Sunday, April 24, 2011


 That certain point being that you finally realize that what you are experiencing is the result of your beliefs, thoughts and emotions solidified into earth objects and events that you then experience. You are initiated into earthly life by your entity/soul for the important reason, to learn the creation and manipulation of matter into objects and events, and to learn how to do it in a responsible way, to the benefit of yourself and your contemporaries.
Here is the good news, after you have evolved out of the three dimensional physical Earth system, you will have grown up, so to speak, and many other choices will be available to you for future lives. The use of the word “lives” here can be misleading, since as you move away from physical systems into non-physical systems, you will not experience death, since death is only inherent in matter based worlds.
You could choose to be born again into a more advanced physical system, in which case will still be involved with reincarnation and probabilities” but death will be understood for what it really is, an opportunity for change of form. As a rule of thumb, but not exclusively, death must come to all matter and someday even the Pyramids will be gone, but you will not, since primarily you are not a physical being, but a psychological identity temporarily in human garb and you will someday assume and change forms, with some discrimination and forethought, as today you put on a suit or a dress. Translation; you will choose what you look like in the after death dimension.
When physical matter is dispensed with on death, you will enter a new non physical environment where what was your physical body will seem the same to you, but will be different in one great respect, that is will be far less limited but possessing abilities that now you can only compare with your abilities in your dreams. Your dream form is close to what you will have most of the time in the dimension you will find yourself in immediately after death. You will be able to fly, moving from place to place instantly as you imagine yourself there. By then you will then realize the one great difference is that there really is NO PLACE TO GO, in earth terms, since all places are illusions hallucinated by you and your compatriots psychically and then you go there, but don't let the dismay you since they are as real, or even more so than the earth reality that you just left since it too was illusion, albeit a pretty elaborate one at that.
This will take some practice even though it is a trait that you have already learned in your dream self's nightly excursions, but you will have to get used to the immense power of your thoughts that become real instantly. And this my friends, is why I have been so insistent about talking about “creating matter responsibly” because the new kind of matter you will be working with, materializes instantly and this can be problematic as you can imagine. When you think of something now, it takes time to materialize, but in your new after death environment, this materialization will be instantaneous.
Most of you are familiar with the McDonald’s phrase, “Have it your way” and that will especially be true and require some discrimination on your part becoming familiar with a new power you have discovered. You will truly have it your way, creating not only your form, but your environment, as you do now, but then you will know you are doing it where now you do not, mostly because of the time lag between thought inception and materialization in the physical system.
After death you will find yourself going through a process that you know very well since you will be creating and following your own close held beliefs about what happens when you die. In a sense everyone dies their own concept of death. You create your reality whether you are in a body or not, so when you are out of your body, if you believe in a religious scenario with saints and angels, sin, punishments and devils, then that is what you will experience.
If you believe in the long tunnel myth with a white light at the end signifying Christ, the you will have a Christ experience, a Christ of your own making, a self hallucinated Christ. If you believe in meeting Mohammed or Buddha, then you will likewise experience that, not realizing that you are creating what you are experiencing. For those religious believers among you, Christ is real and so are the other religious icons of your historical past, but Christ, Mohammed, Buddha and the others will be unavailable to welcome you, as they will be so otherwise occupied in distant dimensions beyond your comprehension, that you will have to make do with an illusion to enhance your death experience.
There is then no difference whether you are in a body or not in a body, living or dead, you still create what you experience, you get what you believe and expect, and that is a universal rule in all worlds and universes. This means that someone who is less indoctrinated and stigmatized by religious dogma will have an easier and less confusing transition than someone with a more restricted belief system. Conversely, what this means is that if you believe that satan is waiting to carry you away to the lake of fire for your past indiscretions, then that is what you will experience, at least until you have been told what I am telling you here, that you are experiencing the results of your beliefs and not a reality.
You will reconnect with family and friends long since deceased, unless of course, they have already gone on their way to other realities. You may recognize old friends from previous lives that you have a more enduring relationship with than your immediate past family. If the time period is not overly long between the death of partners in marriage, then, assuming there was love between them, you will meet again, but bear in mind that you may also be reconnecting with many such past loves that you have had relationships with in various lifetimes centuries ago, and since you attract to you that which you have strong emotions about, you will also revisit situations with those who you consider enemies, as long as the misunderstandings have not been worked out previously. Whatever or whoever you retain strong feelings about will follow you to the corners of the earth until the misunderstandings have been settled.
Finally, there is something here that is not very well understood even by those who believe in reincarnation, and even though this may sound strange, it may have little practical value to you at this time other than as a point of clarification. Most think that the present personality reincarnates, one lifetime into the next, over and over again, but that is not the case at all. You should understand that what you consider “the personality”, the egotistical you that you know so well, is not your total true “Identity”, which is a composite of many such “personality aspects”, some made physical and some which are not.
Your present physically oriented ego personality that you call yourself, (Bob, Jane, Brad or Barbara) is simply the present physically expressed portion of your Soul, but a minor part to be sure. When you die, your present personality does NOT reincarnate, but steps aside before the birth of the new fetus, to go on its own way in other realities which need not be discussed here.
The Newly Formed Personality that enters the fetus is not simply a recycling of the old personality over and over again as a carbon copy. The newly reincarnated personality is just that, entirely new, but the knowledge of the past life is interwoven into the new genetic structure, so there is no loss of memory of the history of past lives. That memory is retained. A new EGO is formed for the new life venture. So, in the course of a typical cycle of reincarnation, there will be a group of completely different and unique personalities, all part of the SAME IDENTITY, the whole self, the soul or the entity. (Which are all the same thing.)
