Saturday, November 29, 2008


Since I have been writing these articles for some time now and have fortunately found many interested readers, I thought I would begin including from time to time, some more personal notes. I have said before that in your search for inner truths, there are many out there that would mislead you, maybe not on purpose, but unintentionally, simply because the content of their information is just not valid.

My advice is not to follow those who ask you for something. Be observant of their agenda and motivations. I have said that words can lie, and often do, but your inner emotions and intuitional feelings cannot lie. When you search for your path, follow your most intimate, inner feelings about what is right. I can tell you that much of what you will hear in religious and scientific institutions is simply wrong in such a profound way that you could waste a lifetime on your knees, worshiping and praying to whoever or whatever and never get one inch closer to the real truths and true spirituality. Most of this will do you no real harm other than to waste a valuable lifetime and sometimes draining your own energy and bank account while believing what others tell you instead of following your own path. Only you know what is right for you.

I have no agenda other than to make you think when you have been used to blindly accepting what others tell you. I am not any esteemed guru and I don’t do séances. I do not predict the future and I will never stick a collection basket under your nose and tell you to tithe in my church. If I had a church, it would just as likely be on a warm, sunny beach as some lofty edifice or in a cave on a mountain top. Organized religion is but a step, and a well needed step as mankind began to seek something larger than itself. Religion is something that was meant as a stepping stone as man evolved and was meant to be evolved through and beyond and not to cling to like a baby clings to its security blanket. It is important here that I point out the vast differences between organized religion and personal spiritual growth. I will never tell you that the way to enlightenment is to walk lightly, speak softly with head lowered in reverent submission in some spiritual daze. I may suggest that your shout out your displeasure in moments of anger or that you dance in a field of daisies when you are happy and express exuberant joy at just being alive.

Jesus was real as was Buddha and other teachers and their messages were valid to the point that they were interpreted and understood in their times. Jesus has appeared in other times and places and will appear again, but not for the reasons given. He will not appear to save the righteous at the “end times”, but to usher in a new era as there will be a momentous expansion of consciousness as mankind takes an enormous step forward. The world will be a better place. I mention this now so you will know that I am not a complete heathen.

I ask not that you join anything, but only that you begin to consider a world and universe far more expansive in scope than your brain could now comprehend or endure. I offer you the opportunity to learn from what I know, although I really don’t know that much considering the enormous complexity of creativity. On an imaginary scale of about 1 to 100, 100 being “knowing everything” there is to know, I am probably at about a 5. The vast depths and richness of reality is beyond your comprehension and mine, but I do not let that hold me back from pursuing knowledge and insights and it should not hold you back either.

Whatever knowledge and wisdom I possess, I freely offer to you. You must then consider my words and concepts, not by sifting them through your intellect, but pondering them in your mind and heart, trusting your emotions to verify their veracity. I would never intentionally mislead you, but neither would some others, and many times their beliefs are just flat out wrong, so with this in mind you must be diligent that you recognize frauds and charlatans.

There are far more advanced personalities that have evolved through your world and now exist in other dimensions, but still concerned with your world and they are watching and learning from what you do. They cannot and will not interfere but will attempt to communicate their knowledge to those who will listen.

I am not sure of the exact source of my information, but I know it comes from a teacher far more advanced than I, and I know how it comes and I expect it to come. I know this may sound strange, but when I am puzzled by some difficult and elusive concept that I have been mulling over, I know that the answer I seek will come to me soon and much of it comes in the dream state. I do not originate the concepts I write about, they are given to me, not to keep, but to disseminate to you and others like you. I simply write them down and invite you in to play. Here’s the thing; when you seek information with enough fervor, you create what could be seen as a psychic whirlpool of attraction, and given time and impetus, the information will be drawn to you. Your intents, desires and concentration of interests, literally suck up knowledge otherwise not available through normal channels.

I will say this; I know that in all I write about, there simply is NO bad news, there is no sin, no judgment and no punishment and once given, life is eternal. There will always be challenges in every life you live, and you will live many, but the good news is that you have nothing to fear since it is you that creates the challenges that you then encounter. You are always protected even though it may not seem that way. If life did not take on the appearances of serious consequences for your actions, you would never learn that you are indeed creating your reality and you would never learn life’s most important lessons.

The main object of these articles is to make you increasingly aware that you create your reality and from that one simple truth, you will finally come to the understanding that if you create your reality, then you are in control and if you don’t like what you have created, you alone have the power to change it. Nothing ever really happens TO you, but in a real way, everything happens BY you. You ultimately get what you concentrate on, so if you are not satisfied with your life as it is, the only way you can begin to change it is to change how you think about it. There is no other more important rule anywhere in the universe and this rule applies to all worlds, dimensions and universes.
We will discuss the nuts and bolts of this creative process in more detail in future articles and I hope to be able to show you how, through thought, idea, imagination and expectation, you propel atoms into structural forms that you call objects and events and then perceive them as such. You have then, learned to create solid objects in a universe where nothing is inherently solid. The objects and events that you create out of nothing are quite functional for practical purposes and where you perceive nothing, there is still consciousness that you call space. Quite an achievement!

The path to God, Spirituality and Universal Knowledge is not easy; in fact it’s very difficult. Conversely speaking, no matter what you do, you cannot separate yourself from All That Is. At this point I must tell you that if you are contemplating in some distant future, an annihilation of your identity with a final dissolving into some mindless state of nirvana, assimilating your consciousness into the consciousness of God, it’s not going to happen. I understand that in “time” terms it is hard to imagine living forever, but that is exactly what you are committed to do and there is nothing you can do to negate that commitment. There will be periods of rest and new adventures in realities beyond anything you can now imagine.

