Saturday, October 30, 2010


Part 1

I talk of reincarnation often, simply because so many of you either are not familiar with the concept or they just don't believe in it at all, and that's OK too. I have said before, it really doesn't make any difference whether or not you believe in the reality of the concept of many successive and continuing lives, you will perhaps admit that the concept does add some sense of continuity to the theory of evolution. If you are reading this column, which you are, you have probably lived before and will do it again and again.

Of course, you may not believe in evolution either. No matter, if that is the case, I will not be able, to convince you nor would I if I could, since all persons must develop their own belief systems at their own pace. You just can't rush those things, you must put in your time and learn at your own speed, unfortunately, sometimes that speed is painfully slow.

If it were my desire to convince you of something that you were not ready for, it would be the proverbial “putting the cart before the horse” situation and that is not a good thing. Most readers of this material have put in their time, so to speak and want answers, they not only want answers, they demand answers. Their minds are clear in that respect, and they are vehement in their pursuit of inner knowledge. And to those, the knowledge will be given as the desire to learn creates something like a psychic whirlpool effect, attracting and assimilating information that once was ignored.

Look around you at your present life, in totality, it is the result of countless electromagnetic fields, psychic in nature, initiated by your thoughts, desires and expectations, all made physical in the world of three dimensional reality. But your reality is much more than this, because of your history and that history is older than you suspect. You did not enter this world as a new personality with a blank slate on which to write a record of your present activities, your loves, your challenges, your failures, your successes and your acquired knowledge, only to be annihilated upon your death.

So, when, in times of introspection, you look at your life wondering what this is all about, you must at least suspect that there is more to this picture than meets the eye. Every man and woman is born into a world with a mother and father, and yet, there seems that there must be meaning and purpose beyond this to your life, but that purpose escapes you, and you wonder. You look into the heavens and gaze at the stars in amazement and find some measure of reassurance in the immensity of it all, and you know that there is meaning behind the stars too that you don't understand. But it is one thing to know, another to know that you know what you know and to know that the knowledge acquired is valid and true..

Your life as you know it TODAY, is a result of the electromagnetic realities that we spoke of but also a result of a past history that you are presently unaware of. This life that you know so well, is as it is, not only due to your present day beliefs, activities and striving, but because it carried over a vast wealth of knowledge, characteristics, habits, and propensities from previous lives. That is partially responsible for the YOU that you are today, and that my friends is why there are some things in your life that you can't explain, things that don't seem to fit into the present context of what you know you are.

Things that you were not in your past lives, you will be in your present life. If you are a female today, you probably were male in one or more past lives. If you were a scoundrel in a past life, you may be deeply involved in religion as a priest in this one. If you are plagued by illness in this life, it could be that in a previous life you did not learn of love and affection for your fellow man, so you have adopted illness in this life as living evidence manifested in the flesh, as a symbol to to learn a more responsible use of the creative energy of the spirit.

Much of what you are today, is the result of what you were yesterday, so to speak. If there are things in your life that seem totally out of synch with your present life situation, with what you know yourself to be, then look deeper for the reasons, and don't confine your search to just this one life. Karma operates, straddling many lives, but not in the way most think. Karma is not a comeuppance punishment as many would believe, but is an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and it does operate to your benefit. So when you are finished with the cycle of reincarnational lives on Earth, spanning centuries, you will be a well rounded personality, psychically, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally, eminently qualified to progress on to other more advanced systems, and those choices are many.

As Yogi Berra once said, “It ain't over till it's over” and as I say “It ain't ever over”.

Karma simply means that you will be given another chance to correct your mistakes in areas where you missed the mark in life's opportunities and this option may be exercised within the current life or within future lives, but there is no escaping the fact that you will, in some way, experience what you have inflicted on others whether it be love or hate. Most people equate karma with payback for unjust acts perpetrated on their fellow man, but it works both ways, so if you have given love and respect, that is what you will experience in this life and in future lives. For one who kills another man, he must in some way experience the same thing, otherwise he would learn nothing, and Earth is a learning system. The way karma is structured, it gives you ample time, actually all the time you need to “see the light” make beneficial changes to enhance you life and make amends to others. There is no punishment as usually thought of in religious terms, and failures and successes are seen in the same light, as leading to improvement of the personality, sometimes over a series of lives spanning many centuries.

Life is eternal for all living things and that infers that animals reincarnate too, so you don't have the kettle all to yourselves. The consciousness within seeds, germs, cells and molecules is also eternal, meaning that they die, fall away, and are reborn almost instantly, and each reborn cell, even though it is an entirely new cell, still carries the memory of all of the physical manifestations that it has participated in during its history. A cell, is in a most distant future, an incipient human personality.

In terms that can boggle the mind, every living speck of consciousness, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, lives again and again and there is nothing they or you can do about it. All life is conscious to varying degrees and consciousness is indelible and eternal. As an aside, animals do not reincarnate into humans, and man (women too) do not reincarnate as animals, ever! Obviously, and I am sure that I don't need to say this, but when I speak of reincarnation, I speak of the continuity of consciousness only, not physical form. Consciousness evolves form, but physical structure never evolves anything. Consciousness expresses itself by impressing its idea form that it holds of itself into the physical system, through a peculiar use of atomic structure that we have discussed before.