Brains die, minds don't. Upon death, the mind assumes and holds all information upon the physical death of the previous brain. The brain is the mind in physical clothing while you are in human form. When you are not in human form, the brain is not needed.
Another thing that is interesting, not really that relevant to this article, but interesting indeed, and that is that there is sometimes a certain reluctance for the new personality, containing trace memories of past lives where development may have been quite advanced, to realize that it will be “forgetting” that advancement and entering this new life in complete innocence of past intellectual accomplishments, and will have to begin the journey all over again. As a note; in the next life the advancement and maturity growth of the child will be much accelerated because of these trace memories imbedded within the cellular structure of the fetus.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Dying is a part of living, inherent in the first breath you take and the last. But it's not all that bad once you get used to it, and that's what we will be talking about in this article. Over the centuries there has been much fear and confusion about the death experience and we have discussed some aspects of that before, but will need to touch on some of the pertinent points before pressing onward. Everybody dies, every living thing dies and with that in mind, every cell in your body dies and more frequently than you would probably like to think about. There is truly a new you living and breathing today and you didn't even notice the difference, cell death and replacement so innocuous that it goes unnoticed. In a way you could say that it's a small extinctions and a small reincarnation at the cellular level.
The you that you are today is not the same you that existed a ten years ago. There is not one speck of flesh or blood in your body today that is the same as it was ten years ago, yet you didn't even notice the subtle but relentless transition. Death is inherent in all living matter and the reasons behind that are more a function of psychological intent and needs of the entity than a peculiarity of the nature of matter itself.
As you know, the physical body is made of the same earth elements that the Pyramids are made of, yet the Pyramids have existed for thousands of years and even the longest lives ever recorded on Earth are in the mere hundreds of years in comparison. Of course this also has something to do with the kind of consciousness that makes up a living creature or a pyramid and there is a vast difference in the two. And yes, there is kind of muted consciousness in the components of a pyramid.
There are many kinds of consciousness, but as far a your earth system is concerned and as far as we will take this, there are two kinds of consciousness that can be considered as entity originated and impregnated “living consciousness” (You and others like you), (plants and animals being another thing entirely which we haven't discussed yet), and personality originated, what you would call “non living matter” (Physical objects and events) and those are created unknowingly by you. Of course, what you classify as non-living matter is a matter of choice and classification because in a larger sense, there really is nothing that is not conscious, so you could say that it is conscious but from your viewpoint, it is not really living according to your limited definition.
The consciousness that you consider non-living matter is formed into objects and events in your earth system and depending of many factors, exists for a very long time in human terms. This can evoke a kind of jealousy when you think about your certain death at some future date and realize that at best you will live a hundred years while the Pyramids, the Empire State Building and perhaps even the house you grew up in, will be standing long after you are gone. That doesn't seem fair, does it?
OK, so lets move on. The Entity/Soul creates YOU (the living matter) and YOU create objects and events (the non-living matter), along with a little help from your inner self, your Entity and All That Is, the creative vitality of the universe that is beneath all perceivable phenomena, physical or non-physical, seen or unseen, visible or invisible. I have discussed the reasons why living matter deteriorates in what seems to be a pretty short time if you are the “living matter” and you can find those reasons in other articles that I have written here, so no need to go into that now, other than to say that the reasons lie within the interests of the Entity/ Soul, its progression and yours. Non-living mater, rocks, mountains, buildings, bridges and such, are not bound by the same time limitations as living matter.
Death is a progression, not a regression, an important difference that is not well understood in your world, it is a triumph of release from a body that is slowly disintegrating about you, (accidental deaths are another thing). Death is not a defeat of the flesh but a discarding of one form for another, a reunion with a form that really never left you, but has been intertwined with your physical image while you were alive since your birth. Death is a progression or a return to a form in a dimension that is a more natural dimension to you than the one you are leaving. Death is a realization that more can be accomplished by dying than living and that further living within your present context would be a frustration of purpose. The Soul/Entity is eminently aware of this, you (ego) may not be.
The inner self, the sub-consensus and the entity see the greater life beyond physical death, but the ego does not, so as it senses it's coming death, it seems to be an impending extinction, and it does not usually take it very well and will fight to defend its survival. That is why so many people will struggle so desperately to live even when it may mean living in a comatose state.
Earth is a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there!
It's a statement that you have heard before in one version or another, but in this case, very appropriate. Earth is good, and a wonderful place to live, and to live, and to live, again and again, but after a few or more lives, you are meant to learn all you need to learn to move into more challenging, environments, worlds that are far more advanced and expansive, where beauty and fulfillment are beyond anything you can now imagine. It only gets better, and better and better. Inferring that there is no end to it all and Earth is a beginning training system for progression and expansion of your consciousness so you can enter these other more advanced systems. But to go there you must die many times, learn from the dying and learn from the rebirth and new life experience.
As an analogy, and you know how I love analogies, imagine being in your house, but in this case a special kind of house. Obviously, while you are in your house, you cannot enter another house without first  leaving your present home. In this case, your house has a special feature, when you leave the house, the door locks behind you and cannot be opened again. You will live another life, but you cannot begin another life without leaving your present body behind, and that is a pretty daunting thought to some people who are steeped in sin and punishment dogma.
I have told you before, if you are a regular reader of the articles, you have died before, probably many times. How do I know that? I know that because newer personalities, in their first lives, simply would not have any interest in these subjects and would not understand what they were reading. When you reach a certain point in the evolution and expansion of your consciousness, you are ready to leave the Earth System for other adventures in more complex and challenging systems.

