Thursday, September 29, 2011


Part 1
In a recent article I discussed how time and space are illusions, illusions I may suggest that are quite practical and necessary while you are in possession of a physical body and manipulating within the physical universe. I would never advise you to ignore your physicalness, but to become more aware of the existence of other realities that are somewhat available to you now. I hope by now some of you have begun to understand that in many important ways you live in two worlds, or in two universes simultaneously. You straddle two main systems of reality at once, living your physical life in a physical body, fleshed out in atoms and molecules and also living in the inner psychological reality as your inner self as it handles matters in the inner universe.
There are other planes and fields involved in presenting a cohesive picture of a universe in time and space, such as the dream universe, the probable universe, the negative universe and others, but only tangentially, so we will not be bothered with them at this time.
The inner universe is also what is referred to as the Basic Prime Universe or the expanded present. This inner universe is the source of your exterior, physical universe, the dream universe and the anti-matter universe. Your inner self, the most evolved portion of your sub-conscious operates in both the physical universe that you are somewhat familiar with and the non-physical inner universe and for practical purposes, is the connective between your ego self and the Entity/Soul.
There is no secret here since mankind has suspected, known and sought after this inner source, or for what you may call God or the spiritual nature of the self that the worlds religions have taught for centuries, although in a most distorted way. Part of your identity then, lives in a physical body on the physical planet and part exists in the psychological reality that lies beyond your conscious reach at this time. That is why there is so much frustration among mankind since it is always seeking this unknown, invisible source of its being which always seems to lie beyond reach of the intellect.
The universal question, the most frustrating of all is; if there really is another world or universe or god, where is it and why can't I have proof of Gods existence when I try so hard? Why doesn't God answer my prayers and give me what I want and need and why can't I live forever?
These questions are not answered for you at this time because you wouldn't be prepared for the truth due mostly to your present state of knowledge as you have accumulated it from your teachers, your clergy, your historians and scientists and others. You are, as simply as I can put it, without insulting anyone, barking up the wrong tree and have been for centuries. If I tell you that almost everything you have been taught in life so far is false, wrong and bordering on ludicrous, it is not because you are a moron, but you have been learning from information that is distorted at best. If I tell you that it is almost laughable that as a society, you have managed to put a man on the moon, but you still think your God lives somewhere up there in the clouds in a place called heaven.
I hope these articles will shed some light on the truths inherent in the universe and latent in the very cells of mankind. There is a part of you that knows these truths, your inner self, the self that lies just beyond your sub-conscious. This inner self looks inward toward the Soul/Entity and the inner universe, the outer self (Ego) looks outward toward the exterior world of physical reality. Together, they are meant to help you navigate successfully in a physically materialized, visible and tangible world of objects and events perceived in a time and space context, but not to loose sight of their source. So, you need time and space as you live your daily life, but the reason that this material is important is that mankind was not intended to live by physical objects and events alone.
There is another inner realm where time and space have little meaning and reality includes such things as ideas, thoughts, inspiration, beliefs, imagination, telepathy, clairvoyance, and other extra sensory perceptions that cannot be held in your hand for a certain length of time and examined. In fact, your scientists will never be able to examine, even with the most delicate of their instruments, a thought or an idea. They exist, just as real and just as substantial as any concrete building. You sense they exist, and I imagine I could never convince you that emotions do not exist when you have strong feeling about someone or something you love.
In this inner, prime universe all things exist in the expanded present and cause and effect become meaningless. Past , present and future rub elbows and a self that lived in the 1800's can easily communicate with the self that lives in the year 3000. What this infers is that what you consider as separate years in Earth reality are simply platforms for experience to the inner self and they are all happening in the “Now” of the expanded present, being separated now only by your limited perception. If your world had organized itself differently in the beginning, you could just as well have memories of the future as the past seemed inaccessible.
The reason that I am explaining this in such detail now is to illustrate that all time exists at “one time” yet is not stagnant, not finished and the inward expanded present allows for value expansion and satisfaction intensities which take the place of physical time in the inner universe. So, if you understand that past, present and future are not actually separated by gaps of time, you will see the possibilities available in “Time Travel”. If you are anticipating time travel from your physical world, you would have to deal with the realities of time and space, since they are quite real to the physical system, but they hold no sway in the inner universe.
When you look out into the universe from your platform that you all earth, you are apt to believe that you are looking backward in time and that if you could travel fast enough, approaching the speed of light, you could slow down time and at some point, catch up with past events that happened centuries ago. It is understood that were you on a space vehicle, as you approach the speed of light, you would not age and if you were absent from the earth for a hundred years, when you returned your friends would be dead and you would be the same age as when you left.
Your species has the unfortunate habit of judging the universe and its contents based on your own concepts derived mostly from looking around you and suspecting that all other beings, all other worlds in order to be viable must be like your own, and this is a terrible distortion of the true nature of things. Your world is truly unique, but it is not the model for other cosmic civilizations or it wouldn't be unique, and yes, you are certainly not alone. There are others like you scattered throughout your universe and other planes, fields, and dimensions as well as other universes, just as real and valid as your own.
So, travel in your universe, which is where you would hope to be traveling in a space vehicle, is extremely limited to you at this time because of the limitations of distance and your present technology. Others could visit your planet, but you are centuries away from visiting any planet or system with beings that you could share a beer with at the local pub. Much of this will be hard to understand if you do not understand the fact that the earth civilization is a very basic civilization in terms of evolution. In other words, you have a long way to go and much to learn before you discover new methods of propulsion that would allow you get where you want to go, arrive there while still alive in a reasonable amount of time and have the freedom to really explore the universe. There are other more expedient methods available.
So, for the remainder of this article, we will talk about available methods you can use to explore the universe and its various ages of time and its limitless manifestations.


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