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The question as it was posed; I recently read an article about a recent study that talked about how attractive people get better jobs, attractive women get attractive husbands who then get better jobs, earn more money and so on. Isn't this unfair, and why would God create such an unfair world for those who are born with less appealing than some others? 

I believe the following article about a recent study by researchers is the one you are referring to, and by the way, this is a great question and should be discussed since the reasons behind this fact are hard to explain in light of present understanding of the true nature of reality. 

A University of Texas study proves that good-looking people are happier than plain-looking or unattractive people, MyFoxAustin reported. 

The study, titled “Beauty is the Promise of Happiness?,” detailed measurements from economists in four countries – the U.S., Canada, Germany and the U.K. It showed that attractive people are happier because they make more money and have more successful husbands or wives. The study also proved that attractive people have higher-earning spouses, which goes a long way to explaining why they seem to be happier than others less comely earning and achieving less in the business world. 

First and foremost, it is necessary to understand that you are not just one lonely person in one lonely world, in one lonely universe with only one “go around” so to speak. We are talking here of “long term development” of the personality, accomplished through many lives in many worlds and we won't go into the universe stuff at this time, but suffice it to say that in order to understand what seems to be inequities in one life, you must look at the overall picture of many lives with many opportunities for advancement in your one world and others. 

Based on a one life scenario, there certainly do seem to be inequities involved and if you believe that some capricious God, for some unknown reason, blesses some people with good looks and intelligence and short changes others with less than pleasing physical features and diminished mental capabilities, it could be a depressing scenario indeed. I am going under the assumption that you are aware that there are many beautiful people who are unhappy even though they may earn more than the average man/woman. I am also sure you are aware that there are some pretty homely looking people who succeed in everything they attempt, including finding an attractive mate, so what we are talking about are generalities. 

What this study points out, I believe is a well known and well understood truth in your society, but knowing that, it still just doesn't seem fair. This is where we will have some difficulty here I am sure, because what I must tell you is that no one has appalling or homely physical features thrust upon them by some outside agency for unknown reasons and no one is born to be short or tall by accident either.. 

We are not discussing the “disfigured person”, but to some extent, the reasons behind being attractive or less than attractive, smart or ignorant, short or tall, come from within and to some extent originate within the Entity or Soul. In other words, your physical appearance, which by the way also includes bodily shape dealing with excessive weight or girth must also be addressed understanding that your appearance is just a part of the overall challenges that any identity takes upon itself before entering any Earth life. Decisions are made between the Entity and the personality before even the first cell is formed in the mother's womb. 

You do not then emerge from an unseen world of chaos and accidental happenstance for the first time into the womb, but from a dimension of purposeful activity, planning, intent and forethought that is staggering, and that would put your physical world's order to shame 

Plans are made, objectives set, the script is written, with of course, plenty of room left for improvisation and change, but the overall “life theme” of any personality (see article on life themes), has been decided upon in advance of physical birth. To that end, and to the extent that physical appearance is an important part of the overall goals of the future life to be lived, considerations will be given to that appearance. As you should know by now, you create your most intimate creation of all, your body, in the same way that you create your physical environment and the world as you know it. (see articles on creation) 

Sometimes, even before conception, the stage is set, the actors chosen, the locale selected and parents are agreed upon, the die is cast and the production is set in motion with the inception and development of the fetus. 

The behind the scenes creative forces at work before any physical birth are well planned to meet the requirements of the newly formed personality when it enters the world of three dimensional materialization, so the new personality is new, but also carries history and memories from past lives as well. It is not a blank slate to be written upon, but a slate with previous knowledge latent within. 

What I am saying here is that birth of a person in your Earth reality is no accident by any means but is a well choreographed production created by the Soul/Entity and the soon to BE personality. What I am saying is that if you are “gorgeous” it is of your making and it is for a reason. Conversely speaking, if you are “butt ugly” it is also of your making. Excuse the vernacular here but (smiling) I did need to make a point. 

Now we get to the difficult part, and that is to convince someone that they would consciously choose a less than perfect physical image when they had the ability to choose one of more appealing qualities. It is helpful to know a bit about your relationship with your Soul/Entity to really under what we are talking about, but in to make a long story short, YOU and your SOUL/ENTITY have a joint venture going here with input from both parties as to the direction of the upcoming materialization of YOU into your new life on Earth, but bear in mind, when push comes to shove, the Entity Rules and when the time comes there will be no mistake about that. 

What you experience in your life, the Entity experiences likewise, down to every nuance of your being, so in a very real sense you live for your self and also for your Soul. So when these future “Life Themes” are discussed and considered for actualization on the physical plane, you must remember, the Soul has far different values than you do. 

Do you remember the question “What would Jesus Do”? That question should remind you of the vast multidimensional reality behind the existence of the Soul. The attributes and goals that you consider important in your life now, may not be what your Soul would consider important. In considerations of the evolving personality, growth and expansion of consciousness, development of inner psychic abilities, one must see beyond physical gratifications such as physical form, money, wealth, beauty and sex and understand that the attainment of those goals, though maybe not experienced in your present life, are simply one side of the coin, and there is an evening-out process present that insures that all physical experience must be apportioned out equally over time, and there is ample time. No one is short-changed. 

You live many lives, and there is a purpose behind that little quirk of your universe called reincarnation. That purpose behind reincarnation is so you can gain ALL POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE, and your Soul will settle for no less. I trust that you understand that in a very real way, you are a part of your Soul, clothed temporarily in a physical body, sent on a mission into strange territory to do your best with what you have to work with. One life would never be sufficient to experience everything that is available to you. So what you do not experience in this life, you WILL experience in the next, or the next or the next. As I said, there is no lack of time. In the grand dispersion of life on Earth, some day, some time, the predator will be the prey, the beautiful will be loathsome, the rich will be poor and kings will be paupers begging in the streets they once ruled. 

There is no law that says that you cannot succeed in this life regardless of physical appearance, and I do not mean this in any negative way, but take for an example, Steven Hawking, who is a paraplegic, and yet probably the most pre-eminent scientist of your time, who cannot walk, move or talk with his own voice, but has shown the way for those who would use beauty and physical dexterity as an excuse to fail. 

So, if you are fortunate enough to possess beauty, it is to teach you to use that beauty to enhance your life experience and the life experience of others around you. To luxuriate in the gifts that beauty can bring to you, but to teach you that real fulfillment in life comes not from beauty alone. If you are less than physically attractive, then you must appreciate yourself, what you do have, and learn to project yourself for the quality inner person that you are and demonstrate to all around you that success is not dependent on looks alone, but also on inner qualities that will show themselves through your works and how you relate to others. 

If you have lived a life of trials and hardships because of physical defects or lack of beauty, then you will have the opportunity to plan your next life to compensate for the lacking, since one of the requirements of physical existence is that you experience different sexes, and different life challenges. It is quite common for those who have had a previous challenging, difficult or tragic lifetime, to plan a life of leisure and pleasures with no pressing challenges, maybe even a life of decadence and overindulges. 

By the way, when I refer to life challenges as I often do, I do not necessarily mean struggling, strife or failure, but opportunity available for development of the personality only though applying yourself to solve problems that may arise within any life context and rising above, conquering or solving them. One then may decide to reward themselves with the next life being a lifetime of ease, prosperity, physical beauty, adulation and success and also learn from that experience. 

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