So, among other factors that we will not discuss in any great detail here, this life represents not only a collection of your current experience, emotions, memories and knowledge, but the similar characteristics from past lives are projected into the future personality, imprinted in the genes themselves and in many cases, can be accessed and retrieved through hypnosis and sometimes in the dream state.

Unconsciously then, the record and memory of all of your past selves is electrically coded and impressed into the physical genetic structure when you are born and is also retained in the non physical mind, which as you suspect, is a necessity, since the body comes and goes, dies and is reborn, but the intimate knowledge of multiple lives is never lost and is added to and built upon as your psychic identity survives the specter of the grim reaper again and again.

Just as much of your past life experience was carried over, in a way projected forward into the future into this present life, and is used as a basis for establishing the new personality at birth, with many of its past quirks, eccentricities, and karmic baggage if it exists, then this life is in a very real way, an audition and practice for your next life. Furthermore, in searching for reasons for failures, problems and challenges in your life today, you cannot limit your explorations to this life only, for many of today's problems may have been initiated centuries ago.

As you can understand, this is not an easy job, since you must become a psychic time traveler and look from the present into the past. Now, this is not always the case, but when you are truly seeking answers that seem to evade you as you ponder your present life, then consider the problem in the context that maybe, just maybe it was first encountered by a past self. I probably shouldn’t mention this here since you will once again be tempted to have me committed, but I will not water down these truths for the benefit of the ignorant, but will clearly state them to the best of my ability, and I believe I have given you sufficient evidence of the validity of this material.

Since the experience of time is a result of limited perception, demanding that you perceive past events, lives and experience in a continuous manner, this will not make much sense, but you can use the knowledge whether you understand it or not at this time. All of your past selves still exist. Because of your version of time, you must see them as dead and gone, but these personalities still exist and are as vibrant and alive as you. The reason I mentioned this, is that in many cases, just by asking for the sought after knowledge before going to sleep at night, the answers you seek will be given to you by your past self in a dream. Communication with past reincarnational selves is often carried on below the conscious awareness of the ego during the dream state, and more than likely, you have already had communication with a past self and have no conscious recollection of the event.

Here is where you have a chance to anticipate your next life situation by living this life as if you are auditioning for a play, understanding that the script you write and the advance preparation that you do here and now will in many ways give you foot in the door of your next existence. By living this life in a way beneficial for your personal development, you will alleviate many future problems in lives to come by setting up the groundwork, a positive foundation here in the present for your next life.

Once you enter the reincarnational system in your first earthly life, you are committed to finish a series of lives that are meant to bring you to a certain level of experience and knowledge, preparing you to enter other more challenging environments. This is of course called “evolution of the spirit” and adds to the development of the personality but also to the depth experience of the Soul. The minimum requirement of the number of lives you must live is three, but this depends much on your own personal development with rest periods in between

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I said that a past self may speak to you in your dreams, but a future self may also whisper back through the mists of time and give you advice on a problem you are facing in the present, since they have already encountered the same problem and solved it in your future. All past, present and future selves exist simultaneously in their respective reality systems.

There is much more.

Saturday, October 23, 2010



I have received numerous questions about these spiritual entities, individual questioners who all have an overriding similarity in their interests, so I will try to clear up some misunderstandings concerning those who you refer to as Angels, Spiritual Guides and Spiritual Teachers. These designations are sometimes used interchangeably, so there will be some overlapping of content here, and in truth they all originate outside of your earth reality system, but not outside of your universe. I will on occasion capitalize these names in this article, because not only are these identities real, but they are so far evolved as to be almost as gods in your present perspective and I want you to realize their import.

I must first try briefly to explain my frustration sometimes is explaining things that I know, and that I know that I know, but simply can't seem to find the appropriate words to bring life to the subject in understandable terms to those to whom I speak. One of my continuing challenges is explaining that there is something and someone meaningful out there beyond the three dimensional physical reality that you know so well, or at least think you do. For this article, I struggle with exactly what to call beings that are as real and valid as yourself and far more evolved, but not actually in a physical body.

Do I refer to them as entities, souls, beings, personalities, identities, persons, aliens? They are certainly not human beings in any sense of the imagination, but they do incorporate many human characteristics, emotions, feelings and motivations. I want to convey the understanding that these are beings, not human beings, but in some ways resembling yourselves, but not always. Of course, they have no physical bodies in your terms, materialized in atoms and molecules, at least not the kind that you are familiar with, but these beings are as alive, valid and action oriented as you, even more-so, and they do possess what you would call “their own identity form” which may or may not be perceivable to you.

Usually they will not be perceived, since they do not materialize in the three dimensional world. On the other hand, they are not some wispy, ghostly personality, flitting through the night skies, but very evolved personalities with goals, aspirations and motivations beyond anything that you would presently understand, inhabiting other more advanced systems.

These beings, personality identities exist in various different systems, since all are not at the same level of knowledge and abilities, so, their home reality systems will also differ in development and complexity, but they do have one overriding mission and that is to provide help to those who are seeking knowledge, and you can rest assured that they have evolved far beyond your present level. They are dedicated to teaching, educating and extending a hand, to those who reach a certain level of psychic awareness in the Earth system and especially to those who fervently demand to know.

