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Mankind has to deal with concepts that animals have never encountered, that is, their mortality. That's mainly because animals don't have to understand problems known only to the most outward portion of human consciousness known as the ego. Plants and animals know that they live, they know themselves as an identity, they know that they are. A mouse knows that he is mouse and not a cat. This is a simpler kind of "self" identification than that adopted by humans.

It never occurs to animals that they might not be around tomorrow and what the ramifications of that state of non-existence would be like. Animals, trees, plants and other non-human kinds of living, conscious life forms simply exist in a kind of time that is foreign to the human race. They do not comprehend passing moments, minutes do not tick by one followed by another, adding up to larger time segments. To them, all available time is compressed into each moment point. A moment point is simply the maximum amount of conscious experience you can perceive and process in one moment of your present time.

This is not to infer that plants and animals perceive more than you do, but that they perceive a wider range of events within that moment. In other words, plants and animals perceive more of what you would call the past and future, compressed into their present moment point. Their moment is more expansive, but not as precise and critical as yours since you examine each of your experienced moments with greater facility than other life forms that share your planet.

No animal or plant tries to remember yesterday or ponders tomorrow's future activities with anticipation as you do. No tree or snail contemplates life's challenges or worries about future life or death.

Plants for instance, perceive a wider scope of the present than you do encompassing 50 years of their past and 50 years into the future in their more expansive present moment point. Their perception is more expansive, but they do not encounter each moment with such totally focused intensity as their human companions. If you could perceive the same reality as your dog does, you would not believe that you inhabited the same planet. A bird's tree is not your tree and a rabbit's death is quite different than your death.

Man's preoccupation with life and death was not always so intently focused as it is now. In pre-historic man, the ego had not yet evolved. Mankind existed for many millennia without the compartment of the ego and got along quite nicely, thank you very much. Later, with the evolution of the ego, mankind became more self-centered and began to wonder about what lies beyond the unknown curtain of death that no man, woman or animal could escape.

Various societies came up with some really interesting concepts to describe those mysterious after-death worlds, which I may add, were quite inventive, even though they were way off the mark. Some religions, despite their faults, do however serve to remind you that there may be some hope of survival of consciousness after death, even though their interpretation of the immortality is distorted almost beyond belief.

After a few million or so years, give or take a few more million, there are still no adequate explanations that would convince even the most dubious person that life does indeed continue after death. Even though I am not too fond of organized religion, as many of my readers know because of, oh, let me see, I don't know, maybe because most of what they preach is just flat out wrong, usually embraced only by the gullible or ignorant.

 Religious doctrine places so many restrictions on who will be admitted to Heaven and any decent afterlife, are told that if they so much as had one bad thought during their lifetime, they would be relegated to Purgatory, the Bottomless Pit, Hades, Hellfire or that old scoundrel Jerry Falwell's favorite, the Lake Of Fire. He scared the Hell out of a lot of people with that one, but that was his purpose wasn't it? 

Even those who accept the conventional religious version of death and afterlife doctrine, still, deep in their collective hearts, have lingering doubts about life after death since no person has ever offered any solid proof of an after death existence. And the religious version of survival after death really doesn't make much sense when you think about it.
Frankly, walking down golden streets and eating from the tree of life when not kneeling at God's feet and chanting adorations for the rest of eternity doesn't really appeal to very many people. And how could one live without fast food?

Humanity, because it is securely focused in the physical reality system (Earth) and the physical universe, tends to examine and accept only physical proofs that are clothed in atoms and molecules, in other words proofs that are solid and can be held, felt, smelled, seen, tasted, weighed or measured. Proofs that are of a more nebulas, transparent nature such as thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, inspiration and desires are usually discarded.

Who would be so foolish as to accept an inspiration as proof of anything even though almost all major scientific breakthroughs are the result of inspiration? And even though every man, woman and child knows deep in the recesses of their minds that "something" exists after physical death, they just don't know what.

