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One reason that I write this column is that I know there are many of you out there that sense the existence of something much more than your normal mundane day to day experience. You are the ones that, no matter what you have been told, you know there is a deep abiding “something” that gives meaning to your life and the very existence of the universe. It is my goal to be able to open up new horizons and acquaint you with realities of which I am aware of but that some of you may only wonder about. I have always loved “wonderers”and believe me, there are millions of people who never wonder, so I am dealing here with the curious, the explorers, the travelers, and journeyers among you who seek those deeper truths that are the underpinnings of your universe and beyond.

This is challenging indeed, because at times the information that I want to convey to you is simply beyond your ability to comprehend at this time and almost beyond mine. I am usually trying to relate concepts that are not of this world, so there are no adequate words to describe them, but I do my best, sometimes resorting to using analogies to paint a picture of something that I am unable to express satisfactorily in words. The subject matter that we deal with here in this column is not the usual material studied by your scientists, clergy and scholars, mainly because there are usually no physical proofs that can be offered as evidence of the actuality of these unknown worlds, universes, entities, souls and gods that you know exist, but can’t wrap your minds around. In some very important ways, your religions come closest to giving you hints of an inner world that lies beyond physical matter and that also hints at life beyond human form.

So I try to take every opportunity to speak of some of these realities as they relate to current events and common beliefs held by your societies. I also try to clear up common misunderstandings that have just not been explained very well in the past or maybe not at all. This is one of those times when I want to make as clear as possible one of the terms that I constantly refer to when I say that you “create your own reality”. I have also said at times that you create you own environment, world and universe. It has occurred to me that before I attempt to take this material into deeper concepts, I need to make sure you all understand what I am attempting to say here about :”creation” of things to do with objects and events. Of course, you understand that when I refer to objects, I also include in that, physical human bodies, worlds and universes as well as tables and chairs.

You personally construct your own physical form, your commonly held environment and physical objects such as our now infamous table and chairs. Any of these that are perceivable by more than one person are then joint ventures in creation by all those who perceive and each creates his or her own version of one commonly held “Idea Form”. Let me explain that in the simplest of terms that I know how, bearing in mind that the entire process is a very spiritual thing, and happens as automatically as breathing, but may sound a bit mechanistic in the telling.

Let us then consider a quite over simplified tale of a carpenter living in New England. This carpenter in New England decides he wants to create (build) a table of such and such dimensions, using a certain wood of a certain color. He goes out in the forest and find a tree that will give him the type of wood that he is looking for, he cuts down the tree and get the wood he needs. His senses perceive the tree as solid, as they must, because the tree is conscious as you are conscious (not in the same degree of course), and the tree is telepathically sending out it’s own information (data) of it’s “tree’ness”, its characteristics, height, width, species, etc. The tree is alive, it is also conscious, in a more generalized way than your type of consciousness, but very effective for it’s purposes of being a tree. The carpenters senses, unknowingly, telepathically, pick up on this tree information that it is telepathically broadcasting through the use of it’s own senses, and he finds what he is looking for in the forest. In a way hard to explain, the tree is alive and conscious of self to a degree, and feels itself as solid, but it is not solid, but neither are you, so it all works out pretty well even though in a way, it is your senses that are playing a trick on you. Underneath the physical aspects of perception, there is pervasive telepathic communication between all consciousness.

If it were not for this underground railway of hidden communication, a method of very sophisticated, universal, telepathic communication constantly going on below the threshold of normal perception between all living consciousness, no reality could ever be perceived or agreed upon, for it is this telepathic sharing of electromagnetic coded data that allows you to create and hold any kind of coherent, mentally, agreed upon reality between millions of people.

Without this inner telepathic agreement of what would otherwise seem chaotic electro magnetic data, no shape, form or event could ever be experienced by more than the one “originator” of that idea form or event. Inner telepathic communication, then, is the glue that holds all reality together and gives it continuity within the context of time. Once created, a form becomes not only perceivable by the creator personality, but to all that come within the senses range of perception, and the created form will reappear again and again limitless times to all that come within its ability to project its being within the limitation of the senses that can perceive it. That is why that which is there will always reappear there until it is physically moved away. It remains in it’s basic state and your senses fill it out into the familiar object that you expect.

So, the carpenter, who also has the appearance of being solid cuts down the solid appearing tree and uses the wood to build a “not so solid”table, but since the appearance confirms the reality that your senses have created everyone is happy, except perhaps the tree. Physical reality is a complex, intricate and yet divine construct that gives physical meaning to otherwise non-physical data. In a very real sense, the gestalt tree consciousness introduces itself to the carpenter and to the world with what for lack of better analogy at this time, I will call a mental handshake. It sends out information as to its “self concept of its own structure”essentially saying “Hello, this is what I am as a tree, I am so tall, so wide, so heavy, so green, and made up of such and such.

As Eienstein correctly understood, energy cannot be destroyed, but can be changed, (E=Mc2), so our carpenter cuts down a tree that is the end result of a series of manipulations of energy, changing and propelling it from inner reality into a camouflage physical appearing object or in the case of the tree, into living matter, made up of living cells and molecules. Of course on micro levels, the cells and molecules are also made up of conscious electrons and atoms. These are always in a state of motion, even as the tree appears solid, rigid and permanent to your outer senses. So as not to leave myself open to question, and to be more precise, the energy is driven by purposeful awareized consciousness into long ago established physical idea tree patterns, which then in what I can only describe something similar to the process of osmosis, generalized consciousness takes hold and gives the tree its identity and uniqueness found no where else in the universe. Consciousness creates the “tree matter” first, as consciousness seeps in as a result.