These more advanced personalities all have the same interest and that is bringing enlightenment to those individuals within your world who seek knowledge, help, protection and blessings. Most of these entities are usually thought of by you, and considered within the confines of religious doctrine of some kind, so there is a necessity here to clear the air of some important matters before we proceed.

As some of you know, I usually try not to get to deeply into organized religious doctrine of any particular religion, especially those of which I know little, so when I do refer to various aspects of religion, I usually do so from the viewpoint of the Christian church, in which I have had some past experience, and have some familiarity. Usually, what I talk about in light of the Christian church, you can also apply to other religious belief systems, but not always, as there are many differences between the over 6000 religions blanketing the world, as you know.

Most of the stories and myths of angels, helpers, guides and teachers are based on ancient tales of the times, but over passing time, the stories morph into legends, are then passed down through the ages, embellished and amplified into really nice children's fantasy stories, fables with little real value unless you are content with misleading superstitions. You cannot remain a child forever, and though these tales had value when you were young, there comes a time when you must step out of your old comfort zone and learn about what is and what isn't.

I only mention this since the aforementioned entities are prevalent within Christendom in general and are referred to in books and lectures again and again, even though few people have any real idea of what or who these identities really are, where they originate from and what their motivation is in concerning themselves in the physical world and its people. You must understand that the reality of these personalities is beyond description, but I can give you some idea of what you are dealing with here.

Angels, for example, have been the subject of Biblical tales for centuries, angelic figures wearing white flowing robes, usually surrounded by an angelic halo, and sporting wings that enable them to fly around saving good Christians from Satanic demons just in the knick of time, usually by the way, saving a few other stray souls along the way. Now, far be it for me to ruin a good tale, but I think most of you are aware of the over simplicity of such fables and are ready to take a step forward, beyond the child's stories and learn the deeper truths and symbolism hidden within.

Stories of angels have been around for thousands of years, but the reality behind them does have some truth, based on past experience of ancient civilizations. You as a modern society are not aware of many of the creatures that roamed the ancient earth, oceans and skies in past eons. There were then, flying creatures, in times of the cavemen, somewhat like the pterodactyls that existed from the late Triassic to the end of the Cretaceous Period millions of years ago. They were the earliest vertebrates known to have evolved powered flight and they were known to soar over ancient cliffs and on occasion, swooping down to save more than one human child from falling.

This, then was the beginning of the “angel myths”, that evolved into todays many angel stories. The renditions of angels that you see for sale, painted on black velvet cloth, selling in carnivals and thrift shops “are not” really accurate paintings of real angels. (with a really big smile). Some might legitimately use the term angels to define other entities who CAN and DO provide knowledge and assistance to those in the three dimensional system in times of need. They have evolved through your system and to them, it represents their ancestral home, and they look over it with great interest even though they have evolved far beyond into other more advanced systems. The names are really interchangeable, but their intent is always the same, to provide help.

So, angels as you think of them do NOT exist in the forms that you imagine, but here's the good news, Devils and Satan do not exist either, except in your imagination. You live in a system of opposites, a right demanding a left, up insisting there be a down. A day must have a night, and what is real must have an unreal. So it is only logical that if you believe in angels, you will believe in devils. But lets move on to what really does exist, Spirit Guides and Teachers. (You may call them angles if you wish, but please forget the wings, white tunics and golden harps). (wink) Sorry, guess I'm in a devilish mood.

Now as to Spirit Guides and Teachers, you will notice that I do not include the Soul or Entity in the same category at this time since their existence is so far removed and psychologically distant as to be pretty much unreachable from your system, so that any meaningful contact is for all practical purposes, non existent. The Teachers and Spirit Guides are closer to your reality and contact is possible through various means. I should say though, that communication with the Entity or Soul is sometimes carried on through other somewhat lesser evolved aspects of the Soul who are in a more accessible level of reality to be able to initiate contact with those still in the physical system, possibly through the Spirit Guides and Teachers of whom we will speak here.

I have said this before, but you operate in a pyramid gestalt of consciousness with countless gradations, with newer emerging consciousness entering on the lower levels of the pyramid and the more advanced Entities at the top of the pyramid. Souls/Entities on the upper levels can at their discretion, send communications through other identities existing on lower levels, similar to your military chain of command where the general sends orders to the troops through the chain of command. Of course, this gestalt of which is speak is a psychological gestalt and not physical, and your consciousness is a part of this gestalt now, as I write this article. You are part of it, and it is part of you, whether or not you are aware of this affiliation. You have good psychological genes.

There are other beings, alien in nature to you now, who have evolved through your earth system long ago, and I do mean long, long ago and traveled to other galaxies, and they too still look in on your world with fond memories and provide support and energy when necessary, but one rule always prevails, no matter who the teacher and whatever his level of abilities, and that is, that THEY DO NOT INTERFERE in any way that could affect the outcome of your world's historical past. They do assist individuals such as yourselves in personal ways, offering advice and solutions to your problems in the dream state, but these supportive intrusions mostly deal with what you would call local issues. In other words, they they will usually assist you in decisions about your personal life, but on occasion they will speak to the masses in mass disseminated dreams, and offer assistance to entire civilizations in order, lets say, avert a war or other world disaster.