If you truly want to be convinced of survival after death, you will have to learn more about the true nature of the reality of which you are an integral part. Unfortunately at this stage of your spiritual development, you remain rather uninformed about subjective realities partly due to a lack of interest and partly because no one has ever told you the truth.

The reality that you have intellectually and intuitionally ignored is eminently qualified to give you the kinds of proofs that you seek. The best that I can do with the limited knowledge of your own unknown expansive personality at this stage of its development is to give you some approximation of these things.
A study of the unseen, unknown reality would reveal some of the mysteries of what lies below the surface or inside of the physical reality system that you now inhabit. The small portion of that system that you have arbitrarily decided to accept as your official reality, defines your limits as to what you will acknowledge is real, and that is not very much.

You have then placed unneeded limitations on your consciousness and on the world you inhabit. Your personality has no real limitations other than the ones that you create and accept. Consciousness and resulting personality is functionally unlimited, only you make it otherwise.

Proving life after death is a difficult matter under any circumstances, especially since there is no universal belief that valid communication can take place between the survival personality and those left behind. The reason is simple really; you will never be able to communicate with the recently dead if you don't believe that the dead survive and can communicate with the living. You will insist on dismissing any valid communication as annoying static and not worthy of your investigation.

I am sure that you have heard that "death is a transition" and this is so, except that in this particular kind of transition, you are going somewhere that the physical body cannot follow. In the case of physical death, your identity consciousness discards it's physical form, retaining its invisible astral form and mind complete with all of your past experiences and memories from your most recent past life and all previous lives and with this subjective baggage in tow takes a giant step forward into a new dimension. 

You do not lose or misplace any subjective memories or abilities. On death, the mind acting as a backup system preserves all of the data previously stored in the brain, nothing being left behind. In a sense, the mind acts as a backup hard drive in your computer.

Briefly, you could consider your astral form as your inner personal image blueprint that is aligned with your identity consciousness and is essentially eternal. Your astral form is with you before you are born and is the blueprint around which your physical body will grow. It will remain with you after your death and transition and will then be your main perceivable source of identification during the in-between period until you move on to another physical life.

Your astral body is always with you through many lives and many transitions. Look on your astral form as a dream image that never leaves you. What that means is that while you are in a physical body, your astral form is embedded within your physical form, so you have one form within another during earthly life.

Your consciousness is not capable of following the life to death kind of transition. There was a time in ancient earth history when this was not so and this transition could be readily perceived, especially by the animals.

In those times earth inhabitants, men and animals alike did not fear death in the same way that they do now. Animals still retain remnants of those psychic abilities, in a somewhat muted form. The actual transition from one dimension to another could be readily perceived as the animal that had been killed, astral form could easily be seen trotting away across the meadow.

 Depending on how much you know about this transition process, the more or less temporary disorientations there will be when that time comes. You will be stepping out of one dimension into another quite different dimension, but here is the bottom line, your consciousness, your personality, the "I" of you is never erased or diminished.

For those of you absent minded professor types who are fastidious and concerned about such matters, you cannot lose or misplace your soul in the process. It was never lost and will always be an integral part of your total identity, whether in a body or not. You are your soul in physical clothing.

You must understand that there are some people who will always refuse to perceive or accept the kind of proofs of after death survival that can sometimes be manifest and are quite convincing. Generally speaking, you will never perceive that which you do not believe.

Yours is not the only system occupying the same space as your universe. There are other systems and beings as alive and as actual as you living in their own worlds just as solid as earth and in the same space as earth, yet you will not perceive them.

You do not perceive the "After Death Dimension" either, but not because it doesn't exist, but because you are not trying. Like any other psychic phenomenon, different realities are composed of electromagnetic pulsations that fall within specific ranges and since these ranges are significantly small, many systems can occupy the same psychic space with no interference. You have to be paying attention to catch the occasional rift or bleed through that does occur from one system into another.

Where in your space you perceive solid objects, they are not solid, they are just a grouping of atoms and molecules that you actualize, psychically arrange in a familiar pattern that you then name and perceive as a familiar object. The other probable systems occupying your space as quite as solid as your earth, yet there is no collision as one moves through another.

