Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Life on Earth Awakens

If you will remember from our last installment of this series of articles on the creation of the universe and more specifically, your world, I am substituting the term “Dream Treaders” for “Dawn Treaders” as it feels more appropriate for our purposes here since it is something you relate to on a more intimate basis.

What we have seen so far is the gradual appearance of a not-so-physical world in a not-so-physical universe and as I said before, we will concentrate our attention to the emergence of your physical world since that is what you are most interested in at this time, after all, you live there.

I know this material is difficult beyond belief, but we must start somewhere rather than continue to repeat the nonsensical, almost absurd adolescent stories about a God who somehow looks like you, creating a world and all of its creatures in six days, creating humans who looked like Himself and getting so tired in the process that He had to rest on the seventh day. Humans have repeated and passed on these kind of simpleton myths and legends for centuries, never being overly concerned that they just didn't receive any valid affirmation in men's or women's hearts. It is time to step out of the mental rut of spiritual ignorance and begin the quest for truths that will surely be affirmed by your inner selves, regardless of what your scientific or religious icons tell you.

So, now we have a world, intermittently transparent, dreamlike, lacking solidity, but becoming visible for a time, then disappearing again and reemerging into view, and the creatures themselves, still in their dream bodies, accommodating themselves to this unstable world where the smallest units of consciousness are learning to transform themselves through the emission of electromagnetic energy units that will form the atoms of a physical world.

The forms that these small but potent units of consciousness will take are not yet stable either and there is much experimenting with different forms to find the most satisfying and most relevant and that will eventually add to the quality of life for themselves and all other aspects of this new world. In other words, there is co-operation between all particles and all entities at this level.

Now, this is not an accurate statement, but I make it to hopefully get a point across. It is like units of consciousness coagulating, gathering together of literally millions of like units, impressing themselves into atoms and molecules, and then forming patterns for, say a butterfly's physical appearance, trying it on and not finding it satisfactory, abandoning that form for a new pattern form of, shall we say a honeybee, until finally settling on an appropriate identity form from which to extend itself comfortably into the physically emerging environment. There was much experimentation going on for eons as each of these sleeping identities sought a suitable form that would be eventually fully accepted and established as the vehicle the new identity would occupy for the adventure in consciousness from which evolution could be initiated.

In a very real way, these units of consciousness had to teach themselves to become electromagnetic units and those units, still non-physical by your standards, had to teach themselves to bridge the gap between non-physical and physical and form the first atom. Of course, you understand there are a multitude of sub atomic particles between these conscious energy units and the atom, but for our purposes, we will not be concerned with them at this time.

So, these simple yet alive and self aware entity units, over time, became atoms and atoms became molecules, molecules became cells and so on, and eventually the earth's living parts formed the patterns for the soon to “awaken” environment and it's varied species, man and woman included. And here my friends is where we begin to find similarities with the Aboriginals story of “Dream Time”, and the similarities are striking indeed.

For many centuries these dream personalities occupied the Earth in their dream bodies, spending most of their time sleeping, awakening to acclimate themselves with a still unfamiliar Earth. They were the original dream walkers or sleep walkers. Their equivalent to your waking reality was their dreaming reality. Most of their real work was done in the dreaming state. Their earthly explorations at first were in their dream bodies while they slept, so they explored the environment with abandon since dream bodies required no food for sustenance and they feared nothing since they could not be killed in the normal sense of the word. In their sleep, again for centuries, they would retreat back to their ancestral home, safely in inner universe from which they had so recently emerged.

At this point, the environment was just beginning to awaken and to assume physical attributes, atoms forming molecules, molecules forming cells, cells forming the natural environment and physical bodies for animals and man alike. In this early Earth, the various parts began to awaken in stages for obvious reasons and also reasons that are not so apparent.

At the same time on the objective level, various living portions of the landscape, were by now also beginning to emerge, to awaken from the dream state, becoming more physical century by century. As this sorting out process took place with all conscious identities identifying with and joining in groupings of similar characteristics, families and species became relevant and on an inner level, families and species of consciousness also became an important factor in “timing” their emergence on the now physical Earth.

