Monday, May 25, 2009


The question as it was posed: I recently saw a program on PBS about a scientist that had a theory about a parallel universe and how every time we make a decision, another self experiences another version or our action in another universe. Is this true and can you explain?

This is one of the hardest things to explain because of built in beliefs in the solidity of matter which infers that there is some kind of lack of space for more than one really big universe, so we are here tied to words and concepts that you have grown to love even though they bear very little resemblance to the truth. We have discussed this before and will continue to do so in the future, but in a nutshell, solidity is simply the appearance that your senses experience within their range of perception and then sending data to the brain, painting a picture of certain values expressed in terms that you can understand. You are then, creating reality from an available field of energy and if you weren’t so insistent on experiencing matter as solid, you would realize that what is solid to you, is only solid to you, and you cannot assume that others in the universe perceive your same version of solidity.

I am well aware that the concepts that I try to explain here could not be adequately explained in an entire book, let alone one short article, but I do hope to at least give you something to think about. At first what I say here will make very little sense to most, but that does not make it any less true and remember this, understanding the true nature or reality is not as easy as it is to accept the children’s tales and myths that you have been taught in the past. Reality is complex and unbelievably rich and the existence of one universe infers the existence of more, since nothing exists in isolation.

There are other worlds and other universes that you will never locate with your scientific instruments. You are immersed in a world of time and space so everything must be examined within the confines of consecutive moments and distance. You would then be forced to presume that if another universe did exist, it would have to be located somewhere beyond the farthest reaches of your own familiar universe and that is not the case. Time and space are only relevant within your own plane and in that respect, you are alone in that presumption. Time and space are not prevalent in any other system of reality as they are in yours, but while you are immersed in it, you must respect their effects as they impinge on your everyday life. Although time and space have no true reality and are simply an illusion in your system, you must abide by them and failure to do so can result in dire consequences. So within the confines of time and space, you will find it almost impossible to understand that other worlds and universes can and do exist simultaneously and coincidentally with your own, just as valid and just as solid. By that I mean that other universes exist within the same space that your does and they do not collide or interfere in any way.

I have used this analogy before and I am quite proud of it. Imagine a nice sunny day at the beach as you sit on your towel listening to your favorite country radio station. Imagine also that others around you on the beach are listening to other different radio stations. Next to you a young lady is talking on her cell phone and another listens to rock music on his I-Pod. As a plane flies over the beach, the pilot is talking by radio the tower at the airport and in a home nearby, an amature radio operator is talking on a short wave radio while his wife watches a program on television. Now, here is the point, as you sit on the beach on this bright and beautiful day, your music being broadcast on your radio station is not affected in the least by all of the other communications being carried on the air waves as sound is broadcast through your atmosphere on various different frequencies, and unless there is some kind of bleed through caused by electrical storms or other weather phenomena, there will be no interference.

Each station is required to adhere to certain pre-agreed upon frequencies effectively separating each independent station.. There is no lack of space to contain all of these frequencies and one will usually never overlap the another. Your universe represents just one station, the station to which your consciousness is precisely tuned and locked into, so it is impossible for you to tune in to other such frequencies under normal conditions. There are however, hints and intuition insights that can give you some clue to the existence of these other worlds and universes.

Imagine each frequency representing a different plane, world, dimension or even a different universe, none affecting another and all coexisting harmoniously together, never suspecting that they are actually moving thorough and about each other in what you would call the same space as your earth and your universe. So there is no confusion about what I am saying, as you sleep peacefully in your bed, an entire city, in another country, in another world entirely, could swish through your bedroom and you would never wake up.

Now here is the really strange thing about it. You experience your reality as solid, concrete, rigid and having duration in time and if I said that a cloud could move through it, you might possibly agree, but I am telling you that the inhabitants of the other worlds or universes that are in your same cosmic neighborhood, that are constantly moving through and around yours also experience their world as just as solid as yours. To them your world would be considered transparent at best. Now, the inhabitants of these other realities are :”tuned” into their own worlds frequencies, their own familiar station, so they can only perceive their own world but others that exist in different frequency ranges are invisible to their precisely tuned perceptions. Generally, you only see your own constructions.