Where in your space, you see nothing; there is an absence of materialized solid objects, not space as you envision it. Where you see nothing, you call it space, nothing more. There is no such thing as empty space, only a state where nothing exists, where nothing has been created and an absence of creation prevails.

There are many worlds and many reality systems, that under certain conditions provide a psychic area rich for psychic evidence mining, an area rich in inhabited but unperceived worlds, including the after death dimension waiting to probe to prove that they do indeed exist.

There are beings existing in the after death dimension, emotionally tied to you who desire contact with those still alive. To contact those recently dead, you must understand that they want to contact you as much as you want to contact them. The after-death-dimension is therefore your best source of contact with "survival personalities" because of emotional attachments.

This is where your most likely contact and proof of life-after-death will occur for two reasons. You have emotional ties with them and they are trying to make contact with you to let you know that they survive and are OK.

The reason that contact between living and dead and other psychic occurrences are not noticed more often is because of what I call the "Psychic Paradox" that requires one to recognize that psychic phenomenon is real and that knowledge of that state does indeed exist and gains strength with strong belief but falls apart with over intensity of concentration.

Belief and expectation are important but spontaneity is paramount. To over expect is to cancel-out what is expected. Here is the paradox; you must believe something can happen, you must expect it to happen, but not too much.

You must not try to force something to occur. To will something to happen is to lose the spontaneity. All psychic events are spontaneous and no psychic event therefore can ever be reliably predicted. Valid contact with survival personalities will always be spontaneous.

In closing, contact with recently passed survival personalities is your closest and most favorable area for proof of immortality. You must look for nuances. Look where there seems to be nothing.  There is no space where there is nothing; there is only space where you are equipped to perceive the available reality and other space where you are unable to perceive the realities that exist there. The more you learn and advance, the more of those unseen realities you will begin to sense.

Survival personalities no longer communicate with words and sentences, so they will not talk to you in words, they communicate telepathically sending complete concepts. They may send you a thought of a mutually enjoyed event.

Unbeknownst to you, survival personalities contact you frequently in your dreams that you don't remember in the morning. These kinds of communications like other psychic phenomenon are best sent and received subconsciously. The human mind and brain simply is not evolved to handle psychic events consciously. They rise out of the subconscious, so that is where you must look. The best way to encourage such contact is by requesting dream contact before going to sleep.

I apologize for the length of this article, but these matters are complex and difficult to explain.

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Can heaven be for real and also not for real? Depends on your perspective!

Of course you have probably by now heard about the new best-seller book and movie, written by a young boy who conveniently happens to be the son of a minister, who conveniently believes in exactly the same kind of stereotyped heaven as his son thinks he visited during a recent emergency surgery. Imagine that, a young impressionable child adopts the same religious belief held by his father.

The boy, named Cotton, upon having what is commonly referred to as a "a traumatic experience" upon awakening from what he imagines was death, has related his experiences during his "I died and came back to life experience "in heaven.

I don't intend to repeat the young man's fanciful account of his experience, but will explain something that any regular reader of the ABG web articles already has some rudimentary understanding regarding the principles involved here. I will first mention a few things that you should already know since they are part of universal knowledge well imprinted deep within the subconscious of every human being on the planet.

Colton's father (the minister) explains that his son, after his excursion to heaven, knows things that no one else could know, but Colton's father being a minister is in the worst possible position to explain these matters since people of the cloth are severely hampered by erroneous distorted religious drama and misconceptions perpetrated by civilization on itself through the ages, mostly by organized religion.  
As a matter of fact, those impressionable devotees of religious teachings are the very people who hinder true understanding and who have the least comprehension of the true nature or spiritual reality as it actually exists in the physical world and universe.

It is a travesty that ministers, priests, clerics and others of similar misguided persuasion are often given not only to teaching false doctrine to simple minded followers, siphoning off their parishioners treasures, but also contaminating the innocence of their children.

