Thursday, April 30, 2009


I want to address some peoples ideas about the world, the universe and their own personal life within the physical structure you call your world. It’s easy to get led astray here because there are so many divergent views about the method of emergence of the universe, some believing that it is some happenstance occurrence in the distant past that began with an accidental explosion of some sort and through chance, self aware consciousness was born from inert, dead matter. You, being self aware consciousness, would of course be concerned if you actually believed this story. You may think you believe it on the surface of things at the exterior (ego) level of awareness, but your inner self is very connected with those ancient origins. I have said this before and it bears repeating; the outer self, that looks outward into the physical world, knows, but doesn’t know it knows, the inner self that looks inward to the interior world of timeless origins, knows, and knows that it knows.

What this means is that deep in the inner recesses of your very being, known through your feelings and emotions, there is a latent inner knowledge and recognition of that original psychic emergence that created spectrums of physical matter and purposeful infinities of self motivated creatures. These creatures, sacred and spiritual (including you), fill out intricate inner patterns for all of life’s forms, creating a tapestry of life here on earth, given by caring souls/entities seeking earthly experience. The universe and its countless worlds, dimensions and diverse fields of experience have purpose, and those ancient souls/entities experience is unexplainable in the context of physical existence as you know it.

It is hard to have confidence in life if you think life is meaningless. It is hard to care about your future, when your very continued existence is in doubt and there seems to be no future other than death. You may think “why should I worry about what I do here today, if I won’t be around tomorrow”. You may think “why should I treat others with dignity and respect when they don’t treat me the same way”. You may think oblivion is the best you can look forward to when you die. A black hole of nothingness and non existence, but I must say, even with all of their distortions, most of your religions hint at a continuance of life, as sterile as it may seem to be, with everybody dressed in white robes, playing harps, eating fruit from the tree of life, treading softly on golden streets and kneeling at God’s feet, in endless, repetitive adoration for all of eternity, or maybe even longer. No wonder then, that people fear death if that is the best the God can come up with.

The nature of this material is to convince you the best that I can, that there is purpose to life and purpose to the universe, that cannot be explained through the use of words alone. If you think there is a God at the top and you at the bottom, with little or no possible connection and no way of really learning the truths that you know exist somewhere, you will always be frustrated as the connection seems to be so far removed that it is almost meaningless. I have said this before, but it bears repeating; consciousness always comes before matter. Consciousness creates matter and the physical universe is a matter based representation of the inner universe emerging from the mind of “All That Is”. It would not be too far off of the mark if one were to say that physical material is the result of your thoughts coagulating into an appearance, recognized by your senses as solid, static and achieving durability and continuity at certain precise time and space coordinates.

The universe was created with purpose from the infinite mind of All That Is just as you were created from the mind of your soul/entity. The soul does not take lightly, materializing portions of itself and projecting those portions into other realities as its personal emissaries into worlds of new experience. As the soul/entity’s emissary, you are given a unique and unassailable, immortal identity with complete independence and freedom to act within the limitations of your world’s system for a given length of time. Your purpose is to experience, within that context, all that there is to experience, and as you experience, so does the entity experience, and through the consciousness gestalt of which we have spoken before, so does God experience, though He may be far removed from your perspective.

Now, no soul, entity or God Himself would think of trying to control or influence your actions while you live this life, and in truth, once the soul creates a new identity and sets it adrift in a vast ocean or countless realities, it has abdicated any kind of control over the present personality and could not coerce the personality even if it wanted to while it is on its life journey. You then, are on your own and there are no guidelines given for how you are to lead your life, but every man, woman and child, and the animals to a lesser extent, sense the latent emotional connection with each other living consciousness on other levels. Each person alive on the planet at this time has a connection with each other consciousness, and each, even though an instruction book on “Life-How to do it”, was not included at birth, knows that the universe leans toward “good acts” that benefit not only the personality but all other personalities as well.

What has the soul to gain by dispatching you to this world called Earth? I will answer this but first I want to make something else clear that I have explained many times in past articles on consciousness gestalts. The “soul/entity” gave you life and if you had a better understanding of the God Concept, you would not be so limited in your understanding of how you came to be alive. Personalities such as yourself are given life by their “soul”, not directly by God as most would like to think, but since in some distant past, God created the first souls/entities, is it not the same thing? The soul segments a part of itself, endows it with all of the characteristics that the soul itself posses, but in latent form, then tunes it to the precise meaningful, vibrational patterns of your system and sets it free to live its given life to the best of its ability. Your soul gave you life for a purpose and so you were not set adrift in a strange new world without a plan.

The soul is the most powerful, purposeful, concentration of self aware energy in the universe. It seeds new worlds and fields of endeavor with its thoughts and intent, but it has one limitation. Because of the magnitude of this immense energy driven consciousness, it cannot fully occupy a physical body with a materialized mind (brain). The physical being would simply find containing that kind of consciousness unbearable, so the soul does the next best thing, it fragments a portion of itself for the earthly adventure, as it also journeys into other fields. In the same way the Father sent the Son at the appropriate time in history. Just as the Son had a mission, so do you have a mission on other levels unconsciously known to you but consciously known to your inner self.

