Friday, May 29, 2009


This is a question I have often been asked and I must say it’s pretty much a universal belief that God has some specific plan for your life. I have an acquaintance who pretty much anticipates the Holy Spirit to make the important decisions in her life for her. I will wait and see what the Holy Spirit brings me. How short sighted, but I am smart enough not to get caught up in that discussion, simply because she has no real idea of what God is, or what the Holy Spirit is, but being caught up in her lack of understanding, she has no idea of the actual motivations of All That Is.

Most of my readers know by now that I prefer to use the name All That Is instead of the term God, simply because the term God invokes so many distorted religious based ideas about what and who God really is. Many of you still envision God as this some kind of super being in human form, (looking suspiciously like Charlton Heston, with a long flowing white beard) residing somewhere UP, heaven maybe? Or up there on a cloud somewhere? certainly not DOWN. Oh, by the way, up is always bright and white, while down is always dark and foreboding, conducive to evil acts.. Many of you equate up with good, while holding down in contempt. Good being up and bad being down, up invoking good images of saints, angels in white robes sitting on clouds playing harps, prophets and of course God. Down, invoking just the opposite images of devils, Satan, evil, darkness and Oral Roberts favorite, the lake of fire. (The lake of fire, usually invoking enough fear in fervent followers to extract larger donations). In some very real ways, that is why some of you still attach darkness as bad and people with dark skin, as somehow less and therefore less acceptable. Fortunately, you are evolving out of that distorted belief, at least in some sections of the U.S. and the world in general.

The reason some ask the question is never the same, but “What does God have planned for my life”, is simply a matter of ignorance of newer personalities in your system, you all know the answer. God actually has nothing planned for you. By now you know that God is not human by any stretch of the imagination, but God (All That Is) has experienced the human form and human perspectives, long ago in your earth terms, but All That Is has passed through ALL perspectives, all universes and all worlds in its multi-dimensional experience. There is nothing that exists that God has not had his finger in, but on the other hand, God does not have to be directly concerned with his creations or their life choices but He is still intimately aware of every act by every minute consciousness from the most to the least of his creations. God obviously does not have human form, nor does she have human motivations. I used the differing pronouns to emphasize that God is not male or female, but is both in essence only, sex would make little sense for the Entity who does not have to act in physical reality to produce offspring. In a very real way, all of Earth’s people, the animals, the flora and the fauna are God’s distant descendants and the exponential expansion of life on earth was the result of his one “FIRST IDEA”.

You should understand that the prime motivation which is the impetus and catalyst for all experience and expansion in all dimensions, is the inner law of “creativity”. It was for God in the beginning and it is still for you. If there was only one, (and of course there is not only one), criteria for life in any and all forms, anywhere, any time, it is the quality of “creativity”, without which no universe would have ever been created. I know that what I am now going to suggest will be considered heresy by some, but you need to get a feel for the true nature of the inner reality of the Original Prime Source, God. All That Is has no intention of planning anything for anybody, so if you are waiting patiently for him to tell you what to do, forget it. It’s not happening in this lifetime. Get on with it, do what you are supposed to be doing, making your own life choices, creating your personal reality, learning from what you create and then doing it again, making adjustments and refinements and doing it better the next time. Life should be easy, and if it isn’t, you’re doing it wrong.

God knows even when he does not try to know, he knows. God feels even when he does not try to feel, but so do you, since knowing and feeling are pretty much automatic as are all emotions. In an abstract way, you could say that God operates automatically as a divine process rather than as a human type being or even as a personality as you know personalities. It is very true that not one bird will fall without God being aware of that event and this fact alone would be far more astounding to you if you had any idea of the limitless scope of creativity of All That Is. You operate in one small world in one small universe while God operates in a multi-dimensional reality containing countless worlds and universes and countless birds that may fall.

The requirement for creativity as a basis for all existence totally negates the idea that God has plans for every personality now living and if God had your life planned out for you in advance, then what would be your purpose in this life; to become a slave to God’s will? I think not. Pre-destination as you think of it does not exist. God has better things to do than sit on a cloud contemplating what he wants for your life. I have said before and will again, your soul/entity is your closest contact with God and you are an emissary of your soul. If you had any idea of the vast intellect, evolved maturity and purpose even of your soul, you would indeed be in awe and wonder how God could be more. But it IS.

There does exist a plan for your life, but you in concert with your soul/entity created the plan, before you were born, you wrote the script of the play of your life, and the play has purpose and intent and furthers your entities development as it furthers yours simultaneously. The entity cannot directly materialize ALL of itself in the physical system so it creates it’s personalities, that is you and others like you, and then with your full consent, creates scenarios for varied and challenging life experiences that you will actualize in your life, problems to deal with, to encounter, to solve and to triumph over. Of course, as soon as the (rough outline) of your life is written, you cause yourself to forget that you wrote the play in the first place.

