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I have received numerous questions about these spiritual entities, individual questioners who all have an overriding similarity in their interests, so I will try to clear up some misunderstandings concerning those who you refer to as Angels, Spiritual Guides and Spiritual Teachers. These designations are sometimes used interchangeably, so there will be some overlapping of content here, and in truth they all originate outside of your earth reality system, but not outside of your universe. I will on occasion capitalize these names in this article, because not only are these identities real, but they are so far evolved as to be almost as gods in your present perspective and I want you to realize their import.

I must first try briefly to explain my frustration sometimes is explaining things that I know, and that I know that I know, but simply can't seem to find the appropriate words to bring life to the subject in understandable terms to those to whom I speak. One of my continuing challenges is explaining that there is something and someone meaningful out there beyond the three dimensional physical reality that you know so well, or at least think you do. For this article, I struggle with exactly what to call beings that are as real and valid as yourself and far more evolved, but not actually in a physical body.

Do I refer to them as entities, souls, beings, personalities, identities, persons, aliens? They are certainly not human beings in any sense of the imagination, but they do incorporate many human characteristics, emotions, feelings and motivations. I want to convey the understanding that these are beings, not human beings, but in some ways resembling yourselves, but not always. Of course, they have no physical bodies in your terms, materialized in atoms and molecules, at least not the kind that you are familiar with, but these beings are as alive, valid and action oriented as you, even more-so, and they do possess what you would call “their own identity form” which may or may not be perceivable to you.

Usually they will not be perceived, since they do not materialize in the three dimensional world. On the other hand, they are not some wispy, ghostly personality, flitting through the night skies, but very evolved personalities with goals, aspirations and motivations beyond anything that you would presently understand, inhabiting other more advanced systems.

These beings, personality identities exist in various different systems, since all are not at the same level of knowledge and abilities, so, their home reality systems will also differ in development and complexity, but they do have one overriding mission and that is to provide help to those who are seeking knowledge, and you can rest assured that they have evolved far beyond your present level. They are dedicated to teaching, educating and extending a hand, to those who reach a certain level of psychic awareness in the Earth system and especially to those who fervently demand to know.

These more advanced personalities all have the same interest and that is bringing enlightenment to those individuals within your world who seek knowledge, help, protection and blessings. Most of these entities are usually thought of by you, and considered within the confines of religious doctrine of some kind, so there is a necessity here to clear the air of some important matters before we proceed.

As some of you know, I usually try not to get to deeply into organized religious doctrine of any particular religion, especially those of which I know little, so when I do refer to various aspects of religion, I usually do so from the viewpoint of the Christian church, in which I have had some past experience, and have some familiarity. Usually, what I talk about in light of the Christian church, you can also apply to other religious belief systems, but not always, as there are many differences between the over 6000 religions blanketing the world, as you know.

Most of the stories and myths of angels, helpers, guides and teachers are based on ancient tales of the times, but over passing time, the stories morph into legends, are then passed down through the ages, embellished and amplified into really nice children's fantasy stories, fables with little real value unless you are content with misleading superstitions. You cannot remain a child forever, and though these tales had value when you were young, there comes a time when you must step out of your old comfort zone and learn about what is and what isn't.

I only mention this since the aforementioned entities are prevalent within Christendom in general and are referred to in books and lectures again and again, even though few people have any real idea of what or who these identities really are, where they originate from and what their motivation is in concerning themselves in the physical world and its people. You must understand that the reality of these personalities is beyond description, but I can give you some idea of what you are dealing with here.

Angels, for example, have been the subject of Biblical tales for centuries, angelic figures wearing white flowing robes, usually surrounded by an angelic halo, and sporting wings that enable them to fly around saving good Christians from Satanic demons just in the knick of time, usually by the way, saving a few other stray souls along the way. Now, far be it for me to ruin a good tale, but I think most of you are aware of the over simplicity of such fables and are ready to take a step forward, beyond the child's stories and learn the deeper truths and symbolism hidden within.

Stories of angels have been around for thousands of years, but the reality behind them does have some truth, based on past experience of ancient civilizations. You as a modern society are not aware of many of the creatures that roamed the ancient earth, oceans and skies in past eons. There were then, flying creatures, in times of the cavemen, somewhat like the pterodactyls that existed from the late Triassic to the end of the Cretaceous Period millions of years ago. They were the earliest vertebrates known to have evolved powered flight and they were known to soar over ancient cliffs and on occasion, swooping down to save more than one human child from falling.

