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Recently scientists from South Korea announced they had successfully cloned dogs that had a particular gene that made their extremities glow red in the dark. They were ecstatic about this discovery because it would allow them to use these animals for “animal testing” using this method to insert human disease genes into cloned animals to do what I am not sure. One thing is for sure, and this is something that you all know deep in your psyche, using animals for testing is wrong, no matter how you choose to look at it. Unfortunately the cloning of animals is usually done for less than honorable purposes and when you tacitly approve it through inaction, you inadvertently have your finger in the pie whether you like it or not.

Some pet owners have begun to take advantage of the new technology to produce clones of their favorite, now dead pet, hoping I guess, to insure immorality on their favorite deceased pet for all eternity. Some are not as pleased as they thought they might be with the results because most of the clones, in many cases, only vaguely resemble their previous pets, colors, size and hair texture differing to the extent that some think they were scammed by unscrupulous labs and technicians and believe the animals they were given were not real clones, but impostors. Smiling. These procedures cost upward of a hundred thousand dollars in most cases and require trips to laboratories half way around the world. Remember Jurassic Park? Now, it is important to understand that when you clone a dog or a human being, you can only reproduce at best an identical physical body, but in animals as in humans, the true identity or personality is not within the physical body. It is highly unlikely that the inner self, the spirit, the real identity will ever inhabit a clone, so what you have here will be a physical copy, but not the same true psychic identity. What that means is that the inner recognition, the habits, the thoughts and emotional structure of the animal or human will probably be totally different than it was in the original body. In a sense this could be said to be the right house, but the wrong resident.

Meanwhile, I will expect the daughter and son of the late Ted Williams to remove his body from the cryogenic lab where he was decapitated and his head and body frozen in liquid nitrogen in two different steel containers so he and his children can be “together in the future”, so the note says.
Then the real fun begins with the process of thawing him out, reattaching his severed head, maybe administering an electric shock, (kind of Frankensteinish), and have good old Ted sit up, say good morning, and shortly thereafter, once again enter Fenway Park and tip his hat to the adoring crowd.

I know, I’m being silly here, but your pursuit of the eternal physical body is so ludicrous that I have to laugh, hopefully not at your expense but at my own amusement at just how ignorant you are of the life process itself and the importance of understanding that YOU are not your body, YOU never were your body and YOU will never be your body. Period! The really good news here is this, YOU will always be YOU. Your identity is eternally focused on life experiences, maybe not in the same body or even the same world, but you will always exist in one form or another in some place.

Your physical body is a temporary convenience, it is a living, breathing, soul entwined vehicle activated by the spark of life from your soul/entity, that you utilize for the projection of your inner self into the realm of the three dimensional physical world at precise time and space co-ordinates for a life experienced in flesh and blood. It is temporary at best, and you shed bodies as a snake sheds its skin and never looks back on it again. If that original spark, the energy aware consciousness did not purposefully enter the fetus before or at birth, it would be stillborn, and this by the way, due to various underlying reasons, accounts for many still born infants.

We are speaking then of two separate and distinct parts of the living, functioning identity that you call YOU. If you truly understood this one simple fact, that your body without your consciousness cannot live. Your consciousness is the driving force that activates and maintains the corporeal structure, and devoid of that, no physical body, no matter in what condition, can live without artificial support. Sometimes for certain reasons, the waiting conscious personality, refuses to enter the newly emerging fetus as was intended, in that case the fetus is aborted or dies shortly after physical birth for unknown reasons. This also will explain why some people in comas for years on life support, never revive, because their consciousness has long ago departed for greener pastures, so to speak.

The body is not born WITH CONSCIOUSNESS as an inherent characteristic, but acquires a willing, pre-planned consciousness entry shortly before or at the time of birth. It is pre-arranged, and if this entrance did not occur, the body would not be activated by the presence of a living consciousness. It would not survive either by artificial or natural means and would not in the strictest of terms, would not be a functional personality, being simply a vacant shell. In case you wondered, a physical body, the fetus, aborted before the self aware consciousness has entered and is seated within the physical form, is not murder simply because nobody was home to be murdered. In a very real sense, all that was terminated was protoplasm.

So in the case of cloning, you can clone, produce in vitro or using whatever techniques to create bodies, but you cannot clone a consciousness. At this time, to the personality in the case of human physical bodies or the fragment consciousness in the case of plants and animals, there is little concern as to the origin of the body structure. There is more discrimination in the case of humans inhabiting a body than in the case of the more generalized consciousness fragments in animals and plants, but despite that, the reasons behind cloning are questionable to downright wrong at best.

I sometimes hesitate to say some things here simply because you are so influenced by false, primitive religious doctrine, that you cannot yet take a statement at its face value without applying religious concepts that you know are not true, but you still haven’t found the real truths to replace these obviously detrimental beliefs. But I still must tell you, and I know there are many among you that WILL UNDERSTAND, and I know Jerry Falwell will be rolling over in his grave at this.