There are more corrupt priests, pastors, clerics, bishops and popes holding positions of authority in religious institutions than there are criminals in all of the penal institutions in the entire world. It is one thing to purloin your neighbor's treasure and children's innocence, but it is another thing entirely to pillage their minds.

If that isn't bad enough, through a process of regular mass indoctrination, the aforementioned systemically erode their congregation's collective common sense by preaching hair-brained magical doctrine steeped in symbolism and legend about ancient myth, children's tales, superstition and really big gods riding really big horses somewhere up in the really big clouds in a really big sky and other such really big nonsense.

Before I get too carried away here let me remind you of the one main universal rule that permeates all universes and planes of actuality. That means that in the entire universe, in countless planes, in innumerable dimensions and all reality systems, there is one main rule that is paramount and cannot be nullified or ignored and in fact is the one main cause of the existence of the universe, and that rule is;

"You Get What You Concentrate On"
You automatically and unconsciously materialize and create as reality that which you believe, think about and expect.
You are creating your reality now as you read this, you just don't know it because the process of creation is automatic, spontaneous and works equally well for good or bad results. You create objects and events as unknowingly as you breath air.

An important part of my explanation will revolve around your and my understanding of the word "REAL", and since the title of the movie and book in question states that Heaven Is For Real, I suppose we will have to agree on what is real before we begin any meaningful discussion.

The dictionary has literally hundreds of synonyms for "REAL" so maybe it would be best if we try to come to some agreement and define REAL before we begin. Real to you has many meanings, but here are a few that will get us through this article. Real would be something that is tangible, solid, opaque, hard, concrete, physical, visible, absolute or actual. But real can be much more than solid appearing things.

Real can be anything that is absolute or actual. Here is something that is not commonly known; a thought is as real as a brick. A belief is as real as an automobile. An emotion, love or feeling cannot be denied even though they take up no space and do not require time. In fact, they are timeless and they certainly are real.

Unreal would be something, well, like Heaven, mind, thoughts, ideas, imagination, emotions, beliefs and other non-stuff like wind, although we all know wind is something, we just find it hard to describe. You can't see air, but you can see the effects of wind which is air in motion, so from that you deduce that wind does indeed exist.

Since most of the people going to see this film and believe in the story line, are already firm believers in such concepts as heaven, it is not too difficult to see why they would swallow the story line hook, line and sinker.

Let me make it clear, I am not disputing that "Colton" the young boy believes what he says he witnessed, but I will try and explain why such things do have explanations that may seem equally magical but in truth, happen more often than is widely known and they don't require the existence of a hypothetical heaven.

They do require what many religious people lack, and that is true knowledge of a universe that emerged into existence even though it knew nothing of religious doctrine and had read no religious texts on instructions of how to be a universe.

Let my try to explain a few of Cotton's imaginings and relate them to true reality, as it exists in the physical system. These imaginings are closer to being hallucinations, since you actually do create them.

Colton talked about looking down and seeing the doctor operating and his dad praying in the waiting room. This happens all of the time and is so common that I have written no less than 5 articles that can be found on this site under "Out of body projections and Out of body experiences. It is not uncommon for consciousness to leave the physical body for short periods for various reasons, and in fact, you do it often yourself during your sleep nightly periods. Stress and trauma also help initiate and facilitate projections of consciousness.

Your consciousness can not only leave your body and rise above a hospital bed and observe and operation, but can quite readily, under certain circumstances, leave a building, travel across continents and oceans to very real locations if the motivation is there. Your dream locations and landscapes may seem very vivid and real because you are actually there. It is even quite possible for you to communicate with others both dead and alive who are also projecting. Remember, bodies die, consciousnesses exist forever and knows no limitations.

Colton relates that in heaven he met his long ago miscarried sister and a great grandfather who died 30 years before he was born, and shared details about both that cannot be denied, but communication between the living and the dead are not uncommon.