If you are reading this, you are beyond simple children’s tales. It would be much easier for you to just sit in a pew and listen to repeated, old worn out myths, legends and tales of sin, despair and punishment. You will find that fewer and fewer people will find what they are searching for in this dogmatic environment. You would be far closer to All That Is if you were to sit on the seashore and watch the waves and sea gulls on a misty morning.
William Allan

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In my last part of this continuing material on the reality of God, I had discussed the emergence of the physical universe. Before I continue, there is something I would like to say. This material is very difficult and I am aware that some of you will be offended and some outraged that I would ruin your idealized picture of God, a triumphant yet jealous angry and vengeful old gentleman with a white flowing beard living in some sterile heaven up in the sky, watching and waiting to answer or deny your prayers and only too eager to administer your final judgment before he condemns you to eternal damnation and hellfire. This is not how it is and you will come to that conclusion now or later. The God Concept that I give you now carries some inherent difficulties in its explanation, as simply as I can put it, is that you probably now believe there is a God at the TOP, somewhere UP and you and the rest of humanity are DOWN at the BOTTOM of the pile of consciousness with an infinity of nothing in between. And herein lays the difficulty, because I am here to tell you that there are infinite levels of multidimensional, complex, intelligent, purposeful, conscious beings between you and All That Is and there is no separation

I now would like to consider something that is rarely discussed and that is the true nature of who, what and when God really IS. God is obviously not a man, a woman or in that respect, he is not human either and when we try to understand the God concept, we do ourselves a disservice when we try to understand what is not human through a human perspective. It would be easier if you could become comfortable with the fact that the God Reality is more of a Divine Process than a humanistic being. God never was human although he experiences himself through all phases of human and creature development. Every self aware identity, and that also includes animals, birds, insects, bacteria and even the smallest particles that form living matter, is connected through what could be called a Pyramid Gestalt, an organized psychological field of activity where the Unitary cannot be determined or defined by the summation of its parts. It is more than the totality of its parts. This is the God Gestalt that we discuss here. This hypothetical, psychological, pyramid gestalt is chock full of intelligent conscious beings from God on the top and newer consciousness entering their respective systems at the bottom or lower levels. They will be rising to more developed levels of this psychic structure as they evolve. One is not better than another as they are all from the same source. Some are more mature than others.

All That Is (God), of course is the top of this pyramid gestalt. Everyone and everything is part of something else. There is no “stand-alone” consciousness in the entire universe, even though it may appear that way. I must over simplify this to a great extent to make this clear. Picture then, a pyramid configuration with newly emerging, self aware conscious personalities on or near the bottom level of the pyramid. (Obviously, there’s a whole bunch of them always entering.)

Each of those identities are a part of their inner self which remains outside of physical form and from here on we are speaking exclusively of inner psychological identities. Inner selves are part of the whole self or your soul which would be on another more elevated level of the pyramid. Souls are made up of physically oriented personalities such as yourself and your inner selves which grouped together form an oversoul. Groups of oversouls are in turn assemblages, groupings of identities and souls that make up the entity. Entities would then be on an even higher level of the pyramid gestalt. By higher, I mean a more evolved, mature identity, not in any way better. An entity is made up of individual selves, whole selves, souls and oversouls. And all of this is part of All That Is (God).

In this configuration, one does not infringe in any way upon another. The Entity does not give orders to the soul or oversoul, but through what could be closest compared to intellectual osmosis, the entity is aware of and benefits from every action of the oversoul and its component, souls and independent personalities. In this way, you can see that every single action or event experienced by even the smallest individual, infinitesimal component of living consciousness is experienced through the interconnected chain of consciousness to the highest levels. In this way, it may bring to mind the very appropriate biblical saying that God is aware of every sparrow that falls. He cannot help but be aware since there is no real separation from the sparrow and All That Is. In this same way, you are connected to the furthest star in our perceivable universe. There is nowhere in the universe, no place and no space which in some way is not conscious and all consciousness is connected and originates with the same Source.

In all of this connectivity, there is always complete freedom given and although the entity gives meaning and life to its personalities, it is impossible for him/her to manipulate them in any way. The entity projects portions of itself into various reality systems because it desires experience in those systems, and as the independent personality learns and progresses, so the entity also learns and progresses. As entity experience from all entities progresses, so All That Is progresses exponentially, spinning off new worlds and universes in its wake.

Finally, All That Is, has not reached a state of perfection and will always forge new pathways into uncharted territory, and we can be thankful of that. If God were to finally be finished and completed, all progressions would stop and all universes would slowly grind to standstill and vanish. God exists in all probabilities and outside of probabilities but is never finished and there is always room for expansion. It should be understood that expansion and new developments with All That Is are measured in psychological terms of values fulfillment, achievements and emotional depth and not expansion in size, weight or physical growth as you know it.

This gets to a point where words become encumbrances and the underlying truths must be felt intuitionally when the intellect stumbles and fails. We will discuss this again.

If you have any questions that you would like answered or comments on this article or any other, please send them through the “comment link” on the bottom of the page.

Monday, November 24, 2008


In this discussion, we have talked about the emergence of an “All That Is” from a timeless dimension, a basic, prime dimension of reality which does not recognize beginnings and endings and is always beginning in the NOW. Likewise, the universe is as much beginning now, in this very instant as it was, in time perspective, billions of years ago and as it will be created tomorrow. All That Is, in its first throes of aloneness, realizing for the first time a sense of self awareness, had a longing and necessity to create something where nothing existed. God is driven to creativity and having nothing with which to create, the feeling of frustration was overwhelming. There was a profound initial striving that would finally result in the first breakthrough into physical materialization. There was no Home Depot in the sky, where God could go to get the materials from which to construct a universe. Remember, at this point, no universe existed and there was no such thing as physical matter. All there was, was “All That Is” and from that initial consciousness, that first striving, all planes, dimensions, universes and worlds would be given reality.