Continues in next article.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The question as it was posed; I recently read an article about a recent study that talked about how attractive people get better jobs, attractive women get attractive husbands who then get better jobs, earn more money and so on. Isn't this unfair, and why would God create such an unfair world for those who are born with less appealing than some others? 

I believe the following article about a recent study by researchers is the one you are referring to, and by the way, this is a great question and should be discussed since the reasons behind this fact are hard to explain in light of present understanding of the true nature of reality. 

A University of Texas study proves that good-looking people are happier than plain-looking or unattractive people, MyFoxAustin reported. 

The study, titled “Beauty is the Promise of Happiness?,” detailed measurements from economists in four countries – the U.S., Canada, Germany and the U.K. It showed that attractive people are happier because they make more money and have more successful husbands or wives. The study also proved that attractive people have higher-earning spouses, which goes a long way to explaining why they seem to be happier than others less comely earning and achieving less in the business world. 

First and foremost, it is necessary to understand that you are not just one lonely person in one lonely world, in one lonely universe with only one “go around” so to speak. We are talking here of “long term development” of the personality, accomplished through many lives in many worlds and we won't go into the universe stuff at this time, but suffice it to say that in order to understand what seems to be inequities in one life, you must look at the overall picture of many lives with many opportunities for advancement in your one world and others. 