Of course for practical reasons, the awakening of the environment and the dream treaders had to be immaculately timed so the necessary needed physical aspects were available to support the living parts of this materializing new world. It simply wouldn’t do for the honeybee to awaken and become physical to find no physical flowers, the beaver to find no trees to topple or the wolf to find no rabbit to eat.

The earliest consciousness, the first, original Earth entities left portions of themselves as the land, living but sleeping portions in a state of eternal trance that took the form as the mountains rose, creating the valleys as the rivers ran full and filled the seas. The skies opened up and thunder roared, volcanoes erupted and floods cleansed the land and prepared it for the foliage that was to come. In a way, you could say that the environment became fleshed out in three dimensional atomic structure.

The flora, the plants, grasses, flowers, trees and the living flora of the oceans awakened first after the body of the world had stabilized and was able then to support a vast variety of plants that had, already known their future forms through experimentation while in the dreaming state, so they readily began to take on the physical aspects that they had always known they would become and flourish in the new world of solid materializations. Even yet today, in the inner subjective universe, there exists families of flora consciousness that are the underlying reality of all physical plants that have surfaced or ever will appear on Earth

The next natural aspects to awaken, to make their dream bodies physical were the fish, the birds and the animals, for here again, the proper order was required for the different families and species to have the necessary supportive environment and sustenance. Even then it was known that this particular type of world as it was already beginning to evolve would adopt a predator and prey system that would eventually evolve into something different than exists today, where mankind and animal live side by side, each allowed to fulfill it's own destiny and where killing is unknown.

Finally, the last to awaken and exchange their dream bodies for physical ones were humans, and I purposely do not use the terms man and woman, since the first humans were neither sex, not man and not woman, but a combination of both, displaying both inner qualities but without the ability to reproduce. For some time, man, woman and even the trees and plants went through a learning process before the first dream seeds became physical, dropped to the earth and sprouted into the first solid tree.

Until then the flora relied on still emerging units of consciousness to provide the new dream trees that would then evolve into physical trees, that would eventually learn to produce their own physical seeds. This was all gradual, in your time terms, the species of man and woman taking on physical characteristics that would allow the procreation of the species and this was historically speaking, the source of the Adam and Eve legends of the Bible.

Even after the awakening in their physical bodies, early man reverted back to the dream state often and used it to his advantage much more than you do today, leaning the locations of new food sources, new migration routes and the location of the animals they might hunt. They slept mostly during the day and hunted at night and the night was not as foreboding then as it seems to be now. Man learned to live by dreaming, and as the dream flowers learned to create their fragrances by dreaming, so man learned to think by first dreaming a physical brain. Still today, your physical awake day is the result of your nightly sleeping adventures that you don't remember when you awaken. If your could not dream, you could not exist.

I did want to make clear that in the beginning, all species that are now known, existed and did not evolve as you think. Evolution does happen within species as they adapt to new environments, new circumstances and requirements inherent in their lives, but there is no inter-species evolution. The entire framework of life that seems to have evolved over long periods of time, existed in the beginning and required the full tapestry of life, of all species, all environment and all earth components to exist before the first dream salamander crawled through the dream grasses.

The mis-perception of evolution as postulated by Darwin is caused by a lack of information and your perception of passing moments in time, and the introduction of the already existing, vital and independent species over what seems to be eons from the physical perspective. This endeavor of All That Is, this ultimate creative thrust, this reach of imagination and intuition, sparked by love and desire for the expansion itself, was the spark that created the first atom, and from there on, my friends it is history.

I do not want to drag this out too far, but I did want to point out the the Australian Aboriginals and some of the Eastern religions had it right where most modern Western Religions had the theory of the beginning of the universe, the world and the beginning of time as you know it dead wrong and still do. No human of whatever flavor ever evolved from an insect, a bird, a fish or a chimpanzee. You were always your own species and no animal every compromised your special place.

In the beginning when consciousness was in the rambunctious, experimental stages, many different man/animal, animal/man configurations were tried out, some flourished for a time, some died out and evidences of those eccentric versions of modern humankind are being discovered still today around the world and mistakenly taken for evolution from animal to the species of man. Man has evolved, but not from other species. Period!

