Friday, September 30, 2011


Part 2

 I should point out that for purely practical reasons, space exploration by any kind of space vehicle from your planet will always be limited due to the time factors involved. You will never be able to travel to the past or future in a vehicle as in the “Back to the Future” movies, since the past or future do not exist in the physical universe. But they do exist.
Travel to the past, future and the furthest galaxy is possible through usage of built in characteristics that you, the human species already posses, and sometimes use unbeknownst to you. To some extent, these latent characteristics are not exclusive to the human species, and the animals and even trees view far greater expanses of the present than you do, since even the animals, flowers, trees and your cells posses a very generalized usage of telepathic communication and clairvoyance especially with the other cells, and include much more of reality in their present. Your present exists only for a moment before it becomes your past, but animals and plant life view of the present includes decades of your present time.
Most of these built in, latent abilities remain inaccessible to the conscious ego self (YOU) at this time, but you were not meant to remain ignorant of these abilities forever, and will rediscover and develop these senses that are yours by heritage, and that time in now. Animals, trees and flowers do not experience time as you do, so to them, the past, present and future exist in the now and their perception is not based on a series of moments or events as in your case.
Time travel is carried on quite regularly by you as you mentally communicate with past incarnated selves, with long dead relatives and sometimes even future selves in your dreams, but conscious recognition of these meetings is usually filtered out of the sanitized dream that is available to the awake ego self, making some dreams almost unintelligible or at best chaotic.
Of course, the methods of communication is somewhat different than you now use, depending on the immediacy of the personality you communicate with. Those who are by your standards, dead, quickly learn at first to communicate though the use of word oriented mental concepts. Later, through the use of concepts only without the support of accompanying words, dream symbolism that is meaningful to your sub-conscious, but not your ego self.
That is usually why you don't remember details of your dreams, but your inner sub-conscious does remember and makes use of these messages and sends the appropriate ones to the proper areas of your sub-conscious where some of the most pertinent dream information is filtered up to the attention of the ego to be used in your daily life situations.
When you sleep at night you dream, but you also on occasion leave your dreams, your consciousness projecting from your dream utilizing your astral form and it is in those out-of-body projections where you are fundamentally free of the restraints of the ego and its dependence on time, while it is lulled into a resting state.
You are, depending on your abilities, able to visit locations that you are familiar with in daily life, sometimes in fact looking in on old friends unbeknownst to them since your body would not be materialized in physical matter and would be essentially invisible and transparent. There are occasions when your body could be perceived if the emotional connection with the visited party was strong enough. These projected forms are sometimes confused with ghosts and apparitions.
There is a great difference between dream locations and out-of-body body visited locations, and I want to make sure this is understood. In your dreams, you actually construct a particular location within the dream world or dream universe, and in your terms, this locations does not exist in the physical universe, but it does intrude into the physical world through your recognition of its reality. Distances experienced while traveling in dream reality do not exist in the physical world, but they are quite real and infinite in the dream universe.
When your dream ends, this dream location cannot be recalled or ended and it achieves independence and will continue to exist in the dream universe which also continues to exist even though you are no longer concerned with it when you are awake. You construct this dream location out of atoms, but atoms of a different nature, with definite form structure and duration, but without mass or bulk in much the same way that you construct the physical universe.
In an out-of-body projection, you are actually sending a certain portion of your consciousness out into the existing physical world to an actual location. These out-of-body projections can be achieved from the dream state, which is the easiest to attain, or the induced trance state, which usually requires more advanced skill and development.
Usually in these out-of-body projections, you are actually traveling in the physical world, the distances traveled, usually limited at first, can essentially expand to include travel to anywhere in the physical world, but not limited to it.
What I mean by that is, it is possible with practice to visit other realities within your own solar system in this out-of-body state, but the ability to visit other galaxies would be most difficult at this time until new abilities are formed.
Another consideration, usually when projecting in an out-of-body form, originating within the dreaming condition, you have very little control on where or what you will see, so there is usually some confusion or else no recognition at all that an actual projection really happened. You can influence these out-of-body travels by requesting a visit to someone close to you by ejecting your consciousness from the dream state.
Because of the chaotic nature of dreams, you would be hard pressed to differentiate between actually meeting a friend or an alien, a recently dead relative or visiting an alien planet or having a particularly lucid dream.