Disasters, in case you are interested, must be allowed to occur as “you create them” otherwise no lessons would be learned, and if an entire civilization is destroyed, serious lessons would surely be learned, and those lessons applied in the next world experiment. I do not mean to denigrate your civilization in any way by referring to your reality system as an experiment, but in a very real sense, all realities, all planets and universes are experiments of different nature and import. In a greater sense, you cannot really destroy anything, since what you destroy is simply the outward appearance of the true (Inner Truth) which can be activated again. This is not meant to mean that your world is not important, because it is, and you must take it dead seriously while you are here.

So, you have other “ beings, Entities, personalities, identities who are always waiting in the wings to offer assistance. You can call them angels, helpers or teachers, but understand that their motivation is to teach, and they have decided, because of their past familiarity and affection with Earth, to teach in your world. They do not waste their time trying to teach personalities who are not ready or as yet able to assimilate new and difficult concepts. They will find those who have reached a certain level of desire and spiritual sophistication. As consciousness of an individual personality grows in it's intellectual and intuitional abilities, it's light shines, a brighter light than the surrounding field, and a Teacher or Guide will find you when you are ready.

Finally, not all of these spiritual teachers possess the same abilities, but usually, they have been trained, and would not be allowed to make earthly contacts were they not prepared, but it is wise to remember that some are new to multidimensional teaching which they must be capable of to begin making contacts with those in other worlds. First contacts, are for practical purposes, usually made in the dream state, and sometimes a great idea that you have, will have been planted in your mind in your sleep. Arrangements are then made as to the best methods to infuse the knowledge to the student.

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Monday, October 18, 2010


As some of you know by now, I sometimes write about the same subjects, hoping to approach some almost impossible to understand concepts in a different light and from a new slant, giving you an ever increasing, deeper perspective on varied aspects of your reality. If some aspects that I touch on seem redundant, it is only because I receive more questions on some subjects more than others, and usually they are subjects that are very difficult for you to understand and from my end, more difficult to explain.

If these matters were easy to explain there would not be so many people lost in the wilderness of ignorance, following false beliefs, false prophets and false doctrine about very important subjects. If you are wondering what benefit it is to learn about what we discuss here, it is because you will not always be here, and will eventually progress and that progression can be either sooner than later, depending on what you learn now.

For anyone interested, I am not a prophet, I am not a guru, I hold no degrees in religion and I am not a psychologist. I don't even possess a golden crown, yet I am one, who receives golden tidbits of information from places that do not originate in this reality system. The messages, the knowledge that I pass on to you, have been given before in your world, and in worlds pre dating yours. In time terms, this is the latest version of earth reality, and you are carrying the Earth experiment forward on different terms than ever before.

Other civilizations have existed on previous earths, and other civilizations have existed on your current earth and probable earths that you know nothing of at this time. Some of these previous civilizations destroyed themselves and others succeeded and moved outward into other distant galaxies in accordance with their more advanced knowledge and abilities. There will come a time when you will also move on to more developed and sophisticated systems. This will happen whether you now know it or not, the difference being, that you can facilitate this evolution of your consciousness now, and begin to know now what you do not now know. You can also in this life learn about the death experience and make the transition less confusing when the time comes.

There is no knowledge purposely withheld from you, but there is knowledge that you simply ignore because you have not taken the time to learn that it even exists. You are now a “single focused consciousness”, concentrating your full attention in this one brief shining moment that you call your present life, not realizing that you have hypnotized yourself into only noticing one simple aspect of your soul or your whole identity. Entire books could be written about the other aspects of YOU that you do not even suspect exists now in your present, let alone detect clues to the other “still and already existing” past and future selves that are alive now as you.

So there is no confusion, what I am saying is that “who you were”, those who your present personality reincarnated from, still live and progress on their own terms, and in those terms, no death is an ending, it only appears that way on the surface. I am also telling you, knowing full well, that the deeper truths of this statement will scandalize your logic and intellect, but all of the future selves that you will become through reincarnation also are alive and well now.

I am mentioning this at this time so you can better understand my place in this grand experiment, my intent, and my unique opportunity to struggle to explain truths, knowledge and concepts that ring throughout your world, other worlds, the universe and beyond. I have said before that my information comes to me in ways hard to explain, but an explanation is not needed, since the integrity, truth and source of this knowledge will be felt within the heart and not within the words written here. The words themselves are not the truths, the information they portray is. The words are carriers of the truths and nothing more. If you do not feel those truths in your heart, then you simply are not ready, and you will go your own way in peace.

I have told you that the knowledge that we talk about here, has been given countless times before through the eons, and though the methods will vary, the knowledge will not. This universal knowledge at times will fly in the face of known facts and present day beliefs and understanding, but this does not make them any less valid. The information given here, will never be proven from within your present system, since you are “locked in” a matter based reality where inner truths are cloaked in physical appearance and this appearance, this illusion is pervasive and cannot be pierced from without.

You can glimpse some of these truths on rare occasions in moments of reflection and more so in the dream state while asleep. As I said, there is no god or supreme being withholding information from you, but there are limits imposed on you by the physical brain and the ego's need to isolate you from much of this information which it feels would jeopardize its standing as sole master of the helm, so to speak.

Any information that would indicate the existence and power of an inner self is filtered out of your view, since the ego does not consider it important to your physical survival. The irony here is that the present ego (your personality) could not exist without the constant support and creative assistance of your inner self. To the ego centric personality, all you need to know is what you bump into and stub your toe, and you will never stub your toe on an idea, a thought or a belief, but they remain on the outskirts of your daily reality as it is spoon fed to you, one atom at a time. In other words, an idea is as real as a rock.