Based on a one life scenario, there certainly do seem to be inequities involved and if you believe that some capricious God, for some unknown reason, blesses some people with good looks and intelligence and short changes others with less than pleasing physical features and diminished mental capabilities, it could be a depressing scenario indeed. I am going under the assumption that you are aware that there are many beautiful people who are unhappy even though they may earn more than the average man/woman. I am also sure you are aware that there are some pretty homely looking people who succeed in everything they attempt, including finding an attractive mate, so what we are talking about are generalities. 

What this study points out, I believe is a well known and well understood truth in your society, but knowing that, it still just doesn't seem fair. This is where we will have some difficulty here I am sure, because what I must tell you is that no one has appalling or homely physical features thrust upon them by some outside agency for unknown reasons and no one is born to be short or tall by accident either.. 

We are not discussing the “disfigured person”, but to some extent, the reasons behind being attractive or less than attractive, smart or ignorant, short or tall, come from within and to some extent originate within the Entity or Soul. In other words, your physical appearance, which by the way also includes bodily shape dealing with excessive weight or girth must also be addressed understanding that your appearance is just a part of the overall challenges that any identity takes upon itself before entering any Earth life. Decisions are made between the Entity and the personality before even the first cell is formed in the mother's womb. 

You do not then emerge from an unseen world of chaos and accidental happenstance for the first time into the womb, but from a dimension of purposeful activity, planning, intent and forethought that is staggering, and that would put your physical world's order to shame 

Plans are made, objectives set, the script is written, with of course, plenty of room left for improvisation and change, but the overall “life theme” of any personality (see article on life themes), has been decided upon in advance of physical birth. To that end, and to the extent that physical appearance is an important part of the overall goals of the future life to be lived, considerations will be given to that appearance. As you should know by now, you create your most intimate creation of all, your body, in the same way that you create your physical environment and the world as you know it. (see articles on creation) 

Sometimes, even before conception, the stage is set, the actors chosen, the locale selected and parents are agreed upon, the die is cast and the production is set in motion with the inception and development of the fetus. 

The behind the scenes creative forces at work before any physical birth are well planned to meet the requirements of the newly formed personality when it enters the world of three dimensional materialization, so the new personality is new, but also carries history and memories from past lives as well. It is not a blank slate to be written upon, but a slate with previous knowledge latent within. 

What I am saying here is that birth of a person in your Earth reality is no accident by any means but is a well choreographed production created by the Soul/Entity and the soon to BE personality. What I am saying is that if you are “gorgeous” it is of your making and it is for a reason. Conversely speaking, if you are “butt ugly” it is also of your making. Excuse the vernacular here but (smiling) I did need to make a point. 

Now we get to the difficult part, and that is to convince someone that they would consciously choose a less than perfect physical image when they had the ability to choose one of more appealing qualities. It is helpful to know a bit about your relationship with your Soul/Entity to really under what we are talking about, but in to make a long story short, YOU and your SOUL/ENTITY have a joint venture going here with input from both parties as to the direction of the upcoming materialization of YOU into your new life on Earth, but bear in mind, when push comes to shove, the Entity Rules and when the time comes there will be no mistake about that. 

What you experience in your life, the Entity experiences likewise, down to every nuance of your being, so in a very real sense you live for your self and also for your Soul. So when these future “Life Themes” are discussed and considered for actualization on the physical plane, you must remember, the Soul has far different values than you do. 

Do you remember the question “What would Jesus Do”? That question should remind you of the vast multidimensional reality behind the existence of the Soul. The attributes and goals that you consider important in your life now, may not be what your Soul would consider important. In considerations of the evolving personality, growth and expansion of consciousness, development of inner psychic abilities, one must see beyond physical gratifications such as physical form, money, wealth, beauty and sex and understand that the attainment of those goals, though maybe not experienced in your present life, are simply one side of the coin, and there is an evening-out process present that insures that all physical experience must be apportioned out equally over time, and there is ample time. No one is short-changed. 