This might help in the understanding; in the greater inner universe where all worlds have their roots, time and space do not exist, moments do not tick by and distance is only a psychological frame of mind. All places are ONE PLACE and what you consider quantitative is only your interpretation of what is qualitative. There is no distance to be traveled and no time to waste. All realities have a mental origin, energy thrust outward creating many different worlds, planes and universes for the convenience of diverse experience and pleasures of the entities involved in their creation. No world is the same and no “alien personalities” are quite the same either, otherwise there would be no real reason for the vast diversity of realities throughout the universe and beyond. The soul is prolific and creates worlds and universes as its playground, but with serious implications and complications.

A world is an idea projected into a matter format, constructed by the co-operative nature of atoms to accumulate and fill in mental patterns created by all souls/entities interested in that particular system. A world is a platform for diverse and unique experience, each with it’s own unique rules and laws, through which the soul can experience that which it could not otherwise experience. Your enigmatic flying saucers are not invading your space as it may seem, to them, they are simply flying through their own space which sometimes causes an anomaly, a bleed through into other coincidental space and in these cases, they observe nothing of your world, which to them does not exist. It is quite unusual that you can even see them at all since they are not of your plane.

I have told you before the physical systems ALL follow certain (basic laws) criteria, one is “Reincarnation”, the other is “Probabilities”. There is no exception to these two rules. Yours is a system rising from an unseen field of probabilities and reinforced by consecutive lives to enhance the opportunity for growth and to allow for evolution to occur. The discovery of the possibility of parallel universes comes from the known fact that atoms can be in more than one place at once. We have discussed reincarnation before, so now let me say that the television program about another “You” existing in a parallel universe was close to being right, but with one small exception, and that is, there are many probable (parallel) universes not just one.

The soul would never be content with such a limited “one parallel universe” experience. Your world (Earth) is but one probable world in the physical system and there are others that are also physical in your terms and are also bound by the same rules of probabilities. Portions of your identity do exist on the other parallel earths and they consider their earths the “Real Earth” and to them yours is the probable or parallel world.

All probable (parallel) physically manifested worlds exist, rooted in a limitless unseen universe or field of probabilities. To understand probabilities, you must first understand one of the most basic characteristics of the soul/entity consciousness. The soul is so expansive and boundless that it is hard to explain, in a remote way, you could say that your soul/entity is your closest direct representative of God, endowed with such sophistication, intellect and imagination that it creates realities as your breath creates mist on a cold window pane. The soul above all is creative and being energy based consciousness, it always tries to assume form, as many personality forms as it can handle, that it then releases with full independence into various different systems of realty (worlds).The soul benefits immeasurably from this multitude of personalities that it has created in what is a kind of osmosis of experience.

From the life experience of its many personalities, the soul also experiences and becomes more, grows and evolves as do the personalities themselves, so it only makes sense that the soul would usually project its identities into a multitude of varied systems so the experience gathered is as diverse as possible. Enter the “probable system” of parallel worlds and universes. I know what I say here is scandalous and defies the intellect, but in some cases the intellect developed with time and space is just not sufficient to handle these other world concepts, but stick with me on this.

The field of probabilities contains every option, every variation of every physical action, every decision ever made, ever being made and ever will be made in the future. What I am saying, past present and future all exist now in an unseen immediate present, but you can’t access them from your present awake consciousness. Only your intense focus on the present imprisons you in the present, but this in not the important thing at this time. For practical purposes as it relates to parallel universes, the field of probabilities provides you with a large number of choices at every important juncture of your life where you make choices as to your future actions. The choices that you make are selected by you (unknowingly and automatically) from this unseen universe of probabilities.

Much of this decision making happens in the inner reality unbeknownst to the conscious ego; sometimes in the dream state where you experiment with different outcomes to the various choices of future events available to you. This is why you sometimes have dreams of very real and detailed life situations that frighten you, but that never materialize. That means that you have decided against this particular dream option and have chosen something else. Dream time is often utilized by the subconscious personality to experiment with various outcomes to potential future events in your life and is quite necessary in the decision making process of life itself. All consciousness dreams, flowers and trees dream as do the animals, and no matter how sophisticated your sciences become, you will never be able to eliminate the necessity to dream. In other words, you will always need to sleep and you cannot dispense with it although you may be able to limit it somewhat.

