Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Dreaming has not been given its due. The true value of dreaming has been underestimated for the last thousand years, give or take a few weeks or months. Dreaming has not been so undervalued in the distant past for various reasons quite well known and accepted in more ancient civilizations. Early civilizations understood the connections between their dreams and their everyday lives and took advantage of the benefits to enhance their living conditions.
With the development of the ego, which is a rather recent development in the scope of the personality, those memories began to fade and mankind lost track of those early benefits enjoyed by the earlier civilizations that inhabited the planet. As mankind began to concentrate his attention to more and more to the objective side of reality, he voluntarily gave up his connection with the subjective side of his reality, even to the extent of forgetting that that connection ever existed. With the dawn of the industrial age, mankind became so fascinated with objects, the ego took charge and the ego is not ready to admit things that it does not understand into its realm.
In the past the ego, feeling insecure with its stance within the physical system, blocked any data that the subconscious understood and tried to send to the personality. The ego, especially in the early days after the industrial revolution, focused almost fanatically on physical objects and rejected any other kind of data that did not come to it from a physical source and thereby deprived the personality of knowledge that could be received from other levels of reality and other dimensions that were not expressed physically.
That time is passed, the ego is now secure and is beginning to loosen its hold on the conscious personality, which it is, and will now, although in some cases rather reluctantly, accept data from other than physical sources. One of the sources that the ego is most comfortable with is the dreaming self, and yet even then it sometimes examines and edits the data before admitting it to the conscious attention of the personality. Of course, the dreaming information is always held in the various layers of the un-conscious, waiting to be discovered.
No dream ever dreamed is ever lost, but stored in electro-magnetic data in the brain and in an electric system far divorced from the physical universe. Upon death of the personality, these dream memories are transferred to the survival personality. They will become an integral part of the psychic makeup of the newly reincarnated personality in his next lifetime. I am saying that buried in your subconscious is the memory of every dream any of your past selves ever dreamed, and we are talking here of perhaps thousands of years in the past. It is a rather easy to retrieve some of those ancient dreams with the cooperation of a well trained hypnotist and a good subject.
Dreaming is as important a function to the physical person as is breathing and this can be proven by trying to stop yourself from taking the next breath. It cannot be done, and just as breathing cannot be stopped, neither can dreaming. All consciousness dreams, and it may seem that I am going too far here, but flowers dream, trees dream, animals dream, fish dream, insects dream, cells dream and the smaller atomic particles dream. It is not only a biological necessity, it is a chemical and electrical necessity for all consciousness to dream. I won't go into the reasons why, but you will have to trust me on this, dreaming to a great extent helps you to determine your future.
You already know that dreams can give you a sense of well being, even at times bringing to the forefront of your attention, messages from those who have left the physical world long ago. Dreams can give you inspiration for a new idea, and in truth, many of the inventions in use today were first thought of in dreams. Dreams can have a healing effect and many people have experienced spontaneous healing from dream events.
In your dreams, you experiment with or try out future events that are waiting in the wings, so to speak. Your future is chosen by you from a large field of probable events that are available for actualization in your future. Your intense, conscious focus in the physical system, will not allow you to view these prospective futures, partially because the ego blocks this kind of future event recognition. The ego does not even know that the field of probabilities exists. However it does exist, just not in the physical world that you inhabit. The physical self cannot go there because of its specialized focus, but the dreaming self can.
The dreaming self is not bound by the same rules that govern life on earth and the present personality. The dreaming self can maneuver in this field of probabilities quite well and is very skilled at browsing through and selecting future possibilities for actualization in the world of atomic structure. The dreaming state allows the dreamer, You, to activate on a purely psychic level any of these probabilities and try them out to see how they will work out when they are eventually materialized and become real in your daily world. The chosen events for actualization will be those that the road has been prepared for in advance.
In other words, no future event will be chosen to be materialized that does not fit in with the present stream of events of your life. If you are poor today and think like a poor person thinks, self bound by your own limitations, chances are that you will not select a future filled with abundance since that reality would be “our of sync” with your present life experience and it would be an improbable probability.
The events that seem to happen to you today, have long since been tried out in the dream state, worked with, honed, molded and experimented with before insertion into your physical world. It is important to remember that the dreamer who dreams is the dreaming YOU, not some alien from another world. When you are awake, you are unaware of and unconcerned with the existence of your dreaming self. But don't feel too bad about that because when you are asleep and your dreaming self is awake and  busily at work, he is also equally unconcerned and unaware of your existence either.
The good news is that you use this other dreaming aspect of your conscious personality to help you make good decisions in selecting future events to insert into your life. True, the dreaming you is limited somewhat in its choices by your present life conditions, and must maintain some sort of continuity of the nature of the events it plays with and makes you aware of. It is the awake you who makes the final selections after the field of acceptable possibilities has been narrowed down by the work done by your dreaming self in the field of probabilities.