I repeat myself once again. Your life is like a movie or a Broadway play, and even before you are born in the flesh, you choose your future life’s challenges, in addition to writing the script, you choose your fellow actors, then you jump in feet first or maybe I should say, emerge head first, and begin the first act, but not before you give yourself a good case of amnesia, causing yourself to forget that you yourself wrote the play. Obviously, if you were consciously aware that you wrote the script, you would know the outcome and would not take the experience seriously so the consequences must be critical and dire to be effective. There is something else that needs to be said; it is a very long script that you wrote, and there are rest periods between acts and opportunities for you to change roles and focus, but still with similar goals in mind, and when the play is over and the curtain falls, you will not need to return to the same stage again.

What I am saying is that YOU have plans for your life that you decided on long ago, and left alone the plans will unfold as you planned. God has no plans for your life, and although God has no lips with which to speak, if he could speak, he would undoubtably say, “I don’t care what you do, but just do something”. A life is never wasted, but if a life could be wasted, it would be because you chose to passively stand by and watch, too paralyzed with fear to experience all there is to know and learn.

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Monday, May 25, 2009


The question as it was posed: I recently saw a program on PBS about a scientist that had a theory about a parallel universe and how every time we make a decision, another self experiences another version or our action in another universe. Is this true and can you explain?

This is one of the hardest things to explain because of built in beliefs in the solidity of matter which infers that there is some kind of lack of space for more than one really big universe, so we are here tied to words and concepts that you have grown to love even though they bear very little resemblance to the truth. We have discussed this before and will continue to do so in the future, but in a nutshell, solidity is simply the appearance that your senses experience within their range of perception and then sending data to the brain, painting a picture of certain values expressed in terms that you can understand. You are then, creating reality from an available field of energy and if you weren’t so insistent on experiencing matter as solid, you would realize that what is solid to you, is only solid to you, and you cannot assume that others in the universe perceive your same version of solidity.

I am well aware that the concepts that I try to explain here could not be adequately explained in an entire book, let alone one short article, but I do hope to at least give you something to think about. At first what I say here will make very little sense to most, but that does not make it any less true and remember this, understanding the true nature or reality is not as easy as it is to accept the children’s tales and myths that you have been taught in the past. Reality is complex and unbelievably rich and the existence of one universe infers the existence of more, since nothing exists in isolation.

There are other worlds and other universes that you will never locate with your scientific instruments. You are immersed in a world of time and space so everything must be examined within the confines of consecutive moments and distance. You would then be forced to presume that if another universe did exist, it would have to be located somewhere beyond the farthest reaches of your own familiar universe and that is not the case. Time and space are only relevant within your own plane and in that respect, you are alone in that presumption. Time and space are not prevalent in any other system of reality as they are in yours, but while you are immersed in it, you must respect their effects as they impinge on your everyday life. Although time and space have no true reality and are simply an illusion in your system, you must abide by them and failure to do so can result in dire consequences. So within the confines of time and space, you will find it almost impossible to understand that other worlds and universes can and do exist simultaneously and coincidentally with your own, just as valid and just as solid. By that I mean that other universes exist within the same space that your does and they do not collide or interfere in any way.

I have used this analogy before and I am quite proud of it. Imagine a nice sunny day at the beach as you sit on your towel listening to your favorite country radio station. Imagine also that others around you on the beach are listening to other different radio stations. Next to you a young lady is talking on her cell phone and another listens to rock music on his I-Pod. As a plane flies over the beach, the pilot is talking by radio the tower at the airport and in a home nearby, an amature radio operator is talking on a short wave radio while his wife watches a program on television. Now, here is the point, as you sit on the beach on this bright and beautiful day, your music being broadcast on your radio station is not affected in the least by all of the other communications being carried on the air waves as sound is broadcast through your atmosphere on various different frequencies, and unless there is some kind of bleed through caused by electrical storms or other weather phenomena, there will be no interference.

Each station is required to adhere to certain pre-agreed upon frequencies effectively separating each independent station.. There is no lack of space to contain all of these frequencies and one will usually never overlap the another. Your universe represents just one station, the station to which your consciousness is precisely tuned and locked into, so it is impossible for you to tune in to other such frequencies under normal conditions. There are however, hints and intuition insights that can give you some clue to the existence of these other worlds and universes.

