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Life on Earth Awakens

If you will remember from our last installment of this series of articles on the creation of the universe and more specifically, your world, I am substituting the term “Dream Treaders” for “Dawn Treaders” as it feels more appropriate for our purposes here since it is something you relate to on a more intimate basis.

What we have seen so far is the gradual appearance of a not-so-physical world in a not-so-physical universe and as I said before, we will concentrate our attention to the emergence of your physical world since that is what you are most interested in at this time, after all, you live there.

I know this material is difficult beyond belief, but we must start somewhere rather than continue to repeat the nonsensical, almost absurd adolescent stories about a God who somehow looks like you, creating a world and all of its creatures in six days, creating humans who looked like Himself and getting so tired in the process that He had to rest on the seventh day. Humans have repeated and passed on these kind of simpleton myths and legends for centuries, never being overly concerned that they just didn't receive any valid affirmation in men's or women's hearts. It is time to step out of the mental rut of spiritual ignorance and begin the quest for truths that will surely be affirmed by your inner selves, regardless of what your scientific or religious icons tell you.

So, now we have a world, intermittently transparent, dreamlike, lacking solidity, but becoming visible for a time, then disappearing again and reemerging into view, and the creatures themselves, still in their dream bodies, accommodating themselves to this unstable world where the smallest units of consciousness are learning to transform themselves through the emission of electromagnetic energy units that will form the atoms of a physical world.

The forms that these small but potent units of consciousness will take are not yet stable either and there is much experimenting with different forms to find the most satisfying and most relevant and that will eventually add to the quality of life for themselves and all other aspects of this new world. In other words, there is co-operation between all particles and all entities at this level.

Now, this is not an accurate statement, but I make it to hopefully get a point across. It is like units of consciousness coagulating, gathering together of literally millions of like units, impressing themselves into atoms and molecules, and then forming patterns for, say a butterfly's physical appearance, trying it on and not finding it satisfactory, abandoning that form for a new pattern form of, shall we say a honeybee, until finally settling on an appropriate identity form from which to extend itself comfortably into the physically emerging environment. There was much experimentation going on for eons as each of these sleeping identities sought a suitable form that would be eventually fully accepted and established as the vehicle the new identity would occupy for the adventure in consciousness from which evolution could be initiated.

In a very real way, these units of consciousness had to teach themselves to become electromagnetic units and those units, still non-physical by your standards, had to teach themselves to bridge the gap between non-physical and physical and form the first atom. Of course, you understand there are a multitude of sub atomic particles between these conscious energy units and the atom, but for our purposes, we will not be concerned with them at this time.

So, these simple yet alive and self aware entity units, over time, became atoms and atoms became molecules, molecules became cells and so on, and eventually the earth's living parts formed the patterns for the soon to “awaken” environment and it's varied species, man and woman included. And here my friends is where we begin to find similarities with the Aboriginals story of “Dream Time”, and the similarities are striking indeed.

For many centuries these dream personalities occupied the Earth in their dream bodies, spending most of their time sleeping, awakening to acclimate themselves with a still unfamiliar Earth. They were the original dream walkers or sleep walkers. Their equivalent to your waking reality was their dreaming reality. Most of their real work was done in the dreaming state. Their earthly explorations at first were in their dream bodies while they slept, so they explored the environment with abandon since dream bodies required no food for sustenance and they feared nothing since they could not be killed in the normal sense of the word. In their sleep, again for centuries, they would retreat back to their ancestral home, safely in inner universe from which they had so recently emerged.

At this point, the environment was just beginning to awaken and to assume physical attributes, atoms forming molecules, molecules forming cells, cells forming the natural environment and physical bodies for animals and man alike. In this early Earth, the various parts began to awaken in stages for obvious reasons and also reasons that are not so apparent.

At the same time on the objective level, various living portions of the landscape, were by now also beginning to emerge, to awaken from the dream state, becoming more physical century by century. As this sorting out process took place with all conscious identities identifying with and joining in groupings of similar characteristics, families and species became relevant and on an inner level, families and species of consciousness also became an important factor in “timing” their emergence on the now physical Earth.

Of course for practical reasons, the awakening of the environment and the dream treaders had to be immaculately timed so the necessary needed physical aspects were available to support the living parts of this materializing new world. It simply wouldn’t do for the honeybee to awaken and become physical to find no physical flowers, the beaver to find no trees to topple or the wolf to find no rabbit to eat.