The soul, of course, does not exist in the physical world of sensual experience, so there is much it cannot know regarding life expressed ensconced in atomic structure, so you provide that outlet to the soft purple sunsets, to the snow covered peaks, to the heartbreak of a love lost and the devastation of death of a loved one. These experiences could never be known by the soul in its own plane where sunsets are meaningless and death is not known. You provide the soul a window into earthly life in your times.

You exist totally independent of the soul, even though the soul stuff is as much as a part of you as is your cellular structure, interwoven and intertwined temporarily with the corporeal body. In other words, you are your soul, expressed in the flesh for a limited length of time, to help the soul understand certain perplexing situations and challenges that could not be experienced in any other way. Your life’s journey, then includes certain pre-planned themes for your overall life focus, themes decided on in advance by your soul/entity, and with your full participation. You then, consciously forget that you made the plan in the first place, for if you actually consciously remembered that you had devised the plan, it would not have the same immediacy to be addressed and dealt with.

In other words, you do have a distinct purpose to your life unlike any other personality alive at this time, and in a way you are on you own, and the soul/entity will not interfere, so in some cases, the results can be dire indeed. Here is the interesting thing, it is not that hard to discover what your life’s purpose really is, if you have a little patience and spare time for some serious pondering.

Try to think back to your childhood and then carry this process forward, scanning your past, looking for some continuing problematic theme, unusually materializing as difficulties along certain specific lines , problems reoccurring throughout your life that seem to be always lurking in your background. In some cases, you may have already come to grips with them and solved them adequately. They could be lifetimes of problems dealing with the inability to experience love, to manage finances responsibly, problems dealing with retention of old hates for someone, inability to synthesize past successes into a life of comfort and satisfaction.

There are so many areas where you could be dealing with these challenges at this time, that it would be sheer folly for me to try and list them, but believe that you DO have a purpose in this life known only to you and to your soul/entity, and you chose to be born as YOU to face and confront these challenges and rise up victorious, not to let them defeat you.

This is a game of life that you cannot lose, and to those who are never happy unless there is talk of judgement and punishment, sins and repentance, Armageddon, Satan and final destruction, forget it, the story of life is a story of triumph and through the sorrows there will always be relief, and what you fail to accomplish in this life, you are given as many lives as you need. Overall, success is the name of this game, no matter the outcome of this one life.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I have talked much about how you create your reality through your beliefs and I will continue to talk about it again and again from different perspectives. I realize that it is a difficult concept to understand, but when you can look at it from different viewpoints, there will come a time when you will have one of those “AHA” moments and it will all become clear to you. One of the advantages that I have living in this system, is that it gives me a close up view in trying to explain some of these concepts, and I can take advantage of current events that are relative to the material we are talking about. The following material is relevant to a a phenomena that could not have happened a mere fifty years ago, but has become such an accepted part of your daily life that you don’t even notice what effect it has had on your lives.

First, I must be careful that when I tell you that you create your body, your life events, your environment and especially your health through your beliefs, I must stress that any remedies for particular situations only work to the extent and conviction of your beliefs. A strong belief in something will bring it about rapidly, but a strong countering belief may negate some of the effect, so there are countless interactions affecting beliefs and complicating matters and so it is hard to put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak.

For example, lets say that you have always believed in the integrity of the human body and its inherent ability to heal itself and you have never had to deal with illness. You have then built up a psychic immunity to disease and illness just as assuredly as if you had been inoculated in a doctors office, and in truth, your mental inoculation would be more reliable because it would not carry within it the minute portions of the disease itself that is administered in your physical inoculations. This kind of trusting in the human body is the natural way of healing, the administering of inoculation, potions, pills and the removal of bodily organs is not the natural way that the body rids itself of illness, but it is the method that has evolved over the past years, until today, you cannot imagine living without taking a pill in the morning to insure your survival for the day.

You even now, take pills and potions to ward off illness just as in old tales, you needed wolfbane to ward of vampires. You have been convinced that the “safe” way to live is to use preventive medicine, ingesting all sorts of things to prevent disease or illness which the body is sure to succumb to without these aids. The rule of thumb is that it’s easier to ward off illness in advance rather than trust the body to protect itself. When you practice “preventive medicine”, you are in essence, betting that left alone, your body will get sick. Your doctors and your present medical system is in some ways more primitive than it was hundreds of years ago. No witch doctor or shaman would ever suggest amputating both of a woman’s breasts simply because her mother had a problem with her breast, yet you have been convinced that this kind of preventive medicine is helpful.

This kind of thinking is short sighted to say the least, and it would not be untrue to say that what you fear will follow you wherever you go. What you are really doing without thinking about it is betting that you will get sick and fall prey to those lethal little bacteria and viruses that are everywhere just waiting to attack. Why, it’s a veritable world of perils and dangers just taking a breath of fresh air. You are wagering that your body, left alone cannot be healthy without assistance from drugs and the drug companies love it. You advise children, senior citizens and even the general public to be inoculated so you don’t catch the flu in winter.

You have learned to depend on doctors for their learned opinions about health, but you are asking someone who specializes in “sickness” and believing in “illness” to educate you about your health. Doctors will be more likely to remove an organ to keep you from getting cancer, than to try and understand the underlying psychological reasons behind the real reason the problem manifests in the body in the first place. I know this analogy is a bit far fetched, but it is similar to trusting Bernard Madoff to protect your funds. If you want protection against illness, why not, instead of watching Oprah consult with her cadre of doctors, psychologists, gurus and other people who know about sickness, do a study of people who don’t get sick? You will learn more from one well person than a room full of doctors and sick people, after all, they have only proven that they know how to be sick and in truth doctors and sick people have formed a co-dependent relationship of the first order. One depends on the other for their respective needs. Sick people need their doctors and doctors need their sick people. They co-dependent each other and fulfill each others emotional, financial and psychological needs.