Obviously this story could not be adequately narrated in an entire book, but I did want to touch on it as part of the groundwork for future articles. I realize the limitations of trying to cover so much material in just three short articles with the inherent language limitations we have and your and my abilities to understand and explain such complicated realities.

May I repeat, “I never said understanding the true nature of reality was going to be easy”, but the alternative of continued ignorance, repeating old, worn out superstitions and stories of angry gods who demand adoration under the penalty of divine intervention and punishment of spending eternity in the Lake of Fire seems like a monumental waste of your good time.

And by the way, the absurdity of some of these age old myths and children's tales becomes ever so obvious when considering a world created in a few paltry days, when days could not possibly exist until after the world was created.

And as Jackie Gleason would have said; and away we go!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The first Dawn Treaders, those very first units of consciousness, were the first entities that imagined themselves into individuality, as they then began to adopt the most fitting images for what they were to become while still in the mind of All That Is, each sensing their integral part in the overall tapestry of life in this existing inner subjective universe. At first, they were aware of their general existence, but they had to develop their self-awareness as identities.

I know this is hard to contemplate, but this inner universe has always existed in this timeless, subjective inner state of being of All That Is. What I am suggesting, and so there is no mistake, is that God/All That Is had no beginning and therefore can have no end. It's only from your limited perspective that beginnings and endings seem so indispensable and I ask you, who can pinpoint the beginning or ending of a dream. Remember your Bible; God always was and always will be!

These countless multitudes of identities continued to grow, to expand in their awareness, a kind of general awareness of being, but not yet personified at this point. They began to communicate with each other, not in words, but instantaneously, telepathically, expressing their growing pent up longings for release, into exactly what, as what they didn't yet know, but their unsettled, state of restlessness was noted by All That Is as He considered what kind of conditions would have to be met to offer the kind of creative and expansive reality that was needed for each and every one of His progeny. When He finally had the inspiration that would lead to the releasing of an entire universe, It instantly burst forth from its previous subjective orientation into an objective reality and there was a psychic explosion of enormous intensity that can still be heard today reverberating throughout the physical universe.

In subjective terms, this was an explosion of psychic origin that was the impetus for the final thrust of non-material psychological consciousness identity particles through the invisible barrier into physical particles and a transformation into the physical realm of atoms, molecules and cells. These conscious particles are the smallest form of concentrated energy that ever was and will ever exist and they are endowed with the propensity to create as is all consciousness.

These non-physical units of consciousness form the groundwork for all systems of reality and all worlds and they formed your universe from the inside out. This first physical stuff that was created was incredibly dense mass that eventually expanded into a fully functional physical universe. For those who remember your high school physics class, energy multiplied by velocity squared equals mass, and to take that another step, all energy is conscious. The formula for the Theory of Relativity then, should read; C=E=Mc2 with the "C" representing consciousness.

It should be understood that the scenario that is described here differs in some very important aspects from the typical hypothetical “beginnings” espoused and embraced by your religions and scientific community, for both believe the miraculous creation of the universe at some point, either ten thousand years ago by a God who stood apart from His creation to sit in judgment or fourteen billion years ago, resulting from dead, inert and lifeless matter somehow by chance evolving into “life” as you know it.

I should note that a recent survey found that 40% of Americans still believe in the Creationists view of the Earth being created a mere 10,000 years ago, clearly showing that there are always new personalities entering the Earth system as some other personalities, having evolved, are maturing and leaving the physical system for new galaxies and more advanced civilizations. Also, it should be noted that the Earth is actually much older than the 14 billion years old that your scientists believe at this time. As an aside, life never could have evolved from dead matter, for the infinitesimally smallest first particle of physical matter was created by alive consciousness and consciousness always forms matter, and not the other way around. If matter was dead, which it is not, it could never evolve anything. This is incredibly good news for those reading this article, because it means that your consciousness existed before your physical body and will exist after you leave it behind.