All That Is, then existing in this prime reality, would then dream its dreams, imagine its imaginings, and among those dreams and imaginings, other self aware identities began to awaken and emerge into new individual psychological personalities. The power and scope of such a unitary meant that its dreams instantly became self aware and were able to interact. In time terms again, All That Is, dreamed and imagined for billions of years, but in larger terms, this all happened in the twinkling of an eye. The God singularity was creating conditions that still within its drowsiness, gave birth not only to new consciousness of individual, aware personalities, but also gave birth to many other dimensions of dream universes filled with galaxies, quasars, stars, planets and environments, all remaining in his immediate attention, yet also being multidimensional in scope. God, then, was not only a Singularity, but was also a Unitary in that all that He created still for lack of a better word, remained captive in the mind and dreams of All That Is. You also create other consciousness in your dreams that in time will also emerge somewhere and go their own way. The dreams of All That Is achieved conscious life and reality instantly, but at this point they still existed in psychological fact, but not in physical actuality.

In time, the Creators creations ached to create themselves. I am back to using the time reference out of necessity to make this understood, but please bear in mind that the passing of moments had nothing to do with creation. The newly self aware dream creature consciousness, which included not only humans, but animals, birds, insects and all living things including all of flora and fauna, began to stir, still within the dream, becoming restless, longing for freedom to create as their creator had created them and they communicated that desire with All That Is, not with words, but telepathically, with their urges, intent and a desire for a new freedom that did not yet exist. This was a time hard to imagine and impossible for me to adequately explain, as all consciousness sensed that some release was necessary and destined to happen.

This consciousness of even the smallest particles, electrons, protons, atoms began to sense the unlimited potentials of the myriad of images that they could and would in their co-operation form as they would group together to form the earliest physical matter. They sensed the unlimited potential of their manifestations in the micro and macro worlds of physical reality.

All That Is, sensing the restlessness and discontent of its progeny, began to consider possibilities that would allow for them to further express themselves through a new freedom that it had never before considered. All That Is, knew that this would require a “new platform” containing all of the necessary ingredients for future development and value fulfillment for each and every minute portion of consciousness to experience a new kind of reality. All That Is also sensed the unlimited possibilities in exponential multiplication of experience that would be available with the release of its untold new creations that would in their own turn, create and multiply. As these thoughts and imaginings dispersed throughout the dream universes, worlds and environments of God, the restlessness grew as all creation anticipated a coming release and their imminent freedom of life and expression.

It is important to understand at this point, that these dream universes and all they contained were by this time complete, although they had not yet attained a physical breakthrough, but still existed in what could be described as a very real inner production of a fully functioning and operational universe.This universe was as real as the one you know, and is the actual underpinning of your physical universe now. This psychic universe was the original pattern that atoms and other physical phenomenon would use as their blueprint of the inner structure in their first attempt to actualize inner idea and thought into a physical materialized universe. When All That Is finally realized that there must be an exterior manifestation of inner reality into physical form in order to provide satisfaction and fulfillment for the emerging consciousness, it realized that the inner world would become the outer world, while still retaining the inner basic reality as patterns for future developments.

In the last moments before the initial “breakthrough” from conceptual thought, idea and expectation, there was a fervor, excitement and anticipation that had never been experienced before as even the smallest particles began to recognize the imminent explosion of creativity that was about to happen. God realized that in this ultimate altruistic act, he would be giving total freedom to all of the individual consciousness that had heretofore existed in the only in his dreams and imagination, thereby releasing a very real portion of itself. This of course, was an initial breakthrough of what you know as atomic structure from non-physical inner reality into outer physical form.

In that final release, a psychological explosion of immense proportions that still resounds throughout the universe today, all inner consciousness was liberated from an eternal dream into a new universe of possibilities. Remember now, that this universe and all conscious identities were already real, complete psychological patterns, ready to take on physical properties of a new matter based reality. Electrons, protons, neutrons and other much smaller particles, pushed through the physical barrier forming their non-physical counterparts, began to wrest themselves free from this dream state and form new materializations for the first time.

This was a time of initial frenzy and chaos as newly formed atoms formed molecules, attracting and joining with others of like intensities and potentialities and combining into areas of significance that would or could offer them a new kind of value oriented state of being in a universe that had not yet attained solidity. All particles are energy, and in some the available amount of energy was less than others. Their potential for materialization was somewhat limited in the complexity of form that they would be able to materialize. They formed about them the environments. The more energized particles, more developed and able to materialize complex organizations gathered about themselves, combining, accumulating, utilizing like attractions and filled out patterns of the first living organizations including plants and animals. This process of combining, filling out patterns, each to its own fulfillment and potential, took millions of years in time terms. In greater terms, is still happening today and will happen tomorrow and it was and is not exclusive to your universe alone. There were many universes formed in the beginning. It is not the purpose of this article to go deeper into the original creation processes, but to mention it as it refers to God / All That Is.
There will be one more article discussing the God Pyramid Gestalt.

Friday, November 21, 2008


We are here trying to understand the God Reality and it can never be understood if you continue to impose your limited human perspectives on everything you perceive. You tend to evaluate and judge everything in humanistic terms, when human only has meaning in your particular reality. God is just as likely to look like a cat or dog as he is to look like you. God indeed has no body, no beard and no flowing robe, although he is part of every image, human or not.. Your limited viewpoint is like an ant living between the cracks in your bedroom closet floorboards, anticipating the dawn in the mornings when you open the closet door, letting in the light. To him, dawn and dusk happen on a regular basis when you open and close the closet door in the morning and evening. His world is surely more limited than yours, but his fulfillment is no less, even though his short life may be only a few days in your time terms. His total world may be enclosed in his universe of your closet. Your universe is bigger on a grand scale, but you perceive only a small portion of it when cut off much that you could experience by limiting your perceptions. I hope to broaden your perspectives here with these silly little analogies, but silly as they may be, maybe they will cause you to think, and when you think, you will wonder and begin to explore the vaster expanse of the reality available to you.

In order to better understand the reality of God emerging from a basic reality rooted in non-time, without a formal beginning it will be helpful to learn more about the dream universe. The dream universe is real; continuing in a form of duration that is not evident to you from your physical perspective, existing in its own dimension, but it is acute, vivid and exists and with great purpose.