In a very real way, you are conditioned in your beliefs in illness by your radio advertisements for pills and potions, beautifully categorizing in the most minute detail, symptoms of sickness and illness that you then begin to believe in. The belief in the illness comes first and then the illness follows. I do not want to get into causes of illness here as we have discussed it before and will again, but I did want to point out that just as you are conditioned to believe in a certain illness, you are also conditioned to believe in the currently held view on aging. When I use the word conditioned, I mean in no uncertain terms, hypnotized, memorized by repetitive messages you constantly receive, delivered by your radio, television, computer and other mass media. It is even worse when you have a radio playing in the background at work, or when working around the home, because then, these messages have an almost subliminal effect, bypassing your conscious attention and are then accepted into your belief system almost by osmosis.

You are conditioned by your radio and television advertisements, which bombard you with repetitive messages every five to ten minutes. Some of the most dangerous of the messages are the “public service” health announcements about the necessity of regularly checking yourself for signs of cancer or other diseases that you are bound to get if you don’t practice preventative medicine. I won’t dwell on this other than to say, you always “get what you concentrate on” and what you expect. I want to emphasize, preventative medicine creates more illness than it prevents, and generally speaking, the more you search your body for a specific illness, the more likely your body will answer the call, and give you what you are looking for.

I do want to get into how this same thing applies to aging. Public service announcements broadcast on your radio and television stations are especially dangerous for two reasons. The first reason is that since they are “non-profit” they receive much more “air time” than paid advertising. The other reason is that people tend to believe in the veracity of public announcements, but unfortunately public service announcements have no more claim to real truths than any other form of advertising. The advertising world has latched on to what they consider a lucrative, captive market of a pre conditioned belief system of an entire generation that has been hypnotized into believing that they must grow older in the most humiliating of ways. They have been taught to expect degradation of the body, diminishing of the intellect, and the inevitable decline of their abilities until their final days, confined to wheel chairs in rest homes, subsisting on hundreds of pills a day (which they have been thoroughly convinced that they cannot live without), life reduced to a sterile existence stareing at the walls, waiting for the final exit.

Without going into the underlying reasons for aging (See my article ” Why Do We Get Old & Die”), I will just say that physical matter simply doesn’t age. In your system, you are confronted with evidence to the contrary all of the time, but that is a lack of ability to follow the coming and going of atomic structure. Atoms create and fill in form instantaneously, and depart almost simultaneously, too fast for any of your instruments, let alone your consciousness to follow, and are then immediately replaced by new atoms. The table you see, the human body, yes, even yours is always in a state of coming and going. On other levels, every cell in your body has been replaced every seven years, so in essence, every seven years you are an entirely new person, but retain your identity and past memories. In a most basic way, your physical form exists as a series of reproductions filling in a more or less permanent pattern created by you at birth.

The reason I point this out is that there is no built in, inherent reason that the body should become weak and frail, succumb to Alzheimers, Dementia, broken hips, and other infirmities associated with the aging process. I repeat; “MATTER DOES NOT AGE” it is just not one of the characteristics of matter. The energy behind matter begins to fade, so those reproductions that I mentioned before, become less distinct as the entity/soul begins to withhold its energy and begins a process of withdrawal from it’s earthly experience in this particular life.

There is an abundance of evidence of other civilizations where the people were and some that still are healthy and vibrant up until the day of their death. They do not experience the debilitating effects of the aging process that your does today. American Indians, the Aboriginal Tribes in Australia and other indigenous peoples aged quite naturally and were healthy and productive until their death. How many Australian Aborigines due you imagine were tooling around the outback in wheel chairs when they were in advance years? All together? None.

When these peoples are introduced to the modern world, their natural immunity to premature aging begins to fade as they learn about and accept modern belief systems. Doctors take the place of witch doctors, pills take the place of chicken bones as natives did incantations while seated around an open fire, and often the results were better than modern medicine, which in a way, also works its wonders by changing the beliefs of the patient. Placebos come in all forms, and in a strange way, your life revolves around a “placebo like” system of beliefs, in that what you believe will work, will usually work and visa versa.

If what I say is true, the you can easily see how the steady, non relenting barrage of advertising by drug companies and doctors stating that if you are over fifty, you will certainly need Centrum Silver vitamins, concocted especially for seniors, as if you are over fifty, you are some sort of alien being. You even have your own organization (AARP) hawking insurance and other products especially for “Senior Citizens”, and of course, there are “Depends” for those seniors who have incontinence problems. The public service announcements, do their bit to convince you that you will get old and frail and need all sorts of special products to keep you functioning and these repetitive announcements and ads amount to a very real method of hypnosis. You are told that you eyesight will surely fail after age forty and you will need laser surgery to be able to see. Your hearing will fail, you will need hearing aids, oh, and by the way, around this time, you will also need to put in a wheel chair or a “HoverRound” and warehoused in a “Rest Home” for seniors to do crafts for the rest of your life.