In some cases, some cases, it is just as morally incorrect to clone, breed, create or capture animals and subject them to what you refer to as animal testing and research for the betterment of humanity. It can happen, depending on the circumstances, that you are aborting a lifeless embryo that a conscious identity has not yet entered. Now of course, you have no real way at this point of knowing whether or not an identity has entered the fetus since consciousness cannot be found with your instruments, so this can be a sticky wicket, and you had better exercise good judgement in making your decisions.

Generally speaking, consciousness holds off entering the fetus until a month or even later before the actual birth of the infant. If a conscious identity is returning to earth with an unusual fondness for earth experience, it may enter the fetus early, several months before birth. If the new consciousness is familiar with the soon to be mother and father and has retained a lingering affection for them it may be anxious to renew the association and enter the fetus early also. There is no set rule and each circumstance will be different depending on past relationships, familiarity, and the new consciousness love of the earth experience, but it would be very unusual for consciousness to enter the fetus earlier than the sixth month of pregnancy but it must enter the fetus at some time prior the physical birth.

The problem here is this, you can kill an embryo, but you cannot kill a viable human being if the consciousness that is behind the physical matter that forms the body is not present. There are considerations other than just killing or not killing an embryo here, and that is the embryo is the product of the mother and father, but the embryo would not have emerged without the intent of the inner self to project itself into physical reality through the co-operation of the mother and father. So, the destruction of the embryo, even though at any stage of its development does not kill the soon to emerge personality, but in a very real way aborts the intent of the inner self to assert itself into the corporeal structure. This then, is not an actual death, but it is a distraction to the soul/entity to its original intent and purpose.

Getting back to your use of animals for experimental testing, as in the case of some chimpanzees, and many other emerging species, keeping them confined in small cages, sometimes for their whole lives as medical guinea pigs is simply wrong and to do this under the assumption that you have the right to use animals for your own purposes in any way you see fit, is contemptible. You will someday come to your senses and have to admit that animals have the same right to existence as you do. Any gains you think you achieve through contributing to the agony of any other species will be negligible and in the long run will be detrimental not only to the development of your societies, but to your morality and integrity as a person. Your bible states;

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

You think that the Bible gives you the right to use other species for you own purposes and this is not true and it never was the intent of the verse. Your “dominion over” other species, simply means that as the only purposeful, thinking and reasoning species on earth at this time, you have the responsibility to care for and insure their survival and provide the necessary environment for their value development while doing the same for yourselves. In a larger context, when you kill an animal, you kill a portion of yourself, when you torture and animal through testing, you diminish your self worth. When you deprive an animal of its habitat, so you can build more subdivisions for your own species, you are violating the self evident laws of nature which is to insure the survival and flourishing of all species. You may be able to bring nature to its knees, but you cannot kill it. Nature is automatic, and it will flourish despite your indifference and ignorance to the overpopulating of your own species at the expense of others.

Remember, what you consider to be gains in your physical world, are only part of the equation, so if you gain in the physical aspect of your life at the expense of other species, you short circuit your progress at other levels of your true psychic being. To what gain is it to create a vaccine against the flu, when you fail to vaccinate yourself against practicing cruelty, using and exploiting animals never realizing the detrimental effects on the inner self and the soul. Also, your earth life is simply one step in a far greater journey, and harming other species through caging and testing erects a fence of indifference to the suffering of other species and this can never be a good thing. Will you be punished for such behavior, “No”, but neither will you be lifted up in your acceptance of your own right to live a value fulfilled life when you deny the same experience to other species. You are working on a project through living your life, and you are the project that you are working on, and a very real sense, you are always a work in progress. But your progress will be limited until you learn empathy with all other creatures and your environment.

Many will not believe this, but you are setting the groundwork now for your next life, and what you do here matters now, and will affect your future. If you are satisfied with repeating the same mistakes over and over, then keep doing what you have been doing. If however you want to progress as a physical and spiritual being, evaluate what you do now and always try to follow you instincts to better yourself and others, doing this you will be practicing a knowing kind of evolution of the self.

Intent also plays in important part here. If you, through genetic manipulation, create a dog that glows in the dark in order to benefit the dog, then that is a good thing. If however, you create that same dog, in order to experiment on it for the benefit of your own species, then it is spiritually and morally wrong and in the long run, you will get no lasting benefit. May I also remind you that in that ancient psychic explosion that resulted in the emergence of your physical universe and all that it contains, every electron, atom, cell and molecule that make up all physical objects and ALL living species, came from the same source, so how in the world could arrive at the conclusion that it’s alright for you to use other species for YOUR benefit? The true benefit is the sharing of their unique experience with yours, and you are blessed to be able to do so.

In a future article, I will discuss the raising of domestic animals for consumption.

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