You live many lives, and there is a purpose behind that little quirk of your universe called reincarnation. That purpose behind reincarnation is so you can gain ALL POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE, and your Soul will settle for no less. I trust that you understand that in a very real way, you are a part of your Soul, clothed temporarily in a physical body, sent on a mission into strange territory to do your best with what you have to work with. One life would never be sufficient to experience everything that is available to you. So what you do not experience in this life, you WILL experience in the next, or the next or the next. As I said, there is no lack of time. In the grand dispersion of life on Earth, some day, some time, the predator will be the prey, the beautiful will be loathsome, the rich will be poor and kings will be paupers begging in the streets they once ruled. 

There is no law that says that you cannot succeed in this life regardless of physical appearance, and I do not mean this in any negative way, but take for an example, Steven Hawking, who is a paraplegic, and yet probably the most pre-eminent scientist of your time, who cannot walk, move or talk with his own voice, but has shown the way for those who would use beauty and physical dexterity as an excuse to fail. 

So, if you are fortunate enough to possess beauty, it is to teach you to use that beauty to enhance your life experience and the life experience of others around you. To luxuriate in the gifts that beauty can bring to you, but to teach you that real fulfillment in life comes not from beauty alone. If you are less than physically attractive, then you must appreciate yourself, what you do have, and learn to project yourself for the quality inner person that you are and demonstrate to all around you that success is not dependent on looks alone, but also on inner qualities that will show themselves through your works and how you relate to others. 

If you have lived a life of trials and hardships because of physical defects or lack of beauty, then you will have the opportunity to plan your next life to compensate for the lacking, since one of the requirements of physical existence is that you experience different sexes, and different life challenges. It is quite common for those who have had a previous challenging, difficult or tragic lifetime, to plan a life of leisure and pleasures with no pressing challenges, maybe even a life of decadence and overindulges. 

By the way, when I refer to life challenges as I often do, I do not necessarily mean struggling, strife or failure, but opportunity available for development of the personality only though applying yourself to solve problems that may arise within any life context and rising above, conquering or solving them. One then may decide to reward themselves with the next life being a lifetime of ease, prosperity, physical beauty, adulation and success and also learn from that experience. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011


The question as it was posed; I recently read an article somewhere that suggested that computers were becoming so sophisticated that there was a possibility that they could someday replace humans as the dominant force on earth.

This is an excerpt from the article I believe you are referring to in the New York Times questioning whether computers could ever turn on their creators and take over the world. Now this is a great subject for science fiction movies, but now it seems to have worked its way into the mainstream of public debate.

Alarmed by progress and advances in artificial intelligence, a group of computer scientists is debating whether there should be limits on research that might lead to loss of human control over computer-based systems that carry a growing share of society’s workload, from waging war to chatting with customers on the phone.
Their concern is that further advances could create profound social disruptions and even have dangerous consequences. As examples, the scientists pointed to a number of technologies as diverse as experimental medical systems that interact with patients to simulate empathy, and computer worms and viruses that defy extermination and could thus be said to have reached a “cockroach” stage of machine intelligence.