You get the symptoms of “Aging” because you expect certain things to happen to your body after a certain age and you have accepted a belief system built on the idea of a steadily deteriorating body and bodily functions with the accumulation of years, reinforced by your contemporaries that have something to gain from strengthening this belief system. The human body was never meant to age in this way, but it is what your belief system has accepted as its current reality, but it can be changed.

Here is what you need to do to make beneficial changes in your health into your maturity. Some of my suggestions may sound silly, but many of you will recognize the deeper truths in what I am saying here, and I will offer you some proofs of what I say.

Immediately turn off all radio and TV ads having to do using the word “Seniors”, ignore any and all ads by doctors and drug companies that are selling products like “Incontinence Products, Eye Surgery, Special Vitamins for Seniors, Hearing Aids, Wheel Chairs, Rest Homes, etc.” Turn off repetitive Public Service announcements telling you to check yourself for disease, illness, and other maladies, and remember that what you look for long enough, you will find.

Now, here’s the proof of which I spoke, and I know what I say because I did it.

If you need to wear reading glasses, it again is because you have been taught to believe that at a certain age your eyes will begin to fail and indeed they will follow this belief. What happens is that the first time you have trouble reading, you assume this is happening to you because of age and you rush out a buy a pair of reading glasses. Your eyes, then become used to the help the magnifying lenses offer and the muscles once used to read, go dormant. After a while the reading glasses that you bought, will become ineffective and you have to go back and buy another pair with stronger magnification. These will also work well for a while, until the same thing happens again, and you realize you are on a treadmill, a downward spiral of your eyesight.

What is really happening is that the reading glasses are acting as a crutch for the muscles of your eyes and as long as you keep on this track, the eye muscles will keep weakening and you will keep needing increasing magnification to see.

This all started because of a belief in the failing body, but here is how you can change it permanently and you will never need glassses again.

Go to the nearest pharmacy and try out new reading glasses. Find the best strength that are perfect for reading for your eyesight as it is. BUY THE NEXT LOWER STRENGTH GLASSES. If you can read well with the 250 strength, buy the 225 strength glasses.

Buy or go to the library and get a few good books to read. Begin reading using the lesser strength glasses. At first it will be difficult to read, the print will be blurred, your eyes will water, they will sometimes actually hurt, after all you are forcing them to use muscles that have atrophied to some extent, and for the first time in maybe years, they realize they are now being called on to do what they were intended to do.

Don’t give up, keep reading until everything begins to come into focus. Your eyes will adapt, the muscles will get stronger and before long (probably about two weeks), you will begin to read perfectly with the lower strength glasses that you bought.

Do the same thing again, but this time buying the 200 strength glasses. Throw away the old 225 strength glasses, you will never need them again. Once again begin reading as much as possible, the more you read, the quicker your eyes will adapt to the new lower strength glasses. Once again using the new lower strength glasses, the print will be blurred at first, your eyes will once again water and hurt. Rub them often, then read on. This is nothing more than calisthenics for the eye muscles and books are the weights and stationary bikes.

Keep repeating this process for as long as it takes, till you can finally throw away the last pair of glasses. Now that you will be able to read even the smallest 4 point type, you know the type on a (credit card contract), you will have broken the belief that the eyes will eventually fail. They will not fail ever again if you continue to read. I promise you that within a reasonable length of time, following these simple suggestions, you will never again have to ask your partner to read the menu in a restaurant. The really good news here is that these reader glasses only cost around $10.00 a pair, and you should need only about four or five pair to read perfectly again. The total time expended to get through this little program should be no more than one to two months. And you won’t need expensive surgery.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I am fortunate from my somewhat unique position firmly ensconced in this world system, to be able to offer some unique perspectives about timely, current events, relating them to universal knowledge and hopefully offer inner reasons for seemingly disconnected exterior events. I will make this column short because much of the background material will not be easily understood at this time, so I won’t go into it in any great detail, but I was moved to comment on the recent phenomena of a most unlikely heroine “Susan Boyle” , her recent appearance on Britain’s Got Talent TV show and subsequent rise to overnight world wide stardom, unlike any other in recent memory.

I chose to comment on this event from a perspective not usually understood, from the inside out, so to speak. You are all familiar with your own flavor of hero's and heroines, but rarely does anyone rise to the forefront of your attention like she did. Now, what happened “by” Susan Boyle on this TV show was always a probability in her future, influenced, shaped and motivated by other events throughout her life, nudging her in the direction of manifestation of this event and her subsequent world wide acclaim. I purposely use the term “by” rather than “to”, to remind you that nothing really ever happens to you that you do not have a hand in its creation, followed by your perception and experiencing of what you created. So, unconsciously, Susan Boyle co-operated on many levels unconsciously to create her auspicious appearance and accolades, but “you and all of Western culture” had an intimate part in this unlikely event”.

Have you ever noticed that hero's/heroines seem to arrive when they are needed most. Have you ever wondered why? This event has deeper ramifications than meets the eye and there are reasons that it happened in the way it did and at this particular time. This unassuming lady, rather plain and frumpy by today’s standards would never have seemed to be a likely candidate for stardom, but on the other hand, neither did many of your other heros. I refer to her as a heroine, because hero’s or heroine’s always seem to emerge to the forefront of your reality when they are needed the most. This is no more an accident than the original emergence of the physical universe was an accident. I don’t know if anyone else noticed that Susan Boyle seemed not to be the least intimidated by the prospect of performing before millions of people, but actually said that she was going to blow the audience away, and she did exactly that. Stupidly brazen? I think not, you see, inwardly she sensed her destiny in a very real way, knowing that failure was not an option, for she was performing not only for herself, but to reinforce the hopes, desires and aspirations of entire cultures.

