Thursday, April 30, 2009


I want to address some peoples ideas about the world, the universe and their own personal life within the physical structure you call your world. It’s easy to get led astray here because there are so many divergent views about the method of emergence of the universe, some believing that it is some happenstance occurrence in the distant past that began with an accidental explosion of some sort and through chance, self aware consciousness was born from inert, dead matter. You, being self aware consciousness, would of course be concerned if you actually believed this story. You may think you believe it on the surface of things at the exterior (ego) level of awareness, but your inner self is very connected with those ancient origins. I have said this before and it bears repeating; the outer self, that looks outward into the physical world, knows, but doesn’t know it knows, the inner self that looks inward to the interior world of timeless origins, knows, and knows that it knows.

What this means is that deep in the inner recesses of your very being, known through your feelings and emotions, there is a latent inner knowledge and recognition of that original psychic emergence that created spectrums of physical matter and purposeful infinities of self motivated creatures. These creatures, sacred and spiritual (including you), fill out intricate inner patterns for all of life’s forms, creating a tapestry of life here on earth, given by caring souls/entities seeking earthly experience. The universe and its countless worlds, dimensions and diverse fields of experience have purpose, and those ancient souls/entities experience is unexplainable in the context of physical existence as you know it.

It is hard to have confidence in life if you think life is meaningless. It is hard to care about your future, when your very continued existence is in doubt and there seems to be no future other than death. You may think “why should I worry about what I do here today, if I won’t be around tomorrow”. You may think “why should I treat others with dignity and respect when they don’t treat me the same way”. You may think oblivion is the best you can look forward to when you die. A black hole of nothingness and non existence, but I must say, even with all of their distortions, most of your religions hint at a continuance of life, as sterile as it may seem to be, with everybody dressed in white robes, playing harps, eating fruit from the tree of life, treading softly on golden streets and kneeling at God’s feet, in endless, repetitive adoration for all of eternity, or maybe even longer. No wonder then, that people fear death if that is the best the God can come up with.

The nature of this material is to convince you the best that I can, that there is purpose to life and purpose to the universe, that cannot be explained through the use of words alone. If you think there is a God at the top and you at the bottom, with little or no possible connection and no way of really learning the truths that you know exist somewhere, you will always be frustrated as the connection seems to be so far removed that it is almost meaningless. I have said this before, but it bears repeating; consciousness always comes before matter. Consciousness creates matter and the physical universe is a matter based representation of the inner universe emerging from the mind of “All That Is”. It would not be too far off of the mark if one were to say that physical material is the result of your thoughts coagulating into an appearance, recognized by your senses as solid, static and achieving durability and continuity at certain precise time and space coordinates.

The universe was created with purpose from the infinite mind of All That Is just as you were created from the mind of your soul/entity. The soul does not take lightly, materializing portions of itself and projecting those portions into other realities as its personal emissaries into worlds of new experience. As the soul/entity’s emissary, you are given a unique and unassailable, immortal identity with complete independence and freedom to act within the limitations of your world’s system for a given length of time. Your purpose is to experience, within that context, all that there is to experience, and as you experience, so does the entity experience, and through the consciousness gestalt of which we have spoken before, so does God experience, though He may be far removed from your perspective.

Now, no soul, entity or God Himself would think of trying to control or influence your actions while you live this life, and in truth, once the soul creates a new identity and sets it adrift in a vast ocean or countless realities, it has abdicated any kind of control over the present personality and could not coerce the personality even if it wanted to while it is on its life journey. You then, are on your own and there are no guidelines given for how you are to lead your life, but every man, woman and child, and the animals to a lesser extent, sense the latent emotional connection with each other living consciousness on other levels. Each person alive on the planet at this time has a connection with each other consciousness, and each, even though an instruction book on “Life-How to do it”, was not included at birth, knows that the universe leans toward “good acts” that benefit not only the personality but all other personalities as well.

What has the soul to gain by dispatching you to this world called Earth? I will answer this but first I want to make something else clear that I have explained many times in past articles on consciousness gestalts. The “soul/entity” gave you life and if you had a better understanding of the God Concept, you would not be so limited in your understanding of how you came to be alive. Personalities such as yourself are given life by their “soul”, not directly by God as most would like to think, but since in some distant past, God created the first souls/entities, is it not the same thing? The soul segments a part of itself, endows it with all of the characteristics that the soul itself posses, but in latent form, then tunes it to the precise meaningful, vibrational patterns of your system and sets it free to live its given life to the best of its ability. Your soul gave you life for a purpose and so you were not set adrift in a strange new world without a plan.

The soul is the most powerful, purposeful, concentration of self aware energy in the universe. It seeds new worlds and fields of endeavor with its thoughts and intent, but it has one limitation. Because of the magnitude of this immense energy driven consciousness, it cannot fully occupy a physical body with a materialized mind (brain). The physical being would simply find containing that kind of consciousness unbearable, so the soul does the next best thing, it fragments a portion of itself for the earthly adventure, as it also journeys into other fields. In the same way the Father sent the Son at the appropriate time in history. Just as the Son had a mission, so do you have a mission on other levels unconsciously known to you but consciously known to your inner self.

The soul, of course, does not exist in the physical world of sensual experience, so there is much it cannot know regarding life expressed ensconced in atomic structure, so you provide that outlet to the soft purple sunsets, to the snow covered peaks, to the heartbreak of a love lost and the devastation of death of a loved one. These experiences could never be known by the soul in its own plane where sunsets are meaningless and death is not known. You provide the soul a window into earthly life in your times.

You exist totally independent of the soul, even though the soul stuff is as much as a part of you as is your cellular structure, interwoven and intertwined temporarily with the corporeal body. In other words, you are your soul, expressed in the flesh for a limited length of time, to help the soul understand certain perplexing situations and challenges that could not be experienced in any other way. Your life’s journey, then includes certain pre-planned themes for your overall life focus, themes decided on in advance by your soul/entity, and with your full participation. You then, consciously forget that you made the plan in the first place, for if you actually consciously remembered that you had devised the plan, it would not have the same immediacy to be addressed and dealt with.

In other words, you do have a distinct purpose to your life unlike any other personality alive at this time, and in a way you are on you own, and the soul/entity will not interfere, so in some cases, the results can be dire indeed. Here is the interesting thing, it is not that hard to discover what your life’s purpose really is, if you have a little patience and spare time for some serious pondering.

Try to think back to your childhood and then carry this process forward, scanning your past, looking for some continuing problematic theme, unusually materializing as difficulties along certain specific lines , problems reoccurring throughout your life that seem to be always lurking in your background. In some cases, you may have already come to grips with them and solved them adequately. They could be lifetimes of problems dealing with the inability to experience love, to manage finances responsibly, problems dealing with retention of old hates for someone, inability to synthesize past successes into a life of comfort and satisfaction.

There are so many areas where you could be dealing with these challenges at this time, that it would be sheer folly for me to try and list them, but believe that you DO have a purpose in this life known only to you and to your soul/entity, and you chose to be born as YOU to face and confront these challenges and rise up victorious, not to let them defeat you.

This is a game of life that you cannot lose, and to those who are never happy unless there is talk of judgement and punishment, sins and repentance, Armageddon, Satan and final destruction, forget it, the story of life is a story of triumph and through the sorrows there will always be relief, and what you fail to accomplish in this life, you are given as many lives as you need. Overall, success is the name of this game, no matter the outcome of this one life.

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