Now, some people have the natural ability to enter a trance state easily with definite purpose in mind. They can induce an out-of-body projection to a particular location and with prior agreement with another party, could in fact, meet at the desired location while both were still sound asleep at home in their beds. These out-of-body astral forms then temporarily vacate the physical body, taking their full consciousness along with them on their journeys and under favorable conditions can communicate with each other when they meet while in the out-of-body condition.
There are in fact, people that you know that you have never met physically, some from other realities that you have met in out-of-body of body situations. This projected form has some substance at times, through the use of a less than complete materialization, but still, full conscious cognition is involved and full capacity to communicate through telepathy.
In other words, during this type of projection, the sleeping physical body is maintained by the “body consciousness” inherent in the cellular structure of the body itself, without the usual oversight and help of the organizing consciousness or true identity (You). These projections, purposely initiated, have sometimes been called “Remote Viewing” and was experimented with during the second world war by many governmental agencies by the United States, Soviet Union and other participants trying to ascertain conditions and information in other countries on the opposing side from afar.
This is the basis for future travel on your planet and beyond to distant galaxies. A future personality will be able to project his consciousness to a selected location or reality system. In order to be perceived by another being, a personality must materialize a physical body, no matter of what system you would be visiting. All physical reality systems here or alien, located on or near the outer fringes of the universe utilize atoms to construct their camouflage physical bodies and their camouflage environment even though they may not look like yours. You could simply visit an alien system with an out of body projection without materializing a body, but you would remain an observer, pretty much unable to interact since you would not be perceived and in order to be perceived and viable within that alien system, you would have to adapt your physical body structure to one corresponding to the prevailing rules of the reality you were visiting.
So, if you would want to utilize a physical body in the visited reality system, you would first have to project your consciousness to where you want to go, then, utilizing the atoms at hand there, build up a relevant physical body at the new location. A future person will be able to do this quite handily, and as I said, it is done even now to some extent from dream projections, without your conscious knowledge.
In reverie, if you think longingly of a favorite place at the beach on a misty morning, your actual consciousness could actually send out a thought projection to that location and if the emotional tie was strong enough, you might even smell the salty sea air. Under these kind of emotional connections, you may even be able to be seen by others in a transparent sort of way, as a wispy shadow in the mist.
What this would mean is that, your consciousness was actually there, not just a dreaming body, but to some extent a fully cognoscente conscious You, and you would have left your sleeping body home alone. As long as a materialized body is not a priority, and simple exploration of other realities is the primary goal, this all become much easier and in fact, is done quite often through spontaneous projections from your dreams.
Remember, in a dream, you actually create the people, objects and images, in projections, the people, objects and images are real, and the people you visit may remember the occasion.
A whole book could be written on this subject, and I fear I may have left you more confused than before we began the article, but I will elaborate as we go along.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Part 1
In a recent article I discussed how time and space are illusions, illusions I may suggest that are quite practical and necessary while you are in possession of a physical body and manipulating within the physical universe. I would never advise you to ignore your physicalness, but to become more aware of the existence of other realities that are somewhat available to you now. I hope by now some of you have begun to understand that in many important ways you live in two worlds, or in two universes simultaneously. You straddle two main systems of reality at once, living your physical life in a physical body, fleshed out in atoms and molecules and also living in the inner psychological reality as your inner self as it handles matters in the inner universe.
There are other planes and fields involved in presenting a cohesive picture of a universe in time and space, such as the dream universe, the probable universe, the negative universe and others, but only tangentially, so we will not be bothered with them at this time.
The inner universe is also what is referred to as the Basic Prime Universe or the expanded present. This inner universe is the source of your exterior, physical universe, the dream universe and the anti-matter universe. Your inner self, the most evolved portion of your sub-conscious operates in both the physical universe that you are somewhat familiar with and the non-physical inner universe and for practical purposes, is the connective between your ego self and the Entity/Soul.
There is no secret here since mankind has suspected, known and sought after this inner source, or for what you may call God or the spiritual nature of the self that the worlds religions have taught for centuries, although in a most distorted way. Part of your identity then, lives in a physical body on the physical planet and part exists in the psychological reality that lies beyond your conscious reach at this time. That is why there is so much frustration among mankind since it is always seeking this unknown, invisible source of its being which always seems to lie beyond reach of the intellect.
The universal question, the most frustrating of all is; if there really is another world or universe or god, where is it and why can't I have proof of Gods existence when I try so hard? Why doesn't God answer my prayers and give me what I want and need and why can't I live forever?