The time was right, the stage set, the world languishing in wars, famines, insurgencies, depressions, kidnapings, murders, highjackings, repossessions of thousands of homes and bankruptcies surging around the world. There could not have been a more opportune time for her to arrive, and the heroine certainly arrived in grand fashion. You all seek out your hero's subconsciously as a result of your personal needs and the needs of humanity in general, and when the combined energies of entire civilizations are focused on those needs, someone will step in, psychologically speaking, stepping forward and accepting the responsibility and answering the call. Human kind will always call up a hero when the climate is ripe for change or enlightenment, and a hero will emerge to change the exterior landscape.

You, in a very real way, reinforce their emergence on the world stage, their inner self senses the worlds needs, they are then bolstered by the abundance of inner energy given to them by the populations, they absorb that energy and it reinforces them and their seemingly bigger than life (inspired) roles and missions. This is the way it is with hero's and heroines and you were there to see it and absorb the vast inner energies that for short time overcame all of your worlds problems. Susan Boyle for one brief moment, (reminds me of Camelot), changed the focus of the world and made it better, and that is the way with heros. Susan Boyle sang not only for herself, but she sang for a world in need of grander things, for in her performance, she, for a time, made everyone hero's.

Of course, it was not just any old song. She chose an appropriately titled (“I dreamed a dream”) from "Les Miserables", for you are all dreamers, and from your dreams, your realities arise into the physical world. I don’t know how many noticed, but as the audience snickered with disbelief, Susan Boyle stood her ground with a confident defiance and proceeded to do what she had come to do, blow them away.

All consciousness knows deep in the recesses of its inner knowledge, that there are hints of inspiration, love, caring, and ultimate victory, sometimes even in despair and death, the spirit triumphs and ultimately, the universe leans in your direction. Usually buried beneath the difficulties and tribulations of life, your hero's/heroines will always speak or in this case sing, not only for themselves, but also for all of the human race. They will reinforce a new message, rising to the occasion to help clear away the debris, if even for a short time you will get a fleeting glimpse of the possibilities of co-operation between all living beings and for that time you too are lifted up to become more than you knew you were before. They, these heroines, are literally made more through the unconscious psychic reinforcement of all contemporaries of the time, and they are to remind you that what they are, you can also be. They serve as inspiration and reminders for everyone and point to latent abilities inherent in all of mankind.

There have been countless other hero's/heroines in your past history that have also accepted their role, some affecting all of humanity, shining a new light on elegant possibilities and refinements to come, some of them you know, far greater than Susan Boyle and some that literally changed whole civilizations for the better for ages. Some have and will return again and again, in other words, some have specialized in bringing a brilliant light to earth reality when it is most needed, and some may not be recognized for who are what they really are.

Susan’s star may shine briefly or for years, but for one brief shining moment, there was not a dry eye in the audience, millions viewing the performance, both live and through replay, and I dare say, everyone who saw her performance on Saturday April 11, 2009, have been lifted up considerably and are more today than they were before this rare event.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


For as long as I can remember I have been a wonderer. Everything makes me wonder, everything makes me marvel at the ability of nature to renew itself and flourish in the face of many adversities. To be a wonderer, you have to notice things, not just the normal things but the seemingly insignificant things that others ignore. Wonderers not only notice the same things that others notice, but they also notice the little stuff, like a dandelion popping up, forcing its way through a crack in a sea of concrete on a bridge abutment on a scorching hot summer day without another dandelion in sight, surrounded by concrete. I wonder where it got the idea to try to “be” in such an unlikely and seemingly unfriendly environment.

I have often wondered why we swim through water but don’t think of it being the same thing to swim though air as if air was nothing and water was something. You think that there is nothing between you and a physical object on land, but you would never deny that there is something between you and an object under water, even though both water and air are composed of atoms and molecules. It is of course, your perceptions that cause one to seem thicker than the other. Then I start wondering about the discriminating nature of perception.

Curiosity makes you wonder about why something is as it appears to be. I think I knew from early on in my life that there was a deeper reality to life other than to simply observe and accept the reality that to others seems self evident. I’m not sure why, but I always sensed that there was something more to what I was experiencing than what I was experiencing. The most exasperating thing to me at the time was, that I didn’t know where to look for the knowledge that I knew was out there somewhere. Once I asked my minister a question and he told me that “the answer was one of God’s twelve great mysteries”, never to be known by mortal men. Somehow, I just knew that was hogwash, standard dogma fed to ignorant people like me, who followed others rather than set out on a path of their own to find and understand the answers. I decided it was time for me to begin a search for the answers to my questions; the only problem was that I didn’t know where to begin my search.

I had no real idea at the time where to begin my quest for knowledge, except that I knew that my minister certainly was not the place to begin. Shortly thereafter, a funny thing happened one day when I was rollerblading with friends in a park, when I met a lady that I had never met before. We talked and chatted as we skated and when skating was over and I was leaving, she asked if I liked to read? She said she had just finished a good book and wondered if I would like to read it. I said yes, I did, and my life changed, almost overnight.