Now, at night you sleep and dream. Dreaming is a natural and much needed part of your physical world and much is accomplished in dreams that you are as yet unaware. That is for another time however, I bring it up now to help clarify how All That Is could emerge and how the first physical particle emerged in the same fashion, from an arena of timeless, eternal and expanded present, without what you call a formal “beginning”. There are many aspects, portions of your consciousness, existing in other realities, including the dream universe. In other words, in a way almost impossible to explain at this level, there are more “you’s” than you are aware of, and one of those you’s, exists in the dream universe. At night when you fall into your dream state, the ego relaxes its grip on your attention, and you then become focused on the other you, your dream self, who has always been there carrying out beneficial work that reflects in your daily life. If there were no dream universe, you could not function in your physical universe. The dream universe is a by-product of the physical universe and a very necessary adjacent component.

You are somewhat aware that you dream, but you cannot put a time on exactly when the dream begins, or at least when you think it begins. I know this will be difficult, but dreams take place in this actual dream universe, as real, vivid and lucid as your physical universe and it is where you, among other things, work out problems that you will later experience in daily life.. From your perspective, focused in your physical world, the dream world seems unorganized, chaotic, without real purpose and fleeting at best with no permanent roots. I use the dream universe to make a point and I believe it is a good one. For those portions of yourself focused primarily in the dream universe, and there are personalities who are focused there, your physical world also seems just as chaotic and without purpose.

The dream universe has duration, meaning it lasts. When you go to sleep, your inner self creates the dreaming condition that takes you into this dream universe and also creates the content of your dreams to some extent. The purpose of this dreaming state is to help you sort out possibilities for solving your everyday problems among other things. You drop into the dream state, psychologically entering into the dream universe and becoming focused there. It may seem to you that you are creating the dream landscape and its environment, but you are not, you are simply becoming aware of yourself in an ongoing reality. When your dream is over and you come out of the dream, the dream universe does not end, but continues as you awaken and return your focus to physical reality once again. Here is another analogy that I love.
When you go into a movie theatre late, after the movie has started, you come into an event already in progress and you don’t for a minute suppose that the movie just started when you walked in the door and sat down. You realize that you are coming into an event already begun. If you leave before the movie is over, you know that the movie continues even after you leave. In the same way you come into and out of the dream state, and the dream universe continues even though you choose to end your focus there.

I have touched on this for a purpose as I said. In much the same way, beginnings and endings in your world are simply limitations of your ability to follow that which continues beyond a arbitrary cutting off point in your perception. You are meant to enlarge your perception so you are able to experience much larger portions of reality that are readily available to you, but not yet experienced.

All That Is, in larger terms, has no beginning; it is just from your perspective that this seems impossible. Universal energy is self perpetuating. It has always existed and for that reason it will not be well understood because it flies in the face of common held beliefs in entropy. No energy is ever lost or not used. For those that seek the source of your universe, the (beginning), I remind you that consciousness creates all matter, all particles even those so small that the atom would seem like a world unto itself. For those who still hypothesize that primal pool of seething chemicals existing in some ancient, timeless past, randomly struck by a bolt of lightening causing interactions that created the first simple proteins, which somehow brought forth consciousness that evolved into life as we know it, I say, it is going to be a long and fruitless search. I will say again, consciousness came first and creates matter. Matter cannot create itself. Physical matter is a natural result of emanations of consciousness driven into image and form.
In the last part of this series, we will discuss the God Gestalt and the creation of the universe and all matter based objects and events.

I realize that much of which I tell you will be impossible for you to follow at this time. It is not any unusual shortcoming on your part, but represents a latent pathway for future development of the human brain and those developments are perfectly able to begin now. I also realize that the concept of everything happening simultaneously in an expanded present is almost impossible for the time oriented physical brain to grasp, but the brain grows proportionally with the difficulty of the concepts that it is asked to understand. What I say here will become understandable as you ponder the ideas I present. When is the last time you challenged your brain with a difficult concept?

You are adolescents and you have been spoon fed brainless children’s tales of beginnings and endings which have no place in true reality and are almost laughable in their utter simplicity. If there is one thing you will get from reading this, it is that this stuff is not simple by any means. God, consciousness and reality are not simple. The concepts expressed here are difficult and reality is very complex, interwoven and labyrinthine that it is unimaginable. Worlds, planes and dimensions, so strange to you that they would seem nonsensical, interweaving, passing through each other. Intelligences so advanced that even the lesser would seem as Gods to you exist in these worlds and out of them. It would seem inconceivable to you that an entire dimension, full of meaningful life, more advanced than yours, could exist without even a physical planet or platform. These planes of existence are constantly swirling about and through what you consider your solid planet. All of this is before you. You are just beginning the journey, and the journey is eternal

Thursday, November 20, 2008


This is the story of an emergence, not of a beginning in terms that you usually use. I have said that in the larger basic reality that underlies the physical system of reality, there is, as simply as I can put it, no time and no space. The closest analogy I can use that would be understandable would be that of your dream reality. In a dream, you seem to experience time to some extent and you travel down roads that lead to far off and distant lands. You and I know that indeed, you have experienced dream trips that seemed to have taken weeks or months when in your waking reality, only few minutes have passed and your dream roads stretched great distance into dream horizons, yet a dream takes up no physical space. This then, is an approximation that we will use in describing the basic reality of All That Is and to a lesser degree, the reality in which your inner self dwells. This basic reality is every bit as acute, real and experiential as the one you now inhabit. The fact that it does not materialize through the collection of atoms and molecules adhering to mental patterns as yours does, in no way makes it less valid. Remember, physical worlds such as yours are the exception and not the norm.