These questions are not answered for you at this time because you wouldn't be prepared for the truth due mostly to your present state of knowledge as you have accumulated it from your teachers, your clergy, your historians and scientists and others. You are, as simply as I can put it, without insulting anyone, barking up the wrong tree and have been for centuries. If I tell you that almost everything you have been taught in life so far is false, wrong and bordering on ludicrous, it is not because you are a moron, but you have been learning from information that is distorted at best. If I tell you that it is almost laughable that as a society, you have managed to put a man on the moon, but you still think your God lives somewhere up there in the clouds in a place called heaven.
I hope these articles will shed some light on the truths inherent in the universe and latent in the very cells of mankind. There is a part of you that knows these truths, your inner self, the self that lies just beyond your sub-conscious. This inner self looks inward toward the Soul/Entity and the inner universe, the outer self (Ego) looks outward toward the exterior world of physical reality. Together, they are meant to help you navigate successfully in a physically materialized, visible and tangible world of objects and events perceived in a time and space context, but not to loose sight of their source. So, you need time and space as you live your daily life, but the reason that this material is important is that mankind was not intended to live by physical objects and events alone.
There is another inner realm where time and space have little meaning and reality includes such things as ideas, thoughts, inspiration, beliefs, imagination, telepathy, clairvoyance, and other extra sensory perceptions that cannot be held in your hand for a certain length of time and examined. In fact, your scientists will never be able to examine, even with the most delicate of their instruments, a thought or an idea. They exist, just as real and just as substantial as any concrete building. You sense they exist, and I imagine I could never convince you that emotions do not exist when you have strong feeling about someone or something you love.
In this inner, prime universe all things exist in the expanded present and cause and effect become meaningless. Past , present and future rub elbows and a self that lived in the 1800's can easily communicate with the self that lives in the year 3000. What this infers is that what you consider as separate years in Earth reality are simply platforms for experience to the inner self and they are all happening in the “Now” of the expanded present, being separated now only by your limited perception. If your world had organized itself differently in the beginning, you could just as well have memories of the future as the past seemed inaccessible.
The reason that I am explaining this in such detail now is to illustrate that all time exists at “one time” yet is not stagnant, not finished and the inward expanded present allows for value expansion and satisfaction intensities which take the place of physical time in the inner universe. So, if you understand that past, present and future are not actually separated by gaps of time, you will see the possibilities available in “Time Travel”. If you are anticipating time travel from your physical world, you would have to deal with the realities of time and space, since they are quite real to the physical system, but they hold no sway in the inner universe.
When you look out into the universe from your platform that you all earth, you are apt to believe that you are looking backward in time and that if you could travel fast enough, approaching the speed of light, you could slow down time and at some point, catch up with past events that happened centuries ago. It is understood that were you on a space vehicle, as you approach the speed of light, you would not age and if you were absent from the earth for a hundred years, when you returned your friends would be dead and you would be the same age as when you left.
Your species has the unfortunate habit of judging the universe and its contents based on your own concepts derived mostly from looking around you and suspecting that all other beings, all other worlds in order to be viable must be like your own, and this is a terrible distortion of the true nature of things. Your world is truly unique, but it is not the model for other cosmic civilizations or it wouldn't be unique, and yes, you are certainly not alone. There are others like you scattered throughout your universe and other planes, fields, and dimensions as well as other universes, just as real and valid as your own.
So, travel in your universe, which is where you would hope to be traveling in a space vehicle, is extremely limited to you at this time because of the limitations of distance and your present technology. Others could visit your planet, but you are centuries away from visiting any planet or system with beings that you could share a beer with at the local pub. Much of this will be hard to understand if you do not understand the fact that the earth civilization is a very basic civilization in terms of evolution. In other words, you have a long way to go and much to learn before you discover new methods of propulsion that would allow you get where you want to go, arrive there while still alive in a reasonable amount of time and have the freedom to really explore the universe. There are other more expedient methods available.
So, for the remainder of this article, we will talk about available methods you can use to explore the universe and its various ages of time and its limitless manifestations.


Friday, September 9, 2011


 I realized after publishing my last article on the nature of the Anti-Matter universe and its relationship to the dream universe, that I had omitted some quite important material that may help you to understand their relationship with your physical universe. If you have not read that article, I would suggest that you do so before reading this addendum.
