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The first Dawn Treaders, those very first units of consciousness, were the first entities that imagined themselves into individuality, as they then began to adopt the most fitting images for what they were to become while still in the mind of All That Is, each sensing their integral part in the overall tapestry of life in this existing inner subjective universe. At first, they were aware of their general existence, but they had to develop their self-awareness as identities.

I know this is hard to contemplate, but this inner universe has always existed in this timeless, subjective inner state of being of All That Is. What I am suggesting, and so there is no mistake, is that God/All That Is had no beginning and therefore can have no end. It's only from your limited perspective that beginnings and endings seem so indispensable and I ask you, who can pinpoint the beginning or ending of a dream. Remember your Bible; God always was and always will be!

These countless multitudes of identities continued to grow, to expand in their awareness, a kind of general awareness of being, but not yet personified at this point. They began to communicate with each other, not in words, but instantaneously, telepathically, expressing their growing pent up longings for release, into exactly what, as what they didn't yet know, but their unsettled, state of restlessness was noted by All That Is as He considered what kind of conditions would have to be met to offer the kind of creative and expansive reality that was needed for each and every one of His progeny. When He finally had the inspiration that would lead to the releasing of an entire universe, It instantly burst forth from its previous subjective orientation into an objective reality and there was a psychic explosion of enormous intensity that can still be heard today reverberating throughout the physical universe.

In subjective terms, this was an explosion of psychic origin that was the impetus for the final thrust of non-material psychological consciousness identity particles through the invisible barrier into physical particles and a transformation into the physical realm of atoms, molecules and cells. These conscious particles are the smallest form of concentrated energy that ever was and will ever exist and they are endowed with the propensity to create as is all consciousness.

These non-physical units of consciousness form the groundwork for all systems of reality and all worlds and they formed your universe from the inside out. This first physical stuff that was created was incredibly dense mass that eventually expanded into a fully functional physical universe. For those who remember your high school physics class, energy multiplied by velocity squared equals mass, and to take that another step, all energy is conscious. The formula for the Theory of Relativity then, should read; C=E=Mc2 with the "C" representing consciousness.

It should be understood that the scenario that is described here differs in some very important aspects from the typical hypothetical “beginnings” espoused and embraced by your religions and scientific community, for both believe the miraculous creation of the universe at some point, either ten thousand years ago by a God who stood apart from His creation to sit in judgment or fourteen billion years ago, resulting from dead, inert and lifeless matter somehow by chance evolving into “life” as you know it.

I should note that a recent survey found that 40% of Americans still believe in the Creationists view of the Earth being created a mere 10,000 years ago, clearly showing that there are always new personalities entering the Earth system as some other personalities, having evolved, are maturing and leaving the physical system for new galaxies and more advanced civilizations. Also, it should be noted that the Earth is actually much older than the 14 billion years old that your scientists believe at this time. As an aside, life never could have evolved from dead matter, for the infinitesimally smallest first particle of physical matter was created by alive consciousness and consciousness always forms matter, and not the other way around. If matter was dead, which it is not, it could never evolve anything. This is incredibly good news for those reading this article, because it means that your consciousness existed before your physical body and will exist after you leave it behind.

These consciousness entities, each ever increasing self-aware unit of consciousness, small but potent, gathered up within its inner being, the spark of the will to live, the will to be, attracted other like units, grouping into larger more complex forms and began the processes that would result in the creation of the physical universe. These series of actions resulted in the formation of the world that you know and all other phenomena that now exists as you look out into space, or what you perceive as space. These non-physical units of consciousness first transformed themselves into more suitable electromagnetic energy units (still unbelievably small) that were the final subjective constructions that would then gain entrance into the physical system, grouping, aggregating, swarming, accumulating with other like particles to eventually break through and form the atoms that make up the earth chemicals and elements.

This was of course, a massive inspirational release of cosmic proportions and All That Is accomplished what I like to call a monumental psychic orgasm or sneeze, whose result was the creation of the first matter directed into physical form. All That Is was somewhat surprised but pleased when this breakthrough occurred.

There is much that could be said about the characteristics of all consciousness, but one thing stands out above all others and that is; all consciousness from the smallest particle to the ancient, massive intelligence gestalts, Entities, who would seem like Gods to you, is their propensity to assume form. All consciousness wants to be known, from the smallest to the grandest, to be seen, to be perceived, and it strains to assume form, as something, somewhere, sometime.

These first early units of consciousness developed what could be called individual, unique images, experimenting with the forms of the physical creatures they might eventually become, somewhat like the images in your dreams, and they sought true, three dimensional forms as they emerged into the still dream-like atmosphere of a newly formed Earth. These original units of consciousness have evolved beyond anything you or I can even imagine and are today the massive Godlike Entities that create universes in a glance.

These first unspeakable numbers of individual units of consciousness were collectively All That Is, but “All That Is” is more than the total of Its creations. The Prime Identity is more than the sum of its parts and is embedded within every speck of objective life, every rock, every drop of water and every cloud in the sky, yet even more remains in the subjective background underlying all existences in all worlds in all universes while it is a part of them.

Please understand that what we are talking about here is much more than the kind of dreams that you and I experience, since All That Is creates vast multi-dimensional worlds and universes, complete and intact, vital, real and complete with present, past and future histories built in, in the blink of an eye, but for the telling of this tale dream analogies become pertinent and quite necessary since it is a touchstone with the reality that you intimately know. The early Earth was much like the Earth would be if you dreamed it tomorrow night, but were on the inside of the dream instead of the outside.

What is really happening here is evidenced by the co-operative nature of consciousness as it sought to perfect the tapestry of life that was needed in the beginning to hold the entire picture together, so it was necessary for all species, past, present and future to be present in the beginning. Each species co-operated as the earth created the species and the species created the natural environment. Maybe you have caught the seeming disparities with the tale of evolution as proposed by Darwin. Darwin's view of evolution was and is based on incomplete evidence, convincing I must agree, but not factual. There was much variation within all species that led Darwin astray, and your ancestors were not mollusks. (smile)

These units of consciousness, newly emerging, knew of their own potentials for development, felt their own relationships to all of the other emerging units and emerging pseudo creatures and each sensing each other’s desires for fulfillment suitable to their own future needs, began to experiment with different forms, assuming one, changing or discarding it and assuming another. At first, there was no real stability of form in the new Earth for either the environment or the creatures that would inhabit that landscape, so everything was in a state of flux. There was then a clamoring for expression in this new world as things eventually became more stable and man began to experiment getting a foothold in this new dreamlike platform for physical experience.

From here, we will discuss the emergence of all life on Earth, the plants, insects, fish, birds animals and humans, but you surely know that what is said about Earth holds true for developing civilizations in the rest of the universe except for one important difference, and that is Earth was the first unique planet or system of reality in the universe to know the advent of man and woman as you know yourselves to be. There are truly many worlds, but here we will continue our discussion of Earth and its future inhabitants, the Dream Treaders, since that is what you really want to know about.

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