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I was recently reminded about what most people of various religions think about their God. This was made evident by a recent survey where a large segment of the North American population was asked to pick which one of four following groups they would put their God. The number of respondents choosing were pretty evenly divided between the following four categories best describing their God; Strict, Forgiving, Distant, Involved. The categories speak for themselves so I don't need to go into describing them other than to say that in almost all cases, they envisioned God as “human appearing” reinforcing the widely held belief that God created man in his image.

There were some other surprising things discovered in recent surveys, such as most religious people that are often heavily involved in their own religious beliefs, believe that others can also be saved through their own religions. Surprisingly, most societies other than the US, Ireland, the Philippines, are very suspicious of religious doctrine, less than 50% in most cases believing in infallible “Biblical Truth” the existence of a Devil, Heaven, Hell, and Divine Miracles. On the other hand in almost every country, belief in evolution is between 60 and 80%, much more than I would have expected, and this tells us much about the progress of Earth civilization at this time, and it is indeed encouraging.

Religions as they evolved were meant to provide the species with some “ideals” to live by and to give some hope of the continuity of life, even though the imagined sterile “Heaven” condition of any after-life would be stagnating and and deny the creative abilities needed for any consciousness to flourish. Religions, in their own distorted way have given mankind the hope that extinction of themselves is not pre-ordained and that in one form or another, their consciousness would continue to exist after death. Religions were meant to provide a temporary bridge for newer personalities entering the earth system for the first time, to connect with their own versions of God. Gods then, have come and gone, evolved and changed over time, the angry God Jehovah of the Jews, becoming the compassionate Christ as civilizations began to feel empathy for their fellow human beings. The commonly held idea that God created mankind in His own image, is laughable when you think about it, and the reason most of those who do think that God exists, think he looks like them. Now, it is not my intention to shock anyone, but my friends, God or the Prime Source, the All That Is, that I prefer, is so far evolved that if he were a personality, you would not recognize him as any kind of being at all if you bumped into him on the street.

In this article I want to make an attempt to explain one, only one, essential characteristic of “All That Is” or if you prefer “ God”. I was brought to write this article since there have been many well publicized events lately where violence was perpetrated on young gay men and women. They have been bullied, ridiculed, beat up and in some cases killed by their friends and acquaintances when it was discovered that they were homosexuals, and sometimes because of erroneous biblical teachings.

There simply is no room on your planet for this kind of violence, yet it is prevalent in many forms even though most people know violence is wrong and do not condone it, they are more likely to tolerate it if the victim is a homosexual. The reasons behind violence are many, but in general, violence is the result of ignorance and a lack of understanding in this one truth that you have all heard, and that one truth, albeit somewhat hard to explain and even harder to believe, is this; You are all one! We are all one, and the inhabitants of other systems, other worlds, other universes are all part of the “ALL ONENESS OF EVERYTHING”.

Getting back to the reason for this article and a cursory explanation of my statement that God is gay. But first, my apologies to Jerry Falwell who built a career of ranting and turning his congregations against gay people, but my dear Jerry, God is as much gay as you supposed your favorite insidious Teletubbies to be. For those who have not read any of these articles on the God concept, the “idea form” that many hold of God maintaining an angry, judgmental, male, human image is ludicrous to say the least. You may have inferred from my designation of God as “ All That Is”, that this prime source of everything, holds every one of His creations dear and is so far beyond sexual or racial identification that it would be impossible to explain. This Prime Identity that you call your God exists as the totality of all species, all worlds, all beings, all colors, all races, all faces and all sexes expressed in as many variations in as many reality systems as there are people on the planet, including those you refer to as gay, and yet, this God is more than all of these combined.

Sexual identification did not originate in the human species by an evolutional accident and many animal species in like manner have adopted and also participate in this, same sex fascination, what you may choose to call eccentric, peculiar behavior, but it is peculiar only because it varies from the norm that you are accustomed to in your society only. What you may call male and female characteristics, including all spectrums of sexual expression in between those two, do not originate in the earthly personality, but in the Soul/Entity, and in the entity this trait can be seen in its many faces.

Your present physical body and self image is a representative reproduction of all of your past reincarnated lives and even before your first breath was taken, even before you were born, your inner self embedded coded electromagnetic memory data within the yet to be born fetus, characteristics of all of your past male and female lives. These are meant to give you some past data to work with, referencing them in your sleep states and intuitive impulses, to help you work through problems that might originate because of sexual over identification.

Your present life, if you are female, carries latent psychological traits of the (male leaning) animus within its genetic structure to act as a moderating influence on the female identity and its tendency to allow itself to be acted upon. Obviously then, the male identity carries latently within its own genetic structure, psychological imprints of the anima (female orientation), which can be activated when the male aggressiveness begins to overemphasize its sometimes intruding behavior patterns. These opposite male and female traits and characteristics are not meant to delineate divisions between the sexes, but to provide maximum life experience within the context of the whole self. You are working, through many lifetimes, on a melding of many male and female lives as the overall personality trends toward a unification of the whole self when the reincarnational cycle is completed. The point I wanted to make here is that understanding the role of the animus and anima, as a moderating influence on both male and female behavior, so you can see that all versions of sexual expression are given full reign. In short, even though you may be male, part of your reality also includes the female awareness, and so it is with the male species also, so it would not be entirely wrong to say that all people are bi sexual in varying degrees.