A friend asked this question and sparked an idea for another of my analogies that are sometimes pretty good and sometimes just won't hold water, but in a way I hope they serve to clarify some concepts that I am otherwise unable to express in appropriate words. “Does the Anti-Matter Universe have its own dream universe?”
In a way, the dream universe and the anti-matter or negative universe are by-products of the physical universe since excesses of energy from the creation of the positive matter universe that you know and presently reside in, extended itself into the creation of the other two universes which are separate, but still dependent in many ways on each other. Without the existence of the dream universe, you as a physical being could not exist. Throughout the physical universe and all physically expressed reality systems, dreaming is an important part of maintaining the physical organism, so for all of you Star Wars fans, even the Romanians and Klingons dream and of course, closer to home, the plants, trees, flowers and animals also dream.
The negative matter universe is separate and distinct from the physical universe and technically speaking, it does not even exist when your physical universe exists, yet in some ways they are mirror reflections of each other. Physically, you are not the same person in the physical universe and the negative universe, but there is still an interrelationship there that cannot be severed.
Now, this is a short addendum article so I will get on with making it short;
This is my new very simple analogy, and I hope it helps to make clear by giving a kind of familiar diagram of the interrelationship of the physical universe with the anti-matter universe.
Imagine if you will a simple piece of paper with information on the side facing upward, a complete description of the Positive Universe along with pictures, diagrams, co-ordinates in space, laws of operation and any other identifying characteristics that are available.
Imagine if you will also, on the other side (bottom side) of that same piece of paper the same kind of description but of the negative universe, along with pictures, diagrams, location co-ordinates in space, laws of operation and other characteristics that are available.
It should then be obvious that both exist on the same piece of paper or plane or if you will, in the same physical space, separate but forever kept apart by virtue of being inaccessible to each other due to their location on opposite sides of the piece of paper. Both universes occupy the same space in your universe and there is no collision, because in simple terms, one is there when the other is not and visa-versa. In other words, you can't look at both sides of the piece of paper simultaneously.
Others from alien systems when viewing your universe see or perceive a fluctuating brilliant light that could be compared to a “twinkling” of the light of consciousness for to them, your physical objects do not exist and are transparent. In a real sense, your world and universe are conscious organisms flickering the vast void. Of course the flickering effect is the result of the fluctuating intervals of energy as it materializes one universe, then instantaneously disappears and materializes another. To you the lapses are so fast that they are not noticeable to your consciousness tuned to react to a different unique spacing of intervals. Each gives the appearance of continuity,
The question that was asked, does the anti-matter universe have its own dream universe becomes pretty obvious if I say that in our little analogy, the paper itself is the dream universe separating the two universes. Although, for descriptive purposes, it could be said to be the same piece of paper, but it illustrates in a very definitive way, how the dream universe exists between the other two.
It should be obvious then that even though the piece of paper (dream universe) in this example is one, that both negative and positive universes experience their own independent dream universe on either side of the paper, the paper in a way acts and a divider between the two but still has its own independent reality.
Not that any of this makes any real difference in how you lead your present personal life, but I did want to explain fully the soul's method of breaking or splintering itself into many personalities, locating them in different, separate and diverse worlds and which in the end are all a part of your same whole identity. You are becoming one whole identity through the experience of different facets of your soul, working with a unique set of challenges in your world and others that will eventually be incorporated in the whole self, but with no diminishing of your personality, independence or free will.
The things discussed here are difficult to grasp intellectually, but they can be felt and known intuitionally and may I remind you that I never said this material was easy. There are complexities that exist beyond anything you or I can imagine, but it is enough to know that something is there worth pursuing and as you pursue knowledge, your capacity to attract and understand knowledge increases and as your intellectual and psychic abilities expand more knowledge will be forthcoming.
There is a grand scheme of things beyond what any being short of the ultimate can know, but you should sense that it is all worthwhile. The journey of consciousness is eternal and no identity is ever lost, negated or misplaced, and you should sense this validity through all of your various self aspects living in probable or parallel worlds, simultaneous lives in your own world, in the dream world, in past and future incarnations and in the anti-matter world opposite your own.
I try to explain things as I know them, and pass on to you the limited knowledge that I have to give. I have learned over time, that when I expect certain knowledge within my capacity to understand, it is given to me and you can rest assured that I will in turn, pass it on to you. We are all journeying and answers to your wonderings do exist, you just have to search for them.