Lets take a hypothetical life situation for an example. Assume that you are walking down a beautiful country road when you come to a fork in the road, one going off to your right has a lovely creek beside the road. The road running off on your left is shaded by beautiful trees overhanging the road. You would like to take the road on your right and enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the creek, but you also think about how nice it would be to walk the road on your left in the shade of the trees, admiring and listening to the singing birds. You finally decide to take the road by the creek, so you veer off to the road on the right. At that very instant a probable self, another version of you veers off to the left and takes the tree lined road. From that very instant that (left road event) is materialized in a parallel world, which is of course, contained in a parallel universe. There is no contradiction and it’s just the way things are, a matter of fact that all possible events will be materialized somewhere, sometime.

The existence of only one parallel universe, would infer that only one differing choice could be actualized, but that is not the case and in reality, ALL POSSIBILITIES of any event available to you will be chosen by and will happen somewhere by another probable you in his own world. In short, all possibilities are probable and all probabilities will happen somewhere. It would make a great imprinted T-Shirt that said “EVERYTHING HAPPENS SOMEWHERE”. The massive abundance of “All That Is” is truly astounding.

As an aside, not every possible event will be materialized by another you. Some possible insignificant events will never be enacted since they do not have enough impetus for materialization by another probable self. For instance, if you blow your nose, that does not mean that a probable self will decide “not to blow his nose”. Those kind of innocuous events are of course energy based and no energy is ever wasted, so the energy, which is insufficient for actualization as a meaningful event to you and your probable selves, will fall into another system somewhere and be naturally assimilated into the native environment of that system. All systems are connected and no energy is ever wasted.

You might ask, what is the reason behind this system of probabilities? Simply stated : the soul/entity splits off portions of itself, you call them personalities, projects them into many diverse worlds to gain experience, to evolve and to grow. This is the difficult part to understand, so hold on to your brain. The various personalities created and released by the soul are all independent and have complete freedom of action within their own worlds.

As they learn, evolve and grow, they are to become more aware of the other existing versions of themselves that exist in these other probable worlds. The ultimate goal is a reunification with the other probable selves into the one whole self which is in itself an incipient soul/entity. You, as this new soul/entity will then create new personalities of your own who will explore new universes through their independent lives that you will give to them. Upon your physical death, after this life, between lives, you will become aware of these other probable portions of yourself dealing with their own challenges in their own worlds, but all headed in the same direction, the evolution of the soul and ultimately, the evolution of “All That Is”.

Next Article Preview: What does God have planned for my life?


Anonymous said...

I disagree that parellel universes don't affect each other. Your radio analogy: The radio frequencies are waves. While we may not sense the waves directly, indirectly we must. One wave touches something that touches something, etc, etc.

W. Allan said...

You are right in that something touches something else, and in reality, nothing is truly independent of everything else. For practical purposes "only", you perceive what your unique senses are tuned to perceive, so the existence of other universes remain transparent or invisible to you. In a larger sense, there is no separation between you and the farthest star in the universe and every action affects everything else. The separation is an illusion given because of the ego's discriminating nature in the utilization of its physical senses.
Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Just think we can only see visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum, but there are so many hight and lover frequecies that we can not see. AS it is in the natural so in the spirit, that proves that we only can 'see precieve our natural enviroment' but there are infinetly more words that exits right here where we are because they are at different 5th dimential frequency.

Anonymous said...

You didn't answer the question....I as a human being would experience something of the same in multitude universes simultaneously true or false.

W. Allan said...

You and your probable selves are not the same personality, but separate aspects of the same whole identity or soul. Each goes his/her own way with total freedom of choice. The worlds and in some cases universes are separate too but there are psychic pathways between all. You and your other aspect personalities are all moving toward complete awareness as one whole, mature, evolved entity.soul. At this time, you are separate, but not cut off from them unless you believe you are. Bleed throughs do occur.

Anonymous said...

What if these parallel universes can explain imagination and hypothetical thought? Because everything that could happen does happen (in a different universe we don't perceive) so when we think about a decision like "what if I ate this apple" but then don't eat it, in an alternate universe, you actually ate the apple and it changed your history a tiny bit. But when you imagined eating it, couldn't that be a portal in your mind to the alternate universes where you did eat it? I mean we don't really know where imagination comes from and the brain is the most complex thing in the entire world so it seems like with our brains we would be able to perceive glimpses of alternate realities or parallel universes because that gives the ability to consider our options and consequences. Cause that's what parallel universes are: all the possible outcomes of anything... ever. Also things like dreams could be our brains getting glimpses of parallel universes where there are different physics, maybe even dimensions. Because if there are infinite parallel universes, then there are some universes with completely different laws of science. Those are my thoughts about this great idea!