This psychological field of probabilities contains all possible future events and here is where “Wishful Dreaming” comes in. It is a well known fact that at least on the surface layers of the personality, some of your dreams deal with everyday happenings in your life. These probable future events not only appear real but they are as real to the inner self as are your physical events. Their likelihood for actualization on a physical basis depends much on the immediacy and suitability of what I would refer to as the growth medium which is the present landscape of your personal life.
Your dream self is in a very real sense, an aspect of you, but has gained a certain amount of independence and can roam in its own dimension, but not too far, since you always maintain an invisible connection with your dream self, even though he exists in an entirely different universe. A connection is always there, similar to a very thin silk thread connecting you with your dreaming self. You could say that the dream self exists in a different universe, but always stays in your psychic neighborhood.
If you have ever paid even the slightest attention to the content of your dreams, you will find that one or more of your nightly dreams will contain material that you were involved with or thinking about before you went to bed that night. Current events that you are intensely involved with are fodder for the dreaming self, so it is possible to influence your dreams by concentrating on what you want and asking for any particular dream on any particular subject matter before you go to sleep at night.
Here, a strong belief in religious dogma can be a hinderance, since it will tend to limit your expectations due to pervasive negative religious dogma regarding wealth and other such matters that you may wish for. Your dreams are used not only by your dreaming self, but as a connective between your probable self and your subconscious. I have written much on the reality of the probable universe and probable selves, so I won't be going into that here, other than to suggest to you that all possible events that could exist are probable and do exist in the field of probabilities. Your probable self and your dreaming self have access to the probable choices that could be made in your life's events.
Every event that is real in your life generates all possible ramifications of that event, in field of probabilities. There, your probable self browses the possible choices available to it, manipulates within these choices, making certain assumptions and decisions about which to be materialized in your world physical system. These preferred choices are then forwarded to the dreaming self to be acted out, variations to be tried out before actualization. The most suitable future event is then sent to the subconscious and the inner self where it may be acted upon and materialized in your life.
Knowing that this probable universe exists and that a portion of your greater self dwells there and is making choices every day of your life, can be of great benefit to you when you realize the potential of this knowledge. Knowing that much of the preliminary work of creating what happens in your life is done in the dream world, you can sometimes nudge these future possibilities to the forefront of the subconscious attention and thereby facilitate creating what you want in your life.
These probable events are not some nebulous reality, but a reality as real and actual as your own physical world and in a very real way, are there for the taking. Just knowing that they exist is of great benefit to you and helps concentrate the energy needed for actualization. Ask for what you want before you go to sleep at night on a regular basis, expect it to happen and then give it some time. These kind of psychological manipulations do not become real overnight, but could take up to a month of real time even though they would happen in a moment in dream time.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


 Funny thing about life, it's not all the same. Take for instance the experience of a flower as it grows in a sunny backyard and the experience of tube worm as it lives on the bottom of the open sea at depths where light cannot penetrate. The flower needs chlorophyl and sunlight to grow, yet the tube worm living needs none of that and grows quite nicely on chemicals emitted from volcanic emissions found along the perpetually dark ocean floor in areas of tectonic disturbances. There are unlimited kinds of life on earth, under the oceans and even thousands of feet underground in mines.
The point being that life is hard to describe since it will proliferate wherever it can find the necessary ingredients to get a foothold and support its development. With that in mind, and with the vast range of what would seem to be hostile yet life bearing conditions available on earth alone, it seems rather ludicrous to imagine that earth inhabitants could be so nearsighted to think that they are the only inhabitants of a universe as diverse as it seems to be.
But what is life really, what force causes a a seed, an egg or a fetus of any species to bloom from non-life into the stuff of living matter? It seems obvious that man only emerged on the planet quite recently, a very long time after the first life burst forth on a newly formed earth so man is the newcomer in the vast tapestry of earthly life. Evolution speaks to the wide diversity within species, but it does not account for the advent of modern man. There were various experiments along the way, some that took and some that did not.
Modern man was not the only version of man that gave it a try, and you have archeological evidence of some of the earlier versions of man, man/monkey, monkey/man and so forth that did not make it, so to speak. Modern man did not evolve from the chimpanzee as is supposed, but was the unique species of man that survived because it adapted so well to earthly conditions.
Life emerged on earth because earth was the ideal proving ground for a certain type of life envisioned by the entities/souls that sought that particular kind of specialization in a physical environment, a unique experiment since it required creating a world of something out of nothing, quite a feat when you think about it. In the beginning there was nothing except for prime energy that slowly, and I do mean very slowly, began to become aware of itself and as it looked around, found no other than itself. What happened here was an emergence of objective from subjective.
Energy, all energy, is conscious, but at first this consciousness was generalized, meaning it did not recognize itself as an identity, but as a force. The awakening represents the struggle of All That Is to know itself as an identity, and with that recognition came the insatiable desire to create. All That Is realized that it could only fully recognize itself as identity through its creations, and through these independent creations, other energy created identities could look back on themselves and say “I Am”, and through this affirmation know itself as individual identity.