These consciousness entities, each ever increasing self-aware unit of consciousness, small but potent, gathered up within its inner being, the spark of the will to live, the will to be, attracted other like units, grouping into larger more complex forms and began the processes that would result in the creation of the physical universe. These series of actions resulted in the formation of the world that you know and all other phenomena that now exists as you look out into space, or what you perceive as space. These non-physical units of consciousness first transformed themselves into more suitable electromagnetic energy units (still unbelievably small) that were the final subjective constructions that would then gain entrance into the physical system, grouping, aggregating, swarming, accumulating with other like particles to eventually break through and form the atoms that make up the earth chemicals and elements.

This was of course, a massive inspirational release of cosmic proportions and All That Is accomplished what I like to call a monumental psychic orgasm or sneeze, whose result was the creation of the first matter directed into physical form. All That Is was somewhat surprised but pleased when this breakthrough occurred.

There is much that could be said about the characteristics of all consciousness, but one thing stands out above all others and that is; all consciousness from the smallest particle to the ancient, massive intelligence gestalts, Entities, who would seem like Gods to you, is their propensity to assume form. All consciousness wants to be known, from the smallest to the grandest, to be seen, to be perceived, and it strains to assume form, as something, somewhere, sometime.

These first early units of consciousness developed what could be called individual, unique images, experimenting with the forms of the physical creatures they might eventually become, somewhat like the images in your dreams, and they sought true, three dimensional forms as they emerged into the still dream-like atmosphere of a newly formed Earth. These original units of consciousness have evolved beyond anything you or I can even imagine and are today the massive Godlike Entities that create universes in a glance.

These first unspeakable numbers of individual units of consciousness were collectively All That Is, but “All That Is” is more than the total of Its creations. The Prime Identity is more than the sum of its parts and is embedded within every speck of objective life, every rock, every drop of water and every cloud in the sky, yet even more remains in the subjective background underlying all existences in all worlds in all universes while it is a part of them.

Please understand that what we are talking about here is much more than the kind of dreams that you and I experience, since All That Is creates vast multi-dimensional worlds and universes, complete and intact, vital, real and complete with present, past and future histories built in, in the blink of an eye, but for the telling of this tale dream analogies become pertinent and quite necessary since it is a touchstone with the reality that you intimately know. The early Earth was much like the Earth would be if you dreamed it tomorrow night, but were on the inside of the dream instead of the outside.

What is really happening here is evidenced by the co-operative nature of consciousness as it sought to perfect the tapestry of life that was needed in the beginning to hold the entire picture together, so it was necessary for all species, past, present and future to be present in the beginning. Each species co-operated as the earth created the species and the species created the natural environment. Maybe you have caught the seeming disparities with the tale of evolution as proposed by Darwin. Darwin's view of evolution was and is based on incomplete evidence, convincing I must agree, but not factual. There was much variation within all species that led Darwin astray, and your ancestors were not mollusks. (smile)

These units of consciousness, newly emerging, knew of their own potentials for development, felt their own relationships to all of the other emerging units and emerging pseudo creatures and each sensing each other’s desires for fulfillment suitable to their own future needs, began to experiment with different forms, assuming one, changing or discarding it and assuming another. At first, there was no real stability of form in the new Earth for either the environment or the creatures that would inhabit that landscape, so everything was in a state of flux. There was then a clamoring for expression in this new world as things eventually became more stable and man began to experiment getting a foothold in this new dreamlike platform for physical experience.

From here, we will discuss the emergence of all life on Earth, the plants, insects, fish, birds animals and humans, but you surely know that what is said about Earth holds true for developing civilizations in the rest of the universe except for one important difference, and that is Earth was the first unique planet or system of reality in the universe to know the advent of man and woman as you know yourselves to be. There are truly many worlds, but here we will continue our discussion of Earth and its future inhabitants, the Dream Treaders, since that is what you really want to know about.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I must admit that I got the idea for this article from the Narnia movie and its reference to the mythical voyage of a ship called the Dawn Treader. In this article I will attempt to tell you a tale about how the universe, the world and the first humans came into being in the three dimensional, physical Earth. I am not going so much into the actual processes involved in the physical creation of the universe as in the miraculous emergence of Earth and its inhabitants, the natural environment, humans and all other creatures. I will be talking about the motivation and finally the psychic force that originally caused the massive ideas, thoughts and imagination of All That Is to defy all previous Knowledge and limitations and break through into physical manifestation in the form of a fully completed and functioning universe, and it all began with the first small speck of physical matter.

