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Almost everyone joins a group of some kind during their lifetimes, ranging from Church Groups, Hobby Groups, Work Out Groups, and others too numerous to mention here, except for “Support Groups”, and they are indeed the subject of this article, which I am sure will draw some criticism. I would hope by now many of our readers already have a good understanding of the creative aspects of reality and also know that old phrase that I have been telling you for years; “You get what you concentrate on”. Now I am aware that there will still be some lingering doubt in your mind that this statement is actually true.

Of course, the opposite holds true too, you simply cannot get what you want if you do not concentrate your attention on your desires. Of course, I guess you might say that if you couldn't concentrate on them, they were not real desires in the first place. Nevertheless, you live in a matter dense world and that matter is formed from thought, desire, suggestion, belief and expectation. You could, for instance, want something but doubt that you would actually get it, and if you have doubts, you in a very real way, short circuit the creative process and limit your expectations. In this case, you are doomed to failure, when you are trying to do consciously what you now do unconsciously. You would think that if you do it so easily unconsciously, it should be easy to do it consciously but that is not the case at all.

Look around you and you will see either a world of good things, abundance, good health, affluence, comforts, many good friends and a happy family life, whatever that family may consist of. All of this you have created through your positive attitudes and expectations of satisfactions and fulfillments. On the other hand, if you see desolation, illness, lacks, all resulting from poor expectations, you will seem to be surrounded and inundated by misfortune. Your health will be poor, you may struggle with finances, friendships, divorce, you may have trouble holding down a good job and you overall outlook will be negative. Of course, there are many intertwining factors that we will not delve into here, but I must repeat, that what you see is what you have created by certain irrefutable laws that we have discussed in more detail in other articles devoted to the methods by which matter and events materialize in the three dimensional world of physical matter.

I hope this will suffice for now to if not convince you that you do indeed create your physical body, your environment and the world around you but you then experience what you have created. In that respect, the objects and events that affect your life, are in a way, living examples of your inner beliefs and intent. Physical objects and events are natural expressions of all “Earth Bound” consciousness and that includes the animals and plants. The earth is a beginning system of reality where new consciousness learns how to handle and manipulate matter and the resulting objects and events are the objective results of subjective initiatives. They are a feedback system where you can experience and judge your competency in creation and so far, the results have been less than stellar.

Creation, growth and expanding awareness is what life is all about, and when you have learned the creative skills over a series of lifetimes, when your environment reeks of goodness, wellness, affluence and fulfillment, you will have learned your lessons well and there will be no need for further development in the Earth system through reincarnations and you will graduate to more advanced systems. So, it's all about the creative aspects of consciousness, and by that, again I include all consciousness, including that of animals, plants, down to the smallest particles of physical matter. Yes, even an atom, knows that it IS, and does not confuse its reality with other particles. An atom knows that it is not an electron, molecule or cell.

There is a natural flow of consciousness into matter, one unhampered by the limitations of conscious awareness, matter being created naturally, effortlessly and unconsciously without you even suspecting that you are the creator. Materialized object and events flow form consciousness as naturally as you breathe. It then behooves you to make sure that your overall attitude, beliefs and especially your associations are of a healthy nature, otherwise there can be unwarranted problems, simply because you haven't realized the importance of your attitude, and your ability to unknowingly and unsuspectingly soak up and absorb unhealthy and discordant beliefs of others around you, never realizing the potential debilitating effect they can have in molding and forming unhealthy attributes that can negatively affect your health and life experience.

And here my friends is where we can finally get to the point about “Support Groups” and their potential disastrous negative affects on health or other aspects of your life. I am talking here mostly about health, and will leave other concerns for another time. There is nothing wrong with belonging to clubs that are formed for entirely different purposes than support groups. Most clubs are formed by bringing positive thinking people together for purely positive purposes, support groups bring people together whose belief systems are already shattered and torn, beaten down and tainted by not only the obvious physical effects of sickness, but also the sometimes debilitating effects of mental assaults on the psyche because of physical symptoms of illness.

I dare say that there is not one among you that does not appreciate the concern of your friends and acquaintances in times of ill health, especially when experiencing life threatening disease or afflictions of any serious nature. There is a natural tendency to want sympathy and to share your problems with others with similar difficulties. Some may be inclined to call it co-dependency, but it is not quite that, but a belief that it is beneficial to share your health problems with others “fighting” the same health battles as you. Fighting is not a good word since there is no aggressor to fight and no illness is thrust upon you by some outside force or agency. No sinister bug lurks in hiding waiting to assault you and put you asunder. All illness is the outer manifestation of inner discordant beliefs.