In the physical reality system (Earth), it is common for people who have relinquished their physical body to transition to another dimensional in-between reality system. THEY DO NOT DIE in the usual sense of the word. They still exist intact in a viable body (without mass or bulk), but quite real nevertheless (dreamlike), with all memories intact, and they do attempt to make contact with those left behind, mainly to reassure them that life continues after death.

Many of these attempts succeed and many fail, depending on the circumstances and spiritual development of the concerned parties. These kinds of communications are most likely to occur when one or both of the psychic travelers are "disassociated" from physical focus.

In this respect, formal religious indoctrination is an impediment since in psychic and psychological evolution of consciousness; you must believe something is possible in order to experience it. You will never experience anything that you do not believe and formal religious beliefs can stifle true spiritual growth.

In this case it is very likely that a child will find his fathers religious training and occupation quite convincing to reinforce his own newly developing belief system and surely an excursion to heaven would please daddy to no end, a mutual reinforcement of flawed beliefs.

Another thing that is not well understood is that in the physical system, time is a real necessity and cannot be ignored. In after death reality time does not exist as you experience it now. While the transitioned personality resides in the after death reality, he may experience hundreds of your years or only weeks, but contact is possible.

Those who on the Earth scale of time had transitioned many years ago sometime attempt to make contact, and this is most easily accomplished during sleep or in times of trauma when consciousness is such as under the influence of sedatives.

Your long since passed relatives, friends and acquaintances then could remain in the between lives reality for some time, although to them it may seem like only days when actually Many Earth years had passed. So, what this means is that it is common for personalities like good old Colton to meet long dead relatives, not only from this current life, but also from previous lives lived thousands of years ago.
You may find that you have better friends from the Renaissance Period than from your current life experience.

Colton also related how he saw God and how God was really big and of course a really big God needs a really big chair, which he also saw. Colton also describes the horse that only Jesus can ride and how the Holy Spirit shoots down power from heaven to help people.

This is almost so ludicrous that it defies even the most gullible imagination, but it deserves to be put in proper perspective. Now, let me see, I wonder why a young boy who just went to heaven and returned, would describe seeing a really BIG god. Did you expect Him to be little? I'll bet Colton's God looked suspiciously like Charlton Heston, a really big Charlton Heston. You think?

I'll also bet God's really big chair looked like a golden throne with 12 angels kneeling and chanting adorations for eternity.

Finally, in real life, as you are doing now, you create your reality based on your beliefs, thoughts, desires, suggestion and expectation. You do the same when you dream or when you enter a new dimension upon physical death. It works the same in a body or not in a body. When you die, if you believe in Moses, Moses will be there to welcome you to heaven.

For a limited time after death, you will see and experience exactly what you believe you will see, at least until you are shown the error in your ways.

Many lifelong held beliefs have been changed in the blink of an eye after death. People who are the most fanatical in their beliefs in earthly life are the hardest to convince that everything they believed and sometimes taught for their whole lives is totally wrong, therefore those most steeped in religious dogma are in for the greatest shock.

So, here's the bottom line on Colton's heaven. It is real, but it's only real from Colton's personal perspective. It's his own personally hallucinated heaven and to him, it is certainly real. To every other person on the face of the earth, it simply doesn't exist as conceived by Colton. When you die, you will create your own heaven, and it too will be your own personally conceived versions of heaven. There is no other person on the planet that could perceive your version of heaven.

Everyone creates his own version of heaven, unperceived by any other person, so in that respect, Colton's heaven is real, but real only to Colton. Likewise for everyone else. Whatever you believe heaven is, will be the heaven you will experience upon death, at least until you are convinced by others that your beliefs are skewed and are actually creative illusion.

I know what you really want to know, so here is the truth; there is no real heaven functionally speaking, which exists independently of you. As long as you continue to believe in the conventional version of God, you will be forced to perpetuate the stereotyped version of heaven. Unfortunately, you cannot believe in one without the other and that can make it almost impossible for you to dislodge a belief in one without dislodging the other, but it would be beneficial if you could.