W. Allan said...

Your comments make my realize the this column instigates some great thought.

My goal has always been to convince you that your self is unlimited, at least you must stretch the perceived boundaries of perception, and you sure are doing that.
For purposes of classification, I prefer to make a distinction to what I call a "the parallel universe" and "probable universes"
The parallel universe being the negative version of the "Earth" positive universe.
Many refer to this as the universe of anti-matter, which, because of its make up, would be pretty much inaccessible.

I then prefer "probable universes" as an infinite number of universes that insure that every possible alternative of every action will be explored.
Your thoughts about "what if I thought about eating the apple, but didn't, are correct. The fact that you thought about eating the apple but didn't would be an alternate choice, or non-action, which is still an action, of an event that actually did happen elsewhere (where the apple was eaten) in a probable universe by another probable self, and indeed, the effects of the apple event, even though you didn't eat it yourself, would spill over and color other events in your life. In a way, every event that you DO choose in your life is a clue that another probable self has experienced different versions of that event in another universe. Every time you consider an action and decide "not to act" is still an action on any particular event. Thought is action, just as valid as physical action.

I love your observations. You are also correct that in your dreams, there is often contact made with these other universes and other probable selves, which are other aspects of your "Whole Self", "Soul". Dreams rip away the psychological boundaries and allow us more freedom to explore these universes and commune with other versions of your identity.. These universes do have their own rules (physics). The rules of your world and universe only apply to yours.

The self is truly unlimited, and many of the limitations that are so apparent now, will be discarded in the future.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

W. Allan

Anonymous said...

Scientists sometimes go to incredible lengths to explain something that can be explained in simpler terms... because it would involve a creator, souls etc which the scientific community treats with contempt. So instead we end up with convoluted inventions like many-worlds, many-minds etc.

Call me naive but I like to think that we are all individuals and our destiny isn't predetermined.

D J Wray

Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense to me, given quantum theory. Some grammatical errors, but that's okay, I could read it just fine. Atoms and particles appear in and out of existence in our "physical reality", that we see as concrete and that it has solidity. However, these particles of matter flicker on and off quickly enough to give the illusion of a solid reality, when in fact they are in a parallel universe when they are not in this universe. Because of quantum theory, we can assume that, since there are parallel universes, there must be an infinite number of them, therefore, an infinite number of realities, happening at different times. There's something called "quantum immortality" that means, basically, when you die, you switch frequencies and automatically become conscious of a random universe in which you exist, but haven't died yet.

You can change your reality completely by changing the frequency in your brain using electrodes, or by synchronizing a certain sound frequency that you listen to while either in a giant drum or while you sleep.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever wondered if you actually are sliding into multiple parallel universes all day long. Some chinese dude once said - 'with our thoughts we create the world'. Well if that's the case, there would need to be a world for every being in the universe that has the divine spark - co-creator, and also a world for every thought outcome for every being too. some worlds would be so subtley different, maybe you dont even notice sliding into your own creative worlds all day long. If I was god, and on some level I AM, I'd probably have to do that to maintain the harmony in the universe, or some poeple would be getting shitty they aren't getting their prayers answered. Peace

W. Allan said...

I love thinkers and wonderers. Of course what you say is true. You are constantly moving in and out of probabilities and probable worlds and they are infinite. It is sometimes helpful to realize that all worlds are "mental" so there is no limitation imposed by lack of space or time. A thought is its own world on other levels. There are infinite versions of Earth reality and the interchanges are so subtle and innocuous that they would never be noticed. Humanity and all other living consciousness uses existing, available energy, adds to it, to unconsciously mold and create their mass perceived world at every nano-second. Your world was not created and done in some distant past, but is being created (now) in this very moment, formed by your thoughts, beliefs, imagination and expectations, and they will become real some place, somewhere. Your slightest thought shades and colors everything in the universe to some extent.
Thank you for your comments.

Anonymous said...

This is going to sound weird, but I went through a crazy period of depression following a divorce a few months ago. Straight to the point: I attempted suicide by taking a lethal dose of barbituates, one quart of rum, bendiazepenes, opiate pain pills, benadryl, Phenergan (to prevent vomiting) and flexeril (muscle relaxer. ) I am a medical professional and know this combination and quantity would have killed a horse, let alone a small framed man like myself. The next morning, my ex wife called for some reason to check on me ,as she knew I was depressed. I got out of bed, feeling fine without any grogginess or ill feeling. Since that time, I have had a strange sensation that things are not as they were. My ex wife completely changed. She even looks somewhat different in facial expressions and mannerisms. The same is true of some of my coworkers. Could I have died and entered a parallel universe where I just go on? The possibility has been hitting me for months until I came across your website.