Consciousness existed before atoms, before molecules and before worlds and will continue to exist even after your world disappears, if indeed it does in some distant future. Consciousness is not dependent on physical structure, but all physical structure is dependent on consciousness. In other words, consciousness existed in the beginning, and did not evolve from earth elements as some scientists suspect and postulate, and inwardly, you know this too.

Not one single particle of consciousness exists now that did not exist before your universe was formed, and not one particle of consciousness, and that includes YOU, will ever perish. I realize that this may seem counter intuitional since your populations are ever increasing. You might wonder how can this be if more and more people are being born. I will explain this in future articles.

You will shed many bodies on your journey until you finally realize that your body is not the real you, then you will be ready to take leave of the reincarnational system for other destinations. That statement has some implications that we will discuss at some future date, but suffice it to say, you weren't born yesterday.

I am here to teach as well as I can, and I have many who are learning and growing in their knowledge, finding that, the more they desire knowledge, the more it is given. Remember; “Ask and you shall receive”, “Seek and you will find” and for those who are curious the answers will come. The knowledge you seek is difficult beyond belief, so you are now training your brain to expand its scope and widen its perspective. There reality systems beyond anything you or I will ever be able to understand, systems that power the physical universe, yet you would never notice them.

There is also knowledge that IS known, that can be conveyed and understood, and I hope to be able to pass some of that knowable knowledge on to you. To even begin to get a glimpse of that kind of knowledge, you must set aside your present beliefs, since most are at best distortions of real truths. You must also understand that your present earth system is like kindergarten for beginning consciousness. Do not let appearances of technological progress fool you into thinking that you are at the apex of life in the universe, because you are just at the beginning. The best is yet to come. I like to think of it this way, evolution, by its very nature always infers progression, and you will evolve whether you believe in it or not.

I am going to be discussing subjects that I have intentionally sidetracked until more of your were ready to tackle difficult new concepts. In this subject matter I hope to answer many questions you may have and you are always welcome to submit your questions as comments and I will attempt to answer those that are within my scope of understanding. The next article will address questions that have been submitted about angels, spiritual guides and teachers.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I was recently reminded about what most people of various religions think about their God. This was made evident by a recent survey where a large segment of the North American population was asked to pick which one of four following groups they would put their God. The number of respondents choosing were pretty evenly divided between the following four categories best describing their God; Strict, Forgiving, Distant, Involved. The categories speak for themselves so I don't need to go into describing them other than to say that in almost all cases, they envisioned God as “human appearing” reinforcing the widely held belief that God created man in his image.

There were some other surprising things discovered in recent surveys, such as most religious people that are often heavily involved in their own religious beliefs, believe that others can also be saved through their own religions. Surprisingly, most societies other than the US, Ireland, the Philippines, are very suspicious of religious doctrine, less than 50% in most cases believing in infallible “Biblical Truth” the existence of a Devil, Heaven, Hell, and Divine Miracles. On the other hand in almost every country, belief in evolution is between 60 and 80%, much more than I would have expected, and this tells us much about the progress of Earth civilization at this time, and it is indeed encouraging.

Religions as they evolved were meant to provide the species with some “ideals” to live by and to give some hope of the continuity of life, even though the imagined sterile “Heaven” condition of any after-life would be stagnating and and deny the creative abilities needed for any consciousness to flourish. Religions, in their own distorted way have given mankind the hope that extinction of themselves is not pre-ordained and that in one form or another, their consciousness would continue to exist after death. Religions were meant to provide a temporary bridge for newer personalities entering the earth system for the first time, to connect with their own versions of God. Gods then, have come and gone, evolved and changed over time, the angry God Jehovah of the Jews, becoming the compassionate Christ as civilizations began to feel empathy for their fellow human beings. The commonly held idea that God created mankind in His own image, is laughable when you think about it, and the reason most of those who do think that God exists, think he looks like them. Now, it is not my intention to shock anyone, but my friends, God or the Prime Source, the All That Is, that I prefer, is so far evolved that if he were a personality, you would not recognize him as any kind of being at all if you bumped into him on the street.

In this article I want to make an attempt to explain one, only one, essential characteristic of “All That Is” or if you prefer “ God”. I was brought to write this article since there have been many well publicized events lately where violence was perpetrated on young gay men and women. They have been bullied, ridiculed, beat up and in some cases killed by their friends and acquaintances when it was discovered that they were homosexuals, and sometimes because of erroneous biblical teachings.

There simply is no room on your planet for this kind of violence, yet it is prevalent in many forms even though most people know violence is wrong and do not condone it, they are more likely to tolerate it if the victim is a homosexual. The reasons behind violence are many, but in general, violence is the result of ignorance and a lack of understanding in this one truth that you have all heard, and that one truth, albeit somewhat hard to explain and even harder to believe, is this; You are all one! We are all one, and the inhabitants of other systems, other worlds, other universes are all part of the “ALL ONENESS OF EVERYTHING”.

