Monday, October 18, 2010


As some of you know by now, I sometimes write about the same subjects, hoping to approach some almost impossible to understand concepts in a different light and from a new slant, giving you an ever increasing, deeper perspective on varied aspects of your reality. If some aspects that I touch on seem redundant, it is only because I receive more questions on some subjects more than others, and usually they are subjects that are very difficult for you to understand and from my end, more difficult to explain.

If these matters were easy to explain there would not be so many people lost in the wilderness of ignorance, following false beliefs, false prophets and false doctrine about very important subjects. If you are wondering what benefit it is to learn about what we discuss here, it is because you will not always be here, and will eventually progress and that progression can be either sooner than later, depending on what you learn now.

For anyone interested, I am not a prophet, I am not a guru, I hold no degrees in religion and I am not a psychologist. I don't even possess a golden crown, yet I am one, who receives golden tidbits of information from places that do not originate in this reality system. The messages, the knowledge that I pass on to you, have been given before in your world, and in worlds pre dating yours. In time terms, this is the latest version of earth reality, and you are carrying the Earth experiment forward on different terms than ever before.

Other civilizations have existed on previous earths, and other civilizations have existed on your current earth and probable earths that you know nothing of at this time. Some of these previous civilizations destroyed themselves and others succeeded and moved outward into other distant galaxies in accordance with their more advanced knowledge and abilities. There will come a time when you will also move on to more developed and sophisticated systems. This will happen whether you now know it or not, the difference being, that you can facilitate this evolution of your consciousness now, and begin to know now what you do not now know. You can also in this life learn about the death experience and make the transition less confusing when the time comes.

There is no knowledge purposely withheld from you, but there is knowledge that you simply ignore because you have not taken the time to learn that it even exists. You are now a “single focused consciousness”, concentrating your full attention in this one brief shining moment that you call your present life, not realizing that you have hypnotized yourself into only noticing one simple aspect of your soul or your whole identity. Entire books could be written about the other aspects of YOU that you do not even suspect exists now in your present, let alone detect clues to the other “still and already existing” past and future selves that are alive now as you.

So there is no confusion, what I am saying is that “who you were”, those who your present personality reincarnated from, still live and progress on their own terms, and in those terms, no death is an ending, it only appears that way on the surface. I am also telling you, knowing full well, that the deeper truths of this statement will scandalize your logic and intellect, but all of the future selves that you will become through reincarnation also are alive and well now.

I am mentioning this at this time so you can better understand my place in this grand experiment, my intent, and my unique opportunity to struggle to explain truths, knowledge and concepts that ring throughout your world, other worlds, the universe and beyond. I have said before that my information comes to me in ways hard to explain, but an explanation is not needed, since the integrity, truth and source of this knowledge will be felt within the heart and not within the words written here. The words themselves are not the truths, the information they portray is. The words are carriers of the truths and nothing more. If you do not feel those truths in your heart, then you simply are not ready, and you will go your own way in peace.

I have told you that the knowledge that we talk about here, has been given countless times before through the eons, and though the methods will vary, the knowledge will not. This universal knowledge at times will fly in the face of known facts and present day beliefs and understanding, but this does not make them any less valid. The information given here, will never be proven from within your present system, since you are “locked in” a matter based reality where inner truths are cloaked in physical appearance and this appearance, this illusion is pervasive and cannot be pierced from without.

You can glimpse some of these truths on rare occasions in moments of reflection and more so in the dream state while asleep. As I said, there is no god or supreme being withholding information from you, but there are limits imposed on you by the physical brain and the ego's need to isolate you from much of this information which it feels would jeopardize its standing as sole master of the helm, so to speak.

Any information that would indicate the existence and power of an inner self is filtered out of your view, since the ego does not consider it important to your physical survival. The irony here is that the present ego (your personality) could not exist without the constant support and creative assistance of your inner self. To the ego centric personality, all you need to know is what you bump into and stub your toe, and you will never stub your toe on an idea, a thought or a belief, but they remain on the outskirts of your daily reality as it is spoon fed to you, one atom at a time. In other words, an idea is as real as a rock.

Consciousness existed before atoms, before molecules and before worlds and will continue to exist even after your world disappears, if indeed it does in some distant future. Consciousness is not dependent on physical structure, but all physical structure is dependent on consciousness. In other words, consciousness existed in the beginning, and did not evolve from earth elements as some scientists suspect and postulate, and inwardly, you know this too.

Not one single particle of consciousness exists now that did not exist before your universe was formed, and not one particle of consciousness, and that includes YOU, will ever perish. I realize that this may seem counter intuitional since your populations are ever increasing. You might wonder how can this be if more and more people are being born. I will explain this in future articles.

You will shed many bodies on your journey until you finally realize that your body is not the real you, then you will be ready to take leave of the reincarnational system for other destinations. That statement has some implications that we will discuss at some future date, but suffice it to say, you weren't born yesterday.

I am here to teach as well as I can, and I have many who are learning and growing in their knowledge, finding that, the more they desire knowledge, the more it is given. Remember; “Ask and you shall receive”, “Seek and you will find” and for those who are curious the answers will come. The knowledge you seek is difficult beyond belief, so you are now training your brain to expand its scope and widen its perspective. There reality systems beyond anything you or I will ever be able to understand, systems that power the physical universe, yet you would never notice them.

There is also knowledge that IS known, that can be conveyed and understood, and I hope to be able to pass some of that knowable knowledge on to you. To even begin to get a glimpse of that kind of knowledge, you must set aside your present beliefs, since most are at best distortions of real truths. You must also understand that your present earth system is like kindergarten for beginning consciousness. Do not let appearances of technological progress fool you into thinking that you are at the apex of life in the universe, because you are just at the beginning. The best is yet to come. I like to think of it this way, evolution, by its very nature always infers progression, and you will evolve whether you believe in it or not.

I am going to be discussing subjects that I have intentionally sidetracked until more of your were ready to tackle difficult new concepts. In this subject matter I hope to answer many questions you may have and you are always welcome to submit your questions as comments and I will attempt to answer those that are within my scope of understanding. The next article will address questions that have been submitted about angels, spiritual guides and teachers.



TessG said...

When seeking knowledge of this nature, it's often difficult to weed out the charlatans from those with truer intentions. Can you recommend any books or other mediums whereby one could receive similar information from reliable sources?

W. Allan said...

I would recommend the "Seth" books by Jane Roberts. The material is difficult, but worth the effort. There are a series of books channeled through Mrs Roberts by the Seth Entity over many years and the information is accurate and true, a real look into the mind and the universe, its beginning, your reality and a host of other subjects. Don't get discouraged when reading, it will come to you.

TessG said...

Thank you, William. I ordered my first "Seth" book and am eager to get started on it! I can remember my mom mentioning Mrs.Robert's work when I was a kid, so, I'm happy to be reminded of the opportunity to investigate it for myself.

W. Allan said...

Dear Number7,
I am sure you won't be disappointed if you take your time reading it. There will undoubtably be some parts that you will need to read again and again because some of the concepts are difficult, but you will find the knowledge contained in the Seth works invaluable.