At the time I had never heard of the word “synchronicity”, but now I know that was not my first experience with this phenomenon of things happening to me that I couldn’t explain and they just kept happening, but it was the first one that I noticed. I have subsequently learned that one great difference in people who are growing in their spiritual awareness are those who “pay attention”. How this happens is not the purpose of this article, other than to assure you that there are realities rising up from unknown, unseen sources, unseen beings of intellect beyond anything you can imagine, supporting and encouraging sources of enlightenment and their sole purpose is to teach others evolving through their respective worlds. In a true sense, they are helpers, you can call them guardian angels if you prefer, and names are not important, but knowledge is.

Maybe some of you reading this column have experienced that frustrating feeling of knowing something else exists, of sensing deeper spiritual truths, but feeling that you will never receive the help you so desperately seek because no one is there that knows these truths and no one who is capable or even interested in helping you learn and understand. I don’t want to get sidetracked by spiritual or religious dogma here, but there are teachers, real teachers existing in exactly the same context that you would expect from a teacher, but teachers not residing in this world. These teachers were of this world at one time, but they have long since finished with development here and evolved beyond the earth system, but still retaining a strong attraction and fascination for the warm blush of dawns and dusks, the mists and glint of sunlight reflecting off of snow covered peaks. These evolved earth beings inhabit their own systems now, but speaking in terms that all can understand, they choose to teach, just as your own teachers elect to teach at their own level of expertise.

These earth teachers/entities are especially sympathetic to earth reality since they evolved through it at one time in their own past, so their past experience with earth cultures, histories, perceptive abilities of its peoples and the basic laws of physical reality are extremely helpful in adding to their teaching abilities. It is difficult for me to describe these entities because of the limitation of words, but they are not people in the normal way you would think of physical people, but they are personalities, they have form (not physical form) just as you do, but a bodily form that does not need to conform to the same physical limitations that yours do. They are identities in every sense of the word and their worlds are far more advanced than earth. They are very active individuals, extremely motivated, and they study and train to be educators in countless systems where their past experience provides knowledge of the civilizations where they will teach, just as your teachers usually practice their skills in countries where they will be understood, they practice their skills in worlds where they will be understood and where their past history in that world gives them a leg up, so to speak. They are multi dimensional in that respect.

These “other world” educator personalities disseminate knowledge to those who are ready and able to receive it and understand it and their abilities are not all equal, but all are far more advanced than anything you can imagine. As you travel great distances from country to country around your world in your physical bodies, these entities travel even greater psychological distances to reach your world and deliver their messages to those who seek understanding and enlightenment. They contact those who seek knowledge and bypass those who simply are not ready, and there are many who are not ready. Their knowledge and messages have been delivered many times in your past over the centuries and they will be delivered again and again. Some of the most advanced of these entities, you have known for whom and what they really are, some you have not. Some of these personalities return time and time again in physical bodies when the time is right and when the needs of entire civilizations have reached some critical juncture and psychically reach out to these personalities. Some of the teachers become well known in their times for other achievements but remain obscure and are never universally known as the spiritual teachers that they are.

The reason I write these articles trying to give answers, is that I know what it is like to wonder, to be curious and to have a hopeless feeling that there is no real source of “TRUE INNER KNOWLEDGE” other than that which you have been force fed by clergy, scientist and teachers that you know, and what they do know is misleading and wrong information that has been handed down over the centuries from one clueless person to another. No inner knowledge is meant to be a hidden secret, but some will always be elusive to the reasoning human brain. The mind is another thing and the use of your intuitive senses will often lead you to answers that are beyond the present abilities of the human brain to understand. If you depend only on physical facts to teach you about inner truths, your search will be fruitless because facts only will bear out what you think they will.

Here’s the bottom line, when you begin your journey to discover your truths, you will be led on a path to understand as your abilities evolve, you will almost miraculously find that the information that you seek, finds its way to you. You must want it, desire it and when that happens, you create what I call a psychic whirlpool, attracting what you seek to you. Knowledge is not floating around the universe willy nilly, but is psychologically attached to the consciousness that desires it, accepts and understands it, and it is waiting to be attracted by other consciousness, added to, refined, personalized and passed on to others. These entity/educators disseminate their knowledge in different ways, sometimes contacting their student in a trance state, sometimes giving information in the dream state and sometimes in flashes of intuition or spontaneous illuminations.

I am not exactly sure of my place within this entire consciousness gestalt and I am not sure who gives me the knowledge that I pass along to you to the best of my abilities, but I long ago learned that when I think about a difficult concept for a few days, the information almost magically comes to me, so I assume it is given to me in the dreaming state. I wanted to write this short column to ASSURE YOU, there is knowledge that will be given to you when you are ready. When your desire reaches a certain pitch, when you fervently want to know, your teacher will arrive and they will know when the time is right. You are not alone in your pursuit and as there are many potential students, there are many teachers waiting in the wings. When the student is ready, the teacher will definitely arrive. I have said that all teachers are not of the same abilities, but if you learn to trust in your intuition, you will be able to evaluate the validity of the information given. You cannot always rely on your intellect alone to ascertain the value of spiritual knowledge, but intuition, by its very nature, cannot lie, so that is where you should put your trust. In other words, if it doesn’t feel right to the heart, it probably isn’t.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


There is always a lot of interest in what you call “Near Death Experiences”, where there is a feeling that one has actually died in most real terms, yet has been pulled back to physical life because of a variety of reasons, usually to finish some unfinished business. Regardless of the actuality of the death experience, the survivor personality in most cases almost miraculously acquires a new outlook on life and becomes a new person.