Imagine each frequency representing a different plane, world, dimension or even a different universe, none affecting another and all coexisting harmoniously together, never suspecting that they are actually moving thorough and about each other in what you would call the same space as your earth and your universe. So there is no confusion about what I am saying, as you sleep peacefully in your bed, an entire city, in another country, in another world entirely, could swish through your bedroom and you would never wake up.

Now here is the really strange thing about it. You experience your reality as solid, concrete, rigid and having duration in time and if I said that a cloud could move through it, you might possibly agree, but I am telling you that the inhabitants of the other worlds or universes that are in your same cosmic neighborhood, that are constantly moving through and around yours also experience their world as just as solid as yours. To them your world would be considered transparent at best. Now, the inhabitants of these other realities are :”tuned” into their own worlds frequencies, their own familiar station, so they can only perceive their own world but others that exist in different frequency ranges are invisible to their precisely tuned perceptions. Generally, you only see your own constructions.

This might help in the understanding; in the greater inner universe where all worlds have their roots, time and space do not exist, moments do not tick by and distance is only a psychological frame of mind. All places are ONE PLACE and what you consider quantitative is only your interpretation of what is qualitative. There is no distance to be traveled and no time to waste. All realities have a mental origin, energy thrust outward creating many different worlds, planes and universes for the convenience of diverse experience and pleasures of the entities involved in their creation. No world is the same and no “alien personalities” are quite the same either, otherwise there would be no real reason for the vast diversity of realities throughout the universe and beyond. The soul is prolific and creates worlds and universes as its playground, but with serious implications and complications.

A world is an idea projected into a matter format, constructed by the co-operative nature of atoms to accumulate and fill in mental patterns created by all souls/entities interested in that particular system. A world is a platform for diverse and unique experience, each with it’s own unique rules and laws, through which the soul can experience that which it could not otherwise experience. Your enigmatic flying saucers are not invading your space as it may seem, to them, they are simply flying through their own space which sometimes causes an anomaly, a bleed through into other coincidental space and in these cases, they observe nothing of your world, which to them does not exist. It is quite unusual that you can even see them at all since they are not of your plane.

I have told you before the physical systems ALL follow certain (basic laws) criteria, one is “Reincarnation”, the other is “Probabilities”. There is no exception to these two rules. Yours is a system rising from an unseen field of probabilities and reinforced by consecutive lives to enhance the opportunity for growth and to allow for evolution to occur. The discovery of the possibility of parallel universes comes from the known fact that atoms can be in more than one place at once. We have discussed reincarnation before, so now let me say that the television program about another “You” existing in a parallel universe was close to being right, but with one small exception, and that is, there are many probable (parallel) universes not just one.

The soul would never be content with such a limited “one parallel universe” experience. Your world (Earth) is but one probable world in the physical system and there are others that are also physical in your terms and are also bound by the same rules of probabilities. Portions of your identity do exist on the other parallel earths and they consider their earths the “Real Earth” and to them yours is the probable or parallel world.

All probable (parallel) physically manifested worlds exist, rooted in a limitless unseen universe or field of probabilities. To understand probabilities, you must first understand one of the most basic characteristics of the soul/entity consciousness. The soul is so expansive and boundless that it is hard to explain, in a remote way, you could say that your soul/entity is your closest direct representative of God, endowed with such sophistication, intellect and imagination that it creates realities as your breath creates mist on a cold window pane. The soul above all is creative and being energy based consciousness, it always tries to assume form, as many personality forms as it can handle, that it then releases with full independence into various different systems of realty (worlds).The soul benefits immeasurably from this multitude of personalities that it has created in what is a kind of osmosis of experience.

From the life experience of its many personalities, the soul also experiences and becomes more, grows and evolves as do the personalities themselves, so it only makes sense that the soul would usually project its identities into a multitude of varied systems so the experience gathered is as diverse as possible. Enter the “probable system” of parallel worlds and universes. I know what I say here is scandalous and defies the intellect, but in some cases the intellect developed with time and space is just not sufficient to handle these other world concepts, but stick with me on this.

The field of probabilities contains every option, every variation of every physical action, every decision ever made, ever being made and ever will be made in the future. What I am saying, past present and future all exist now in an unseen immediate present, but you can’t access them from your present awake consciousness. Only your intense focus on the present imprisons you in the present, but this in not the important thing at this time. For practical purposes as it relates to parallel universes, the field of probabilities provides you with a large number of choices at every important juncture of your life where you make choices as to your future actions. The choices that you make are selected by you (unknowingly and automatically) from this unseen universe of probabilities.