Friday, September 2, 2011


 I have discussed the existence of your “Probable Selves” in probable or what I sometimes refer to parallel universes in a recent article. I have discussed your existence in other “Simultaneous Selves” in your familiar present world, I have discussed the existence of your “Reincarnational Selves” in what you would consider past lives and I have discussed your dream self.
Before you get too overwhelmed with the knowledge of the many aspects of your whole self or Soul, lets not forget the self that lives in the Anti-Matter universe. For those of you who are confused, there are many previous articles that can be found here attempting to explain the existence of and the reason behind the many personality aspects of the whole self or if you prefer, the soul.
The whole self can be referred to as the Soul, and I sometimes capitalize Soul for the sake of those who would not understand the God-like qualities and ambitions of the Soul. I do it to remind or the unimaginable scope of an unlimited energy presence that has the ability to live many lives simultaneously through it's many personalities and still maintain its balance and presence in its own multi dimensional reality. Before you begin to get a feeling of insignificance in light of what I have said regarding souls and their multiple personalities, perhaps it would be better to say that you have a soul of your very own, which is then a portion of the oversoul.
If we aren't careful here we can get bogged down with words and semantics. One of the reasons is that there simply aren't adequate words to explain some of these concepts that originate in other dimensions, so we have to improvise and in so doing, sometimes lose something in the telling of the tale.
In this article, I want to further explain the existence of the universe of anti-matter or the universe of negative matter which is somewhat easier to explain than anti-matter. For this article then, anti matter is the same as negative matter and you might say that either are “off limits” for you in terms of contact for the foreseeable future.
You do have access to the knowledge and wisdom of your reincarnational selves, your probable selves and your simultaneous selves, and your dreaming self, especially in the dream state. I would venture to say without a doubt that in your dreams, you have solved problems with the help of your probable selves who themselves in their own reality system have dealt with similar problems, that they lend a psychological hand to you unknowingly and you to them. There is a psychological bleed through of this helpful knowledge between dimensional systems. Your experience may also help them if they find themselves in a similar need and this helpful information will be transferred in the dreaming state.
There are other aspects of you that you are totally unaware of and I have not touched on this yet, at least not in any depth, simply because it will undoubtably scandalize your intellect in trying to understand it, but I will soon also discuss the existence of your future selves.
You don't have to much trouble grasping the concept of “past reincarnational selves” even though you may not be thoroughly convinced of the legitimacy of the concept, but can you intellectually deal with the concept of existence of your future selves living now? I hope so, because we are going to go there in a soon to be published article, but for now, lets get on with the task at hand, the discussion of the universe of anti matter and why it differs so much from the recognition of your other personality aspects that are somewhat available to you through inner intuitional recognition.
Though your reincarnational selves, probable selves, simultaneous selves and even your dream self exist in other planes or dimensions, they are all somewhat interconnected or related to your positive universe, so communication under certain favorable conditions, with proper training and a belief system that is flexible and not too rigid is not only possible but likely, especially in the dream state.
In an unimaginable time before time existed, when the physical universe and earth were formed there were certain processes which brought about not only the formation of the earth that you inhabit, but also the dream universe and the universe of anti-matter. In the case of physical worlds, the non physical dream universe was inherent within the positive universe and the excess energy created the universe of negative matter in processes that I have explained before.
This process has been discussed in some detail, so we will skip over it here. The earth is composed of matter, or positive matter, meaning atoms, molecules and such. Please understand that we could have just as easily termed your world as the world of negative matter from the perspective of your negative universe self, but it more conforms to the accepted definition of positive matter for our purposes. It should go without saying that the same atoms and molecules also have a negative face that creates the negative universe and negative earth.
There was thereafter matter that was unused in the formation of the earth and for deeper, but necessary reasons, the dream universe was formed from what I will call neutral matter and beyond the dream universe, the negative matter universe was formed as a mirror universe to the positive matter universe.
Your world could not exist without the dream universe which is chemically activated by your dreaming self for reasons connected with your survival as a physical being. In other words, dreaming is intimately connected with any and all physical worlds for their very survival. Dreaming is not only a human aspect, since all consciousness dreams. The flowers dream, trees dream, ants dream and in a limited way, your cells dream and the atoms that compose them dream.