I do not intend to go into the real reasons behind most illness here, but I have touched on it in other articles, and will leave it up to you to read them and then maybe you will be able to easier understand what I will be saying here. It has been said many times that when you send man to prison he will, because of his associations in prison, come out a worse man than when he went in. This is true, and it is for the exact same reasons that you will, because of your associations, almost by a psychological osmosis, take on the beliefs of others that you associate with and if their beliefs are negative to begin with, you cannot help but be affected negatively by the association.

So, let me here ask you a questions. Would you want your daughter to associate with and be friends with other girls and boys who are involved in drugs, smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol and who associated with gang members? I think not, and intuitively you know full well that she would soon adopt the same characteristics and the others with whom she associated, and you would have a valid concern. Now what I am suggesting here is not that you will find others in support groups with ill intent, but for all members of that group seeking friendships, information and moral support from friends with similar illness, there will be a tendency to set up a psychological co-dependency between members of the group.

When you are ill you go to a doctor, not giving any thought to the fact that you are putting you “health” in the hands of someone who only believes in illness. I realize that at this time in your psychic growth, you are obligated to follow that line of treatment, and you must do so as long as you believe that cures come from potions, pills and amputations, and most people do. Having said this, the more you associate with sick people, the more you learn from them “How To Be Sick”, since it is something they have shown that they know how to do. This is the reason so many people get sicker in hospitals than they were before they went in.

It is one of the worst ideas that mankind has ever come up with, to gather together and isolate groups of sick people, forcing them to interact within a temporary small segment of society who definitely knows how to be sick. Did it ever occur to you that it would be far wiser to isolate yourself within a group of people who rarely if ever got sick? These are the people who either knowingly or unconsciously know how to be well, so your association with this group would in the same type of psychic osmosis, help you to learn and adopt habits, thoughts and belief characteristics of people who know nothing of illness, and there are reasons behind their immunity that you could learn from.

I know there are many of you who will laugh at this, and I am not for a minute suggesting that you follow my advice at this time, since it would be unwise “not” to see a physician as long as you and your contemporaries believe in doctors, drugs, pills and hospitals as the source of cures from illness and maladies. This is a belief structure that you will eventually evolve out of at your own pace but until then you must deal with what you have in your own time. You do have control over what you do in your own time within your own belief system that is more consciously managed.

When you choose to hang around with or associate with groups of people in lets say a “CANCER” support group for example, you are by choice limiting your experience to giving and getting support from a specific group of people who have proved one thing, and that is that “They know how to get Cancer”. It would be better if you joined a gym and associated with a group of people who believe in wellness and demonstrate it in their own life by being well. Of course, this group would not be called a support group, to which the name alone suggests needing or giving support, which in itself infers a lack. If you are sick, the last people on earth that you need support from are people who have demonstrated that they know how to get sick. You do not need support from afflicted people, you need support from healthy people, who have proven that they know how to be WELL and some of their inherent, unconscious knowledge will rub off into you through these associations.

Whether you know it or not, you are a psychic creature at this point in your physical and spiritual development. You are inhabiting a physical body, but there is no rule saying that the body was born with inherent flaws unless you created them and accepted them at birth as part of your learning experience. If you did not purposely create a deficient physical form at birth for reasons known only to you, your body was given with full inner knowledge how to live within itself in a natural state of wellness and balance, knowing full well when things go awry, and then employing the necessary means to right the ship, so to speak. We will talk about genetic pre-disposition to certain illness in another article, but suffice it to say here that the genetic messages are also subject to change and manipulation by consciousness.

Of course, by now, I do hope that you understand that illness is a perfect physical barometer, alerting you in the world of objectivity of the inner psychic condition of the personality. You are not yet aware of the immense power and potency of one single thought, one single idea, but every thing you see around you was first a “thought” propelled into matter. Not one single object or event exists that was not first a mental act. One single thought instantly began the process of materialization of the ancient pyramids and one single thought begins the process of recovery from illness. You can then see how negative thinking can be almost “lethal” in the process of bringing about a cure for whatever ails you.

The intent behind support groups is commendable, but if you expect to be well, join groups of people who live their wellness, not groups that are formed with the purpose of supporting others who are incapacitated by sickness and maladies. This is the “Take with You” from this article. The inner power behind one single thought could launch a rocket to the moon and remember, the reality of any event begins with the first, almost inconceivable moment that the thought occurs. If the thought is propelled buy sufficient impetus, desire, suggestion and expectation, it is just a matter of time before it begins to emerge on the physical landscape.

My apologies for such a long article, but unfortunately in this limited format, we can barely begin to scratch the surface of this important subject. We will address it again and again.

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