You can see then, that when the anima is extremely strong in the male, female traits will be emphasized and likewise in the female. Keeping that in mind, you can be a little gay or a lot gay, and it all depends on deep psychological connections acted out and carried over from past lives as both sexes. Over many lifetimes, sometimes strong male tendencies surface in the female identity and female in the male, these are not discarded, but recorded and remembered. In fact there are all spectrums of maleness and femaleness, and that is what helps establish the “norm”. If that were not so, there could be no real norm established on which societies could be founded.

The Soul/Entity, having evolved through the physical system, is not male and not female, but is composed of traits of both sexes in varying influences. The Soul/Entity cannot be identified as one sex or another, but it does lean in one direction or the other in what you would call defining characteristics. Soul and Entity characteristics can be extrapolated through countless evolved strata of Entities to the Prime God Identity, and what I am inferring here is that the Prime Source that you call God, identifies with both the male and female as it is projected into countless worlds and reality systems. Even though the sexual act for the purposes of reproduction and pleasure are not even known in many alien systems, the male and female leanings are pretty much universal.

At this level, these male, female characteristics are subtle, but recognizable enough that the Entity would refer to itself by a designation that could lean toward either male or female attributes and interests over others or these could be evenly experienced. The Entity would then, not be known as male or female, but would be inclined, lets say, to lean to the intuitive, mystic, inward characteristics of the female species or lean to the more intellectual, aggressive, outward thrusting characteristic usually assigned to male orientation. Of course, after the earthly reincarnational cycle is finished, sex as you know it is not necessary for reproduction, since the body that you will inhabit does not need sexual contact to recreate itself. But that subject is for another future article.

God is the original source of everything that is, and the belief that one must procreate to be worth his weight in salt is sheer nonsense. The idea that one must leave behind a bevy of children to perpetrate his blood line is just a misunderstanding common to the physical system. You have children that you do not know as you have parents of much longer standing that you do not remember and have not met in this lifetime, but they exist as you exist, and the evolutional trend is toward expansion of consciousness and growth of abilities and awareness of these “family ties” that you have long forgotten. As you evolve through lifetimes, you will become more aware of these other friends and family associations that will in some cases be more dear to you than those in your present life.

Procreation is not mandatory or even as desirable in all cases as some religions would have you believe, and this should be obvious since you are rapidly overpopulating your world. Therefore it is NOT A SIN to purposely not have children by any effective means. Many of your misled religious leaders tell you that the earth will provide no matter how many people are born, and this is sheer lunacy, but I can tell you that the earth is now in a state of crisis and cannot adequately feed and clothe its peoples at this time in its history. The religious leaders perpetrating these myths and fabrications are helping to bring the world to its knees in the name of God. I wish I could tell you that if you create just one more person, the addition of that one more person would cause the earth to become unbalanced and spin off of its axis. I know this is a rather far fetched metaphor, it is nonetheless appropriate here. You might be a lot better off if you had more gay people inhabiting the planet , contributing immeasurably, but without adding to its population and the coming population crisis.

As most of you know, I try to stay away from religion, except where the implications are dire and they are dire now for the world as you know it. As most people understand, the Bible has been edited, expunged, changed and manipulated to the extent that one must be very careful in seeking truths buried and hidden among the many distortions. Many religious leaders scan the scriptures with a fine tooth comb in order to dredge up and skew any scant evidence that they could distort and translate into dogma that would lead you to believe that Jesus condemned homosexuals, but that is not the case. But honestly, I can never help but be amazed how creative and inventive some of the most disturbed people can be that actually become self appointed purveyors of false spirituality and sure enough, find multitudes of weak minded people to follow them and reinforce their erroneous and dangerous teachings.

Now back to the matters at hand here. God is not only everything male, but everything female and everything in between, so you could rightly say that God is the first true bi-sexual. God, just as the Soul and Entity, seeks all experience, in your world and in countless others. For every male and female, there exists in other probable worlds, other valid kinds of sexual identities, spectrums of sexuality that run the gamut of all sexual possibilities that have ever existed and could ever exist. You are here to learn that you are truly all one and that includes, male, female and all other personalities of all sexual persuasions. There is no sin in being attracted to the same sex, but in that regard, as we have discussed many times before, there simply is no such thing as “Sin” unless you are steeped in guilt ridden, superstitious and false religious dogma. But most of you that read these articles will not be surprised at that statement.

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Anonymous said...

Great article. I would like to request that you write something on love. How and why does it exist. What is the purpose of love and why we feel it. Is love it's own energy source. Is love and hate two different energies? i kind of see them as two different energies one that is procreation and one that is destruction. But how did they come about? is it programmed in us?

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
What a great suggestion, and I am setting your comment aside and will address it in an article in the near future.
Thank you so much.