This story is not a new tale, and it has been told before, most recently by the Aboriginals of Australia in their Dream Time accounts of ancient beliefs and traditions. They believe that all people first existed in the Dreaming State. This “eternal state” existed even before the life of the individual humans and animals began and continues to exist when they no longer exist after the end of Earthly life. They believe that the spirit exists in the Dream State and is initiated into life by being born through physical birth by a physical mother. They believe that souls always existed in the Dream State always intending to become physical in their time. When that time came, the plants first, then the animals and finally humans became manifest in the world of matter on the face of the Earth, with humans becoming the custodians or guardians of the natural world.

Personally; “I couldn't have said it better, and if you knew nothing more than this story. You and the Aboriginals would be closer to the real truth about the birth of the world as you know it than all of the scientists and religious icons of your time, with all of their distorted ideas about a universe somehow created by chance, snails evolving into humans in a meaningless, accidental universe or a universe created a mere ten thousand years ago by some overly jealous, angry god figure who stood apart from his creations in order to sit in judgment. There is so much more to say and I hope to add to and clarify this story.” W. Allan

For this tale I will call the first inhabitants of the new physical world “Dream Treaders” since their emergence onto a newly constructed world of matter had never been accomplished in any known past and they opened up the beginning of time itself as they tread ever so lightly on the new landscape at the dawn of history. This was truly the “Dawn of the first Earth Civilization” and it quite nicely follows the narrative of the Aboriginals as it has been told for centuries. I hope in the telling you will see that God cannot stand apart from His creations since He is within them and they are within Him.

This is a story of almost unbelievable thrust of imagination and trust in the knowledge of these first potential physical beings, the will TO BE, to create and to evolve in love of the natural aspects of a newly formed Earth of which they were to be an integral part. When these Dream Treaders left the first footprint in earthly soil, they had to trust since they had stepped away from the safety of their non-physical psychic dreaming past, and in a very real sense, had to rely on a new kind of experience as they awoke from the dream. I refer to these first humans as Dream Treaders, Dawn Treaders would also be appropriate, but please understand that when I refer to humans, I also include all living natural aspects of the environment and all living creatures from the biggest to the smallest.

This is a tale almost beyond belief and beyond understanding, but I would rather tell this story as it is, difficult though it may be to understand, rather than to spoon feed you the standard baby stories that make no sense whatsoever to someone who is truly seeking answers and an affirmation in the heart. This story has been told before throughout the ages by teachers far more knowledgeable than I, some people have heard and paid attention, learned and progressed beyond the earth system. The Aboriginal versions of this story came from outside of your world as you know it, so it requires the use of not only your intellect, but also your intuitive senses. The intellect alone will never fully understand what is said here. Some are simply not ready to trust their own intuitive abilities, and will spend many more years, perhaps lifetimes following simplistic tales that were meant to be set aside as the children grew into adults.

Mankind was not meant to remain ignorant forever and symbolic religious protocols and myths were finally meant to be understood for what they were, helpful motivation and inspiration to grow, learn and progress, but not to hang onto as final truths. I must admit that the telling of this tale is not easy for me by any means, but I trust that I can at least make some aspects of it clear, but it is a struggle since proper words simply do not exist for dealing with this kind of Knowledge.

The story we will contemplate began with the Divine Inspiration of All That Is/God in times so ancient that the word ancient almost becomes meaningless. All That Is through Its Divine Inspiration imagined and dreamed of a universe with all creatures that now live and ever will live and this multidimensional dream reality of All That Is eventually became Divine Truth held in His mind.