There are tales of seeing and following a bright light at the end of a tunnel, of seeing Jesus or one of the prophets and some of a little more ominous nature, of encountering Satan. Most of the experiences of which you are familiar, are from Western culture and for that reason they usually, but not always follow the above outline. Of course, people from other Eastern or Mid Eastern cultures usually encounter their own Gods and prophets during the near death experience, some seeing Yahweh, Allah, Mohammad or Buddha or other preferred historical Deities of their own cultures.

The obvious reason for this of course, is that when consciousness vacates the physical body, it does not die, but continues on in a quite predictable way which I have discussed. Now some of you will think that I am obsessed with death, since I have written other articles on this subject, but let me assure you that I am not in the least obsessed with death, but rather am determined to familiarize you with the reality of death as it really happens, so when that transition time comes, you will not fear death, but understand that when that door opens, you, in a very real way are the one who opened it. In knowing what to expect, you will not only prepare yourself for, but in a way, pave the road, creating to a large extent what you will encounter. I have told you before that no death really comes as a surprise, as the inner self knows the hour and place of your death from the moment of your birth. No one dies who does not wish to die, just as no one lives who does not have the desire to live.

You choose to live, knowing that to die is inherent in your first breath; you have already decided on the time, place and method of your death in advance, leaving room for contingencies of course, but in a very real way, all deaths are suicides, it’s just that you have separated yourselves from the inner aspect of your identity to the extent that each death comes as a surprise to the physically oriented consciousness, and after it happens, you will smile and say, “Damn, I knew that was going to happen.”

Animals have a more intimate understanding of death than humans, simply because they have not separated themselves as much from nature and the inner knowledge that was once closer to the surface of your own identity. To a large extent, animals still retain that inner knowledge that the body must perish for the identity to continue and they do not worry for their survival because the sense that consciousness and form have nothing to do with physical structures.

Near death experiences come in many varieties and there are as many different near death experiences as there are “real” death experiences, and they are just what they claim to be, “Near Death Experiences” and to understand what we are talking about here we need to decide exactly what “Death” means, and therein lies the problem because if we are to understand death, we must understand the action and motivation of consciousness. Living consciousness always lives, bodies don’t, they come and go, so what we are dealing with here is the releasing of consciousness from the physical body, and without a physical body, consciousness reverts back to its native state of non-physical reality and its inner astral body.

Once the body has “really” died, and consciousness released, it does not return, not to the present body, but assumes a new form more suitable for its new reality. When the physical body ceases to function in a manner that can support the living consciousness, that self aware consciousness (identity/personality) is released, and although there may be some confusion as to its new state of being, and although it may not even understand that the physical body has died, it cannot return. The “Spirit” and I usually don’t use that word due to religions connotations, the Spirit may hang around the death scene, yearning to reestablish itself in the now dead body not understanding that death has occurred. This type of confusion is often the precursor to what you might call ghosts roaming around once familiar homes and other places with meaning to them, these recently dead conscious personalities, refuse to face the reality of their own deaths, and end up hanging around familiar places far longer than they should, and sometimes to everyone’s consternation.

Some of the confusion is due to the fact that the ethereal (astral) body that the personality will assume upon death, will appear just as real as the old physical one did, except there are far fewer limitations to the new body. There will come a time when the separation must be acknowledged, others will help him/her understand their new situation and the personality will move on to its new, but familiar system where it has been before. The knowledge of the true reality of death will help you to understand and adapt to your new circumstances when that time comes.

In death as in life, you will see and experience what you believe you will see and experience upon death, because you see, you’re not really dead; you have just exchanged a physical body for an astral body. Those with deeply held religious beliefs face a bit of a handicap in that regard, because on one hand, if they believe in the triumph of good over evil, they might be met by saints, prophets, even Jesus whereas if they believe in the power of evil in the world, they might meet devils or Satan himself. The irony here is that people such as some Evangelicals and staunch Catholics will experience the lake of fire, purgatory or even hell, until someone helps them to understand that they are simply experiencing what they believe and what they have themselves created, and no Satan exists unless you create him, and in that case, he is yours to deal with, but only for a limited time. No one stays ignorant forever.

Of course, these are superlative hallucinations and have no real consciousness of their own, they derive any power that they have from your conscious energy, and when you deny them your attention and withdraw, they cannot permanently harm you, but they can inflict some temporary suffering if your belief in them is strong enough. Symbolism plays an important part here and you might well experience the grim reaper or the River Styx, the principal river of the lower world, which had to be crossed in passing to the regions of the dead. Whatever you do experience upon death, it is temporary and there will be others there to assist you in the transition.