This basic reality, existing as it does in the perspective of non-time and non-space is the birthing place for all systems, and the number of individual, distinct but different systems of reality is truly countless. I realize that what I say now can be very confounding and will in some cases scandalize the intellect but there is no other way to make the point than to say that in basic reality and in most other realities, even in those somewhat similar to yours, time is not experienced as absolute, but as the illusion it really is, if it is experienced at all. The fact that time does not really exist in this prime reality, means that many of your words become meaningless. In this timeless reality, beginnings and endings and cause and effect have no real meaning and inhabitants of these other realities would not understand the concept of consecutive moments.

Imagine if you will, that you were never introduced to the words “beginning or ending” and could get beyond expecting one thing to happen as a natural culmination of something else that previously happened. It is of course impossible to do that in your world, but if you could, you would soon learn that “beginnings” are not required because all things in a strange way are continuations and not new events with formal beginnings and certainly with no predetermined or expected endings. You can infer from this, that in this basic, prime reality and in most other viable realities, most of which are far more advanced than yours, all events happen at once, spontaneously and simultaneously, with each new event creating countless new probabilities which will all be experienced somewhere as natural extensions of one continuous event. Cause and effect are also meaningless because the cause and effect happen simultaneously.

These is an oversimplification of course, but try and imagine that in Prime Reality, all events happening today are continuations, offshoots of one first emergence and all of these probable events exist now in psychological fact and can be materialized by your inner self for the ego to experience as physical events in a physical time scale We will not dwell on this at this time, but I will try to make it more understandable in the future. Suffice it to say now, that you live in a probable reality, where all possibilities exist, and your inner self chooses the ones that best fit its purposes and needs.

So the emergence that we postulate actually did not begin, but emerged. Here we get into much more than I am able to explain at this time, but as you become more familiar with certain concepts, these ideas will not seem so strange and my ability to explain them will also improve. These concepts that I hope to make more acceptable are difficult not only because the physical brain is not yet grown in capacity enough to understand them, and my ability to explain them is also limited by the lack of adequate words to explain concepts that originate outside of your system of physical reality. As another analogy, imagine that you sat by a swimming pool and observed someone diving deep into the pool. A new observer approaches the pool as the diver surfaces. To the new observer, not understanding that the swimmer had already entered the pool, seeing him or her break the surface, and having no previous knowledge of his dive below the surface, would assume that the surfacing was a new event, a beginning. To the observer that was sitting by the pool and had observed the diver enter the water, the subsequent surfacing would be an emergence from the previous event of the dive. I realize this is a stretch, and not a very good analogy, but the point I am trying to make is that God always was before he surfaced or emerged and in Prime Reality, beginnings simply do not exist as we think they do. These misconceptions are then more a matter of limited perceptions.

The God reality, being the source of all identities and all things that you can perceive is all inclusive, meaning that All That Is, is a psychological gestalt composed of the consciousness of everything that is, ever was and ever will be. Since time as you know it does not exist the way you think it does, and since consciousness, once formed into identity, cannot die, be diminished or negated, it follows that everyone and everything that ever existed, still exists. Once an identity has been created, it is eternal and can never die, energy can only change and you are energy.

This is a very simplified example, but may be useful in helping you to understand the reality of God. There is a psychological composition of energy, a psychic pyramid, with the most developed identities near the top and newer, less developed personalities nearer the bottom. God consciousness is an energy gestalt and occupies the lofty position of the top of the pyramid, and from this position, perceives everything that happens beneath it on or within the pyramid. It is said that God knows every sparrow that falls, and how could it be otherwise if that sparrow is a part of All That Is? Here is something you should know. It is believed that God concentrates its attention on every small thing that happens within every one of its creations. This is not accurate in that God, while in not concentrating on everything, still knows, feels and assimilates, almost by a process familiar to you called osmosis. All information leaks up to All That Is and becomes part of Her reality.

God, of course, is at the top of the pyramid, you are somewhere near the bottom, since your civilization is in its beginning stages of development. There are of course, those of you within your system that are more advanced than others, finishing your earthly challenges, preparing to leave the system and to progress in other more sophisticated and advanced worlds and realities. There are also others entering your system for the first time and they have much to learn. They will not be the typical readers of this material since they would not be ready.

This leads us into one of the most misunderstood spiritual enigmas of all time in your world. Where did the universe come from and when did it originate? Your scientists still scurry around, gazing though their telescopes and microscopes into the deepest reaches of ancient galaxies and the insideness of the smallest particles, hoping to find some hint of a beginning. They continue to rationalize a big bang being caused by an explosion of matter, whether it is a large amount of matter or as one of the prevailing theories now explains a very small, dense, miniscule particle of matter exploding and expanding into everything you call your universe. From there they extrapolate that at some unexplainable point in some ancient past, consciousness burst forth in lilting song. It didn’t happen that way and for purposes of this discussion, if we are to understand the true nature of your universe and source of everything you know, it is helpful to understand the dream universe. We will discuss this and try to relate it to the emergence of God. Also, I hope you know by now that God is He, She and It, all genders and all races, and only for convenience sake do I use the term He. I will try to be fairer about that in the future.

By the way, not one iota of matter could or would exist if consciousness did not precede it. I have said this before; consciousness always comes first and then creates matter. Time does not exist as you know it, consciousness has always existed and that primeval consciousness as it awakened and experienced its first awareness of its “I” self, knew that it was “All That Is”, and wondered what was to come next.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I ask you to try and remember that you have many times in your life experienced falling into one of those very deep sleeps, usually much more profound than the normal nights sleep. Of course, you don’t know this as you are falling asleep; but it may happen when you are exceptionally physically or mentally tired and when you lie down, your body feels like it weighs a thousand pounds and the act of lying down is in itself a great relief from the pressures of the day. It is not unusual then, that the awakening processes from one of these very deep sleep events usually is much longer in duration and there is an accompanying disorientation involved. Many times while you are waking up there is a temporary loss of identity and there may be no feeling of time and space. In other words, you may not know where you are, whether it is day or night or what day of the week it may be. Sometimes this awakening process takes a very long time and it may seem impossible to move your body as you try to sort out conflicting thoughts and make some sense of your situation. Fortunately, eventually you become aware of whom, what and where you are as you awaken to a new day of ego interaction with the complexities of the physical world surrounding you.