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
It is unlikely that you died and entered a parallel universe, but it is quite possible that because of the traumatic shock that you subjected yourself to, propelled you psychically into a probable reality, in which case you might not even notice the difference, but if you did notice, the differences would be subtle. This is one of the reasons behind some missing persons, that seem to disappear from the face of the earth. Remember, all realities are mental.

Anonymous said...

If it were possible to travel to a moment in the past or the future, perhaps this destination would be a parallel universe in which cause and effect would create new branches of time and space, or to use your analogy 'different frequencies'.

If souls can travel through time and space in this way, perhaps this would account for parallel universes, as souls would be creating their own conceptual realities, their own universes and their own time and space. However, all souls would still be operating within each of these new parallel universes and realised realities.

What happens if physical beings ever develop the technology to travel through time and space is also very interesting to ponder.

Thanks for a very interesting and thought provoking article.

W. Allan said...

Souls/Entities can indeed see past, present and future as one expanded present. It makes no distinction, all is one to them. Souls/Entities were the creators of the Earth system of realities and others. Your insights are really valid.

Gautam said...

How does our presence in different universes approve d law of karma ?Possible outcomes !!Suppose A decides to murder B in this reality,and A doesnt murder B in another reality,which karma will A carry?

W. Allan said...

If A decides to murder B in this Earth reality system, then in other probable systems, all other possibilities resulting from that original murder, will occur. If you murder B in this reality system, then in the others you may or may not murder B there. There is no law that says that only one probable self may select only one already chosen outcome, so in other systems as well,
A may or may not murder B. And if the actual decision to murder B is not a final decision and does not happen, then there is an existing probability that no one will be murdered in another probability. Remember that only an action that has been done generates other possibilities of that action. If no choice is made, then the other probabilities fade and eventually become inactive.
Your other probable selves in other probable systems are as real and as vital as the physical earth system and your other probable selves exist as actual as you do. They are as real or as unreal as you are. They are other aspects of your identity, as yet unknown to you. You are evolving toward a knowing of your other probable selves, as your consciousness evolves.

Anonymous said...

How can a copy of myself exist in another universe. Wouldn't this universe had to of been created & copied the moment it was formed & have the exact same formation of planets & all living things inside it? It cannot be as simple as having an mp3 on your PC in one folder & then making a copy of it into another folder, otherwise right in this very moment i myself exist in another dimension without even being born but just copied like an mp3 into another universe that consists of the same planet earth. So the moment i was born i was also born an infinite number of times in other dimensions. How is this possible?

W. Allan said...

I will comment on the above question in my next article. Stay tuned.

Pandabear said...

This is kinda random and I'm sorry but, can fictional characters exist in parallel universes?

W. Allan said...

No, they cannot. Fictional characters only exist in the mind of the thinker of the thought of them. So the only way a fictional character could exist in a parallel universe is if the person thinking of the fictional character lived in the parallel universe.
Remember, your parallel self living in the parallel universe is NOT YOU, but a portion of your whole identity. It is not a carbon copy of you, but a fully independent portion of your greater self.

stardust said...

If all possibilities are realized somewhere in another universe/dimension with their own set of physics then anything that seems impossible in this universe can be possible in another. This is where fictional characters come in because if everything that can happen does happen, then anything that is unlikely like fictional beings can be real.

Our parallel selves are us but not quite like us, if that makes sense? In infinite amount of universes we won't live in all because in some universes you weren't even born or just dead from a car accident, etc. There can be one where there are no humans at all, instead there are weird alien beings.

If god doesn't exist in this universe, perhaps he can in another...if he does in this one then he doesn't in another. In fact, all gods exist if this is the case. I'm not the biggest person to explain these things because I really don't know. We all don't know. Maybe there are different realities that are stranger than we can imagine?

W. Allan said...

A reader with a functioning brain.
How unique,,,,,,Ha
All kidding aside, you raise some interesting points and I would be remiss if I tried to respond in this limited forum, so I will address your comments in more detail in my next column.

Ken said...

Does anyone out there has the feeling, he/she is living two lives in parallel? One here and one in a parallel universe and being aware of this?