In time terms, the cockroach has been around for a long time and they certainly are not as loved as computers, but I know those of you who read these articles are evolved enough to understand that they too are creatures and deserve some respect, even though they may be repugnant little buggers to most people, they are loved by other cockroaches. The comparison is noted and understood.
I will now remind you of other articles which I will not list here concerning the existence of consciousness in all matter. This, of course hearkens back to the idea that even the electron, atoms and molecules possess a consciousness, rudimentary when compared to human consciousness, but nevertheless conscious of self in an undifferentiated way. I am not suggesting that atoms are like little people with their own societies and racial histories, yet atoms do possess a knowledge of their past affiliations with physical matter in terms that would be dizzying to the human mind.
It is important to understand this if you are to make any sense of this article. “There is more knowledge of the true nature of the universe in one cell that makes up the structure of the computer's outer case than there is in the memory bank of the computer itself.” A scientist of some repute not too long ago wrote an article suggesting implanting small computers directly within the human brain or skull and I have no doubt something similar will indeed happen in due time. Now, some people were somewhat dismayed at the possibility of tampering with the natural aspects of any living creature, and it took some time for the true consequences of the altering of the human form to be if not totally accepted, at least tolerated.
Let me explain. The soul or entity seeks experience in as many systems as it can handle. As you should know by now, your soul or entity is infinitely more developed, mature and more of a spiritual powerhouse than even you imagined of your current version of God. The soul/entity seeks as many different kinds of experience that can be made available to it and it creates individual personalities, such as yourself, sending them out into various worlds, planes and systems of reality to act as its emissaries. The soul cannot actualize itself in these systems, since it would simply overwhelm any individual physical form, so it creates identities, many such individual forms to do this instead.
At this time you implant artificial hearts, artificial hips, artificial legs and hands and this in no way affects or diffuses the nature of the human experience and from the viewpoint of the soul, nothing is really lost. So, implanting a computer or computer chip in the skull would in no way compromise the experience either and may actually open up new areas for expansion not available before. The introduction of a computer chip could truly improve human memory to a great degree, but of course, it could not convey the emotional content of the memory being recalled.
Computerizing the human body to any extent should not be equated with tampering with the true identity of the personality since this identity is indestructible and unassailable and is not isolated within the human form as is sometimes supposed. In short, the human body is not the identity, the personality or the self that you know. It is simply the carrier of the identity while it is alive on Earth. A computer cannot conceptualize, nor can it empathize or express love and love is the prime motive force behind all creativity which is an attribute of the soul. A computer can be programmed to replicate emotion, remember vocabulary or solve intricate mathematical equations but it cannot innovate based on those results.
Most importantly, a computer cannot imagine. The use of the imagination has spurred creativity over the centuries and were it not for imagination, there would be no steam engine, no automobiles, no computers and no physical world. Now, I am quite aware that the authors of the aforementioned article were inferring that computers could in some distant future either kill off or learn to control or dominate their human creators, but this could only happen if this kind of action were intentionally programmed into their behavior patterns by their human creators. By the way, imagination is one of the prime differences between humans and the animals. Animals do not utilize imagination although they do manage emotions quite nicely.
The lack of the ability to dream in computers would mean a stagnation and decay of experience and a world stuck in a repetitive cycle and abandonment of consciousness. Soul created conscious identities create your world and environment and then perceive it and this infers that a computer could never create the kind of world that you know, nor could it support the natural environment as you unknowingly do. A computer, no matter how advanced, could not perceive or experience the physical world, since a world without directive consciousness could no longer exist.
On the other hand, being composed of electrons, atoms and molecules, the limited small consciousnesses that compose the physical aspects of the computer itself, are also evolving in a more generalized way. Those minuscule components of the computer would eventually evolve a true “Over Consciousness”, which then following the impetus of growth and expansion, would combine and merge to organize themselves as a part of a more advanced psychic structure capable of more complex physical constructions.
In truth, and most will not like this at all, but unspoken, latent and yet to be activated genetic alternatives for human materialization are always present, buried in the genes, waiting in the wings, so to speak. All That Is, had to foresee all possibilities for the continuation of the species under any adverse conditions. So, in case of any kind of destruction including atomic missteps, or other possible catastrophes, the species could activate the inactive genetic variances and mutate the species into something entirely different to guarantee its survival under any future conditions.
There are some who will say that a mutated species would not be “natural”, but if you truly understand that EVERYTHING IS CONSCIOUS to some extent, then it is not too much of a stretch to understand that there is really nothing that is not natural. As an example, a house is made of bricks or wood, but the clay of the bricks and the wood from the tree, both are from natural earth sources and both have their own kind of consciousness present in the atoms and molecules of their physical composition. The same holds for the iron elements in the body of your car.
God or All That Is insures itself for continuation of all of Its creations and it does that through genetic eccentricities and variations that could change the species beyond recognition if needed for survival in case such changes are needed to insure continuation and continuity or your world and others.
Wrapping this up; computers can never take over any world unless they can learn to imagine and dream and I think that is highly unlikely, but the molecular consciousnesses present in the computer itself do dream and they are incipient personalities that will actualize in some future time in some future plane of activity.