Much of this decision making happens in the inner reality unbeknownst to the conscious ego; sometimes in the dream state where you experiment with different outcomes to the various choices of future events available to you. This is why you sometimes have dreams of very real and detailed life situations that frighten you, but that never materialize. That means that you have decided against this particular dream option and have chosen something else. Dream time is often utilized by the subconscious personality to experiment with various outcomes to potential future events in your life and is quite necessary in the decision making process of life itself. All consciousness dreams, flowers and trees dream as do the animals, and no matter how sophisticated your sciences become, you will never be able to eliminate the necessity to dream. In other words, you will always need to sleep and you cannot dispense with it although you may be able to limit it somewhat.

Lets take a hypothetical life situation for an example. Assume that you are walking down a beautiful country road when you come to a fork in the road, one going off to your right has a lovely creek beside the road. The road running off on your left is shaded by beautiful trees overhanging the road. You would like to take the road on your right and enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the creek, but you also think about how nice it would be to walk the road on your left in the shade of the trees, admiring and listening to the singing birds. You finally decide to take the road by the creek, so you veer off to the road on the right. At that very instant a probable self, another version of you veers off to the left and takes the tree lined road. From that very instant that (left road event) is materialized in a parallel world, which is of course, contained in a parallel universe. There is no contradiction and it’s just the way things are, a matter of fact that all possible events will be materialized somewhere, sometime.

The existence of only one parallel universe, would infer that only one differing choice could be actualized, but that is not the case and in reality, ALL POSSIBILITIES of any event available to you will be chosen by and will happen somewhere by another probable you in his own world. In short, all possibilities are probable and all probabilities will happen somewhere. It would make a great imprinted T-Shirt that said “EVERYTHING HAPPENS SOMEWHERE”. The massive abundance of “All That Is” is truly astounding.

As an aside, not every possible event will be materialized by another you. Some possible insignificant events will never be enacted since they do not have enough impetus for materialization by another probable self. For instance, if you blow your nose, that does not mean that a probable self will decide “not to blow his nose”. Those kind of innocuous events are of course energy based and no energy is ever wasted, so the energy, which is insufficient for actualization as a meaningful event to you and your probable selves, will fall into another system somewhere and be naturally assimilated into the native environment of that system. All systems are connected and no energy is ever wasted.

You might ask, what is the reason behind this system of probabilities? Simply stated : the soul/entity splits off portions of itself, you call them personalities, projects them into many diverse worlds to gain experience, to evolve and to grow. This is the difficult part to understand, so hold on to your brain. The various personalities created and released by the soul are all independent and have complete freedom of action within their own worlds.

As they learn, evolve and grow, they are to become more aware of the other existing versions of themselves that exist in these other probable worlds. The ultimate goal is a reunification with the other probable selves into the one whole self which is in itself an incipient soul/entity. You, as this new soul/entity will then create new personalities of your own who will explore new universes through their independent lives that you will give to them. Upon your physical death, after this life, between lives, you will become aware of these other probable portions of yourself dealing with their own challenges in their own worlds, but all headed in the same direction, the evolution of the soul and ultimately, the evolution of “All That Is”.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


One reason that I write this column is that I know there are many of you out there that sense the existence of something much more than your normal mundane day to day experience. You are the ones that, no matter what you have been told, you know there is a deep abiding “something” that gives meaning to your life and the very existence of the universe. It is my goal to be able to open up new horizons and acquaint you with realities of which I am aware of but that some of you may only wonder about. I have always loved “wonderers”and believe me, there are millions of people who never wonder, so I am dealing here with the curious, the explorers, the travelers, and journeyers among you who seek those deeper truths that are the underpinnings of your universe and beyond.

This is challenging indeed, because at times the information that I want to convey to you is simply beyond your ability to comprehend at this time and almost beyond mine. I am usually trying to relate concepts that are not of this world, so there are no adequate words to describe them, but I do my best, sometimes resorting to using analogies to paint a picture of something that I am unable to express satisfactorily in words. The subject matter that we deal with here in this column is not the usual material studied by your scientists, clergy and scholars, mainly because there are usually no physical proofs that can be offered as evidence of the actuality of these unknown worlds, universes, entities, souls and gods that you know exist, but can’t wrap your minds around. In some very important ways, your religions come closest to giving you hints of an inner world that lies beyond physical matter and that also hints at life beyond human form.

So I try to take every opportunity to speak of some of these realities as they relate to current events and common beliefs held by your societies. I also try to clear up common misunderstandings that have just not been explained very well in the past or maybe not at all. This is one of those times when I want to make as clear as possible one of the terms that I constantly refer to when I say that you “create your own reality”. I have also said at times that you create you own environment, world and universe. It has occurred to me that before I attempt to take this material into deeper concepts, I need to make sure you all understand what I am attempting to say here about :”creation” of things to do with objects and events. Of course, you understand that when I refer to objects, I also include in that, physical human bodies, worlds and universes as well as tables and chairs.