This explanation will make no sense at all unless you look at it from the perspective of energy itself. Please understand when I refer to energy, I do not refer to the electrical energy that you power your world with, otherwise, you would be able to plug your TV into a cloud or charge your I-Pad. The energy of which I speak is the natural vital energy that is behind the existence of the physical universe and all worlds in all dimensions. In a way it can be compared to the air that you breath. I know this is not the best analogy, but it will have to do for now. Air is everywhere, at least within the limits of your earthly atmosphere. You cannot see it, you cannot touch it, but you breathe it in, inhaling, then exhale it outward, and it is not the same going out as it was coming in.
In somewhat the same way, the vital creative energy of the universe cannot be seen or touched yet it comes and goes and never ceases to replenish itself and as it passes thorough your system it leaves objects and events in its wake and on its departure from your system, it is not the same as it was on its entrance. This universal energy is generalized, it is everywhere but self aware to a limited extent, and thereby seeks to show itself and it does this in your world through the formation of matter into solid appearing objects and events. It does the same in other worlds, though not always in a physical sense, but always through the use of atoms as building blocks, creating structures with form but without mass or bulk, as in your dream objects and events.
In your world the universe itself consists of energy expressing itself in only one possible way that activates your particular senses but there are other possible ways for this universal energy to make itself known, that is in other universes, perceivable to other types of consciousness alien to your own. One of these other types of consciousness belongs to another aspect of YOUR greater self or soul, that lives in the negative universe of anti matter.
All energy pulsates, it fluctuates and it has definite intervals when it IS and an equal amount of intervals when it ISN'T and when it isn't, from your perspective, it is not dead, it is involved in creating the negative universe. These intervals of absence added up will equal the exact same amount to time as the intervals of presence in your world. Now, this is all relative, but when these, shall we say, positive intervals strike the chord of your universe, it exists quite nicely and so do you. The same holds true for the anti matter universe. This means that you exist the same amount of time that you don't exist. This infers that your negative self exists when you don't.
Now, this brings up the question of “What happens to my positive universe when the energy is not here but busy creating the universe of negative matter?” It can be correctly assumed that your universe does not exist for just as long as it does exist, but there are two overriding factors which makes this lapse ride over your conscious attention. These energy fluctuations are simultaneous, so fast that your particular type of consciousness simply moves too slow to catch the lapses and you do not notice these blank spots in your experience. Your consciousness is precisely tuned to your particular system of reality and is not able to perceive the built in fluctuations. Without getting too much farther into the weeds here, let me say that you don't exist for as long as you do exist and you don't even notice it.
By now you have probably figured out that when you don't exist here in your familiar positive world, you do exist in the universe of anti matter, in a world strikingly similar to your familiar home Earth, the negative stroke of energy creating another aspect of the Soul/Entity. In this anti matter universe, you exist, not a mirror image of you, possibly not even the same gender, probably not the same age, but with other similarities known only to the Soul. Unlike other aspects of your inner identity, your anti-self is relatively unreachable by your positive oriented consciousness since when you exist and are available, he does not exist, so even dream contact is impossible.
This anti matter universe exists within the same known positive universe, but it will never be found by trying to asses its weight or bulk, since for the same reason that it simply doesn't exist when your scientists exist and are able to explore through physical instruments. In a very real sense they are trying to explore that which technically does not exist. Its existence can be hypothesized and mathematically deduced and most people can envision the reasons for its existence, even though they may not fully understand the total concept. It could also be said that a certain balance is achieved through the existence of the opposite universes and worlds.
Of course, when all physical lives are finished and the total self or Soul is reorganizing and bringing together all of its personalities there are no longer any physical requirements to be maintained and both the positive self and the negative self, the past reincarnational aspects of self, the probable aspects of the self and the simultaneous selves, the dream self and yes, even your future selves are all on the same page, so to speak, and each will become acquainted with the others with the ultimate realization that all were always ONE SELF.
And after all of this, after many physical lives are completed by the many personalities and all challenges and goals met, you are ready to progress into more advanced systems of reality that are far beyond your wildest imagination, and you will have evolved into something with more expansive awareness and ready for the next voyage of consciousness, for after all, it's all about consciousness and the voyage never ends. For those of you concerned with that statement, there are rest periods in between.
In a way almost impossible to grasp from your viewpoint, all of your selves are alive and well now, functioning in their own fields of actuality since in truth, past, present and future all exist in the vast, expansive present of the inner universe, and of course, this is quite clear to the Soul from its crystal like perspective.
Next Article; Future selves that are alive now.