Getting back to the reason for this article and a cursory explanation of my statement that God is gay. But first, my apologies to Jerry Falwell who built a career of ranting and turning his congregations against gay people, but my dear Jerry, God is as much gay as you supposed your favorite insidious Teletubbies to be. For those who have not read any of these articles on the God concept, the “idea form” that many hold of God maintaining an angry, judgmental, male, human image is ludicrous to say the least. You may have inferred from my designation of God as “ All That Is”, that this prime source of everything, holds every one of His creations dear and is so far beyond sexual or racial identification that it would be impossible to explain. This Prime Identity that you call your God exists as the totality of all species, all worlds, all beings, all colors, all races, all faces and all sexes expressed in as many variations in as many reality systems as there are people on the planet, including those you refer to as gay, and yet, this God is more than all of these combined.

Sexual identification did not originate in the human species by an evolutional accident and many animal species in like manner have adopted and also participate in this, same sex fascination, what you may choose to call eccentric, peculiar behavior, but it is peculiar only because it varies from the norm that you are accustomed to in your society only. What you may call male and female characteristics, including all spectrums of sexual expression in between those two, do not originate in the earthly personality, but in the Soul/Entity, and in the entity this trait can be seen in its many faces.

Your present physical body and self image is a representative reproduction of all of your past reincarnated lives and even before your first breath was taken, even before you were born, your inner self embedded coded electromagnetic memory data within the yet to be born fetus, characteristics of all of your past male and female lives. These are meant to give you some past data to work with, referencing them in your sleep states and intuitive impulses, to help you work through problems that might originate because of sexual over identification.

Your present life, if you are female, carries latent psychological traits of the (male leaning) animus within its genetic structure to act as a moderating influence on the female identity and its tendency to allow itself to be acted upon. Obviously then, the male identity carries latently within its own genetic structure, psychological imprints of the anima (female orientation), which can be activated when the male aggressiveness begins to overemphasize its sometimes intruding behavior patterns. These opposite male and female traits and characteristics are not meant to delineate divisions between the sexes, but to provide maximum life experience within the context of the whole self. You are working, through many lifetimes, on a melding of many male and female lives as the overall personality trends toward a unification of the whole self when the reincarnational cycle is completed. The point I wanted to make here is that understanding the role of the animus and anima, as a moderating influence on both male and female behavior, so you can see that all versions of sexual expression are given full reign. In short, even though you may be male, part of your reality also includes the female awareness, and so it is with the male species also, so it would not be entirely wrong to say that all people are bi sexual in varying degrees.

You can see then, that when the anima is extremely strong in the male, female traits will be emphasized and likewise in the female. Keeping that in mind, you can be a little gay or a lot gay, and it all depends on deep psychological connections acted out and carried over from past lives as both sexes. Over many lifetimes, sometimes strong male tendencies surface in the female identity and female in the male, these are not discarded, but recorded and remembered. In fact there are all spectrums of maleness and femaleness, and that is what helps establish the “norm”. If that were not so, there could be no real norm established on which societies could be founded.

The Soul/Entity, having evolved through the physical system, is not male and not female, but is composed of traits of both sexes in varying influences. The Soul/Entity cannot be identified as one sex or another, but it does lean in one direction or the other in what you would call defining characteristics. Soul and Entity characteristics can be extrapolated through countless evolved strata of Entities to the Prime God Identity, and what I am inferring here is that the Prime Source that you call God, identifies with both the male and female as it is projected into countless worlds and reality systems. Even though the sexual act for the purposes of reproduction and pleasure are not even known in many alien systems, the male and female leanings are pretty much universal.

At this level, these male, female characteristics are subtle, but recognizable enough that the Entity would refer to itself by a designation that could lean toward either male or female attributes and interests over others or these could be evenly experienced. The Entity would then, not be known as male or female, but would be inclined, lets say, to lean to the intuitive, mystic, inward characteristics of the female species or lean to the more intellectual, aggressive, outward thrusting characteristic usually assigned to male orientation. Of course, after the earthly reincarnational cycle is finished, sex as you know it is not necessary for reproduction, since the body that you will inhabit does not need sexual contact to recreate itself. But that subject is for another future article.

God is the original source of everything that is, and the belief that one must procreate to be worth his weight in salt is sheer nonsense. The idea that one must leave behind a bevy of children to perpetrate his blood line is just a misunderstanding common to the physical system. You have children that you do not know as you have parents of much longer standing that you do not remember and have not met in this lifetime, but they exist as you exist, and the evolutional trend is toward expansion of consciousness and growth of abilities and awareness of these “family ties” that you have long forgotten. As you evolve through lifetimes, you will become more aware of these other friends and family associations that will in some cases be more dear to you than those in your present life.

Procreation is not mandatory or even as desirable in all cases as some religions would have you believe, and this should be obvious since you are rapidly overpopulating your world. Therefore it is NOT A SIN to purposely not have children by any effective means. Many of your misled religious leaders tell you that the earth will provide no matter how many people are born, and this is sheer lunacy, but I can tell you that the earth is now in a state of crisis and cannot adequately feed and clothe its peoples at this time in its history. The religious leaders perpetrating these myths and fabrications are helping to bring the world to its knees in the name of God. I wish I could tell you that if you create just one more person, the addition of that one more person would cause the earth to become unbalanced and spin off of its axis. I know this is a rather far fetched metaphor, it is nonetheless appropriate here. You might be a lot better off if you had more gay people inhabiting the planet , contributing immeasurably, but without adding to its population and the coming population crisis.