You personally construct your own physical form, your commonly held environment and physical objects such as our now infamous table and chairs. Any of these that are perceivable by more than one person are then joint ventures in creation by all those who perceive and each creates his or her own version of one commonly held “Idea Form”. Let me explain that in the simplest of terms that I know how, bearing in mind that the entire process is a very spiritual thing, and happens as automatically as breathing, but may sound a bit mechanistic in the telling.

Let us then consider a quite over simplified tale of a carpenter living in New England. This carpenter in New England decides he wants to create (build) a table of such and such dimensions, using a certain wood of a certain color. He goes out in the forest and find a tree that will give him the type of wood that he is looking for, he cuts down the tree and get the wood he needs. His senses perceive the tree as solid, as they must, because the tree is conscious as you are conscious (not in the same degree of course), and the tree is telepathically sending out it’s own information (data) of it’s “tree’ness”, its characteristics, height, width, species, etc. The tree is alive, it is also conscious, in a more generalized way than your type of consciousness, but very effective for it’s purposes of being a tree. The carpenters senses, unknowingly, telepathically, pick up on this tree information that it is telepathically broadcasting through the use of it’s own senses, and he finds what he is looking for in the forest. In a way hard to explain, the tree is alive and conscious of self to a degree, and feels itself as solid, but it is not solid, but neither are you, so it all works out pretty well even though in a way, it is your senses that are playing a trick on you. Underneath the physical aspects of perception, there is pervasive telepathic communication between all consciousness.

If it were not for this underground railway of hidden communication, a method of very sophisticated, universal, telepathic communication constantly going on below the threshold of normal perception between all living consciousness, no reality could ever be perceived or agreed upon, for it is this telepathic sharing of electromagnetic coded data that allows you to create and hold any kind of coherent, mentally, agreed upon reality between millions of people.

Without this inner telepathic agreement of what would otherwise seem chaotic electro magnetic data, no shape, form or event could ever be experienced by more than the one “originator” of that idea form or event. Inner telepathic communication, then, is the glue that holds all reality together and gives it continuity within the context of time. Once created, a form becomes not only perceivable by the creator personality, but to all that come within the senses range of perception, and the created form will reappear again and again limitless times to all that come within its ability to project its being within the limitation of the senses that can perceive it. That is why that which is there will always reappear there until it is physically moved away. It remains in it’s basic state and your senses fill it out into the familiar object that you expect.

So, the carpenter, who also has the appearance of being solid cuts down the solid appearing tree and uses the wood to build a “not so solid”table, but since the appearance confirms the reality that your senses have created everyone is happy, except perhaps the tree. Physical reality is a complex, intricate and yet divine construct that gives physical meaning to otherwise non-physical data. In a very real sense, the gestalt tree consciousness introduces itself to the carpenter and to the world with what for lack of better analogy at this time, I will call a mental handshake. It sends out information as to its “self concept of its own structure”essentially saying “Hello, this is what I am as a tree, I am so tall, so wide, so heavy, so green, and made up of such and such.

As Eienstein correctly understood, energy cannot be destroyed, but can be changed, (E=Mc2), so our carpenter cuts down a tree that is the end result of a series of manipulations of energy, changing and propelling it from inner reality into a camouflage physical appearing object or in the case of the tree, into living matter, made up of living cells and molecules. Of course on micro levels, the cells and molecules are also made up of conscious electrons and atoms. These are always in a state of motion, even as the tree appears solid, rigid and permanent to your outer senses. So as not to leave myself open to question, and to be more precise, the energy is driven by purposeful awareized consciousness into long ago established physical idea tree patterns, which then in what I can only describe something similar to the process of osmosis, generalized consciousness takes hold and gives the tree its identity and uniqueness found no where else in the universe. Consciousness creates the “tree matter” first, as consciousness seeps in as a result.

Now, lets suppose at the same time in far away Seattle, a family is trying to decide on buying a new table for their new home, and remember, we are carrying through this very over simplified analogy. The families thoughts of tables are sending out those same telepathic messages around the world and as they do so the carpenter in New England is feeling that he is in need of money and will advertise and sell his table on Craig’s List on the internet. The store owner places his ad on the internet with a picture of the table. The family in Seattle happens to be scouring the internet one day when they come upon the table for sale on Craig’s List. They contact the seller and arrange to purchase the table and the carpenter agrees to ship it to them.