Now back to the reality of the “Near Death Experience”. It also only exists as an adjunct to your beliefs. What you consider conscious life is only “alive and viable” while the consciousness resides within the body. In times of traumatic accidents or severe illness the body actually is in an in-between state, somewhere between life and death, but the consciousness has not yet vacated the body, even though your instruments may indicate a temporary lack of vital signs. It is also quite ordinary for a portion of the conscious personality to leave the body on unofficial “out of body” projections in the dream state or sometimes even in a state of reverie or contemplation of some past situation where you view some favorite scene from your past with such clarity that it seems that you are there. In some of these cases, the personality has projected a portion of his/her consciousness to that past remembered location. So, under certain conditions, even the temporary absence of consciousness does not mean death has occurred.

In your lifetime, you experience many small deaths, some more significant than others but all below your perception. One of your big mistakes is to confuse your body with your identity. You are not your body, you never were and you never will be. Your identity is inherent in your consciousness and you wouldn’t be caught dead without it. You regularly experience what would qualify as small deaths, times when your consciousness leaves the physical body for varying lengths of time for various reasons, but your conscious mind has trained itself to skip over these intervals, these small deaths. Your body consciousness, the gestalt consciousness of your cells, molecules, organs and tissues, is quite able to maintain the physical body for some time, without your overall directive, self aware, conscious oversight.

In sleep, your conscious self sometimes assumes its astral form and goes on its own expeditions, out of body projections, explorations of not only your own world, but also others. When the ego consciousness is drowsy, lulled into sleep, there is a freeing up of inner abilities that are your natural heritage, but have forgotten over time. You can then sometimes project your identity into alien worlds (different dimensions) where experience is entirely different than your own, and sometimes those quite lucid, hard to decipher dreams of fantastic places and times, are actually projections into other dimensions in your astral form. During these projections, your consciousness leaves the physical body in the good hands of the body consciousness and goes its own way while the ego is stilled. You could consider this a mini vacation to other worlds.

As in other similar experiences when consciousness leaves the body temporarily, the inner self accommodates the body by merrily skipping over these lapses, and usually you never know they have occurred at all. There is another aspect of which I have not spoken before, but will when the time is right. Here I will briefly touch on it.

Your physical body, your environment, your reality and indeed your world exists as a result of an endless series of energy pulsations and here the important word is pulsations. On and off pulsations, so unbelievably fast that the separations between the positive strokes of the pulsations to you would be considered simultaneous, meaning that the negative strokes of the pulsations would not be detected by any instruments that your science how has at its disposal. You and your world exist on the positive energy pulsations, and on the negative or non-positive pulsations, you and your world simply do not exist, but other aspects of your identity that you are not familiar with do exist.

You must consider what I have just said from your time oriented perspective and I realize that it scandalizes the intellect to say that these pulses happen so fast that you do not notice when you aren’t there. Energy is intermittent. It is not that you aren’t there during the off pulses; and I don’t know exactly how to say this, but the energy simply isn’t in its positive stroke, and you exist in another form as a result of the negative pulsation of energy. Think of a fan blade turning slow, so you can clearly see the blade. As the fan speeds up, the blades seem to fade into nothingness, until you do not see the blades at all, even though you know they are there, they are not there. Not a great analogy, but I hope it gives you some insight into the limits of physical perception.

You, your world, your universe exist as aspects of positive energy manifesting itself. There are also aspects of the negative energy pulsations and there, other parts of your identity exist in the universe of negative matter. (Anti-matter). So, in a removed way, your consciousness ignores the negative pulsations and the negative aspect of your identity focuses on them. To the part of your identity that focuses and exists in the universe of negative matter, it thinks that it only exists on the positive strokes and it considers your universe the universe of negative matter relative to its own. In this light, you endure continuous absences of consciousness, infinitesimal small deaths, also conveniently skipped over by your conscious perceptions.

There comes a time however when the same type of thing happens, only on a more permanent basis, creating a lapse of a more enduring type that you will definitely notice. The overall directing consciousness, the identity that is you, including the soul stuff which is so intertwined within and an integral part of your corporal self, begins the separation process, disentangling those intimate connections, freeing itself of the present materialized form and returning to the “basic reality” from which it came, which of course, it considers home.

An official death only happens when the organizing consciousness of the personality gives up the ship, so to speak leaves the body permanently, bringing about cessation of bodily functions that are necessary to support life. It is not unusual for consciousness to vacate the body in some cases of long lasting coma, in which case the body consciousness, that is the consciousness of the cells, molecules and organs provide the supporting structure that maintains the body, sometimes along with artificial means, long after the vital conscious personality has moved on to a new reality. In other words, the house is there but no one is home. As your scientists know, the body consciousness continues to function in varying degrees after the overall identity has transitioned, the hair and fingernails continuing to grow, sometimes centuries after the body has died.

What this really happens in the NDE, since all situations are different, the dying personality may or may not be experiencing a “Near Death Experience”, but in Western civilizations, for instance, there will be a surprising similarity between what people experience during these traumatic events, many seeing the obligatory bright light at the end of a tunnel and visiting with saints and prophets who are there to guide them. You will always experience what you think you will experience, in this body or out of your body. The “Near Death Experience” of other cultures of course, is far different in that they will experience their own saints, prophets and Deities. A Muslim will probably never see Jesus in a NDE.

This one irrefutable rule of the universe does not change whether you are in a physical body or not, you will always see what you think you will see, you will see what you think about, and you will think about what you believe. In short, most near death experiences are simply personalities experiencing in one form or another, what they expect to experience. God will not be there at the golden door to welcome you, but you may think He is. Your long dead relatives may “really” be there.