeuppance too. So, my dear friends, here is a simple but highly accurate description of Karma as it really is, and by the way, Karma is applied by your entity or soul, as this;

Every debt must be paid and none will be overlooked and a thousand years is like a day.

You cannot escape the law of Karmic reciprocity by assuming time will fly, lifetimes will be lived and vile deeds will be forgotten or forgiven. In more simple terms, if you kill somebody close to you, you will learn not to kill by being yourself killed by someone close to you, or perhaps having someone close to you being killed where the grief experience would be more painful than had you been killed yourself.
Karma is not punishment. No god in heaven sits in judgement and administers punishment since there is no god in conventional terms that you usually consider godly and there certainly is no heaven, but there is a requirement for equality of experience and the only way a killer knows how it is to be killed is to be killed themselves.
In the ways of Karma through succeeding lifetimes, the killer may experience several lifetimes before the debt is called in, but rest assured, it will be called in. If Caylee's murder was committed as speculation would have it, the payback may not be in this life, but there is no escape because of the lessening of the impact of the murder over time.
The statement below about Karma is true in one very important aspect and that is;

You will get what you deserve, you will receive what you have given, and there will be no reprieve.

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