The imagination and dreams of All That Is (God), were so real and so potent that His dream world and dream children in this inner dream landscape achieved a reality that surpasses any dream you have experienced or could imagine and these dream progeny dreamed their own dreams. These dream children were of course, individual consciousness with their own intent, their own developing desires, their own individual and self aware identities. They developed their own impetus to create as they themselves had been created by All That Is/God and as they existed in the dream universe of All That Is, they imagined all of their possible future shapes, their own non-physical forms which would be used in the future as the original patterns for physical materialization.

Within this dreaming state, these imagined dream forms were created by each individual identity to one of its own choosing to best allow full future development and fulfillment for the different levels of consciousness in appropriate forms according to their inclinations and significances within their own given limitations. For instance, an insect consciousness could not imagine the form for a dolphin.

At this time there was no firmament, no physical world, no Earth, actually there was nothing but God's Dream, a dream universe and a dream world that was emerging and gaining strength within the attention of All That Is as He created this inner landscape where every consciousness held within Its dream became familiar with a new kind of sensed reality that was beginning to take shape. These individual, still “non-physical identities” were of course, the original true first children of God, your ancestors, so that Biblical kind of reference is not that far off of the mark and that is your heritage.

These progeny of All That Is began to stir, to become restless within the dream and to interact with each other while still confined within the mind of All That Is. These individual identities included every identity, personality, and soul of every creature that would ever exist, that would ever live and occupy the future Earth in all of it's probable pasts, presents and futures, but that still was not manifest.

It is also important to understand that the slightest thoughts and imaginations of All That Is instantly create universes, worlds and entities/souls so real that they far surpass anything you can even imagine within your physical world and this creative endeavor was all taking place within the mind of All That Is and could best be described as a psychological universe with a psychological Earth and psychological creatures, human forms, animals, plants, insects and microbes, all obtaining an increasing degree of self awareness and an increasing degree of need to be free, to explore and create as they had been created.

These were the dreams that now were beginning to dream their own dreams and these dreams were also sensed by All That Is, as He agonized over a solution that would accommodate and satisfy the needs of everything that He had created. In other words, the creations wanted to emerge out of the dream and venture forth into a new kind of reality, somehow based on their present surrounding psychological, non-physical landscape, but in a completely new kind of experience that they knew did not yet exist.

So real had these personalities become within the dream, that they began to communicate with themselves and with All That Is, and their rambunctiousness and restlessness was of course known to Him and He contemplated exactly what kind of platform would be needed to provide billions of consciousness a landscape that would offer potential for development and fulfillment to all of His creations.

All That Is knew that any release of these identities which until then, were part of Himself, part of His dream, would necessitate a release of a portion of Himself, a division of Himself, an altruistic act beyond belief, since until then every identity although free within His dream reality, was still a part of Himself. He also realized the vast, unlimited, exponential possibilities of creation and expansion of His own reality as a result of this release of these internally held identities were he to find a way release them. He also realized that the release must be accomplished with a cosmic slight of hand, so to speak, so that each identity must know for the first time that they were totally free, but that they were separated from their creator, although that separation was actually impossible and of course, the connections still remain in the background today.

In the beginning, if the seeming separation of all living creatures from their creator were not sensed to be complete by these new (ready to awaken) creatures, their actions would not have valid meaning and they would have no real incentive to explore and create if there were no actual consequences for their behavior and if they knew they were always protected and could retreat back into the dream.

In somewhat the same way that the rich may put aside their wealth and trappings for a given length of time, wear torn clothing and live with the poor to see how they live, it is not the same, since they always retain the knowledge of the day of their return to their privileged lifestyle, so the newly released identities had to feel abandoned in a new world, both quite enchanting but at the same frightening, and so their first ventures onto the Earth landscape were tentative at best and for centuries they often retreated back to their non-physical dream bodies.

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Monday, December 6, 2010


One of the great advantages I have in writing these articles in the present is that I have the opportunity to discuss ancient Truths and Knowledge from a new and unique slant as science, religion and philosophy evolves and makes advances. Once in a while such news emerges that absolutely forces me to set aside an article that I had been working on to address the new breakthroughs and evolving beliefs, and this one is a doozy.