Imagine now, waking up and finally coming out of this deep trance-like sleep state and finding nothing. Looking around and seeing nothing, trying to remember if it is day or night with no confirming lightness or darkness. Imagine now, upon awakening, that you cannot even remember anything about yesterday, or last week, or last month or last year. Imagine waking up to nothing, no memories, no close friends, no environment, no pets and no real memory of your continuity of being and most perplexing, no past. Looking about, you see no environment, no weather, you feel no hot or cold. There are no storms, no wind and no sunshine. There is only what originates within the psyche, thoughts, emotions, ideas, imagination and a sense of self awareness, but nothing else.

This is the situation that existed when God (All that Is) attempted the first perception of it’s own Being and you can imagine the feelings of desolation, isolation and abandonment felt by this first One. All That Is, is most accurately described as the Creator and for good reason as it is innately endowed with an ever present striving toward creativity and this state of being, but non-being and lacking the ability to create could be compared to the frustration of Michelangelo would have felt without stone or chisel with which to create. This then, was the ultimate quandary that All That Is faced upon awakening……….a climate of pure nothingness.

It will be helpful here to remember that God is not a human and never was in your terms, he does not have human form, but is an Energy Personality and is in a very real way, manifested to some extent in all forms. He is a conscious energy being, self aware, and although he has no real form and in truth, is far from your conceptions of any actual being although He has passed through all phases of being. He assumes and has assumed all forms in different aspects of himself throughout human history and all histories. For the purposes of these discussions, I mention this to help you discard old images of the courtly old gentleman you have been taught to envision in your simplistic myths and tales. In this awakening story, then All That Is has not yet reached that state as this is a story of emergence, an emergence in larger terms, that will never be completed.

The All That Is of which I speak is not human, has no physical form but is the Prime Energy Personality from which all identities, realities, galaxies, universes and worlds are formed, but still has personal recognition of itself as individuality. All energy is conscious of self and all conscious selves are pure energy. In other words, from the earliest beginning, from that period of awakening, All That Is, is all that was and is All that will ever be. You will recognize that truth from the Bible and you will also deduce that everything that now is, originates and comes from the One, All That Is. No universe, stars, planets or worlds existed before All That Is. Consciousness always comes first and the reason obviously is that the consciousness of All That Is, is the source of all physicals constructions, not the other way around. Fortunately, from the unimaginable scope of this first original consciousness, the creative processes that were to bring life and being to everything, learned and began to manipulate creation from the first original thought.

Obviously, we are trying here to paint a picture of that indescribably distant past where not even this or any other universe existed. There was therefore no benchmark, no touchstone reality from where to get your bearings, no sun or moon, no Alpha Centauri, quasars or black holes. There would be no criterion by which to measure the extent of your reality because there was nothing to measure. There are no friends or acquaintances, people and no other gods to help clarify this existence found in a pristine, pure nothingness.

Of course, in order to realize the God Reality today, you must have some understanding of what existed when the first cosmic breath was breathed into the original state of non-being. This original state existed in what could best be described as a state of eternal presence of the moment, devoid of our conception of physical time and space. Time and space only predominate in your particular world and are not even experienced in other systems in your own universe. They only apply to Earth reality. In other systems, time and space, past, present and future are meaningless and everything occurs in an expanded present. This is not the place to discuss time and space other than to say that a physical body such as yours, demands space and where space is found, time will always be its handmaiden.. Having said that, the basic invisible universe that is the underlying reality beneath your system of reality and all other realities does not pay homage to distances and fleeting moments. All realities are psychological constructions, some gather other components about them to give the physical appearances and characteristics that your senses recognize as matter and then construct into what you call physical objects and events. The physical universe is no different.

This then is an attempt to describe the initial dilemma that God faced during the awakening time. I speak in terms of time, as I said, although time is essentially an illusion, it is a necessary illusion in your world. So, here is the bottom line. All That Is, in the beginning had nothing to work with except his own thoughts, so in a very real way, he had to create a way to create or he would face eternity in a state of non-being. From this position of initial anguish, the anguish of being, but finding no way to actually Be, he would learn how think his thoughts, using imagination to manipulate these thoughts into countless, viable forms, then infusing and dispersing portions of his own consciousness into each and every one of his creations, in a sense, in this ultimate altruistic act, losing a part of himself in each of his creations.

Before we move on it is necessary to stress that in this partitioning of itself, All That Is could not separate his own characteristics and abilities from his creations, so inherent in every “self aware” consciousness are the full abilities of the Creator. I am not inferring Divinity on all consciousness, but a touch of the Creator, an ancient, distant link that can never be broken. You are just now beginning to become aware of your potential and just recently learning to use these latent, inherent abilities that are your birthright. It is not my intention here to get into religion or spirituality as they are concepts must stand on their own rights until they are no longer beneficial, but the realization of the true expanse, complexity and diversity of the nature of All That is would dwarf any concepts now held of a human like God creating a living being then applying rules of limitation, guilt and punishment. Those characteristics are no where to be found in the ultimate pyramid construct you call God. This awakening of God as it became aware of Itself, in your terms took millions of years. This awakening is still occurring today and All That Is continues to renew itself, spinning off realities, universes and identities, increasing itself exponentially in each nano-second of your time. There is much more to be said.
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Sunday, November 16, 2008


This will be the first of many subjects that I will address as we go along. I must admit, the questions that I have tried to answer have sparked some interest as I hoped they would. If you are still with us, then you are one who is ready to step out of your comfort zone and are serous about understanding the true nature of reality. We will continue to answer questions as usual, but there is only so far we can go without delving into some serious concepts that I prefer not to address individually rather than to answer them in one specific question. Most of you are already on your own journey or you would have already dismissed many of the things I have said here and moved in a different direction. If you are reading this and find it of interest to you, then you have lived many lives and are well along in the evolution of your consciousness. Others not in the same position as you would have long ago dismissed these writings and would still, out of fear, be clinging to old, worn out false beliefs and myths. So, as we go along, I will discuss certain theories again and again because they are necessary foundations of other concepts that we will be discussing. The God Concept is one in particular that is not understood.