Of course, all of this is extremely simplified and maybe not the best of examples, but the intent here is to help you understand that the family in Seattle and the carpenter in New England are part of a vast grid of perception, constantly and unknowingly communicating telepathically. It is not conjecture that if someone decides to build a product for resale in China, that inner intent will be known in every country on earth. That does not mean that it will be acted upon, just as if you yearn to find your soul mate in the United States, unconsciously you are sending out that desire to all countries and to all people, but it does not mean that anyone will consciously pick up on your intent and swoop down into your life.

Now further, lets suppose that you and I instead of the family of four in Seattle, are sitting around the now famous table, you might even be leaning your arms on it, and not surprisingly, it supports their arms and a glass of beer. But we know that the table is NOT solid, just ask your scientists if you don’t believe me. But as long as you believe the table is solid, it will support your arms and your glass of beer. Now, in essence, what we have here is an original non-physical psychic pattern of a table originally created by the carpenter in New England, but since he created it, there exists a lingering carry over psychic form representative of HIS table. This pattern, now awaits to be filled out by you and I as we observe the table. As your senses reach out to the table, they create a composite table, positioning atoms in agreement with the results of what your senses tell you is real. My senses do the same thing and telepathically, we share the common data, sort out the differences and come to a psychic agreement on what we perceive to now be OUR table.

What has happened is that we have each created our own table, yours filled in and given solidity by the electrons, atoms and molecules projected into physical form by YOUR inner self, therefore you have created YOUR table. When I do the same thing, I create MY table, which is completely independent of YOUR table, but because of this inner telepathic agreement, we can arrive at something that we can compare and come to some agreement on what we are looking at. If we had the ability to compare atom by atom or cell by cell, we would discover that we were indeed looking at two completely different tables.

In the same way as you create your table, you also create your personal environment and your world, and it is truly YOUR world, but it is not MINE. I do the same and create my own world, and it is a darned good thing that you can use unconscious inner telepathic communication to come to these agreements on what exists physically or complete chaos would exist, resulting in insanity. Of course, what this means is that there is an astounding complex worldwide inner network of perception and communication between all consciousness that makes possible a coherent reality that achieves some semblance of continuity over time. To truly understand and appreciate this complex process of co-operation between all consciousness to achieve and hold together a viable system of reality, you must also realize that even the electron, atom, cell and molecule all possess aspects of consciousness and all participate and co-operate to create your world otherwise no world or universe could exist.

I want to make clear what I am saying here is that YOU create YOUR world and I create MINE, but I am not saying that you created the universe or the earth, and here is where it gets tricky. Your universe and your worlds were created in time terms so long ago that even God himself cannot remember. There is something out there! The universe and all worlds contained therein do exist, but not as you think they exist. What you see is a camouflage pattern created by your own type of consciousness creating an overlay of the raw stuff of the universe. These unimaginable energy banks, are there to be utilized by each consciousness to form its own environment and world, so what exists is what I would call a “raw universe” to be utilized by all consciousness to create and form camouflage reality patterns suitable to their own type of life forms.

This same massive creative endeavor is utilized by not only your system (world), but by others to create what to you would be considered alien worlds. All use the same “universe stuff” to create within the parameters of their own unique and particular senses, their own world and universe. Also what I am saying is that there are other worlds, other historical, cultural life civilizations occupying the same space as your earth and you will never discover each other. To them, you do not exist although you are utilizing the same stuff of the universe to create your own totally unique systems.

What I am saying is that you create your own illusion of your own world, and within it’s confines, your senses dictate its unique characteristics, and as long as you stay within your own cozy little universe, the solidity, the rigidity, the continuity will hold. The illusion for you cannot be penetrated except on rare occasions of spontaneous illumination or direct insights. When you accept life on earth, the only way you can see beyond the illusion is to die out of it, and once you are in it the illusion becomes very real indeed. It is then a “real illusion” for all intents and purposes. To others from different planes or dimensions of their own, your universe does not exist. It only exists for you while you are connected with it. When you die, you will still be connected with it to some extent, and until you leave the reincarnation system permanently, it will retain some reality for you. Those recently departed can still see into your world, and can observe you, even though you don’t have that same ability.

Only so much can be said in a short format such as this, and there is much that I don’t know, but suffice it to say, this is just the tip of the iceberg and there is much more to be discussed at another time.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Recently scientists from South Korea announced they had successfully cloned dogs that had a particular gene that made their extremities glow red in the dark. They were ecstatic about this discovery because it would allow them to use these animals for “animal testing” using this method to insert human disease genes into cloned animals to do what I am not sure. One thing is for sure, and this is something that you all know deep in your psyche, using animals for testing is wrong, no matter how you choose to look at it. Unfortunately the cloning of animals is usually done for less than honorable purposes and when you tacitly approve it through inaction, you inadvertently have your finger in the pie whether you like it or not.