It seems that scientists at NASA research have been studyings a microorganism from Mono Lake in Eastern California and have found that they seem to be the only organism on Earth able to grow and and reproduce using the very toxic chemical arsenic. Much to their surprise, instead of feasting on phosphorus as would be the usual case, it seems that the little buggers are substituting arsenic in the makeup of their DNA, and that's a no-no in the world of earthly life forms, where arsenic will kill you most of the time.

Well, the real game changer here seems to be the fact that this curious little habit of earth bacteria eating arsenic (big time poison) to most of you, proves that science may have overlooked many possible planets that were previously ignored in their search for planetary life outside of your solar system. Their yardstick for measuring the likelihood of life on other planets has always been based on the existence of life forms that more or less resemble yours and it usually ignores life forms that don't resemble yours. That is why most aliens that you have seen in the science fiction movies and TV series always seem to have one head, two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears and such. The ears may be pointed, the skin a green tint, but the similarities cannot be denied.

Funny thing about this is, they have pretty much stumbled on something here without knowing it. As consciousness evolves and grows in complexity, advances and evolves into new systems (worlds), it changes and adopts new forms, some physical like yours, but usually non-physical, and almost without exception, even to some of the most advanced entities, the idea of the human form is still retained, even though these entities can change form at will. If you will remember, solidity of form is strictly an appearance that predominates in the physical system, but is mostly a local phenomenon, being experienced in the probable Earth system but not in most others, and there are countless others where solidity as you know it is unknown.

Your habit of searching for other alien personalities based on your own reality is na├»ve and egotistical beyond belief, since yours is one of the most elemental systems. You would think you might have assumed that other civilizations after millions of years of existence, have evolved and adopted refinements beyond anything you can now imagine, but actually, your present beliefs should be expected since you still deny that there is “anything other that YOU out there”. You search the universe, the planets and stars for other “human like beings” that will tip their hats and say “Good Morning”, using the English language of course. Another funny thing, have you ever noticed how the Klingons and the Romulans of Star Trek fame speak the English language too. Rhetorical question.

Your time and space centered system of reality requires an intense and precise focus along certain lines and that very preciseness causes you to ignore other valid realities with their own civilizations, arts, sciences, and historical context swirling around you all of the time. Other beings in other reality systems (worlds) exist in the same spacial neighborhood as your planet and they may even pass through or overlap your earth with no interference. Some of these are three dimensional physical systems as real and solid as yours, yet they exist within and through your Earth, but you will never bump into them as long as you inhabit the Earth in your physical body. You simply are not tuned in to their range of reality and so their existence evades your perceptions.

In a very simplistic analogy, you are able to isolate one radio frequency out of thousands available and listen to only your favorite station even thought the atmosphere is full of competing radio stations on their own distinct frequencies. An interesting side note; occasionally you do pick up a stray station during what is called an atmospheric anomaly, and such is the case of alien worlds. Occasionally there is a psychic atmospheric anomaly, a psychological short circuit that occurs, and strange things happen between totally separate alien worlds that would usually not be possible..

Life abounds in the universe, in other fields, dimensions, planes and worlds, but each is separate and divided making communication difficult, but not impossible. All systems are ultimately connected in ways hard to explain, but there are psychic corridors between all systems making communication on a telepathic level not only possible but probable. I venture to say that you, I mean the YOU reading this article, have contacted beings from other planes in your dreaming state many times. I know each and every one of you has had meaningful contact with those of your loved ones who have transitioned out of the Earth plane, but that contact is not remembered in the morning upon wakening in most cases. These family members are certainly not alien life by any means, but they now exist on a plane that you might consider alien in nature, and still contact is possible and does occur. The secret behind these type of communications is strong emotional bonds.

There are alien life forms that do not have a physical body in the normal sense of the word physical, and should you be in the neighborhood of one, you would not even recognize it as a “life form” at all. There are life forms based solely on “sound or thermal properties” that would totally escape your attention. There are life forms scattered throughout the universe based on totally different assumptions than your own and indeed, if you were sitting down beside one of these, even though they may be far more advanced than you, you would still ask the question; Is there anyone else out there? Of course, being more advanced than yourself, they would notice you immediately.