The earliest consciousness, the first, original Earth entities left portions of themselves as the land, living but sleeping portions in a state of eternal trance that took the form as the mountains rose, creating the valleys as the rivers ran full and filled the seas. The skies opened up and thunder roared, volcanoes erupted and floods cleansed the land and prepared it for the foliage that was to come. In a way, you could say that the environment became fleshed out in three dimensional atomic structure.

The flora, the plants, grasses, flowers, trees and the living flora of the oceans awakened first after the body of the world had stabilized and was able then to support a vast variety of plants that had, already known their future forms through experimentation while in the dreaming state, so they readily began to take on the physical aspects that they had always known they would become and flourish in the new world of solid materializations. Even yet today, in the inner subjective universe, there exists families of flora consciousness that are the underlying reality of all physical plants that have surfaced or ever will appear on Earth

The next natural aspects to awaken, to make their dream bodies physical were the fish, the birds and the animals, for here again, the proper order was required for the different families and species to have the necessary supportive environment and sustenance. Even then it was known that this particular type of world as it was already beginning to evolve would adopt a predator and prey system that would eventually evolve into something different than exists today, where mankind and animal live side by side, each allowed to fulfill it's own destiny and where killing is unknown.

Finally, the last to awaken and exchange their dream bodies for physical ones were humans, and I purposely do not use the terms man and woman, since the first humans were neither sex, not man and not woman, but a combination of both, displaying both inner qualities but without the ability to reproduce. For some time, man, woman and even the trees and plants went through a learning process before the first dream seeds became physical, dropped to the earth and sprouted into the first solid tree.

Until then the flora relied on still emerging units of consciousness to provide the new dream trees that would then evolve into physical trees, that would eventually learn to produce their own physical seeds. This was all gradual, in your time terms, the species of man and woman taking on physical characteristics that would allow the procreation of the species and this was historically speaking, the source of the Adam and Eve legends of the Bible.

Even after the awakening in their physical bodies, early man reverted back to the dream state often and used it to his advantage much more than you do today, leaning the locations of new food sources, new migration routes and the location of the animals they might hunt. They slept mostly during the day and hunted at night and the night was not as foreboding then as it seems to be now. Man learned to live by dreaming, and as the dream flowers learned to create their fragrances by dreaming, so man learned to think by first dreaming a physical brain. Still today, your physical awake day is the result of your nightly sleeping adventures that you don't remember when you awaken. If your could not dream, you could not exist.

I did want to make clear that in the beginning, all species that are now known, existed and did not evolve as you think. Evolution does happen within species as they adapt to new environments, new circumstances and requirements inherent in their lives, but there is no inter-species evolution. The entire framework of life that seems to have evolved over long periods of time, existed in the beginning and required the full tapestry of life, of all species, all environment and all earth components to exist before the first dream salamander crawled through the dream grasses.

The mis-perception of evolution as postulated by Darwin is caused by a lack of information and your perception of passing moments in time, and the introduction of the already existing, vital and independent species over what seems to be eons from the physical perspective. This endeavor of All That Is, this ultimate creative thrust, this reach of imagination and intuition, sparked by love and desire for the expansion itself, was the spark that created the first atom, and from there on, my friends it is history.

I do not want to drag this out too far, but I did want to point out the the Australian Aboriginals and some of the Eastern religions had it right where most modern Western Religions had the theory of the beginning of the universe, the world and the beginning of time as you know it dead wrong and still do. No human of whatever flavor ever evolved from an insect, a bird, a fish or a chimpanzee. You were always your own species and no animal every compromised your special place.

In the beginning when consciousness was in the rambunctious, experimental stages, many different man/animal, animal/man configurations were tried out, some flourished for a time, some died out and evidences of those eccentric versions of modern humankind are being discovered still today around the world and mistakenly taken for evolution from animal to the species of man. Man has evolved, but not from other species. Period!

Obviously this story could not be adequately narrated in an entire book, but I did want to touch on it as part of the groundwork for future articles. I realize the limitations of trying to cover so much material in just three short articles with the inherent language limitations we have and your and my abilities to understand and explain such complicated realities.

May I repeat, “I never said understanding the true nature of reality was going to be easy”, but the alternative of continued ignorance, repeating old, worn out superstitions and stories of angry gods who demand adoration under the penalty of divine intervention and punishment of spending eternity in the Lake of Fire seems like a monumental waste of your good time.

And by the way, the absurdity of some of these age old myths and children's tales becomes ever so obvious when considering a world created in a few paltry days, when days could not possibly exist until after the world was created.

And as Jackie Gleason would have said; and away we go!

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