I think I can safely say that you know there is something out there; you just don’t know what. That is why I am trying to establish some understanding of the reality that underlies your everyday physical existence. You all know something is behind, underneath or supporting everything you experience in your daily life, you just don’t know what that something is. Obviously, because of the limiting space of this type of format, I cannot go into deep philosophical discussions that I could in a book form, but I can at least tweak your interest by trying to explain some of these almost unexplainable truths in a series of articles instead of a long one. In the meantime, this “Knowledge” about God and other difficult subjects will be posted in concurrent daily posts. I wish there was a better way to do this, but in keeping with blogging protocol, I will keep each post as short as practical, but will continue to post daily until this series is complete. I have been asked many times; “is there really a God”? Because of the difficulty in answering in any meaningful way, I have waited until now to answer them together. Most of you will intuitively know the answer before I tell you, but you may not know what the answer means.

The answer of course is No and Yes. And simply because you are reading this material, I know that most of you suspected that would be my short answer. Unfortunately short answers won’t suffice when discussing this subject so we will address it in a more delicate way. You want more and you shall have it. This material is difficult but I will not water it down or simplify it, simply because the God stories of beginnings and endings that you have been told since you were children were so utterly simplistic that you already know they are of no help in any real understanding of God, the God reality and how it relates to your reality. As you have suspected, God did not create the world in six days and get so tired that he had to sit down and rest on the seventh day and catch his breath. But you already knew that.

Many of you will notice that I have pretty consistently used the designation God when referring to the prime Deity. I have done that for the simple reason that there are simply too many distortions in your understanding of the true nature of a Prime Energy Entity that comes to mind when using the term God and I needed time to wean you from that almost meaningless term since it carries too much official God baggage that you are accustomed to. You will often think of some majestic, humanistic being with long flowing white hair, looking suspiciously like your Charleton Heston, carrying a scale to judge you and a lightening bolt to smite you with when you miss a day of church. This is of course, the most recent and prevailing version of the Jehovah or Yahweh, the benevolent but angry and jealous God figure who somehow lives somewhere on three dimensional, physical clouds in a physical sky in a physical universe which is truly ludicrous when you think about it.

I am sure you understand when I say God did not by any means create you in his image, but you create your God in your own image with your own imagination and that image changes as civilizations change and evolve. That is precisely why the God image has changed and evolved over the centuries. Having said that, I prefer the term, “All That Is” and when you have a fuller understanding of this Prime Energy Being and what he represents, I am sure you will agree that my term is more appropriate. For the present I will continue to alternate between God and All That Is, using both terms until you become more comfortable with All That Is.

Your civilization is just barely waking up from a long period of drowsy acceptance of false beliefs, religious dogma, mythology and legends that really have no basis in true reality and that were given to you exactly as they were handed down to them, with no one bothering to attempt to discover if they were indeed true beliefs or not. I know this will be hard to accept, but you are essentially a civilization that has embarked on some truly advanced technological achievements but you have put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak and you have ignored your social, emotional, psychological and spiritual development so you are practically ignorant of all information that would give you some hint of your true eternal affirmation and validity of your own universe. You have concentrated your attention on the outer and ignored the inner. If you can’t objectify it, you don’t consider it real and for that reason you perceive a rock as real, but an idea or dream as unreal, when in truth, they are one as real as the other. You have a heritage that stretches back before even the beginning of time and I tell you, you weren’t born yesterday, so now you must begin by taking the necessary steps to learn about that heritage. You are much more than you know and you must now begin to widen your perspectives and step out beyond the fences of your past limited beliefs and learn of your true potentials. If you do not find what you read here believable at this time, you will at some time in the future. There is no harm done by postponement and in truth, you will not be ready until you are ready.

I would be the first to advise you not to automatically believe what others tell you, even if they happen to wear the necessary garb and sport the impressive credentials of your learned professional organizations. A priest, a scientist, a doctor and a teacher are no more valid than the quality of the information they possess. Remember, your civilization is just beginning in terms of evolutionary time and you are babes in the woods in your understanding of the complexities and extent of realities that are so diverse and intricate that you would in some cases, not even be able to recognize them as legitimate life forms. I would also advise, do not automatically believe what I tell you either simply from the nature of the words I speak. Real truths will always ring a bell of affirmation within your heart. Words can lie and often do, but your inner feelings cannot because they are activated not from any outside stimulus but from the deepest recesses of the inner self.. Trust your feelings and intuitions over words always and you will never go wrong. If you do not find a ringing affirmation of truth in what I tell you, then go elsewhere. It is absolutely impossible for your intuitions, emotions and deepest feelings to lead you in the wrong direction if you keep this in mind.

Finally, do not expect me to offer you fine examples of concrete proofs of the validity of what I say, expect instead that inner affirmation that you are on-to something that you didn’t even know existed. Most of you thought that this kind of knowledge was to remain forever hidden and never to be known by man. You live in a world of concrete objects and events and for that reason you will erroneously expect concrete proofs of inner truths. The God Reality does not originate or exist in a three dimensional, physically manifested world, but is the source of it. The God Reality exists in other invisible dimensions, but splashes out through every identity and every aspect of your everyday physical world.