Some pet owners have begun to take advantage of the new technology to produce clones of their favorite, now dead pet, hoping I guess, to insure immorality on their favorite deceased pet for all eternity. Some are not as pleased as they thought they might be with the results because most of the clones, in many cases, only vaguely resemble their previous pets, colors, size and hair texture differing to the extent that some think they were scammed by unscrupulous labs and technicians and believe the animals they were given were not real clones, but impostors. Smiling. These procedures cost upward of a hundred thousand dollars in most cases and require trips to laboratories half way around the world. Remember Jurassic Park? Now, it is important to understand that when you clone a dog or a human being, you can only reproduce at best an identical physical body, but in animals as in humans, the true identity or personality is not within the physical body. It is highly unlikely that the inner self, the spirit, the real identity will ever inhabit a clone, so what you have here will be a physical copy, but not the same true psychic identity. What that means is that the inner recognition, the habits, the thoughts and emotional structure of the animal or human will probably be totally different than it was in the original body. In a sense this could be said to be the right house, but the wrong resident.

Meanwhile, I will expect the daughter and son of the late Ted Williams to remove his body from the cryogenic lab where he was decapitated and his head and body frozen in liquid nitrogen in two different steel containers so he and his children can be “together in the future”, so the note says.
Then the real fun begins with the process of thawing him out, reattaching his severed head, maybe administering an electric shock, (kind of Frankensteinish), and have good old Ted sit up, say good morning, and shortly thereafter, once again enter Fenway Park and tip his hat to the adoring crowd.

I know, I’m being silly here, but your pursuit of the eternal physical body is so ludicrous that I have to laugh, hopefully not at your expense but at my own amusement at just how ignorant you are of the life process itself and the importance of understanding that YOU are not your body, YOU never were your body and YOU will never be your body. Period! The really good news here is this, YOU will always be YOU. Your identity is eternally focused on life experiences, maybe not in the same body or even the same world, but you will always exist in one form or another in some place.

Your physical body is a temporary convenience, it is a living, breathing, soul entwined vehicle activated by the spark of life from your soul/entity, that you utilize for the projection of your inner self into the realm of the three dimensional physical world at precise time and space co-ordinates for a life experienced in flesh and blood. It is temporary at best, and you shed bodies as a snake sheds its skin and never looks back on it again. If that original spark, the energy aware consciousness did not purposefully enter the fetus before or at birth, it would be stillborn, and this by the way, due to various underlying reasons, accounts for many still born infants.

We are speaking then of two separate and distinct parts of the living, functioning identity that you call YOU. If you truly understood this one simple fact, that your body without your consciousness cannot live. Your consciousness is the driving force that activates and maintains the corporeal structure, and devoid of that, no physical body, no matter in what condition, can live without artificial support. Sometimes for certain reasons, the waiting conscious personality, refuses to enter the newly emerging fetus as was intended, in that case the fetus is aborted or dies shortly after physical birth for unknown reasons. This also will explain why some people in comas for years on life support, never revive, because their consciousness has long ago departed for greener pastures, so to speak.

The body is not born WITH CONSCIOUSNESS as an inherent characteristic, but acquires a willing, pre-planned consciousness entry shortly before or at the time of birth. It is pre-arranged, and if this entrance did not occur, the body would not be activated by the presence of a living consciousness. It would not survive either by artificial or natural means and would not in the strictest of terms, would not be a functional personality, being simply a vacant shell. In case you wondered, a physical body, the fetus, aborted before the self aware consciousness has entered and is seated within the physical form, is not murder simply because nobody was home to be murdered. In a very real sense, all that was terminated was protoplasm.

So in the case of cloning, you can clone, produce in vitro or using whatever techniques to create bodies, but you cannot clone a consciousness. At this time, to the personality in the case of human physical bodies or the fragment consciousness in the case of plants and animals, there is little concern as to the origin of the body structure. There is more discrimination in the case of humans inhabiting a body than in the case of the more generalized consciousness fragments in animals and plants, but despite that, the reasons behind cloning are questionable to downright wrong at best.

I sometimes hesitate to say some things here simply because you are so influenced by false, primitive religious doctrine, that you cannot yet take a statement at its face value without applying religious concepts that you know are not true, but you still haven’t found the real truths to replace these obviously detrimental beliefs. But I still must tell you, and I know there are many among you that WILL UNDERSTAND, and I know Jerry Falwell will be rolling over in his grave at this.