Now, lets suppose at the same time in far away Seattle, a family is trying to decide on buying a new table for their new home, and remember, we are carrying through this very over simplified analogy. The families thoughts of tables are sending out those same telepathic messages around the world and as they do so the carpenter in New England is feeling that he is in need of money and will advertise and sell his table on Craig’s List on the internet. The store owner places his ad on the internet with a picture of the table. The family in Seattle happens to be scouring the internet one day when they come upon the table for sale on Craig’s List. They contact the seller and arrange to purchase the table and the carpenter agrees to ship it to them.

Of course, all of this is extremely simplified and maybe not the best of examples, but the intent here is to help you understand that the family in Seattle and the carpenter in New England are part of a vast grid of perception, constantly and unknowingly communicating telepathically. It is not conjecture that if someone decides to build a product for resale in China, that inner intent will be known in every country on earth. That does not mean that it will be acted upon, just as if you yearn to find your soul mate in the United States, unconsciously you are sending out that desire to all countries and to all people, but it does not mean that anyone will consciously pick up on your intent and swoop down into your life.

Now further, lets suppose that you and I instead of the family of four in Seattle, are sitting around the now famous table, you might even be leaning your arms on it, and not surprisingly, it supports their arms and a glass of beer. But we know that the table is NOT solid, just ask your scientists if you don’t believe me. But as long as you believe the table is solid, it will support your arms and your glass of beer. Now, in essence, what we have here is an original non-physical psychic pattern of a table originally created by the carpenter in New England, but since he created it, there exists a lingering carry over psychic form representative of HIS table. This pattern, now awaits to be filled out by you and I as we observe the table. As your senses reach out to the table, they create a composite table, positioning atoms in agreement with the results of what your senses tell you is real. My senses do the same thing and telepathically, we share the common data, sort out the differences and come to a psychic agreement on what we perceive to now be OUR table.

What has happened is that we have each created our own table, yours filled in and given solidity by the electrons, atoms and molecules projected into physical form by YOUR inner self, therefore you have created YOUR table. When I do the same thing, I create MY table, which is completely independent of YOUR table, but because of this inner telepathic agreement, we can arrive at something that we can compare and come to some agreement on what we are looking at. If we had the ability to compare atom by atom or cell by cell, we would discover that we were indeed looking at two completely different tables.

In the same way as you create your table, you also create your personal environment and your world, and it is truly YOUR world, but it is not MINE. I do the same and create my own world, and it is a darned good thing that you can use unconscious inner telepathic communication to come to these agreements on what exists physically or complete chaos would exist, resulting in insanity. Of course, what this means is that there is an astounding complex worldwide inner network of perception and communication between all consciousness that makes possible a coherent reality that achieves some semblance of continuity over time. To truly understand and appreciate this complex process of co-operation between all consciousness to achieve and hold together a viable system of reality, you must also realize that even the electron, atom, cell and molecule all possess aspects of consciousness and all participate and co-operate to create your world otherwise no world or universe could exist.

I want to make clear what I am saying here is that YOU create YOUR world and I create MINE, but I am not saying that you created the universe or the earth, and here is where it gets tricky. Your universe and your worlds were created in time terms so long ago that even God himself cannot remember. There is something out there! The universe and all worlds contained therein do exist, but not as you think they exist. What you see is a camouflage pattern created by your own type of consciousness creating an overlay of the raw stuff of the universe. These unimaginable energy banks, are there to be utilized by each consciousness to form its own environment and world, so what exists is what I would call a “raw universe” to be utilized by all consciousness to create and form camouflage reality patterns suitable to their own type of life forms.

This same massive creative endeavor is utilized by not only your system (world), but by others to create what to you would be considered alien worlds. All use the same “universe stuff” to create within the parameters of their own unique and particular senses, their own world and universe. Also what I am saying is that there are other worlds, other historical, cultural life civilizations occupying the same space as your earth and you will never discover each other. To them, you do not exist although you are utilizing the same stuff of the universe to create your own totally unique systems.

What I am saying is that you create your own illusion of your own world, and within it’s confines, your senses dictate its unique characteristics, and as long as you stay within your own cozy little universe, the solidity, the rigidity, the continuity will hold. The illusion for you cannot be penetrated except on rare occasions of spontaneous illumination or direct insights. When you accept life on earth, the only way you can see beyond the illusion is to die out of it, and once you are in it the illusion becomes very real indeed. It is then a “real illusion” for all intents and purposes. To others from different planes or dimensions of their own, your universe does not exist. It only exists for you while you are connected with it. When you die, you will still be connected with it to some extent, and until you leave the reincarnation system permanently, it will retain some reality for you. Those recently departed can still see into your world, and can observe you, even though you don’t have that same ability.

Only so much can be said in a short format such as this, and there is much that I don’t know, but suffice it to say, this is just the tip of the iceberg and there is much more to be discussed at another time.

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