This, then was the beginning of the “angel myths”, that evolved into todays many angel stories. The renditions of angels that you see for sale, painted on black velvet cloth, selling in carnivals and thrift shops “are not” really accurate paintings of real angels. (with a really big smile). Some might legitimately use the term angels to define other entities who CAN and DO provide knowledge and assistance to those in the three dimensional system in times of need. They have evolved through your system and to them, it represents their ancestral home, and they look over it with great interest even though they have evolved far beyond into other more advanced systems. The names are really interchangeable, but their intent is always the same, to provide help.

So, angels as you think of them do NOT exist in the forms that you imagine, but here's the good news, Devils and Satan do not exist either, except in your imagination. You live in a system of opposites, a right demanding a left, up insisting there be a down. A day must have a night, and what is real must have an unreal. So it is only logical that if you believe in angels, you will believe in devils. But lets move on to what really does exist, Spirit Guides and Teachers. (You may call them angles if you wish, but please forget the wings, white tunics and golden harps). (wink) Sorry, guess I'm in a devilish mood.

Now as to Spirit Guides and Teachers, you will notice that I do not include the Soul or Entity in the same category at this time since their existence is so far removed and psychologically distant as to be pretty much unreachable from your system, so that any meaningful contact is for all practical purposes, non existent. The Teachers and Spirit Guides are closer to your reality and contact is possible through various means. I should say though, that communication with the Entity or Soul is sometimes carried on through other somewhat lesser evolved aspects of the Soul who are in a more accessible level of reality to be able to initiate contact with those still in the physical system, possibly through the Spirit Guides and Teachers of whom we will speak here.

I have said this before, but you operate in a pyramid gestalt of consciousness with countless gradations, with newer emerging consciousness entering on the lower levels of the pyramid and the more advanced Entities at the top of the pyramid. Souls/Entities on the upper levels can at their discretion, send communications through other identities existing on lower levels, similar to your military chain of command where the general sends orders to the troops through the chain of command. Of course, this gestalt of which is speak is a psychological gestalt and not physical, and your consciousness is a part of this gestalt now, as I write this article. You are part of it, and it is part of you, whether or not you are aware of this affiliation. You have good psychological genes.

There are other beings, alien in nature to you now, who have evolved through your earth system long ago, and I do mean long, long ago and traveled to other galaxies, and they too still look in on your world with fond memories and provide support and energy when necessary, but one rule always prevails, no matter who the teacher and whatever his level of abilities, and that is, that THEY DO NOT INTERFERE in any way that could affect the outcome of your world's historical past. They do assist individuals such as yourselves in personal ways, offering advice and solutions to your problems in the dream state, but these supportive intrusions mostly deal with what you would call local issues. In other words, they they will usually assist you in decisions about your personal life, but on occasion they will speak to the masses in mass disseminated dreams, and offer assistance to entire civilizations in order, lets say, avert a war or other world disaster.

Disasters, in case you are interested, must be allowed to occur as “you create them” otherwise no lessons would be learned, and if an entire civilization is destroyed, serious lessons would surely be learned, and those lessons applied in the next world experiment. I do not mean to denigrate your civilization in any way by referring to your reality system as an experiment, but in a very real sense, all realities, all planets and universes are experiments of different nature and import. In a greater sense, you cannot really destroy anything, since what you destroy is simply the outward appearance of the true (Inner Truth) which can be activated again. This is not meant to mean that your world is not important, because it is, and you must take it dead seriously while you are here.

So, you have other “ beings, Entities, personalities, identities who are always waiting in the wings to offer assistance. You can call them angels, helpers or teachers, but understand that their motivation is to teach, and they have decided, because of their past familiarity and affection with Earth, to teach in your world. They do not waste their time trying to teach personalities who are not ready or as yet able to assimilate new and difficult concepts. They will find those who have reached a certain level of desire and spiritual sophistication. As consciousness of an individual personality grows in it's intellectual and intuitional abilities, it's light shines, a brighter light than the surrounding field, and a Teacher or Guide will find you when you are ready.

Finally, not all of these spiritual teachers possess the same abilities, but usually, they have been trained, and would not be allowed to make earthly contacts were they not prepared, but it is wise to remember that some are new to multidimensional teaching which they must be capable of to begin making contacts with those in other worlds. First contacts, are for practical purposes, usually made in the dream state, and sometimes a great idea that you have, will have been planted in your mind in your sleep. Arrangements are then made as to the best methods to infuse the knowledge to the student.

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