Friday, November 21, 2008


We are here trying to understand the God Reality and it can never be understood if you continue to impose your limited human perspectives on everything you perceive. You tend to evaluate and judge everything in humanistic terms, when human only has meaning in your particular reality. God is just as likely to look like a cat or dog as he is to look like you. God indeed has no body, no beard and no flowing robe, although he is part of every image, human or not.. Your limited viewpoint is like an ant living between the cracks in your bedroom closet floorboards, anticipating the dawn in the mornings when you open the closet door, letting in the light. To him, dawn and dusk happen on a regular basis when you open and close the closet door in the morning and evening. His world is surely more limited than yours, but his fulfillment is no less, even though his short life may be only a few days in your time terms. His total world may be enclosed in his universe of your closet. Your universe is bigger on a grand scale, but you perceive only a small portion of it when cut off much that you could experience by limiting your perceptions. I hope to broaden your perspectives here with these silly little analogies, but silly as they may be, maybe they will cause you to think, and when you think, you will wonder and begin to explore the vaster expanse of the reality available to you.

In order to better understand the reality of God emerging from a basic reality rooted in non-time, without a formal beginning it will be helpful to learn more about the dream universe. The dream universe is real; continuing in a form of duration that is not evident to you from your physical perspective, existing in its own dimension, but it is acute, vivid and exists and with great purpose.

Now, at night you sleep and dream. Dreaming is a natural and much needed part of your physical world and much is accomplished in dreams that you are as yet unaware. That is for another time however, I bring it up now to help clarify how All That Is could emerge and how the first physical particle emerged in the same fashion, from an arena of timeless, eternal and expanded present, without what you call a formal “beginning”. There are many aspects, portions of your consciousness, existing in other realities, including the dream universe. In other words, in a way almost impossible to explain at this level, there are more “you’s” than you are aware of, and one of those you’s, exists in the dream universe. At night when you fall into your dream state, the ego relaxes its grip on your attention, and you then become focused on the other you, your dream self, who has always been there carrying out beneficial work that reflects in your daily life. If there were no dream universe, you could not function in your physical universe. The dream universe is a by-product of the physical universe and a very necessary adjacent component.

You are somewhat aware that you dream, but you cannot put a time on exactly when the dream begins, or at least when you think it begins. I know this will be difficult, but dreams take place in this actual dream universe, as real, vivid and lucid as your physical universe and it is where you, among other things, work out problems that you will later experience in daily life.. From your perspective, focused in your physical world, the dream world seems unorganized, chaotic, without real purpose and fleeting at best with no permanent roots. I use the dream universe to make a point and I believe it is a good one. For those portions of yourself focused primarily in the dream universe, and there are personalities who are focused there, your physical world also seems just as chaotic and without purpose.

The dream universe has duration, meaning it lasts. When you go to sleep, your inner self creates the dreaming condition that takes you into this dream universe and also creates the content of your dreams to some extent. The purpose of this dreaming state is to help you sort out possibilities for solving your everyday problems among other things. You drop into the dream state, psychologically entering into the dream universe and becoming focused there. It may seem to you that you are creating the dream landscape and its environment, but you are not, you are simply becoming aware of yourself in an ongoing reality. When your dream is over and you come out of the dream, the dream universe does not end, but continues as you awaken and return your focus to physical reality once again. Here is another analogy that I love.
When you go into a movie theatre late, after the movie has started, you come into an event already in progress and you don’t for a minute suppose that the movie just started when you walked in the door and sat down. You realize that you are coming into an event already begun. If you leave before the movie is over, you know that the movie continues even after you leave. In the same way you come into and out of the dream state, and the dream universe continues even though you choose to end your focus there.

I have touched on this for a purpose as I said. In much the same way, beginnings and endings in your world are simply limitations of your ability to follow that which continues beyond a arbitrary cutting off point in your perception. You are meant to enlarge your perception so you are able to experience much larger portions of reality that are readily available to you, but not yet experienced.

All That Is, in larger terms, has no beginning; it is just from your perspective that this seems impossible. Universal energy is self perpetuating. It has always existed and for that reason it will not be well understood because it flies in the face of common held beliefs in entropy. No energy is ever lost or not used. For those that seek the source of your universe, the (beginning), I remind you that consciousness creates all matter, all particles even those so small that the atom would seem like a world unto itself. For those who still hypothesize that primal pool of seething chemicals existing in some ancient, timeless past, randomly struck by a bolt of lightening causing interactions that created the first simple proteins, which somehow brought forth consciousness that evolved into life as we know it, I say, it is going to be a long and fruitless search. I will say again, consciousness came first and creates matter. Matter cannot create itself. Physical matter is a natural result of emanations of consciousness driven into image and form.
In the last part of this series, we will discuss the God Gestalt and the creation of the universe and all matter based objects and events.

I realize that much of which I tell you will be impossible for you to follow at this time. It is not any unusual shortcoming on your part, but represents a latent pathway for future development of the human brain and those developments are perfectly able to begin now. I also realize that the concept of everything happening simultaneously in an expanded present is almost impossible for the time oriented physical brain to grasp, but the brain grows proportionally with the difficulty of the concepts that it is asked to understand. What I say here will become understandable as you ponder the ideas I present. When is the last time you challenged your brain with a difficult concept?

You are adolescents and you have been spoon fed brainless children’s tales of beginnings and endings which have no place in true reality and are almost laughable in their utter simplicity. If there is one thing you will get from reading this, it is that this stuff is not simple by any means. God, consciousness and reality are not simple. The concepts expressed here are difficult and reality is very complex, interwoven and labyrinthine that it is unimaginable. Worlds, planes and dimensions, so strange to you that they would seem nonsensical, interweaving, passing through each other. Intelligences so advanced that even the lesser would seem as Gods to you exist in these worlds and out of them. It would seem inconceivable to you that an entire dimension, full of meaningful life, more advanced than yours, could exist without even a physical planet or platform. These planes of existence are constantly swirling about and through what you consider your solid planet. All of this is before you. You are just beginning the journey, and the journey is eternal

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