Friday, September 9, 2011


 I realized after publishing my last article on the nature of the Anti-Matter universe and its relationship to the dream universe, that I had omitted some quite important material that may help you to understand their relationship with your physical universe. If you have not read that article, I would suggest that you do so before reading this addendum.
A friend asked this question and sparked an idea for another of my analogies that are sometimes pretty good and sometimes just won't hold water, but in a way I hope they serve to clarify some concepts that I am otherwise unable to express in appropriate words. “Does the Anti-Matter Universe have its own dream universe?”
In a way, the dream universe and the anti-matter or negative universe are by-products of the physical universe since excesses of energy from the creation of the positive matter universe that you know and presently reside in, extended itself into the creation of the other two universes which are separate, but still dependent in many ways on each other. Without the existence of the dream universe, you as a physical being could not exist. Throughout the physical universe and all physically expressed reality systems, dreaming is an important part of maintaining the physical organism, so for all of you Star Wars fans, even the Romanians and Klingons dream and of course, closer to home, the plants, trees, flowers and animals also dream.
The negative matter universe is separate and distinct from the physical universe and technically speaking, it does not even exist when your physical universe exists, yet in some ways they are mirror reflections of each other. Physically, you are not the same person in the physical universe and the negative universe, but there is still an interrelationship there that cannot be severed.
Now, this is a short addendum article so I will get on with making it short;
This is my new very simple analogy, and I hope it helps to make clear by giving a kind of familiar diagram of the interrelationship of the physical universe with the anti-matter universe.
Imagine if you will a simple piece of paper with information on the side facing upward, a complete description of the Positive Universe along with pictures, diagrams, co-ordinates in space, laws of operation and any other identifying characteristics that are available.
Imagine if you will also, on the other side (bottom side) of that same piece of paper the same kind of description but of the negative universe, along with pictures, diagrams, location co-ordinates in space, laws of operation and other characteristics that are available.
It should then be obvious that both exist on the same piece of paper or plane or if you will, in the same physical space, separate but forever kept apart by virtue of being inaccessible to each other due to their location on opposite sides of the piece of paper. Both universes occupy the same space in your universe and there is no collision, because in simple terms, one is there when the other is not and visa-versa. In other words, you can't look at both sides of the piece of paper simultaneously.
Others from alien systems when viewing your universe see or perceive a fluctuating brilliant light that could be compared to a “twinkling” of the light of consciousness for to them, your physical objects do not exist and are transparent. In a real sense, your world and universe are conscious organisms flickering the vast void. Of course the flickering effect is the result of the fluctuating intervals of energy as it materializes one universe, then instantaneously disappears and materializes another. To you the lapses are so fast that they are not noticeable to your consciousness tuned to react to a different unique spacing of intervals. Each gives the appearance of continuity,
The question that was asked, does the anti-matter universe have its own dream universe becomes pretty obvious if I say that in our little analogy, the paper itself is the dream universe separating the two universes. Although, for descriptive purposes, it could be said to be the same piece of paper, but it illustrates in a very definitive way, how the dream universe exists between the other two.
It should be obvious then that even though the piece of paper (dream universe) in this example is one, that both negative and positive universes experience their own independent dream universe on either side of the paper, the paper in a way acts and a divider between the two but still has its own independent reality.
Not that any of this makes any real difference in how you lead your present personal life, but I did want to explain fully the soul's method of breaking or splintering itself into many personalities, locating them in different, separate and diverse worlds and which in the end are all a part of your same whole identity. You are becoming one whole identity through the experience of different facets of your soul, working with a unique set of challenges in your world and others that will eventually be incorporated in the whole self, but with no diminishing of your personality, independence or free will.
The things discussed here are difficult to grasp intellectually, but they can be felt and known intuitionally and may I remind you that I never said this material was easy. There are complexities that exist beyond anything you or I can imagine, but it is enough to know that something is there worth pursuing and as you pursue knowledge, your capacity to attract and understand knowledge increases and as your intellectual and psychic abilities expand more knowledge will be forthcoming.
There is a grand scheme of things beyond what any being short of the ultimate can know, but you should sense that it is all worthwhile. The journey of consciousness is eternal and no identity is ever lost, negated or misplaced, and you should sense this validity through all of your various self aspects living in probable or parallel worlds, simultaneous lives in your own world, in the dream world, in past and future incarnations and in the anti-matter world opposite your own.
I try to explain things as I know them, and pass on to you the limited knowledge that I have to give. I have learned over time, that when I expect certain knowledge within my capacity to understand, it is given to me and you can rest assured that I will in turn, pass it on to you. We are all journeying and answers to your wonderings do exist, you just have to search for them.

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