In some cases, some cases, it is just as morally incorrect to clone, breed, create or capture animals and subject them to what you refer to as animal testing and research for the betterment of humanity. It can happen, depending on the circumstances, that you are aborting a lifeless embryo that a conscious identity has not yet entered. Now of course, you have no real way at this point of knowing whether or not an identity has entered the fetus since consciousness cannot be found with your instruments, so this can be a sticky wicket, and you had better exercise good judgement in making your decisions.

Generally speaking, consciousness holds off entering the fetus until a month or even later before the actual birth of the infant. If a conscious identity is returning to earth with an unusual fondness for earth experience, it may enter the fetus early, several months before birth. If the new consciousness is familiar with the soon to be mother and father and has retained a lingering affection for them it may be anxious to renew the association and enter the fetus early also. There is no set rule and each circumstance will be different depending on past relationships, familiarity, and the new consciousness love of the earth experience, but it would be very unusual for consciousness to enter the fetus earlier than the sixth month of pregnancy but it must enter the fetus at some time prior the physical birth.

The problem here is this, you can kill an embryo, but you cannot kill a viable human being if the consciousness that is behind the physical matter that forms the body is not present. There are considerations other than just killing or not killing an embryo here, and that is the embryo is the product of the mother and father, but the embryo would not have emerged without the intent of the inner self to project itself into physical reality through the co-operation of the mother and father. So, the destruction of the embryo, even though at any stage of its development does not kill the soon to emerge personality, but in a very real way aborts the intent of the inner self to assert itself into the corporeal structure. This then, is not an actual death, but it is a distraction to the soul/entity to its original intent and purpose.

Getting back to your use of animals for experimental testing, as in the case of some chimpanzees, and many other emerging species, keeping them confined in small cages, sometimes for their whole lives as medical guinea pigs is simply wrong and to do this under the assumption that you have the right to use animals for your own purposes in any way you see fit, is contemptible. You will someday come to your senses and have to admit that animals have the same right to existence as you do. Any gains you think you achieve through contributing to the agony of any other species will be negligible and in the long run will be detrimental not only to the development of your societies, but to your morality and integrity as a person. Your bible states;

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

You think that the Bible gives you the right to use other species for you own purposes and this is not true and it never was the intent of the verse. Your “dominion over” other species, simply means that as the only purposeful, thinking and reasoning species on earth at this time, you have the responsibility to care for and insure their survival and provide the necessary environment for their value development while doing the same for yourselves. In a larger context, when you kill an animal, you kill a portion of yourself, when you torture and animal through testing, you diminish your self worth. When you deprive an animal of its habitat, so you can build more subdivisions for your own species, you are violating the self evident laws of nature which is to insure the survival and flourishing of all species. You may be able to bring nature to its knees, but you cannot kill it. Nature is automatic, and it will flourish despite your indifference and ignorance to the overpopulating of your own species at the expense of others.

Remember, what you consider to be gains in your physical world, are only part of the equation, so if you gain in the physical aspect of your life at the expense of other species, you short circuit your progress at other levels of your true psychic being. To what gain is it to create a vaccine against the flu, when you fail to vaccinate yourself against practicing cruelty, using and exploiting animals never realizing the detrimental effects on the inner self and the soul. Also, your earth life is simply one step in a far greater journey, and harming other species through caging and testing erects a fence of indifference to the suffering of other species and this can never be a good thing. Will you be punished for such behavior, “No”, but neither will you be lifted up in your acceptance of your own right to live a value fulfilled life when you deny the same experience to other species. You are working on a project through living your life, and you are the project that you are working on, and a very real sense, you are always a work in progress. But your progress will be limited until you learn empathy with all other creatures and your environment.

Many will not believe this, but you are setting the groundwork now for your next life, and what you do here matters now, and will affect your future. If you are satisfied with repeating the same mistakes over and over, then keep doing what you have been doing. If however you want to progress as a physical and spiritual being, evaluate what you do now and always try to follow you instincts to better yourself and others, doing this you will be practicing a knowing kind of evolution of the self.

Intent also plays in important part here. If you, through genetic manipulation, create a dog that glows in the dark in order to benefit the dog, then that is a good thing. If however, you create that same dog, in order to experiment on it for the benefit of your own species, then it is spiritually and morally wrong and in the long run, you will get no lasting benefit. May I also remind you that in that ancient psychic explosion that resulted in the emergence of your physical universe and all that it contains, every electron, atom, cell and molecule that make up all physical objects and ALL living species, came from the same source, so how in the world could arrive at the conclusion that it’s alright for you to use other species for YOUR benefit? The true benefit is the sharing of their unique experience with yours, and you are blessed to be able to do so.

In a future article, I will discuss the raising of domestic animals for consumption.