Some alien reality systems exist on planes that are associated with planets and some are not associated with any physical home. Some exist where there is no planet. Some exist in dimensions where the spectrums of “physicalness” are of different thickness and density, some where matter is far denser and heavier than yours and some more transparent. There are spectrums of matter as there are spectrums of sound and color.

Some dimensions exist in your universe and some in universes strange to you. Some aliens exist on the same planet as you, in their own unique systems that you do not perceive. You are not aware of them of course, but you don't have the Earth to yourselves if you must know the truth. Other civilizations, operating on different wave frequencies than yours, share the available “planet energy” that you too utilize in creating your environment. So there is no confusion in what I am saying, more than one separate, individual, unique and solid civilization utilizes the available Earth components and there is no conflict of time or space. Of course, they consider the Earthy stuff their planet and like you, they are totally ignorant of the sharing of their space. In other words, the same raw ingredients are there, given, but each alien to each other, and their civilization creates their own environments, unique to each system. Your mountains are NOT their mountains.

Remember, all reality and ultimately, all alien civilizations are mental and consciousness always comes first, then establishing the living reality systems. In an overly simplistic analogy, and you must admit, I am good at those, all systems began with consciousness dreaming the possibilities of self expression in a new way, then over eons emerged from the dreamlike state, solidified the system from the inside out. Atoms are utilized in ways that are unknown to science today, forming yours and systems quite unlike your physical one in concert with yours. This is not such an outrageous statement when you realize that the atom that helps form the table in you kitchen, could also be forming a car in another totally different dimension and not just one. You can only perceive the atom in its “present” stage as it enters and leaves your system, but it exists in other systems simultaneously, creating other just as valid objects and events that can only be perceived by the inhabitants of those systems.

There is something else you should think about and that revolves around a question I will pose to you, and that is; What is actually Alive and What is not?

You have a tendency to want to classify things, putting them in their own classification, which of course, you devise yourselves. I feel reasonably sure that you will include in “alive being” such things as animals, birds, fish, spiders, bacteria, but when you get down to the microscopic world, things get a bit muddled. Do you consider a cell alive? Do you consider an atom alive. They both have mobility, and I will vouch for the fact that they both have consciousness. They are both to some extent “self aware”. They do not possess “intellect” as you do, but neither do most of the animals. Cells reproduce as do polar bears. Are the plants alive? Of course you would agree to that, but would you agree that “coral” is alive. It moves, very, very slowly, it grows and gives birth to other coral, so you would probably agree that coral is alive, right?

Is consciousness an indicator of life? If so, then everything is alive in its own way, since all energy is conscious to some extent and energy permeates the universe. Some say that the Earth has its own consciousness and they would be dead right in that assumption. Then does the universe have its own consciousness, well of course it does, and this may surprise you, but the stuff that separates the stuff that you know in the universe, meaning the planets, stars, nebula, comets and all other matter or non-matter, (space that is), is also consciousness.

The physical matter of the universe is “consciousness manifest” and the space in between in “consciousness un-manifest”. In other words, some is consciousness made material and some is not, but both are equally as valid and one without the other and the universe would not exist as it does. There is no space, no place, no nook nor cranny and no hypothetical point in the universe that is not intimately in touch with All That Is. There is no point in the universe that is not conscious in some way. In a very real way, you are immersed in a sea of consciousness and you cannot escape that fact. The good news is that all consciousness leans toward the good and cooperates in working toward the ultimate benefit of all other conscious identities, even though in your world it may not seem so at times.

You and I have to arbitrarily choose where to draw the line between what we accept as living and non-living. When you come to the conclusion as I have that everything is alive and flush with intent to BE, then you can get a glimpse of the co-operative nature of nature, the ultimate goodness within all being and the presence of All That Is that pervades everything. Can it seem so unusual that there are literally countless universes, planes and dimensions of development that are home to countless alien beings, some beyond your understanding and mine, but still just as valid within their own field of activity.

So its a good thing that scientists have finally cracked open the door and accepted the fact that you may not be the only example of universal life development and other beings may actually exist outside of your present scope of attention. (Really big sarcastic grin).