This awakening of what you refer to as God, and I refer to as All That Is, is a process explained in some detail in other articles on this site under the title “The God Concept”, parts 1-6. You can imagine the perplexing problem this presented to an energy source that knew itself as the only one, but sought to become more and to know itself. This All That Is energy source began to realize that the only way this could be accomplished was through the act of infinite creations, a fracturing of itself into infinite creations, a compartmentalization of itself.
It is important to keep in mind that there was no Home Depot where All That Is could pop into and pick up a few trillion pounds of matter to begin constructing a universe and all things therein with, since matter was yet to be formed.
The answer was, of course the only answer; to create everything that was to be out of the nothing. So when we ask if reality is illusionary, we must keep in mind that there was nothing to begin with in the beginning and even today, if you ask the question properly; Is there any real bedrock, hard, concrete reality to be found anywhere in the universe, the answer is no.
All reality is mental creation taking on certain aspects of the consciousness that creates it in the first place, then using the same senses that created that reality, perceives it in its own unique perspective. In other words the underlying basic reality is an available source of malleable energy used by consciousness to form into some object or event meaningful to that particular species with those particular specialized senses. To others it would be meaningless.
With creativity and foresight beyond anything that will ever be imagined, All That Is released everything that it had created and held within its mind for so long and through this release, a psychic act of truly enormous proportions. This caused a truly universe creating psychic explosion and a process began that involved invisible, unseen, psychic particles of conscious energy with no mass or weight to gather together, gain impetus, form larger more complex affiliations and finally reaching a state of frenzy and excitement, something occurred that had never occurred before, a breakthrough into physical matter, or what would later fall into a range of perception that would give it the appearance of solid matter.
Subjective particles of consciousness, achieved a new state of being as they formed a new dimension that had not existed before this release. These particles of psychological origin in this new dimension began to take on characteristics unlike anything that had existed before. These characteristics included what would later be interpreted by conscious beings as mass, weight, length height and width. This was a mental act then, that took on properties that you now in your unique way interpret as physical objects and events and you choose to arbitrary call them solid and concrete.
And that is the reason that your unique system of reality is unique only to your species, and even the animals that share your planet interpret it differently than you do. Your tree is not the same tree that the birds see. Your table and chairs that you see and use are not the same table and chairs as other visitors to your house see or use. Each creates his own version of so called solid table and chairs.
Nothing that you would label hard, solid concrete objects including your physical body actually exists independently of consciousness. Each person creates his own version of his unique form through an automatic process that projects outward from the inner self, through the subconscious layers and utilizing the brain and nervous system of the personality causes this gathering together of cells, molecules and atoms to form out of atomic structure what you call a physical body.
One could play with words here and get lost in semantics concerning this subject and I am sure many have struggled with an explanation of this as I do, and in fact, the intellect and logic alone will never fully allow the human brain to fully understand this phenomenon. The existence of a physical body did not cause the infusion of consciousness or life. Pre-existing conscious identity formed the physical body through processes unknown by you and then asserted itself into the newly emerging fetus.
If you wanted to follow this process back in time, you could say that pre-existing earth elements were utilized in this formation, but these pre-existing elements were created by consciousness out of nothing in the beginning of your world.
The important thing here is to frame the question properly if you are going to come up with some basic understanding. For instance, if I say that the world is an illusion, on one hand that would be correct, since most other alien species do not perceive your world at all. If I say that your world is unreal, that would only be correct from the perspective of other species, but from your perspective, that would be incorrect, since the world was created and that which is created must be real.
In a way, the world and all of its contents, when viewed from your personal perspective, is certainly real and will function quite reliably as such within certain rules accepted by those in your world as long as you are focused in it. When you take leave of this world, it will no longer exist for you, but it will still exist for those focused in it. For those outside of your world, those you refer to as aliens, it does not exist in the same terms.
In another way, your world and your life are Your life experience in this world of reality and illusion is as if you were living in a deep hypnotic trance, experiencing that which is presented to your particular senses as hard, concrete objects and events, which on deeper levels are in no way hard, solid or concrete. Your consciousness is tuned to interpret the psychical system of reality in just this manner before you are born. In a way, you are physically conditioned to interpret a specific type of nothing as something.
An illusion is something that presents reality in a deceptive way other than it really is, and that certainly is true in this case, but it would be more appropriate to say that you hallucinate reality, thereby creating the deceptive illusion of solidity and permanence of objects and events from fields of energy that have been driven into certain specific patterns. Each person fills out those existing patterns automatically but unknowingly.
Even your scientists today, understand that your physical objects are not solid, but a conglomeration of atoms swirling about, more dense in some places than in others. When they seem to swarm and coagulate creating those denser areas, you call them objects and events, and as long as they function as you expect them to and suit your needs, who cares if they are real or a hallucinated illusion.
Here is a rather good analogy, if I must say so myself; if you could take a person, any person, and begin eliminating his available senses one at a time, first his sight, then his sense of hearing, then sense of touch, then sense of smell and lastly his sense of taste, his world would cease to exist, since it is created by the very senses that he would no longer possess. He could be kept alive, but he would exist without even the same sensual awareness as a vegetable, and in truth, even a cabbage reacts to heat, water, sunlight, and vibrations.
Just something to think about.