The information, truths and proofs given here will never be totally explained in physical terms but will be recognized and felt through your subconscious and inner self. The knowledge that I offer will be as elusive as proofs of some of your historical biblical events, scientific treatises on the origin of your universe or a search through your physical body for your soul. This true knowledge does exist and in a way is not new to you, and I am reminding you as much as enlightening you. That is why, on some occasions, when contemplating a new concept you will be overcome with feelings of “I knew that”, and the truth is “you did”. In a very real way, and in a way that I am not prepared to explain at this time, you were present when your Earth was formed.
Here is a hint: no new consciousness is now being formed and never was.
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Sunday, November 9, 2008


The question as it is posed; my daughter was watching a show on TV about exorcisms last night. I would like to hear your thoughts as you expound on that subject.

First of all, you should know by now that there simply is no real devil or Satan to cast out. There is what could be considered satanic qualities that can arise in the form of multiple personalities in some people who display symptoms of possession.. Of course, these are secondary personalities and are not real in the sense that they are psychological constructions only and cannot gain reality within the physical system.

All physical personalities, when they are born, adopt one of several probable identities available to them at birth, finally selecting the one that best offers future characteristics along the chosen lines of development anticipated by the new identity before physical birth. .This leaves the others not selected, to continue their existence as subordinate egos, buried deep within the subconscious, not rising to the level of adequate physical construction but containing enough self awareness to exert varying degrees of influence on the main ego personality. While remaining hidden, they can influence the main ego in a good or detrimental way, exerting psychological pressures to affect the actions of the main ego in its daily pursuits.

These secondary multiple personalities usually remain in the background exerting a kind of psychological thickness to the main personality that can amount to enlarging the scope of the main identities reality in a beneficial way. Under normal conditions, these subordinate identities do not rise to the surface and are held in reserve, reinforcing and supplying information as it is needed that it may possess, that information/data would then be assimilated by the main identity who may never know where it came from. In some cases these hidden secondary personalities can become stronger, gaining strength and challenging the dominance of the prevailing identity, exerting more influence on the main personality and rising to the surface push the main ego identity aside for a length of time, assuming virtual control over the ego centered reality. The personality will then seem to be an entirely different person and indeed he will be. These secondary egos that never rise to the surface to become a primary ego self, (human being), will continue to exist and will find other avenues of expression in future lives, where they may very well become primary identities in their own right, finally expressing their own characteristics and leaving behind their own imprint on civilization..If this description sounds like possession, that is exactly what it may be, but not with the intent of emerging as an evil entity but simply asserting itself and can in some cases, indeed, shove the main identity aside and take over the dominant position of the outer ego.

This would be more a case of “inner possession” rather than possession from any “outside agency or Satan”. If there is something to be gained when a secondary personality achieves some sort of control, there may be instances when deviant, evil like tendencies could manifest if the motivation were there. As simply as I can say, and I repeat, there are no real devils, demons or Satan, only the ones you create and their power and influence is thereby limited by the amount of energy you give to them. By simply turning your attention away from them, you destroy any reality it had gained and it or they will soon disappear. It follows then, that if you believe in devils, you will create devils, real enough to cause you some harm, even though they have a different source than the human personality which is a primary identity, infused with all of the inherent abilities of the soul/entity.

Those who believe in Satan will of course unconsciously create Satan and will also believe in the possibility of possession and exorcism. An exorcist performs exactly the same functions as the ancient witch doctors, shaman, and voodoo priests and in some respects, even your present day doctors. In all cases, if you believe in the condition and if you believe that you can be cured through some incantation, application of herbs or drinking of potions, then you can be cured.

If it were truly known, those ancient and not so ancient witch doctors were quite as successful as the medical profession today; you now have simply put aside the chicken bones and use different procedures. Pills that you take today only work because you have been convinced that they will bring relief. Even your eminent physicians are still scratching their heads trying to figure out why placebos work almost as well as the real medicine. In an absolute sense, what you believe will work, will work.

The job of the exorcist is to create a fear induced trance like state and scare the pants off of you. The perception of possession by devils is of course a serious psychological state and help can come through introspection, psychological counseling or personal illumination. Treating the condition by submitting yourself to a priest exorcist or voodoo doctor can sometimes bring a temporary end to the seeming possession if you believe it can, but it will not address the underlying psychological problems which will eventually have to be addressed.

The fact that most exorcisms are closely associated with the history of the Catholic Church, which is deeply rooted in mysticism, incantations, dogma, Satanic cults, legends and myths about a powerful God that will descend from the clouds on a white, gold winged horse, trumpets blaring, just in time to save the righteous and smite the devils, is not surprising in the least. I know some of you have already thought of this, but the exorcism will always be most effective when not only the unfortunate possessed person believes in the power of Satan, but also when the exorcising priest is thoroughly indoctrinated with the same belief system. There is a kind of telepathy at work here between subject and exorcist, not unlike between hypnotist and subject.

Inasmuch as you now have exorcisms performed on your television, only deepens the hypnotic state of the subject and the exorcist/hypnotist and will increase the intensity of the experience of both participants, the subject wanting to please the exorcist, will usually go to new lengths to exhibit extravagant behavior before the occupying Satan is cast out. The fact that millions of people could be watching only increases the obligation of the subject to comply with the exorcists expectations. This in not unlike a morality play and the more people watching, the more it will influence the obligation of the subject to play their part well.

In an aside from all of this, and I know this may seem scandalous to some, but the very people who hold the strongest beliefs in Satan and devils will continue to create them for at least some time after their physical death until they finally discover that they are simply creations of their own sub-conscious. Then, who would be most susceptible, who will encounter the most powerful and lingering images of Satan and devils in this life and after?

Of course, it would be your religious icons, the priests, the rabbis and clergy of all faiths, after all they are the biggest believers in the power of Satan. If you do not think about, concentrate on or give credence to any Satan, devils or demons, if you do not include them in your belief system, you will never encounter them and you will never need an exorcist.

Can an exorcist cast out Satan? NO! There are no real devils or Satan to cast out. Can an exorcist temporarily rid you of feelings of possession? YES. But so can you if you believe you can.