As most of you know, I try to stay away from religion, except where the implications are dire and they are dire now for the world as you know it. As most people understand, the Bible has been edited, expunged, changed and manipulated to the extent that one must be very careful in seeking truths buried and hidden among the many distortions. Many religious leaders scan the scriptures with a fine tooth comb in order to dredge up and skew any scant evidence that they could distort and translate into dogma that would lead you to believe that Jesus condemned homosexuals, but that is not the case. But honestly, I can never help but be amazed how creative and inventive some of the most disturbed people can be that actually become self appointed purveyors of false spirituality and sure enough, find multitudes of weak minded people to follow them and reinforce their erroneous and dangerous teachings.

Now back to the matters at hand here. God is not only everything male, but everything female and everything in between, so you could rightly say that God is the first true bi-sexual. God, just as the Soul and Entity, seeks all experience, in your world and in countless others. For every male and female, there exists in other probable worlds, other valid kinds of sexual identities, spectrums of sexuality that run the gamut of all sexual possibilities that have ever existed and could ever exist. You are here to learn that you are truly all one and that includes, male, female and all other personalities of all sexual persuasions. There is no sin in being attracted to the same sex, but in that regard, as we have discussed many times before, there simply is no such thing as “Sin” unless you are steeped in guilt ridden, superstitious and false religious dogma. But most of you that read these articles will not be surprised at that statement.

Next Article: Reincarnation – What's Next?

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Almost everyone joins a group of some kind during their lifetimes, ranging from Church Groups, Hobby Groups, Work Out Groups, and others too numerous to mention here, except for “Support Groups”, and they are indeed the subject of this article, which I am sure will draw some criticism. I would hope by now many of our readers already have a good understanding of the creative aspects of reality and also know that old phrase that I have been telling you for years; “You get what you concentrate on”. Now I am aware that there will still be some lingering doubt in your mind that this statement is actually true.

Of course, the opposite holds true too, you simply cannot get what you want if you do not concentrate your attention on your desires. Of course, I guess you might say that if you couldn't concentrate on them, they were not real desires in the first place. Nevertheless, you live in a matter dense world and that matter is formed from thought, desire, suggestion, belief and expectation. You could, for instance, want something but doubt that you would actually get it, and if you have doubts, you in a very real way, short circuit the creative process and limit your expectations. In this case, you are doomed to failure, when you are trying to do consciously what you now do unconsciously. You would think that if you do it so easily unconsciously, it should be easy to do it consciously but that is not the case at all.

Look around you and you will see either a world of good things, abundance, good health, affluence, comforts, many good friends and a happy family life, whatever that family may consist of. All of this you have created through your positive attitudes and expectations of satisfactions and fulfillments. On the other hand, if you see desolation, illness, lacks, all resulting from poor expectations, you will seem to be surrounded and inundated by misfortune. Your health will be poor, you may struggle with finances, friendships, divorce, you may have trouble holding down a good job and you overall outlook will be negative. Of course, there are many intertwining factors that we will not delve into here, but I must repeat, that what you see is what you have created by certain irrefutable laws that we have discussed in more detail in other articles devoted to the methods by which matter and events materialize in the three dimensional world of physical matter.

I hope this will suffice for now to if not convince you that you do indeed create your physical body, your environment and the world around you but you then experience what you have created. In that respect, the objects and events that affect your life, are in a way, living examples of your inner beliefs and intent. Physical objects and events are natural expressions of all “Earth Bound” consciousness and that includes the animals and plants. The earth is a beginning system of reality where new consciousness learns how to handle and manipulate matter and the resulting objects and events are the objective results of subjective initiatives. They are a feedback system where you can experience and judge your competency in creation and so far, the results have been less than stellar.

Creation, growth and expanding awareness is what life is all about, and when you have learned the creative skills over a series of lifetimes, when your environment reeks of goodness, wellness, affluence and fulfillment, you will have learned your lessons well and there will be no need for further development in the Earth system through reincarnations and you will graduate to more advanced systems. So, it's all about the creative aspects of consciousness, and by that, again I include all consciousness, including that of animals, plants, down to the smallest particles of physical matter. Yes, even an atom, knows that it IS, and does not confuse its reality with other particles. An atom knows that it is not an electron, molecule or cell.

There is a natural flow of consciousness into matter, one unhampered by the limitations of conscious awareness, matter being created naturally, effortlessly and unconsciously without you even suspecting that you are the creator. Materialized object and events flow form consciousness as naturally as you breathe. It then behooves you to make sure that your overall attitude, beliefs and especially your associations are of a healthy nature, otherwise there can be unwarranted problems, simply because you haven't realized the importance of your attitude, and your ability to unknowingly and unsuspectingly soak up and absorb unhealthy and discordant beliefs of others around you, never realizing the potential debilitating effect they can have in molding and forming unhealthy attributes that can negatively affect your health and life experience.

And here my friends is where we can finally get to the point about “Support Groups” and their potential disastrous negative affects on health or other aspects of your life. I am talking here mostly about health, and will leave other concerns for another time. There is nothing wrong with belonging to clubs that are formed for entirely different purposes than support groups. Most clubs are formed by bringing positive thinking people together for purely positive purposes, support groups bring people together whose belief systems are already shattered and torn, beaten down and tainted by not only the obvious physical effects of sickness, but also the sometimes debilitating effects of mental assaults on the psyche because of physical symptoms of illness.

I dare say that there is not one among you that does not appreciate the concern of your friends and acquaintances in times of ill health, especially when experiencing life threatening disease or afflictions of any serious nature. There is a natural tendency to want sympathy and to share your problems with others with similar difficulties. Some may be inclined to call it co-dependency, but it is not quite that, but a belief that it is beneficial to share your health problems with others “fighting” the same health battles as you. Fighting is not a good word since there is no aggressor to fight and no illness is thrust upon you by some outside force or agency. No sinister bug lurks in hiding waiting to assault you and put you asunder. All illness is the outer manifestation of inner discordant beliefs.

I do not intend to go into the real reasons behind most illness here, but I have touched on it in other articles, and will leave it up to you to read them and then maybe you will be able to easier understand what I will be saying here. It has been said many times that when you send man to prison he will, because of his associations in prison, come out a worse man than when he went in. This is true, and it is for the exact same reasons that you will, because of your associations, almost by a psychological osmosis, take on the beliefs of others that you associate with and if their beliefs are negative to begin with, you cannot help but be affected negatively by the association.

So, let me here ask you a questions. Would you want your daughter to associate with and be friends with other girls and boys who are involved in drugs, smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol and who associated with gang members? I think not, and intuitively you know full well that she would soon adopt the same characteristics and the others with whom she associated, and you would have a valid concern. Now what I am suggesting here is not that you will find others in support groups with ill intent, but for all members of that group seeking friendships, information and moral support from friends with similar illness, there will be a tendency to set up a psychological co-dependency between members of the group.

When you are ill you go to a doctor, not giving any thought to the fact that you are putting you “health” in the hands of someone who only believes in illness. I realize that at this time in your psychic growth, you are obligated to follow that line of treatment, and you must do so as long as you believe that cures come from potions, pills and amputations, and most people do. Having said this, the more you associate with sick people, the more you learn from them “How To Be Sick”, since it is something they have shown that they know how to do. This is the reason so many people get sicker in hospitals than they were before they went in.

It is one of the worst ideas that mankind has ever come up with, to gather together and isolate groups of sick people, forcing them to interact within a temporary small segment of society who definitely knows how to be sick. Did it ever occur to you that it would be far wiser to isolate yourself within a group of people who rarely if ever got sick? These are the people who either knowingly or unconsciously know how to be well, so your association with this group would in the same type of psychic osmosis, help you to learn and adopt habits, thoughts and belief characteristics of people who know nothing of illness, and there are reasons behind their immunity that you could learn from.

I know there are many of you who will laugh at this, and I am not for a minute suggesting that you follow my advice at this time, since it would be unwise “not” to see a physician as long as you and your contemporaries believe in doctors, drugs, pills and hospitals as the source of cures from illness and maladies. This is a belief structure that you will eventually evolve out of at your own pace but until then you must deal with what you have in your own time. You do have control over what you do in your own time within your own belief system that is more consciously managed.

When you choose to hang around with or associate with groups of people in lets say a “CANCER” support group for example, you are by choice limiting your experience to giving and getting support from a specific group of people who have proved one thing, and that is that “They know how to get Cancer”. It would be better if you joined a gym and associated with a group of people who believe in wellness and demonstrate it in their own life by being well. Of course, this group would not be called a support group, to which the name alone suggests needing or giving support, which in itself infers a lack. If you are sick, the last people on earth that you need support from are people who have demonstrated that they know how to get sick. You do not need support from afflicted people, you need support from healthy people, who have proven that they know how to be WELL and some of their inherent, unconscious knowledge will rub off into you through these associations.

Whether you know it or not, you are a psychic creature at this point in your physical and spiritual development. You are inhabiting a physical body, but there is no rule saying that the body was born with inherent flaws unless you created them and accepted them at birth as part of your learning experience. If you did not purposely create a deficient physical form at birth for reasons known only to you, your body was given with full inner knowledge how to live within itself in a natural state of wellness and balance, knowing full well when things go awry, and then employing the necessary means to right the ship, so to speak. We will talk about genetic pre-disposition to certain illness in another article, but suffice it to say here that the genetic messages are also subject to change and manipulation by consciousness.

Of course, by now, I do hope that you understand that illness is a perfect physical barometer, alerting you in the world of objectivity of the inner psychic condition of the personality. You are not yet aware of the immense power and potency of one single thought, one single idea, but every thing you see around you was first a “thought” propelled into matter. Not one single object or event exists that was not first a mental act. One single thought instantly began the process of materialization of the ancient pyramids and one single thought begins the process of recovery from illness. You can then see how negative thinking can be almost “lethal” in the process of bringing about a cure for whatever ails you.

The intent behind support groups is commendable, but if you expect to be well, join groups of people who live their wellness, not groups that are formed with the purpose of supporting others who are incapacitated by sickness and maladies. This is the “Take with You” from this article. The inner power behind one single thought could launch a rocket to the moon and remember, the reality of any event begins with the first, almost inconceivable moment that the thought occurs. If the thought is propelled buy sufficient impetus, desire, suggestion and expectation, it is just a matter of time before it begins to emerge on the physical landscape.

My apologies for such a long article, but unfortunately in this limited format, we can barely begin to scratch the surface of this important subject. We will address it again and again.